i mean it's all between the lines really


INTP: *Bursts through the doors and make a B-line towards ENTP*

INTP: You.


ENTP: INTP! You’re approaching me?

INTP: I have to vent to you about something.

ENTP: Oh no.

INTP: *Long gasp*

INTP: my trigonometry teacher is really interesting and i wanted to see if i was right about her personality type so i asked her if she’d heard of mbti and she said she did and asked me what my type was if i wanted to share and i said i was an intp and i asked her what she was and she said that those didn’t care to reveal that informaTION AND I’M SO MAD.

ENTP: Whoa.

INTP: *Is seething*

INTP: And I know this is really misleading because I still have a huge smile on my face but believe me I will reign terror if literally anything nudges me any further I swear to you.

ENTP: I’ve never seen you this way, oh my god.

ENTP: I’ve seen you get pissy and beg for attention because you’re sick or something, but this is like… anger. Like, INTP, I did not know you were capable of anger.

ENTP: I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen you not smiling, either. Even when your face is neutral, you still look like you’re grinning, slightly.

INTP: Wait, really? Huh. That’s weird, I never knew that.

INTP: Anyway… that did not go according to my plan, and that made me upset.

ENTP: I know, I was there for your outburst just now.

INTP: I’m pretty sure I know her type anyway, so I guess it’s not a huge deal.

INTP: Anyway… that was really all, I’m pretty okay with things, overall. I’m just going to go… brood over this, now.

ENTP: OH, hey, by the way, I don’t know what you’re doing but, if you want dinner, I can make something for you. INFJ isn’t here, so I really don’t have anyone to bother for the next few days.

INTP: Oh. That sucks, sorry she’s gone. But, no thanks, I’ve got to… uh, I’m… not, interested.

ENTP: WOW. Way to be subtle, INTP.

INTP: That was really blunt oh my god, haha, sorry!

INTP: I’ve just got a lot of stuff to do tonight.

ENTP: Hah, It’s cool. See you around.

INTP: *Waves*

Dear women (and men) who are "anti-feminists,"

I’m really sorry that somewhere along the line a sexist person calling them self a feminist convinced you to fight against your own rights. But it is overwhelmingly sad to see this so please allow me to educate you (yes, even a man can educate a woman on feminism). Feminism, in its entirety, fights for equality between all genders (yup, by all, I mean there’s more than 2) and the right for any person, no matter their chosen gender (that’s right, you can choose. Game changer, I know), to take on any traits, regardless of whether the traits are considered masculine or feminine, without being harassed or demeaned. That’s literally it. It’s as simple as that. Fundamentally, there is nothing else in feminism. Anything you’ve heard (I don’t care where you heard it) that contradicts this definition, is NOT feminism (**feminism does NOT call for special treatment for women or the shaming of men**). I don’t mean to insult anyone. It actually took me a little while to understand this myself. One thing people have a hard time understanding is actually the name “feminism.” It’s called feminism because the movement formed from the crucial need for equality for women and effeminate men. The name merely implies an imbalance and a need for priority for people who are considered feminine and treated poorly because of it. It’s also important to acknowledge how different groups of people experience sexism. For example, black women and white women have very different struggles with sexism (I stole that example straight from the Huffington post). I’m not a sociologist (I’m also a straight, white, American man). I don’t expect anyone to consider my definition of feminism to be the most accurate. I’m just trying to make the point that this is a very misunderstood but simple concept and all it takes is to accept everyone for who they are and want to be for you to be able to call yourself a feminist.