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Does Teru's incorrect bug guess hold any more meaning than him just getting bugs wrong?

i don’t think so! 

ok let’s talk about the bugs they were hunting.

the cursed “giant stag beetle” (大鍬形 “ookuwagata”) is probably the species Dorcus hopei. it’s big, and it has big mandibles with horns on top, and it’s big.

the “sawtooth stag beetle” (鋸鍬形 “nokogirikuwagata”) is the species Prosopocoilus inclinatus and it’s reddish-brown with some amazingly gnarly curved mandibles.

when teru says he found a female “rhinoceros beetle” (甲虫 “kabutomushi”), species Trypoxylus dichotomus, he thinks it’s a female because instead of bearing that species’ signature manly headgear, it’s just got a normal unadorned head. unfortunately, females of cool species aren’t the only ones with normal heads, and ritsu informs him that it’s actually a “drone beetle” (金蚊 “kanabun”) of the species Pseudotorynorrhina japonica. i translated that as “june bug” because when i saw pictures of the drone beetle in question, i noticed that it looks extremely similar to the big green june bug beetles that fly around where i live (species Cotinis nitida). so i thought that people were more likely to picture the right kind of thing when they read “june bug” rather than “drone beetle” because who’s ever heard of a drone beetle anyway. don’t picture those smaller reddish june bugs though. (also i feel for teru in this situation because i too have mistaken a random big-ish normal-headed beetle* for a female rhinoceros beetle. rip)

the “miyama stag beetle” (深山鍬形 “miyamakuwagata”), species Lucanus maculifemoratus, looks pretty similar to a Dorcus except for its mean bifurcated head and mean bifurcated mandibles. it’s pretty rad

for the final bug mentioned, i confess that i assigned the common name “mini stag beetle” to it, as it doesn’t seem to have a common name in english. Dorcus rectus (小鍬形 “kokuwagata”) looks pretty much exactly like Dorcus hopei except for the fact that it’s about 1/3 of the size. that’s why it was “not quite” what they were looking for.

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I sometimes wish GRRM didn't create this huge dichotomy/rivalry between the Stark sisters, bc really what was the point?? If Robb could overlook Jon's bastardy and be best friends with him, and Jon could push aside his insecurities and love Robb in return, you'd think surely the sisters could overcome their differences. Also, IMO it's quite baffling how in such a toxic patriarchal society, most of the men in Arya's life support her, yet the women do not...

Hey Anonny!

So, in all the time I have spent obsessing over the Stark sisters in general, and this issue specifically, here is the conclusion I finally came to: The sewing scene in AGoT Arya I prrrooobably should not have been the first big, up close and personal impression we got of Arya and Sansa, or of their interactions and relationship.

The chapter starts off with Sansa and Arya doing needlework with Septa Mordane, Myrcella, ect. ect. Right off the bat you can perceive the differences between Sansa and Arya, as well as Arya’s feelings of insecurity and how she’s been criticized and made to feel inferior:

Arya’s stitches were crooked again. She frowned down at them with dismay and glanced over to where her sister Sansa sat among the other girls. Sansa’s needlework was exquisite. Everyone said so. “Sansa’s work is as pretty as she is,” Septa Mordane told their lady mother once. “She has such fine, delicate hands.” When Lady Catelyn had asked about Arya, the septa had sniffed. “Arya has the hands of a blacksmith.”

First impressions are so powerful; I mean, they are basically pre-conditioning. I feel like when you look at the sewing scene objectively and out of context, its not really even that big of a deal. But then when you put the scene into its placement and context in the story, it was the FIRST THING we see about not only Arya’s POV but also of her relationship with and perception of Sansa. In that way I think it basically set the bar for both those characters.

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Fancy Dinner Parties
  • Me: *wide eyed* Oh my god, this mansion is gorgeous! It's like something out of a movie! Look at how pretty that staircase is! Is that an actual suit of armor over there? I think I'm going to faint!
  • Flesh Mass: *wringing out skirt* ...Yeah.
  • Maid: *descends staircase* Welcome back, ma'am. I see you've returned with a guest. *bows*
  • Flesh Mass: ...Yeah.
  • Me: Oh my god, is that a real maid? That's a real maid! This is so cool!
  • Maid: Does our guest wish to be shown to the bathing quarters.
  • Me: Oh! My! God! You're so old school! You don't have to ham it up like that! Like, oh my god, I can't believe this! You're so precious! But, yeah. I could totally go for a bath right now. Gosh, a real bath in stead of a shower. Sorry, sorry. It's been so long since I've been in a bath full of warm soapy water. We only have a shower back at my apartment. Am I rambling? Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed! Sorry!
  • Flesh Mass: Are you guys cool, I'm going to go play xbox until I pass out.
  • Maid: Master requested ma'am's presence in the dining room. We will be having dinner tonight to honour our guest.
  • Me: Oh my god, dinner for me!?
  • Flesh Mass: Seriously, dinner for her?
  • Maid: Master says her arrival is a special occasion.
  • Me: Oh my god, how romantic!
  • Flesh Mass: *under breath* It wasn't a fucking special occasion when he kidnapped me. *loudly* FINE! I'll see you guys in the dining room for this SPECIAL OCCASION. Fucking waste of my time.
  • Me: She's so nice. Are your baths as fancy as the staircase?
  • Maid: Indubitably so.
  • Me: I don't even know what that means, but I just know they're going to be extra fancy.
  • Maid: *sighs* Our guest may come with me now.
  • Me: Oh, I'm so excited!
  • *in the dining room*
  • Java Wolf: *seated at one end of a long table*
  • Flesh Mass: *seated at the opposite end of a long table* What's this all about?
  • Java Wolf: A feast for my first step into sheer depravity. Think of it as a true handing of the torch of evil from father to son. You'll see.
  • Flesh Mass: Are you going to kill that lady?
  • Java Wolf: Of course. Did you expect me to let her live? Anyone who enters my abode is a simple play thing for my visceral needs.
  • Flesh Mass: Don't kill her.
  • Java Wolf: Why?
  • Flesh Mass: She's innocent.
  • Java Wolf: None of us are innocent. Besides, what connection do you have to that miserable woman which makes you vouch for her life?
  • Flesh Mass: I've see her around town before, but it's not that. She was on the streets in a trash can. She looked so pathetic. She looked like me. I pity her.
  • Java Wolf: Pity. Whenever I see something pitiful I get an insatiable urge to kill it. But, my dear, I have to say that you're beginning to disappoint me.
  • Flesh Mass: I was never trying to impress you in the first place, dude.
  • Java Wolf: Indeed, it's more of a personal bugbear than a true failing in your character. It's slightly irritating that a being with a unique condition such as yours would fall so in line with traditional morality that you would even take pity on a worthless vagrant woman. Most people simply ignore street riff-raff like her. She won't be missed. Then again, I have an inkling that whatever morality you may display is but a simple front for an ideology that's much more alien and unknowable. Would you say that's the case?
  • Flesh Mass: I don't think about that type of shit, dude.
  • Java Wolf: Such a shame.
  • Maid: *enters the dining room* Our guest has arrived.
  • Me: *enters the dining room in an elegant dress* Oh my god, this is the prettiest room I've seen in my entire life. *takes a seat in the middle of the long ass table* I can't believe this table! Why is it so long! Can you guys even hear! Do I need to yell!
  • Java Wolf: No yelling is necessary, thank you.
  • Me: Oh. My. God! Are you a furry!? Your fursuit is so pretty! I used to be a furry, y'know! I had to get out of the fandom because it was too expensive, and I was working 24/7! Oh, it was horrible! But, I never thought I'd meet a real furry! Especially, one that owns such an awesome mansion! Are you a celebrity!?
  • Java Wolf: No, my dear. I am not a celebrity. My name is Nathan Wolfe, heir to the Wolfe fortune. So, I must be honest with you and say that the extravagant wealth that you see before you now was not created by me, but instead appropriated from my father. Rest his soul. You can refer to me as, Java Wolf. My dear, would happen to know about the history of my family?
  • Me: No, but I've heard the name around before.
  • Java Wolf: It's no surprise that you would, my family is the most wealthy family within in the county area, due in part to the former family business, that of exporting premium grade luxury coffee. My father was the head of the business for the majority of its existence, but when he passed he I had inherited control of the business and his fortune. During this period I had traveled to the country where the coffee beans that fueled the business were collected. You wouldn't believe what I saw.
  • Me: What'd you see?
  • Java Wolf: Debauchery and cruelty, my dear. It was pure slave labour, even torture at times. I couldn't believe such a thing was legal, much less condoned under the command of my father whom I always viewed as a man of absolute moral integrity. I couldn't let it continue, my dear. So, I shut the whole business down and put an end to that exploitative madness, snuffing out my father's bloody legacy once and for all.
  • *the maid places mugs of coffee on the table*
  • Me: Whoa, that's a pretty big thing to do.
  • Java Wolf: Yes, though I am no saint. I have my base needs, my wants and comforts. I've kept all the wealth my father accumulated through the company, though its no different than blood money in the eyes of a just arbitrator. However, I don't think such an arbitrator can exist in the Western world, so wrought with capitalist hegemony. Do you, my dear?
  • Me: I don't know really know what you mean.
  • Java Wolf: *chuckles* It's no matter. No matter at all. We're not here tonight to discuss politics or morality. We're here to celebrate an awakening, and give welcome to our beautiful guest.
  • Me: Oh gosh, you're making me blush.
  • Java Wolf: *lifts mug* So, may I propose a toast. A toast to the Wolf and the Trinity that unites us all in debauchery.
  • Me: A toast to the Wolf and the Trinity of something something!
  • Flesh Mass: Whatever she said.
  • Java Wolf: Drink, my dears. Drink. *sips coffee* Hmm, this coffee tastes pretty odd. *yawns* Goodness, excuse me. *passes out and falls out of chair*
  • Maid: Oh, how foolish of me. I accidentally gave master the spiked coffee instead of our guest. How could I have made such a grievous mistake. *lights cigarette and takes a long drag*
  • Flesh Mass: Yeah, if you need me I'll be playing xbox. *walks off*
  • Me: This is a weird party.

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Sorry for bothering you with this, since you're probably already oversaturated with your thesis, but this popped into my head and I couldn't get it out of my head. Since beginning planning/writing on your thesis, did any aired episodes drastically change any bits you planned on writing? Just sort of curious, since I haven't heard of too many of those types of things written on things that change practically weekly.

Man it’s totally okay! I mean, this gives me an opportunity to whine about my thesis, which I desperately need :’D

You’re right in that stuff changes really quickly and it can be kind of overwhelming :’D Thankfully about 90% of the time, when something new has happened, it either supported or extended my theories so far, which was great because it told me I was on the right track :) like the arrival of Talks Machina was a pretty big change, but its primary purpose is to facilitate fan engagement with the story and the players. That’s already something I was going to talk about so it just gave me better examples :) That said, it is kind of hard to keep up - honestly the problem is not that new stuff overturns my thoughts, but that I forget old stuff. Most of my illustrative examples are from ep 64 and later just because I don’t remember any good examples from earlier episodes :P

Buuuuuuut there was one case where I got blindsided. :’D I had this lengthy section detailing how and why the Critical Role set was different from the traditional tabletop layout. In Episode 18, they changed the set so the players were sitting in a row facing Matt. I argued that the setup made the show easier to follow because it reduced cross-talk, made the actors’ eyelines clearer, blah blah blah. And the set stayed that way for 83 episodes.

AND THEN, literally the week I finished editing that paragraph, Episode 101 aired and they changed the setup so they were all sitting at the same table again 8) and they kept being like OMG IM SO GLAD WE’RE AT THE SAME TABLE and I was like 8′) GUYS WHY.

But hey, in that case I was reading too much into the set layout and the cast helpfully debunked it annnnnd dropped my wordcount by about 800, so it all worked out in the end :’D

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I like how jimin and jungkook have brothers that are each other's age, I think it's a pretty big reason they get along so well. Idk much about their relationships with their actual brothers, but I'm pretty sure jimin dotes on his brother as much as he does on jk, and I think jk once said he thought jimin probably loved him more than his real brother? it's adorable

i mean, the only thing i really know about jk’s brother is that he likes to draw bts fan art and usually draws jikook together. and the only thing ik about jimin’s brother is that jimin loves him a ton. so i think it’s safe to assume that that is one of the reasons that jikook are so close, but it doesn’t mean that they see each other like brothers.  but it’s deff a factor in why they are able to get along, and why they’re so comfortable with each other. 

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what are the chances of getting your blood work done and the doctor not prescribing you t? I don't have any medical issues but the fear of them not prescribing me is still there. also, does being a heavy trans guy play a part and not getting prescribed? I'm just so use to seeing thin or fit trans guys.

Pretty low. There are very few things that would mean you cant go on T, some things may be a postponed situation if something needs to be brought under control first in order to lower any potential risks. If you are medically fit then there is no reason to not prescribe. Its a big thing so its pretty normal to worry about things like that. Weight really shouldnt come into it. Being overweight is a risk factor but its not a reason to not prescribe. If it helps any my BMI was 37 when I started T and it was never mentioned. Not all trans guys are skinny. There is less representation, possibly because they dont feel as comfortable with themselves to post pics or just dont want to share pictures of themselves for varying reasons. They certainly exist though. Look at Chaz Bono for example, he is a bigger guy and is on T. You will get it as well

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Headcanons for what the paladins would do if they found out their s/o was petrified of spiders? (I just saw a BIG DADDY in my room) (Not like a daddy long legs like a spindly little fuck with striped legs. Idk what striped legs means but that bitch was huge and scary and I'm scared there's another that'll show it's ugly face soon)

Oh wow anon, I’m so sorry you had to deal with that! I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, so I’m not sure my house would be intact if I’d seen one of those things in my room D:


  • He’s not really scared of them (but he’s not really fond of them either), so he’s usually pretty cool-headed
  • That said, he’d understand how much they affect you and try to be supportive
  • A+ spider-killer right here, he’s always happy to come to your rescue and never complains about it
  • Might tease you a tiny bit, but would never make you feel bad for having the fear you do


  • After living in the desert, he got used to all sorts of bugs real fast so he’s fine with them
  • Is a little worried at how scared you are of them, but tries to be understanding and never pushes you on the fear
  • Normally he’ll try to put it outside if he can, but if not then he’s good at killing them quickly
  • Will 100% scream if one jumps on him though and then swear you to silence


  • He’s totally fine with spiders…as long as they are far, far away from him
  • Seriously, he’s right there with you and thinks they are disgusting, so you’ve found a kindred spirit
  • Of course, this means dealing with them usually turn into mini battles, but he’ll try to defend you as best as he can
  • Please don’t laugh at him if he screams louder than you, he’s trying his best to be brave


  • They’re completely fine with spiders for some reason?? Probably played with them and other bugs when they were little
  • (Also probably used to chase Matt with them since he’s also terrified of them)
  • Would probably tease you some, but if they saw just how scared you were they’d tone it down (also wouldn’t chase you with them)
  • Doesn’t like to kill the creature, if they can help it; will probably pick it up to put it out and complain when you make them wash their hands multiple times before you’ll go near them again


  • He’s not really scared of them, just a little creeped out? Nothing should have that many eyes and legs
  • Don’t worry though, he’ll always be there for you and will take care of any spiders that come around
  • Won’t want to kill them, they may be creepy but it’s not really their fault, so he’s one of the ‘tries to scoop them up and put them outside’ kind of people
  • Might lose some of his nerve if there are multiple spiders, or if the dreaded ‘think you’re hitting one but oh no here’s hundreds of them now’ situation happens

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who is this red haired lady in the inhumans trailer and why does her wig look so horrible

it’s supposed to be queen medusa and i mean, i don’t know a whole lot about the inhumans but i DO know that her hair is a Pretty Big Deal. it’s prehensile and indestructible and she can attack people with it

like. it’s her thing.

so why they thought that throwing a cheap ass party city wig on her head was a good idea i couldn’t tell you

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okay, so I was on ao3 and I think I stumbled on your account on there. Could you tell me about the valour!harry au pretty please? I absolutely LOVED it!

OKAy so im gonna tag @darling-potter bc u know i saw that comment on ao3 (❤) and i thought hey lets combine this and give like. A big chunck of plot away lmao so anyway

• This whole Valour AU thing started when Cursed child came out (me, stating the obvious) because @trippingonflatsurfaces and i just couldn’t wrap our heads around WHY valor. Like, its such a explicitly Gryffindor trait?? It could not be to make the public think of the dark lord a a hero i mean, they were torturing Muggleborns in the freaking castle and had dementors wandering around i dont think JK’s Voldemort was all about that politics life ya know. So why?? Was it like, a mockery of his 2 enemies, both Gryffindors?? But then why not courage (100% identificable no fake gryff trate) or boldness (sounds more of a mockery than valour) was it because it started with V too and Voldemort 36 times champion of acronym competition liked the sick aesthetic???

• well you get the idea we where half making fun of the idea half actually trying to understand why Voldemort would allow people to say his name and why pair it with Valour of all things like one would think he would go for something more like himself

• and then, like the true shipping trash i am, the unverse forces that rule the harrymort ship descended on me and gave me The Idea

• why would Voldemort, who has spend YEARS making sure his name was feared as a way to impose fear and respect suddenly let other people just say it like it meant nothing. Like, not even Lord Voldemort Day or anything, and as Chelle put it, why not my lord or the Dark Lord WHEN IN THE BOOKS HE IS REFERRED AS SUCH 987661% OF THE TIME?

• well maybe


• he is not the only dark lord.

• maybe ppl cant just say “my lord” or “the dark lord” or “you know who” anymore and actually know WHO they are talking about

• and if there was another dark lord and people went around saying “for Voldemort and Valour"  and not something like “for Voldemort and THE Valour”

•hey maybe there was something there

• maybe they needed no “the” bc Valour was not a trait, but a person

• Valour. Such a gryff name beautiful

• and which gryff bitch do all of us shippers love but would also have chances at surviving Voldemort’s rein??

• well no other than fan fave Harry *well shit u my horcrux???? U cant die now* Potter.

• and guess who is supposedly death since the Battle of Hogwarts, when he realized he was a horcrux?? Well harry potter

• so the thing was: what if harry is still alive? And what if he was the other half of the saying, lord Valour???

• at this point chelle and i were fangirling already bc it fit so well with the narrative of curse child??? As in it made no fucking sense but it /could/ if you believed enough. And boi did we (do we) believe

• anyway we made the back story, as in, everything that happened before the lord Valour persona was like “created”. I’ll sare with you both common and personal headcanons bc i like talking and i cant shut up apparently

• so. Cedric diggory kills Neville. That’s cursed child explanation to why Voldemort won. And then, Harry finds out he is a horcrux. He goes to the forest and ya know his friend neville died, murdered buy this guy who used to be nice and friendly till harry beat him in the tournament. And y'all know harry, who would he be if he didn’t think every single murder in this series is his fault in some way??? So maybe he goes to the forest feeling less numb and conceal dont feel dont let him know and more of a mess.

• and in true every harrymort fic ever written Voldemort finds out harry his horcrux that night via mind reading or something

• next thing you know harry is a dungeon been tortured bc keep him alive is not the same as keep him unharmed while everyone in the world knows it. No dead HP folks, just he being tortured to insanity.

•and you know somewhere in between the torture and the taking over the world and the harry trying to remain as sane as he can chelle’s fave trop comes to play: good old lima/Stockholm syndromes

• Bc you cant spell canon based harrymort without a lil bit of these two.

• so bam there u go they want/love each other  (i tried to kinda hint this in the fic but I’m not sure if i succeeded?? Voldemort’s whole i did not like him but boi do i like him no w)

•and anyway yes that is the background for the fic. Eventually they reach a point were Voldemort wants ppl to respect harry (he is mine anything mine fucking perfect blah blah we have all read this paring before) and lord Valour happens, bc harry is pretty badass on his own

•Wait did u forget about harry being tortured till insanity well u shouldnt have thats ehat is gonna give us a plot for everything after my lil fic lol

• so Scorpius. As a lil background in what imagined he would be in the cc world he would be an asshole. He also flirts with Valour/harry bc he doesnt know better. Hint at why Voldemort doesnt like him

its a type of harry vs bella but low key bc its just irritating that the little shit would really think he has A Chance. Verry. Irritating. Harry plays the Scopius has a crush card often he finds it hilarious

• anyway this new scorpius acts weird time travel etc. Harry investigates and he opens a portal between the two worlds following scorpius. And badumm tss harry finds out the other harry

•this harrys life is boring. Married to ginny go figure. Auror. No parseltongue. Boring, lord Valours life is way more interesting tbh

•some plot was gonna happen amd then woah wait this harry has something he does not. This harry has kids.

• so u see where a lil insane harry is going right


• Voldemort would ended up finding out of course. He is not very into the kids, but shit what??? Harry married the read head???? Does he have to kill her in every fucking dimension to keep her away from what is his???? Yeah harry you can keep your new pets of you like i guess

• Just yeah. Very plotty okay this are like random details and scenes bc harry and ginny would want to save the kids and dimension bs everywhere but yeah the idea was a bit of a war between the two worlds and everything kind of Dead Man’s Tale just not at all lmao

• anyway we wanted to do lots of things and you are totally welcome to join i love this au

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Hello! I have a quick question. So 어쩌면, 아무래도, and 아마 all generally mean the same thing (maybe, perhaps, possibly). Is there any difference in when to use these three, or are they interchangeable? 감사합니다!

There’s quite a big difference, actually…

아마 means, “probably”, ”likely”,  “perhaps”, “maybe”,  and “possibly”. This word is pretty straight forward!

어쩌면 is actually quite a difficult word, and can be considered intermediate level, specifically because of its complicated use. 어쩌면 is often placed in sentences when the speaker is not sure about something, but is making more of a guess about a situation. However, 어쩌면 can be removed from a sentence and not make much difference! Due to its nature, it is used in sentences with constructs such as ~ㄹ/을지(도) 모르다.

  • 어쩌면 그녀가 울지도 몰라요. She might come / I don’t know if she will come / Perhaps she will come.

Alongside this, 어쩌면 can also be used to stress one’s amazement or surprise towards a fact. So 어쩌면 is often added to sentences to emphasise ‘how’ something is possible. Although, its use is not necessary and is often replaced with 어떻게 in this kind of situation…

  • 어쩌면 이렇게 일찍 왔어요? How is it possible that you came this early?

아무래도 is often used in sentences where the speaker “thinks” something will occur, so this word is often coupled with the grammatical structure 것 같다. 

  • 아무래도 그가 벌써 떠났을 것 같아요. He probably already left / I think he already left.

Essentially, 아무래도 can be used in two ways: as an adverb, like in the example above, or it can be used in a sentence where the speaker indicates that ‘regardless of what happens, everything will be okay.’ So basically, 아무래도 can imply, “whatever.”

  • 결과는 아무래도 좋다. The result makes no difference to me.
  • 가: 내일 소풍 갈까, 가지 말까? Shall we go for a picnic tomorrow, or not?
  • 나: 나는 아무래도 좋아. Whichever you like / I’m fine either way / Whatever, I’m fine either way

There are many words similar to 아마, 아무래도 and 어쩌면, each with a specific purpose, but they all mean something along the same lines!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! ^^

power-of-order replied to your post: *INHALES DEEPLY* when will people start taking my…

I’ve only watched Fate/Zero so far, but Cu looks like a pretty big force to be reckoned with from clips I’ve seen, tbh. Don’t see why people wouldn’t take him seriously.

It’s a fanon thing tbh. His luck is ranked E so it’s like. ‘The forces of everything are out of get him because of shit luck’. & while I’ll take that to an extent because IT IS FUNNY in Carnival Phantasm, the bad luck isn’t all he is. Cu Chulainn is a force to be reckoned with & he will fight if he has to, he is not above killing if he has to. He might feel BADLY about it for a short time but he puts his duties first, feeling second if the person isn’t someone he’s attached to. 

Cu’s got a lot of depth & I try to explore every bit of him. I’ll crack some jokes once in a while but fandom runs wild with how they view him & it does grind on my nerves here & there. 

LIKE DON’T LET ME TELL YOU HOW TO HAVE FUN OR ANYTHING DO people do their thing. But like. Let him live too, see him for more than what’s a little gag in a funny spin off series.

Let us talk about this panel

This thing has been bothering me to no end, ever since I read the uprising arc. For those who don’t remember, this is the first page of chapter 67, opening of volume 17, and takes place right after Eren swallowed the “armor” bottle and hardens for the first time. on the next page, Eren is being broken out of his titan by Jean and Mikasa.

Now lets analyze the earlier shot. Erens head is atop a partial skeleton, and although his face is mostly intact, he’s missing a good amount of skin, in particular around his jaw, making him look more like his titanic self. His skeleton part is missing every limb except his right arm, and it seems to extend very far below the ripcage, more than your average human, possibly representing an only partially transformed titan, or maybe a tail (I’m no expert on the human biology but this skeleton does seem a bit too long right? Especially if you consider the perspective). 

Eren is engulfed in full darkness, except below his head, where appears to be some form of light, whose source is unknown. The light could indicate where Jean and Mikasa are working on breaking him out. The “thud” vfx are probably the sounds of the 3DMG blades hitting the hardened material. Another interesting remark is the disposition of the white lines going across the picture, seemingly turning it into multiple panels. The size of the “thud” grows larger with line, an indication of them breaking through the material? It should also be noted that, despite being in this new, different state, Eren retains some form of consciousness, as he is not only hearing the noises of the 3DMG but also Mikasa’s shouting, which grows louder. In the final panel, Eren’s eyes grow wide, almost as if he had just woken up from his sleep, and regained full consciousness. He then proceeds to break out of his titan.

Following the description, here are some of my thoughts as to what is going on here. After transforming and hardening, Eren lost his consciousness, and entered this new state of limbo, previously unseen. Over time, his consciousness returns, and he is able to get a full grasp of his exterior surroundings, leaving the titan carcass.

And although this may explain Eren’s actions leading up to his escape from the body, we still have plenty of questions surrounding this scene, the first one being: what is this new state he is in?

We’ve seen many shots of shifters inside their titans. Just take a look at the current arc, many shots of Reiner, Eren and Zeke inside their bodies. We can observe the typical fleshy, nervous connection between the human brain and the titan, presumably giving the human control over his other form. This state is clearly different from the one we can observe above, as Eren is missing his clothing, limbs and flesh, as well as the previously mentioned nervous connection. You may argue that this state simply represents his hardened state, but we actually got a look at said state in chapter 74

As you can see, despite being hardened, the interior of the titan still looks very similar to his regular form, just a bit more flashy, and maybe thicker. No big difference here.

Which brings us back to the question: if it is not a look at his transformed state, then what is it? Why are we even seeing this thing? If Isayama just wanted to show Eren come out of the titan, he could’ve just skipped this shot and started with the next one. Hell, I’m pretty sure most readers wouldn’t even give this thing much thought. I mean it has no significance whatsoever in the next chapters. It’s never brought up again. So why even bother? Why does Isayama show us this thing. And its not like he just includes it somewhere as a tiny thing in the middle of a page, no, this is the opening panel of volume 17, filling an entire page. Isayama wants us to see this, despite it having seemingly no importance at all.

We can only wonder what’s happening here. I do have a hypothesis though. Just earlier, Eren had his flashback triggered by making contact with the Reiss bloodline, revealing memories from previous coordinate owners, more specifically, his father. Upon transforming, he entered this stage of limbo instead of leaving the titan like he normally would, presumably because he lost consciousness. And even if he lost it simply because the hardening tired him out, that’s still no reason for the activation for this new limbo.

My belief is that whilst being unconscious in this new stage, he is accessing some form of the coordinate. Be it memories of the previous hosts, or just a familiarization with the power, whatever is going on here has to do with it. He had received previous memories whilst being in his titan form in ch 53, which he couldn’t remember afterwards. Having just been in contact with a Reiss, as well as the new power, probably triggered something like this again. Had he stayed longer in this limbo mode, Eren could’ve maybe learned more, could’ve remembered something, but he didn’t. Mikasa shouts woke him up prematurely, causing him to seemingly forget the time he spent in the limbo, as he never brings it up in any way at all. It feels as if he was accessing information, like a download, but due to the interruption, it was stopped and he lost all the intel.

I can’t think of any other reason Isayama would show us this, and place it at such an important spot. It has to be relevant in some way. And with all the information we already have, I can’t think of something else going on here. One of the reasons I decided to bring this up now was Erens state as of ch 82, he is once again knocked out, potentially receiving new power upgrades via memories. I hope we will see this limbo again next chapter.

But even this theory doesn’t explain everything. Why do we see this seriously unfinished version of him? What does that have to do with anything? I have not the slightest idea, but it definitely doesn’t give me a positive feeling. An indication how much of him the coordinate has already consumed? No clue. But I don’t like it. Missing the majority of your body can’t be good.

And that is pretty much everything i have to say on the subject. If you’ve seen posts about this earlier already, making this one obsolete, I apologize. Blame it on me not joining this fandom earlier haha. But what are your thoughts? Do you share my theory, do you disagree, do you have your own? Have I missed a clue? Please let me know, Id love to hear all your thoughts ok?

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just saw your "Give Zero Fucks" commission and its so perfect I want to cry. I was meaning to ask if you had any advice on doing the small blue leaves or the pretty big flowers you put on that work (i don't know the name of the stitches, sorry). I've tried it a few times but I never seem to get it quite right. It would be great if you could link me to a good tutorial video or even give me some advice. Anyways, thanks. Love ya ❤️

Oh my god that is incredibly sweet and I’m dying. I’m dead.

I’m terrible at teaching how to do things, so I’ll point you to my favorite tutorials.

The blue leaves are made using the Lazy Daisy stitch. I use it a lot because once you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly easy and fast.

The flowers are Stem Stitch Roses. Unfortunately I can’t find a decent video tutorial, but linked is the tutorial where I learned how to do them. 

The best advice I can give you is to find some scrap fabric and practice your brains out. My first few roses looked like shit, honestly, and will never be seen by human eyes. It’ll take a few tries, but you’ll get it!!

Love you back! xx

wait are people disliking season 2????? wasn’t it super fucking outstanding great???? like i know we missed a lot of hunk and lance and some pidge, but im pretty sure each paladin will get it’s own season, or just main arc in a season, just like pidge had a big part in s1. although keiths was 10 times bigger, but there was a lot that had to be explained so i mean??? its understandable???? the only thing i was really disappointed in was that we were told that lance is unsecure of himself or something and YES that is true but it was for like 2 minutes and then everything was great when shiro praised him aha.

but honestly, i think that s3 will be mainly about either hunk or lance (since shiro had so much screentime jesus) and i trust that they aren’t just being brushed off as comic relief, even if that’s basically what they are right now…


frxnkenstein  asked:

a song for aaron?

Sorry for take so long to answer but I was looking really hard for the perfect song, and in the end I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for…the song I choose is more like an Aaron/Katelyn song for the beginning of their relationship when Aaron was probably in denial about their relationship, the song is Let’s not fall in love by Big Bang; its kpop so to those who don’t know it here are a part of the lyrics that made me think of them:

Let’s not fall in love, we don’t know each other very well yet
Actually, I’m a little scared, I’m sorry
Let’s not make promises, you never know when tomorrow comes
But I really mean it when I say I like you


Don’t smile at me
If I get attached to you, I’ll get sad
I’m afraid that pretty smile will turn into tears


Before things get too deep, before you get hurt
Don’t trust me

You always call me
A selfish bastard

Let’s not fall in love, we don’t know each other very well yet
Actually, I’m a little scared, I’m sorry
Let’s not make promises, you never know when tomorrow comes
But I really mean it when I say I like you


💞 big lovepost for dani 💞

ok so i just wanted to make a big big lovepost for dani ( @ilu2 ) because i feel like i was too preoccupied with my competition to properly exprss my love for her and it’s been holding me back so i just want to let all this out. it’s going to be pretty long so ill just put a keep reading thing under haha anyways i love dani and i always will

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The Mr. and (almost) Mrs. Stilinski

Fic Request: Stydia has angry sex as they argue over something stupid, neither wanting to cave and apologize. When all is said and done, they compromise on the issue and have make up sex. One of them makes the comment “The angry sex was fantastic, but if I’d known the make up sex would be even better, I would have started an argument with you sooner.”

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut, Established Relationship

Author: lightskinlivinglavish

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Creepypasta #805: I’m A Search And Rescue Officer For The Us Forest Service, I Have Some Stories To Tell (Part 6)

Length: Super long

A friend told me this once when we were drunk at a party when I was still a rookie: “Yeah, it can get a little crazy out there, I guess. I think the worst are the ones where people die when they just shouldn’t, you know? Or when we find ‘em dead like ten minutes after someone says they saw them last. 'They were fine when I passed them on the switchback, I swear!’ That sort of shit. 

Like, take this guy who I found one spring out on a really popular trail. Someone comes into the VC freaking about about some guy who’s lying in the middle of the path in this giant pool of blood. So we run out there, and we find this guy dead as a doornail. Which he absolutely should be, because the back of his head is like mashed potatoes. The skull is decimated, brains are leaking out like custard filling, and they guy’s old so you figure yeah, he probably fell and hit his head. Old people fall all the time, it’s no big deal. 

Except that this area where he fell doesn’t HAVE any big rocks. There’s not even any stumps or big branches. And on top of that, there’s no blood trail, so he clearly died where he dropped. Now that’s when you’d turn to murder, but there were people just out of line of sight with the guy. If someone came up behind him and murdered him, there’s no way someone wouldn’t have heard. And again, even if someone had, there’d be a blood trail, spatter all over the place. But everyone on the scene said it looked exactly like he’d fallen and smashed his head on a rock. So what the fuck did he hit his head on? 

And then there was this lady I found in a different park about five years ago, back when I was upstate. We found her in the middle of a stand of big junipers, curled around the trunk, like she was huggin’ it. We pick her up to move her, and a fucking waterfall comes out of her mouth, splashes all over my shoes. Her clothes are dry, and her hair is dry, but the amount of water in her lungs and stomach was phenomenal. 

Unreal, man. Coroners report? Says the cause of death was drowning. Her lungs were completely full of water. This, even though we’re in the middle of the high desert, and there isn’t a body of water for miles. No puddles, no nothing. No signs of anyone else being out there. I mean yeah, it’s possible they were murdered. But why go out of the way to do it like that? Why not just stab 'em and be done with it? I dunno, it just sits weird with me.”


I don’t like talking about this case very much. It was an awful one that I’ve done my best to forget about, but of course that’s easier said than done. A guy with Down’s Syndrome in his 20s went missing after his family lost sight of him on a major path. That was odd in and of itself, because this guy never left his mom’s side. She was absolutely convinced he’d been kidnapped, and unfortunately a Ranger who isn’t with the park anymore insinuated that no one was going to kidnap someone… well, with that kind of disability. Not very tactful, to say the least. 

We wasted a lot of time trying to calm her down enough to get information about him, and then we put out an official missing persons call. Because of the urgency of the situation, him being mostly unable to function alone, we had local police come in and help us. We didn’t find him the first night, which was heartbreaking. None of us wanted to think of him being alone out there. We assumed he’d just kept wandering, and was staying ahead of us. 

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