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What do you think of the idea that Megalovania is Chara's battle theme rather than Sans? I

(undertale spoilers)

there’s something that makes me question it in a big way, and that something is the existence of the unused track, song that might play when you fight sans. it contains elements of sans’ and papyrus’ themes, among other things. although it may have been intended for a neutral route battle, the fact is that sans was always intended to have his own battle theme. not to mention the fact that every other boss has their own unique battle theme connected to them. 

of course, megalovania has been used before, including an earthbound hack. so the name itself is probably not enough to give it away in any case. but if we focus on the name alone, we find something interesting. the song name could refer to the word megalomaniac - a person obsessed with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others. that description doesn’t fit sans, which is fine because the song wasn’t originally made for sans.

so who in this game is a megalomaniac? the most likely candidate is chara. 

as the player runs through genocide and chara grows stronger, chara makes sure the player eradicated everyone. when the player tries to leave waterfall to fight undyne, if the player has not eliminated the quota of monsters, chara will notify the player of this and suggest to not leave yet. 

at the end of genocide, chara implies the player was never in control, that chara is the one in power. chara very well fits the description of megalomania. even if they aren’t happy with multiple genocide runs (”i cannot understand these feelings any more”), they take the effort to keep track of how many enemies are left to kill regardless.

but chara isn’t the only megalomaniac. the player is one, too. in a genocide run, the player is destroying everyone because they can. after all, the player is trying to prove they can beat genocide, and in many cases specifically sans. they exercise this power to dominate and beat the game. what else is a player trying to prove when they go after sans again and again?

however, this is only speculation driven by the meaning of the name. and the song existed long before undertale was created. it is possible that toby just decided to use this song as sans’ battle theme because of how amazing it is. 

personally, i like to think of once upon a time as chara’s theme, considering it plays while showing their journey in the intro. since chara is connected to everything in undertale, and elements of once upon a time can be found in many themes, it makes some sense. the idea also makes hopes and dreams seem a little more emotional – it wouldn’t just be asriel’s theme, but chara’s, too.

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The thing about golden boy Gavin is he doesn't cry. He's taken bullets and spit and shakedowns and hell itself without a tear. They find him shaken crying begging them to not upset the Big Bad. That the BB will kill them and has the means to. My thing is I doubt the BB as manipulative and smart as he is would make empty threats. I don't think someone like that wouldn't be ready to fulfill his word. So at what point does the fahc realize how dangerous the BB is? What happens then?

they realize it at the point you mentioned. Where Gavin is thoroughly scared of the dude. And Gavin’s a fucking good manipulator it’s what he does. So this guy clearly has a solid threat against them if Gavin’s this scared. And it’s in that moment they realize that, even despite this clear danger, they’re going to take him down.

wait are people disliking season 2????? wasn’t it super fucking outstanding great???? like i know we missed a lot of hunk and lance and some pidge, but im pretty sure each paladin will get it’s own season, or just main arc in a season, just like pidge had a big part in s1. although keiths was 10 times bigger, but there was a lot that had to be explained so i mean??? its understandable???? the only thing i was really disappointed in was that we were told that lance is unsecure of himself or something and YES that is true but it was for like 2 minutes and then everything was great when shiro praised him aha.

but honestly, i think that s3 will be mainly about either hunk or lance (since shiro had so much screentime jesus) and i trust that they aren’t just being brushed off as comic relief, even if that’s basically what they are right now…


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Hello! I have a quick question. So 어쩌면, 아무래도, and 아마 all generally mean the same thing (maybe, perhaps, possibly). Is there any difference in when to use these three, or are they interchangeable? 감사합니다!

There’s quite a big difference, actually…

아마 means, “probably”, ”likely”,  “perhaps”, “maybe”,  and “possibly”. This word is pretty straight forward!

어쩌면 is actually quite a difficult word, and can be considered intermediate level, specifically because of its complicated use. 어쩌면 is often placed in sentences when the speaker is not sure about something, but is making more of a guess about a situation. However, 어쩌면 can be removed from a sentence and not make much difference! Due to its nature, it is used in sentences with constructs such as ~ㄹ/을지(도) 모르다.

  • 어쩌면 그녀가 울지도 몰라요. She might come / I don’t know if she will come / Perhaps she will come.

Alongside this, 어쩌면 can also be used to stress one’s amazement or surprise towards a fact. So 어쩌면 is often added to sentences to emphasise ‘how’ something is possible. Although, its use is not necessary and is often replaced with 어떻게 in this kind of situation…

  • 어쩌면 이렇게 일찍 왔어요? How is it possible that you came this early?

아무래도 is often used in sentences where the speaker “thinks” something will occur, so this word is often coupled with the grammatical structure 것 같다. 

  • 아무래도 그가 벌써 떠났을 것 같아요. He probably already left / I think he already left.

Essentially, 아무래도 can be used in two ways: as an adverb, like in the example above, or it can be used in a sentence where the speaker indicates that ‘regardless of what happens, everything will be okay.’ So basically, 아무래도 can imply, “whatever.”

  • 결과는 아무래도 좋다. The result makes no difference to me.
  • 가: 내일 소풍 갈까, 가지 말까? Shall we go for a picnic tomorrow, or not?
  • 나: 나는 아무래도 좋아. Whichever you like / I’m fine either way / Whatever, I’m fine either way

There are many words similar to 아마, 아무래도 and 어쩌면, each with a specific purpose, but they all mean something along the same lines!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! ^^

Signs watching a movie
  • Taurus: Kay Aries, you want popcorn? I'll go get some yeah?
  • Gemini: No. That movie is lame. We're not watching that. Ugh no way.
  • Cancer: Uh...Taurus! I'm coming with you!! Dibs for mega popcorn yeah?
  • Leo: Come on guys guys. just settle down and less go to the movie theatre.
  • Virgo: Good idea. Btw your seat isn't 16 Sagittarius its 15.
  • Libra: Dude guys guys!!! What happens here? What what? Omg does he die? Crap NO. BUT HE WAS SO COOL.
  • Scorpio: I didn't really like him anyways lol.
  • Sagittarius: *munches popcorn loudly* Hmmm? Well i mean i'm pretty much laughing my ass off rn
  • Capricorn: Tch that bitch deserved to die anyways. Why are you making such big deals about things?
  • Aquarius: Guys...guys guys calm the fuck down its just a movie.
  • Pisces: *wipes away tear*

I decided to see if I could actually phrase to myself what I meant the other day when I said that I don’t see killing as Will’s natural state — so I guess this is the (big huge) whole post of its own that was lying in wait god I should have known

First up though, groundwork. Hannibal is a pretty dang subjective show. That’s part of what makes it so terrific. It reminds me of a poem a lot, in the ~imagery~ and ~themes~ and whatever else, but also in its openness to interpretation. You can say objectively that there are some things a poem is about and some things it is not, but ultimately, its power is in what meaning you find in it. Similarly, when we watch Hannibal, it seems that people get different mileage out of different stuff, and really that’s what makes it good art.

I know there are plenty of things that I find super impactful that other people hadn’t/don’t, just as there are things that others have been knocked on their butt by that haven’t hit me quite as hard. And when it comes to the dark!Will issue, I honestly think it’s about as much to do with subjective interpretation as any. I know the show has taken pains to show Will’s distress over killing, but I also know that it has taken pains to paint him as a blossoming killer. I have buddies here on Tumblr dot com who take a much more murderous view of Will than I do, and I think they are brilliant people and I love reading their thoughts. There’s a lot to be gotten out of this show, and it’s all interesting.

Anyhow, I just want to make sure I’m getting across this important preamble: I am not saying that my views are Right, they’re simply Mine.

So! That being said, here are those views which are Mine, finally clarified mostly for myself honestly (thanks me!), and anyone else who might want them:

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Hi everyone


I created this blog so anyone could share their stories of how they joined the fandom and became a larrie. I think its pretty cute to read others’ stories because you never know what may have dragged each individual into this hell hole anyway. 

You can read through this whenever there’s unsettling drama, which is like, every few hours, and I hope you will feel better! I’m not going to reblog any drama or stunt related things, if you get what I mean. 

I’ll just post your submissions/asks and maybe the occasional pictures of larry (or if something BIG happens) 

If you mention certain blogs or videos that got you into the fandom, I’ll link them if I can, but ultimately I hope everyone has a nice time here. 

I think at the end of the day, we all should be reminded that despite whatever current beliefs we have, we all have something in common and that is we love Harry and Louis’ love and I think thats beauuuutifulll. 

Thanks loves and I hope this will be fun.


Can I please tag some sweet blogs to help get the message out there because they are incredibly lovely people and my thirsty ass loves them to hell and back. 

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Thank you so much and if this blog can make someone smile then my job is donnzzeeee <3 

The more I think about Steve Rogers being Hydra all along, the more upset I get. 

It’s one thing to include a shocking twist to your plotline, but it’s another thing entirely to come up with something that basically comes across as just a big “FUCK YOU” to a pretty long list of people, both in and outside of the comics. Like, generations of people. Soldiers were literally reading Captain America comics on the frontlines during WWII and were inspired by him, and now you’re telling me he’s been deep cover with the enemy all along?? What kind of sick joke is that??

Not to mention what a punch in the face this is to the legacy of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. 

75 years of history and you think to change things up, make things fresher, and your thought is to make him fucking Hydra?? Seriously. 75 years of people loyal to this character, who look up to him, who are inspired by the characters in the comics who ALSO look up to him. All those alternate universe, future universe, whatever universe characters, many of them POCs, who took up his mantle or similar ones, and it’s been flushed down the toilet. 

Here’s why I REALLY don’t like Jesse’s response to the criticism of Joe and Iris’ relationship

Sure, thank to the whole “Flash” thing, Barry needs more advice. The thing is, we don’t just see Joe advising Barry on how to be a superhero. Joe and Barry talk about EVERY THING. 

We didn’t even get to see Iris telling Joe that she was moving in with Eddie, which was a pretty big fucking deal. 

At this point we see no less than 3 father-son types of relationships with Barry. He has essentially 3 dads on the show.  Iris has ONE father. And apparently, that ONE father thinks his daughter doesn't’t need him. SO what if she’s opinionated? He’s forever giving Barry advice, even when it’s not asked for. That’s what the fuck parents DO. My parents are forever suggesting things that I should do, or that my brother should do. Hell, even JOE was doing that in the front half of the season with the blog. 

Iris DOES need her father, not just for love but also for guidance, but her father is so busy lying to her and trying to protect her from shit he really can’t protect her from that he apparently doesn’t see that.