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I love Bridget Jones too! I'm curious as to why it's your favorite Pride & Prejudice adaption? And also why you think it's pretty much perfect? I'm always looking for bonuses to add to my list of reasons why it's so great P.S. I absolutely ADORE you and your blog

Thanks anon!

Honestly it grew out of a knee-jerk response to not wanting to be drawn into the petty 1995 vs. 2005 P&P Discourse that rages to this day, as well as general eye-rolling disgruntlement at the sheer number of P&P adaptations, compared to the rest of Austen’s body of work (or other classic literature…or just other stories, period.) It’s very, very easy for me to just get tired of Pride and Prejudice, because it’s everywhere, and it was most people’s gateway drug.

Now I’m a notably contrary person. Like, I have family nicknames based on how much I am apt to resist a Thing the moment I perceive that anyone wants me to engage with or enjoy a Thing. I have such a massive and almost instinctive mistrust of popular things that it’s probably just best not to outright recommend things to me, but rather just silently place them in my field of vision and back away slowly. Is this petty and stupid of me? Absolutely! But it’s how I roll.

So between this and the Discourse over the most recent big-budget adaptations of P&P, my favourite P&P was always going to have to be a little different. (Honourable mention to Bride and Prejudice in a very close second place.)

Bridget Jones’s Diary, as a film and as a book (I’ve only ever seen snippets of the newspaper articles it took as its initial form,) preserves so much of what’s brilliant about the character and story of Pride and Prejudice, and updates it in a way that is just endlessly fun and funny. A modern P&P that’s a straightforward rom-com is just a little too sickly-sweet. Where Bridget Jones and B&P get it super-right, for me, is that the sad-clown comedy hijinks are ramped up to an impressive degree of embarrassing pathetic-ness. The sheer amount of fucking-up that Bridget and her comrades accomplish is what makes it amazing. I don’t need a heroine whose life problems are a result of a simple miscommunication or cutely contrived circumstances. I need a heroine who leaps without looking, has a ridiculous mother who she loves anyway, and who pushes a confession of Feelings away with both hands because she’s surrounded by so much bullshit all day, every day and doesn’t exactly know what to do with something true, so she’s just not going to do anything with it.

What Bridget Jones’s Diary aces, and which other adaptations can oftentimes miss the mark on (at least until the third act epiphany to spur the final arc of mature character development,) is Elizabeth Bennet’s intrinsic vulnerability. She is flying by the seat of her elasticized pants. She is lippy and laughing because there’s a part of her that knows–a part of her she mostly succeeds in ignoring–that she’s got some deep problems in her life and how she relates to people. In transferring that sense of creeping hollowness at the edges of Elizabeth’s initial characterization (which, in a way, prompt some of her almost manic-seeming good-humour and wit–her courage always rising with every attempt to intimidate her–it is oftentimes used as a coping device,) to the struggles of an urban 90s 30-something single woman navigating the mindfuck that is the white heteropatriarchy still existing even while women’s lib tells us we can Be Anything We Want, the film and book really bring out more of the nuances of Elizabeth/Bridget’s reasonable anxieties about her place in the world.

With the placid-seeming lifestyle of the genteel countryside dwellings and young women living a life where they don’t have to work jobs and even have servants and attend balls and read books and play music all day, historical adaptations can, I feel, sometimes have this disconnect with our modern sensibilities (at least in Western culture where many women expect and are expected to work and earn a living for themselves.) When Eliza is flitting around Longbourn looking cute and laughing at Mr. Collins and how ridiculous Mrs. Bennet is being, it can be hard to really feel in our guts that Elizabeth or her sisters or any woman in a position like hers could really be worried about the future. They’re in another time and place and their lives are currently great and in the end she wins the love of a rich man, hooray.

But coming to it for the first time, in the time in which Austen was writing and publishing it, her audience–genteel women in particular–would have deeply felt the lurking menace of poverty and spinsterhood which was no laughing matter to those whose social position forced them into passivity–an acceptance of events over which they might have little control. If a young woman, no matter how charming, has not the means or connections to meet anyone beyond her own neighbourhood, and there is no-one around who is eligible and appropriate for her to marry…that’s it. She is never going anywhere, and hasn’t got any independence to speak of to look forward to.

That kind of existential dread hits us when we ponder our modern ideas of social dynamics and status markers, which Bridget confronts throughout the film and novel. Should I get a newer, better job? Why is this person I like being both lovely and horrible? Why do I even like them? Why is my family so impossibly embarrassing? How can I help my loved ones be better? Why is there so much crap wrong with me? Why can’t I stop making bad decisions? How do I know who I can trust with the weirdest and worst parts of who I am? How many chances should I give people who hurt me? Why did I give only one chance to that person and a thousand chances to this other person?

…anyway, this got a little darker than I was intending, but my point is that Bridget Jones’s Diary, as an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, really nails some great basic points of character which don’t often get truly brought to the fore in more traditional adaptations because the trappings of an historical context which may feel more alien and benign to us can mute and soften the grubbier parts of a heroine and a story which are so very light, bright, and sparkling. But light is only light if there’s shadow for it to burn against.

Which is a very highfalutin way of saying I love how these fuckups fuck up.

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Hello there!! first of all let me thank you for answer my rec request about animal cherik Au I do really enjoyed reading them all. You have such a good taste in stories, thats why I'm going to bother you for the second time. I was wondering if you know any good adaptation erik/charles Au (movies or books) story. Thank you for your time, love your blog !!

Hello~! I’m glad you liked them! Hmm, I’ve read a lot of adaptations that I’ve liked so…this list is going to be long. >:D

Edge of Resonance - ikeracity, Pangea, Synekdokee {NC-17 |Pacific Rim |WIP |Mutant!AU}

After an incident that forces his former co-pilot Charles to the sidelines, Erik doesn’t believe he’ll ever find another Drift-compatible partner that will allow him to pilot again. This changes when Shatterdome Marshall Sebastian Shaw brings back Alex Summers, an ex-Ranger who quit the program after a disastrous mission that cost him his best friend, and with him, Erik finds his way back into a Jaeger.

And not a moment too soon - Charles, now a member of the PPDC Research Division, is on the verge of making a breakthrough that may end the Kaiju threat once and for all, and they’ll need every available Jaeger they have to finish the war that has been brought to their doorstep from the deep.

Synchronicity - manic_intent {R |Mutant!AU |Pacific Rim |}
Erik waits with careful patience outside Marshall Fury’s office, his shoulders pressed to the metal hull of Shatterdome Anchorage’s corridor. He breathes in, slowly, and then out, and all in all, he doesn’t exactly mean to eavesdrop, he tells himself, it’s just that he’s early, and Marshall Fury isn’t exactly making an effort to be quiet.
A Boy Like That Will Give You Sorrow (The Lions and Lambs Remix) - A (mumblemutter), cm (mumblemutter) {NC-17 |Based on: Twilight |Hurt!Erik |Creepy!Charles |Humor}
In which Charles is 200 years old and Erik is Bella, Jacob and a Shark all at the same time.

Old Metal (Blood, Memory and Rubber Ducks) - pprfaith {PG-13 |WIP |True Blood |Vampire!Erik}
Erik is a vampire. Sookie, err, Charles is a telepath. Any questions?

The Vampires Who Drink Tea - keire_ke (PG-13 |Buffy the Vampire Slayer |Watcher!Charles |Vampire!Erik}
An obligatory Buffy AU.

And the Gunslinger Followed - musical_emjay {NC-17 |Human!AU |Vampire!AU |Scifi |Hunter!Erik |Vampire!Charles |TV: Supernatural}
Erik Lehnsherr hunts the things that go bump in the night.

He’s done so since he was a child, since the first time his mother put a knife in his hand and told him how to use it, told him why he should.

But ten years alone on the road has caught up to him, left him wrung out and longing for a place to rest, recharge, get his head back on straight. Though nowhere has ever truly felt like home, he heads straight for New York City, a place that’s always had more to offer him by way of warmth and comfort than any other. What he finds when he gets there, however, is several miles south of anything approaching restful. Old acquaintances, old memories, and a mysterious stranger who has him forgetting all his rules — Erik soon realizes there are decisions he needs to make, before circumstances intervene and make them for him. Otherwise, he might not like the result.

Duct Tape Makes You Smart by alchemyalice {PG-13 |Alternate Universe | Burn Notice |Spy!AU}
Summary: X-Men via Burn Notice. “My name is Charles Xavier. I used to be a spy…”

Spy Games - manic_intent {NC-17 |Fusion: Burn Notice |Spy!AU}
Prompt: Burn Notice AU, with Erik Lehnsherr as the spy and Charles as the trigger-happy ex boyfriend. Erik is burned for unknown reasons in Mexico and wakes up in New York City. Somehow, he needs to raise $500,000, in order to find out -why-.
burn the land and boil the sea - kaydeefalls {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Firefly}
In which the Unification War begins, Erik leads the Browncoats’ mutant faction, and Charles searches for something worth fighting for .

Ghost in the Shell - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Firefly+Dollhouse}
Out in the black of space, where the only creatures whose company you can always count on are violence and death, making a living is a wager. Erik’s crew of mismatched social misfits scrapes by, toeing the line between law and crime. Normally, they prefer to stay out of the Alliance’s way, but when it comes to defending the very freedom they fought for a decade ago, they only follow one principle: when someone tries to kill you, you kill them right back.

Limited Release - rageprufrock {R |Mutant!AU |White Collar |Detective!Erik |Canon Disabled Character}
When Alex Summers broke out of supermax to rescue his stupid kid brother, he had no idea it was going to be so fucking complicated.

Living Arrangements - misura {PG |White Collar |Mutant!AU |UST}
Erik is a famous art thief. Charles is the FBI agent who catches him. Raven is not sure yet whether to be amused or horrified. (fusion with White Collar)

Finally Moving by zarah5 {NC-17 |Alternate Universe |Atonement |Different social class}
Summary: In which Erik is the son of servants, Charles is the son of aristocrats, and hedgehogs make repeated appearances. — Modern AU that is clearly inspired by Atonement (minus most of the angst, that is)
The Half Killed - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Atonement}
The necessary Atonement fusion, with its consequent tons of angst and hurt.

First Impressions - sirona  {PG-13 |Pride and Prejudice}
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a spouse — or the nearest set of curtains to hide behind, if you were to believe Mr Charles Xavier. Little does he know that he himself will soon put test to that very truth.

Into the Jungle - madneto  {NC-17 |Tarzan |Historical}
Ever since he can remember, Erik’s always been different from the rest of his family. He’s tried to fit in, encouraged by his mother and his friends, but Logan, the troop’s silverback, has never acknowledged him as one of their own. Still, Erik is determined to become the best ape ever, until one day, strangers arrive in the jungle. Strangers that look just like Erik.

Hold Your Own, Stack Your Stones - primetime {R |Mutant!AU |Mulan |Alpha/Omega Dynamics |Historical!AU}
Erik cleared his throat, still refusing to look down. He started over. “Charles Francis Xavier, you have been charged by Her Majesty’s will and under her seal with the crimes of identity theft, falsification of orientation, and illegal and fraudulent entry into Her Majesty’s service.” Mulan AU.

Tale As Old As Time - madneto {NC-17 |Beauty and the Beast |Fantasy |Mutant!AU}
Charles is a bibliophile living with his stepbrother in a remote village. Erik is a lonely prince with an affliction he doesn’t know how to control. Logan is the greatest hunter in the whole world.

Nine Eleven Ten - Subtilior  {NC-17 |Beauty and the Beast |Read the warnings |Epic}
Years later, Charles would remember that day. Sometimes he would wonder if he could have changed anything; other times he would despair over what he had since become. But he would always hold the image in his mind: Raven, laughing, and his thoughts flying alongside her on strong wings, silver-gold through the winter air. Once upon a time.

Drink the Wild Air - isabeau {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Merman!Charles |Fantasy |Based on: Little Mermaid}
Charles is the last of the mer-kin, but his life changes forever when he discovers that the powers of the People of the Sea are turning up in humans. An impulsive decision to save the life of one such human has far more effect on both of them than they could have expected…

The Starry Sky and the Deep Sea by spicedpiano {NC-17 |WIP |SCIFI |Little Mermaid on Space}
Once a star, Charles is forced into a human form following a crime of treason, cursed and exiled into a mortal life. Rescued by a crew of mutants led by Commander Erik Lehnsherr, he soon realizes that the voyage they are on is doomed.

…But how can he save the man he loves when, if he speaks, anyone who hears his voice will die?

To Rattle the Stars - GQD, Pangea {WIP |Treasure Planet |NC-17} All his life Charles has chafed at the bonds of gravity that hold him bound to tiny and backwater Montressor, more at home in the sky on his solar surfer than on the ground, where he’s stuck working at his stepfather’s inn. His heart and soul yearn for the stars, and it’s his dream to one day be a spacer and sail across the cosmos on adventure.

The opportunity comes sooner than he ever imagined one night when a ship crash-lands on the inn’s front doorstep, carrying a dying pirate with a mysterious map and a dire warning: beware the cyborg. ❤Downtown (everything’s waiting for you) - so_shhy {NC-17 |Pretty Woman |Adorable!Charles |Hurt!Charles |Protective!Erik |Prostitute!AU}
Charles is a rich CEO, Erik is a hooker with a heart of gold… (In other words, Pretty Woman AU) ❤Into the Fray - miss_aphelion {NC-17 |Hunger Games |Amazing |Action |Hurt/Comfort |Protective!Erik |Protective!Charles |Alpha/Omega Dynamics}
Every year, two alphas are chosen from each district for a fight to death, and every year, a single omega is chosen to join them in the arena as the prize.

Erik Lehnsherr’s name has been drawn to compete as an alpha tribute and he is set solely on survival, but he hadn’t exactly counted on Charles, the mysterious omega tribute that isn’t playing by any of the rules. Hunger Games AU.
Hell Hath No Limits, or: Erik Lehnsherr Does One Impossible Thing Before Breakfast - M_Leigh {PG-13 |Good Omens}
X-Men AU, Good Omens-style, with Charles as Aziraphale, Erik as Crowley, Jean as the Antichrist, and Raven as a badass motherfucker. You shouldn’t need to have read Good Omens to enjoy this, although if you haven’t, you should probably prioritize that over this. I mean, seriously.

I Have a Holy Duty to Unzip Your Genes - jukeboxhound {R |Good Omens}
“Genetics, my fine man,” Charles declares, unperturbed when Erik has to poke him back upright on his stool, “is God’s finest miracle.” (Fusion with ‘Good Omens.’)
As Dark Longs For Day - Yahtzee {R |AU |Fantasy |Ladyhawke}
A daring young thief escapes from the wicked bishop’s dungeons, thinking herself free — until she encounters a rider with a black horse, a tame hawk and a dark secret. And who is this mysterious young man who only appears at night, accompanied by a protective wolf?

As We Saunter Vaguely Down by alishatorn {PG-13 |Crossover: Hex |WIP}
Pairing: Azazeal (Hex)/Charles
Prompt: BECAUSE IT’S THE SAME BLOODY HOUSE THAT AZAZEAL’S BEEN STALKING FOR YEARS. I just want Charles being seduced by this smooth, soft spoken, quietly evil, incredibly sexy nephilim. Azazeal being convinced that they belong together (a perfect fit, body and soul) - though the having a baby thing would be complicated - in the same way he was with Cassie.

Boden’s Mate by kaydeefalls {PG-13 |Inception}
Summary: XMFC/Inception fusion AU. Erik is an extractor, Alex is his point man. They’re assembling a team to go after the most dangerous mind in dreamsharing: Sebastian Shaw. But unless Alex and the team can keep him in check, Erik’s desire for vengeance might just rip the whole job apart around them — and then there’s the shade that haunts his dreams…
Sequel: Queen’s Gambit {WIP}

Casanova - madneto {NC-17 |Human!AU |Casanova |Historical}
Erik Lehnsherr, aka Giacomo Casanova, has been leading a perfectly happy life in Venice while waiting for his mother to return to him. That is, until the day he accidentally stumbles upon the young idealist professor Charles Xavier. Loosely based on the 2005 Heath Ledger movie Casanova.

Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here by aeon_entwined {NC-17 |Terminator Salvation |Human!AU |Scifi}
Terminator AU
Bea’s comment: Trust me, it’s goooood.

Lean On Me - SpiritsFlame {PG-13 |Parent Trap | Other Pairing: Axel/Hank; Erik/Emma |Adorable!Charles |Miss-understandings |Human!AU}
Ten years ago, Charles and Erik split up, dividing their six kids between them. None of them expect them to meet at summer camp. And no one could have predicted the results.
Bea’s comment: Parent Trap!AU, with bonus Hank/Alex. The kids are great.

Natural Selection - manic_intent  {NC-17 |TV: Sentinel}
Professor Charles Xavier is thirty-two years old when he meets his Sentinel, and as a credit to his half of the subspecies, he still manages to finish the seminar, run through a credible Q&A session, thank the Dean for the invitation to lecture as a guest at the Yale School of Medicine, before finally fleeing the theatre to find the nearest bathroom.

While he’s busy throwing up into a toilet, he dimly hears the door to the bathrooms opening, then getting locked, and then someone is awkwardly patting him on the back, and Charles knows rather than sees that the Sentinel is conscientiously offering him tissues to wipe his mouth.

Maybe not a bastard, then.

Salem Center Mass - listerinezero {PG-13 |Grosse Point Blank}
Erik Lehnsherr is a professional hitman and has no intention of attending his ten year high school reunion. But since he happens to have a kill lined up in the same town at the same time, he decides he may as well stop by. After all, his high school sweetheart, Charles Xavier, might be there. And it’s not like he’s spent the past ten years pining over Charles. Not at all.

Secret Agent Man - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Agent!Charles |Q!Erik |Skyfall}
Erik Lehnsherr is a much feared Quartermaster at MI6. Apparently someone forgot to tell their newest agent this.
Stream of Stars - ninemoons42 {PG-13 |Crossover: Battlestar Galactica |President!Erik}
galactica!au where Erik is Roslin and Charles is Adama

The Better Men - TurtleTotem {NC-17 |Crossover: Harry Potter |Amazing |Teacher!AU |Pining}
“I do believe the two of you were in the same year as boys, were you not?” Headmaster Shaw said. “Charles is the most competent deputy any headmaster could ask for, Erik, and he’s been doing this for years…” He trailed off, as if finally noticing something odd in the way his Potions and Divination masters were staring at each other. “Of course,” Charles said quickly, his voice only a little hoarse, and stuck out his hand. “Welcome back to Hogwarts, Erik.”

the discreet pleasures of rejection by pidgeoned {PG-13 |Love Actually |Writer!Charles}
Summary: Charles attempts to finish his third book while living in seclusion. Erik is his reluctant companion.

Their Mouths Always Lie - keire_ke {R |Detective!AU |Human!AU | Action |Based on: Lethal Weapon + Mentalist}
Charles adheres to most police protocols like they are a personal code of conduct. Erik gets things done and over with, for better or worse. Raven knows what she’s doing, most of the time. The serial killer kills, regardless. Police AU.

‘tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people - whichisgolden {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Clueless |Pining |Awesome |High School!AU |Pining}
The X-Men: First Class Clueless AU that you didn’t know you always wanted. Charles is a spoiled Beverly Hills telepath, Erik is his pretentious ex-step-brother, Emma is his best friend because they both know what it feels like for people to be jealous of them, etc

Despicably Yours - Cesare, veryorangecat {PG |Romantic Comedy |Fluff |Despicable Me |OOC |Superheroes/Supervillains}
Erik Lehnsherr, AKA Magneto, is a supervillain without equal… except maybe one: Charles Xavier, AKA Professor X, AKA Erik’s next door neighbor. When their competition heats up, Erik decides the only way to get ahead is to adopt four mutant orphans to infiltrate Charles’s mansion.

Epoch! - Pangea{NC-17 |Crack/Humor |Jurassic Park |Mutant!AU}
When Erik Lehnsherr decides to answer the sketchy job ad on the very last page of the Classifieds, meeting an insane billionaire who has no concept of reality and troubling memory loss is not at all what he expects. He also doesn’t expect to meet Charles Xavier, who might actually be the love of his life if he could ever get around to admitting it to himself.

He also doesn’t expect dinosaurs, but then again, who really does these days?

I, We, Us - winterhill {R |Canon!AU |Daemon!AU |His Dark Materials |Beginning to end |Happy ending}
Daemon AU: When he was a child, Erik was forced to split from his daemon. It’s only when he meets Charles that he thinks he might have finally found someone who he could safely leave her with. Missing scenes from canon and a few re-written scenes, plus what happened after. Somewhat loose interpretation of Pullman’s ideas.

It Takes A Village - kellifer_fic {R |Mutant!AU |The Village}
The inhabitants of a small, isolated countryside village live in fear that those outside will find them, that monsters called The Sentinels will sense their Afflictions and come looking for them. A village full of children live a suspended existence, their only protection three mysterious Elders that rule over them in all things. Erik and Charles, barely adults themselves, manage as best they can in a place full of secrets and whispers, nightmares and the ever-present threat of discovery.

King of the Pumpkin Patch - tahariel {PG-13 |Fantasy |Nightmare before Christmas |Fluff}
Charles has a Scaring deficit, but Erik is happy to help him learn to be more frightening this Halloween.

Fusion with Nightmare Before Christmas.

MAD - KaeKae {R |Modern!AU |Mutant!AU |Based on: RED |WIP |Spies/Secret Agents}
After an incident forced him into retirement, ex-CIA agent Charles Xavier has been living as a college genetics professor.

Now the government he served wants him dead and he’ll need to return to the life he’d moved on from to find out why.

The Bell’s Toll - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Nikita |Dark!Charles |Hurt!Charles |Hurt!Erik |BAMF!Charles |Mutant!AU |Spy!AU}
A sort of fusion between Nikita, with a healthy (or not) dose of my own imagination. Charles Xavier goes to prison, and is recruited by a spy/assassin division of the government. Dismal a beginning as this might look, it unbelievably goes downhill. Erik, the necessary stoic ex-military man, gets sidled with him. Not a single person is amused.

The changeling; or, Charles Xavier (a Novel by a Lady) - aesc {PG-13 |Historical!AU |Fantasy |Jane Eyre}
[1834] The changeling Charles Xavier, friendless and dispossessed of his fortune, arrives at Ironhill Hall to tutor the two children of the mysterious Mr. Lehnsherr. Or, the one where XMFC meets a heavily-revised Jane Eyre meets steampunk.

The Greendale Dazzlers - winterhill {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |UST |Humor |College!AU |Community}
If Erik really does kill the Dean on the Library steps, they’re probably going to have to disband the study group. Fusion with Community, for the prompt “Community AU, where they’re all members of a mutant study group and hilarity ensues.”

The Jade Coin - ximeria {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |UST |Pining |Action/Adventure |Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone}
A jade coin sets off a certain string of events and Erik and Charles end up chasing the legend of legends.

The Legend of Raven: Prince of Dreams - Ktown, Pangea  {NC-17 |Fantasy |AU |Legend of Zelda}
Erik is a simple goat herder in tiny Ordon Village, content to spend his days keeping an eye on both the goats and a small pack of village children—that is, until he starts having strange, reoccurring dreams that no matter how hard he tries to remember he forgets as soon as he wakes. He can’t seem to shake the restless feeling that there’s something very familiar about the dreams and that he’s standing on the edge of something very big about to happen.

And then one day Ordon Village is attacked by monsters straight out of nightmares and Erik’s world is turned upside down when a dark, evil power puts all of Hyrule under a sleeping spell. What starts out as a mission to save his village turns into a quest to save the entire realm, because he just may be the only one who can.

the masked man (who has everything) by traincat {R |Batman |Mutant!AU |Rescue}
Summary: The one where Erik is Batman, and Charles is kidnapped roughly once a week.

This Will Be - SpiritsFlame {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |While You Were Sleeping |Pining |Misunderstandings}
Pairing: Hank/Alex
Hank McCoy is in love with the perfect woman. One day, he’s certain, they will fall in love and be married. It would be a grand plan if they’d ever met. When she falls into a coma, Hank tries to look after her and is thrown into the topsy-turvey world of her family. And he can’t help but be drawn to her rude and infuriating foster brother Alex.
Bea’s comment: This one is adorable, I wanted to give Hank lots of hugs. The ending put a big smile on my face. <3

Tombs and the Raiding Thereof - professor {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |bottom!Erik |Rivals |Tomb Raider}
Charles turns the tables on his rival Erik. With sex.

Wanton in the Air - Rosie_Rues {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Historical!AU |Slave!Erik |The Eagle}
In which Charles rescues a gladiator from the arena and soon becomes somewhat disconcerted by this handsome new slave and his sharksome grin.

Word Forward - afrocurl {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |West Wing/Newsroom |Mutant Rights |Journalist!Charles |Politics}
Impassioned Mutant Rights Advocate Erik Lehnsherr will not stand to watch William Stryker Jr ruin the United States as President. Little does Erik know that as he runs for President, he’ll meet a newspaper reporter who will change his focus and desire.

X Marks the Spot by thehoyden {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Indiana Jones}
Summary: The year is 1962, and Charles Xavier is a professor of archaeology who knows how his students feel, whether he wants to or not. He spends his spare time researching a mythical artifact, but he knows better than anyone that X never, ever marks the spot.

At the End of Day and Night All We Want is More - cm (mumblemutter)  {NC-17 |Alien Resurrection}
It’s already too late.

White Nights - spicedpiano, tahariel {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Historical!AU |Fantasy!AU |Mpreg |Still Have Powers |Royalty |Game of Thrones}
Duke Erik Lehnsherr of Ironhold needs an omega to carry on his line, and Earl Charles Xavier of Salem needs an alpha to give him the political leverage he needs in order to make his sister Queen. An arranged marriage brings them together, but Erik’s lust for war and Charles’ hidden agenda threaten to tear them apart. In the frozen Northlands of Ironhold life is hard and cold, and both Charles and Erik must give up their pretense and see each other as they really are: perfect for each other, if only they’ll acknowledge it.

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I'm sure u get this question a lot, but which pride and prejudice movie version do u prefer? The miniseries or the film? Personally I really love the film as it made the story a lot more relatable for younger audiences and was also just very well done in terms of plot (without comparing it the original source material), acting, cinematography, music, etc. but I've heard of some ppl who really hated the film version do u know why?

Well, when people ask ‘which P&P do you prefer?’ these days it’s often the contentious choice between the 1995 BBC miniseries and the 2005 feature film. (Though, as I must always acknowledge, there are SO MANY P&P adaptations.)

Personally I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two, as the difference in running-time alone makes such a huge impact on the presentation of the narrative, and so ultimately very different choices have to be made. Where the 2005 may lack some of the subtlety of the 1995, equally one may argue that the 1995, by comparison, meanders at times and has less energy on the whole, with a blander result.

I really can’t force myself to come down on one side or the other, as I think BOTH adaptations have their strengths and weaknesses in several respects. However the major difference in reactions I’ve noted seems to be that those who cling to the 1995 adaptation do so ferociously and with great disdain for the 2005 adaptation in particular (though it is by no means the only other adaptation out there.) There seems to be this pervasive belief that the BBC miniseries Got It Perfectly Right and therefore there’s no need to adapt the story ever again, and any attempt must only viciously disappoint.

I know people who I generally like and respect who hold this view, but to my mind it’s over-simplifying bullshit and also ignoring issues which the 1995 miniseries has on its own, and the fact that it’s now been well over two decades since it was made and it is really beginning to show its age as a product of the mid-nineties. Which is not to say the 2005 film won’t also feel more and more dated in the years to come–all adaptations are subject to their production contexts. There were also more noticeably ‘Hollywood’ touches to the feature film, most notably in the traipsing-through-fields-in-nightwear reconciliation and the alternative American ending with the smooch, which put some people off who were used to the more buttoned-up Austen adaptations of the nineties, though the feature film is not alone in the wider trend of ‘sexing-up’ Austen adaptations with a bit more skin on show (though this isn’t always for the heroes and heroines, but more often the naughty side-characters like Willoughby’s conquest of young Eliza in the opening of the 2008 Sense and Sensibility, or Isabella Thorpe’s seduction by Captain Tilney in the 2007 Northanger Abbey.)

We can’t ignore the cultural context in which films are made and released, either, particularly in responses to high-profile feature films and their stars. The 2000s was a time when Keira Knightley was an absolute box-office powerhouse, and the reaction to her casting as Elizabeth Bennet caused outright fury among those who believed her to be merely an It Girl and not a competent actress who might ‘suit’ the allegedly suitable Look of a Georgian/Regency heroine. Again, this is a misguided and simplistic argument which often disintegrates into pointing at Jennifer Ehle’s curvy and curly look as being more in-keeping with ‘the character’, which is just pure shite, okay. We know Elizabeth has dark eyes and is not nearly as pretty as Jane, though she’s not plain. Basically there was a lot of hating on Keira Knightley for daring to appear in period movies with a ‘modern’ sort of angular beauty–without really considering that Elizabeth Bennet isn’t meant to come across as a classical beauty of her age. She is beautiful to Darcy, and that is kind of the point. (Also while people will insist that Ehle is Period Correct with her buxom appearance, they tend to ignore that Colin Firth was acknowledged by the miniseries creative team to have an atypical Look for an Austen hero, for the times…so apparently casting for alternative Hotness standards is only a bad thing when it’s the heroine. I don’t even know, but people ragging on Keira Knightley’s looks are already reeeeeaching for a very weak argument and is ragging on a woman’s looks really the hill you want to die on? Because that kind of makes you an asshole.)

I think the nasty pushback against the 2005 film adaptation in particular is a combination of three things: 1) the inevitable flaws and choppy narrative/characterization choices that come about in adapting for a running-time of under two hours; 2) those who prefer the 1995 miniseries for whatever reason and by extension have chosen to think that they cannot bear to consider any other adaptation to have any merits whatsoever; and 3) seriously, as much as a lot of people loved Keira Knightley in her starlet heyday after she burst onto the Hollywood scene in Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl there was this counter-culture sort of backlash that was STRONG around the time that Joe Wright’s P&P came out. It’s mostly settled down by now, but for a few years there Knightley was unfortunately the focus of a widespread and wicked case of tall poppy syndrome and some people thought she couldn’t do anything right, and she definitely had no business in corset roles when they thought she hadn’t the bosoms for it.