i mean it's a great part

Okay so calling it right now, the kiss in the finale will be apart of their undercover stint (like duh) and they obviously won’t get together, which (unpopular opinion) I think is good.

We’ve explored Jake’s feelings and we’ve had a bunch of insight on how he feels, but we haven’t with Amy.
Like obviously she likes him. They have a great friendship. They get along even when they mess with each other, its in a fond way. But there’s always an air of reluctance on Amy’s part which means she’s hesitant of the idea. We know Amy, she loves planning and organizing and knowing what she’s doing, so I think the reluctance doesn’t come from uncertainty about how she feels, but uncertainty of what might happen. And I think that the beginning of season 3 should shift to give us insight on Amy.

I WANT THEM TO GET TOGETHER AND BE HAPPY buuutt I feel like I wouldn’t be satisfied if we didn’t explore further into Amy’s side of the story.

And to think I put all this effort and analysis on a show that’s supposed to be a comedy.



Best Weight Loss Teas

If you are here, its because you love tea. I mean, why not? Tea is delicious, its the perfect drink for soothing a sore throat, helps you warm up on a cold winter night and so much more. But here is the best part–TEA is also great to HELP you lose that extra weight. And here is a list just for you!


Each individual tea is unique in its own way. This list of the Best…

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Ba She, a comic for Divinity Re-imagined
Written and drawn by Polly Guo - pollyguo
Colors by Mel Tow - meltow

Where are the hornless dragons which carry bears on their backs for sport? Where is the great serpent with nine heads and where is the Shu Hu? Where is it that people do not age? Where do giants live? Where is the nine-branched weed? Where is the flower of the Great Hemp? How does the snake that can swallow an elephant digest its bones? (tr. Hawkes 1985:128)

Honored to be a part of Divinity Re-Imagined organized by Pam Buchanam! Available at Zeus Comics and Collectibles Inc this upcoming free comic book day (May 2) and later as online download.  

I was instantly interested in the Ba She myth when I read about it. I wanted to write about what the idea of ‘passing’ or ‘digesting’ a relationship means to me.

anonymous asked:

Hi :3 ! I actually have a doubt, about why do you think that some big larry blogs tell to others big larry blogs to not talk about ziam (some of them like things about ziam like a couple but when ppl ask them about ziam they are like : " i'm not sure" but its because others telk them to not talk about it)? I mean why is for them (the ones that are saying to not talk about ziam) bad to talk about it? what are they afraid ? Bc i like your blog xx

Hi Anonymous!

Thank you for the question, and for the compliment.  I am truly flattered.  And I am glad you like the blog!

Those are great questions—ones that I ask too.  My answer comes in two parts: a direct answer to your question and then more indirect musings on the topic.

I admit that I too find the flip-flopping and plain non-regard towards Ziam from the big Larry blogs very strange.  I have personally never seen any Larry bloggers explicitly tell other bloggers not to talk about Ziam.  But I do see something like an unspoken yet understood soft embargo on Ziam, as if it were this forbidden topic about which only a certain bare minimum should be said.  So I get what you mean.

I think your questions, why is it bad to talk about it? and why are they afraid? are real million dollar questions.  I can only speculate.  I think the big Larry bloggers don’t want to be wrong and cop to it.  These bloggers are very popular and influential, have become authorities to their many followers and in the fandom, and have spent a long time saying Ziam isn’t real.  So they stay away from Ziam lest they look into it, and possibly be proven wrong.  I also think the big Larry bloggers have become an exclusive clique and have a lot of sway in the fandom as such.  And for whatever reason, their clique’s protocols include making uninformed or disingenuous statements about Ziam, or trumpeting Larry as this fetishized and exceptional thing whose specialness would be tarnished by Ziam, rather than as a relationship between two people whom they admire and are fans of.  I suppose that they don’t want to break their clique’s rules and lose the status that membership in it confers, so they stay mum on Ziam.

That was the first part.  The second part is that there are a lot of politics behind the Larry/Ziam divide that, as I often say, go beyond mere “ship wars.”  That divide is a very controversial, touchy topic in the fandom.  I have discussed that before, so read those posts if you are interested.  But in short, I think many of these big Larry blogs have demonstrated that they harbor unexamined and at times intense racism and Islamophobia toward Zayn, and by extension Liam, as well as heterosexist assumptions about legible and “proper” queerness against both of them, which they express in the form of ignorant or disingenuous statements, double standards and damaging and at times hateful discourse.  I think the fact that Zayn is Pakistani/British Muslim makes them uncomfortable.  I think the fact that Zayn and Liam are in an interfaith and interracial relationship, whether they acknowledge it or not, makes them uncomfortable.  I think the fact that Zayn and Liam are generally masculine and do not fit stereotyped and readily identified, and thus easily fetishized and romanticized, models of gayness by which they can be made into cute gay pets makes them uncomfortable.

It is unfortunate that these conversations are not had enough in this fandom, because the issues belying them—racism, Islamophobia, heterosexism, among others—extend past the fandom.  But you’ve already asked the question, which I think is very important.  So, I am glad that you came to my box to ask it.

of course part of the reason that whole idea makes me sore is on a personal level ‘cause I’ve had people crush on me before who I didn’t feel that way about and then had people make me feel like crap for being disinterested and not giving them a chance and then had people insist I’d eventually come around (spoilers: I did not)

like, crushes are fine and great and all and I enjoy them in stories but I don’t like plot lines that have this sort of implication that someone crushing on someone else means that person owes them their affection or attention. Especially when they’ve shown disinterest or discomfort as a result of the crush. Because it implies that it really doesn’t matter if you’re uncomfortable with it, you should just swallow that part of yourself and be uncomfortable because the other person’s feelings are more important than yours.

and, like, its totally cool to have crushes that aren’t reciprocated, everyone does that, you can’t really control who you crush on. I just have a problem with it when there’s the implication the person being crushed on should reciprocate and stories that have the person being crushed on go from being uncomfortable with it to being into it because those are so common and they encourage people to keep making others uncomfortable because “they’ll eventually come around”

Sunday Review: Pretty Girls by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

Britney Spears looks to have her first huge hit since 2011 with the help of pop music’s most sought after rapper Iggy Azalea on their new single Pretty Girls. The song starts out with a familiar introduction that sounds like the beginnings of Azalea’s first hit Fancy. Spears goes for her most urban sound and she excels for the most part to sound comfortable over the Hip-Hop/Pop track. Spears verses sound great as well as Azalea’s rather short guest verse on the bridge but the most lackluster part of the track is actually its chorus. The hook is typically the catchiest and the best part of the song but in Pretty Girls it is actually the weakest part. The lyrics are also very simple as the whole song is basically about how Pretty Girls do whatever they want and “We’re just so pretty” is repeated multiple times throughout the song. 

Lyrics aside, the song isn’t terrible by any means as I could see it doing well for both females on Pop radio with the summer coming up. Pretty Girls is a solid track that could bring Britney Spears back into the pop fold after her previous lackluster effort and give Iggy Azalea another big hit. With the only big negative being its hook, look for Pretty Girls to receive loads of airplay in these coming months.

Rating - 3 Stars

Its great that fat positivity and exposure of fat people has been popular and for the most part has been more easily accepted by people but like its kind of become a “trend” and I dont think its fair because fat people were beautiful before the internet made it popular and I hope that this doesnt fall into the pattern of “trend” because that means it will eventually die out. Fat people should always be considered beautiful, because theyre people and not some stance you can take as a social justice blogger.

arkenroses asked:

It's so nice to see someone positive on my dash about AOU, I too loved it, I can see the flaws, yes, but it's still brilliant.

There were a lot of great moments in this movie and I wish people would focus on them instead of always focusing on the parts they didn’t like :-/

I mean I didn’t like some parts but…I don’t know…complaining about it just doesn’t do it for me you know? I just want to enjoy the movie and contemplate over what’s going to happen next

so i’ve been reading up lately on the history of a thousand-year-old city famed for its impregnable defenses, intense religiosity, gorgeous architecture, great symbolic meaning and intense suspicion of people from the parts of the world folks generally know more about and if you’re thinking “gee golly gosh zodiarch but you sure make constantinople sound like ishgard” then you’re very good at ferreting out my eternal ishgard rubbishness.


Goethe’s “The Sorrows of Young Werther” is a pretty heavy and awesomely obscure reference to insert into an episode title, but as he has done in every episode he’s written since joining the Supernatural writing staff last season, Robert Berens, delivered us an episode as complex, rewarding and dark as the title promised.

There are a number of critics who have criticised Cavaradossi’s great final aria ‘E lucevan le stelle’ for not being longer. But In doing so they have failed to recognise the extent to which cruel brevity is an essential part of its meaning. Not only is the aria a short one, the melody itself has a halting, self conscious quality, a kind of catch in its throat, as If hopelessly preoccupied by its own mortality. […] Indeed it was Puccini himself who insisted on the inclusion of the words “muoio disperato” - I die despairing - at the end of the aria, a further reference to Cavaradossi’s revolutionary atheism. […]
The only thing more cruel than finality in this very secular opera is the promise of resurrection.
The only thing worse than the closing strains of 'E lucevan le stelle’ are the warm strings accompanying Tosca’s arrival a few bars later.
Tosca, who has faith, believes that it is Mario who will be resurrected, and consoles herself by treating the firing squad as piece of theatre […].
The irony is, of course, that it is Scarpia’s malevolent influence, not Cavaradossi’s heroism, which reaches from beyond the grave.
Tosca recognises this, and in her final words from the parapet we can see that she is already anticipating another showdown: “O Scarpia!” she cries, “Avanti a Dio!”.
The music, however, sides with Cavaradossi, tossing Tosca to her death with a final, explosively inconsolable gust of 'E lucevan le stelle’.
—  Gregory Dart

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based on your opinion on mirame, what do you think about doing this selfie thing but on another day? personally i dont really see the problem with something like this, i think it'd have been really bad to do it on a similar date to blackout bc they really deserved the attention and spotlight, but i also think its great it has inspired so many other minorities to do similar stuff on other days.

please stop asking us about this. please. we have addressed this so many times. please check out the ask tag.

I mean this blog is literally for selfies, we were a part of blackout because black latinxs etc. etc. 

sorry if it comes out rude but at this point I will no longer be answering these questions.


pawelcyril asked:

Since you say it's on the lower part of your list, I'm curious: how would you rank the main series?

I havent played VII and X and i havent finished III and VIII (shame on me), but

  1. V
  2. VI - VIII
  3. III 
  4. II - IV 
  5. I - IX

(The hyphens mean they are tied)

I and IX seem to have the simplest stories imo. In I, its because its old and basically one of the first jrpgs (as we know them today). I have talked about IX in your previous ask xD

IV is really great too, but i cant really get to love the chosen ones. Yet i find their desings to be really cool. Gotta love the russian crew.

As for II and III, i love them a lot. These two, along with V, have my fav music. And III has my fav dark lord: Zoma! I’d love to see a remake of II with Dracolord’s decendant joining as the 4th member of the party (or the princess of Cannock). Two has that troll inn in Beran that, as a game dev, i love…

VIII, as you all know, is surprisingly amazing, specially the PS2 international release. (tbh im not kind on the english voice acting,  english speakers still have to dub a lot of things to be as good as we are dubbing things :p) 

VI is a favorite of mine because of blue goku the prince of Somnia and the coolest redhair (Ashlynn) <3 Also Terry. And Nokturnus. And the LMS class.

And V… well, you know why i love V.

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Hello Sam, it seems to me that when you say "true self" you are referring to this watcher you always talk about, the quiet voice in our minds. However, from what you say I get the impression that this watcher is the same for everyone, so does this mean that we all share (or are) this true, unique self? Sorry if my question sounds confusing, and thank you!

The quiet watcher has universal qualities. It is attuned to  and a part of the great river of consciousness which we call humanity yet it is only a tributary stream of that river. At its core it is universal but it is also a product of your experiences and is uniquely you.

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I just watched 5 minutes of Fairy Tail dub and WhY iS iT sO bAd?!

I actually like the dub for the most part.

I mean, its not great by any means but its not garbage either, thats just my opinion though

Got an anon message but deleted it in a tizzy by mistake.

Something along the lines of “I followed you for recipe and movie posts but now all you post is Baltimore and Black Lives Matter 😢”
This is a personal blog. I post and reblog pretty consistently about my political and social views in addition to food, tv and movie content, so I don’t get why this comes to a surprise to you?
I also post about my personal life here, I’m by no means a niche blog for entertainment.
I’m from Maryland and spend a great deal of time in Baltimore. I’ve seen the glossy parts and the broken, long ignored parts. I have dear friends there who deal with it first hand everyday and they truly do deserve better. I’m still a white county kid, so there is only so much I can say here in my lane, but yes, I like this city and its people. I want to see it grow and I want to see them rise up. Would you complain if I posted about The Wire instead? It’s all fun and games till it’s real life.
There are plenty of food and movie blogs that typically
post exclusively that content you can follow instead, but honestly a lot of the ones I follow have been posting about the protests too…because, y'know it’s important.

Liberal Democrats Believe… 32 – David Lloyd George

The old Liberals used the natural discontent of the people with the poverty and precariousness of the means of subsistence as a motive power to win for them a better, more influential, and more honourable status is the citizenship of their native land. The new Liberalism, while pursuing this great political ideal with unflinching energy, devotes a part of its endeavour also to the removing of the immediate causes of discontent. It is true that man cannot live by bread alone. It is equally true that a man cannot live without bread.


I hate fences. I always feel like knocking down every fence I come across.


David Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer for the redistributive “People’s Budget” of 1909, and later Prime Minister.

The second quote for me encapsulates the difference between Liberalism and nationalism.

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You bet I'm excited! Specially when it comes to the part where Asuna finally meets Kirito in the Underworld. The side stories are great too.

omg yeah I just wanna see their reactions like kirito hasn’t seen her for two years its going to be so heart-wrenching and beautiful agh *cries of joy*

When you say side stories, do you mean the things like ‘the day before’, 'the day after’, 16.6, 16.7, etc etc?


ok so i said before eight arms to hold you was good: i slighted it by glancing, it’s actually like so good, oh man… it seems like ppl hated this record at the time, i don’t think i could find a single positive published review, and in as much as any of them are it seems like some kinda condescending “well, you know, it’s good for the kind of thing it is i suppose” thing, actually i think the sense i got was that it was like a foregone conclusion that veruca salt were shit…and everyone complains about the bob rock production, and like…idk, i find that’s the great part!! but tbf i don’t think i know like any other bob rock stuff nor its contemporary cultural context/associations etc, so i probly can’t really engage that properly…but i really like the “since we can afford it” Big Rock Albumness of it all; the blockbuster arena rock production—i mean, it is effective—and also how they write like, Big Rock songs for it, like “benjamin” is like a zeppelin ballad or something, “earthcrosser” also v zepp-y but to the heavy end of the spectrum—there’s this really great moment towards the end (~3:43 in the link) where, like, the band relaxes, strolls down to nearly a hush; gordon (softly): “it’s 2am, and it’s quiet again / where’s my lip [*band comes up behind her like an action movie explosion*] GLOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSS [the last word rising to like full throat scream, she holds onto it for 10 seconds, riding out the shockwaves]“…i mean it’s an obvious, bombastic trick, but…it just sounds awesome??? idk… but, yeah, um, “with david bowie” and “awesome” are great riffcandy, the above reminds me a lot of something i’m not sure whether is just a thing i can’t make out yet or some weird glob of notions and feels in my brain, like my initial thought was of bob mould doing richard thompson’s “turning of the tide” on beat the retreat (alas not on youtube) but i’m not sure that that makes any sense…something in the motion of it, i think… and like, just so many great hooks… “the morning sad” and “don’t make me prove it” are v strong, for example…and i guess those are probly good sampler tracks too, bc they’re highlighting respectively two kinda major strains running thru this record, like “morning sad” has that pop sense of melodic architecture or w/e, “don’t make me” the Big Fuckin Riffs leanings. over the course of eight arms those two are like constantly intermingling, crashing into each other, supporting each other, etc…i mean, that’s probly an oversimplification, and i rly want to point to every track like “oh, oh, and this one!!” but i’m rambling enough here

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what exactly do you mean by you don't trust scad? like the people? the administrators? the ghosties, vibes, etc?

the entire idea of this capitalist vortex. i mean i go here but i have this theory

it’s too good. its like. i dont trust the idea of this place existing. its just too good to exist and i dont trust savannah period this place is not right too much stuff happens here and scad is just part of it, everyone thinks its so great i mean it was great for the economy and really cementing the city’s place on the map and it’s a fantastic school and all i’m getting a great education but that’s it its too good. theres some closets somewhere with art skeletons in them

ok actually typing this out it sounds stupid but i know scad is part of the illuminati