i mean it's 2 am and i'm not gonna sleep and i have so much work but finals right

Tips on studying for procrastinators

Okay since i’m taking my finals finished them, I thought I make a post like this for lazy ass people like me who procrastinates and then regrets it but they can’t do anything about it cuz their time is running OUT.  

.  swap your book to the most easygoing friend you have that you adore and tell them to write inside jokes, positive messages, basically anything on the first pages of every unit/lesson. Make them write such thing at least once in every unit/lesson. Do the same for them; once you’re studying and you’re freaking out, I assure you even the sight of their handwriting will make you calm down and will definitely put you at ease.

NOTE: now if you don’t have any easygoing friend available, write things like that yourself, I SWEAR IT STILL WORKS

well not as effective but it still does, though if you’re writing things like that yourself, try including positive messages and compliments more and not jokes because it probably sounds boring since you already know the joke  (also writing compliments about yourself does not mean you have a high ego or something, even if the compliments aren’t ‘true’ JUST DO IT) 

* If you’re really freaking out because dayum you’re low on time and you can’t concentrate because of stressing out , call the easygoing friend I just talked about and talk ONLY for 15 minutes. I don’t care if you’re warming up, I don’t care if you don’t wanna study (who does?) and I don’t care if you’ve just entered a juicy gossip. THAT IS THE RULE. Anyway… Talk to your friend and ask them which lesson are they in, if they are as much of a master of procrastination as you, you’d be like “OMG YOU’RE AT LESSON ONE TOO?? LMAOOO SAAME” and then y'all would just laugh about it and then say bye and feel pitiful and start studying and shit.

*  Write the number of the lessons/units you have on a piece of paper from 1 to x

When you start lesson/unit one, cross out 1 on that paper even if you just started.

That kinda pushes you to finish it cuz you’re like what the hell I crossed lesson one already, might as well get on with it and finish it.

when you’re nearly finishing lesson 1 cross out 2…  aaaand the routine goes on.

*  Now here comes the ultimate life hack:

Okay… This is unhealthy bUT this would do well if the thing you’re studying isn’t going through your head and its night already and you’re IN A HORRIBLE SITUATION AND IT’S ALL JUST F*CKED UP.

My advice: stop panicking. Go. To. Sleep.

I don’t care if it’s 8, (the sooner you go to sleep, the better actually)!

Since you need at least 7-8 hours of beauty sleep, you’ll be lucky if it is actually 8. Trust me

Now first you gotta;

Set your alarm at the time you want (2 to 4 am if you haven’t studied that much)

Hey! I’ve done it hundreds of times btw, and as you can see (since I posted this right now) I’M ALIVE and NOT DEAD, not getting that much sleep for one night will not kill you since you’re desperate.

To make you feel better about your situation: I once slept at 12 and woke up at 2 for biology, AND THERE WAS A FREAKING WEDDING CEREMONY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND THEY PARTIED THE WHOLE TIME I WANTED TO SLEEP (omg this is so f*cked up it kinda doesn’t sound real)

*  Okay, if you can’t sleep, since we agreed you need to sleep at least at 8 or 9 PM, 

-drink some warm milk/hot chocolate

Ask your parents/siblings to keep it quiet (okay if its siblings you probably need to beg)

While you’re laying down and cannot sleep, think it this way that you have two options; “if I can’t fucking sleep, then I need to study” you would weirdly realize how tired you are after that and decide to sleep anyway.

Also, imagine your most boring teacher singing you a lullaby or you know, like, just imagine them talking

* Now about how to actually WAKE up in early morning (alSO not healthy) 

Put your worst ringtone that you hate it with your guts

Like if you wanna wake up at 3 am, put your alarm at 2:50 am or something so you could put it on snooze a bit (snooze must not be more than 5 min)

Think about your school and the exam you have and remember how little time you have and how you could sleep after school.

freaking DRAG yourself and turn on the light

Go to your fridge and eat something cold and yummy

Drink cold water

Wash your face with cold water

* Good things about reading early morning:

Your house is probably dead silent (the only sound might be the snoring of a family member but it’ll still be pretty silent )

Since you’re sleepy and you just wanna finish and go to sleep, also you’re stressed , your mind can only focus on ONE thing and it doesn’t wander on not-so-important subjects

Since you slept, you can memories and understand better.

* If you rather study at night do the following things to keep yourself awake:

Drink tea or coffee

Run around a bit, just like exercise and move very fast

Slap yourself???

Wash your face with cold water

((I sound like general of a weird ass military but honestly these work just fine))

 If you’re on tumblr and reading this RN and you have an exam tomorrow…




EVEN IF YOU DO FUCK IT UP, YOU TRIED YOUR BEST RIGHT? now if you didnt, that's actually something you need to work on.


i'm gonna add some other tricks once i remember them. if you’re still reading this—TF ARE YOU STILL READING THIS FOR???? GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE AND FINISH THAT F*CKER TO SHOW PEOPLE WHO’S DA BOSS

… Or you know, just try not fail the exam/test. That also works

anonymous asked:

1. Hi, I'm sorry to be nosy and of course don't answer this if you don't want to, but what has your journey through your sexuality been like? Because way back on lj you said you had a husband, and now you and wizzard890 legit are in love (congrats!) and living together and it's not just you jokingly referring to your best friend as your girlfriend. And I just saw in your tags in that you've experienced some of what's happened in couples where one partner was asexual and the other was allosexual.

2. So, not that it’s any of my business, but do you regard yourself as biromantic and asexual? I’m just really interested in how people deal with their sexual and romantic identities and relationships because I don’t think these things get talked about enough and taught well to people who need it.

Hi! You’re not being nosy. Yes, I am biromantic and asexual! My journey through my sexuality has been, um, not very satisfying, I guess. When I was a teenager, I fell in love with a guy, racked a bunch of ‘firsts,’ and figured, you know, I guess I’m straight. I mean, I wasn’t that into the physical stuff, but I was 15 and having So Many Emotions, so I dived into it. When it was only meh, I figured that was just because…you know, I was 15, and neither of us knew what we were doing.

Then I fell in love with one of my female friends. She was straight, though, so I just had to sit on it. But I wasn’t sure what to make of it, because–I didn’t want to touch her naked-style? So I was like…am I just really really really in friend-love with you? I keep looking at your boobs, but that’s normal, right? I mean, who doesn’t occasionally sneak a glimpse down their same-sex friends’ shirts. Or make up excuses to run their fingers through their hair. Or feel their heart pound when they snuggle up at a sleepover.

This all sounds mega gay now, but the thing is–I didn’t want to do anything about it. I liked having all of those feelings, but to me there was just no connection between that and wanting to have sex. And I didn’t know that some people could have different romantic and sexual attractions! So I was just like. ????? Am I straight???? Am I bi???? Am I gay and repressed?????? why is the sex I’m having not any fun? 

I kept sleeping with guys because it was just…you know…easy. Like, dick is everywhere. It is easier to let dick into your life than keep it out, and I liked these guys. Sometimes I had serious feelings for them. Sometimes I just wanted to see if sex would feel right this time. People said that maybe I was tense, and that’s why I wasn’t getting into it, so I slept with good friends who I trusted, I got giggly-drunk, I went to weird costume sex parties where everyone looks so ridiculous you can’t feel uptight…none of that worked. This is something I don’t hear ace people talk about publically that much, but anecdotally I think it must happen a lot: a lot of aces really slut it up for a while! Because what am I doing wrong? Do I just have a weird fetish I don’t know about?? Am I only into threesomes??? Maybe casual sex will work?? no??? okay what about something kinky?? no????

It was like my vagina was a damn Rubik’s cube. What arcane, bullshit combination of factors would make me actually want to sleep with someone?

By that point I was in my early twenties, and I fell in love and got married. I’m not gonna really go into that because I think he still checks my blog sometimes, but sexually it was a really bad match. I finally realized that I just didn’t like sex. He felt hurt and rejected, understandably. I wanted to talk to him, to figure out some way he could get what he needed in a way that wouldn’t leave me feeling miserable, but he closed off and didn’t want to talk about it. I felt guilty and ashamed for being “broken.” We had sex anyway, for a few years, and I hated it, and resented him for initiating it. He decided the problem was that I didn’t find him attractive anymore, and withdrew even more. He wasn’t comfortable talking about sex, and I wasn’t comfortable having sex.

So yeah, eventually that was that. The sex stuff wasn’t the only thing that killed the relationship, but it was a big part of it. 

But with my girlfriend now, things could not be more different. She knew I was ace before we got together, and she told me she was fine with that. She’s a lesbian, romantically and sexually, but she has a pretty low sex drive. And we have a good sexual connection! I mean–we have really solid, open communication about sex, and we’ve found ways of connecting sexually in ways that don’t involve having sex. It takes some creativity, and compromise on both our parts, but she’s satisfied, and I feel safe and respected. And I know that if she ever wasn’t satisfied, she’d bring it up and we’d talk about it and figure something out. 

tldr: the whole journey of discovery was a huge drag that involved having a lot of sex that I hated and feeling broken and undeserving of love for a long time. But I’ve ended up in a good place. Hopefully hearing me go on and on about all this will shorten the trip to “a good place” for somebody else.