i mean it was good and i wanted dreads


My favorite uncle. The one who sang me italian lullabies when I was a baby.. Who inspired my love to cook. Who helped me love to ski. Who wants to help me learn again after my accident. Who loved me and made me feel special when i was a sick little girl.. He had a massive heart attack yesterday and I just found out. 

He’s on dialysis and in ICU.. It’s.. It’s bad. It doesn’t look good and I’m in shock.

I don’t know what to do or what to say. I can’t feel anything except absolute dread. 

I don’t know if this means i’m going to bury myself here to try and hide from the world, or if I’m going to be absent for a while. I suppose it depends on what happens to him. 

I love him so much. I can’t.. I can’t even comprehend this.

taako ships: a ranking from worst 2 best
  • taako/sazed: dreadful. awful. honestly, why would you even? why would you do that? don’t do that. hey. don’t do that. this has been a psa
  • taako/magic brian: maybe, if magic brian wasn’t such a JERK!!
  • taako/jenkins: i mean like………whatever floats your boat i guess?
  • taako/vogue elf guy: true neutral. not enough canon material to support or derail it. taako just digs that wonderland aesthetic 
  • taako/lucas: canon onesided horniness has to count for something
  • taako/magnus: good, but travis said magnus doesn’t want a relationship due to his past and also views taako and merle as brothers. taako n magnus are more like…..bro dudes who say the other has a nice ass sometimes, and that’s ideal
  • taako/klarg: pretty good, but since klarg is under a charm spell it’s not consensual at the moment. good as “klarg having a crush on taako and taako being super awkward about it” tho
  • taako/kravitz. perfect. good. pure. wholesome. the ultimate. the One True. healthy. non fetishized mlm. emotionally supportive. canon date. canon mutual feelings. canon tentacles. what more could you want in a ship, honestly

so i know the holidays are coming up and i hope all of my followers have a very merry chirstmas, and just remember whether you get everything you wanted, or almost nothing at all. whether the holidays are good or bad, no matter if your family is supportive or mean and cruel, i am here for you, and tomorrow will be better, and one day you’ll grow up and you’ll have your own family and all your holidays will be great. I know what it’s like not to have a family this time of year. I know what it’s like to dread the holidays because of your family. I’m here if anyone needs to talk. and reguardless of your home or the situation you’re in try to make this holiday great.❤️🌍🌲

This is a celebration of all black hair. Because if you want to keep it natural, that’s beautiful. If you want to relax it, that’s beautiful. If you want braid,twist, dread, weave, put on a wig, or just shave it all of (I mean I did). That. Is. Beautiful. Always. It goes excellently with your dark or medium or lighter skin. It helps to accentuate your stunning facial bone structure. It’s yours. Never change your hair for anyone: Not your partner Not your interviewer Not your boss Not your parents Not for the standard of beauty Change your hair only for you. Because you love yourself and you want to express your versatility. This has been an uninvited public service announcement.

dr-luna  asked:

this is really random and I don't know exactly why I was thinking of it. but remember that Azura going off to die alone idea? A good (and completely unnecessary) title for it would be Forget me (Not)

um okay, look, just because i want to write that AND made her and Marj’s flowers forget-me-nots doesn’t mean you can combine them and give me this super painful title

also i’m like, dreading replaying birthright and conquest (esp BR) for the pain


For about a year and a half, I been making drawings and lyrics for a LEGO Movie parody of “Wicked” called “Dreadful” And planning on making a FULL animation of it (hopefully). And that means I need some voices for the LEGO characters. I’m going to post more information about it, if you guys want. I’m really excited to work on it. But also, I do have “Blaze 57” to work on. But this parody can be like a test and learn new things about animation production. That sounds really exciting!!! :3 Anyways, make sure you tell me that you like the idea of “Dreadful” I would LOVE to see your comments about it!!!

a long time coming | touko and touya

Was she dreading this? Yes. She hadnโ€™t seen her friend in at least two years, and even then it was still something to get nervous over. She hadnโ€™t seen her friends that much since her arrival back in Unova, and she hoped that they were still friends?

Did that mean she wasnโ€™t looking forward to this? Of course not. She wanted to meet with her friends despite the fears.

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This is an older picture of her, but I’d like you to meet my mom Teresa. She’s a single mom that raised me and my five siblings, gave up going back to school so my sister and I could go to college, is supportive of my sexuality, and most of all tells me as many times as she can that I matter.

She couldn’t afford to get us everything, but this bad ass lady was always around to make you, your siblings, and even friends feel good about themselves.

Best part she’s not a typical mom! I mean dreads, tattoos, piercings, combat boots, and could kick serious ass.

So yea this is my role model and hero! As lame as it may sound to some of you… She’s the reason I want to be a good, respectable, educated, and kind person. A few Anon wanted to know so here is your answer!!!