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KNK dancing to Hello Bitches is everything I didn’t know I needed

What I Realized

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This made my heart so happy. Thank you for requesting! Also, I hope you guys enjoy this gif of Harry from a wedding, it actually made my heart melt. Love you all so much. xx - L

A video of you and Harry from a wedding goes viral online.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 996

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Serious Squareness: an exclusive interview with Lorenzo Semple, Jr. on the creation of TV’s Batman

Holy unexpected delights! I opened my Tumblr inbox the other day to find a message from @jondambacher, and, well, let me just turn it over to him:

Screenwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr. celebrates a birthday today (March 23rd). The following is an excerpt from a number of long interviews I was blessed, honored & ecstatic to conduct in 2008, for Lorenzo’s biography I was writing.

To the King of Serious Squareness, I celebrate you, I thank you, I wish you a Happy Happy Birthday.

Jon Dambacher: I have a quote from Dozier referring to you as “the most bizarre thinker I knew.”

Lorenzo Semple: Good.

JD: Have you ever read that?

LS: I think I have, now that you mention it.

JD: What do you think he means here?

LS: I don’t know what he means. He obviously meant it as a compliment but it’s… I don’t know what he meant. I just could think of off-the-wall things. When he showed me, as I’ve told you, when I was living in Spain writing plays with a family, he sent me a cable to come up and meet him at The Ritz in Madrid there in the garden of The Ritz, he had a very strange face, as he pulled out of his pocket a “Batman” comic book. Said, “Would you believe it, this is what ABC has given us to do, because they’d owed us one, can you believe it? He was… Was so disdainful of it. I, uh, in all honesty, I took one look at it and thought of it and said, "I know exactly what to do.” I’ll go home and I’ll write it.“ That was the only discussion about "Batman.” The only discussion. As I say I wrote it, Bill loved it, he gave it to ABC, they thought it was excellent, but they were dumbfounded by it because there was nothing like it. All those things like, “Pop!” and “Bam!” were all written into the script.

JD: That’s awesome! Did you guys just share some crazy sense of humor together–is that how you were able to create this amazing…

LS: Yeah! It’s not really that crazy once you get the note of it, you know what I mean?

JD: Okay.

LS: It’s all out of that same… That dead serious nonsense, you know what I mean? Adam was actually perfect for it and Burt in his way, too. You know, they’d be chasing somebody and Robin would say, “Park here, they just went into that building…”

JD: And there’s “No Parking” signs…

LS: “No Parking” sign, right! That kind of thing. All these come out of the same level of dead serious, squareness, if you want to call it that. Dead seriously square. That was… Which isn’t that bizarre compared to modern movies, you know, like Charlie Kaufman and things.

JD: Right.

LS: It wasn’t too bizarre. Bill probably thought it was bizarre but we’ve both recognized he was a sophisticated guy. He recognized it as being funny. He didn’t mind me thinking up all these things like Bat-Shark-Repellent or whatever it was when the shark had him by the leg…

JD: Right, the Shark-Repellent-Bat Spray.

LS: I guess you could call that bizarre thinking. To me it’s all a part of one type of thinking; do you know what I mean? Bizarre isn’t quite the word, I’d say imaginative.

JD: Okay. We were talking about favorite lines from that film specifically, one that’s stuck with me over the years–I’ve always wanted to meet the man who wrote the line, “Ah, a thought strikes me–so dreadful I scarcely dare give it utterance!”

(Lorenzo breaks out laughing.)

LS: That’s very funny, I agree! I agree! That’s the kind of thing we’ve been–you know, that pompous squareness actually. Very good hearted. Adam was a very sweet guy. A very nice guy himself and Batman, you know, nobody was killed in it and there’s nothing–except the name–in common with the Batman franchise, the Warner Brothers ones. The people who say, “What do you feel about those movies” always expect me to say something, I say, “Actually I don’t like violent movies particularly and I stay away from them.” The Batman I wrote has nothing to do with these movies–really has nothing to do with each other… My Batman is more in the spirit of the comic and the very fact that millionaire Bruce Wayne, that’s all you have to say… The fact that you refer to him as Millionaire Bruce Wayne, I mean…

JD: The Millionaire Philanthropist.

LS: The Millionaire–thank you! The Millionaire Philanthropist. I had forgotten that. Just the fact that you’d refer to anybody like that–if you’re sophisticated it shows immediately–it’s ironic at best.

JD: That squareness.

LS: You’re right. That’s what I mean. The squareness, exactly.


Summary: What will it take for him to let you in?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: language; angst - I am so sorry.

Word Count: 981

A/N: this is for my wife @bladebarnes‘ fic fest! my prompt was Too Good at Goodbyes, by Sam Smith. I recommend listening to the song while reading. || I missed writing for Bucky. Sadly, he is never safe in my hands. | masterlist

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Rooftop Season (Peter Parker x Reader)

When you were on the verge of a breakdown, he was the only one who approached you and asked if you were OK. And that changed everything. (Peter Parker x Reader) 

Parts [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first ever Marvel/Spiderman fanfic. This is just a fun little project I’m working on to celebrate the adorable human being that is Tom Holland as Peter Parker. I hope you enjoy!!

That’s it. You’ve had enough.

The bell rung, signalling the end of class. You shoved all your notebooks and papers into your bag and stormed out of the class, past the flock of starving teenagers rushing for the cafeteria. You pushed past the entrance doors to the front lawn, threw your bag on the grass. You paced, fuming, back and forth under the stifling midday sun. Tears built up in your eyes but you refused to let them spill because you weren’t upset. No. You were angry. Very angry! You kicked your bag, as if to prove to the world just how angry you were, but it only made you feel more upset.

“Are you OK?” said a quiet voice from behind you.

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Do Something Already

A Shawn Mendes one shot. Requested by @alone-in-madness

Request: I think i already respuest something but i have another idea🤐😂 you and shawn hate each other so much (secretely in love but things that happened wont let you love each other) but your families are so close, you go in a trip together and because of some mistake you have to share rooms. in the middle of a fight, somehow you end having crazy passionate craving hungerly type of sex and you confess feelings ❤❤❤ LOVE U

A/N: I still don’t think I’m any good at smut, but let me know what you think :)


It was the weekend I dreaded every summer. I felt like some dumb, stereotypically angsty teenager, but I genuinely didn’t want to go on this family trip. While Muskoka was beautiful, it was also boring. All my friends were still in Toronto for the long weekend, while I was being forced to spend my time at a rented cottage with my family and the family of my parents’ friends.

The son of my parents’ friends was my age, which means you’d think after all this time being forced to hang out together we’d become friends, but in fact the opposite was true. Shawn was the scum of the earth, and the reason I dreaded going so much for what had become an annual tradition. It didn’t matter how good looking he was or how nice he was to his younger sister or the passion he put into his music, he was still an asshole. I felt my stomach drop when I saw him come outside with the rest of his family once we’d arrived at the cottage. 

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taako ships: a ranking from worst 2 best
  • taako/sazed: dreadful. awful. honestly, why would you even? why would you do that? don’t do that. hey. don’t do that. this has been a psa
  • taako/magic brian: maybe, if magic brian wasn’t such a JERK!!
  • taako/jenkins: i mean like………whatever floats your boat i guess?
  • taako/vogue elf guy: true neutral. not enough canon material to support or derail it. taako just digs that wonderland aesthetic 
  • taako/lucas: canon onesided horniness has to count for something
  • taako/magnus: good, but travis said magnus doesn’t want a relationship due to his past and also views taako and merle as brothers. taako n magnus are more like…..bro dudes who say the other has a nice ass sometimes, and that’s ideal
  • taako/klarg: pretty good, but since klarg is under a charm spell it’s not consensual at the moment. good as “klarg having a crush on taako and taako being super awkward about it” tho
  • taako/kravitz. perfect. good. pure. wholesome. the ultimate. the One True. healthy. non fetishized mlm. emotionally supportive. canon date. canon mutual feelings. canon tentacles. what more could you want in a ship, honestly
You’re Not A Winchester Pt. 4

Title: You’re Not A Winchester

Author: theimpalaiscrying

sister!reader x Sam & Dean Winchester

Words: 2, 189

Warnings: Angst, swearing, bit o’ blood, implied depression, siblings (mine triggers me all the time idk ‘bout you).

A/N: Oh poop guys. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm not trying to be a hater or anything like that but I wanted to ask. Why do you ship GoChi? Im a bit new to the fandom and I've been watching DragonBall Super and it seems like the last place Goku would wanted to be is with his wife and almost dreads being with her....Again! I'm not trying to be a mean hater because i absolutely love their characters. I just need someone to clear GoChi up for me, Because from what I've seen and heard Goku isn't very fond of his wife. Please Don't Hate me!

Hi, don’t worry anon I believe you! I can tell you’re just trying to understand why others like Gochi, and that is perfectly fine. 😊  In fact it’s a very good thing because it means you’re openminded. 💖

Since you’re new to the fandom I would say PLEASE watch Dragonball and Dragonball z. (Also the DBZ movies cause there are some Gochi moments on those too)

If you watch those first you will understand why other people such as myself, ship Goku x Chichi. On top of that you WILL fall in love with Goku so much more. He is a completely different and better person than he is in DBS. In fact if you watch DB and DBZ you will start to question, “who is this guy on DBS?” You’ll see that Goku was a lot more mature, clever, funny, and adorable than how he is portrayed in DBS. In the words of Bulma, “Son-kun is so handsome and cool!”. 

By the way, I’m not saying all of DBS is bad, and there are some cute Gochi moments there too where Goku is still in character. Like for example when you see him here protecting his wife 

or when he gets mad at Zamas killing Chichi and Goten was very in character of him and reminded all us all of DBZ. 

but yeah overall DBS anime and manga messes up with Goku’s character sometimes that you’re just like “Wtf??? how does this make sense? He isn’t the Goku I remember!” 

 You can start off by watching some cute Gochi video moments from DB-DBZ. 😁 . Part 1| Part 2 . 

Anyway here are some reasons why Goku and Chichi were bound to be a couple and why people ship them: 

In the very beginning of DB, you’ll see that Kid Goku and kid Chichi start off as Goku going to Mount Frying Pan in search of the dragonballs. Later, he meets Ox king and Ox King tells him to find his daughter Chichi. In exchange for helping, Ox King tells Goku he can have his daughter’s hand in marriage. Goku and Chichi are basically betrothed from the day they first met. Also, Ox king tells Goku that he knows his grandfather Gohan LINK. And when Goku and Chichi are teens, they meet Grandpa Gohan and he tells Chichi, “oh I’ve known you since you were just a baby” -So as you can see they were bound to be together eventually because Chichi’s dad knew Grandpa Gohan, and Grandpa Gohan knew Ox King. If Ox King and Grandpa Gohan would have reunited, they would have been like, “Oh my grandson should marry you’re daughter! They are within the same age! hahaha!”

PS: Chichi and Krillin are Goku’s only friends that are within his age group. (Chichi is either the same age as Goku, which is 12 or 1 year younger than him) While Goku’s other friends like Bulma, oolong, Yamcha, Tien, are much older than him.  

Anyway, long story short, Goku finds her stranded and pats her in the private part. XD And Chichi ends up developing a girly crush because of this…….(I know it’s kind of gross and weird but this was considered comedy in the old days of Japan) 

After their “incident” Goku and Chichi end up becoming very close friends. 

Also, this is important to keep in mind while watching DB, is that Chichi is Goku’s ONLY friend to be able to ride nimbus with him. Her heart is “as pure as a flush toilet”. That’s something these two have in common. They are both pure hearted and naive. Goku’s other friends have dirty thoughts aka not pure hearts so they couldn’t ride nimbus. So that in its self already shows why Goku and Chichi were a perfect match for each other. To view what other things they have in common see this post. LINK

Furthermore, when you see this scene where Goku and Chichi are by the tree, you see Goku sharing an apple with Chichi. That scene is very important because Goku never shares his food unless he REALLY likes a person. 

Then when you see them meet again as teens, (and after Goku realizes who she is and ask her to marry him) they end up getting girly and flirty with each other…..Please view episodes 133-153 . (This is an important highlight of how their romantic relationship developed all the way through DBZ). Don’t listen to those people that say “It’s not canon because it didn’t show up in the manga, so it never happened) This kind of thinking really blocks why they are even together in the first place. Also it’s important to note that Toriyama APPROVED of these fillers because the DB story writers wanted to show how they ended up being together. Think of fillers as “more in detail” information of the characters relationship. 

When you continue watching DB + DBZ you’ll see Goku only blushes around Chichi and develops these cute “anime bubbles” This is also SUPER important cause these cute bubble in japan are shown when a guy finds a girl attractive……LINK 

Also, when they are older you can see that Goku still finds his wife attractive because he gives her the “looks”. LINK Some of them are just straight up girly love 

(This scene is funny and cute because Goku doesn’t stop staring at Chichi while walking that you’re just like “GOD DAMN SON GOKU CALM DOWN” The dude is just so in love with his wife and his family LINK)

and these ones are like “god damn girl we gonna fuck so hard” 

*During the Cell saga, Goku tells Chichi he’s going to train in the hyprobolic time chamber (1 year in there = 1 day in the real world), then you see how he doesn’t even last the full year and he just gets so desperate to see his wife and “take her home with him” Then later he kicks Gohan out of the house cause they basically have hard core sex.

Months later Goten is born lol. 

(These scene is funny too because Goku doesn’t stop looking at Chichi even when he’s eating) 

Also, Keep in mind that Goku is attracted to a strong/ hot-headed women because it’s in his saiyan genes. This turns him on! LINK

So yeah, Goku even when he’s an adult, still finds his wife attractive. 

PS: While watching DB-DBZ, it’s important to also pay attention to Gochi’s body language. Some times Son Goku won’t say much, but you’ll see him put his arm around her or give her looks and or smile affectionally at her. He’s more of a man of action than words. 

On top of that it is shown constantly that Goku ALWAYS thinks about his little wife…..Whether, he’s going on an adventure or fighting bad guys he just thinks about her. You’ll see him mention little things especially when you watch the Japanese sub. 

PS: Also, when you play old school DBZ games they even show he thinks about her there because sometimes you would find coins or money and goku says “Oh cool this will delight chichi! I better keep these” 

Quoting princes snake: “If you want to learn about a man just watch his dreams”  LINK

Also the Gochi fandom laughs and enjoys this scene because he thinks about how Chichi might not find him attractive anymore. XD He just cares about her opinion. 

It’s just very funny because Goku cares about how he looks in front of his wife just like Chichi cares how she looks in front of him. There is this scene where Chichi says “Oh Goku is coming back from the dead? I better go to the beauty salon and “gushy” myself up” LINK . (PS: If you watch the Japanese sub the wording is a little different. I find her voice and the japanese sub more cute) 

Furthermore, you will constantly see that Goku gets MAD when someone tries to kill/hurt his wife: LINK . Those scenes are also there to show you that, Chichi dying is one of his NIGHTMARES. 

(On this DBZ movie 1 scene above ^ the Gochi fandom likes to make jokes about this because Goku has “waifu senses”. Chichi is hit by one of the bad guys and then you hear him worriedly say “Chichi?…Chichi?!!” Link

He can also be very protective of her or on the defense. 

Another example would be on DBZ episode 14, you’ll see that Goku gets defensive when princess snake says, “Relax I’m sure Chichi and Gohan are just fine” and he responds with, “Hey that’s strange, my wife and my son who told you their names?!” Then he goes on to say, “No I didn’t I would have remembered!” LINK

Also, what still kills me after this day is that Goku CRIES and screams out Chichi’s name. If this isn’t an example of a man who cares about his wife and kids idk what is: LINK

Yeah overall there is just SOOOOO MUCH Gochi content (from the show, movies, to Gochi merchandise) that it’s kind of overwhelming and I just drown and fall in love with them all over again….LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK 3, LINK 4. (This is not even half of it and there is still more shit but damn this post is already long. I would say just look at the Gochi tag on this blog xD) 

Also, don’t listen to the people that say, “Goku and Chichi never kissed cause DBS manga confirmed it” because that is simply not true. That scene was meant for a misunderstanding between Goku and Vegeta. You really have to understand Japanese culture and language. LINK1, Link2

As you can see in the figure above ^, is an official DBZ Gochi figure that is supposed to show the “uncut scene” of their kiss on the anime. And this scene was approved by Toriyama. LINK

Yup overall these two are just something else…..

BONUS: I still squeal and enjoy how Goku says “Babe you crack me up” :p LINK

Essays in Existentialism: Arkers IV

more from the Arker universe please. I love the celebrity au. Maybe Clarke is doing an interview and is being asked about a ring on her wedding finger. her and lexa are engaged. VMAs au? Festival AU.

Previously on Arkers 

“I don’t want sushi,” Clarke complained.

The traffic of the city grumbled along as the couple made their way down the sidewalk in the chill of the fall that approached. The rain was waiting, holding out a little long, while the buildings all braced for the inevitable downpour.

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be more chill sentence starters (part 1)

these are some quotes from each of the songs. feel free to edit pronouns/add names. trigger warning for sex, suicide mentions, and drug mentions, among more. part 2 here.


  • ❛ come on, go, go! ❜
  • ❛ i’m waiting for my porno to load. ❜
  • ❛ freaking out is my “okay”. ❜
  • ❛ i feel my stomach filling up with dread. ❜
  • ❛ god, i wish i had the skill to just be fine and cool and chill. ❜
  • ❛ i don’t want to be a hero. ❜
  • ❛ i don’t want to be special. ❜
  • ❛ i just want to survive. ❜
  • ❛ that is so awesome… i - i mean slutty! ❜
  • ❛ don’t touch me, tall ass! ❜
  • ❛ that’s not what i need right now. ❜
  • ❛ did you say something? ❜
  • ❛ my mack daddy game couldn’t be more limp. ❜
  • ❛ just clear your brain and move ahead. ❜
  • ❛ i don’t want to be a baller. ❜
  • ❛ how’s it hanging? ❜
  • ❛ you look like ass, what’s wrong? ❜
  • ❛ it’s all good. i saw on discovery that humanity has stopped evolving. ❜
  • ❛ that’s… good? ❜
  • ❛ evolution is survival of the fittest, right? but now, because of technology. you don’t need to be strong to survive! ❜
  • ❛ there’s never been a better time in history to be a loser. ❜
  • ❛ GAY! ❜
  • ❛ i like gay people. ❜
  • ❛ i’m never going to be the cool guy. i’m more the one who’s left out. ❜
  • ❛ i am not the one who the story’s about. ❜
  • ❛ why can’t someone just help me out? ❜
  • ❛ help me do more than survive. ❜


  • ❛ i love play rehearsal because it’s the best! ❜
  • ❛ i just use the word to emphasize a point. ❜
  • ❛ i am passionate a lot! ❜
  • ❛ i have mad, gigantic feelings, red and frantic feelings about most everything. ❜
  • ❛ where was i? ❜
  • ❛ life is easy in rehearsal. ❜
  • ❛ anywho, the point that i’m getting to is life can’t always work out in the way it works out in a play. ❜
  • ❛ no matter how hard i try it’s impossible to narrow down the many reasons why. ❜
  • ❛ i happiness cry as soon as it starts. ❜
  • ❛ most humans do one thing for all of their lives. ❜
  • ❛ i’ve got so many interests i wanna pursue. ❜
  • ❛ why am i telling this to you? ❜
  • ❛ my brain is like “bzzz”, my heart is like “wow”. ❜


  • ❛ i was a loser just like you. ❜
  • ❛ i was hopeless, i was helpless. ❜
  • ❛ i was so suicidal. ❜
  • ❛ then i got a SQUIP. ❜
  • ❛ you got quick? ❜
  • ❛ i’ve just never heard of it. ❜
  • ❛ this is some top secret, “can’t even look it up on the internet” shit. ❜
  • ❛ so it’s like drugs? ❜
  • ❛ it’s better than drugs. ❜
  • ❛ it’s preprogrammed. ❜
  • ❛ it helps you rule. ❜
  • ❛ right now you’re helpless, you are almost hopeless. ❜
  • ❛ then you’ll go from sad to interesting to hip, you’re whole life will flip! ❜


  • ❛ find the bad guy, push him aside. ❜
  • ❛ it’s a two player game, so when you make an attack, you know you’ve got a brother/sister/partner who’ll have your back. ❜
  • ❛ and if you leave your brother/sister/partner behind it’s lame. ❜
  • ❛ it’s an effed up world, but it’s a two player game. ❜
  • ❛ dude, you are cooler than a vintage cassette. ❜
  • ❛ it’s no big, because you and i are a team. ❜
  • ❛ nobody here appreciates. ❜
  • ❛ guys like us are cool in college. ❜
  • ❛ this is what we do, we make it a two player game. ❜
  • ❛ as losers we have fought together for years. ❜
  • ❛ know that you are my favorite person, that doesn’t mean that i can’t still dream. ❜
  • ❛ is it really true that i’m your favorite person? ❜
  • ❛ we’re never not going to be a team. ❜


  • ❛ target in accessible. ❜
  • ❛ please excuse some mild discomfort. ❜
  • ❛ woah, woah, woah… i’m fine. i just – ❜
  • ❛ discomfort level may increase. ❜
  • ❛ welcome to your super quantum unit intell processor… your SQUIP. ❜


  • ❛ take your hands out of your pockets. ❜
  • ❛ fix your posture. ❜
  • ❛ all your nerdiness is ugly. ❜
  • ❛ all your stammering’s a chore. ❜
  • ❛ fix your vibe, then fix some more. ❜
  • ❛ no, stop. ❜
  • ❛ everything about you is so terrible. ❜
  • ❛ everything about you makes me want to die. ❜
  • ❛ you will be more chill. ❜
  • ❛ first thing’s first, go buy a new shirt. ❜
  • ❛ it’s better if you just comply. ❜
  • ❛ just step and fetch, don’t ask me why. ❜
  • ❛ how are you with math homework? ❜
  • ❛ i’m made of math. ❜
  • ❛ you’re a slob. ❜
  • ❛ you shop here? ❜
  • ❛ you look sexy. ❜
  • ❛ is that a girl’s shirt? ❜
  • ❛ it’s still painful. ❜
  • ❛ hey, hamlet. be more chill. ❜


  • ❛ do you wanna ride? ❜
  • ❛ if this is going to work, you need to do as i instruct. ❜
  • ❛ wanna go far? ❜
  • ❛ don’t you say no. ❜
  • ❛ we’ve gotta stop for frozen yogurt first. ❜


  • ❛ you can’t just listen, you have to obey. ❜
  • ❛ repeat after me: ____. ❜
  • ❛ everything about me is just terrible. ❜
  • ❛ everything about me makes me wanna die. ❜
  • ❛ everything about you is going to be wonderful. ❜
  • ❛ you won’t feel left out or unsure. ❜
  • ❛ you won’t be ugly anymore. ❜


  • ❛ ow! ❜
  • ❛ i was just gonna… check my email. ❜
  • ❛ you can’t lie to me, ____, i’m inside your brain. ❜
  • ❛ still not gonna be the cool guy, but maybe not so left out. ❜
  • ❛ i might be the one who the story’s about. ❜
  • ❛ all in all, a not so heinous day. ❜
Dunkirk was fantastic.

Dunkirk is an absolutely incredible film. If you want a well directed, beautifully filmed, non-propaganda esque piece of WWII cinema, look no further. I would really suggest seeing it in Imax, the sound design in this film is fantastic.

This is not a typical “war movie” by any means. It was gripping, and honestly terrifying. I really want to get into this film but I don’t want to spoil anything, it’s going to surprise you and It certainly wasn’t what we were expecting. The entire time I could feel the slow and menacing grip of the Huns strangling me, a very good sense of dread that I haven’t felt in a movie in a long time!

Even if you’re not a WWII buff like me, it’s a beautiful film with some equally beautiful presentation that I don’t think you’ll want to miss.

Only a friend- Jacob Black imagine.

Imagine where you’ve known Jacob from school, he sits with you at English, and always having a crush on him but he never noticed you. One day you try to ask him out and he rejects you and doesn’t go to school for a few weeks (when he became a shapeshifter) and later when he comes back and looks into your eyes at class imprints on you, tries to make you his girlfriend but you are hurt and don’t want to be with him? Hahaha I’m so sorry for such a long request
A/N: I love long, detailed imagines like this because I can add more to it!

Jacob tapped his pencil on his desk in a rhythm. I couldn’t pay attention to the lesson when he was here. I sat there staring at his long dark chocolate brown hair, his strong jaw line, and that cute little nose. Jacob looked over his shoulder at me and flashed his pearly whites. I smiled back and looked down at my paper. The bell rang signaling the end of the school day. I put my things in my bag and walked up to Jacob.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering whether you knew of a lore-specific reason why only the Keeper and Firsts of the dalish clans are taught how to read and write in elvish? It just seems impractical if they want to preserve the language, since oral tradition is notoriously inefficient. More elves being taught elvish also means more people to pass on the language if something dreadful happens to both the Keeper and the First. Sorry if there's an obvious reason I've missed, it just really bothers me.

my answer was simple going to be how because it has been tradition, it is just how things have always been done and that in itself is worth preserving. HOWEVER, I have a good linguistics friend @funghoulies​ who I asked and who did a far better, in-depth explanation that I ever could have.

actually tradition is a pretty strong reason to keep doing that. it’s not practical (as said by the anon) but it happens in real life. australian aboriginal oral histories are actually EXTREMELY well kept (x) - up to and including the original accents of the original storytellers. even after hundreds of years of linguistic drift, they are telling it EXACTLY THE SAME WAY because of the specific cultural importance put on keeping it the same. (and later when linguistics branched out these stories were like gold mines for creating language family trees)

so keeping it with only the keepers and their firsts keeps the language EXTREMELY conservative, with barely any change in the language from generation to generation. this can be seen as desirable because of how much is then kept - however it obviously comes at the cost of a living language and innovation.

writing systems also have a long history of being kept only for important people/events (ancient egypt most well known for this) and there isn’t much literacy in DA outside the upper class regardless, so this isn’t super weird.

balancing “this language is our heritage so we need to keep it alive” comes down to how the culture views its past - something important and that should be immutable? then yeah you’re probably are gonna have grammar policing and little innovation. a shared part of the culture that everyone keeps alive? everyone learns it and changes are going happen. 

tbh keeping it as a ritual language (for firsts and keepers to study) explains why all elves know the same elven phrase and words, and speak them in the same way. it’s kept on a pedestal and they try not to change it, so all clans go back to the same original stories and keep them alive (like the australian aboriginal languages did). there’s NO regional variation in elven, ferelden elves (merrill) know the same stuff as free marches elves (the inquisition elf route). And there’s a lot of gatekeeping in dalish culture (merrill’s personal questline) so it kind of makes sense

tldr: it’s a matter of “language is for everyone” vs “this language is sacred and must be kept in its original form”. the dalish have the latter view on language preservation. it’s not one i agree with but it exists & is successful in real life.

~ @funghoulies

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Crazy Monsoon Rain {S.M}

requested// imagine where you and Shawn are a new couple and you really wanted to see him but it’s raining like crazy and when you get to his house he lets you borrow his clothes 

author’s note// wow i like never write anymore but i am trYINg my hardest hope this one is better than the last one! also we are rewinding to like, the earlier magcon dayzzzz cause i dun miss those evn tho i hate all the other magcon boizzzzz


The rain was pouring down at a completely unholy rate. It beat down on your shoulders to the point where it hurt. You pulled your raincoat tighter around your body as you made your way over to your bike, which you stupidly left outside in the rain. Only moments ago, your boyfriend Shawn had texted you and asked if you wanted to come over. You were only sophomores in high school, so you both couldn’t drive. 

“Baby, the weather is absolutely dreadful.” He had groaned into his phone. You imagined him flopping down on his bed, dramatically. He sometimes had a bit of a flare for the dramatic. 

“Yeah I know. Good snuggle weather.” You stated, not really thinking anything of it. I mean, you weren’t lying. Stormy weather was always your favorite to snuggle in. 

“Yeah? Then come over.” He suggested, probably not thinking much of it either. He always wanted you to come over when he was in town. Like, literally always. And since he almost always suggested you come over, you had to say no sometimes, especially at times he knew very well you couldn’t. A perfect example being when he was on tour with the guys in Texas and he casually suggested you come to dinner with him. This was probably one of the times he knew you probably couldn’t come over. 

But sure enough, you stupidly said; “Yeah sure be there in like twenty minutes.” 

Which was a horrible choice. Because it would have been extremely simple to just ask your mom to drive you the ten blocks down to Shawn’s house. She never had a problem doing so, but she wasn’t home. So here you were, only in jeans, a t-shirt, and a rainjacket about to bike the ten blocks when it is literally raining cats and dogs. And you knew if you told Shawn that, he would say no way in hell you would be coming over to his house. But you got on that bike. You rode that bike. You pushed through the weather. You literally felt like you were going to die. You were a dancer, but that didn’t matter because as you pedaled up that hill with the rain pelting you, you felt like your thighs were being physically burned off. Only five minutes into this endeavor, you regretted it. LIke, you seriously wished you were back home, you would’ve rather facetimed Shawn than be with him if you had to be in this disgusting rain. But you were about halfway there, and you really couldn’t stop now. So you kept going, powering through, curses against the rain, yourself, and Shawn leaving your lips just about every two or three seconds, until you finally got there. You basically threw your bike on his driveway, not caring if it gets rusted over or even if someone were to run over it, and you sprinted to the front door, and jammed your finger on that doorbell over and over until you saw the doorknob turn. You heard a chuckle before you saw his face. 

“Hey baby wh-” When he saw you, his eyes widened. “What the hell… Y/n did you walk here?” He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside, slamming the door behind you. He looked you up and down, your leggings completely soaked through as well as your oversized long-sleeve t-shirt, and you were basically sloshing in your blue converse. 

“Biked, actually.” You crossed your arms and shivered as you slipped your shoes off and placed them by the door, careful not to get any water on Shawn’s hardwood foyer. 

“Come on, you can borrow some of my sweats or something.” He takes your hands and leads you up the stairs. “Mom, Y/n needs to borrow some clothes I promise we will be back down in a few minutes!” Shawn’s mom didn’t let the two of you in his room alone. You also weren’t allowed home alone, which was understandable. So you quickly walked up the stairs, your hands still touching, and went into Shawn’s room. He went over to his dresser and grabbed some grey sweatpants and a red hoodie, a MagCon one, cause what else would you expect from him and tossed them at you. He scurried out of his room, knowing his mother would get the wrong idea, and he never ever wanted her to get the wrong idea. He was a bit of a mama’s boy. You quickly took off your wet clothes, taking them into his bathroom and hanging them over the bathtub. You took your long, stringy wet hair and pulled it up into a bun. You went into his dresser and got a warm pair of socks and slipped them on her cold feet, and then made her way out of Shawn’s room, and down the stairs. You saw Shawn sitting on the love seat, with his sister on the ground playing with the dog, and his parents on the couch. They all turned their heads to you. 

“Hey y/n!” Shawn’s mom smiled, his sister smiled too, and his dad nodded with a smile. They really liked you. 

“Did you walk here?” His dad laughed, putting his arm around Shawn’s mom, Karen. 

“Biked.” You and Shawn said in unison, which caused you too look at one another and smile with a chuckle. Aaliyah rolled her eyes. You walked over to Shawn, and sat next to him, but you swung your legs over his so you were basically sitting on his lap, his hand on your thigh. The entire Mendes family plus you, just sitting in the living room on a rainy day, watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother. 

Biking through the rain was worth it. 

author’s note// guys this is actually cute i actually enjoy this one lol im the worst i never ever post 1!1!1! i met a cute boy i wanna hug him but i have literally talked to him once and then slid into his dm and he left me on read someone hel p me

Simon Imagine - sad break ups and drunken make ups part 2

REQUESTED:  “Part 2 to sad break ups and drunken make ups? Like you’re trying to get your lives back together and your relationship back on track, and everything feels so new again”


Waking up next to Simon the day after the party was weird to say the least. The feeling of his naked chest against my back was both comforting and unnerving. It was a feeling I had missed, but also a silent confirmation of my fears: so we had definitely done stuff last night. I let my eyes wander around the familiar room, trying to look for some sort of change, some sort of tell tale to what had gone on whilst I had been away. But everything just looked exactly the same.

“Y/n? Are you awake?”

Oh that morning voice. My heart expanded in my chest, tripling it’s size. I wanted to remain silent; this moment was not to be ruined by words. However, as I felt his body shift behind me, I turned to face Simon.

“Yes.” I breathed, my voice timid and croaky after all the alcohol last night. “I’m awake.”

He looked down at me, his great blue eyes burning holes into mine. I thought maybe he might say anything - but he didn’t. Instead he just remained quiet, his arms returning cautiously to my naked waist. For some odd reason I felt extremely insecure in my naked state. My mind turned to wandering whether he was in the same manner underneath the covers. After as long apart as we had had, I felt as if Simon was a new person. It felt like being in the dating stage: everything is slightly awkward, uncomfortable, and you’re always on egg shells. 

This is what it felt like currently lying with Simon.

“Do I dare ask what this means for us or will it ruin this moment right here?” 

He broke the silence first, resting his head against the pillow as he looked at me. It occurred to me that perhaps he was trying to find an answer in my face as an alternative to in my words. This is always how our relationship went in the past. I broke the eye contact, looking down at his bare chest, tracing his anatomy with my fingers. 

“I think you just asked.”

His face broke into a timid smile. “It’s good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour.”

“Never,” I whispered, mirroring his smirk. “Simon what does this mean?”

His body tensed, but the words were already out, no taking them back. I wanted to bury my face in his chest and hide, already feeling exposed enough without my clothes, let alone now asking the dreaded question no one wants to hear while lying next to their ex after a drunken night. But as I looked down, my face heating, he placed a hand under my chin and lifted it.

“Y/n, it’s whatever you want it to be. I love you and you know that. That’s never ever gonna change. But I don’t want you to feel pressured, and that’s why I’m making this your call.”

I chuckled at the irony. No pressure, Y/n, but everything that happens from now is completely your call. Great. 

What did I want to happen? I loved Simon, I knew this, but everything in the world of Minter moves so damn fast, and I didn’t want a repeat of last time. I didn’t want to end up hurt and alone again. The thought made my eyes sting.

“Hey,” he cooed, his voice soft and warming. “Don’t get upset, okay, you don’t have to decide anything straight away. Just know I’m not going anywhere until you do. I want you, Y/n.”

I avoided his eye again, feeling painfully shy at the raw confessions, for some reason. 

“I want you too, Simon.” 

His body visibly relaxed at my revelation, however I pressed my palm to his chest, looking up at him.

“But we have to take it slow, okay. It’s not a relationship yet. It’s just…seeing eachother. We have to get to know eachother again.”

His eyes flashed with an emotion I did not recognise, and I felt my heart wrench a little. Was this not what he wanted? Was it even what I wanted? This all just seemed too much.

“Okay. Getting to know eachother again. Deal.”

“Thank you, Simon.”

“Y/n, it’s fine. Now what exactly does slow mean?”

“It just means less intensity. Less talk of the future, less involvement from fans, less travelling and all that jazz. I just want us to be happy together, just us, without any added labels. Is that okay with you?”

“Anything’s okay with me as long as you’re involved, Y/n.”

I smiled up at him as he propped his head up on his elbow, his face in his hand.

“I missed you, Simon.”

“I missed you more than you know, Y/n. Now one last question.”


“I can still touch you right?”

I laughed, hitting his shoulder playfully. 

“Well that depends on your behaviour, Mr Minter.”

He smiled, mouthing a ‘whatever’ at me as he lay back down. I turned to lay on my back and he put his arms over me, rubbing his hands over my stomach, my breasts, my thighs. 

“I’m getting to know your body,” he breathed against my earlobe.

“I think you know that well enough.”

“Oh I’ll never know it well enough, Y/n, believe me.”

I Should Be Asking That (Theo Raeken prompt)

Originally posted by fuckthiam

Request: Could you write something with the prompts 27, 36, 38 and 72 for Theo?

27) “your boobs look amazing” “don’t you mean I look amazing?” “no, I legit meant your boobs”
36) “what did I do to deserve you?”
38) “did we have sex last night?”
72) “people say you’re trouble, but I don’t mind trouble”

Warning(s): mention of one night stand, bad words, and fluff 

A/N: italics is flashbacks

“Did we have sex last night?” was the question that started off from waking up in the morning after a one night stand many months ago.

It had now blossomed into a wonderful relationship and both Theo and (Y/N) couldn’t have asked for a better partner in their lives.

“How do I look?” (Y/N) asked Theo, who was admiring her the whole time. He looked her up and down and noticed that her cleavage was looking extremely good in the dress she had put on.

“Your boobs look amazing” He answered, to which (Y/N) rolled her eyes playfully. “Don’t you mean I look amazing?” She corrected. Theo grinned, “No, I legit meant your boobs”.

(Y/N) glared at him and he quickly spoke, “I’m kidding babe. You look drop dead gorgeous”.

“He is up to no good (Y/N). Stay away from him” Stiles demanded after everything had happened and Theo was working with the dread doctors. 

She has been alone with him so many times that he could have hurt her if he wanted to, but Theo never did.

She rolled her eyes at her best friend and walked away from him to go to her locker, only to see Theo leaning against it.

“What are you doing at my locker?” She asked, “Just waiting for you” He answered.

“You shouldn’t be talking to me, especially if Stiles is around” She warned. 

“I came to talk to you. Stiles is right, you should stay away from me” Theo spoke.

(Y/N) groaned and slammed her locker shut, “I am tired of being treated like a child. I know you won’t hurt me, you had many opportunities to but you never did. People say you’re trouble, but I don’t mind trouble”.

Theo grinned at her statement and looked around. He quickly grabbed her hand and lead her to an empty classroom where as soon as he closed and locked the door, he planted a fiery kiss upon her lips.

(Y/N) smiled at the compliment her boyfriend gave her, “What did I do to deserve you?”.

“I should be asking that question” Theo answered and leaned in to kiss her.

Bucky Barnes X Reader - I Don’t Need You

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Warnings: Angst, lies, fighting, misunderstandings, heartbreak, ETC

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

(A/N) This is a one-shot i had playing around in my head. It’s angsty since that’s the mood i was in when i wrote it. I hope you all enjoy it. 


One sentence… just one little sentence was enough to bring my whole happy world crashing down. I had been working at Stark Tower as a liaison between Pepper and the UN, when I was reassigned to ‘Bucky’ duty by Captain America himself. When Bucky first arrived, he was a little unstable and prone to panic attacks, all of which I was able to bring him down from using different methods. As my mission, so to speak, progressed; as did my relationship with Bucky.

At first the two of us were always together. I don’t know whether that was Steve’s plan from the beginning, putting two emotionally unstable individuals together or not, all I know is that it worked. I fell and I fell hard for Bucky. He was broken and damaged just as I was. I hadn’t grown up in the best of circumstances, hell I spent my childhood begging for food in the center of town, but after a kind old man took me in and put me through school and College; I made it my mission to help others.

Hence, I joined the UN, or the United Nations. I graduated top of my class and became a government liaison. That was many years ago, now. I’ve been a liaison for many different superheroes, starting with Reed Richards and then of course ending with Tony Stark. My job was simple, be the go between for both and keep the chaos to a minimum. Also, I was there to report on any and all tests and secrets.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. Like I said Bucky and I were constantly together, we spent every waking moment near each other. It was inevitable for me to fall for him. It happened about three weeks ago, Steve thought it would be a good idea for Bucky and I to take a day and go to Coney Island. Perhaps it might rekindle some of Bucky’s memories that hadn’t come back yet. So, we went and at first it was magical.

 We were having a great time. That was until I said something I shouldn’t have. I was so stupid, I got caught up in the moment and in the spur of it I told him I loved him. His eyes, he looked at me like I had betrayed him. I froze. I didn’t know what to do. It was just like when I was a kid and my mother abandoned me. He didn’t say anything. Like he was avoiding my confession so I decided to take him back to Steve.

The rest of the way back to Avengers tower we rode in silence. My heart was breaking and I just wanted to get him back safely and then I would decide what I was going to do from there. When we arrived, after I climbed out of the cab he grabbed my hand and said, ‘I don’t need you anymore, today proves I can do just fine by myself.’ I froze in my footsteps as he releases my hand and walks into the tower. I couldn’t breathe. My heart was crushed. Tears stung my eyes but I wasn’t about to cry.

 Flashbacks to my childhood filled my mind. Abusive words slung at me from every direction covered me making me lose all the confidence I had gained over the past few years. I was broken. I don’t remember how I got home or even how I didn’t end up dead in a ditch somewhere. All I remember was waking up the next morning and returning to my original job as Miss Potts assistant. I didn’t try to avoid him, I didn’t make things awkward, I was just being professional. Everything was fine. Even though the very sight of him made my heart hurt I had to be professional.

 Then it happened. I saw him with another girl. He was smiling a smile I had never seen before. It crushed me. That was when I decided to leave. I put in my resignation letter with Miss Potts, packed my bags, sold my apartment, and headed back to Paris. I traded in my field work for a desk job. I didn’t want to get attached to anyone ever again.

 “And that’s why I’m here.” I say as I look across the room to the Shrink my supervisors requested I go to. The middle-aged woman had her hair pulled tightly back in a bun, and she wore a gray pinstriped pants suit. This was the last place I wanted to be.

 “(Name), I’ve read the reports you wrote about your time at the Avengers tower; It seems like you had many friends you could have turned too, so why did you leave without notifying anyone other than Miss Potts?” She asks as she pulls her glasses from her face.

 “Miss Potts was my boss; it’s only fitting I tell her I was leaving.”

 “And this Bucky individual you mentioned, you didn’t feel the need to tell him you were leaving?” She asks and my heart clenches.

 “No ma’am, I figured it was best that I break off contact without delay. That is also why I decided to stay here in Paris. I’m finished with field work.”

 “You do realize it’s your superiors who want me to clear you for the field do you not?”

 “I do ma’am, but I wish to remain at my desk.”

 “I understand your reasons, I will go through my notes and let them know what I think.”

 “Thank you,” I say forcing my business smile.

 “That is all the time we have for today, I will see you again next week at the same time.”

 “Yes ma’am.” I say as I stand and grabbing my coat and purse head for the door. I was not happy. Leaving the therapists office, I step out into the cold winter air and let out a heavy sigh. I hated shrinks, I never believed they worked and I hated the fact that I was to tell a complete stranger about my tortured past. As the cold wind blows I take a deep breath and wince as the cold air fills my lungs. It burned but that was just proof that I was alive.

 Turning I decide to take the long way home and walk past Notre Dame. It was my favorite place in the whole world. When I was begging for food I used to go there. The Archbishop and Deacons used to slip me whatever food they could and then on extremely cold nights they would allow me to sleep inside the cathedral. It was the first act of kindness anyone had ever shown me. I smile at the people as I pass by them.

 As the church comes into view I remember Philippe, the old man who took me in off the streets. He was a baker, every morning he would wake up early to start preparing the dough. I loved smelling the smell of bread baking. Bread baking was my favorite smell in the whole world. Although he passed away right after I graduated college he left his bakery in the hands of his workers.

 Rounding the corner, I spot a familiar face and I smile as I rush over to the flower woman. “Bonjour Marie,” I call out to the redhead as I reach into my purse to pull out some money for her beautiful yellow Roses.

 “Ah Bonjour (Name), Je ne vous ai pas vu depuis des années. Comment allez-vous?” (I haven’t seen you in years. How are you?) She replies a bright smile covering her withered face.

 “J'ai eu un peu de malchance en amour mais à part ça je l'ai bien été.” (I’ve had a bit of bad luck in love but other than that I’ve been well.) I reply holding the blooming petals up to my nose.

 “Eh bien, je ne vais pas édulcorer et dire que vous allez rencontrer quelqu'un savait. Est-ce que vous aimez cet homme?” (Well I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that you’ll meet someone knew. Did you love this man?) She asks and I feel tears sting my eyes as I think of him.

 “Oui je l'ai fait.” (Yes, I did.)

 “L'amour fait mal. Voilà comment vous savez qu'il était réel.” (Love hurts. That’s how you know it was real.) She replies and I nod.

 “Eh bien, je serai hors tension. Merci Marie pour la belle rose.” (Well I’ll be off. Thank you, Marie, for the lovely rose.) I say as I start to walk toward the bridge. She waves me off with a smile and I grip tightly to my little bouquet as I slowly walk across the Pont au Double bridge. I take one last glance toward the church and smile softly before I turn back and continue my walk home.

 Walking into my apartment, I am greeted by the familiar face of a one Steve Rogers and I freeze in my footsteps. “Mr. Rogers? Um, what are you doing in my apartment?” I ask a knot welling up inside my throat.

 “Pepper told me you resigned. I have to admit I was a little surprised that you didn’t say goodbye.” He says a sad smile covering his lips.

 “I apologize; I admit I wasn’t thinking rationally when I left.” I reply as I close my door and setting my purse and roses down start to pull my coat off.

 “Don’t apologize. I’m sure you had every reason to do what you did.” He says and I nod as I hang my coat on the hook and grab the roses.

 “Um, would you like something to drink?” I ask as I walk past him to the kitchen to find a vase.

 “Ah yes, a water would be nice.” He replies as he follows after me.

 “Water it is.” I say as I set my roses down on the counter and grab a glass. Reaching into the fridge I grab a bottle of water and twisting the cap off pour it into the cup. Handing it too him I turn back and reach for a pair of scissors to cut the stems of my rose. “So how is everything?” I ask making small talk as I gently arrange the roses in an antique blue glass vase.

 “Well the towers still standing if that’s what you mean.” He jokes and I chuckle.

 “I guess that’s a good thing then.” I reply setting the vase on my kitchen table. “How long are you going to be in Paris?”

 “A few days,” He replies and I nod.

 “Are you alone, or did the rest of the team come?” I ask dreading his answer. I was not ready to see Bucky. I wanted to be alone.

 “Tony, Natasha, Pepper, Sam and I came.” He says and I let out a sigh of relief that wasn’t visible on my face.

 “You’ll have to tell them I said hi,” I comment smiling softly at him.

 “I will, we’ll have to have dinner together.” He offers and I tense.

 “I’ll have to check my schedule, but that would be nice.” I reply as I move from the kitchen to the front room. “Would you like to sit down?” I ask as I motion to the couch.

 “Ah yeah sure,” He replies sitting down across from me.

 “Is it just me or does it seem really awkward?” I ask smiling.

 “So, it’s not just me.” He replies and I smile.

 “There’s no need to be on your toes around me, please just be yourself.”

 “Thank you. Sorry it’s just,” He pauses as he rubs his fingers along the smooth glass, “Been a hectic few weeks.”

 “Again, I’m sorry I didn’t say anything about me leaving. I just needed,” I pause as I clasp my hands together. “I missed my home. I grew up in Paris you know?”

 “I remember you saying something about it before. I got your address from the UN. I hope you don’t mind.”

 “Although I am a little surprised to find you inside my apartment,” I giggle making him laugh before I continue, “It’s a nice surprise though, so thank you.” 

 “No problem. If I’m being honest, I missed you.” He says and I feel my heart lighten a bit.

 “I missed you too Steve.” I reply honestly as I smile at him.

 We spent the next few hours talking and reminiscing about old times which was nice. I hadn’t lied, I had missed Steve. Truth be told I had missed them all, but I just wasn’t ready to see them. Steve was enough. As the hours passed I glanced up to the clock to see that it was almost nine and my eyes widen. “Oh my, I didn’t realize it was this late. Um do you know your way back? Should I call you a cab, or if you’d like I have a guest room?”

 “Oh um, I think I can find my way back. It’s not that I don’t want to take you up on your offer but I just think, you know,”

 “Right, It’s completely understandable.”

 “Um how about lunch tomorrow?” He asks as he stands up and walks toward the door.

 “Uh yeah, sure, why not? Um, my lunch breaks at one. There’s a little Bistro I like to frequent for lunch called La rose floraison. They have the most amazing food there.”

 “Then I’ll see you tomorrow at one.” He says grabbing his coat and pulling it on.

 “I’m looking forward to it. Goodnight Steve,” I say giving him a soft smile.

 “Goodnight (Name),” He says returning my smile before he heads off down the hall. As soon as he heads down the stairs I close the door and let out the heavy sigh I had been holding all night long. I lean my back against the door as I slowly slide down the door onto the floor.  What was I to do now? If Steve knew I was here, then it wouldn’t be long until the rest of the team knew. Not that Bucky would come even if he knew.

 The recollection of his name sent a shiver down my spine. My heart tightens in my chest and I take a deep breath to keep from crying. I look over at the clock and watch as the time slowly ticks by. There was no way I was going to get any sleep tonight. Not with my mind full of the past. Clearing my throat, I push myself up off the floor and grabbing my cell phone head to my room. Sitting down on the bed I reach over and opening my nightstand drawer I take out my sleeping pills.

 I set my alarm and plug in my cell phone before I twist the cap of my pills and pulling two out slip them in my mouth. I swallow them down dryly before I lay down on top of the blankets. It was definitely cold outside and it was slightly drafty in my little apartment but I didn’t care. I wanted the cold. I needed to feel numb. As I close my eyes I slowly slip into an all too familiar nightmare.

 Bucky’s POV

~Going back~

“What do you mean she’s gone?” Bucky yells out in confusion before running past his friend and up to her room. She couldn’t be gone. Why would she leave? His mind drifts back to the day they had gone to Coney Island and her sudden confession and his heart clenches. It was true that he had rejected her but it was for her own good. He couldn’t love her the way she deserved to be loved. Granted he had rejected her rather roughly but she had been acting just fine since then.

Throwing her bedroom door opened he found all her belongings gone. No trace of her was left. “(Name)!” He yells out as he runs throughout her entire floor in search of her. He feels his heart start to clench and its pace quickens. “No, no, no. (Name)!” He yells again his adrenaline kicking in. Unable to control his body he grabs the closest thing to him and throws it against the wall. He reaches for the next thing-                                        

“Bucky calm down!” Steve yells as he reaches out and tries to restrain Bucky who is thrashing around wildly.

“Where is she Steve? Where did she go?” Bucky cries out pain lacing his voice. 

“I don’t know Buck; all I know is she turned in her resignation and left. Even Pepper doesn’t know where she is.”

“It’s all my fault?” Bucky says his body stilling.

“What? Why? How is it your fault?” Steve asks confusion filling his voice.

“It just is okay,” Bucky snaps causing Steve to narrow his eyes at his friend.

“What exactly happened between the two of you Buck? I noticed she was acting strange but I didn’t think it had anything to do with you.”

“That day, the day you sent us to Coney Island; everything was perfect. She was beautiful with the sunlight in her hair and a happy smile on her lips. Then when we were about to get on the cyclone she told me,” He pauses as he narrows his eyebrows. “She told me she was in love with me.”

“Really? Buck that’s great.”

“I rejected her.” Bucky interjects making Steve stare wide eyed at his friend.

“What exactly did you say to her Bucky?” Steve inquires in a serious tone.

“I panicked. At first, I didn’t say anything. Right after that we climbed into a cab and came back here. Then when we got out of the cab I stopped her and,” He pauses as tears start to fill his eyes.

“And?” Steve presses his friend for more information.

“I told her that I didn’t need her anymore. That that day was a test that I passed and I could live normally without her.”

“Jesus Bucky, what were you thinking?” Steve chastises his friend as he runs a hand down his face.

“I wanted her to find someone else. Someone better than me. I’m broken and I’ve done a lot of bad in my life. I didn’t want to hurt her but I didn’t want to see her get hurt because of me either. My brain picked the easier of the two. I didn’t think she’d actually leave though. She acted normally after that day, I just figured she decided to stay friends.”

“Buck, you may have wanted to keep her from getting hurt; but in reality, you hurt her more than anyone else ever could.” Steve shakes his head. He knows this isn’t going to help his friend but Bucky needed to know the truth.

“But why did she wait so long to leave then? Why didn’t she leave the next day?” Bucky asks his eyes full of curiosity and pain.

“Did something happen recently?”

“No,” Bucky shakes his head. “We have barely talked since that day.”

“I’m sorry Buck, but I think it’s safe to say that she’s not coming back.” Steve says blatantly and Bucky nods.

“It’s all my fault.”

“Come on Buck, let’s get you something to drink and maybe go for a run to clear your mind.”

“Please just leave me Steve. I wanna be alone.” Bucky replies his eyes growing cold.

“Are you sure?” Steve asks as he places a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” Bucky says his voice cracking. “Just leave me alone.”


Bucky stares at the building that held her apartment with mixed emotions. He wanted to rush up the stairs to her. Tell her he had been wrong and all he ever wanted was for her to come back but he couldn’t find the nerve. Gulping down a breath of air he stares up at the window Steve said was hers, his entire body crying out for him to run to her but he held himself back. The light was still on and at times he could see her silhouette against the curtains.

He wanted to see more. He wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her he was sorry. Steve had been up there for a while talking with her and he had said that she seemed a little awkward and nervous. Steve hadn’t mentioned that he was in town and that gave him the element of surprise. Steve had made a date with her to have lunch tomorrow and as a surprise he would be there instead of Steve.

There was no doubt she would be upset and a little betrayed but he needed to talk to her. He needed to see her, to tell her that the words he had told her had haunted his every waking moment. She would probably reject him but it was a chance he was willing to take. As the lights of her apartment turn off he takes a deep breath and turning heads back to his hotel room where he would sleep tonight for the upcoming battle tomorrow.

Reader’s POV

I stare at the blank screen before me. My mind wasn’t able to focus on anything work related at all. “(Name), I needed those files regarding the Wakandan royal family on my desk five minutes ago!” My boss Michael Ross yells out bringing me from my stupor.

“Oh!” I exclaim as I look down at the open file showing a picture of the young prince of Wakanda. “I’m sorry Mr. Ross, I have it right here.” I say as I quickly close the file and hand it over to him.

“What’s with you today? You were doing so well.” He asks his deep brown eyes filled with worry.

“Just didn’t get enough sleep last night. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” I say straightening my back and putting my best businesslike face on.

“Okay, if you need an ear to listen to your troubles, my door’s always open.” He says with a quick wave before he started off back to his office. When his door closes, I let out a sigh of relief before I lean back against my chair my head falling back so I could stare at the ceiling. Damn Steve for showing up and causing my mind to be so muddled. Speaking of Steve. I look at the clock to see that it was almost time for me to go on my lunch break and contemplate sending him a message. I grab my phone only to realize that I had deleted his cell number when I came back to Paris.

“Just my luck.” I groan out as I toss my phone onto my desk and pinch the bridge of my nose. No turning back now. Pulling my cac-card from the reader I place it inside my wallet and standing up I grab my phone and shoving it back into my purse grab my coat. Rolling my shoulders, I slide my chair up to my desk and turning head for the elevator. I give Michael a quick wave signaling that I was leaving for lunch and he nodded.

He gives me a head nod in return as he is on his phone before I climb into the elevator and hit the lobby button. I watch the numbers slowly count down as I try to think about what I was walking into. I thought about somehow running away and hiding but now that they knew I was here that wouldn’t work. Letting out a heavy sigh I hail a cab. When one stops I quickly climb inside and telling him the address fold my hands over my lap and let out a heavy sigh.

It took no time at all to make it to the little café. I hand the cabbie the money I owed before I climb out of the cab and taking a deep breath I head inside. I smile softly as I am greeted by the familiar host who quickly leads me to a table where I could wait for Steve. I order a water as I pull my cell phone out of my purse and start to fiddle with it. A few seconds later I see someone walk up to me out of the corner of my eyes and thinking it to be Steve I fake a smile and look up only to stare wide eyed at the last person I ever wanted to see again. “Bucky…”

“Hey (Name), mind if I sit?” He asks his icy eyes pleading with me. My heart starts to race and my palms grow sweaty as he sits down across from me.

“I thought I was meeting Steve.” I say in disbelief as I stare across the table at him.

“Sorry about that, Steve asked you here for me.” Bucky replies as he leans his elbows on the table.

“Why?” I ask as my throat tries to close up.

“Because I wanted to see you.”


“Because I miss you.”

“Why?” I ask again not getting where he was going with this. Why did he miss me? He was the one who told me to go.

“Because…” He pauses his eyes finding mine as they fill with a silent plea.

“Sargent, I have a very busy schedule. I’m sorry but I need to get back. Tell Steve not to contact me again.” I say as I grab my purse and tossing down some money stand up and leave.

“(Name) wait.” Bucky calls out as he follows after me. I ignore him as I continue on down the street headed anywhere but there. “(Name)! Stop!” Bucky yells out angrily making me stop in my tracks and turn back to him. He gulps down a breath of air as he closes the distance between the two of us and before I have a chance to think crashes his lips against mine. At first I fight against him trying my hardest to push him away so I could keep my sanity but just like before I found I couldn’t.

I grip tighter to his coat as his hands cup both sides of my face holding my lips to his. Tears fill my eyes as I with one last surge of sanity push him away. As he stumbles away from me I feel my hand move on its own as it collides with the side of his face. “Why?”

“Why what?” HE asks making me try to choke back sobs.

“Why now? Why did you kiss me? What do you want from me Barnes?” I question as I try not to burst out in tears. “You told me to leave so I did. What more do you want? How much more will you hurt me?”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He says a pained expression filling his face. “I told you I didn’t need you cause I didn’t want to place you in danger. No matter what I do I will always have bad people after me and I didn’t want to put you through that. I couldn’t see you hurt.”

“Well you failed there, you hurt me more than anyone else ever could.”

“Then why did you stay after I told you to leave? Why did you take so long to leave?”

“Because I saw you.”

“You saw me what?”

“I saw you with another girl,” I answer and he cocks his head in confusion. “You wore a smile I never saw before. You looked happy with her and it broke my heart. I left because I knew you would never look at me like that. I couldn’t stay and watch the man I loved love someone else. I left to get over you. Why won’t you let me do that?”

“Because I love you (Name).” He replies taking me aback.

“You… you love me?” I ask as I start to take a few steps backwards away from him. “It’s not true, you don’t do that to someone you love.”

“It’s true (Name),” He answers as he clenches his jaw. “When I found out you were gone, I lost it. I went crazy. I wanted you to find someone else who was better that I am; but I never expected you to disappear. I never wanted that.”

“Then what did you expect me to do? Flaunt whoever I met in front of you? I couldn’t do that, no matter how upset I was.”

“The more I thought about it while I sat in your old apartment sulking,” He starts as he closes the distance between the two of us. “The more I realized how much I hate the thought of you being with someone else. It would kill me to have to stand by and watch you be happy with someone else no matter how much better they would be for you. I couldn’t do it. I realized then how much I love you (Name). I really and truly love you.”

“What am I supposed to say?” I ask tears silently falling from my eyes.

“Whatever you want. You can tell me to go to hell, to never see you again; hell, you can tell me to eat shit and die and I will.” He adds making me chuckle slightly at his words. “But if there is even the slightest bit of a chance that you can forgive me, and give me a second chance, the please tell me now.” I contemplate all the emotions and feelings running through my body as I stare up into his handsome face. I wanted nothing more than to tell him I loved him and that I wanted to be with him but what if it wasn’t enough. What if all this was, was just smoke and mirrors? It would probably kill me.

I take a deep breath fully intending to tell him no when I hear myself say, “I love you James Barnes.” He smiles and goes to hold me but I hold my had up stopping him in his tracks, “But I’m scared that this is all just…”

“It’s not what you think (Name) I really and truly love you. I will gladly spend the rest of my life proving it to you. If you’ll let me.” He says as his hands reach up to rest on my shoulders. I stare at him for a moment my eyes searching his for any hint that he might be untrue but there is none. Giving him a hopeful smile I wrap my arms around his waist and hold tight to him. “You better not be lying Barnes.” He kisses the top of my head as he gently smoothes my hair back.

“I promise (Name), I’ll always be here for you; and I’ll say it as much as I can. I love you.”

“I love you too James Buchanan Barnes.” 


“I swear you are never allowed to leave the tower again.” Tony says as he sets a glass of whiskey down in front of you.

“Oh really? Why?” I ask a smile covering my lips as I hold tight to Bucky’s hand.

“Because Frosty here is annoying when he’s sulking. I almost tossed him back into Cryo to lighten the mood around here.”

“HEY!” Bucky argues making me laugh at the two of them as I look around at all our friends. Bucky grips tighter to my hand and I smile lovingly at him as I think to myself that I couldn’t be happier.

starlitmoony  asked:

7th year Remus x Reader where they’re laying in bed in the early early hours of the morning, talking about their futures together and whatnot? Perhaps a little angst included? Thanks babe!

You were quite comfortable here– in Remus’ bed with the curtains drawn. He’d quite knowingly put a muffalato charm around you, so that you two could chat away into the night without worry. That seemed to be working, seeing as your head was currently on his shoulder, and it was about three in the morning. 

Your hand traced up and down his side while he chuckled and placed a kiss on the top of your head. “Do you want to leave before everyone else wakes up?” 

“Nah– we’ve got lots of time left, and besides, your boys are used to waking up with me in here. It’s not a problem.” you glanced up at him, a bit worried about the topic that had been on your mind for several days now as your graduation slowly approached. “So Remus–”

“Hmm?” his voice was lazy as he traced circles on your spine, “What is it, Y/N?”

“What are we going to– do, after graduation?” 

He blinked and looked down at you, “Well, you’re going to be an Auror like you always wanted and I’m–”

“No, not that.” You straightened up and looked down at him, “You and I. What are you and I going to do after graduation? I mean– do you want to move in together? Or are we going to just…” honestly, you weren’t sure how to finish that sentence. Remus grimaced which filled you with a sense of dread. Your insides went cold and your hands began to lose their feeling. “Remus?” Your voice wavered.

Remus let out a long sigh as he saw you go pale. “I don’t think now is a good time to talk about this, Y/N.” 

“No.” your voice came out shaky, but as firm as you could manage. “We’re talking about this now.” 

“We shouldn’t be together after we leave Hogwarts. I don’t think we should move in, and I think things should stop when we graduate..” 

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#KuroMahiWeek Day 1: A Tale of Beginnings

Prompt: Firsts/Domestic

I don’t know if you noticed, Mahiru. You probably didn’t, because I’ve kinda been trying to hide it. Showing my feelings is a pain. But the truth is that I remember a lot about you like it was yesterday.

I remember the first time I saw you, in the middle of a busy street, the only person in the crowd who paid attention to a tired, helpless cat like me. What a plain kid, I thought. Simple… boring. Maybe even a little stupid. No, you were definitely stupid when you walked over and picked me up. You could’ve just let me lie there, you know. Nothing would’ve happened. But you stupid workaholic went and picked me up anyway… and when you held me in your hands, I couldn’t help feeling a bit weird. Been a while since the last time somebody picked me up like that, you know? Maybe it was ‘cause I missed it. But when you picked me up in your hands, I somehow thought you had to be a good guy.

I remember the first time you brought me home, put that bell around my neck and gave me a name. Your naming sense sucks, I thought. I still think it kinda sucks. But I’m Kuro now. I can’t imagine having any other name anymore. Even if it’s lame and uncreative.

You acted like an idiot, but somehow… it was nice. I wanted to stay at your place and be your cat for some time. Eat that gross cat food you gave me and sleep all day and let you scratch my ears. That sounded like a nice, peaceful life.

I remember the first time you saw me in my real form and started acting even more stupid. Stupid, annoying and troublesome. I couldn’t wait to get away from you loud, stupid pushover. Too bad, I thought. While I was a cat you still seemed kinda nice.

And then I remember the first time I drank your blood… the first time we fought together. The first time I formed a contract. The first time your determination shot through my veins, and I felt a power I hadn’t felt in centuries. I could fight… no, I wanted to fight. I wanted to fight for whatever you were fighting for. Even if it was troublesome.

Your determination’s contagious, Mahiru. That’s what makes you such a pain. But that’s why I can’t stay away from you. I never had anything to live for before you appeared. I never had anything to fight for, and then you came along and pulled me into one mess after the next. You don’t have to save everyone all the time, you know. But you still do, and you make others want to do the same. Looks like heroism’s contagious too. What a pain.

I remember the first time I saw you smile and suddenly felt like I was looking at the sun.

I remember the first time you called me your partner, and I realized I had somebody to belong to now, I wasn’t alone anymore.

I remember the first time you offered to be there for me, the weird grateful feeling that made me want to hug you and curl up under a blanket and never face you again at the same time. The first time I realized I might care about you more than I thought. A lot more, Mahiru.

Feelings are a pain.

I remember the first time you– no, anybody ever helped me face my fears. The first time anybody ever made me feel better about myself, after all these years. The first time I realized I’d rather die than live in a world without you ever again.

The first time you held my hand for no reason except that you wanted to.

The first time you hugged me like you never wanted to let go.

The first time you said “I love you.”

The feeling of panic and dread that spread all through me. Joy, too. Gratitude to get something I could never deserve. You’re too good for me, Mahiru, and you should know that. You could do better than a tired shut-in vampire with a lot of insecurities and emotional baggage. I mean, you’re Mahiru.

I remember your smile, the way you squeezed my hand and told me you’d wait for my answer until I was ready. The truth is, I’ve known the answer for ages. But saying it is a pain. I’m still not good enough for you. I’ll never be. No matter how hard I try.

But you don’t care about that, do you? What a troublesome guy.

Okay then. I give in. I always give in to you, Mahiru. I don’t get you, but looking at you makes me feel like everything will be okay in the end.

Maybe it’s time for another first.

I take a deep breath, lean down and take your hands. “Hey.”

You look up, and I just know. We’ll be fine, somehow.

So I do what I’ve wanted to do for ages and move in for a kiss.

“I love you too, Mahiru.”