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This is a video that I made, but the file was too big for Tumblr so I had to upload it to my youtube channel first. “Turquxise” is me.

However, I’m really happy with this. It took like, what, 6 hours to make? Crazy. My computer almost crashed too, it’s not made to handle editing like this haha. The video still has a few flaws, but it really has meaning. I tried to show the ups and downs of their relationship, but also how much they care for each other. So yeah, I included a lot of emotional scenes, but of course, there’s a lot more, but the video would have gone on forever haha.

Hope you like it! It would make my day (week probs) if you wanted to tell me what you thought, like or reblog it. I’m really proud of this.

Song: Beacon - RY X


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

You cross my mind every minute it seems, whether it’s when I see something that makes me think of you or even just when it’s silent because you seem to be a part of me and I’m a part of you too. I hope that never changes. Because even in a room full of a thousand people or in between a million thoughts my mind will always make its way to you. You fill me with feelings I never knew I had. The kind of feelings that wake you up early in the morning and don’t let you fall back asleep. It took me a while to realize what you truly mean to me, under our friendship what seems like has been forever. All along you’ve been more important to me than I knew. It’s like the stars in the sky- you don’t realize their presence until you do. You make me feel so safe around you, despite everything. Your smile makes me incredibly happy. And darling, you make me basorexic. My desire for you is insane. But most of all, you make me feel at home, my love. I can’t stop myself from falling in love with you anymore.

til hamingju með afmælið ísland!

OMG THIS TOOK FOREVER!!! BUT FINALLY DONE!!! :) My first ever full digital art and it goes to as a gift to my dear friend @sanspar 

You were my first friend ever on here and you did so much for me! I know times have been so hard for you and I can’t be there for you in person but please know you mean so much to me! You are my big sibling and i honestly feel like you are the best friend a person could ever have. We have our ups and downs but you always have been there for me when I needed you and I always did my best to be there for you! I love you big bro! 

We may be far apart….but we will always share the same sky. 

also!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH @imjustalazycat for helping me so much with this! you honestly were a big help and i couldn’t have done this without you!!!! <3

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Can I request DAI party banter with a zevran that romanced a warden who's still alive?

As you wish, my dear anon! I’m sorry this has taken me a while to get to! There are just – so many possibilities given the many Origin’s in DA:O and the many fate’s of the Warden, even if they live. I hope these satisfy. 


If the Warden is King or Queen via any means. 

Cassandra: You are the lover of a monarch?

Zevran: (laughs) Oh yes. Why? Does it bother you Seeker?

Cassandra: I – I don’t know. I can’t decide if it is romantic – or terrible. 

If the Warden married Alistair to be Queen

Zevran: If it makes you feel better we are all quite friendly and close to one another. 

Cassandra: Close? How do you mean, close exactly?

Zevran: My dear Cassandra! Tsk tsk tsk, and here I thought you were a woman of faith! Asking for all the sordid details!

Cassandra: You are a menace.

Zevran: *sighs*

Cassandra: Does something trouble you, Zevran?

Zevran: Only that it has been six month’s since I have seen my warden. You know last time we were apart this long they hunted me down in an Antivan whorehouse and yelled at me for ten entire minutes? 

Cassandra: Why do I have a feeling that I’m going to regret asking? 

Cassandra: Why were you in a brothel? 

Zevran: Why I was visiting family of course! 


Varric: So, tweety. What’s this I heard about you and the Hero of Ferelden? *laughing* How did you two even meet?

Zevran: Ah, now that is a good story in fact! A rather taciturn sallow-faced fellow named Loghain –

Varric: – Trust me tweety, I’ve known enough Ferelden’s to know who you’re talking about. 

Zevran: Oh, good! Well, he hired me to kill the Warden. And Alistair, of course.

Varric: I’m sorry, you met by trying to kill them?

Zevran: (laughs) Ah, yes. It was a wonderful battle! Well what I saw of it anyway. Knocked me unconscious two minutes in. Lucky for me I was too charming to kill.

Varric: And now the two of you are lovers? *under his breath* and I thought Hawke’s love affairs were strange… 

Zevran: I hear you’re writing a romance serial my clever friend. 

Varric: Don’t try to butter me up, Tweety. And especially not over that pile of nug shit. Who even told you about it, Cassandra? 

Zevran: Ah, sadly no. Well, unless you count how I stole the copy from her pack, but that’s our secret, hm? I was merely wondering if you might like a few – pointers, so to speak. 

Varric: I’m not sure I want to go airing the sexual escapades of the Hero of Ferelden in my books – I like being alive. 

Zevran: *sighs* too bad for you then. My warden and I are very interesting people you know. 

Varric: Trust me, I can do without the details. 

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Hi! First of all, I would really like to thank you for every single bit you have written for this fandom, you're amazing. I don't know if you take prompts right now, but there's one that has stuck with me over the years and since you're my favorite fanfic writer it would mean so much if you wrote it! Here it is; setup/countdown takes place after 47 seconds. Again thanks for everything! Love, Emma

He’s so stiff against her, his arm like a vise around her shoulders, his chest like a board beneath her cheek, and she doesn’t believe it’s all wholly from the cold.

“Castle?” she calls, her voice raspy, trembling through the ice in her lungs, up the chilled hollow of her throat. “You still there?”

“Yeah, I’m right - right here,” he answers with chattering teeth, and at least he’s still shivering, still feeling enough to shake. 

She stopped trembling quite a while ago.

Kate attempts a breath, does her best to open her eyes that continue to fall closed, and uses what little strength she has to lift her hand from his chest, touch her fingers to his chin.

There’s so much she wants to say, but it’s been so different between them lately, so devastating, and he’s made it clear that whatever they once had, whatever chance they had at becoming more, is gone. But she refuses to die with words unspoken, to sin by silence - as he’d not so subtly accused her of - even as it burns to scrape the confessions out of her mouth.

“Thank you. For being there,” she rasps, the slow beat of her heart exalting for a brief moment when his head bows ever so slightly, his lips grazing the frozen tips of her fingers.

The pressure of his arm around her increases just a little more and she hums in approval. “Always.” 

And the sound of that word - their word - one she honestly never expected to hear again, not from him, has a small chunk of the ice encasing her heart melting away, allowing it a little extra time to continue beating.

“I just want - need you to know how much I love you.”

His entire body shudders beneath her and then he’s shifting, tugging her in closer. 

“W-what?” he gets out, one of his hands rising to her face, stroking at her cheek, and she fights so hard to feel it, to stay awake for it, but she’s fading too quickly.

“Love. You,” she manages, the encrusted ice coating her lashes weighing down her eyelids, but she forces another blink, has to see the crisp blues of his eyes staring down at her, the bitter shade of grey she had become so used to softening into the cerulean she’d so greatly missed. The way he’s looking at her now the only source of warmth she has left. “Missed you. Love you.”

“Oh, Kate,” he rasps, his hand clumsy at her cheek, his lips useless at her forehead. “You def-definitely can’t pass out on me now.”

She hums, but her eyes are falling closed, sleep so near-

Castle’s mouth touches her, his chapped lips scraping against hers, the heat of his tongue sparking at her bottom lip. And it has her neck aching, cracking, but she lifts her head, parts her lips, and mm, for a moment, gentle frissons of heat and clarity thawing away some of the ice. 

But not enough.

“Come on, Kate,” he mumbles, his lips brushing hers as he speaks, his breath a fraction warmer, burning her cold lips. “Stay with me this time.”

She tries to press in closer, but - but it’s all black and heavy and she can’t see anything anymore.

“Kate, open your eyes. Please, I - I love you too. You know I love you. You have to-”

“Good silver lining,” she mumbles, drifting off against his shoulder. “Not - so bad like this.”

And it isn’t, being allowed to remain curled against him in the snow, to fade slowly into the warm darkness with his love in her ear. Better than the bullet she would have expected to kill her at its next chance.

His cheek hits the top of her head, the last thing she feels, and she sighs out a final breath of contentment.


He emerges from the ambulance with a matching blanket around his shoulders and she manages a smile for him, unsure of how much he remembers from the freezer, if karma has come for her and erased her love from his mind as she had done with his a near year ago. 

But despite the hypothermia she knows he’s suffering from, Castle strides up to her with purpose, the blanket slipping from his shoulders once he reaches her and lifts his hands to her face.

Kate breathes a sigh of relief into his mouth when he kisses her, no preamble or hesitation, only the certain press of his lips spreading heat through the chilled parts of her. 

He reluctantly pulls back at the whistles from Ryan and Esposito, but Beckett arches on her toes, swallows his quiet groan as she sucks on his upper lip. 

“You really love me,” he mumbles, staining the statement against her lips, question and awe in his voice, and Kate nods her head. 

“Yes,” she breathes, opening her eyes to see into the ones looking down at her. “Wasn’t just a deathbed confession.”

“Neither was mine,” he murmurs, narrowing his gaze on her as his thumbs stroke along her cheeks. “I love you too, Kate.”

Her mouth spreads into a smile that she seals to his, one of her hands abandoning the clutch of her blanket to cup the back of his neck-

“Hey, lovebirds,” Fallon calls with a snap of his fingers and Beckett sighs, presses a final kiss to the corner of Castle’s mouth before descending back to the balls of her feet. “Hate to interrupt the celebration of survival here, but we’ve got work to do.”

“After,” Castle whispers, his hands slipping down to her shoulders, squeezing warmth into her stiff bones.

“After,” she echoes, splaying her hands at his sides and biting down on her bottom lip to conceal the smirk curling there. “Won’t ever let you feel cold again while you’re with me.”

Lovely embers of heat spark through his eyes and Castle leans in to push a hard kiss to her mouth. 

“Thank god we lived.”

She breathes a laugh against his lips before she draws back, steals his hand from her shoulder and twines their fingers, grateful for the warmth, the ability to feel the fit of his hand in hers and the flame that travels through her veins, heating her blood. 

“Hurry, Beckett,” he murmurs, dragging her along with him towards Agent Fallon. “The quicker we save the city, the quicker you get to warm me up.”

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Are you nonbinary?

yes I am genderfluid, been since forever but I really didn’t know genderfluidity was a thing until like 2011, so it took me a long long time to understand what the actual heck was going on

(also I’m pan if anyone cares)


Welcome to my Candy Store animatic
It literally took forever and there were so many frames, but i loved it! Alot of thanks again to everyone whose given tons of support throughout these videos! Thanks for the veiws, comments, and likes. It means so much to me!


I just noticed it was supposed to be a dress with the cat stocking but yknow ? Shorts are great too

Also don’t worry about it !! I don’t believe in gendered clothing ; then again, i’m not exactly japanese, so i can’t tell if that’s disrespectful or not (i don’t believe so ?? i mean i wouldn’t be surprised if my drawing of the kimono was wrong in the first place…)

What i can do however is draw Izuru in a french cancan dress next time, or a flamenco one, your pick


Been in a bit of an art block recently and it took me forever to finish this but I finally did it lmfao. Slightly updated version of local goth ferryman of the dead, Blake Harkness! (otherwise known as Phantom to the superhero community), again he’s a lot of fun to draw all the emo paraphernalia is just so kitchy I love it lmao. Anyways more to come! I hope I can finish new pictures of all oc’s in slightly more comic booky poses and maybe add and change a few things! As always I hope you guys like and hope this means I’m back at it lmfao


“The angry warrior swore to himself that he would stay by her side, doing whatever he could to make her burden lighter. From that point on, her needs would come first. And in that way, the warrior began to know the true meaning of peace.”

Runaway Princess (Sleeping Beauty AU Part 7)

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1, 367

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: OMG You guys I finally got this out lmao!!!!! I am so so sorry it took me fucking forever. After much ( and I mean much ) harassment from @oriona75 here is your next part of the Sleeping Beauty AU :D

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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One More Time (Newt x Reader)

One More Time (Newt x Reader) -Angst

Summary: You were in love with Newt from the moment you met him, but he was unavailable to you. So you settled for being best friends. Newt has a bad habit of saying I love you to you and nothing pissed you off more. 

Word Count: 2520 - I know short haha :)) -

Characters: Reader, Newt, Alby, Thomas, Winston, Gally, Chuck Teresa, Minho, Ben, Frypan, and Aiden (OC)

Warnings: light swearing, homophobia, gayness, character death, use of gun, slight gore, implied mentions of sex, and slight pyromania

Author’s Note: I know this took me forever because I’m a shitty person and a procrastinator plus I mean I started all over again. Anyways props to @writing-obrien to helping me edit and for being literally the best person ever. 

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