i mean it should have been like that in the first place

My Hubby gets aroused when I act Slutty

I guess I am lucky because my hubby gets sexually aroused when I act Slutty..

I don’t do it very often, 2 or 3 times a month with various old friends I keep in contact with.

I don’t tell Hubby until a month or so later when we have both been drinking and are in bed and in between me sucking Hubby’s Cock

I’ve been doing this off and on for the past 5 years. Never more than 3 times a month.

A few years ago while I was at a friend’s place he asked me if I’d like a few of his friends as well. I was shocked at first. Then interested. I said, “you mean like a gangbang” He said “exactly”

I blushed and said, “Well… ok… just once…”

OMG… we did everything or I should say they had me doing everything.

At one point, I was giving one of them a blowjob while the second guy was fucking me and I had the third guys dick in my hand jerking him off.

For some reason, all 3 guys got me to finish them off by sucking their cocks and having them cum on my face, 3 loads of cum, one right after the other.

Even as I drove home, my clit was still tingling and twitching!

I couldn’t wait to tell my husband

they say grief is a well.
deep with creeping water that
seeps first into your socks. it climbs
like ivy, making an abandoned
building out of your bones.

i can see it. the well, i mean,
the grief and the water and the
creeping. i can see it.


i think grief is more like a storm.
clouds that hug the horizon, caress
the sky with fingers that leave bruises
the colour of the skin under your eyes
when you haven’t slept for a week.

lightning bolts that illuminate
the shapes in the dark for just long enough
that you get to see remnants of a normal life,
picnic blankets not abandoned to rain,
beaches covered with sand and not hail,
but the light never lasts.

and thunder. thunder that drowns out
the sound of laughter. thunder that only knows
how to emphasise the gaps of quiet
in between each earth shaking sigh.

they say that grief is a well,
it collects in your chest and fills and spills over
as the walls wage war with the water. i can see it. i can.
but my grief is more like a storm where lightning likes
to strike the same place a thousand times each day.

l.s. | ON GRIEF © 2016

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I'm sorry Skleero but I must say I really disagree with the idea that Marco retaining his skills and memories means he is done growing and thus his character development is complete. He may keep his skills and memories and they have helped him complete one challenge, but now that he's faced with a new challenge and circumstance, he must adapt and adjust. Just like becoming an adult, you'll always keep growing and changing even but you gain wisdom along the way.

I was being sarcastic of course.
We’re obviously not done with Marco.
The show is about growth and this whole ordeal should be taken as a “studying abroad -on steroids!”. It’s been a very important experience for Marco, but he’s hardly done growing up. Heck, considering how dorky he still acted in Hekapoo’s dimension, he probably never really did in the first place.

Okay, just got back from seeing Star Trek Beyond again, and something has occurred to me:

Before Kirk starts chasing Edison all over the base and punching him in the face, Bones says something along the lines of: “Now I gotta figure out how to land this thing.” After the epic chasing, and dialogues and fight scenes, just as Jim is about to be blown into space, Bones and Spock save the day in the bee-pod thing. 

This means that during the past 10 minutes, Bones has been trying to figure out how to land this ship that he never wanted to pilot in the first place. And he’s stuck in this ship with the Vulcan who’s bright idea it was that he should be the pilot.

Can you just imagine the squabbles going on in there?

“I suggest you try over there, Doctor, that area has the least likely chance of civilian casualty should you crash the ship again.”

“Shut up you green-blooded hobgoblin! It’s hard enough as it is without you nattering in my ear. This was your bright idea! I’ll figure it out.”

“Doctor, you are approaching a large crowd of civilians, it is imperative that you right your course immediately.”

“Stop telling me what to do dammit! I’m a doctor not a stunt pilot!”

That is until it becomes apparent that Jim is going to die, and it’s a very good thing that they’re still in the air.

The place I want to go to

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Hey there. I was wondering... do you have any tips for feelings of inadequacy? I don't mean the "I'm not as good as these great musicians" kind... I mean more along the lines of the "I feel like I should sound better for how long I've been doing this" kind.

Hmm, I know exactly how you feel. It isn’t a fun thing, and I believe every musician will get these feelings once in a while.

You have to remember that you aren’t plateauing. Just because you aren’t making as much progress as you have in the past, doesn’t mean that you are done growing. Even the best of the best, in all fields, are constantly trying to get better. And I can assure you, they are not getting better as quickly as they were in high school or college.

As for tips, go back to what inspired you to do music in the first place. Was it a certain piece? Your favorite musician? Listen, read, watch it again. And then start over. Bust out that Standard of Excellence book and play the entirety of it like it’s a Strauss concerto. 

And always remember, your sound is fickle (especially true for brass and wind players). It will change day to week to month. I’ve had months where my sound was terrible and I couldn’t figure out why. Whenever this happens, I consult my fellow musicians and my private instructor, and see if there’s any feedback they have. For example, I found out that after EIGHT YEARS of playing and a recital, that I was unnecessarily straining my throat while playing, for no reason! After this was brought to my attention and I fixed it, it was like a whole new world opened up. My tone developed a new clarity, and it was so much easier to breathe.
I know it’s nerve wracking, but see if one of your musician friends (same instrument/family would be best) will watch you play and give you feedback.

Another thing, watching videos and masterclasses might help out too!

Hopefully some of that helps, let me know if you want some more help (I started to ramble a bit at the end).

- Coco

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Hello there :) Do you have any tips for N0rdstrom Rak? (Coded it for security). I've been wanting to get some stuff from there but to me, it seems that place is PACKED with SAs. How do you usually lift from there? And where do you think would be good blind spots? Thanks in advance

Hey there! I do have some tips, I love getting makeup from there :) you’re right about it being packed with SAs. But luckily their uniform is this lime green tshirt (way to be under the radar, right?) so you can spot them from a mile away. I go about an hour before closing time on any given day- employees are exhausted and they’re doing go backs, which means trying to put all the merchandise back that was tried on but didn’t fit the customer. When you first walk in there should be some baskets that you hold like a huge tote (almost like Ulta ones, big bigger). I either have a drop bag or my purse, and put one of them inside the tote. Then I make my way to the makeup/skincare section. Lifting from here requires attention to detail, good timing, and creating your own blind spots. There is not the luxury of bringing shit into fitting rooms, they count everything and everything is tagged. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had someone watching the cameras at all times too. Anyways, so I have either my open purse or an open drop bag inside the tote, and I’ll grab two items at a time and pace around and just browse and literally look at a shelf at a time, then drop them in. DO NOT look down into your bag to make sure you’re dropping them into your purse/drop bag. God forbid you do get caught, if they see on camera that you weren’t looking, you could play it off as exactly that- you weren’t paying attention and you didn’t realize it had gone into your purse and not the tote. Always feel around for the open part of your purse/drop back, then drop your stuff in there! There’s cameras everywhere and they’re strategically placed, so make sure you are aware. Bend down and look at stuff lower on the shelves. Do your drop. Repeat.

Clothes/shoes I’ve never attempted. I might with Haullsey this weekend, but idk. That place is weird for clothes. If we find any tips on how to get a magnet off and conceal on the floor without being on camera, I’ll let you know! Thanks for the question ☺💕


Unwelcome Criticism in Fanfics

This has been addressed before by others, but there’s no reason I can’t bring it up again.

Sometimes a reviewer that might mean well, has no malicious intent, or simply disagrees with something can come across as rude. Even if an author opens up their fics to criticism these comments are not constructive or polite, and should be avoided. 

AVOID comments along the lines of: 

  • “You use x word a lot. It doesn’t work for x reason.” <– That is opinion not fact; and also nitpicking. Unless you’re the author’s editor/beta reader avoid comments like this. 
  • “I noticed a mistake here.” <– While this is helpful, it can be addressed in a private message rather than a review. Not ever author feels welcome to comments like this, well-intended or not.
  • “I don’t like this fic’s title or other plot or aesthetic choice.” <– Titles are hard. Writing is hard. It’s just not a good idea to go here, no matter who you are. If the author wanted your input they’d have asked.
  • “This isn’t canon, that didn’t happen, I don’t think x character would have done this.” <– Again, that’s mostly opinion. There’s a reason the author wrote the fic the way they did. Respect that. 
  • “Why did this event happen? This makes no sense.” <– While your concerns might be genuine, there’s a better way to word it that might not hurt the author’s feelings. 
  • “I love this fic but…” <— NO. Nothing good ever follows this statement. Don’t go there, friend. 
  • “X story element wasn’t tagged and it probably should be, or wasn’t tagged properly.” <— This also belongs in a private message. These claims are most often legitimate, involve triggers, subject matter people might prefer to avoid, or other tagging concerns. But it’s also often embarrassing to an author to call them out on it publicly in a comment, review, post, etc. 

Remember, fanfic writers do this for free in their spare time. They’re not here to serve you. They’re here to share their thoughts and stories with you. If you aren’t absolutely certain this sort of comment is welcome on a fic, don’t. Even if you are certain, being more careful with your tone than you think you need to be will go a long way in ensuring you’ll get more fic to read from that author. 

There’s never going to be a perfect cure for hateful reviews. I think we can all recognize this. Oftentimes our dear creators (artists and writers alike) are the victims of people craving attention. (Even if the commentors don’t realize this.) How it’s dealt with is up to the author. But I can at least point out the comments that are absolutely nothing more than an individual craving attention in the wrong ways.

  • “This ship isn’t canon, these characters don’t belong together, etc.” 
  • “I don’t ship this pairing, I don’t like the episode mentioned, I don’t like this trope, etc.” 
  • “You stole this work, [other stupid and baseless claims].” 
  • “I didn’t like it, I hated it, I hate you, etc.” 
  • “Your work is awful, this sucked, why do you still write, etc.” 

There are more examples, but that’s the gist of it. If you’re reading this, please don’t be one of these idiots. If you’re a reader of a fanfic you are absolutely entitled to your opinions. But if you feel that certain choices should be made in writing a fic then WRITE YOUR OWN. Authors write their fics a certain way for a reason. 

Important: Even if you believe you’re doing right and have good intentions, no matter how much you know, how much experience you have, or how much you believe it would help, unless an author specifically states they’re welcome to critical criticism or critique it’s best that you don’t go there. 

Seriously, don’t. I’m not being harsh. I’ve seen too many comments from people that are certain they mean well actually do a lot more damage than good. It’s really difficult to parse intent and tone in the form of text. It’s not up to you to decide what would be helpful. Again, I understand this may sound harsh. And if you’re a writer who is welcome to any sort of these comments, by all means. We all do things our own ways. And that’s why I’m asking readers to err on the side of caution across the board. A lot of love and work and time goes into writing fic. 

You’re going to read fanfic you don’t like, or fanfic with parts that you disagree with. Move on. Read something else. 

I’m going to say this again, because it’s often forgotten: 

Remember, fanfic writers do this for free in their spare time. They’re not here to serve you. They’re here to share their thoughts and stories with you. Be kind to an author and they’ll be kind right back. 

Listen mate, you might have a very pretty badass cloak but that doesn’t mean you’re not a complete chump for losing the Flame. You had it for about 5 minutes. How hard is it to keep it safe? And if it’s so easy for someone to ‘break into your quarters’ then a) your staff are shite and heads should be rolling, and b) ‘your quarters’ should have been your pants! And I mean British pants! I mean, it’s almost like you didn’t really care that much about it in the first place….

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Agree. Like, Queen and David are in my top 5 favorite artists ever. With people comparing Harry's album to theirs I just... idk, I mean, I believe in Harry and I think he's incredibly talented but they are Queen and David Bowie and they aren't legends just because. I feel like, if Harry's album is amazing but not on the same level as their albums, than I'm going to be disappointed when, if the comparison never existed in the first place, I would have simply loved the songs without disappointment

Exactly!!! I’ve been pretty excited for the album but those are SUCH big shoes to fill. And I’m not saying he can’t but also…that’s a lot of pressure. 

R&L spice up my life!

There is nothing quite as uplifting on a sh**ty day as watching a new GMM episode. My moods went up the second I saw Link in that sapphire blue sweater. It’s kind of unfair he looks so good in so many different colours.

I think my heart skipped a beat when Link threw that first dart. Gosh! Thank god Chase was ok (physically at least), and Link’s apology was very genuine and sweet. He was probably the most shocked one in the bunch. Maybe they should consider using Nerf-guns the next time?

I like these world map guessing games. It’s always fun to listen to them talk about stuff assuming it’s from one place when it’s actually from someplace completely different. I’ve never seen or tasted any of these, but I might have been able to guess the first spice, since they use a lot of aromatic floral spices in Middle Eastern cuisine. And that Brazilian nut/bean I think I’ve heard of.

Link has definately been practising his aim. He’s basically sucked at darts the previous times, so it was nice to see Rhett lose for once. Of course he was lucky enough to lose the one time the punishment was just a milkshake - and the fact that Link drank almost as much of it (and was intrigued by it) proves it couldn’t have been that bad.

Ok, I was intrigued by their answers on that Spice girls test. I know tests like these are really just for fun, but sometimes there’s a hint of truth in the.

I love the fact they answered that one question for each other. Link immediately said Rhett is cute and later corrected it by saying his fit for a internet comedian. Rhett thinks Link is uptight (which is probably true), but Link considers himself a little crazy (also true).

We also learned today that Rhett enjoys Martinis and Link has had a bad experience with rum in the past. Apparently he also can’t handle alcohol very well, since Rhett thinks Long island ice tea is too strong for him.

When you think about it, the results weren’t that far off either. We all know Link can be a bit scary sometimes, and Rhett does act a little posh every now and then. They’d be the last to admit it though…

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OKAY SO I will admit that I have very little idea of League of Legends or much about Karthus in general, but I love following you nonetheless. The character is great, the art is fucking A+, the sex positivity for all sexualities is great and present here and your blog in general just gives off good vibes. <3

Originally posted by artlstheweapon


This means so much to me! I just took a character I adore and put my usual tailspin of weirdness and depravity  on him- but I’ve been blown away by how well he’s been received and how supportive people are being! This is the first time I’ve shared my writing in a very public place after about 16 years of writing OCs with a close friend. It’s given me a lot of assurance that I can and should go ahead with my webcomic to tell stories with my own characters because if people like this hot mess of a lich than there’s similar people that I can share. I am holding this precious audience of delightful ducklings like.. help look how wonderful they are.

People like you who are not even in the league fandom but like me anyway make me really happy, it’s such a high compliment! And I am even happier to know that I am cultivating a good vibes environment where writers feel good and characters on a full spectrum of gender and sexuality can interact with a bona fide monster. I really want to be a safe place even though my blog is filled with nasty, unpleasant and challenging subjects.

tldr BLESS. This comment made me ever so happy.

You’ve Changed. (PART 2)

– Requested.–

part 1

“ Isaac get her to the hospital. I’ll deal with Erica.”

I can feel a pain in my leg that is like nothing I’ve ever felt. My back feels like it is in a million pieces. I can feel a million scratches and bruises all over my body but it all means nothing.

What was Erica? She looked like something out of a Goosebumps book. My mind is rambling and all of my thoughts are interrupted by a distant beeping.

It gets louder and louder until it is being drowned by the sound of Isaac’s voice.

“ I should have been there to save her Derek. It’s my fault that she was there in the first place. Why did I ask Erica to see her? On the night before the full moon?” I can hear how distraught he is.

The full moon? 

“ Erica has been dealt with. We need to get back, your first full moon is tonight. Melissa will call you if she wakes up okay?” Derek’s voice has a sense of reason amidst everyone in the room.

“ Okay.” Isaac mumbles out, leaving a kiss on my head before fleeing the room.

“ Isaac you need to concentrate!” Derek screams at him from the subway car.

 Isaac in turn just growls at him. He breaks out of what was holding him ready to charge.

“ Isaac, find an anchor.” Derek begins.

“Something meaningful to you; bind yourself to it and keep to your human side and in control.”

Isaac ran out of the subway cart and paced around outside, contemplating Derek words.

His mind immediately went to (Y/N).

He pictured all the times they had spent in her room cuddling and watching stupid 80′s movies. Running her soft hair through his calloused fingers.

He pictured her smiling as they sat in her car in the parking lot of McDonalds. She is singing loudly to Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. 

Isaac is snapped back to reality when he hears the struggle in the subway car.

He suddenly feels a sense of control, no longer being controlled by the full moon.

He makes his way back in to see Derek struggling with the two betas. Everything inside of Isaac tells him to go rip Erica’s head off for hurting (Y/N).

He just remembers the picture of his girlfriend in perfect health and realizes that Erica will get what is coming to her.

He helps Derek to restrain Boyd and Erica. 

“ You found anchor.” Derek states simply and looks over to Isaac.

“ (Y/N).” He states simply, not feelings like he needed to elaborate. 

Derek apparently understood that and didn’t make another remark, just nodding his head softly.

Everything is interrupted by Isaac’s phone ringing.

It was Melissa telling him that (Y/N) woke up.

And with that Isaac was out the door.

“ Hi babe.” Isaac says softly as he grabs my hand in his.

“ Hey Lahey.” I let out a weak smile and squeeze his hand.

“ You broke your promise, you told me you wouldn’t change too much while I was gone.” A soft chuckle passes his lips and a sad look falls onto his face.

“ I’m so sorry (Y/N). If I would have known what Erica was going to do I never would have let her come near you.” The tears build up in his eyes. 

“ Hey, hey. This was not your fault. Don’t you ever think that this was your fault. This was Erica’s doing and you couldn’t have known that she was going to do this. I love you Isaac Lahey.” I pull him in for a soft kiss.

We both needed this, it brought comfort and a sense of home. The warm feelings rose up in my chest and my heart fluttered.

“ I love you (Y/N) (L/N).” He rests his head close to mine and closes his eyes slightly.

I close mine too and I suddenly remember all the weird shit I had seen, now feeling the need to bring it up.

“ Just cause i’m tired doesn’t mean that you won’t be telling me everything that happened with your dad when I wake up.” I mumble out.

“ Sounds good to me babe.” He smiles slightly, resting his hand on his chin watching his girlfriend falling asleep peacefully.

“ Also what the hell is wrong with Erica.” My sleepy state mumbles out what I think is an incoherent sentence.

Isaac chuckles and swipes a piece of hair out of her face.

“ Alright babe.Just go to sleep, we’ll talk about this all when you wake up.

And I fall asleep with the love of my life next to me, wounds covering my body; but I don’t care.

– I hope you all enjoyed Part 2 of You’ve Changed. this was so fun to write so thanks to the anon who sent in the request! My requests and ships are open! Thanks for reading ! I love you all! :) –

BTS MTL to take you to an amusement park for your first date (Requested)
  • 1. Taehyung: do I need to explain myself?
Originally posted by kths

  • 2. Hobi: I think out of everyone he’d want his first date to be very - how should I say this - interactive of sorts. I mean its the perfect place yeah. Getting to know their likes and dislikes, talking over some food, riding some scary rides where you latch on to him. Lol who am I kidding, he’ll be holding you tight, crying for his life. But he’ll make sure to get you both coffee at the end and just talk. Sure having a spontaneous date is fun, but he’d also want to know you better.

Originally posted by hobisu

  • 3. Jungkook: Again the fun factor, although I had to put him below hobi, since he’s a very introverted and shy person, I don’t know whether or not he’d be comfortable with you in such a public place. Of course it depends, if you’ve been friends for long or not.

Originally posted by jung-koook

  • 4. Jin: I think he’d mainly just go and want to win you gifts and just enjoy the food. Try to be the perfect manly man. It may no be the ideal place, but it combines fun and food. Does he really need anything?

Originally posted by bts0726

  • 5. Jimin: He would mind going to an amusement park, but I think he’d prefer a more secluded area where its just you and him, and he can get lost in your eyes without having any distractions. Like maybe the 3 or 4 date he’d bring you here, but your first date would b more private.

Originally posted by bwipsul

  • 6. Namjoon: He’d prefer dates which were more intellectually intriguing. Maybe more like a café date, since its more private and reserved. I think he would want his relationship to be very private so, he’d keep a low profile whenever. Of course he wouldn’t mind going there if you suggested, but that’s not his preference.

Originally posted by forjimin

  • 7. Yoongi: He’d be exactly the same as namjoon in this concept, but more so because he didn’t want to take any chances with the media. If he isn’t that sure of your relationship, then he would prefer to stay indoors. But maybe if you insisted he might.

Originally posted by yoonmin

A few news

Hello guys it’s been a while

I’d first like to thank all the sweet people who came to me and told me nice things, about the blogs, about how it’s not a problem that i don’t keep them up and i should take my time. It means a lot to me, you are precious.

As things are right now, i have little time for going on with them, much less motivation, and i’m also into other things at times. I still decide to go for hoping it’ll change in the future and that’s the main reason why i don’t delete them. I’m a bit too attached to the characters to be honest hehe

However I also receive sharper messages, from people who are obviously unhappy with the situation and. please don’t do that. it honestly doesn’t change anything and it just makes me feel uncomfortable and pressured to go on. For something that i did on my free time and enjoyed doing, without any obligation to do it in the first place.

For the time being, if i want to go on with the blogs at any point, lots of changes will be made. And I’ll obviously let you know about it. 

Thank you! Hopefully see you soon~

Breath of the Wild Timeline Placement

So I know we’re all very excited about the new Zelda video game. We got our first real look into what it’s going to be like, and all of us are trying to figure out where it’s going to be placed along the infamous Zelda timeline. With this going on, I’d like to offer my theory

I know the most prominent theory is that this is within the Adult Era/Wind Waker timeline and takes place after the recession of the Great Sea. And this is easy to see with the crumbling castle that may have been submerged, rock salt lying around, and the appearance of an old man who looks suspiciously like the King of Hyrule himself

But there is a lot of information that can be examined. The first for me is the reemergence of Ganon and supposedly the King of Red Lions. With that, this means that the game has to take place after the Ocarina of Time, which makes sense for the WW timeline theory. What does NOT make sense is that both should have died under the weight of the Great Sea alongside Hyrule. Though their survival is probable for the two considering how long they’ve survived before, it still doesn’t seem likely, especially since the King’s wish was that they died with Hyrule.

So where does it fall on the timeline? Once again, there’s a lot to look at.

One example is the state of Hyrule.

While the scenery is, of course, beautiful, it doesn’t exactly give the impression of a prominent human society. The crumbling castle and the lack of people give the impression that the kingdom of Hyrule has long since fallen and been replaced by a never-ending wilderness. If there are people they seem to be hiding, which is easily explained by the return of Ganon.

Another is the odd origin of this hero.

Rather than being born naturally, living his childhood, and then realizing his destiny like all other heroes before him, this one seemingly manifests in what is call the Shrine of Resurrection. I’ve seen some posts scratching their head over the very lifeless form of birth and how it seems almost cruel to not allow the hero to live for anything other than his mission to save Hyrule, though I don’t think this shrine is what people believe it is (we’ll come back to this)

Last is, like I said, the return of Ganon

In all three later timelines, Ganon has been killed by the hero. Not trapped or imprisoned, but killed. So it doesn’t seem right for him to be making a comeback. Unless of course someone were able to bring him back. Which is EXACTLY the case and one of the leading story factors for the infamous Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

For those of you who don’t know or have not dealt with the frustration of this monster, The Adventure of Link is set shortly after the events of Legend of Zelda I where a now 16-year-old link must return the six crystals to their respective temples scattered across Hyrule in order retrieve the long-gone Triforce of Courage and awaken the ancient Zelda. All while doing this, the remnants of Ganon’s forces are seeking to bring back their fallen leader. They have a potion that if scattered across Ganon’s corpse should revive him, but it is missing one ingredient; the blood of the hero that killed him. If the player loses all of their lives, they are met with this image

This tells us that the potion was successful and that the Prince of Darkness could be brought back in the case of Link’s death. Giving us a timeline in which Ganon can very easily return.

If the hero were to die, this would explain the odd birth of the hero. Because he’s not being born; he’s being brought back from the dead (or being resurrected). This also helps explain the current state of Hyrule, since Ganon and his evil army had all but destroyed the kingdom of Hyrule. Before, he was defeated and forces the remaining survivors to hide away in caves across the former kingdom and try to continue their lives from there.

And lastly, the old man that looks like the King of Hyrule, who is he? Well, I shouldn’t have to remind you that the King of Red Lions wasn’t the first bearded man clad in red that we’ve met over the past thirty years

As an added bonus, you do have to admit even though we all were in shock over the length of Link’s hair in this game, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen him with decently long hair

Conclusion: Breath of the Wild is the sequel to Adventure of Link that none of us expected.

Tsubasa 57.5! Omake #1

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget! Volume 8 ends with the first Omake of the series, which has been patiently waiting for me to finally turn the page, so let’s look at that now. 

It’s only a few pages long so we’ll put it all in one place. Because recycling.

Or something. 


Anyway, Omake!

Keep reading

Okay, so first GOT7 did some fanmeetings in Canada, then in the US and now they will have some in Australia. Does that mean they are slowly spreading out into international - and with that I mean “non-asian” - countries? Because if it is, then I hope Europe will be on their agenda next!

anonymous asked:

I don't know how to continue!?!?! I want to draw and somehow create and consolidate my own style but I love so many art styles and I try to ... nya not copy but want to make some parts my own (if you know what I mean) ... And now I can't do one of these or my own and everything loooks bad... My eyes, my so loosy hair and proportions... Do you have any good hint for a sad artist who wants to move forward but stucks in a giant hole?? :/

You know anon, you would be surprised how common these problems are. I’ve been stuck in your place numerous times and it always seems like no matter how much you try to step forward, you step back a few paces. 

But that’s okay :) Every art has obstacles and hurdles to overcome, so your struggle is something that’s normal. The first and foremost thing you should do and set your mind to is to keep going. Continue. Because your hard work will pay off as long as you keep going. 

I feel like a broken record when i say this because i know so many people who say the same thing, but finding your style is something that will definitely come naturally. I don’t see any problem in mimicking someone else’s style because you think it looks cool. It’s part of learning! While i don’t condone copying for the sake of “this person’s art is beautiful/popular/cool and I want it for myself!” i still think practicing via copying is a valid form of learning. 

I feel like the process of learning how to draw is a combination of drawing what you can draw and using your skills to learn what you want to draw. Nobody ever reaches a point where they think “oh, i have nothing else to learn.” If you like the way someone draws eyes, practice drawing those eyes until you like the way it looks. Rather than thinking of trying to get a result that best matches the other artists’ style, try to get to a point where you feel like your result looks good. I know that sounds like it defeats the purpose, but i honestly believe if you try too hard to copy another person’s style, then you’ll just keep spiraling down into a deep hole of dissatisfaction. Doing art is a long and complicated journey, it was never supposed to be easy. It’s like practicing an instrument, if you don’t pluck your strings, then you’ll never get better at playing the violin. 

As for tips, i think you should keep copying and using references as much as you can. Study the way your favorite artist draws their anatomy, or how they draw the folds in clothing. Look at photography of models, clothing you see at the mall or a store. If you like how someone draws hair, try it for yourself. As long as you don’t stop at simply “copying” and, rather, learn from it to the point where you no longer have to use reference, I think you’re on a good road to improving. :) 

To be honest, i personally feel like the best way i get myself back into the swing of drawing is by drawing headshots of my favorite characters over and over again, from different angles and expressions, with lots of flowy hair. I really love drawing hair, so it makes me feel better about myself and my art o)-< 

sorry for the wall of text;; i feel like i went on three different tangents ahh… o<-< i hope you find some sort of help from these words. Keep drawing anon!!