i mean it sets the tone for these two

So if an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie does get made, there’s three different settings it could have, each with its own pros and cons

Option one: Pre-Phantom Menace, during Obi-Wan’s apprenticeship


  • Would be Obi-Wan’s least stressful canon apperance
  • Qui-Gon
  • Mace Windu
  • Could move Xanatos from the EU into canon
  • Squishy baby face teenager Jedi
  • No Jar-Jar
  • Palpatine’s dickishness is all firmly backstage; if it’s even involved at all


  • Ewan Mcgregor can’t play teenage Obi-Wan
  • No Anakin
  • No Ahsoka
  • No Padme
  • No R2-D2 or C3-PO

Option two: During Anakin’s apprenticeship, in the ten year timeskip between TPM and AOTC


  • Ewan can and would play Obi-Wan
  • Anakin’s wonderous adventures in the early/mid teen years
  • Parenting hijinks
  • Mace Windu
  • Perfect opportunity to give some canon elaboration on normal Jedi life, as that has literally never happened beyond tidbits here and there
  • Plot could be Obi-Wan obliviously fucking over Palpatine’s repeated attempts to assassinate him, and almost pushing Palpatine into a stress aneurysm because how the hell does Obi-Wan not even notice the assassination attempts what the fuck


  • Qui-Gon is dead
  • It’s all downhill from here
  • Still no Padme, considering she’s specifically stated to not interact with the other two until AOTC
  • Still no Ahsoka
  • We have to look at Palpatine being trusted and respected by the Republic and know that there won’t be a happy resolution for a good 20-30 years and I mean even then oh my god

Option three: Set it during the time skip between ROTS and ANH


  • Still Ewan Mcgregor
  • It makes perfect sense for Ahsoka to be involved
  • It makes perfect sense for Bail to show up as well
  • We might actually get to see Breha Organa
  • Small child Luke! Small child Leia! Both viable cameos!
  • Rebellion era, meaning the overall tone of the movie would be ‘fuck the establishment, fuck the government, fuck fascism’ which are very positive messages that should be sent these days
  • Qui-Gon’s ghostly hijinks
  • Darth Vader


  • This is the saddest possible Kenobi
  • Oh my god it’s so sad
  • The Jedi are dead and everything is painful
  • …Darth Vader
  • Oh my god it would be so sad
  • The title would probably have to be ‘Obi-Wan’s Adventures in Crushing Depression and Toppling Governments: A Star Wars Story
  • Seriously it would be like Rogue One but worse because we already know how fucked Obi-Wan is and oh my god
  • Star Wars is a family franchise but the setting would just feel wrong if Obi-Wan didn’t yell fuck at some point. lets face it he’s earned it.

Conclusion: Make an Obi-Wan trilogy. Don’t let George Lucas write the dialogue.

Lust & Errors 01 (AU) | Jungkook x You

Rated: M

Warning: Dom themes, very light dubcon and inappropriate step sibling stuff. Be warned.

Summary: Step brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.

Note: No words other than can y’all tell how fucked up I am by now? =D  Anyways, this is going to be a little mini series. :) It was originally supposed to be just a oneshot, but I thought of a cool story, so yeah. I’m tired so I’m not editing tonight lol.


01 | 02 | 03 | 04.

It was wrong, you knew it. He knew it. But you couldn’t bring yourself to stop. It was like an addiction - each of you the other one’s drug. The situation itself wasn’t right, but it also wasn’t fair either. You and Jungkook had been hooking up before your father and his mother decided to get together. It wasn’t that big of a deal until they made the decision to tie the knot and ultimately labeling you and your fuck buddy as future siblings.

However, the engagement didn’t stop your encounters, nor did the actual marriage which officiated the fact you were supposedly ‘brother and sister’ now. You fucked every chance you got. After school when your parents were still at work, in his car when you two would drive to some abandoned parking lot with the notion of 'going to bond’ - but your encounters usually ensued in the middle of night while your parents slept, peacefully oblivious to the sins happening under their very roof.

You would tiptoe silently through the house until you made it to Jungkook’s room. You wouldn’t knock, you would simply open the door as quietly as you could so you wouldn’t wake your sleeping parents. He’d be waiting for you in the nothing but his boxers and you’d greet him with nothing on but your panties and one of his white t-shirts that swallowed your small frame. When your parents asked what you were doing with your brother’s shirt on in the many mornings they found you wearing it, you’d innocently say that it was cozy and they wouldn’t press you any further about it.

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Protected: Part Three

Summary: Reader is the younger sister of Tony Stark. After a bad breakup with her abusive ex she moves into the Stark Tower and asks Tony to help her train so she can look after herself and feel safe. Having previously worked at S.H.I.E.L.D as a translator, she fits in with the team immediately and proves herself to be no damsel in distress but that isn’t to say she doesn’t welcome the protective aura of a certain super-soldier.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Tony x Steve, Wanda x Vision, Tony x sister!reader

Word count: 2,292

Warnings: minor swearing, minor angst/violence

A/N: when speech is in italics, it means they are speaking another language. Y/N/N = Your Nickname. Hope you like it guys!

 (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six)

The next four weeks were some of the happiest you’d had in a long time. They consisted of sleeping, eating and hanging out with Tony’s team. Sometimes one or two of them would be off on missions but there would usually still be someone for you to talk to and if not you would visit Dr Cho for a check-up/friendly chat. Now, your injuries were almost healed and you were raring to get training, though Tony hadn’t brought it up since the first time you talked about it, and you wondered if he remembered.

“Ughh,” you groaned as you stretched. You had slept badly last night, which wasn’t unusual for you now. After the first few nights of sleeping at the tower the nightmares had begun, you assumed, because you were no longer so exhausted. Every night you woke with the tracks of half-dried tears on your cheeks, a layer of sweat covering your body and every night you stared at the ceiling, trying desperately to forget, until you fell asleep again. But the nightmares were a small price to pay for the new home you had found in the tower and the people who resided there.

You dragged yourself from your bed and took a two-minute shower to rub the grime from your body. Then came the usual – a t-shirt borrowed from one of the team (Sam’s this time), some sweats, also borrowed (these looked like Wanda’s, you thought) and Bucky’s jumper – the one he had given you the first night you were here. You alternated between this one and another of his jumpers – your two favourites because they were the biggest, cosiest and softest – so they could be washed and also because about once or twice a week, Bucky would barge into your room complaining that you’d stolen all his jumpers. In response, you’d give one back and keep the other one until you could steal the first one back. It was a good system.

You found the kitchen and commons mostly empty – Steve, Nat and Clint were on a mission and the others were probably lingering around the tower – apart from your brother, Tony, “Hey Tone, what’s up?” You asked cheerfully, despite your lack of sleep.

“Morning Y/N/N,” he yawned, “Just tired. Hey, so I was thinking. You’ve been here for about a month now and it’s probably time-” you held your breath, “that you go pick up your stuff from your old apartment,” you released a disappointed breath, “I mean, you can’t live in our clothes forever plus you’re gonna need your workout clothes to train in.” He smirked mischievously.

You let out an excited shriek and threw your arms around his neck, “Yes, yes yes! Thank you, Tone!” The two of you laughed at your excitement and after a moment you pulled back, “Except… I was thinking of never setting foot near that apartment or Jake ever again so I’ll just go buy everything new y’know. As for the personal items and shit, oh well, I mean, nothing lasts for ever. Anyways, I should be going,” you pulled an innocent face and began wandering out of the kitchen a little too cheerfully.

“You don’t want breakfast?” Tony called, his voice amused.

“Nope,” you replied, popping the ‘p’.

You heard him sigh and jog out of the kitchen after you, “Come on Y/N/N. I know you’re scared but you won’t be alone. I’ll go with you and we can bring the others as well if you want. We’ll go when he’s at work or something, at a time you know he won’t be in,” he pleaded.

You sighed, “Tony, I don’t want to go back there. He’s been calling me and texting me every day, so much so that I’ve just stopped using my phone, and he’s angry Tony. If I hadn’t come here he would have already found me and I would be in a hospital bed right now… or worse,” you muttered the last part quietly but Tony still heard and pulled you into a sudden hug, a little roughly.

“Don’t you dare say that Y/N. Don’t you dare. I would never let that happen. We would never let that happen – you’ve only been here a month and the team are smitten with you,” you gave him a sceptical look, “I know, I know. I don’t have a clue why either-”


He grinned, “My point is. You’re safe. Don’t let the bastard win by keeping all the stuff that matters to you.” His tone was fierce as he talked and you smiled at his protective nature. Tony could be a bit of an asshole sometimes, but no one could ever say he didn’t care about his family.

“Fine. Let me have some breakfast and then we’ll go see if the others will come with us.”

In the end, Bucky, Sam and Rhodey were the ones to join you, since Wanda and Vision already had plans to spend the day cooking and you refused to ruin them. The five of you squeezed into one of Tony’s many cars and made the short drive to your apartment. By the time you arrived, a thin sheen of sweat had already appeared on your forehead. You were terrified, you realised. Jake should be at work by now, so there was very little danger of running into him, but that didn’t mean you weren’t scared.

When your little group reached the bottom of the stairs (yes, you used to live in a 6th floor apartment without a lift), you froze. You shook your head, “Nuh uh. I’ve changed my mind. He can keep it. He can keep all of it. I don’t need my clothes, or my underwear. Or- or my favourite books, or that picture I have of us when we were kids, Tony. I mean, really-”

Tony cut you off, grasping your shoulders gently, “We’re here, Y/N, it’s ok. Come on.”

His words had no effect. You felt as though your limbs were lead. You were not going up those stairs, no matter what he said to you.

It’s ok, doll,” he spoke the Romanian quietly, his voice soft in your ear, “It’s ok. You’re ok. What can one guy do against four of the Avengers? We’ll protect you. I’ll protect you,” a calloused hand found yours, a thumb tracing the back of your hand, and you held it tightly, like it was the only thing keeping you together in that moment. Maybe it was. “What do you say, hmm? You’re not going to let him win, are you?”

You shook your head slowly, your shoulders still tense. The next words you spoke were so quiet that Bucky had to lean in to hear them, “No. I’m not. Come on, Sergeant.” A small smile graced his lips at the title and you nodded firmly, steeling your nerves.

The five of you made your way up the stairs slowly, you and Bucky leading. You were all silent - the feeling of fear had settled heavily over the group. When you were finally facing the door, you suddenly felt all your anxiety melt away. What were you thinking? Of course nothing would happen; you were with four of the most highly-trained - and rather protective - people in the world. They would do anything to keep you safe, and you them, so one pathetic man would be nothing. You could do this.

You squared your shoulders and went to turn the key in the lock. When you entered the apartment, the state of it made you wonder if you had got the right one. Where it had once been lightly cluttered, looking more homely than messy, it was now the blast zone of a bomb.

Sam let out a low whistle, “Jeez Y/N didn’t know you featured on Hoarders,” he said, looking around.

Rhodey echoed your earlier thoughts, “It looks like someone set off a bomb in here.”

Empty pizza boxes cluttered the kitchen counter and the coffee table. The floor had disappeared under a layer of dirty clothes and rubbish and on the sofa was another mound of clothes. The whole apartment was dark and the TV had been left on, playing quietly in the background. In and around the sink was a month’s worth of dirty dishes and the milk had been left out to go rotten.

You picked your way around the debris and went into the room you and Jake had shared. In here was worse than out there. It had apparently been a victim to one of Jake’s rages. The alarm clock that had stood on the bedside table was sitting in the corner of the room, opposite the bed. The screen was cracked and the wall above it was marked where Jake must have thrown it. Next to your side of the bed, you found the picture of you and Tony as kids on the floor, the glass smashed. You fished the picture from the broken frame and put it in your back pocket.

You heard glass crunch and turned to see that Bucky had joined you in the room, stepping on an old beer bottle, “Hey,” he said softly.

You smiled weakly, “I didn’t know it would be this much of a mess.”

He gave you a sympathetic look as he passed you the bag you had brought to put your things in, “He deserves it.” The words were spoken quietly, but you were surprised at the force with which he said them. You looked up at Bucky questioningly but he just gave you a tight smile. The two of you began packing your things, throwing them in haphazardly when Tony called from the other room, “Uh Y/N, you may want to hurry up.”

You frowned and looked at Bucky, who shrugged.

“I’ll go see what he’s talking about. You finish packing, ok?” You nodded in agreement and watched as he walked from the room, before continuing with your packing. It didn’t take you too long, since most of what you took was clothes. You took your books too, and other things you needed but with the vaguely uncomfortable, fearful feeling that this apartment now brought you, you didn’t linger.

“Ok guys, I think I’m done…” you trailed off as you entered the living room to find them all staring at the couch, “What’s…?”

Bucky shook his head and pointed at the pile of clothes on the couch that, now you were looking at it properly, did not in fact look like a pile of clothes, but closer to a person lying under a pile of clothes with drool hanging from his mouth. You dropped the bag with a loud thud and said person grunted, snapping awake. You were frozen again. He wasn’t supposed to be here. Why was he here?

“Whh-” the beginnings of a word formed in his mouth but died away again in a slur. He was drunk, it seemed. He looked around blearily, not even noticing your little group at first and instead squinting at the TV. He struggled upwards, his usual suave failing him. There was a pair of boxers hanging off the side of his head. In a sudden motion he slapped them off of his face and his glazed eyes suddenly focused on your group; on you.

“Whh-” he started again. “Y/N?” he tried to step forwards and stumbled. You flinched back.

He looked bad, in truth. He hadn’t shaved, leaving a straggly beard that still held crumbs from his last meal. His eyes were foggy and deep, purple bags framed them. His t-shirt had beer stains and he only wore boxers on his bottom half. The handsome young man you had once known was hidden, or maybe, you thought dryly, maybe this version of him was a better reflection of his personality. Jake had always been a drinker, but this was a new low.

He said your name again and tried for another step forward that was more successful. In a flash, he was blocked by three bodies – Tony, Sam and Rhodey – and Bucky was at your side, his grip on your hand tight. Jake’s eyes hardened, his gaze fixated on you, and he appeared to suddenly comprehend the situation, remembering what had happened, how you had left. He said your name again, this time his voice was harsh, angry.

“Hold it right there. You do not get to come any closer to her,” Tony practically growled out.

Jake seemed to notice the others for the first time; he frowned, “Move.” He tried to shove past them but only received a forceful push back. Suddenly, he snapped. In a flash he barrelled forward, leaving his slow, drunk self behind, sobered by his rage. They did not expect that, so he managed to get through, but then Bucky was there and Jake was flying across the room into the TV. You felt as though the air had been knocked from you in that moment, but not from fear, just surprise.

You stunned everyone then, even yourself, when you pushed past them and walked to where Jake was lying in a heap, groaning. You looked down at him, disgust clear in everything you did, “I’ve got my stuff and I’m not coming back. Don’t try to contact me. The apartment’s yours. You can figure out how to pay for it or move out. I don’t care. Just stay out of my life.” You could have said a million other things in that moment. You could have screamed and cried about everything he did, and part of you wanted to, but he wasn’t worth it and you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of thinking he had any great impact in your life. You turned away and walked out.

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Are people really out here trying to make The Last Jedi’s whole balance theme about their ugly toxic ship like…

Lets get one thing straight my girl Rey doesn’t need no pasty emo boy/man to create a balance between the light and the dark cause she’s gonna bring balance to the galaxy all on her lonesome… Crazy, I know right. A woman who doesn’t need a man to complete any part of her life to help her be a heroine or who doesn’t need to be placed in an unnecessary love story to hold significance as a character… I mean who knew.

On a another note I’m gonna break down the trailer and poster to show what I (an intellectual) got from it.

Luke: What do you see 

Rey: Light

Rey: Darkness 

Rey: A Balance 

Luke: It’s so much bigger 

Okay so I feel like these were the most important scenes of the trailer because it really sets the tone of what this story will be about which is BALANCE. Throughout the whole star wars saga there’s always been these two opposing forces battling it out. The good and the bad, the light and the dark, a jedi or a sith. There’s never been anything else set to contradict this, you’re either one or the other. Yet what if there was another option, one that could stop this never ending battle between the light and the dark side of the force. What if you could chose both an therefore end these two opposing forces once and for all. 


Luke: It’s time for the Jedi to end 

Now it would take someone pretty strong (a chosen one perhaps) to bring this balance, but why Rey… Well first of all we don’t know anything about her, her linage, why she was basically placed in hiding, why the force called to her so strongly when she touched Luke’s lightsaber giving her that vision of the past, present, and perhaps the future, and how it basically helped her defeat kylo ren in tfa without any proper training (that we know of). The mystery behind her is what makes her more dangerous and more powerful. As a fan of the series I would love for her to be a Skywalker or even a Kenobi, but she might not be either. She might be the child of a sith or of a sith and a jedi, she might even be a freaking force baby, who knows. What has been shown though is that the force calls to her strongly and not just the light side.

When she fought Kylo Ren in TFA she reaches the force and lets it in 

and while she’s fighting she becomes more ruthless striking kylo harder than before and while he’s down she gives him this look 

where you can clearly see her struggle between killing him (dark side) and letting him go (light side).

Now the Poster is another huge indicator as to Rey being the balance between the light and dark side of the force 

In the poster you see Luke (light) and Kylo Ren (dark) mirroring each other on opposite sides and the thing that divides them is Rey holding her lightsaber which splits between them both in blue and red light. Also if you look closely at the shape the lightsaber makes it resembles a symbol shown in the trailer 

which happens to be the jedi order symbol which I’m assuming will be shown to us in the jedi temple and lets not forget that in the trailer Rey says “a balance” when the image appears. 

In conclusion my girl Rey is the BALANCE and she’s gonna save the galaxy like a BOSS and y'all can keep your ship 

The Kitchens

part iii

Sirius thought being a royal meant having power. He thought having power meant having answers. Academically speaking he supposed this was true. He did have power. In a few more months, he’d have all the power in the world. A kingdom. A nation. Anything available, all answers ready at the snap of his fingers. His whole being would be flooded with his royal blood. It would be all anyone would see. Not that people saw much more anyhow.

Sirius looked down from the doorway, blinking and surprised to find his hand outstretched towards the place where Remus had been a moment before. He opened and closed it a few times, rubbing his thumb and forefinger together. He could use an answer right about now.

But it was useless. Power. Royalty. It was all so utterly useless against… whatever had just happened. He was tempted to try, to search and see if someone could puzzle this one out for him as well. But he wasn’t sure that was possible.

He put his hand down, only now noticing how cool the room had gotten as the sun set. He looked up at the sound of feet above him, frantic feet… pacing? The floorboards groaned under the hesitation and then squeaked and protested when the pacing started up again. Twice they came to the top of the stairs, and twice they retreated once more. He wanted to go up, almost did a few times… But Sirius didn’t know if he was welcome upstairs. He frowned as Remus’ words echoed in his ears.

Of course you can be here. You’re you.

He sat back on the stool, sighing and picking another piece of cake from the crumb ridden plate. The phrase really shouldn’t bother him. It was true after all. He could go any where he pleased. And it was because of who he was. He should be proud of that, that was power, so why wasn’t he? It was maddening, honestly, but he didn’t want Remus to think-

Sirius threw the cake down, rubbing his hands over his face.

He didn’t know what he didn’t want Remus to think. That he would invade any space he chooses just because he can? Yes. But he could so why shouldn’t he?

Sirius stood. He wanted answers. Why shouldn’t he get them?

The stairs practically wailed under his feet and he heard Remus still. He turned into a small, nearly bare bedroom almost immediately as he followed the sound—or lack of. He hoped his reaction didn’t register on his face. The room was sad, and drab, and positively wretched. He didn’t know how Remus lived in here much less slept at night.

“Who said you could come up here?”

Sirius turned his gaze away from Remus’ bedroom and to the boy himself. Remus stood in the center on a small, threadbare rug that could hardly pass for more than an old dishtowel in Sirius’ opinion. His arms were wrapped protectively around himself and he was red from his cheeks to his neck, a dark embarrassed flush that made him look positively endearing and livid at the same moment.

Sirius stepped into the room, carefully avoiding the moldy door frame, “You left without explanation, I came-“

“That doesn’t mean I wanted you to follow.”

Sirius shook his head, mind reeling, “I don’t understand.”

“Oh,” Remus scoffed, “There’s a first.”

Sirius, to his surprise, flooded with hurt rather than anger at the insult. He didn’t want to lash out, not like he usually did. But he wanted it to stop. He took a deep breath through his nose.

“Why, are you so angry?”

“Because-“ Remus gestured wildly at Sirius who looked down at himself, trying to pinpoint something that he could have done. He looked back up, bewildered, when Remus failed to elaborate.

Remus’ cheeks were pink his eyes burning, “You can’t just waltz in everywhere like you own the place!”

“I do own the place!” Sirius burst, confusion slowly giving way to the familiar burning flare of his temper.

“That doesn’t give you the right!”

“I-“ He snapped his mouth shut. His hands were fists at his side. He felt deep, dark shame spread through his chest, snuffing anything else out in its path. His straightened, “I know that.”

He dropped his gaze from Remus’ who was still breathing hard, “I know that.”

Remus turned away too, bracing his hands against the splintering desk on the far wall and not saying a word.

Sirius wanted to take it back. He’d foreseen this reaction and carried it out anyway. Why?


Sirius swallowed.

Remus’ knuckles were white against the wood and he stiffened when Sirius took a step forward so he took two backwards instead, “I apologize.” After the evening they’d spent together, the words felt too formal coming out of his mouth but he continued the tone anyway. He didn’t know how to not set Remus off again. He didn’t want to.

“I overstepped. I was… confused. I didn’t mean-“

“I know.” Sirius was surprised at Remus’ voice. It was shaky and unsure. It was hopeless, “I know you didn’t mean it, you never mean it, but you do it and I… I think its best that you go. Just right now, I-“ Remus turned back around, sighing. Sirius’s fingers dug into his palms at the relief that flooded his chest when Remus looked at him, “I don’t know what to say right now, alright? I’m sorry, you’re sorry, let’s just… leave it at that. This is strange enough as it is.”

Sirius blinked, “I didn’t- what about this is strange?”

Remus let out a small, only half humorous laugh, “Really?”

Sirius shuffled, unsure. He didn’t like not knowing, he didn’t like being unsure. But here he was, with Remus, a boy who seemed to be nothing but unfamiliar territory.

“I- I had a fine time tonight. I don’t see what’s so odd.” He clasped his hands behind his back, then unclasped them, the gesture reminding him too much of his father.

Remus looked at him for a moment more, then shook his head, hands going behind him briefly to untie his plain, canvas apron from around his waist, tossing it onto the bed, “Have you forgotten who we are?”

“Of course not.” And then Sirius slipped a little, “Quite hard to given the state of this room.” He trailed off at the end, biting down hard on his tongue, “I- I didn’t-“

“Yeah, you didn’t mean it, right?” Remus’ stare was colder than Sirius had seen it yet, “You really should go.”

The silence in the room was crushing. Sirius tried to straighten his back, to regain some form of composure… but he couldn’t. Not enough, anyway. And he turned quickly on his heels, thundering back down the stairs and up out of the cool kitchen. He ran and didn’t stop until he was leaning back against the shut door of his room. He gazed around at it, breathing hard.

Everything was perfect.

The pillows were fluffed, the sheets turned down. Not a speck of dust. The finest of silk sheets lay waiting for him, the wood bed frame positively shone. The expensively dyed, woven tapestries on the walls showed riches and wealth.

He gulped down air, nails digging into the wood behind him. He’d let himself believe for a moment. He’d let himself think that maybe, just maybe…

A friend.

But here he was, back where he started. In this spotless room, waiting for a future to be mapped out for him. Waiting and simply passing the time. Is that what he’s trying to do with Remus? Yes. Yes, that’s better. It’s better to think of it like that. Just a way to pass the time. Not a friend. A servant. That’s what he is, that’s what James is, that’s what they all are. And he is a king.

He is a king, and a king rules alone.


Sirius stayed quiet as James dressed him, avoiding his curious glances when any attempt at banter or conversation was more or less ignored.

“Mate, the party won’t be that bad. There will be drinks, look at it that way.”

Sirius nodded, busying himself with undoing and re-doing a tie on his sleeve, “I’m sure.”

He heard James still from where he was hanging up a dress jacket from behind him, then sigh, “Alright…”

Sirius closed his eyes briefly at the guilt that flooded his chest. He didn’t want James to think he was angry with him. He wasn’t really all that angry at all. He was confused, he was hurt. He couldn’t seem to say the right thing anyhow so why say anything at all?

“The pub was fine, by the way,” James voice came after a moment, much more guarded than before, “thanks for asking-”

“I’ll take the green instead, actually.” Sirius cut him off before he could try and start another conversation, a conversation Sirius didn’t think he could finish before slipping up and loosing what little distance he’d been able to put between him and his friend in the half hour James had been in his room. He shrugged off the black vest he was wearing and held it out without eye contact, simply trying to keep James busy.

He could feel James looking at him and finally had to look up as well, not wanting to run the risk of appearing childish. They held each other’s gaze for a second before James took the thin velvet garment, turning back to the closet and swiping the green, “Why the sudden change of heart?”

He was not referring to the jacket.

Sirius allowed James to ease the material over his broad shoulders, straightening it with a tug, “Just… thought it would be better.”

He was not referring to the jacket.

A few beats of silence and then he heard James huff out a breath, “Well then. Okay.” Sirius turned around nodding as James eyed him somewhat too knowingly. Sirius knew he knew something was up. Instead of pressing, however, James just spread his hands then let them drop back to his sides, slapping against his pants, “Right, enjoy your party, feast, ball, whatever it is.”

“Not likely.”

James smirked at the same time Sirius did and there it was. The friendship leaking through the cracks. Sirius cursed himself for letting it, and thanked god that it was there in the first place. He straightened.

“I’ll let you know if I need anything. I assume you won’t be waitering?”

“McGonagall said they had enough so, no.” James pushed his hands into his pockets.

Sirius nodded. McGonagall, head of the downstairs, always on top of things. Sirius had always liked her despite what his mother said about her habits and dress.

“Right, okay.”

James nodded back, and was turning to go when he halted, hand on the door nob, and turned, “Sirius?”

No, no, just leave, James. Sirius chanted at him in his head. He would slip up again. James was all he had and he would slip up again, “Hm?”

James tilted his head a little, “Are you okay?”

Sirius exhaled a shaky breath, closing his eyes. Because of course. James, all he had, his first and only friend, and the only person to ever ask him that, ever. He savored it, he let it melt the walls away. He couldn’t do it. He wasn’t sure he’d even tried properly—wasn’t sure he could try properly, but he couldn’t shut him out. Not James.

“Sirius?” Worry clouded James’ voice now.

Sirius opened his eyes and nodded quickly, “Yes. Yes, fine. Just…” He tok a breath, words coming out with his exhale, exhausted, “you know how I get at these things.”

James nodded slowly, as if weighing it for truthfulness, “Right.” He turned to go but turned once more, “You’d say, wouldn’t you? You’d tell me if it was more?”

Sirius melted a little more. Care and kindness was not something he was experienced with, and he fumbled to handle it each and every time. His conscious screamed a few things that his mind didn’t quite comprehend yet.

I’m so lonely I can barely stand it.

Everything I need is right here. Everything I want is right here and so far.

I’m a king and he’s not.

That last was especially dangerous. He didn’t know what would happen if he let that one come to full comprehension.

“Sure. ‘course.” Sirius bit the inside of his bottom lip, “Of course I would, James. Have a good night, yeah?”

James flashed him an uneasy grin and left fully this time, door shutting softly behind him.

Sirius let out a breath he had been holding. His sheets were silk. His crown was pure gold. His clothes were the finest all around. His cellar was full of riches and coin. His home was a castle. His birthright was a country and a beautiful queen.

And yet, at that moment, he would have traded it all for a bit of plain chocolate cake and the sandy hair and kind smile that went with it. And he didn’t know why. He knew which should be more promising, but he also knew which one actually was.

He left for the party with heavy feet and a conflicted mind.


The party was brilliant and soft. The lanterns shone out against the dusky sky and laughter filled the summer garden. The patterns in the paper placed around the candles cast intricate patterns on the guest’s faces, making them seem to be a part of the flowers that surrounded them. Sirius wished he could enjoy it all more, honestly, he did. He lived for summer evenings. But his mother was cackling at his elbow, his brother sulking at his other, and his father downing scotch after scotch across from him, all while pretentious dukes and nobles and their wives laughed and practically bowed on the spot. Anything to gain favor. Sirius stood, back straight to avoid a glare and nails digging painfully into his neck, but it was all he could do to not slap the lot of them. But he had become fluent in the art of restraint early in his life. For many reasons.

He turned to Regulus, seeking at least some refuge, “Fancy a swim tomorrow?”

Regulus didn’t even look at him, “Not particularly.”

Sirius blinked, staring at his little brother for too long. His mind played images of them only a few years ago, snorting at the table and sneaking off from parties to some mischief. For the life of him, Sirius couldn’t say what had gone wrong. Another question, it seemed, the royal blood did not get him the answer to.

He sighed, turning away, “Right then. Nice of you to let me down lightly.”

Regulus glared sharply at him but turned away again, wordless.


Sirius’ stomach clenched at his mother’s voice—the singsong one she used in company. He flicked the corners of his lips up almost on instinct, turning towards the sound and whoever it was he was meant to greet. He nearly lost the slapped on smile, however, when he saw who that was.

“Sirius, darling, meet Anthea. Anthea Cerberus. You know the family…” His mother muttered the last part in his ear.

Sirius stared at the young girl for a moment. She looked around his age, maybe a few years younger. Her eyes were practically black against the swirling pattern of light that a lantern was slanting across her face, and although Sirius knew it was the lighting darkening the brown irises, it unnerved him. She looked soft and flush, just like the rest of the guests, but her gaze did not. Sirius listed off what he knew in his head. His age, female, introduced to him by his mother who followed the introduction by hissing a reminder of her status in his ear. Sirius gulped down the dread that was rising in his chest.

“Ms. Cerberus-“

“Oh, do call her Anthea, boy!”

Sirius grit his teeth, letting the pleasure he took in the slip up of his mother’s tone into his veins. He took the hand she was presumptuously offering, “Anthea. Pleasure is mine.”

She let out a little laugh, biting on her lip in a way that he was sure was suppose to look sweet, “I’m sure.”

He scoffed ever so softly under his breath, “Are you?”

Sirius flinched at the familiar dig of his mother’s nails onto the flesh where his neck met his shoulder. His back straightened instinctively and his heart picked up. They retreated, and he could feel the sharp sting where the crescent shapes had broken skin.

“Anthea lives just in Akeldama. You know Akeldama.” The queen’s voice was back and strong, dripping with false adoration.

“Oh yes, wonderful hunting.” Sirius had never been hunting in his life and never would if he could help it.

“Quite right!” She fanned herself with the small embroidered fan she held. Two snakes with entertained necks blinked at Sirius from the stitching, “Perhaps one day you can catch me something. Something… big and bloodied.” Her eyes had lit up in a way that made Sirius want to positively run.

“Yes…” He swallowed, keeping the smile up, “Perhaps-“

Sirius broke off, a movement from just beyond the lights catching his eye. He wasn’t even sure how he noticed it until he realized what exactly he was looking at. A face peaking out from between trees. More importantly, a face with a nose that sloped up just a bit at the end and caramel hair.

Sirius blinked a few times, then turned back to Anthea, knowing he had paused for too long to appear normal but attempting to recover anyway, “Yes, absolutely. Perhaps, in the meantime, I can offer you…” He glanced over to the dessert table, “something sweet?”

She giggled, although it didn’t sound like a giggle. It was horribly high pitched and came out through her nose.

“Oh yes, please.”

He left the girl and his mother, who were gushing about his gentlemanly actions, with no plan on returning.

He weaved through the crowds of people towards the long table that was laden to the brim with sweets and cakes and puddings. He nicked a plate and started from one end. He made his way through the table, taking two of every dessert that visibly contained or that he knew to contain any form of chocolate. When he was done, the plate was only just nearing too piled and he looked at it with satisfaction. If anything qualified as a piece offering, this was it. With a last glance towards where he could just see the tops of his mother and Anthea’s heads, he disappeared from under the lights, arcing around the trees, which he knew to ring a small clearing, where he had seen Remus’ face moments earlier.

He walked briskly until he was at the opposite edge of the clearing, fully able to see Remus’ back as he watched the party from the safety of the trees. His hands were pressed to the bark of the one to his left, wrapping around it and letting his temple rest against it. Sirius thought he heard soft humming in time to the music. Sirius took quiet, slow, steps until he was just behind Remus.

He took a deep breath, gathering his courage,

“A fairy’s ring.” Remus jumped out of his skin and Sirius grinned, “That’s what they call this.”

Remus let out a huff that could have been a laugh and turned, “Jesus fucking…”

“It’s suppose to have powers… of some sort.” Sirius interrupted him and pretended to look around at the darkening trees, the lights of the party only just filtering through them, when really he was watching Remus from the corner of his eye. Finally, he shrugged, eyes falling back on Remus fully, “If you believe in that sort of thing.”

Remus stood there quietly, watching Sirius with guarded eyes. When he said nothing, Sirius strode forward the last few steps to see the party as Remus had seen it, from between the trees. He spied his mother with her crown and cape almost instantly. You could not hear her cackle or falseness from here. You could not hear the snide, narrow-minded comments from here. You could not smell the reek of alcohol off his father from here. They all looked so happy from here. He wondered if Remus knew the truth.

“Looks quite lovely, doesn’t it?”

There was a few more beats of silence, until he felt Remus step up beside him, felt the warmth of his skin, “Yes. But you know that.”

His voice was guarded. The coolness stirred something in Sirius, some strange desire to do whatever he could to get rid of it. He thought of Remus in front of the oven that evening after swimming. He had felt so completely alone that day, floating in the center of the lake. But with Remus and his pink cheeks and freckled nose, he’d felt… cured? He didn’t know. Sirius shifted, clearing his throat, “I was making conversation.”

“You struggle with that.”

“With you, yes.” Sirius sighed. Again, he seemed to have stepped wrong.

He felt Remus stiffen beside him, then shift away to lean against the tree again. The heat of his skin had been distracting in a way that Sirius was sure it shouldn’t be, and was even more so now that it had gone.

Sirius tensed at the thought, the sudden want in his chest to regain that contact, and at his fingers tightening around the plate in his hands, he remembered what he was holding. He turned, holding it out wordlessly.

Remus looked down at it, eyes wide and blinking rapidly, then looked at Sirius with the same questioning stare.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to say…” Sirius hesitated. In reality, he couldn’t really remember what he had said to make Remus leave in the first place, “I meant not offense,” He settled on instead, “and I know you like chocolate, so… think of it as a peace offering. I hear the chocolate cake is divine.”

Remus’ mouth twitched upward at that and he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, hesitantly taking the plate.

I want to give him more. I want him to look at me like that again.

“I’ve… I’ve never had half of these.”

Sirius blinked, “You make all of these.”

“For you.” Remus laughed, actually laughed, and then caught himself, stuttering, “I mean for the upstairs. I mean- you know, your family.”

Sirius felt knocked askew at the guilt that rushed suddenly through him, “Oh. Well, we can sit. Or- you can sit. If you prefer.”

“No. No, it’s alright.” Remus nearly mumbled it and he dropped quickly to the ground. The light from the party cast soft shadows through the leaves against Remus’ face as he looked up at Sirius. It was better than the patterns of the lanterns and Sirius wished he could capture it somehow, “We can sit.”

He nodded, then sat too, shifting so he was shoulder to shoulder with Remus again, unable to resist feeling the warmth once more.

They sat quietly for the most part, picking at the chocolate, Remus occasionally commenting and Sirius occasionally agreeing. He didn’t take anything unless Remus offered it to him, something that he found took some restraint. He wasn’t use to being denied such trivial things. Eventually Remus scooted until he was turned around, and merely nodded in the direction of the party when Sirius raised an eyebrow. He wanted to watch. Sirius rubbed his cold shoulder softly before catching himself. He could have sworn Remus was watching the gesture, but when he really looked Remus’ eyes had darted away. The lights flickered through the leaves against his face, casting soft patterns. He offered Sirius a round truffle and Sirius took it.

He rolled it between his fingers, coating them in the bitter cocoa dust, “You like watching the dancing.”

“And you can’t cook an egg.” Remus said through a cherry sponge cake, “Anything else we’ve learned about each other?”

Sirius narrowed his eyes slightly, smile playing at his mouth, “Yes.”

“Oh, really?”

Sirius leaned forward, elbows on his knees, “You aren’t afraid to correct me.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, taking the truffle back that Sirius had yet to eat, “You aren’t afraid to insult me.” He popped it into his mouth, “So, you’re basically saying I’m head strong and can’t dance. Anything else?”

Sirius sighed, letting his head fall back against the rough tree bark, looking at Remus threw his eyelashes, eyelids hooded, “Well. I could teach you.”

Remus dropped the sponge cake onto the grass, just missing the plate, “Wh.. Sorry?”

Already Sirius’ chest was warming at the thought. The burning desire to have Remus’ palm against his almost scared him, “I could teach you. To dance. You said you knew of the Summer’s Waltz.”

“Knew of. As in can’t actually do it.” Remus’ neck was flushed with unsureness.

“Yes,” Sirius drew out the word, pushing himself up, dusting his hands off on his pants, and then offering one to Remus, “And I could teach you. As in assist you until you know it.” He added the last part playfully.

Remus just looked up at Sirius, eyes raking up and down his figure and then flicking momentarily down to his own, “I’m not wearing shoes.”

Sirius considered this, then looked down. He glanced up at Remus repeatedly, smirking at the shocked expression on his face as he undid his own boots, letting the grass cool his feet. He held out his hand once more, “Neither am I.”

Remus couldn’t describe that feeling in his chest as he slowly reached out and pressed his fingers around Sirius’. It was delight. It was want. It was dread.

“You’re very persistent.” Remus grumbled.

Sirius pulled Remus up, smiling at the soft noise Remus made with the effort. The smile wavered at just how perfect the weight of Remus’ palm felt in his. He frowned slightly at their hands. He didn’t know why he was so persistent. He didn’t know why he wanted to teach Remus to dance. He looked over his shoulder, at the blurry lights of the party. He knew why he didn’t want to ask Anthea to dance. Because she was rude, and she was ghastly, and she gnawed on her lip in an attempt to be flirtatious. He turned back to Remus, eyes falling on their hands and then his face. Remus looked nervous, and he was biting his lip, but this time it made Sirius’ chest seize up. Sirius let out a breath.

Alliances must be made, Sirius.

He knew he shouldn’t want this. He’d learned… he’d thought he’d learned to control it. He’d flirted with the servant girls, even taken some of them back to his room in an attempt to prove a point, more to himself than others. He’d liked it, being with them, but he hadn’t… enjoyed it. Not exactly.

But he wanted to teach Remus to dance. He wanted to hold his hand.

And he was a prince. Why shouldn’t he have, at least for a moment, what he wants?

He realized he had been standing there far to long only when Remus started to clear his throat and pull away.

“Um. If you’ve changed your mind-“

“No.” Sirius said quickly, “No. No, I haven’t I was just-“ He was caught off guard momentarily as Remus stopped attempting to extract his hand and it settled comfortably back into Sirius’, “I was just planning.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “Planning?”

Sirius took a step forward, “Of sorts. Now,” Sirius took Remus’ other hand and pressed it gently to the shoulder of his arm not holding Remus’ other hand, “I’ll lead, so you’ll have to be the girl.”

Remus kicked Sirius’ shin and Sirius let out a loud fall of laughter, delighted that the joking side of Remus was back.

“Okay,” he cleared his throat as his laughter died down, “And I have my hand,” he tried to ignore the thrumming of his heart as he pressed his other hand to the small of Remus’ back, “here.” They were so close now that Remus stumbled forward, stepping on Sirius’ bare toes. He flushed but said nothing of it.

“Good?” Sirius said softly, looking down at Remus. He could feel the puffs of his breath against his neck and swallowed.

Remus looked up at him quickly, like he was taking a risk, and then straight again, eyes level with Sirius’ lips, “Good.” He coughed a little, “Next step?”

Sirius smiled, “You make it sound like we’re in the kitchen, cooking something.”

Remus flashed his eyes up again, lingering a little longer this time, and offering a smile of his own. He adjusted his hand and it ended up pressed closer to Sirius’, “Is it really that different?”

Sirius tried not to tighten his grip, “Suppose not, no…”

“So? Steps?”

Sirius jolted a little, “Yes- Yes. Yes, steps. Right.”

It was easier than Sirius had expected. Remus followed carefully and precisely for the most part, having an easier time of it once Sirius told him to step forward whenever he stepped back and vise versa. They laughed a little at small mistakes, but other than that it was only Sirius murmuring soft instructions and counting under his breath, a sound only accompanied by the settling wind in the trees. Sirius savored the way their eyes followed each other, the way only their wrists touched when the spun, and how they came back together nearly seamlessly.

Finally, Sirius lifted their hands up, pressing their fingers together until they were palm against palm, practically nose to nose, the final movement. Remus was looking at him this time, chin having to tilt upwards a little, lips parted.

“Like that?” He could feel Remus’ uneven breathing.

“Yes.” Sirius was sure his was the same. He almost couldn’t focus on the words. Remus’ hand was smooth, with a few working callouses littering the crest of his palm. His eyes were golden in the nearly faded light. “Just like that.”

Just like that. Just like that Sirius felt it in every cell of his body. His heart pumped it through his veins, his mind sparked it through his limbs. He wanted to kiss Remus. He wanted to so badly.

He stepped back, and the want dragged like a hook in his chest, attempting to drag him painfully forward once more.

“Just like that.” Sirius bent to pull his shoes back on, to hide the rapid rising of his chest, the flush on his neck, the panic and need in his eyes.

“Oh.” Sirius could see the way Remus’ now empty hand was opening and closing a few times, stretching the fingers out, “Well. Maybe once more-“

“I should probably get back to the party.” He needed a moment. Just a moment away, to regain his composer.

“Oh.” The hurt in his voice was overpowering, “Right. ‘Course you do.”

Sirius straightened, eyes almost pleading, “Not like that.” Please don’t be angry with me.

Remus turned back around sharply from where Sirius hadn’t realized he’d turned away, “Not like what?” His tone was almost… hopeful.

Sirius had never felt so conflicted in his life. The party lights were no longer beautiful, instead they felt like they were burning into the back of his neck. He wanted to stay here, in the cool, softness of this clearing with Remus. Maybe the so-called powers could trap them there, together.

He rushed forward, closing the few steps between them and took Remus’ hand again, pressing it between his own. If he had to go back to the party, he at least needed this.

“Come to the lake tomorrow. The one on the south grounds. Can you manage? At noon.”

When Remus nodded Sirius felt a wild relief. He very well could have kissed him again.

“Say it back so I know you’ll remember.”

Remus blinked. How on earth could he forget? He said it anyway, “Lake. South grounds. Noon.”

Tomorrow.” Sirius repeated urgently.

“Tomorrow.” Remus repeated once more, standing there until Sirius disappeared into the crowd of royals, hand warm and heart thumping.


“David is just so much fun,we have a great time together" - Emily Deschanel

“To be here with my best co-star Ive ever worked with, its the best, I love it.” -David Boreanaz

“You couldn’t have asked for a greater two with Emily and David. They set the tone and make everything right, so this is a family.” -Eugene Byrd (Comic Con 2016)

“I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me.” - David to Emily

Sticks and Stones ~ Newt Scamander x reader

Request: i’m not sure if you’re accepting requests or not but I was wondering you could write a fix where the reader and newt are in a relationship and tina is jealous and a bit rude at first but eventually comes around when she talks it out with the reader and realizes that you and newt are perfect for each other. hopefully it makes sense xx

A/N: I just want to say that first off, I have absolutely nothing against Tina and I think that she is an incredible and wonderful character, and that she also may seem a smidge ooc, but that’s because I only had one movie to base her off of…anyways don’t hate on Tina she’s great :)

Warnings: arguing, mentions of insecurities, slight angst?, jealousy etc

Please Enjoy

“Honey could ya give me a hand with the strudel?”

Ingredients and various kitchen utensils wavered through the air as they paired up to complete the necessary tasks to prepare a delicious dinner to be served in the Goldstein apartment. You and Newt had returned for a short visit, and as soon as you had left the boat, Queenie was excitedly bounding down the port with Jacob and Tina smiling behind her. You had only been to New York once in your life, and that time just so happened to be the one where a certain magizzoologist got himself into a bit of trouble with the law.

Now you found yourself once again in the Goldstein apartment, except it was more welcoming and less stressful as opposed to before. Jacob hurried into the kitchen to assist Queenie with the cooking as you helped Newt and Tina prepare the room and set the table. Candles became lit and utensils nestled themselves into the folded napkins. You continued walking around the nearly finished table, watching as the plates then settled neatly at each spot before bumping into Newt. With a small look of embarrassment, you glanced up at him and his proudly worn grin. He then leaned down and gently pressed a soft kiss to your already reddening cheeks.

“Better watch out love, you and I both know how clumsy you can be,” he laughed before proceeding to fill glasses with water with a wave of his wand.

You smiled before returning a kiss to his jawline, noting the slight scruffiness of his stubble, and heard a quiet yet still audible groan from Tina.

A lot had changed since that first trip to New York. When you had arrived, you and Newt were best friends and partners in crime from your early days at Hogwarts, however, shortly after you both arrived back in the docks of London, Newt confessed to having feelings towards you. You harbored the same, yet you didn’t want to destroy or impose upon the bond you two shared. A few candlelit dinners and romantic walks around the case later, it was as if the two of you had been together for years. You two hadn’t really told anyone about your relationship, so when you both walked off the boat hand in hand, a few squeals and pats on the back were expressed. However, while Jacob and Queenie were ecstatic, Tina was practically the opposite.

You could sense the bitter edge of the situation as soon as your boots scuffed upon the pavement off the ramp to the boat. Tina was smiling, but you had known that type of smile from experience. She wasn’t really happy, regardless of the hugs and smiles, but you still viewed her as a respectable and good-hearted person. This pattern continued, further raising your suspicion as she acted differently around Newt. Instead of faking her smile, it was genuine around him, and when you had exited the room to use the bathroom, she was awfully close to the awkward man that you fell in love with, touching his hands and scooting closer to him on the couch. You trusted newt to know he wouldn’t try anything, but your thoughts still echoed with a bit of insecurity.

Once the table was set and the food was finished, you each sat at the table, with your seat being directly next to Newt’s. As the five of you ate and exchanged stories, Newt’s hand would brush against yours throughout, and you often caught him with a loving gaze directed at you. Around the time in which dessert was being served, you began to tell about the time in which the two of you had discovered a nest of a Chinese Fireball before Tina replied with an uninterested and slightly critical tone.

“So you just followed him?” she questioned.

“Well, yes, I mean I was observing with him…”

“But what you’re saying is that your job was to simply follow him? As in you can’t find your own job out there.”

“No I wasn’t saying that at all, my job is to help him, and I did so that he could gather information for writing his book,” you spoke, suddenly no longer hungry for the remaining strudel on your plate, yet you still put on a smile, pretending that you didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Newt’s eyes shifted as to you, as he had noticed your discomfort and nudged you under the table before speaking, “Y/n has been a wonderful assistant with my studies, and I don’t think I could have done it without the help. Y/n’s job is as mentioned, as Y/n helps me.”

“But Newt, don’t you think that you should, I don’t know, maybe have someone in your life that actually has a job and isn’t just following you around like some lost puppy?”

You were a little taken aback at her statement, as you and Tina had gotten along well before, but now, you were confused. You sensed her hint of jealousy as she had shown some interest in Newt before, but you didn’t think she would make such a deal of it, especially during dinner.

You gathered some courage before breaking your silence, “I’m not following him like a lost puppy.”

“Right, and I’m guessing that you don’t expect him to pay for and care for everything you do am I correct?”

“I don’t, Tina.”

Queenie butted in briefly before Tina cut her off, “Teenie, I don’t think you shoul-,”

“Newt you need someone who can actually handle reality, not someone who just expects everything to be magically taken care of,” Tina paused before looking at you again, “Someone who isn’t so invested in themselves.”

“Y/n is not any-,” Newt tried to interject.

“Take a good look Newt, I mean are you sure that Y/n isn’t just using you for the money that’s going to come from dating a bestselling author? Are you sure that she even loves you?”

You felt your heart sink and crack in your chest, and you turned away from Tina’s words. They were rude and untrue, as you loved Newt for who he was inside and out, and you didn’t care if he made any money from his book. Queenie’s broken expression matched up with Jacob, who had nearly let his glass slip from his hands as a chilling silence stormed over the table. The candles flickered dimly now and Newt tried to speak to Tina before she left the table in a frantic hurry back to her room.

Newt stared at you and held your hand in his own before muttering apologies. He knew how some people’s words could hurt others, and he didn’t need to be a genius to know that you were hurt beneath the surface, he knew you better than that.

“Y/n you’re not any of those things dear. You’re incredible and amazing and hard-working and-,”

“It’s okay,” you cut him off with a quick kiss, which he melted into before you pulled away. Queenie then broke the tension once more as Jacob began to clean up some of the discarded dishes.

“Sweetheart,” she said, sadness evident on her lips, “Tina is just…she didn’t mean those things, not really. She’s just hurting…”

You glanced at Queenie, a small tear forming and preparing to fall. You were strong, but words could still break more than bones. You wanted to be upset at Tina and the situation, but you had seen the look in her eyes before she exited the last time you were here. Only, the look was in your own eyes as you sat in the bathroom and stared at the mirror, observing how well you thought Tina was for Newt. Of course, that wasn’t the case, but you figured that Tina’s temper and words were not that of being snide, but rather of slight jealousy and heartbreak. Perhaps the way that you and Newt had acted with one another had set her off, and neither of you meant it to hurt her in any way. Tina was jealous that you had what she couldn’t, and her heartbreak was being hidden under her usually collected exterior.

“I understand Queenie, no real harm done. I’ll be okay,” you said as you squeezed Newt’s hand before getting up from your own chair. Newt gave you a look of confusion as you began to retrace Tina’s pathway to her room, but you pressed a loving kiss to his curly locks, explaining that you were going to talk to her. Queenie reminded you to be gentle before calling Newt to join her and Jacob in the kitchen.

You approached Tina’s door quietly before knocking a few times upon the grainy surface. A murmur of what sounded like, ‘Go away Queenie’ came from behind the door before it swung open, revealing Tina equipped with pink cheeks and tear tracks staining her appearance.

“Tina I…” you started before the door began to close once more. Reaching out, you held it, “I just want to talk to you, please Tina, just for a minute or two.”

Tina hesitated yet complied, expecting you to scream at her and return the same bitterness that she had with you. However, she was surprised when you sat next to her on her bed without an insult slipping from your mouth.

“Look, Y/n I’m so sorry I don’t know…”

“Tina it’s alright.”

She looked up at you and her jealousy plagued expression was replaced with a more regretful and saddened one. More tears began to pool out of her eyes as you handed her a handkerchief.

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked, not wanting to overstep you boundaries, but Tina began to speak with a small sniffle.

“I-I was…I was jealous. Looking back I know I was horrible to you and I’m s-so sorry Y/n, I really truly am.”

You could feel the honesty in-between her tears, and you simply listened. She was a strong woman, but even the strongest people fall and break from time to time.

She began again, “When I saw you and Newt holding hands off the boat and kissing before dinner I just felt, I felt…”


“Yes…I just thought that maybe I had a chance with Newt. He seemed nice enough and passionate and intelligent, and I thought maybe I would talk to him alone when the two of you returned but I see that I was wrong now. He has your heart and you have his. I didn’t want to believe it, but you two really are perfect for one another. I can see it in the way he looks at you, when his eyes sparkle or when his smile gets wider around you. You’re smart and kind, and I know you really do love him. It was so, so wrong of me to say such nonsense. You’re beautiful and caring, and you love him for who he is, not for the money in his pocket. I was out of line for saying all of that, especially during such a nice dinner. I guess I just became angry and jealous that my chance at a love or happiness with someone like that was gone. I just wanted what you had…”

Her tears began to increase and you gave a small sigh. She was hurt, both in terms of her heart and her self-esteem. You knew she felt horrible for what she did, and instead of saying ‘I told you so,’ you sat closer to her as she dabbed the cloth at her eyes. Her tough and calm exterior was beginning to melt away like snow in the spring.

“Tina, you’re an incredible woman, and just because Newt and I are together doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out there for you. You’re smart, talented, gorgeous, and I’m sure that there are many men out there who are dying to find a woman like you. You will find love someday, I promise you that Tina.”

Tina had started to calm down more after a while as she looked at you with glossy eyes, “How can you be so nice to me when I was horrible to you?” she questioned.

“Let’s just put it behind us alright? Neither of us deserves to spend our night hidden away and upset.”

You stood up and lent a hand to pull Tina up from the bed. You expected her do release it and exit behind you silently, but instead, she pulled you into a warm and sister-like hug.

“You truly are perfect for him Y/n, I’m so sorry I was too idiotic to see that,” she said as she let go to be met with your smile.

“You aren’t idiotic Tina, anyone can see that. Now come on, I think your sister is probably reading our thoughts outside the door,” you joked, earning you a laugh from Tina.

You forgave her, and she was no longer cross with you, and you both still had a long night with friends ahead. You both exited the doorway of the bedroom and Queenie immediately pulled Tina into a hug and sat her down for tea (your suspicions were right of course, as she was a legillimens, of course she heard everything). You smiled to yourself and crossed your arms, feeling the previous tension in the air being replaced by Jacobs’s laughter and clinks of mugs on plates.

You paused in the hallway and turned to see your curly headed boyfriend, who was now opening his arms to invite you for a hug. You gladly accepted and took in his minty and earthy scent from his clothes. He pressed a kiss to your lips, and you could feel him smiling through it.

“You know, you really are perfect love,” smirked Newt before he wrapped you in his arms once more.

You only laughed at him, aware that he was probably outside the door with Queenie and Jacob the whole time. You simply laced your hands with his and led him back to where the rest of your friends were sitting with their tea, putting the past behind them, and you both would do the same.


For Once

length: 1,459 words

genre: angst

 Come and see me for once, you don’t ever come to me

Your eyes slowly opened at the buzzing sound of your phone at your bedside. It was late, you already knew that. But the screen showing the time of 2:30 am still surprised you. And so did the text you eyes fell upon.

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Miles between what we say and what we mean

MP100 Valentines Week
Day 4; Aquarium

pairing: terumob

Story tag


Teruki isn’t stupid. Far from it, actually.

He prides himself on a quick wit and a sharp analytical mind, always planning two steps ahead no matter who he’s with and where they are, and his psychic abilities wouldn’t be anywhere near their current level without an obscene amount of study. He knows a little bit about every subject, give or take, and what he finds he doesn’t know he’s quick to learn.

And so he knows, on a fundamental level, that wanting something and having it are two very different creatures.

As much as he might want Shigeo, Teruki is aware that he can’t have him.

For the most part, he’s comfortable with that.

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25 Kisses

Pairing: Neymar Jr x Reader

Synopsis: It’s Neymar’s 25th birthday, and you decide to continue your parents’ birthday tradition with him.

P.O.V: Second-Person

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating: T

Word Count: 2,438

Warnings: None?

A/N: It’s my baby boy’s birthday! 🎉🎈🎂🎁 Oh my god I can’t believe he’s already 25, I swear he’s growing up too fast! 😭😩 But I still love you baby! 😊💝 xoxo — jas

     You press a soft, fleeting kiss to the nape of his neck, lips ghosting down the column of his neck, as you pressed a second kiss to the sensitive spot on his neck, teeth grazing the tender skin. A delicious shiver of anticipation slithers down the length of his spine, as his plump lips twitch into a blissful smile. He shifts around in the mattress, rolling onto his back before snaking his arms around your slender waist, eliciting a squeal of surprise from your lips, as he tugged you flush against the defined contours of his bare chest. 

Bom dia, birthday boy,” you murmur, resting your head against his shoulder, and nestling your face in the crook of his neck, hot breath fanning the sensitive skin, as goosebumps erupt along the surface of his skin. “Did you sleep well, last night?” You press a teasing kiss to his pulse point, teeth nipping at the sensitive flesh as the action draws a sharp gasp from his supple, pink lips. 

“I did,” he breathes, his heart thrumming in his ribcage, breath hitching in his throat as he feels your soft fingertips traced the artistic designs of the tattoos inked into the warm, soft texture of his bare skin.

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Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Edward Cullen x Reader, Edward Cullen x Bella Swan

Warning: N/A

Writer: imagine-mix-fandoms

Requested By: Anonymous

Request: imagine being Edward’s mate and together, but after he finds out Bella is his blood singer he becomes distant. You try not to get in his way and stay away from him as much as you can. he wonders why you’re ignoring him and asks his family. They all love you (even Rosalie) so they tell him. he feels horrible and finds a way to make it up to you

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Strangers - Chapter 2

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Plot: You’re in Romania. You finally got out of a toxic relationship and you’re finally free from everyone you know. You enjoy that time on your own without speaking to anyone, until you meet a mysterious man in the middle of town.

Notes: Thank you to all my new followers and those who requested to be tagged. And thank you all for being so patient for this next chapter. Life has been crazy between school, and my dad being in the hospital and just life in general. I will try my best to try not to let such a large gap between chapters happen so much. <3

Warning: Some smut. Mentions of verbal abuse. Anxiety.

Alert. You were nothing but alert for the next two days. Too alert, maybe. You knew some people might call it anxiety, but in order to stay somewhat sane, you just called it what you wanted. Alertness.

           Every noise you heard from the curtains by the window moving with the breeze, or the sound of any man that sounded a little bit like him put you on edge. You didn’t know what to do anymore.

           It’s not the fact that you got a simple phone call out of the blue from the guy that freaked you out most. You left him in the middle of the night without a word. Not to your parents, or even your friends. You just left. But what freaked you out was how he got your new number. You had changed it before you left. You thought that you would be untraceable. At least for a while, as you took time to figure out what was your next move. But you didn’t answer it. You didn’t answer any of the 146 calls he had left in the past two days. You didn’t listen to any of the messages he sent you, you didn’t even want to know how that scumbag got your new number.

           “You again.” Someone said to you from behind.

           You jumped, before realizing who it was. He sat on the bench relatively next to you, but still at a distance.

           “We have to stop running into each other like this, or I’d think that you’re following me.” You smiled, happy to see a somewhat familiar, but friendly face.

           You were at a park just a block away from the bridge you two had initially met in the first place.  

           “I would have said the same thing.” He narrowed his eyes a little humorously.

           That was the first thing that made you smile since…The last time you saw him.

           “So…” You cleared your throat.

           “What have you been up to?”

           ‘What have you been up to?’ you scolded yourself in your head.

           ‘What the hell was that? You don’t even know him. He doesn’t even know you? Why are you so stupid?’

           “Sorry, that was a stupid question.” You blushed, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

           “We barely know each other.”

           He chuckled to himself. Not in the type of way your boyfriend used to either. The kind of way that he’d chuckle to himself when he was about to tell you how pathetic you were. But this man seemed to actually enjoy or be somewhat amused with your company… In a good way.

           “You’re fine.” He smiled, letting you ease your thoughts a little bit more.

           This may have been the second time you met, but there was something about him that made you feel oddly comfortable. Maybe it was his large frame mixed with his calm and content demeanor. Or the pale blue orbs that made you want to get lost in him for the rest of your life.

           “I-I’m sorry I just ran out on you the other day. I just got a call from someone and I just- I needed to deal with it.”

           “It’s fine,” He said,

           “I figured it might be something important.”

           And that was all you spoke of the matter.

           You spent the next hour or so walking around the large pond that resided in the middle of the park. Talking about how much you loved the little city in Romania. You told him about how much you had always wanted to come here, but nobody you knew ever wanted to follow you. And that was why you were alone. And he mentioned that he had come here because he just needed a new start. You didn’t really ask what he was running from, but you knew if you asked he might ask about you. And you really didn’t want to bring up the horrible ex, and the parents who did nothing more than look away like guilty puppies.

           It honestly was just nice to have someone to talk to someone who kind of understood you on some levels. As of right now, he was your favourite person.

           He was charming, but not in the hot shot ‘every girl loves me’ kind of way. He also didn’t seem like the kind of guy who talked to a lot of people. In fact, you hadn’t seen him speak to anyone except for you. There was something very mysterious about him, and it did nothing more than drive you to get closer to him. You think that you might even like the guy. Not that you were in much of a position to really be in a new relationship, or have feelings for someone. Or that he’d even want to be in a relationship with you. Why were you even thinking like this?

           You shook your head brushing the stream of erratic thoughts that started to flow through your brain.

           “You alright?” He asked.

           “What? Me? Of course,” You replied trying to sound as cool as possible.

           “Why do you ask?”

           He started to laugh a little bit to himself again.

           “You were in the middle of a sentence and just drifted into your own thoughts. That started a good 30 seconds ago.”

           You turned away so embarrassed but began to laugh. You wanted to be more embarrassed, but he seemed to find it pretty funny himself.

           “I’m sorry, I can be pretty pathetic sometimes.” You giggled, looking down at the ground.

           His tone and demeanor started to shift as he looked straight into your eyes. His brows furrowing.

           “Why do you say stuff like that?” His tone a bit concerned.

           “It was just a joke, I’m sorry.”

           “You’re not pathetic. Know that.” He declared, meaning it.

           You nodded, trying to ignore the stupid heart you had that was jumping, and skipping beats in your chest as this tall, incredibly good looking man spoke to you.

           You noticed that the sun began to set and that you better get home. It must have been a while since you two had actually run into each other.

           “It’s getting late. I think I should be getting back to my hotel.” You said.

“But it was nice seeing you again.”

You began to walk off quickly, trying to not think about how many times you had probably embarrassed yourself, or all the things you might have said wrong. You weren’t sure if you were ever going to see him again, or if he’d even want to. You spoke too much, and there was no way he found you interesting. So, you walked off knowing that you might never see him again.

Bucky’s POV

“Wait!” I called out, only letting my right hand slightly touch her shoulder.

“I-I um never actually got your name.”

She looked shocked for a moment. A slight redness starting to form around her cheeks.

“You know, I never got your name.” she replied slyly.

“I asked you first.” I said back, knowing she was playing a little game again. But God, she had the sweetest, softest accent that made anything she said sound angelic.

The smirk across her pink lips started to fade when she decided to actually tell me her name.

“(Y/N)” she said softly.

“And yours?”


           Your body was at mercy. Your breaths hitched as you tried to force your body not to squirm around too much as you hit the right spots at exactly the right times. You could feel every single nerve in your body making you feel as if you were on fire.

           Your hips moved slowly, but rhythmically as your fingers pushed and circled around your clit. You rolled over from riding your fingers with your face forward letting your pillows muffle the sounds of your whimpers and moans to rolling on your back.

           You moved the fingers of your right hand and moved them lower towards your entrance, relishing the feeling of your two fingers stretching you out so nicely.

           You tried not to bite your bottom lip too hard as you pushed yourself to new limits, feeling your fingers brush against your G-Spot as you attempted to hold back from exploding so quickly.

           Finally, you went for the kill. You moved your hand that just a moment ago that circled and so tenderly squeezed around your nipples down your body to replace the hand that circled around your clit bringing you to a whole other level of pleasure.

           You could feel yourself start to clench more around your fingers as they continued to pump in and out of you, and your other hand moved faster and faster around your clit.

           Suddenly you felt as though your whole body erupted. You back arched, your body shook, your eyes rolled in the back of your head. All you could see was white.

           What shocked you the most wasn’t the immense amount of pleasure you had experienced. But it was who’s name you called out in the end.


Tags: @a-heart-attack-ow @chipilerendi @firebendergirl33 @wantingtobekorra @sexysamsungl @magpiemischief 


Request: Could you do a Newt imagine where the reader is hurt by one of his creatures and Newt has to take care of her and falls in love with her?

⇢  A Newt x Reader work with a bucket of fluff and a sprinkle of Christmas.

(Can I have a pocket-sized Newt to bring with me everywhere?)

(n.) luck that takes the form of finding pleasant things that are not looked for

If someone were to tell you your Christmas Eve would be spent chasing a fidgety Niffler around, your response would have been to grab your wand and Apparate right out of New York.

Alas, there was no warning and you were left to weave through the bustling metropolis in search of a furry thief. Stealing your silver keys were one thing–the perks of being a witch included the nifty unlocking spell–but your grandfather’s wedding ring was a different matter.

It was his parting gift when you left to New York to work for MACUSA and the last present anyone received before he passed. You wore it on a chain around your neck as a makeshift necklace.

“Give me back my ring, you Niffler!” you groaned, wondering how crazy you must appear to the passersby. As the time you spent chasing a creature around the city increased, your frustration grew as well. Then–

“Aha! There you are.” You grinned, thinking you finally cornered him. Amidst the tortuous streets, you spotted the little thief in front of a quaint house.

Almost teasingly, the Niffler stood stock-still, dangling your ring over a worn suitcase. Slightly unnerved, you tried a different approach; you tiptoed toward the said creature.

“Alright, Mister, the fun’s over. Now give it here, please,” you coaxed, placing your hands up in surrender. Once you were a step away, your hands darted out to catch the Niffler and your belongings, only to realize he wasn’t in your grasp. In fact, he was no where to be seen. He escaped. Into the suitcase. “What on earth–”

You peered into the suitcase. Then at your feet. Then at the suitcase again. Then your feet.

After mulling it over for a full five seconds, you decided you’ve done crazier. You follow the Niffler’s lead, stepping into the enchanted suitcase and questioning how your life came to this.

You ascended the ladder only to notice the Niffler, along with your ring, was no where to be found. Instead, you exited the little shelter to find a never-ending sky. For a moment, you forgot why you were down here, or that you were in a suitcase at all, for that matter. The beauty of your surroundings occupied your thoughts.

Letting your feet control your movement, you wandered past the different climates, stopping near a tropical forest. There, you were drawn to a plain chest; it looked out of place compared to the colorful habitat. You opened it to examine little, serpentine creatures gathered around a silver egg.

As you reached out to touch it, you heard a deafening screech and felt a sharp pain in your side. And another one. You looked down to see the color crimson darkening around your wounds. Lightheaded, you walked as far away from the creatures as you could manage and fell on your knees.

Episkey can’t fix this one,” you muttered, attempting to stand back up on your feet.

As you half-walked, half-dragged yourself to the shelter, you heard something that made your spine stiffen.

“Who are you and what is your purpose here?”

You turned around to see a tall, freckled wizard with his wand at the ready, the pesky Niffler scuttling around his feet.

You groaned, applying pressure to your side, the pain becoming unbearable. “Just my luck.”

(n.) an unexpected meeting with someone

Though the suitcase was open, Newt did not expect another person to enter. Much less a witch. A pretty one, at that. And one that so happened to suddenly fall on the ground with a sharp cry.

Dropping his guard, Newt ran over to you. Without question, he guided you to a cushioned divan, lying you down. His eyes wander to your abdomen, stopping at the bleeding bite wounds.

“Oh, Merlin…Don’t move. You’ll be fine–Just fine,” comforted Newt, though he was certain his voice conveyed anything but a soothing timbre.

He paced around, stopping near a table filled with plants and potions. “I’ll just whip something up…”

Vulnera Sanen–” 

“No!” You almost dropped your wand. Newt looked embarrassed by his outburst. “Sorry. It’s just…We don’t know the severity of the wounds. It’d be safest if you didn’t…”

Meekly, you nodded. He went back to creating his simple concoction. “Do tell, do you know what harmed you?”

“Yes. It was–They were…Snake…birds?”

Newt muttered an oath under his breath. “Occamy.”


He gave you a look from his workbench, his head tilting sideways. “Occamys. They’re choranaptyxic creatures from the Far East. Extremely protective of their–”

Newt stopped abruptly when he heard a sharp intake of breath. There you were, attempting to sit, despite his clear warning.

“Pardon me, Miss…” he trailed off. With a flick of his wand, he summoned a damp towel and headed over to you, potion in hand. He glanced at your bloodied shirt. “May I–erm–lift your shirt up?”

Newt took the small squeak you released as a yes. Flushing, he separated your shirt from your sticky wounds, feeling your cool skin against his warm hands.

As he bandaged you, he wondered, “I hate to ask, but, why are you here to begin with?”

Met with no response, Newt glanced at your face to find you sleeping soundly. He wiped the sweat off your forehead and pushed your hair aside.

“Happy Christmas Eve,” he whispered, a small smile on his face, thinking,

Of all the magical suitcases, in all the towns, in all the world, she climbs into mine…

(n.) forces beyond a person’s control that make things happen

The worst part of the day was getting up.

What was even worse was that the instant you sat up, you felt stiff and sore all over.

And then, add the fact that when you wandered out to the unfamiliar kitchen, you saw a shirtless man holding a pan and humming.

Dear Lord, how could I let this happen?

You silently scolded yourself, but continued to examine the man. Or, more specifically, his back. His very shirtless, very freckled, very toned back. You decided you could’ve picked worse.

“You’re awake! Do you feel better?“

Your eyes snapped up to his. “Yeah–I feel alright. I mean…How far did we–Was it–” Recognition dawned on you and you shut up. He was the person who healed your Occamy bites, not a clingy Casanova.

“Pardon?” he asked.

“Nothing. I’m sorry–my brain doesn’t function well until at least an hour of being awake.”

He smiled in amusement and gestured for you to have a seat, setting up two plates of pancakes and fruit. “I made us some breakfast. Or supper. Actually–it’s almost midnight, so I’m not sure what this meal would be classified as. Anyway, I figured you’d wake up any second. Wouldn’t want you to be hungry.”

“Thank you, Mister…” Your voice wavered. You didn’t even know his name.

“Scamander. Newt Scamander,” said he. “Please, call me Newt.”

“Well, Mister Newt Scamander, I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you greeted. “And this place, though very lovely, doesn’t look much like your suitcase. Where are we?”

Newt shrugged his shoulders dismissively. “A flat.”


After a moment’s worth of silence, Newt put his fork down and cleared his throat. “If you don’t mind me asking…Why were you in my case, anyway?”

“Oh!” On instinct, you hand shot up to fiddle with the ring around your neck, only to find that is still wasn’t there. “Your Niffler. He took my grandfather’s ring.” You bit your lip, taking a sudden interest in the table. “I needed to get it back.”

“That’s what this is!” Newt interjected, pulling something out of his pant pocket. The chain was hanging off of his index finger, the ring still intact. “Just as I was about to bring you here, Niffler gave this to me. He’s very drawn to shiny things, that one. It’s very unusual for him to willingly give something up.”

He held it out for you to grab.

“Niffler must really fancy you,” said Newt, beaming.

You were overjoyed. “Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would have done without it,” you said, rubbing the ring between your fingers. You clasped the chain around your neck. “And you healed those bites of mine. Really–How can I repay you?”

“There’s no need. It was no problem, really,” he assured.

“Well, then I must thank that little creature for returning it to me.” You paused. “Though, he did cause me quite a lot of trouble.”

“Trouble?” questioned Newt. “Oh–yes. I’m sorry about that. But, the Occamy are just very protective; they mean no harm. Really. They’re quite friendly once you get to know them. I know they are very sorry–”

“Newt,” you interrupted, “it’s fine. It was my fault, anyway.” You pushed a strawberry around your plate with the end of your fork. “Tell me, Newt, is it really almost Christmas Day?”

“I presume it is actually Christmas Day,” he said. “I guess–Would you like to stay for a cup of tea?”

You gave him a strange look.

“I mean…only if you want,” Newt bumbled. “I know it’s probably abnormal; we just met and you probably have plans–Of course you do. It’s Christmas Day. You’re a pretty lady. You’re probably swamped with plans…But if you’d like to, you could stay. Or not–You don’t have to–”

You laughed. “Newt, I’d love to stay.” You placed your hand on his arm to silence him. “But I have one objection.”

He glanced up at you, nervously.

“A cup of tea?” You shook your head. “It’s Christmas, Mister Scamander! We drink hot chocolate.”

“Blasphemy!” he claimed, though he did look relieved that you agreed to stay. “Tea is the drink of the Holidays. Besides, I’m not much of a hot chocolate fan.”

“How disgraceful,” you tsked. “How in the world did I end up in the house of someone who doesn’t like the Christmas drink?”

“Maybe I just haven’t tried the best hot chocolate.”

“Obviously. You’ve never had mine.”

You looked up from your plate of food to catch a certain wizard staring at you. Newt looked down in an instant, cheeks coloring.

You hummed. “Fate has a funny way of bringing people together.”

Still red, he peeked at you, a smile playing on his face. “Fate. Or a small, mischievous creature.”

Newt gathered the plates and placed them in the sink. As he pulled out the ingredients for hot chocolate, your mind wandered.



“Seeing as it’s Christmas…What’s your favorite holiday moment?”

Now it was his turn to catch you staring. You, however, didn’t look away.

“Difficult question,“ Newt said, hiding a smile. “But this one’s climbing the charts.”

“It was like, in that moment, the whole Universe existed to bring us together.”

Also, yes, my friends, Newt was shirtless throughout the whole last third of the imagine. Because apparently, our little cinnamon roll is a stud muffin. (But really, it’s because I forgot I made him shirtless at all and therefore never clothed him…My bad.)

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The Café Set Returneth

Well, that was quick.

Ok, so I already talked about the café parallels in 12.09 and 12.08 between Cas and Mary and how the colors in the room reflect the characters. (This post is pic heavy) Although at that time, I called the set a diner.

Now that we have further pics from 12.10, I’m beginning to sense a pattern and now I want to track this set and see if it’s anywhere else in the show or just in S12. The set seems to reflect the color motif of a central character in the scene.

@mittensmorgul @awed-frog @elizabethrobertajones This looks like something that might be up your alleys. You may be better at elaborating on it than I can.

I’m operating under the idea that all three of the café’s we’ve seen are the same set with different dressings. I’ve seen this kind of thing done before. I’ve even helped do it sort of. Blocking windows is annoying but it happens all the time. Here are the most recent pics of the café set. They even brought Mary’s tile back. She’s… sort of here. 

If anyone is wondering. The little sign there says: The Wrights Spot. There is actually a deco diner with that name in real life but I don’t know much about it outside of a quick Google search.

Note the number of windows up there. All the windows on the sides are no longer visible. The only windows are covered by pink curtains and the window on the door has blinds on it.

Below the cut are the photos of the set with Cas and Mary and some further thoughts.

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anonymous asked:

oikawa kuroo and hinata their s/o finds out they're pregnant and decides to rise the kid alone after a year they met in park accidentally and the baby got their fathers eye ikr im trash bye

I’m trash for this kind of stuff. Just throw me in the garbage when this is over. -Admin Lana

Hinata Shoyou:

You couldn’t tell him. Not after he just assumed the position as Captain. No, he’s worked to hard for this to be ruined by an accident. It may have not been right on your part to conceal such important information from him, but you didn’t have many options. It was best for you and the baby. It was best for Hinata.

That day was was a year ago and Yuiko was healthy and full of boundless energy just like her father. It stung whenever you’d look at her. Not only was she a constant reminder of the decision you had made, but she resembled him so much, especially her eyes. They were the same vibrant brown that reminded you of warm vanilla and honey. And her smile was contagious, like his as well. Your mind was plagued with what-it’s about what could have happened if you would have stayed? Would you be a happy family? But you couldn’t dawdle on the past anymore, you had a child to raise.

Pushing the stroller along the sidewalk, you stopped at a bench. Yuiko was restless as usual, whining to get out of her seat.

“Okay, Mommy’s got you. Just hold on.” You cooed, lifting the little girl out and settling on your lap.

She giggled, hands waving animatedly in the air. You knew what she wanted. Reaching inside the bag you always carried with you for the infant, you pulled out a miniature-sized volleyball. Of course it wasn’t hard, but instead plush, easy for babies to use. You’d bought it for her and almost instantly she had taken a liking to it. You could never leave the house without the toy. It wasn’t a surprise though, you had a feeling that she’s grow up to be an amazing volleyball player like her father.

Being so immersed with Yuiko you hadn’t realised that another presence had come to a halt beside you.

“_______?” His voice was deeper than you had remebered, it was laced with more maturity even if it had been just a year.

Fear and anxiety resounded in your body, afraid to meet his eyes. You wouldn’t know what to say or how’d he react. Would he even know that she was his child?

He called your name again and this time you had no choice but to look at the male. He had grown a lot. His hair was cut shorter so that he had a slightly edgy look to him and he had grown even taller. He was nearly as tall as his vice-captain, Kageyma.

A lump formed in his throat as he gazed at you and the child in your arms. He couldn’t think of what to say or where to start. He had several questions racing through his mind and he wanted an answer to all of them.

“Is she mine?” Hinata’s voice was hushed, but you could practically feel the hurt within his tone. You couldn’t blame him though.

The words couldn’t leave your mouth so you settled for a nod instead, tears pricking the corners of your eyes. Before you could react, Yuiko reached out her tiny hands in an attempt to grab at Hinata, squealing “Dada” all the while. Two sets of eyes widened as you realised what she just said.

“How does she know?”

“I-I’m not sure. I mean, I used to show her pictures of you, but-”

You were cut off by a pair of lips pressing firmly against your own, emotions pouring through the gesture. He was careful of Yuiko as he pulled away, eyes softening as he gazed down at he child.

“Why did you leave without telling me? I thought you loved me…” The feeling of dread spread over you when he uttered the words.

God, how could you be so stupid.

“I didn’t want to put your life in halt. You just became captain and you were so close to achieving your dream, and I didn’t want to ruin that for you…” At this point the tears couldn’t be stopped, rushing down your faces in streaks.

Hinata’s eyes were glossy as well and his lips was quivering as well. “Don’t think for one second that you would’ve ruined my life. If anything, you’ve put more purpose into it,” He moved to sit beside you, a hand caressing the child’s soft hair. “You gave me a daughter.”

“She has your eyes…” You whispered, a gentle smile stretching across your lips as you wiped away a few stray tears.

“I’ve noticed, but she looks at lot more like you.”

“Maybe, but she’s got your energy.”

This is what it was supposed to be like. Smiling and joking with another while you had your daughter. This was the only way you could see your future.

“Stay with me.”

You turned to him with a surprised look. “What?”

“Both of you. I want to be able to take care of you and my child.”

“But what about-”

“It doesn’t matter. Nothing is more important than my family.” Hinata nearly shouted, fierce determination in his eyes.

Hearing his words made you realise just how much you missed him. You and your little family were going to work out.

Oikawa Tooru:

It haunted him till this day. The way you packed and left one day without a word. When he came home that night, the apartment was empty, scarce of all of your belongings. He didn’t know why you did it not was he able to contact you. For weeks he drowned in his own sadness until Iwazumi had forcefully dragged him out claiming that you must have had your reasons for the decision you made. But to Oikawa he couldn’t accept such a brash choice without so much as an argument, but it’s not like he had an option in the matter. With you disappearing from thin air, he could only live with the fact that maybe you were happy with your new life elsewhere.

Oikawa and a few of his teammates decided on spending the day at the park for a friendly game of volleyball. Since the tournament was coming up they figured a little extra practice could do them some good.

“Nice kill, Iwa-chan!” Oikawa shouted as said male went in for a spike, easily scoring a point.

“Stop calling me that Shittykawa!” He grunted, prepared to smack the brunette upside his head.

“Not until you stop calling me that!” He whined, loathing the nickname he was frequently called.

Iwazumi went to retort when his attention was diverted else where. Oikawa raised a brow, confused as to why the ace had suddenly fallen silent.

“Iwa-chan, what are you-”

“Oikawa, isn’t that ______?”

The mere mention of your name was enough to cause the captain to whip his head around in surprise, eyes locking on you who was several feet away, pushing a small child in the swings. Whatever Iwazumi said to him after fell on deaf ears as his feet carried him away, inching closer to you. When he was close enough, a gasp died in his throat as he observed the scene before him. You’d hadn’t changed much seeming as it had only been a year, but you were toting around a miniature version of yourself. The little girl looked almost exactly like you except…she had his eyes.

A thousand questions flew through his mind, but the most prominent was: Is this little girl my daughter?“


Almost immediately your body had stiffened, recognising his velvet voice instantaneously. You didn’t think that this day would come anytime soon, but what was to be expected when you were at the park close to Oikawa’s home? Maybe you had subconsciously wanted this to happen just so you could see him again.

“Tooru…” Was all you could say, not really sure what to say.

Oikawa looked to be in the same position, eyes flitting between you and the little girl in the swing. You could sense what he wanted to ask, but he was afraid of the answer. You decided to make it easier on him.

“This is your daughter, Yuiko.”

Oikawa had a feeling that she was simply based on her eyes, but hearing you confirm it brought a wave of relief crashing upon him. As selfish as it seemed, he didn’t want to see you with anyone other than himself.

“Can I you know-hold her?” He asked, brown eyes glossy with tears.

“Sure, go ahead.” A small smile pursed your lips as he moved to gently lift your daughter out of the seat. You thought she would’ve began flailing around, but as soon as she was in his arms, a content sigh left her lips.

This was how you dreamed it would be. Every night as you slept, you hoped that one day you’d be able to have a happy family of your own.

“Why’d you leave? You just left without saying anything!” The tears finally escaped the corners of his eyes, frustration evident in his voice.

“You were busy with volleyball and your own studies! I didn’t want to be a burden to you.” You were quiet as you revealed the reason you departed.

Oikawa looked offended at the thought of you even considering you would be a burden to him. “Yes, I’m passionate about volleyball but,” he glanced down at his daughter who gripped his shirt tightly. “You’re always going to be my priority no matter what.”

Your own eyes stung a little and you couldn’t help the felling of regret you had for ever leaving.

“I’m sorry, Tooru. I’m so sorry…” You cried, releasing yourself to his embrace as he coddled both you and the little girl in between your bodies.

“Don’t cry anymore. I’m going to fake cater of you and our daughter.” He promised, filled with the determination to fullfill just that.

A few feet away Iwazumi stood next to Matsukawa and Hanamaki, openly gaping at the newfound family nearby.

“No way.”

“It can’t be.”

“Shittykawa is a father?!”

Kuroo Tetsuoru:

You felt as if this was the best choice for both you and Kuroo. Yes, he was a loving boyfriend, but you weren’t sure he was quite ready to be a father. Hell, you weren’t even sure you were prepared for the path of parenthood that lies ahead, but you didn’t have much a choice. You could only hope that Kuroo would be able to move on with his life after you were gone. He didn’t need to have this kind of strain in his life at the moment.

You constantly questioned the real reason as to why you left. We’re you scared of his reaction or that he’d leave you all together? But those were questions that wouldn’t be answered as long as you avoided the captain. Little did you know the red string of fate would tie you together once more.

A muffled grunt left your throat as you struggled to keep the little boy in your arms to keep still. Once again you attempted to tame his wild patches of hair, but alas it remained in its fix positioned. It seems as though Teppei inherited his father’s mane, but that wasn’t all. His eyes were identical, cunning and almost cat-like, but not nearly intense as Kuroo’s. Every time you take the time to admire your son, he only furthered reminded you of the man you loved. It was hard at first, learning how to be a single parent, but Teppei made it all worthwhile.

You were perched on a blanket, Teppei sitting across from you with an ecstatic look on his face. You’d been entertaining him with a small ball, softly rolling it back and forth between the two of you seeing as how the infant wasn’t too great at controlling his arm movements.

“Wait no! Don’t thro-,” It was too late. The mischievous child had thrown the ball a good distance away from you. A playful pout formed on your lips as you gazed at the boy. “You never listen to Mommy.”

Moving to get the ball, you were stopped by a shadow that towered over you, blocking out the sun.

“Is this yours?”

With a bright smile you turned to the voice, gratefully accepting the object. “Thank you so much-Kuroo?”

To say that you were shocked was an understatement. You weren’t expecting to meet him again, at least not for a long time. The male looked the same as you’d left him, hair as wild as ever. The nerves in your body lit up as his eyes fell to Teppei who looked at him curiously. It was if a force pulled him towards the child, not even bothering to ask the most important question as he lifted Teppei into his arms. He surprised you in turn by pulling you into an embrace.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you…”

But you knew it well because you felt the same way. Breathing in his scent soothed whatever feeling of doubt that were plaguing you. It felt right to be in his arms, as cliche as it sounded.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left the way I did. I was just afraid to tell you…” You whispered, clinging onto him tighter as if he’d disappear the minute you let go.

“I wouldn’t have left you to raise our kid by yourself. You know me better than that.”

You felt stupid to doubt him. Kuroo was a reliable man and he wouldn’t have let you end for yourself.

“I’ll take care of you and our son. Together.”


Halloween: Part 1 of 2

“Oh, honey you looks so cute!”

Lexa rolled her eyes as her mother approached, camera in hand, ready to capture every moment of the awkward humiliation she’d agreed to suffer through.

“Mom… Please, don’t.”

It was too late.  Her mother was already snapping pictures as Aden danced around, overjoyed to be out of school and in costume, free to fully inhabit the role of a tiny Darth Vader.

“Lexa! Lexa! Look at me!”

He pranced around, nearly bouncing off the walls with frantic energy, his nervous excitement palpable as he run up and down the hallway, wielding his red lightsaber wildly.

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He Wouldn’t pick me... I wouldn’t pick me...

Poe Dameron/Reader

Reader is Poe’s closest friend.  One night, Poe tells them he’s going on a romantic walk with the new nurse on base and they become insanely jealous, despite trying their hardest not to be.  BB-8 spies on Poe on his date and comes back with information thats a little hard for Reader to swallow.

Author: Charlee

Anon Asked:  BB-8 spies on Poe for reader when he goes on a date with a new nurse. Reader & Poe are best friends. reader tried really really hard not to give a crap but reader cannot help that they want to trip this nurse and be immature. Bb8 reports back that Poe told the nurse he’s in love w/ someone else and reader stops being stupid and is just heartbroken. Reader avoids Poe but he tries to bring up his date and reader says she doesn’t want to hear about it. He says he finally realized he loves reader!

Word Count: 1311

A/N: …i totally forgot i started this liek 4 days ago MY BAD!! ><

The little round droid screeched as you twisted one of its bolts too tight.  “I’m sorry, BB-8!” You sigh, tossing the wrench aside, “I guess I’m a bit distracted…”  BB-8 chips a couple times, questioning your frustrated tones.  “It’s Poe.  I know he and I are just friends but I can’t help but notice how he’s been looking at that… tramp of a nurse, Oxsana.”  BB-8 rolls an inch backwards, beeping in shock, making you laugh.  “Oh come on BB!  You have heard far worse out of my mouth!”

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onesingledreamer  asked:

ShikaNaru, if it catches your muse, or UraIchi ;) I have a weakness for rare pairs and your characterizations are always badass yet on point. :))

(No more pairing requests please.)

Also mostly very platonic.

1. Angst

Shikamaru remembers a time when Naruto inspired people to follow all on their own instead of commanding a village to obey with a distant sort of respect, but more and more these days, with every glimpse he catches of the little ball of bitter resentment that’s Naruto’s son, with every snarled rant Kiba spits out about how weak-willed Hinata’s become when that was the only thing she has never been, with every visit a deserter pays their leader, Shikamaru wishes Naruto never became Hokage or even heard of the name Uchiha Sasuke.

2. AU

Most of the Akatsuki are dead, Itachi’s been bundled back to Konoha, the truth about the Uchiha Massacre has been revealed, Sasuke isn’t a tiny festering entity of angst and rage anymore (hopefully), Obito is catatonic in the Konoha hospital with Kakashi at his bedside, Orochimaru is dead, Madara is never ever ever coming back, and Kaguya will - with any sort of luck - stay a memory long forgotten by most.

“Now what?” Shikamaru asks lazily, twenty-five years old and feeling even older most days.

Naruto - just as old and just as weary but he hides it better than Shikamaru ever has - only shrugs from where he’s eating ramen on a tree branch. “Rebuild Uzushiogakure?”

Shikamaru snorts, closing his eyes. “Sure, why not.” He cracks one eye open and slants a glance at the branch below him. “You in, kid?”

Twelve and Genin and happier as a missing-nin than Shikamaru has ever seen his own Naruto at the age of twelve, the younger Naruto beams up at them, momentarily distracted from the hand seals of a jutsu he’s determined to get down ever since his older counterpart showed it to him. “Definitely, dattebayo! I wanna see where Mom came from!”

Shikamaru looks up. His Kage grins back at him, fox-sly and bright with the endless spread of sky at his back and the whole wide world just waiting for them to leave their mark on history.

3. Crack

“Naruto, my entire clan’s been turned into deer! Stop laughing!”

4. Future fic

Shikamaru only asks once. “Do you even love her?”

Naruto - tellingly enough - doesn’t answer.

5. First time (playing shogi together)

“…You beat me. How the fuck did you beat me?”

“Um, well, it’s just a game, right? I’m good at games.”

“It’s not just a game! It’s strategy and tactics and- and forethought-”

“-and it’s a game. It’s like a miniature totally safe version of missions, except there’s nobody sneaking up behind you or stabbing you in the back or pulling out crazy-strong jutsus. It even has rules that we have to follow. So, you know, compared to real life, this is easy.”


“Uh, Shikamaru? Are you okay?”


“Er, you know, it’s easier if you imagine the pieces as ninja, so you could try that? I mean, the king is Konoha, obviously, so I can’t lose no matter what. And you said the rook is like the strongest piece, right? So my rook is Sakura, and she’d totally come back from the dead and kill me if I didn’t use her to kick your ass. Stuff like that. It helps.”


“Aw crap, come on, Shikamaru, shogi’s not worth getting all depressed over! Heck, it was probably just a fluke! I mean, you’re a Nara, so I probably just got lucky!”

We are playing again.

“…Um, sure?”

6. Fluff

“Ino’s trying to set me up with some girl again,” Shikamaru groans, tossing his phone back on the nightstand. “Temari or whatever. Troublesome.”

Naruto grins, climbing back into bed with coffee, two plates of pancakes, and a generous dosing of syrup for both of them. “She still hasn’t realized? It’s not like we’ve been hiding it.”

“You’d think she of all people would have figured it out by now,” Shikamaru agrees in grumbling tones even as he snatches up one of the plates for himself. Naruto’s chocolate chip pancakes are to die for, and if Shikamaru brings it in to work, it also has the bonus of making all his coworkers jealous. It’s hilarious watching the entire department of Homeland Security drool over a stack of pancakes. About as conducive to Shikamaru’s health as the pancakes are but it’s still high-class entertainment.

“Maybe I should propose,” Naruto suggests, and Shikamaru almost sprays out a mouthful of coffee.

“What?” He splutters weakly. What?

Naruto snickers at his expense as he digs into his breakfast. “Don’t worry, Shika. Sakura’s on my ass about getting the last three chapters of Blood On Lotuses written so I don’t have time for ring-shopping right now.” He throws a jaunty grin at Shikamaru and waggles his eyebrows in a way that should be stupid and not endearing. “But later’s fair game so prepare yourself!”

Shikamaru rolls his eyes. He starts on his own breakfast and thinks of the engagement ring rolled up in one of his socks and buried at the very back of one of his desk drawers at work.

Maybe it’s time.

7. Humor

“W- What happened?”

“You fainted. I don’t know why. What is wrong with you people and reading Icha Icha out loud?”

“More like what is wrong with Jiraiya-sama that he puts all his damn codes in his damn books! And I’m the one who has to deal with it!”

“Well, Kakashi-sensei does too. He’s still conked out in the corner.”

Lucky him.”

8. Hurt/Comfort

Shikamaru swears, loud and frantic as Sasuke bears down on him with a chidori, nothing but crimson bloodlust and ruthless rage and an almost gleeful cruelty in his eyes, and he tries to get out of the way, of course he does, but both his legs are broken, the fingers of one of his hands were crushed earlier, he’s dangerously low on chakra, and Ino’s scream - full of angry, helpless, heart-wrenching denial - is already ringing in his ears.

The chirping of a thousand birds roars through the clearing, and Shikamaru curses the man Uchiha Sasuke learned it from because the guy was clearly not fucking thinking and oh god this is going to kill his parents-

There’s a very loud, very sickening squelch of something punching through flesh and bone and everything in-between, which Shikamaru was sort of expecting, except there’s no extra pain, and just as suddenly, complete and utter silence falls like stone underwater.

Shikamaru opens eyes he didn’t know he shut, flinching back a little - and then promptly grimacing when it jostles his legs - at the sight in front of him.

There’s a hole in Sasuke’s chest. Well, not quite, considering Naruto’s fist is still in it, the fading light of the rasengan not quite gone even as it finishes wreaking havoc with Sasuke’s chest cavity. Most of the heart’s gone. Parts of the lungs too, and the ribs aren’t worth mentioning. And Naruto tore right through the spine. The only reason Sasuke’s still standing is because Naruto is inadvertently holding him up.

There’s shock and outrage on the Uchiha’s face, probably especially because it’s Naruto. But in contrast, Naruto’s face is ice and granite and stone-cold death, and when Sasuke crumples after the blond removes his hand, Naruto doesn’t bother catching him. Nobody else does either. With the exception of Sakura, Shikamaru is quite sure that the only reason each and every one of them still holds back and tries to incapacitate instead of kill the Uchiha is because of Naruto.

Sasuke convulses once, and his mouth opens like he wants to say something, but nothing comes out except a feeble cough that brings blood up with it. His eyes roll until they can see Naruto, and even on the brink of death, a sneer twists his lips like he refuses to accept that his death will come at the hands of the Academy’s dead-last.

For some reason, that of all things makes Shikamaru want to stab him with a couple hundred shadow needles.

But there’s hardly any need for that. Sasuke takes a last stuttering breath, and then he dies, eyes still open but black again instead of that insane red.

Nobody says a word. Nobody seems to know what to say. Shikamaru looks up at Naruto again, at lost blue eyes and a pinched white face that somehow make him look six and friendless and completely alone all over again, and he dredges up about a dozen different things to say that are meant to comfort, meant to be kind, meant to be grateful, but when he manages to scrounge up his voice, all that comes out is a choked, pain-roughened, “Naruto? I’m- I’m sorry. I didn’t- I should’ve- I’m sor-”

He shuts up when Naruto drops to his knees beside him and hooks an arm around his shoulders before simply leaning forward and resting his forehead on Shikamaru’s shoulder, and yeah, his legs are killing him, and his hand needs medical attention stat if he ever wants to make another hand seal again, but-

That can wait. That can all wait while Shikamaru throws an answering arm around Naruto’s own shoulders, and he says nothing even when Naruto gasps against his collarbone like it was the blond’s own heart that was ripped from his chest.

Meet the parents (requested)

Originally posted by holyfrickharry

Oops I’m 11 hours late but it’s still Thursday in some parts of the world…? Anyway, enjoy!

REQUEST: Your parents don’t approve of Harry’s image/what the tabloids say and he wants to prove them wrong.

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