i mean it does look like it

the true beauty and the beast ‘gay moment’

  • “who needs her when you’ve got us?”
  • “it’s never going to happen ladies”
  • “I’m not done with you yet” - “me neither”
  • LeFou looking dreamy and biting his bottom lip when Gaston says “picture it LeFou (…) adorable children running around while my love rubs my tired feet”
  • LeFou’s dreamy look turning into a frown the second Gaston adds ‘but what does Belle say?”
  • the whole Gaston song
  • “LeFou you’re the best. How is it no girl has snatched you up yet?” - “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it” + the Look
  • the nose boop
  • the dance with Stanley at the end

basically pretty much all the lefou scenes were gay because he’s gay af it wasn’t even subtext it was obvious and subtle at the same time goodbye

what the actual fuck is this i literally don’t even know how to respond to this. firstly, they’re just walking their fucking dogs and they film in vancouver, just because they’re walking their dogs when they’re not filming it does not mean that they are dating and there is literally no other proof. secondly, wow i actually can’t believe melissa left her husband for chris I’m not saying that she did but it is what it looks like and i have nothing against chris, just his character, but wow i can’t believe this like i refuse to believe this the only proof they have is that they are smiling and walking their dogs somewhere that wasn’t near the supergirl set

to me this honestly sounds like bullshit and i refuse to believe this until it the words come out of one of their mouths (preferably melissa’s)

*edit* also they were seen at the airport together which obviously means that they’re dating….what is this bullshit

Just A Shout Out

Do the people at the controls of Arrow, WM, MG…  and the list goes on, think that they can write their stories solely based on ratings.  (WM on Olicity—”we’ll play it by ear on where that will go.”) Paraphrasing of course, but you get the gist. Do they not have the same numbers we have, like the percentage of Olicity fans vs the percentage of comic fans, or just the general public numbers?

if they do, maybe they should look more closely at those Olicity numbers again. Do they not hear the screams of the faithful? Have they forgotten the chemistry that ignited the show? Did they forget they’re the force that created Olicity in the first place? Does lightning in a bottle mean nothing to them?

Am I ranting? The numbers say yes.

Are we as fans only numbers now to them? if so, remember that there is strength in numbers. 

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Lauren is a big personality the way she says things is just her, if camila was to respond like Lauren did it would be different, Lauren's choice of words is absolutely fine if she feels the way she does about it, try look at it from her point of view as person. Being a celeb doesn't mean you have do and say things a certain way to please fans yano 😊

Actually I think it means exactly that, especially when it comes to the LGBTQ community - Lauren made the choice to become a voice when she came out in such a political way and that’s a big responsibility that I don’t think she quite measure the importance of yet.

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Could you provide me some prompts about the antagonist falling (desiring) for the protagonist?

“I’m supposed to hate you.”

“Does that mean you don’t?”

“I don’t…know anymore, let me think!”


“I’m conflicted on whether I should kiss or kill you, right now.”


“Stop giving me that face.”

“I’m not doing anything-”

“There you go again! How am I supposed to fight you if you’re looking at me like that?”


“Listen, I can’t be the only one feeling this sexual tension between us, right?”

Happy writing!

-Ashley ❤

BTS reaction to their S/O having a lot of tattoos

Request said:  Hey! Would it be alright for you to do a bts reaction to y/n have lot of tattoos. Please? Bit of a silly one. And thank you for all the reaction and ship posts! :)

*Author’s Note: This is not to offend anyone. Again this is just for fun and this is just how I think they would react. It does not mean it will be like this of course.*


Jin: As you got dressed for you date with Jin, you decided to put on a simple dress with a jacket on, covering your arm tattoos but when Jin noticed you doing this, he would get mad at you because you were not embracing the art in your body. “Jagiya, what the heck do you think you are doing?” he would ask you. “What does it look like, Jin” you responded. “Well, take it off. I don’t care what other people think” he would say making you feel comfortable. 

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Suga: “Y/N what are you doing with your foundation?” he said. “Why are you pointing it on your tattoos?” he added. “Because today we are meeting your parents and I don’t want them to think bad of me” you said. “Forget about that!” he said as he grabbed your foundation and threw it away. “Yoongi, do you know how much that foundation costed me!” you said getting mad at him. “My parents are going to love you as much as I love you!” he said while he smiled at you. 

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J-Hope: “Y/N why are you wearing that!” he said while laughing so hard that he couldn’t breath. You were wearing a very horrible conservative loose dress that was just to your knees. “Why do you think?” you said. “But I said we were going to eat out not to a …” he started laughing. “To a what, Hoseok?” you said sounding mad. “I don’t know to a fashion disaster run way” he said while still laughing. “Just take it off, I know you hate the stares from the people because of you tattoos but you are mine Y/N ,and nobody can change the fact that I love you for who you are” he said sounding more serious.

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Rap Monster: As you were taking a shower early in the day because Namjoon told you that he was taking you out today. You got of the shower and quickly started to get dressed but then you heard a voice saying “Looking hot, babe. But why didn’t you told me about having tattoos?” he would ask you. You turned around and you grabbed whatever was close to you, which was your bra, threw at his direction “Namjoon get out, I am naked!” you screamed. “But seriously babe!” he would say as he stood in the door way. “Please just let me get dressed.” you pleaded. “Nah, that’s not going to happen” he would say as he approached to you and things quickly got heated. 

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Jimin: “Y/N” you heard a voice calling you. “Y/N, where are you” he would call you again as he once got into your shared apartment. “ I am at the kitchen” you would say. He got into the kitchen and it was the first time that you had your tattoos showing for him. He was mesmerized by your art body that he was completely speechless. At the sign of this you got sad and started to cry “ I knew that you were going to react this way” you started to say with tears in your eyes. “It’s not that” he would say as he approached to you.  “Then what is it” you said while tears forming in your eyes. “Its just that they are so, WOW!. It complements your beauty”  he would say as he dried your tears. And then he would kiss you softly just to make sure you were ok. 

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Taehyung (V): You guys have been dating for a while but you guys decided to make the next move and by that to move together. You woke up next to a very curious looking V and he was looking at your body art. He would go to touch and trace each one of them, making you fuzzy inside by his touch. “How long have you had these and why?” he said asking about the tattoos“A couple of years back I had these. I did because to be rebel to my parents and now I regret it. Actually I don’t because some have a special meaning to me. ” you explained. He would be saying ‘ah’ the whole time and nodding his head and smiling at you. 

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JungKook: You were getting ready to a dinner date with JungKook. You were struggling to get an outfit that  actually did not showed every single tattoo, because you were sick and tired of hearing people telling you about how pretty your face was but your ruined it because of your arm tattoos and stuff like that, so you decided to get a long sleeve  shirt and a cute skirt. And you decided to cover with foundation some of the tattoos showing in your arm. As you headed down the stairs, you saw JungKook staring at your weirdly “Y/N what have you done. I want my girlfriend back!” he would say kind of mad at you. “JungKook, I can’t take it anymore. I can’t..” you would start to say. “Y/N I love everything about you. Including you body art so please embrace it!” he said. “So go and get change!” he would instruct you. 

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Does it surprise anyone else how shitty Cyborg looks? I mean, here’s him on a poster

and he looks like he belongs on the box of a video card in 2005. 

Here’s Ava, from Ex Machina.

She looks about a million times better, and I’m sure that movie cost about what the catering did on Justice League. Then there’s Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Terminator from T2, which is almost thirty years old.

Then you have Cyborg, who is clearly just some guy’s face pasted on yay! to a bunch of pixels. 

He looks like he’s sticking his head through one of those cardboard cut-outs and having a picture taken. Really, would it be that hard to just put some costuming and prosthetics and make-up on him? Maybe use some sparing CGI to sell it, like for battle damage or stuff? I mean, if you look at Cyborg from the comics–

He’s not that far off from Robocop. And even the remake looks better than this.

External image

Like, at least that’s an actual guy

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I think I'm ace but I'm not sure. I'm a girl and I'm attracted to cute boys. Fluffy hair, adorable smiles, silly giggles, dorky personalities etc. but I've always been repulsed by muscles and what is considered 'hot' by the norm. I've never once looked at a boy and thought he was 'hot'. I like the idea of someday being in a relationship (not now because I think I'm still too young to date, I'm only 16) but only a cuddle-hug kind, neck kisses maybe. But does that mean ace? Thanks for the help> :)

if you want to figure out if you’re ace, you need to ask yourself one simple question: do you feel sexual attraction?

make sure what you’re feeling isn’t another type of attraction (platonic, romantic, sensual, etc.)

if the answer is no, then you’re ace. ta-da. nothing more to it.

what you find attractive in a person doesn’t really help figure out your sexuality either


gerard’s story is so fucking inspiring for me because in high school he would always feel invisible and unnoticed and thats EXACTLY how i felt when i was in high school and he’s also dealt with depression that was so bad that he wouldn’t shower for days or even WEEKS and i’m at that point with my depression as well and he always thought he was going to die alone and didn’t think marriage was something that worked like everyone says it does and thats EXACTLY how i feel about love and relationship and he dealt with that shit for so long but !!! look at him now!!! he’s doing what he loves and he has a FAMILY and he seems fucking happy and its so fucking inspiring because if he could get through the lowest of the low in his life then i probably can too and UGH he just means so much to me

cool thing i found out while looking around on lyricstranslate: “raar” in dutch means “strange” just like “rar” in norwegian does so i recognized a dutch word despite the fact that i know zero dutch whatsoever aren’t germanic languages fun

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Au: msr and the diner!!!


  • so scully’s a waitress at this weird little space themed diner
    • she’s working her way through med school
    • she hates saying that the waffles are “out of this world” but … they are really good
  • mulder always comes in at weird hours, and he comes in a lot 
  • he kinda tries to flirt with one of her coworkers and it annoys scully
    • she wants to know why he never flirts with her and she’s annoyed that she cares
    • he actually just makes a lot of dorky space jokes and puns when he sees her and tries to talk about aliens
    • “do you believe in the existance of extraterrestials?” is the first thing he said to her and he thinks it’s his best pick up line
    • scully does not know this
  • one day he orders a lot of eggs
    • i mean A LOT (go look at this post!)
    • “what do you mean a lot of eggs? like three?” “uh, how many do you have?” “if you order two of the sunrise specials, that would be eight eggs.” “I’LL HAVE THAT.”
  • once this gross dude was trying to bother scully behind the diner and mulder thought he was going to swoop in and save her but then she knocked the gross dude’s lights out and mulder had never been so turned on in his life he Had To Leave Immediately. 
  • he asked her out to the platariem by slipping her a note with an address and time and nothing else
    • she suprised them both and went

send me an AU and i’ll tell you 5 of my headcanons for it

Why is no one talking about the scene in batb where it goes

Dude: *smiling at lady* bonjour, good day, how is your family?
Lady: bonjour, good day, how is your wife? *smiles and looks down and to the side*
*Dude #2 pops up from where lady was looking*
What is this
Why is no one talking about this
What does this mean

hannibal sweeney todd au yall didn’t ask for bc this autistic boy needs to get it in writing

  • i thought hannibal would be sweeney but after thinking abt it for .2 seconds i realized he’s mrs. lovett bc like for one shes an Awful Person and the cannibalism is her idea and also she’s more devoted to sweeney than he is
  • will is sweeney mostly bc he’s Not mrs lovett, but also like he’s got his own shit going on and his own agenda and doesn’t rly care about the pies
  • abigail, hear me out here, is the beggar woman. bc i mean if u look at her storyline and assume hannibal->lovett and will->sweeney, then the s2 arc involving abigail is near IDENTICAL to what lovett does to the beggar woman which is. rly neat i think.
  • margot is johanna, alana is anthony, mason is judge turpin (and i guess cordell would be the beadle then)
  • idk about toby and pirelli
  • i also don’t know who jack and bedelia would be
Loki (speed drawing)
Tom Hiddleston as Loki! Drawn with graphite pencils. You can find me: joanna-vu.deviantart.com. Music from the Thor 2 movie, by Brian Tyler.

I really like this video by Joanna Vu for several reasons. Firstly, she obviously practices a lot and cares about her work, and is very good at what she does. Secondly, I want people to look at how ‘not good’ the drawing looks at certain points in the video, like in the initial blocking stage, and in the stages where she deepens the shading in bold manners. I feel like this is something that a lot of new artists or artists who think they aren’t good, stumble over. 

Just because something looks bad /at some point/, doesn’t mean the result is going to be bad in the end, so you have to push through to the next point. This requires trust of your initial vision…and having the vision in the first place. Many times when I am sewing, in particular, something will just not look very good at all. But I’ve learned to trust myself and keep going unless I’ve done something like…made it not fit at all. 

I really wish i was hyped for justice league like everyone else but i literally never saw a DC movie ever, except suicide squad, but the JL trailer looks cool and the actors are cool but does that mean i should watch all the single movies? :/ 

Attraction is confusing when you have NPD

like, I do not care for the person at all generally.

I’m like “do I like you cus of your aesthetic (so I’m gonna hate you in the morning), do I like you cus you like me, do I like you cus of what you can do for me, do i like you because of what you have” etc

why am I like this???

Although on the plus side it does mean all you have to do to get me is have a unique look, shower me with affection, offer to fuck me and maybe buy me things. 

Oh geeze, I just realized that Business Insider basically gets like a quarter of all its notes on Tumblr from me and Readinglist. Meaning that if anyone actually monitors their feed it’s literally like ‘oh look, that asshole with the weird name poked fun at our story again…I think he likes this story, but he really hated that dinosaur one.’

This also means that theoretically readinglist and I are the gateway users between what articles on their feed get circulated and which get ignored, so how long before we inadvertently alter their article selection because they’re trying to chase the only notes they’ve gotten?

Better yet, how long before the intern running it turns it into a Denny’s style meme feed that’s about news. Strike that, how long before they hire me to be the gatekeeper for making their content relevant to Tumblr users?

All that aside I personally really like Business Insider in spite of any weird claims that may have been made against it at any point. By myself or others.

i really hate that the like “face of nonbinary stuff” is that one youtuber whose name ive forgotten who does all the info vids abt like ace labels amd what not because like. the videos and the fuckin BOOK he wrote makes both nonbinaries and aces look so silly and i really REALLY do not wanna be grouped with aces. it makes us look like such a joke and just reminds me of like 2014 when everyone was a “walking dictionary” of 383727 terms. i dont wanna be viewed as some special fuckin case because this dumbass is making 78 part informational videos on what it means to be all sorts of “lgbtqia+” because im fuckim nonbinary.

were already looked at as “special snowflakes” MAJORLY, we dont need bullshit like this making it worse.

im also scared of discourse against nb ppl coming up because of this fuckin unfortunate link that needs to break