i mean it does look like it

BTS when they find out you love pandas

EXO version to come~

Jungkook: “Wow, there sure are a lot of pandas you’ve got here.” *teasing but thinks it’s adorable*

V: (imagine the plushies are pandas) “Oh jagi, look what I got for you~”

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Jimin: “Does that mean I can give you koala hugs? They’re close enough, right?”

Rap Monster: “I guess I can’t really complain about your interests…” *wearing Ryan pj’s surrounded by Ryan plushies*

J-Hope: *lost in the feels* “Waaah my jagi is just too cute.”

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Suga: *totally gets it* “You love pandas like I love kumamon.”

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Jin: “In that case let’s go to the zoo and see some pandas!”

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im an ace trans guy and like,, i find peoples bodies to be very fascinating and beautiful and, as an artist, i also love to draw and sketch these different body types,,, but most ace people say they really dislike looking at people that have showy clothing or naked/almost naked people and some are repulsed by this but im not?? does this mean im not ace??? cause im a bit confused,,??????

asexuality is lack of sexual attraction. you can enjoy the human body and still be ace. I’m gay, but I love drawing the “female” body, becuase curves are fun to draw, but i’m still gay!
Not all ace people are sex repulsed and thats ok!


After regarding Ruby with as much interest as one would give to a worm, Winter said that because she has arrived early, she’d like to inspect Weiss’ dorm. To ensure they are up to her standards.

Yeah, that’s gonna… That’s gonna go well. I mean, just listen to what Weiss said here. “The bunk beds only look unstable!”

Ah… It’s Qrow.

A brawl in the family, indeed. This is… really unfortunate. And I have so many questions!

Why is Qrow an alcoholic? Why does he have a beef with Winter? Does Winter know him and why he’s trying to fight her? Does Winter know he’s related to Ruby?

Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate this shot. This show has come a long, long, long way from the hordes of shadow people as background filler.

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I miss Synth Codsworth... and your old style.

ah! well i’m sorry you miss my old style, but if you look through my archives you’d see i’ve had many ‘styles’. I like to try new things or i just get bored and stagnated, which is what happened last style change, I draw for fun, and the moment it’s no longer fun? I try something new! try to rekindle it a bit. If it’s no longer to your taste you have no obligation to keep following me. :’D

but it’s surprising that anyone liked my synth codsworth design enough to miss him! I kinda miss him too, so here’s a lil doodle. 👍

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Salutations Khat. I wanna know your opinion on something. Cause Kraglin is an alien, that would mean his anatomy could be different from a human, vastly different. So I only thought I keep having is, what does his cock look like?

I feel like that since he’s human like on the outside so much…His cock might be very human like as well xD I mean not too big but perfect 😍lol I MEAN WE ALL SAW THE HANDFUL HE GRABBED AM I RIGHT LIKE THAT DICK GRAB WAS 👌👌IT WAS LIT 👏👏👏

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Speaking of Andrew pulling Neil to study his eyes ,," Andrew gave Neil another slow once-over" this part always makes me feel like Andrew was internally having the same reaction as Nicky that we see after when he sees Neil ,, not exactly the same but as in he kinda appreciates the view and how good Neil looked ,does that make sense ?

definitely yeah i agree i mean andrew was physically attracted to him from pretty much the get-go he just didn’t expect for neil to also be, y’know, perfect for him in every way imaginable 

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Seriously though, I love how crisp Adventure looks even nowadays. For an anime made in 1999-2000 the color are actually very... How should I say it... They just feel more pleasant to the eyes compared to a lot of other anime from that time period.

Honestly I couldn’t agree more???

I can’t even figure out what it is about Digimon (I mean really this does apply to all first four seasons, not just Adventure) but they’ve really aged well visually, like aside from the aspect ratio, they don’t LOOK that old. Compare them to like the old HxH series or hell, Toei’s One Piece that begun the same year Adventure did. Even Hosoda’s Adventure Movie looks older than the series itself does!

I’m wondering if Toei colored Adventure digitally instead of doing it the old fashioned way (like actually painting them on the cells) because that could be part of the reason why the series has aged so well compared to shows from the time that were still being done traditionally, but I franky have no idea how Toei did the colors for Adventure…

Considdering how much CGI Digimon has used since day one though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toei had decided to do this series digitally (how fitting), I’d imagine it’d be easier to incorporate CGI elements to animation if it’s done digitally instead of traditionally…

Man I should really look into this properly

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Ok so I just looked at the trivia part of Mr Scratch and this was one of the things on there. Matthew Gray Gubler played the character "Mr Scratch" himself because he couldn't find anyone else thin enough to portray the creature's slender frame. He wore a skintight black bodysuit, a mask with the beak made out of cardboard, and the long talons were made out of tinfoil. I wanna see a picture of this now. I mean can you imagine him dressed up like this?

This does not surprise me at all LOL

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hypothesis: the slot spot is actually limitles inside, though it doesnt look like it. you can never reach the walls, and it looks like you are the same distance from the register once you reach a certain point, but you are moving, and different products do appear. however, some people do disappear into the aisles, and *if* they come back, they come back different. some alternate versions of the slot spot employees have even appeared from the aisles, only to disappear into them once more.

Jesus christ Alex. Wow.

I mean technically the storage area, to the knowledge of the employees, is limitless. Like, the winding hallways go on for-fucking-ever. So does the area behind the cash register.


Another important thing to remember! Just because a business refers to the LGBTPN community as “LGBTQIA+” does not mean that is the official acronym. Believe it or not, those are simply ads made by people like us that are looking to reel in the most money, and if it means toying with our acronym to include as many people as possible or endorsing the idea that aces and aros can be LGBT even if they’re cishet, they’re going to do it because it’ll make them more money.

Don’t let pinkwashing big businesses run by wealthy cishet white men define what our community is and isn’t. To do so is homophobic and transphobic because you’re letting cishet people have a voice over us and define us before you let us define ourselves.

I think this might be my new favorite thing to say ironically.  Just remove Garak and insert whatever.  I mean, doesn’t this just absolutely sum up the Tumblr experience in ONE tag?  Tumblr Tots are out in full force today.

Now in all seriousness, someone please walk me through the logic of the above statement because I have heard variations of it several times - people who hate the Cardassians, but love Garak, like Garak is somehow a “good” Cardassian or at the best “less evil” Cardassian.  Garak was a fucking murderer, to say the least.  I mean, he was better than Dukat because he always had Cardassia’s best interests at heart, but as for the others?  How is he less problematic than Damar or Natima or Ghemor or Maritza?

No, really.  Explain it to me.  I’ll wait.


This blog has a lot of Cardassian content.  I enjoy the Cardassians.  Garak is my favorite; I find him incredibly relatable.  Does that mean that I don’t critically interface with the original content?  Of course not.  I’ve given a lot of thought to the Cardassian’s history.  Just because I’m not constantly posting about that doesn’t mean I don’t understand it.  Does my enjoyment of the Cardassians as a fictional species mean that I condone that kind of behavior in real life?  Again, of course not.  There is a difference between fiction and reality, and if you don’t think that people can’t make that distinction, it speaks volumes about you and how you think.  Maybe you’re the one who shouldn’t be interacting with something fictional.

So, how about we stop policing how other people enjoy fandom and mind our own peas, hmm?  You see a ship you don’t like?  Don’t ship it!  You see some people having fun with a character/species/whatever you happen to find “problematic?”  Keep it to yourself!  If you want to have a civil, interesting debate with someone, fine, but if you’re not capable of engaging another human being without insulting them and questioning their judgement, keep your opinions to yourself.

Can we please get back to LLAP and stop with the judgemental bullshit?

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Ok so I think im in love with my teacher. I know shes gay to. But it will never happen 😞 she is single and has a roomate and is vegan and 34 years old. This is all i know. Sometimes i Caught her looking at me with a smile, and when i looked at her at The time, She was frightened and looked at her papers very quickly. I think she knows that im lesbian.Do you think that lesbians have a Special eye for other gay pll? And do you think The look has a meaning? Srry for my english im from spain

Some people are having a really strong gayer and she can have it as well :) If you like her, does it really matters how old is she? Maybe you can try to call her out somehow? Like write her a note and give it in the end of the class. At least try, its worth it

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i think it was rlly rude of AOS to say happ isn't really trans just bc he doesn't look 100% like a guy. i went through some of his posts on my other account and he does talk about having dysphoria. i think the posts may have been deleted though. just bc happ is an asshole, doesn't mean someone can invalidate his non-made up gender (ex of made up gender would be stargender). i didn't see the selfie, but calling him ugly and fake trans is fucked up.

as much as i look up to as AOS as a senior blog, i agree. 


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Okay... So... A question(s)... I don't feel like I fit under the category "male" or "female". I was born female, but can't really label myself as either. What gender even AM I, then? Also, I thought I was pansexual, but I only have romantic interest. Not really sexual interest. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I THOUGHT I WAS A GENDERFLUID PANSEXUAL, BUT IDEK ANYMORE!!!! WHAT EVEN AM I???

Okay, that typically means you are non-binary (neither male nor female and use “they/them” pronouns)

As for sexuality, I would say you are Asexual. You can be panromantic asexual.

I suggest looking up the sexualities and their definitions :)