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hi , could you do a yoongi smut where he is your best friend and you ask him to teach you how to give a bj? ( thanks and sorry for my bad english 🇦🇷)😘

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You sat there chewing on the stick of the sucker you had just finished devouring. Your eyes flickered from the screen, to Yoongi’s face, to the dials on the remote control back to Yoongi’s lips. His fingers, his slender frame lounging on the couch next to yours. You could feel the heat rising in your cheeks the more you looked at him. Sometimes you even played it off, acting like you were staring at the TV but you were really checking him out from the corner of your eye. You lifted an eyebrow noticing how he was huffing and puffing next to you a light scowl dancing on his lips as he combed through his blonde locks.

“Is something the matter?” You asked as the silence became too much, the tension in the room soon getting thick.

“Yes. I think you could help me solve it.” Yoongi replied smartly turning to face you. His dark eyes narrowed as your eyes met his and you could feel your heart drop into your stomach.

“Why do you keep staring at me?” Yoongi questioned and your eyes opened wide.


“I swear to god Y/N if you say you weren’t staring at me I’m going to leave.” Yoongi was being a bit stern but you could see under the facade of his tough boy act. Still, you didn’t want to upset him you guys were best friends after all and he scolded you like his other friends but his actions to make you apologize are sometimes a bit worse than what he does to the other six. Sighing, you nodded shifting to face him in your seat letting the sucker stick press against the inside of your jaw.

“I wanted to ask for your help with something.” You started slowly and when you could see it in his eyes that he was encouraging you to go on you sighed jutting out your lower lip. “Can you teach me how to blow you?” You asked softly and Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows.

“Blow me?” He repeated, and you nodded feeling your face become warm from embarrassment as you pressed on.

“Yes, blow you, like you know give you head? Suck your dick?” You stated and Yoongi frowned standing up.

“If you’re going to talk nonsense I’m going home.” He stated, and you rolled your eyes reaching for his wrist to pull him back down beside you. After a few minutes of lazy tug and war he let you win with a groan sitting back down beside you.

“I’m serious Yoongi. I really need your help with this.” You whined softly still tugging on his wrist.

“Why do you want to do that? And why me? Is it because you like me?” He teased wiggling his eyebrows and you slapped at his arm. Yes, you liked him as your best friend, but you wouldn’t dare let him feed into that too much.

“Shut up asshole. Here is the thing, lately whenever I give head it’s like I’m not pleasing my partner anymore. I mean he does cum but now it takes longer, and his eyes doesn’t roll the way it used to. I think I’m going soft and I know you’re a very picky person so if you could teach me then maybe it could work on him?” You mused rubbing up and down Yoongi’s arm trying to coax him.

“A dick is a dick.”

“A mouth is a mouth.” You countered as he paused and gave you an incredulous look.

“How do you know he will even like what I like?” Yoongi questioned you and that did stomp you.

“Well I don’t-“

“Okay well case closed.” Yoongi stated and you could feel your anger rising inside. Giving a light frustrated yell, you stood up grabbing at your belongings.

“Where are you going?” Yoongi asked grabbing on your pants leg as you tried to move away from the couch.

“If you’re not going to help me I’m going to ask Taehyung.” You lightly shook your leg to pry his fingers off, but his grip tightened at your words.

“How do you know Taehyung wouldn’t say the same thing?” Yoongi asked and you smiled.

“Taehyung likes oral as much as I do.” You chirped and Yoongi managed to wrestle you back down on the couch.

“You both need to calm down with that, sex is addicting.”

“A dick is a dick.” You repeated batting your eyelashes.

“I like oral too.” Yoongi said next almost pouting and you had to try your hardest to not laugh as you pushed at his chin lightly.

“But you didn’t want my oral so what’s the problem?” You asked and Yoongi tilted his head.

“I don’t want my best friend slobbering all over Taehyung. He would never shut up about it. Besides, I’m more experienced.” Yoongi gloated wiggling his eyebrows.

“Experienced and single.” You gave him a deadpan stare that he matched.

“If I had a girlfriend or if Taehyung did then what would that make you? You wouldn’t even be able to live out your little fantasy.” He pinched your nose pulling back which you followed with soft whimpers slapping at his hand.

“Are you going to help me or not?” You asked and Yoongi gave a mischievous smirk.

“Does your eyes roll back when he eats you out?” Yoongi asked and it took you a moment to think about it. But the more you did the more you felt confused.

“Not.. Lately.” You admitted and Yoongi hummed grabbing at your phone and things to put them back on your table.

“How about this. I’ll show you how to give head, a few tricks that should make any man come undone. Or at least the ones I know, because we talk about this. And in return you can show me how you liked to be eaten out.” Yoongi gave a sweet smile and your heart rate sped up as he watched you.

“But why me? I am fine with what he gives me!” You lied, it was horrible, but you couldn’t let your best friend eat you out.

“A mouth is a mouth?” He questioned, and you narrowed your eyes gritting your teeth at the shit eating grin plastered across his face.

“Fine asshole.” You mumbled and Yoongi chuckled sitting back down beside you, grabbing at your hand he tugged lightly.

“Good now on your knees.” He commanded softly. You didn’t expect this too move so quickly, you suddenly felt like a little lamb in a lion’s den, but you knew that it was too late for you to try to back down now. Once you provoke someone, especially Yoongi he expects you to keep your word. You slid down off the couch and stationed yourself on your knees as Yoongi opened his legs for you. He was staring at you with dark eyes, waiting for you as his legs softly rocked out and in. “Well?” He questioned, and you lifted an eyebrow questioning him. “Dammit, y/n. Do I have to do this as well too? I need you to pull my dick out. Get me hard, do something, if you can.” Yoongi taunted and you felt insulted slightly, but you couldn’t help but laugh because of his rude ass mouth. Biting on your lip, your moved your hands to trail up his jean cladded thighs, immediately you could feel his body become rigid, but he tried to appear relaxed.

Your hands gripped at his zipper and button, your eyes locked on his as you pressed the palm of your hand down against his soft bulge rubbing it up and down. Your eyes cast downward as you became nervous and almost too concentrated on his bulge, keeping your eyes stationed on it. Yoongi gave a soft chuckle leaning over to grip at your chin he looked in your eyes. “Baby it’s a dick, not a magic trick. Don’t be so quick, take your time. Feel me.” He stopped your hand rolling his hips up instead as he pressed his forehead against yours. “Try making out with him next time. Let him feel his tongue against yours, and those soft lips. He will become worked up thinking about what they will do to him.” Yoongi muttered softly pressing closer to you. The blood was rushing every where in your body, you felt light headed and you had both barely started. The smell of Yoongi’s hint of cologne hit your senses as he invaded your space. His lips pressed against yours in a soft kiss that you were eager to deepen. “Slow, down.” Yoongi groaned against your lips gripping tightly at your wrist. It was hard for you to be patient and take things slow, but letting him have his way, you let Yoongi take the lead moving your lips against his softer ones. He deepened the kiss molding your lips together starting to nibble and suck lightly on your top lip. You started to bite onto his plump lower lip flicking your tongue across the expanse of his flesh before pulling it in your mouth to suck on it. You could feel him twitch inside of his pants a soft groan leaving his lips as your fingers started to grope him through his pants. Yoongi removed his hand to instead cup your cheek to deepen the kiss. He asked you for entrance which you granted parting your lips to let his tongue dance against yours. The kiss was slow and sensual, his tongue taking the lead and dominating the kiss while your hand worked on stroking the outline of his hardening member through the confines of his pants. His breath was becoming quicker, his movements a bit rough as he explored your mouth. Yoongi tasted every inch of your warm cavern that he could, his fingers gripping at your hair before he pulled back to look down at your hand stroking the outline of his cock, your fingertips pressing into his clothed bulge.

“Good job, you’re half way there.” He taunted, and you wanted to push him back so bad, but you let him have his fun. Your hands moved back towards his button and you undid it, but he slapped at your hand once you grabbed for his zipper. “It won’t work all the time, but use your mouth. When you do it on a rare setting it will almost make him explode. Patience.” You leaned forward bracing yourself on your knees, looking up at him your teeth gripped onto the silver zipper pulling it down slowly. You felt sheepish under his gaze, so you tried to avoid it, but he once again gripped at your chin making you look up at him. “Eye contact. Don’t be afraid to look at him. He’s your lover, right? Let him know just how much he knows you. How exposed you are even on your knees. If he can find some pleasure in your eyes, he will love it even more.” You found it great and all but considering Yoongi wasn’t your lover and you realized for the first time that maybe this idea was not so good. Your hands grabbed at Yoongi’s hips and you pulled down his pants as well, not really surprised that he didn’t have on boxers underneath his pants.

Yoongi helped you kick off his pants, and he sat there waiting for you. Your eyes trailed over his naked lower half and back up towards his shaft. It was resting against his lower stomach, hard and red. You could see his veins popping out, the length was impressive you had to admit. He looked heavy, he looked hard and from the way it twitched and jumped your mouth couldn’t help but water at thinking about how it would feel. Yoongi wouldn’t say anything to you about it, but seeing how hungry you were for his cock made something stir inside of him. The more you stared the more he wanted to grip at your hair and face fuck you, but he had to be patient and let you take the lead. It felt like eternity but the moment you gripped onto his cock he released a soft sigh settling back against the seat. Your hand moved to grip at his thick girth. Pumping the expanse of his dick up and down, you darted your tongue out against your lower lip trying to follow his advice and take your time. Your hand was testing out how hard you should grip at his shaft, you leaned forward to swipe your tongue against the tip of his shaft, flicking it against the expanse of his head. You let it dance around the tip before sliding down the sides of his cock and back up. Coating him with light spit it made pumping him easier, your eyes trained on his pulsing cock, the soft oozing of his precum. Yoongi had dark eyes, nibbling on his own lips as his breath picked up he saw you about to take him into your mouth and he shook his head grabbing at your locks.

“Tease me. Play with me. Use your tongue before you bob your head. I want you to rile me up.” Yoongi let his fingers comb through your hair and you let your hand wrap around the base of his cock. Nodding your head, you let your tongue flick up and down against his flesh. You took your time trace over every vein you could find, letting your spit coat his whole member. Your lips pressed against different parts of his cock. You let your tongue roam around the bottom of his cock against the base of his shaft, your tongue drifting up against his tip again. You gave Yoongi one look and took his soft nod of his head, your mouth opened wide to wrap around the top sucking on his head, your tongue flicked roughly up and down his slit, flattening to lap up all his sweetness. Your mouth lowered onto his cock taking every inch of it until you couldn’t fit anymore comfortably. You were bobbing your head at a slow pace, letting your tongue flatten so that your mouth could wrap snugly around him. Making soft slurping noises to suck up the excess spit, your hand pumped what your mouth couldn’t reach. Yoongi let you take control and feel him out, his legs spreading wider, he was catching flickers of your gaze lingering on his face. He chuckled deeply as his fingers tightened into your locks and he coaxed you farther down his shaft.

“Go down, get that dick nice and wet princess.” He urged in a rough voice. You didn’t know what provoked you to do this, but you moaned, you moaned at how he commanded you. “Is that so?” Yoongi mused out loud pushing your head down more. “Someone likes dirty talking. Fuck- keep moaning on my dick. You like having it shoved in your mouth, don’t you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you fantasized that it was my dick instead of his in your fucking mouth you slut. I saw how you were staring at it, that weight feels really good against your tongue doesn’t it, y/n?” You were squeezing your legs together the more he talked, you moaned more around his shaft, hearing the suck of air he took as you moved to bob your head at a faster pace. Your eyes shut, and you tried to change your focus on something else so that you wouldn’t have a wet spot in your panties later. “Fucking look at me.” Yoongi ordered gripping tightly at your hair. Your eyes flew open and Yoongi saw all he needed to know. The submissiveness, the sheer want and need from your eyes. The hidden lust that was just begging for his attention. “Such a slut.” Yoongi slapped your hand away from his shaft and moved towards the end of the couch. You adjusted your body for him, but he held your head in place looking down at you with a cocky smirk. “You know why he can’t get satisfaction from you?” Yoongi asked as he started to thrust his hips up into your mouth, pushing himself down your throat as he watched you. His place slow and the grip on your head told you to stay still.  Your heart was pounding against your ears and chest, but you willed yourself to listen to him because fuck he was turning you on so bad right now. “He can’t get it because he’s letting you do all the fucking work. All you want is someone to take control and dominate you like the submissive girl you are. Isn’t that right? I bet if I called you kitten, you would cum in your panties untouched.” Yoongi started to watch your eyes flutter, he was loving this a bit more than he should have. He knew in the back of his mind there were going to be things you both needed to deal with but for right now, he was all for getting lost in his personal pleasure and dragging you down with him. His hips pushed up against your face as he roughly fucked it. His soft trimmed pubes brushing against your nose as he swirled his hips against your face causing choking sounds to erupt from your body. The more he snapped his hips up the more you choked but you loved every minute of it. Your hands stationed themselves on his ankles as you let Yoongi take over. “Look at me, kitten.” Yoongi demanded and you did as he asked. “Look at how fucking ruined you are. I think you can do better. I need to feel your tongue, fight back. Let me see how much you want my cock shoved down your throat.” Your tongue flicked up and down his shaft slowly, swirling when you could and trying to find his most sensitive spots. “That’s right, fuck- so good baby keep it up.” Yoongi encouraged you once or twice before falling back silent. You felt special in a way, knowing him you didn’t think Yoongi was ever the type to be vocal during sex. The few times you stay with him and he brought people over the only thing you heard was a grunt when he climaxed. Of course, you thought because you were his best friend he wanted to encourage you as much as he could.

Yoongi moved to grip at your nose, cutting of your air as he slid his hips all the way forward resting deep inside of your throat. Feeling your throat tighten and heave against him was too much. His eyes rolled a bit and his mouth fell open as you fought to get yourself air. Yoongi pulled back letting you breathe as your body fell forward slightly. “Don’t give up, you’re doing so good, I’m almost there.” Yoongi slide his cock back inside of your mouth holding it in place before he ground his hips against your mouth. Tears were falling from the corner of your eyelids; your throat was burning and there was spit falling from the sides of your mouth and down your chin getting onto your clothes. Yoongi was moaning softly, trying to control himself but you could see that he was on cloud nine. He pulled back and sat down against the couch releasing your nose. Grabbing at the base of his wet dick he tapped it over your face. “Finish me off.”

You moved forward to press your tongue against his cock once again, but one thing he didn’t teach you about was his balls, and you wanted to explore that unknown territory to see what would happen. Your mouth latched onto his ball sack as your hand focused on stroking his cock as at a fast pace. Yoongi growled softly as he watched your dark eyes focus on his body. Your lips wrapping around each of his balls sucking them eagerly. You could feel them tighten against your tongue and you smirked, pressing your thumb nail into the slit of his cock. Feeling his throbbing become more you pulled back slapping his cock against your tongue, flicking it eagerly against his sensitive spot.

“Come on Yoongi. Cum for me and paint my face with your cum. I know you would love to see me be a truly ruined slut with your cum on my face.” You moaned playfully watching him as your hand squeezed tighter and moved faster. Yoongi didn’t protest much, trying to narrow his eyes as he stared into your, but it didn’t work. He was rolling his head back, his hips bucking against your hand in an erratic manner and sure enough he was painting your face with his cum. Whining softly as the warm cum painted your face, your tongue darted out to lick up what you could. His was sweet, a hint of bitterness but you would taste him again in a heartbeat if he asked. You wished you could see how his body was trembling against the couch, how white his knuckles must have been from grabbing anything to calm himself down. Yoongi felt his hips tremble and buck lightly as you stroked him past his orgasm.

“Stop- “He warned weakly moving your hand so that he wouldn’t be overstimulated. Yoongi watched you clean your face of his cum, he watched as you took your shirt off to continue to clean your face.

Yoongi moved to pull his pants up. He situated himself in his pants, standing over you. Yoongi watched you before he gave you another smile, patting on the couch and you tilted your head trying to catch your breath.

“You don’t think I’ve forgotten, do you? It’s my turn.” Yoongi grabbed at your wrist and though you were nervous willingly you went. Yoongi sat you on your ass, his hands spread your legs wide, looking at the wet spot between your shorts. He chuckled leaning forward to give kisses to your center before he discarded your bottoms looking in your eyes. “I hope you’re ready to leave him, because when I’m done with this pussy, it won’t even know his name.”

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What kind of forrests do you have in Argentina? Are they coniferous, deciduous, a mixture of both, or something else? Are there places where people can access them or does the government keep most of it private?

Oh buddy…

Have you come to the right place.


Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world, and one of the longest. It spans across 30 degrees of latitude, from the tropic of Capricorn almost to the Antarctic Circle. That’s a big chunk of the southern hemisphere.

This means there’s… a LOT of different climates, weathers, habitats and the like here.

To cover Argentinean forests I should spend at least an hour talking, but… Frankly? It depends, because some parts of argentina look like this

In others it can look like this

In others like this

Or like this

Or like this

Maybe like this

Like this?

Ooooor like this

Technically speaking, forests aren’t what we imagine them like. All of these places have different forms of forests (yes, even the big ice chunk, there are forests in those regions, but they are made of bushes and bushes and bushes and more bushes)

The jungles in the north-east are rainforests, but you’re probably thinking of something more along the likes of Neuquén or Río Negro

Fucking infested with fae is what they are *spits* 

TL;DR: Answer to your question: YES. Yes to all of those. Some we have to pay to access, some we don’t. Here in Mendoza the forests are either desert thorny bush forests like an undergrowth? Or artificial tree forests (I live near one). These forests have to be constantly watered. They were planted by people and maintained by people, else they’ll dry out. Mendoza is a big chunk of desert with artificial oasis made by humans here and there.

So yeah, Argentinean geography, tons of fun!

let me be yours | | jjk

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Jeon JUNGKOOK | | let me be yours 

fluff, angst | jungkook x you, mentions of taehyung 

best friends!au

&&- Drabble 

 - “Just let me be yours.” 

“Aish… are you really that short?” Jungkook exclaims with a smirk on his face. He takes a step back from his bed, finding it hard not to laugh at the sight of his best friend trying to reach the lighting fixture.

Y/N frowns, holding the light bulb in her hand with a look of disapproval. “I’m almost the same height as Jimin.” You exaggerate, you had not been extremely close in height, but the shortest in Bangtan was the easiest justifcation for yourheart.

Jungkook rolls his eyes, climbing on the bed to stand up. “What’s your point, small fry?” He ruffles your hair with a laugh as he takes the lightbulb from your hand. You stare at him quietly for a moment and he merely smirks at you before looking away. He hopes you don’t know the pink flush on his cheeks. You do.

“I’m not that small. It’s not my fault you’re freakishly tall. You know, technically, you’re more of a product of evolution than I am. That means that you’re not as special as you ought to be.” you looks at him with an I-told-you-so expression on her face.Jungkook laughs, opting to roll his eyes at you in response. “Whatever that means, know-it-all.” He flicks her forehead with a laugh before reaching up to change the light. His hands are roughly two inches shy and Y/N can’t help but smirk in satisfaction.

“Looks like you can’t get it either, small fry.” you wink at him with a laugh.

Jungkook presses his tongue against his cheek before he giggles softly. “You won’t be saying that when I successfully change this lightbulb.” He pauses to wrap her arms around his waist. “Don’t make me fall or PD-nim will sue you for your retirement savings.”

“Of course not,” Y/N sarcastically replies with a laugh as you hold his waist tighter so he wouldn’t fall.

Jungkook chuckles to himself as he looks up, reaching and successfully unscrewing the first lightbulb. He passes her the non-functional one before quickly changing the other one. He gets on his tiptoes before he teeters off to the side.

“Oof!” Y/N groans as you fall on her back. Jungkook follows you through your fall since you had been holding him. As though an instinct, he wraps his arms around her head, as though protecting her.

The two pause, realizing they had only fallen onto Jungkook’s bed and not the floor and burst into laughter.

“I can’t remember the last time I laughed because of something so dumb.” Jungkook admits with a laugh as he lingers over you. You can see the way his pupils dilate as he stares down at you. He notices you were currently covering your face, hiding your smile as you laugh.

“Me either.” you reply with a giggle as your eyes finally met Jungkook’s.

Although Y/N kept laughing, Jungkook had stopped. He couldn’t get over how happy you looked. He wanted to memorize the way your eyes crinkled up and how annoying your laugh (but really entertaining) was. He stares into your eyes - did you feel what he was feeling?

“J-Jungkook?” you ask in between laughter as you stare up at him. You find it hard to focus on just one aspect of him, so you decide to take in all of him… you couldn’t remember the last time you saw him like this. Had it been last when you visited him for Chuseok? Or had it been the day of the bonfire from all those years ago? You couldn’t remember.

Jungkook stares down at you before hesitantly licking his lips. “Don’t say anything… just stay like this, okay?” he lingers over her with a nervous smile on his face. He had never been this close to a girl, ever. Sure, there had been his his stylists, but he would never change the notion of idol and stylist. They were already spoken for… but  Y/N? You weren’t anybody’s and that incited him.

“Jungkook…?” you asks, blinking up at him. Your voice shakes a little because you know this feeling.

Jungkook leans a little closer to you. His nose is barely skimming yours and he swears you can hear his heartbeat. Was he really doing this? “I-I don’t know what comes next.” He stammers.

“I don’t know either.” You whisper, trying to keep your voice level. You could tell Jungkook was nervous and that last thing you wanted was to do something either of them wouldn’t do if it had been another time. “Jungkook… what are we doing?”

Jungkook laughs softly - but his laughter is forced because oh my god, how could you not see what you were doing to him? “…I really want to kiss you… but I’m scared about what would happen if I do.”

“What..?” you ask, blinking.

He darkly chuckles at you, “Aigoo… what are you doing to me, Y/N-ah?”

“I-I don’t know,” Y/N replies, losing your resolve of being calm. How could you not when he looked at you like that? No one had ever looked at you like Jungkook had and you didn’t know how to feel about that… was this how it was supposed to feel? Love?

Jungkook steals a glance at your lips before deeply inhaling. “Aigoo…” He bluyous so hard that his nose is tinted slightly pink.

“Taehyung just rejected me…” Your voice is small and Jungkook fights the urge to reassure you that it had been three weeks since his hyung had rejected you that it had been three weeks of Jungkook trying to piece your heart back together. Three weeks since Jungkook made it his mission for you to see him as a man; and more importantly, a man for you.

“I don’t care… it’s his loss.” Jungkook hastily replies without thought. “… but let’s not talk about him, okay?” He opts to move to the side of you because god, how could he even think when you looked up at him like that? … Was that what Taehyung saw?

Y/N turns to face him. you chew on your lip before smiling at him. “Okay.”

“God, you say you’re  okay.” Jungkook says and you laughs softly at his words.

“You’re cute, Jungkookie.” you giggles softly as you reaches up to ruffle his hair. you yawns, rubbing her eyes. “I’m a little tired…” you yawns once more and so does Jungkook.

“Yawning’s contagious.” He blurts, and he blurts this because he has nothing else to say. How could someone be so adorable? The question burdens the both of them.  

Jungkook practically melts into your touch as he shifts so he can move closer to you. “Do you think you’ll be over hyung in time?” His voice is quiet. Though, he notes how your hand doesn’t go limp in his hair. Was that a good sign?

“I don’t think so…. I liked him a lot.” You admit with an equally small voice before you look at Jungkook. “But some crushes… no matter how beautiful they are, they have to be let go.”

Jungkook feels his heart jump at your words. “What does that mean?”

“I don’t know…. but I think it’s better not to.” you admit and Jungkook laughs softly.

“You’re so confusing.” He opts to take your hand in his and he brings it to his lips. He leaves a chaste kiss on the back of it.

You smile, “The best people are.” you yawn once more. “I’m sleepy…” you rubs your arm as you stare back at Jungkook. You can see the hints of amber in his eyes. Were his eyes always so beautiful?

“You can sleep here,” Jungkook tells you with a soft laugh. He nervously puts his hand on the small of your back and you notice his nervousness. You wiggles your brows and he laughs at the simple actions. His nerves were flaring. “Is it that obvious?”

Y/N  giggles softly before you nod, “I think it’s cute.” You smile at him lopsidedly.

“Can we cuddle? I’ll be the big spoon.” Jungkook says with a hint of stars in his eyes.

The sentence makes a frown pull on Y/N’s mouth, and Jungkook notices; because of course he would always notice. “Okay,” you replies in a small voice before you smile at him. You roll over into his arms. “This is harmless, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes,” Jungkook stutters, feeling his cheeks flush. He decides to ignore soft her tummy is. Was that perverted? He didn’t know why, but it felt hypersensitive at the moment. He wraps his right arm around you loosely before pulling you close. He lets out a shaky breath and you have to bite your hand to keep from giggling.

“You’re so shy, it’s adorable.” you whisper as you take his arm and lightly bite on it. You blows a raspberry against his skin and Jungkook feels his cheeks flush more.

Jesus, he thinks to himself.

“Huh?” You ask with a tired voice as you take his fingers and entwines them with yours.

Aish, he thinks to himself. He must have said it aloud.

“Nothing…” Jungkook states with a blush on his cheeks. “Can we just stay like this forever?”

“Forever?” Your voice cuts in and Jungkook swears he has heard the voice of an angel. “Now, maybe.” You joke before Jungkook leans over to flick your forehead. “Of course…”

He closes his eyes and Jungkook’s grip around your waist tightens over so slightly. His heart thuds in his chest and he holds his breath, wondering if he should ask. “Y-Y/N.” He stammers out.

“Yes?” you ask, feeling your eyelids go heavy in Jungkook’s warm embrace.

He swallows deeply and his breath tickles your ear. “If I …. ever came to you…. please don’t push me away.” His voice is shaky and you feel your heart skip a beat at his words. “Please tell me that I can be yours…”

You swallow because you heard every word that he spoke. You feign sleep, hoping that you could push this conversation to another day. Because what Jungkook was asking you was far more than what the last fifteen years of your friendship ever entailed.

“I want to be your laughter and your sighs. I want to be who you pour your heart into at late night phone calls at two in the morning. I want to be the one you need a hug from when exams don’t go your way or the people at work push you to your wit’s end. I want to be your butterfly, I long for nothing more but to flyfor you  and be  everything that you ever wanted… I’d do all of this for you because you are all that I’ve ever needed.” Jungkook’s voice is shaky as he puyous a strand of hair from your cheek tenderly.

You can see that he is awaiting your answer.

You can almost feel the love that radiates through him to you. You know that look because that same look was you had when you looked at Kim Taehyung.

What would you say?

Although I love watching BTS and I’m happy they’ll be performing on Sunday, watching all of the interviews they’re on make me remember why I stopped watching American television and went to Korean shows instead LOL the boys are handling the questions well and I love BTS so much but damn are the interviewers asking dumb, shallow questions

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In getaway car what does the line "think about the place where you first met me" means? And "now we're both sorry"?

think about the place where you first met me - It means that considering all the circumstances when they met, he really can’t say he’s surprised by the way it all played out. It’s like her saying - “c’mon dude, I was a mess and you saw that and knew it and still went for it and don’t act surprised now cause you’re a grown-ass man and you knew what would happen…” Look, it’s a tale old as time - she was unhappy and needed that one final straw to pull her out of that relationship and once you get out of something like that (something that you fought for and wanted to work out and where you invested so much of yourself), you are gonna be a complete mess and vulnerable as fuck. Doesn’t take much for someone to win you over. And that’s when rebounds happen. Nothing wrong with that. Her point is just that it was a text-book example and that he knew it and he took the chance with that knowledge. So you know, you gotta take the consequences of your actions.

now we’re both sorry - with all that being said, it still doesn’t mean that she or he are not sorry for the way it played out. It obviously left a mark on both. And while he probably wasn’t someone she was in love with, that doesn’t mean she didn’t care or that she didn’t feel like shit for everything that happened. Especially because it seems like he really fell for her… It’s not much of a philosophy actually, classic aftermath of grown-up relationship that was on shaky ground from the first minute and where feelings obviously weren’t exactly reciprocated. We all go thought at least one of those. But for the record, I really find this line both beautiful and painful because in few short words she basically explains ‘there’s no bad blood and in the end we both know what we’ve done and we’re both sorry for all the hurt that came out of it…’

Also why does it always look like Anti is forcing a smile. They are sure aggressive smiles he gives

I mean I know Jack tries to do a creepy smile for Anti but Anti almost never seems to have a soft smile it’s always big and forced, like a grimace. Never a close mouth smile, always teeth bared, clenched. In anger? I’m not sure.
Just something I picked up on .

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really, REALLY useless question here: but where exactly do the toons sleep? (like... in what room and where in said room)

((so Joey’s got that apartment behind his office right? they just kinda find a place and get comfortable. Boris likes sleeping on the floor, bendy and Alice just pick a piece of furniture and that’s their bed for the night. if its storming Bendy and Boris will go to Joey’s room and sleep there cuz Storms Are Scary, and sometimes Alice follows them cuz she doesn’t wanna sleep alone.))

Does anyone else just interpret “sexy” to mean badass or cool?

Like, whenever I used that term before I realized I was ace, that’s what I meant. 

This character looks really badass in their outfit. 

These shoes look really cool. 

That is a really sexy painting!

Lol, even today I still sometimes use the word “sexy” either verbally or just in my mind in reference to something that I just think is cool, badass, or otherwise aesthetically pleasing. 

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More questions about Guardians: to clarify, by maintenance I don't mean like reinforcing the brainwashing, I mean like physically fixing up the suits. How big is Discord? (He looks SO COOL. My mental image of him uncoiling over a helpless town is AWESOME.) How do the recovering Guardians feel about having / missing their cutie marks (since that's something really personal that could potentially stay with them post-transformation)?

Guardian’s suits, I’d think, would probably be completely self sufficient. Perhaps it’s a advanced form of technology that comes with grafting the suit to the subject’s skin and body; there could maybe be a system in place that does “auto-repairs” in which it acts a lot like the body healing a wound, that way every time a Guardian gets injured they don’t have to be taken in for “maintenance”. That said, large wounds would also be a lot like it is with a normal body; if the body can’t handle that much trauma it may need outside medical care, so it also applies with the Guardian’s suits.

Now, when I say “suits” I mean like the underleathers of it. The armor of a Guardian is probably in layers: actual metal armor, hard leather middle layer, soft leather underlayer. Could be why actually wounding a Guardian is difficult in and of itself: there’s more than one layer to get through.

Discord is huge; the largest Guardian in existence. I’d imagine him probably rivaling the length of like a blue whale.

Recovering Guardians? You mean ones that break their conditioning? I’d assume many of them don’t right care about their cutie mark; not like they have much meaning to them, especially in Mistral’s culture. Having a cutie mark in Mistral isn’t necessarily celebrated because it usually comes with the complete loss of their magic, so it’s kinda an event that’s seen as unavoidable but isn’t really something to be happy about either.

Hey look another art, this one is more personal. It means a lot to me, so I’d really appreciate if you could like it and reblog if you can. Thank you ♡♡

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I not sure if anyone has thought of this but remember in V4 E1 at Salem's meeting room where the bad guys were talking. I not sure if it's just me but were their like 2 extra seats at the talbe? Does that mean their are other members we don't know about?

It could be that, it could also be that the table didn’t look impressive enough with only four chairs. It brings some distance between Salem and the others. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why does edward- in twilight chapter 16 "carlisle"- bring bella into carlisle's study during her first visit to his house and tell her the gruesome story of how carlisle became a vampire? did he look in a copy of cosmo for 'meet the family ideas' and see 'tell a fun story' and thought "oh man my fake dad's death and subsequent lonely life as a vampiric idealist totally qualifies"? was edward just ridiculously proud of his dad and wanted to show off? it haunts me
OCs in Motion

So, I struggle a lot with face claims (there’s this part of me that just can’t shake the “well, they LOOK like this character, but can they PLAY this character?”). And I find it really challenging to find actors who look like my characters. So this is by all means not accurate. Thanks for the tag @ladydracarysao3!

(Putting this under a cut because GIFs)

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Kagehina: "So it seemed like a good idea at the time??" Sfw please?

henlo anon sorry for the delay! here you go, dear one!! <3

“A moped.”

Hinata looks up at him, pouting. “You hate it.”

Kageyama huffs. “I do not hate it. But…a moped, Shou. Where did you even get the money for it?”

“Well, I didn’t actually buy it myself, per say…”

“What…what does that mean?

“Ow, ow! Meanie-yama, let go!”

Kageyama relinquishes his grasp on his boyfriend’s head. He lets out a breath, counting to three in his head. “How—exactly—did you get this moped, Shouyou?”

Hinata gulps. Uh-oh, no nickname. “Well, Tooru said the shoot went so well today, and he was really, really grateful to me for everything I’ve done for his company, and I guess it seemed like such a good idea at the time—”

“Let me see if I can figure this out,” Kageyama interrupts. “He wants you to owe him one, and he likes pretending to be some kind of sugar daddy for someone literally only two years younger than him that he also went to the same university with and has known since high school, all for the sake of trying to be funny, and because he knows it’ll piss me off—so he lent you his moped for a while. Am I right?”

Hinata blinks. “Oh, well, yeah actually. Wow.”

Kageyama snorts. “You think I don’t know how Oikawa’s mind works? Or yours?”

Hinata squirms, fingers playing with the hem of his shirt. He’s wearing a light green shirt, matching snapback, and faded pink shorts that show off so much of his legs. He’s also got on these ridiculously fuzzy socks that come about halfway up his calves. Kageyama hates it. How’s he supposed to be angry when Hinata looks so freaking cute?

“Are you still mad?” Hinata asks, watching Kageyama eye him from the kitchen table. Hinata is standing in the center of the kitchen, as if he knows that’s where the lighting from the window will make him look the best. Of course he knows that, he’s a model for pete’s sake.

Kageyama rolls his eyes. “Come here,” he growls. Hinata leaps up and practically prances to him, light as a deer or a fairy. Ridiculously beautiful. He twirls into Kageyama’s lap, and Kageyama swallows him up, kissing the soft skin of Hinata’s neck. Hinata gasps and giggles. Ridiculously cute. Kageyama stands and picks Hinata up, tossing him over his shoulder, and Hinata shrieks with delight. He’s so light. Ridiculous.

“Wait, wait, Tobio! Where are we going?”

“We’ve got a moped, don’t we?” Kageyama says, heading for the door. “Might as well try it out.”

“You’re the best boyfriend ever!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kageyama says, hitching Hinata further up on his shoulder, and glad Hinata can’t see him smile. “I know.”

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Itachi headcanons with a pregnant s/o? Thank you!

  • So at first I don’t think he’d be all too happy with finding out his s/o is pregnant, let’s be real here. 
  • There’s a ton of reasons why: What if his kid ends up with the sharingan? What if the curse of hatred continues? What if they look like an Uchiha? There’s just so many negative outcomes he’s not comfortable with occurring that he might just not talk to his s/o for a while and leave them for a bit. 
  • This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them, he does, he loves them a lot! But this baby happening adds stress to his life. If this isn’t an AU he’d still be a missing nin, he’d still be part of the Akatsuki. With so many enemies, even having a s/o was risky. But now a baby? 
  • Having a baby with someone might make him reconsider his role in life with the Akatsuki and with Konoha. He’d make sure to be with them every step of the way, thought. He’s not gonna end things with them, he’s gonna be there for them. He’s going to try to be a good father, a kind of father he never had. 
  • Once the baby is born he becomes the Overprotective Father right away. Immediately falls in love with that kid and goddamn it he won’t let anyone else touch them (other than his s/o of course). 

-Mod Jack

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How about the Libra boys dealing with their tomboyish/feminine s/o?



  • Sometimes Klaus feels more put together than his tomboyish s/o lmao
  • I mean, he’s not the one that runs out to the mud and splashing in it although it looks really fun when s/o does it, so maybe-
  • He’s amused with some of his s/o’s antics and sometimes he finds himself secretly agreeing with their actions - like when s/o punched a guy in the face for teasing them about how feminine they looked
  • He has never once taken in their feminine appearance and assumed that they wouldn’t be able to Throw Down
  • And tbh s/o’s combat is second to none and Klaus is 100% behind them because they’re really awesome


  • He only raises his brow slightly whenever his s/o roughs up somebody
  • Honestly, he loves it when people assume that his s/o isn’t a tomboy due to feminine interests - mainly because he knows that s/o is kinda badass and that those people are very, very wrong
  • Well, more than kinda, but you know what I mean
  • He kinda stands back as s/o gets angry and ready to physically assault somebody because he can’t really do anything about that lmao
  • s/o is independent and active and Steven is not about to stand in the way of them


  • It’s a good thing that his s/o is such a tomboy when Leo is decidedly considered more of a wimp lmao even though he’s totally not, but whatever
  • He’s the epitome of the meme ‘go kick his ass baby, I’ve got your flower’
  • Supportive Boyfriend™ in the background, cheering s/o on when they roll up their sleeves, ready to beat some jerk up
  • Leo always compliments s/o on their fashion choices as well lmao
  • He loves hearing about his s/o’s point of view on some things because the way that they think is so much different than how he thinks (but some aspects are sometimes scarily close)


  • He and s/o are actually scarily similar
  • A lot of what Zapp would do is something that his s/o would do (which was surprising to him when he was first getting to know them)
  • Sometimes he and s/o fight and those fights turn into lowkey sparring matches /sweats/
  • But whenever s/o beats something/someone up and manages to avoid getting a single drop of blood on themselves - well, Zapp can’t help but give a low wolf-whistle
  • Which is typically followed by s/o smacking him, but it was worth it it really wasn’t


  • Sometimes he just has to step back and rub his forehead as he gets a headache from s/o’s actions
  • “Maybe it wasn’t the wisest choice of action to attack him-” “He said I was a wimp. I’m not.” “Good point.”
  • He’s slightly exasperated, but he loves them anyways
  • s/o’s one of the guys at this point, if not for their fighting style, for their stubbornness to be considered otherwise
  • But heaven forbid the person that equates the feminine aspect of s/o with weakness because s/o will throw hands RIP

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my mom annoys the shit outta me, she has no idea what the word gay even means like today I was telling her about how cool multiple ear piercings and septum piercings look (not that I want one, cause I know I couldn’t pull that off) and her first reaction was”ARE YOU GAY?!?!” and I said what’s that supposed to mean and she wouldn’t respond she does this all the time and it annoys me so much and whenever i try to explain what it actually means she never listens