i mean it does look like it

shit Lena has probably said

Kara, I’ll pay you $100 to eat your potstickers one by one, you look like a hamster.

When was the last time you ate a vegetable

Is this how you hug someone? Are my arms too high?

How much does Chinese takeout cost? Like $200?

What do you mean you eat gmo?

Yeah, when I don’t want to see people I just go to my other apartment.

I bought you a restaurant.

Is buying out a flower shop too extra?

I get custom shoes because of how long I stay on my feet

Lex bought me a lab for my birthday when I was little

I have the president on speed dial

Pizza isn’t a vegetable, Kara. I don’t care what the government says.

Can we return the Louisiana Purchase?

Kara how many degrees do you have?

I can’t believe this dork thinks glasses actually work as disguise.

Jess, clear my day. Kara needs me.

Kara, I love you.

Grease- Trimberly

“Hey where did you steal that letter-men jacket!” Zack shouted as Kim approached. Kim smirked, “While you idiots, where out blowing stuff up I lettered in track” Kim explained popping her collar for effect. Jason circled her, “I don’t believe it, Kim Hart going back to the jocks?” 

“You were a jock once to” she replied. Jason snorted “Never again” Kim laughed “Like they would have you back” He punched her in the arm, Kim brushed the dirt from her jacket. “Is this you deserting us?” Billy asked. 

Kim paused looking at each of them. “Look guys, you mean a lot to me. It’s just that Trini does to. I want to get her back so” All of them were quiet, they were never quiet. She turned to see what they were looking at. Her eyes went wide. It was Trini. Well someone who looked like Trini. This Trini looked hot, well hotter than she usually did. 

(She always knew Trini would look good, in her leather jacket) Trini walked, well sauntered up to Kim. She stopped, looking Kim directly in the eyes. 

“Tell me about it stud”


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"But now even the storms are silent " what does that mean? Haha sorry I'm not good at analyzing but I love your poems

thanks! and its a metaphor. the full quote is “the sky speaks in a language only the earth learned and i used to trace the words when they came with the rain but now even storms are silent.” 

basically by not looking at the stars, it feels like ive stopped attempting to understand them, and since its a poem i used language/metaphors like storms/rain to convey language. does that make sense? 

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Hey do you think the writers of the show have a tumblr? I mean like to see what ppl are posting and stuff. I aways wonder if they read our meta and be like "if you put it that way it does sound pretty gay dammit" or "lol bitch no that shot was just completely unnecessary good try tho"

Hahahaha I have no idea, it would be hilarious wouldn’t it?

I mean Dabb is all “it’s a meta finale” - he knows we look into this stuff and the reason we look into it is because it’s out there on purpose, as @floralmotif always says (who has a cinema background) this isn’t real life, everything that we see are choices that are purposefully made by someone for a reason…

So it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re at least aware of the gist of the stuff that we talk about, I mean we talk about it because it’s there and they choose to put it there so they must like knowing that we care about it :)

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I wonder why Undertaker thinks it'll be sad for laughter to not exist, sorrow is a part of living just as humor is, Had something happen to him or around him, that caused him to feel and think in that way? I had seen a picture of him, when he was still an active Shinigami. He looked as stern and serious as William does now. Was the Undertaker more like William back then? I'm curious to find out why he changed his original name to The Undertaker. He is like a riddle to be solved.

I, too, wonder if there’s some special meaning behind his laughter. There probably is and I’m curious to know what’s up with that. And there are so many more questions about him.

I think the only picture we saw of him as an active shinigami (in the manga) is this one:

He may have been more serious back then. But even now it seems that he’s hiding a great loneliness behind his laughter. There must have been a reason for him to quit being a shinigami and also for his actions now. His back story will probably be important for the plot of the manga since it seems to be connected to the Phantomhives. So I’m very interested to know more about Undertaker. 

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this is coming out of no where and maybe someone has already noticed it but during the horrible cream pie discussion when macs like "ive tried mine, i didn't like it," and so dennis admits he tried his too and then mac WAS LIKE 'I LIKED MINE' AND LOOKS AT DENNIS LIKE HE WANTED DENNIS T O ADMIT THAT HE LIKED HIS TOO WHAT DOES IT MEAN


1. He actually tried his cream pie and liked it and felt like sharing this fact
2. Mac was just trying to one-up what Dennis said because he’s a competitive dude
3. Mac and Dennis have tried each other’s cream pies and Mac was trying to get Dennis to admit that he liked Mac’s cream pie too 👀


from @askmamabruno

Thank you buccellati for acknowledging that I am better at fashion. Now, let me tell you what I think…

It does suit you if you’re aiming to be a walking green plastic bag. Not only it looks like a badly made raincoat, it also looks like a parachute got stuck around your neck. I mean, come on, buccellati… I know your gang have bad sense in fashion, but how come you find this interesting

No wait, how come anyone think of this as fashion?

Who the fuck walk down the street with this abomination???

I still haven’t gotten over this man please mERCY- ♥ (Mod_Sky)

“Why do I look like everyones existence pisses me of?! I mean, it does but World doesn’t need to know it through my face! World needs to know it through my music.” 

// AAAHHHHH. OMG. YOU ARE SO DAMN TALENTED *GASPS* Thank you so much for the wonderful art!! ;u; can’t believe someone actually likes him 😭❤️ 

I feel so blessed. Thank you, gracias❤️

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack



How to get the girl: Stare at her until she marries you - A Guide by Lena Luthor

[[ OOC: so i’m going through my drafts, minding my own business, in storms my husband wilbur in a jealou-… *ahem* and i stumble upon this lone-ass gif of like, Frat-Boy Draco? that i have absolutely no recollection of making. like… how- what. why does this exist. ]]


There is a moment

where you say to yourself

“Oh there you are

I’ve been looking for you f o r e v e r

what's a fire and how does it - what's the word? - burn

so i have this disney playlist i listen to usually when i’m driving and i was blasting poor unfortunate souls this morning and i was thinking

what if ariel didn’t sign the scroll?

because she’s about to, okay, and she looks at the paper. the parchment made of seaweed, the ones that’s specially treated to survive underwater. and she thinks of her cave of treasures, her books that remain perfectly preserved underwater. “no thank you,” she says slowly, becoming keenly aware of air of this place, of the not-people she’d seen who hadn’t been able to pay the price for sea witch’s bargain. “i – no. thank you. but no.”

ursula tries to convince her otherwise, but ariel runs. she goes back to her cave, destroyed as it was by her father’s anger, and thinks.

she’s the daughter of triton. her books never got wet, though she lives in the ocean. she feels a pull inside her, to the land, to somewhere else, but what if – what if –

what if she doesn’t need the sea witch or her father to perform magic for her? what if she has her own?

ursula had wanted her voice because that’s how she performed her magic. singing in this cave had given it powers and protection, and when she saved her prince from the sea – she sang then too, to keep him safe, to guide him back to life and away from death.

so she has magic. she only needs to figure out how to use it.

so that’s what ariel does now. she’s quiet and keeps to herself, and her father and sisters think that it’s because she’s upset with her father, that she’s busy licking her wounds. she’s moved on from that. she has no trident, and is uninterested with fueling her magic with the souls of the damned like ursula has. so she needs to figure something else out.

she does what she’s not supposed to do, and goes where she’s not supposed to go, slipping past the guards and patrols to the one place in the sea that is forbidden to all of them.

the crevice in the earth where what remains of her grandmother lives.

ariel goes to amphitrite, and the sea goddess is so much bigger than ariel, the size of great whale as she curls at the bottom of the sea floor, too old and too tired to do anything more than sleep. “granddaughter,” the great being croaks, opening an eye as blue and as unfathomable as the sea, “you look like me.”

“they say i look like my mother,” she says, and to herself adds: that’s why father can barely stand to look at me.

“you have more of me in you than your mother,” she says, and she shifts and pulls her mass of red hair over her shoulder. “more of me in you than your father does, even.”

“i have magic,” she says, pulling her bravery to the fore as she swims closer to her grandmother, “i want you to teach me how to use it.” amphitrite pushes herself up, and it’s the first time she’s moved in a millennia, and ariel notices for the first time that her grandmother isn’t a mermaid – she has legs.

she has legs.

“you have power,” amphitrite corrects fiercely, “and i will teach you to wield it.”

and so she does. ariel spends her nights by her grandmother, learning to harness the power of the sea that runs in her veins, and sleeps her days away while her sisters and flounder and sebastian grow more and more concerned, but she refuses to tell them why. she refuses to be stopped.

but her heart still aches. she fell in love with her prince, and she wants him still. so she swims to the edge, goes to the beach where his castle resides in the dead of night when her lessons with her grandmother are complete, and sings

. she’s careful not to let any magic leak through, only her voice. she does not want to enchant him. she wants him to love her as she is. so she sings, her voice clear and powerful and cutting through the air. she hopes he can hear it.

then one day a figure walks to the beach, and it’s him, her prince. “hello?” he calls out, “are you out there? are you – please, it was you that saved me, wasn’t it? won’t you come out and let me see you?”

so she does, waves her tail at him until he catches sight of her and takes hesitant, disbelieving steps closer.

“you’re a mermaid,” he says, eyes wide, “i thought i saw – but it couldn’t be.”

“i am, and it can,” she says, heart beating wildly in her chest. he’s just as handsome as she remembered, and she wants him just as much. “my name is ariel.”

“ariel,” he repeats, and pulls off his boots and goes wading into the water, watching her to see if she flinches away from him. she doesn’t, and his strides grow bolder. “my name is eric.”

“eric,” she whispers, and when he’s close enough he touches her, trailing fingers across the bare skin of her shoulder and tangling them in her hair.

when he kisses her, she feels powerful enough to undo the world.

so there’s that now, spending her nights with her grandmother and her prince, and she knows how to make her own legs now, could walk onto land and be made a queen among the two legged men.

but she’s a princess here first, and before she can do that she needs to take care of something.


the rotten sea witch with her rotten sea magic won’t be allowed to torment her people any longer.

she tells her grandmother, and amphitrite smiles and says, “an excellent decision, child. i’ve enjoyed our time together, but i think it’s time for me to sleep once more. i’ve taught you everything i can.”

and tears prick ariel’s eyes, but she holds them back. she knew that it couldn’t be forever, that her grandmother can’t die but no longer desires to live and this is the in-between.

“you’ll be an amazing queen,” amphitrite murmurs, and closes her eyes for a millennia more.

this isn’t something to be done in the dead of night, although it would be easier to do it then.

she will make a spectacle of it, she will remind the sea that her people are not to be trifled with.

once upon a time they feared a blue eyed, red haired sea queen with the power to destroy them all. it’s time for them to do so again.

so she drives ursula to the center of the city. her sisters cower and people hide, and her father comes rushing forward to save her.

“you’ve committed great crimes against my people,” she says, not flinching as lightning gathers in the sea witch’s hands, “so now shall a great crime be committed against you.”

“foolish girl,” the sea witch snarls.

triton is yelling. he won’t get there in time.

he doesn’t have to.

she doesn’t need to sing anymore. instead she lifts her hands and pulls ursula apart without ever touching her, not only renders flesh from bone but also sets free the souls she’s been hoarding, reverses the magic done to those who’d fallen into the sea witch’s trap.

they all stare at her, her people, her father, and her sisters. she looks to triton and says, “i’m not a little girl anymore.”

he opens his mouth, closes it again, then says, “i can see that.”

all at once everyone’s perceptions are turned sideways about their youngest princess. she commands a power that even her father doesn’t have access to, she’s not depressed and dreamy – she’s powerful young woman who knows exactly what she’s doing.

so she does what she wanted to do, she gives herself legs and steps onto the sand and launches herself into eric’s arms. she becomes his bride, and the rumors run rampant of what she is, of where she came from, but they can’t prove anything and so they rule.

they live long, happy lives. ariel is his consort, his advisor, his wife, his tactician, and his best friend. all those years reading drowned books have certainly paid off. she ages herself along with her husband, bears his children and then teaches them they ways of her – their – people.

her husband dies, and she disappears, like the stories of selkie women that everyone whispers around her. their children give their father a sea burial, and vow to see him again one day. what they know and none of their subjects do is this – their father’s body isn’t in that casket.

she returns to her ocean, her legs form into her glittering green tail, and she goes home. she uses her terribly powerful magic, and brings her husband with her. she went from princess ariel of the sea to queen ariel of the land, and now she’s back again.

she’s not quite a teenager, but neither is she the old woman she pretended to be on land. she’s returned her and her husband to the prime of their life, and as she gained legs to be with him, he now gives his up to be with her.

eric becomes a merman, and a prince by virtue of being ariel’s husband.

she returns to her family and her world without missing a beat, and they all welcome her as if she never left, treat her husband with kindness and respect.

because they all know.

it doesn’t matter that she’s the youngest. when, far in the future, triton’s reign ends –

ariel’s reign will begin.

If you dislike Gal Godot for her past service in the IDF, that is entirely your prerogative. 

If you dislike Gal Godot for her support of IDF initiatives during Protective Edge, that is also your prerogative. 

I am not going to tell you how to feel about that; you are entitled to make your own judgments as informed by your personal values.

But if you use those judgments as a platform to spread falsehoods—especially ones that rooted in anti-Semitic tropes about how Jewish people are evil child murderers—then you and I are going to have a fucking problem. 

Gal Godot spent her time in the IDF as a fitness instructor, not as a sniper. She never saw combat, never shot any children, and certainly did not have kill notches on her rifle. She did not brag about killing Palestinians. She did not say “I want them all dead.”

She did make a post in 2014 that supported people in the IDF for “protecting my country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children” and tagged it with a few phrases including #loveidf and #coexistence. Now, again, maybe her support is antithetical to your beliefs, and I’m not here to lecture you on that. But no, she did not post anything about “praying for Palestinians to die quickly” or brag about killing people’s families. 

If her actual involvement with and statements about the IDF are things you find unsavoury, then fine; but if that’s the case, then you shouldn’t need to make up lies that evoke historical anti-Semitism to drive home your points. 

The things you oppose should hold up as they already are—otherwise, you’re effectively conceding that the things you don’t like aren’t bad enough to warrant your reaction on their own. 

For example, I don’t like the football player Luis Suarez because, despite being a talented goalscorer, he has a weird, creepy history of biting his opponents during matches. Now, this is a total valid reason not to like a professional athlete, so I have no cause to gild the lily. I don’t need to say “Well, actually I don’t like Luis Suarez because when he was at Liverpool he ate a Manchester United player’s liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti,” because his actual behaviour is aggressive, unprofessional, and straight up bizarre—meaning I don’t need to embellish the truth in order to be justified in how I feel about him. 

If you think serving in the IDF is bad, then just say “I don’t like Gal Godot because I think serving in the IDF is bad.” Don’t make shit up, don’t exaggerate the truth. Otherwise it looks an awful lot like you’re deliberately going out of your way to insinuate that Jewish people are evil child murderers, which says a lot more about you than it does about Gal Godot. 

On that note, please make sure that you are also holding Adam Driver accountable with equal gusto for serving in the Marine Corps and continually supporting the U.S. armed forces by boycotting the new Star Wars movies. Again, you are totally entitled to dislike the military, especially in relation to conflicts ongoing conflicts that have had horrible effects on the Middle East, but not when it’s only against the j00z and nobody else.