i mean is there anything he can't do

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They could have charged him with a misdemeanor as a first time offender, which mean he would eventually have had the opportunity come out of this with a clear record (like. Traffic violations), he now (I hope I'm mistaken)has a criminal record. A lot of countries won't give him work visas as a result, which means no touring with BigBang. God I hate them, they could have gone a heavy fine and and been done with it.

calm~ down~ jiyong said they’ll be back in houston so.. i believe him


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤

  • Pansy: I think Draco is in love...
  • Blaise: Nope. can't be.
  • Pansy: What makes you so sure?
  • Blaise: Because he's a Malfoy.
  • Pansy: and that means what? that he can't have feelings?
  • Blaise: No, Malfoys have hearts of granite. They can kick puppies, torture kittens, and have a good night's sleep afterwards. They do not care about anything, and they most certainly do not fall in love with anything or anyone!
  • Pansy: Then explain why he's slobbering all over Granger?
  • Blaise: He's.... He's...
  • Pansy: You're just mad that he's got less time for you right?

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I'm working on a project about all the LGBTQ pride flags and the meanings of the colours I can't seem to find anything about the lesbian flag. I'm talking about the one in your header (6 stripes shades of red and pink and 1 white stripe). Do any of y'all or your followers have a source as to who designed and what the colours mean?

history lesson time!

i’m sure we all know the rainbow pride flag by now, but not everyone knows that there was a rough draft of that! designed by gilbert baker in 1978, this was the original pride flag. he dyed and sewed the first one himself.

in order of top to bottom, the colors stood for sexuality, life, healing, sunlight, nature, art, harmony, and spirit. the pink and turquoise were later removed, and their meanings combined with red and blue. this makes what we now know as the official pride flag!

this flag was originally used for the entire lgbt community – they were all just kinda lumped into one big group, as discussions of differentiation between genders and sexualities hadn’t become prominent yet. later, groups such as lesbians, bisexuals, and trans people, as well as subgroups of the community, wanted more specific symbols that stood for them.

to elaborate on that, let’s move into some lesbian history!

the labrys symbol was adopted by lesbians due to its association with the amazons. there is no inherent connection between the amazons and lesbians, it was basically just “they are cool and we are also cool so it’s ours now.” the labrys was the popular lesbian symbol of choice in the 70s.

this symbol was put on a purple flag, which was designed by a man (kinda ironic). however, the flag and labrys symbol were also used as an identifier by feminists (who weren’t necessarily lesbians). additionally, they’ve come into wider usage by radical feminists, many of whom are transphobic, so the community has shied away from it. 

another lesbian flag that was popular a few years ago is the lipstick lesbian flag, which denotes a subgroup of femme lesbians. it was designed by a lesbian wordpress user in 2010, and while the colors aren’t explained, it’s worth assuming that they were chosen because of a combination of aesthetics and their association with various lipstick colors.

however, not all lesbians are “lipstick” – or even femme – so this wasn’t a great flag for the whole community…but the labrys wasn’t a good alternative. hence, the lipstick overlay was removed, and now the lesbian flag is used by a variety of members of the lesbian community – butch, femme, neither, and so on.

it’s unclear who came up with the idea of removing the overlay to make a universal lesbian flag, but the original design is by the same wordpress user as linked above, as that is the only difference between the two.

and that’s where the lesbian flag, as we know it, came from!

After the Dementor Attack on the train
  • Draco: Is it true you fainted? I mean, you actually fainted?
  • Ron: Shove off, Malfoy.
  • *Later*
  • Draco: I can't do anything right. I was just worried about him.
  • Pansy: Maybe you should try to sound less sarcastic.
  • Draco: *Sighs* He's never going to like me.
  • *Quidditch changing rooms*
  • Beater: *changing*
  • Sherlock: *bursts in; furious* What did I tell you?
  • Beater: *looks up; smiles* Hey, Captain. Great game, eh?
  • Sherlock: *outraged* I told you not to aim for her!
  • Beater: *frowns* What? She was about to catch the Snitch. If you hadn't been-
  • Sherlock: *snatches the bat; storms off*
  • Beater: ...
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Mary: *enters; confused* Can anyone tell me what it was that Sherlock just threw into the lake?
  • Beater: WHAT? *runs out*
  • *the Hospital Wing*
  • John: *awkward* How does it feel?
  • Molly: *gingerly moves her bandaged arm* Like I fell off my broom and broke my arm.
  • John: *quickly* He's getting a detention. Not to mention a right bollocking. Possibly removed from the team-
  • Molly: *groans* God, I don't want that.
  • John: *thoughtful* What if he kills him?
  • Molly: *glares at him*
  • Sherlock: *rushes in* Okay, I managed to persuade Madame Pomfrey to let me stay here tonight *fluffs her pillow*
  • Molly: *sighs* You do realise people think we're going out now?
  • Sherlock: *chuckles* That'll be the head injury talking.
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* Is that so?
  • Sherlock: *kisses her cheek* I'll take care of you, don't worry.
  • Molly: *holds his hand* I'm not.
  • John: *hiding behind a copy of the Quibbler*
  • Seokjin: I think Yoongi is in love.
  • Namjoon: Nope, can't be.
  • Jungkook: What makes you so sure?
  • Namjoon: Because he's Yoongi.
  • Jimin: And that means what? That he can't have feelings?
  • Namjoon: No, Yoongi have a heart of granite. He doesn't care about anything and he certainly do not fall in love with anything or anyone!
  • Taehyung: Then explain why he's slobbering all over Hoseok?
  • Namjoon: He's... He's...
  • Seokjin: You're just mad that he's got less time for you right?

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Kaider Headcanon: Everything remotely scary/difficult, Cinder must deal with, at least for the first little while. Kai is terrible and can't cook for himself, can't kill a roach, can't do his own laundry, so on and so forth. When they hang out on the Rampion though, she essentially forces him to act for himself because "I'm not your mother, I'm your girlfriend."

I dunno… Just because Kai is royal doesn’t mean he isn’t self sufficient. When he was on the Rampion, he made a point of making himself useful by offering to cook and do the laundry. Plus, Kai seems like the type of prince who would have visited the kitchens and made friends with the gardener, etc. 

If anything, I think Kai would be more like…

  • “You know, Cinder. You don’t have to squish that spider.” 
    • Cinder would make a big show of looking around before saying, “We’re on a spaceship, Kai. I can’t just open the door and let it outside.”
      • Kai would spend the next 30 minutes looking for a jar to keep the spider in until they could set it free. Cress would help.
  • “Cinder, you can’t just dump all of your clothes into the washer like that. First you have to sort them by color, then by cycle type, then by–” 
    • “Clean is clean, Kai.”
    • “Not true. Plus, you’ll be sorry when all of your whites come out pink because of a rogue red sock.”
    • “I don’t have any red so–”
    • “Here, let me do it.”
      • And it’s a good thing he does, because Cinder might not have any red socks, but Scarlet does and Cinder would have been forced to wear pink tank-tops for the rest of their trip if Kai hadn’t caught it.
  • And of course, Cinder would be confused, then horrified, then slightly amused when she walks into the engine room to see Kai bent over her tools. “Kai, what are you doing?”
    • “Cleaning your tool box.” Kai would step aside so that Cinder can see that he had dumped the contents out on the work bench and began cleaning each tool and lining them up by size. He might not know exactly what they do, but he sure knows how to lay them down in a straight line going from biggest to smallest. Cinder would, of course, be baffled by this, but also touched. Plus, the pleased grin on Kai’s face would be much too kissable for Cinder to resist. 
  • what he says: don't win the war 'till I get there
  • what he means: don't die before I can get there to save you
  • what he says: I'm with you 'till the end of the line
  • what he means: I realize that you think you have to go it alone and you're hurting because everyone you love dies but I'm not going anywhere. I'm with you until death and every step of the way before then
  • what he says: don't do anything stupid while I'm gone
  • what he means: I'm worried about you, please take care of yourself since I can't be there to keep you safe
  • what he says: but I knew him
  • what he means: he feels really important for some reason and he gave me a name, please don't take him away from me
  • what he says: even when I had nothing I had bucky
  • what he means: I've been mourning him since I came out of the ice and even when I had nothing more than the clothes on my back and a fake hospital room I had the memory of him. Also when we had nothing back in Brooklyn he was the one true constant in my life
  • what he says: this is my choice
  • what he means: if I have to die I want to do it with dignity and I'm not sure I want to go on without him - he's my entire life and it isn't fair that I survive when he didn't
  • People: I can't believe Damien's not a Slytherin!
  • Me: What? Have you ever met a LESS ambitious person? He could do literally anything he wanted to the world. He could start or end wars. He could restructure the government. He could end hunger and poverty. He could appoint himself king of everything. And what does he do? He skips lines and makes people tell him their secrets!

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how about an enj who just kinda assumes that everyone's attracted to r so he doesn't really care that he is? like he genuinely thinks everyone wants to bang r, and he can't let himself think about one of his friends like that. then one time he's talking to courf and courf asks him who he'd kiss out of les amis and enj is like 'well r obviously, but who wouldn't' and courf stares at him. blinks. 'what.'

This is hilarious because I personally think that everyone would high key be down to do anything with Ferre like if you ask anyone they’d be like “yeah I definitely would”
But Enj is just
“What? No? I’d definitely kiss R tho I mean JUST LOOK AT HIM”

And like yeah maybe a few of them have made out or done something with Grantaire but no one was really


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about something you posted earlier--how do you know God is so... happy if we come to Him? Like it was so moving (I almost started crying in all honesty) but I can't comprehend God would have any positive emotion at all about my coming to him. I feel like I expect the "about time you showed up" response more than anything. Sorry if this message doesn't make sense or is ignorant. Thanks for all you do <3

Don’t be sorry. I know completely what you mean. I’ve had times where I feel like Jesus just tolerates me. But, I need to tell you. He ADORES you. The Bible, God’s-word, God-breathed, God-inspired is full of love letters and stories for us. For you. You.

I want you to read some of these and understand this it’s God, trying to communicate to you. So for a moment, it’s just for you. It’s you and Jesus. 

Luke 15:11-32. The Parable of the Lost Son. This child, comes back into his fathers home (into God’s presence) and his dad meets him and wraps his arms around him, kisses him, covers him in fine clothes, puts a ring on his finger and declares that a marvellous feast be held. When you come into God’s presence, He does the same thing. This story is about you. When you come to Jesus, he wraps His arms around you, He kisses you, He dresses you in fine silk and jewellery and He declares a feast be made in your honour. He is so happy to see you.

Zephaniah 3. This is a time in the Bible when Jerusalem was going crazy. It says they were “rebellious and defiled.” And God was sad for a while. He was disappointed and angry at them. But, God’s love is so unwavering, so powerful, so on fire that He could not be angry for long. Verse 17 says “The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you; but will rejoice over you with singing.” He delights in you. When He thinks about you, He rejoices with singing. God, the King of all finds Himself singing when you enter His presence. You, dear child. 

Matthew 8. Now, back when Jesus was walking upon the face of the earth, having leprosy was pretty much the worst thing anyone could have. People hated you if you had leprosy. Shopkeepers wouldn’t serve you, people would avoid you, mothers would cover their children’s eyes. But Jesus, so full of love and compassion, reaches out His hand and touches this man with leprosy. I can imagine people in the background gasping at the sight. But Jesus just has so much love for His children that this is not a barrier. He loves you this much. When you walk into His presence, no matter what state you’re in, He is willing and He wants to spend time with you. 

Matthew 14:22-33. I love this one. So, all the disciples see Jesus walking on the water, and Peter wants to join Him. Jesus calls Peter out and he gets out of the boat to walk on the water with Jesus. But, Peter becomes afraid and begins to sink. Now, what does Jesus do. IMMEDIATELY, He reaches out His hand and catches Him. Then, He goes on to ask why he was afraid. But, I love this because Jesus doesn’t watch Peter start to sink and tell him “just don’t doubt, you’ll be fine.” Jesus doesn’t wait for Peter to drown, learn his lesson and then pull him up and tell him what he did wrong. No. The second that Peter asks for Jesus to save him, Jesus catches him. Straight away. He loves Peter so much. He loves you this much. His heart aches when you are in pain and the second that you ask Him to save you, He IMMEDIATELY reaches out His hand to catch you. 

Jesus died for you. Jesus died for you. Jesus DIED for you. An innocent man, who deserved only good things. He watched His friends betray and deny Him. He watched as they declared they did not know Him in front of accusers. He watched a guilty man go free as the public, screaming, decided that He was of less worth than a murderer. He suffered agony by the hands of Romans; from being spat on and having thorns pierce His temples, to having His flesh ripped and shredded until His bones began to glow red. He carried a heavy cross up a hill, collapsing underneath it. He then laid down on that cross and felt the sheer sting of 3 nails skewer His bones to keep Him in place. He was lifted, naked and bloody, on display for all. Friends and family. Even His own mother. For hours He struggled to attain every breath. And then He died. He died. He experienced all that because of His love for you. He went through all of that, because He desperately wants relationship with you. Do you think that He would experience so so much, because He only feels “meh” about you. No way! He went through all of that because he utterly ADORES you. He ADMIRES you. He CHERISHES you. HE DELIGHTS in you. He TREASURES you. He is up and down CRAZY for you. He loves you. So so so so so so much. SO MUCH! Child of God, when you enter His presence, He runs toward you and cheers because He would love to spend some time with You. He died because He finds so much joy in being with you. 

He does not tolerate you. He is not an ‘about time you showed up’ kind of God. He’s an ‘I’m so glad you came. I’m overjoyed. I love you so much. I love you so much. I love you so much’ kind of God. And it’s for you. YOU. 

xx - c

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Can you do Katsuki, Shinsou, and Izuku comforting their S/O after they've lost their quirk that they basically can't do anything without? (~~Also I absolutely love your blog💕💕)

Katsuki Bakugo

He would be silent while you cried in his arms. How would he comfort someone who is now quirkless when he made fun of someone for that for years? He would silently comfort you by doing small tasks that you don’t necessarily have the energy to do anymore. He would do everything little thing for you until you felt like yourself again. Though you lost your quirk, he would say losing your quirk doesn’t mean you’re defenseless. He would definitely be 10x more protective of his significant other than before and will love you the same.

Shinsou Hitoshi

He would be by your side the entire time. He’d joke about how he would make people do things for you since you no longer have a quirk just to lighten the mood. However, he would seriously be concerned with your mental state and would be with you at all times to distract you from your recent loss. He would overall be indifferent whether you had your quirk or not. But now he’s more supportive than ever since you lost something that helped you did everything. He’d be your substitute as a quirk.

Midoriya Izuku

He would relate the most out of everyone about not having a quirk, therefore the most supportive. He would remind his significant other that they’re still amazing and important to him without their quirk and he won’t treat them differently because of it. Also, he would be gentle in your healing process and would try and cheer you up, which would end up him stuttering and messing up his joke but you laugh anyways. Nonetheless, he would be with you every step of the way and would always have that concern of your current state. And even when you get over your loss, he would always double check and be a cutie.

  • athena, on confessional cam: i've been sneaking paperclips into apollo's hair. i can't believe he hasn't noticed yet. it's been weeks.
  • apollo, on confessional cam: i know about the paperclips. i let her do it because now she has no paperclips. your move, athena.
Today is a celebration

Today marks the two year anniversary of me escaping an abusive relationship that lasted almost five years (a lot of that was in grooming). Today, I am scarred, afraid, and broken but I am alive. I survived. I escaped. I am safe now.

So, I am celebrating that fact. The fact that I am alive when I shouldn’t be. The fact that I am still here. The fact that I am proving him wrong.


(( OOC: Okay…. Charlie Rowe and Lee Pace as Remus Lupin. I have never had stronger feelings for any fancast in my life. 

I mean look at this kid…

He has the sweetest face I’ve ever seen… AND the sad puppy eyes!? WHAT!?






I rest my case. *drops megaphone* )) 

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I mean, this is Louis' team we are talking about... of course the moment he actually has something to promote, he doesnt attend an event that would be great to promote said song... when he doesnt have anything, they make him go to do a whole shitshow of interviews, the moment he has something to promote, he doesnt go... and they can still push the bullshit on the after parties or something... he can't just promote his song -.-


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: okay i know I say this 24/7 but yoongi is literally so in love with hoseok? honestly, can you imagine the fashion icon Min Yoongi actually putting on a bright orange (specially customized!!) tracksuit for anyone else other than the literal sun, Jung Hoseok aka his best friend aka the love of his entire life? like i'm not trying to be dramatic or anything but why is yoongi so soft for hobi (hope-ah) aka "SeokSeok" aka "Hoseokie" aka you can't fight me on this- Min Yoongi- the person who doesn't do pet names has a billion for this guy and i'm wondering if he's learned the meaning of subtle? the dude literally pushed the ship name "sope/sobi" on hoseok and you could see the poor boy was surprised but yoongi looked so happy and so hoseok naturally got all happy and everyone was just so happy and i mean i'm not saying they like eachother or anything, but idk maybe.. possibly they love eachother??? probably?