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Woah boy I never thought would have to to say this, but here we are.

DO NOT CLAIM MY CHARACTERS AS YOUR OWN. Ever. Nowhere in the original post do I ever say that Charlie (the sylveon) is this person’s OC. It may not have been clear enough, but I even tagged her name in the original post.

When I draw someone’s character in my responses, I @ the owner of the character and tag the character and owner in the tags. Otherwise? Don’t assume or claim that ANY of the characters in the art are yours. This is a very good way to get immediately blocked.

(Also, please don’t go and harass this person. Being a bully fixes nothing.)

anonymous asked:

who do you ship with each TOG and ACOTAR character?

OH BOY. I’m probably going to forget a character, don’t judge me. 


Aelin: Rowan, Lysandra, Dorian (when she was Celaena)

Rowan: Aelin, the cadre 

Lysandra: Ansel, but honestly she deserves a lot of me-time first

Aedion: Ren, anyone from The Bane

Dorian: Fenrys, Chaol, Sorscha

Chaol: Nesryn, Dorian

Manon: Elide

Elide: Manon, Lorcan 

Lorcan: Elide, Essar

Fenrys: Dorian

Connall: Vaughan

Vaughan: Connall 

Gavriel: Me, duh

Nehemia: yes i was being really salty putting her here 

Sorscha: yes i was being really salty putting her here 2.0 (but Dorian) 


Rhys: Feyre 

Feyre: Rhys

Mor: Amren

Amren: Mor (no one because she don’t need no man or woman)

Cassian: Azriel (me, duh) 

Azriel: Cassian, Mor(ish)



Lucien: happiness 

Tamlin: redemption 

Tarquin: happiness, a full life, not dying to save anyone, being an amazing High Lord, living a full content life, laughter, happinessx2, Helion, getting control of his powers, being a happy young boy, you know, the usual. 

What an nice addition these plushies are (I had to move three books because I wanted them next to eachother and this whole thing is just a giant mess lmao can you tell)

**my brother gets his wallet and car keys stolen and loses his phone..**

Mom wakes me up at 3AM to go give him a spare and here is this little punk at a MOTEL with some girl.

Today my mom says “are you coming home today or not?”

Mom….you don’t ask.. You tell his dumbass to come home!! How will the boy grow to become a man if you don’t let him learn?

He never comes home anymore cause apparently “he’s spending the night at a friend’s house” (this is like every single day) how will he take care of my mom once I’m married?! I told her that I’ve decided that she will be moving in with me and what’s her worry? “Deepti, I can’t leave your brother by himself”

My heart just breaks knowing he will never take care of her as she thinks and hopes he will. 💔

  • Me seeing people getting toasted: God i wish that were me
  • Me when people even give me the slightest of compliments: NO PLEASE DON'T I'M UNWORTHY! I'M NO GOOD! WHY MUST YOU SAY THINGS???
unexpected rant

hi I know I don’t come on often and I’m not angry or anything but… I just don’t understand people who say “no offense but (insert name) is the visual of Seventeen” like… I know it’s mostly joking but I find it kind of offensive. they are ALL the visuals? there aren’t any real or fake visuals, new or old visuals or whatever. all 13 are gorgeous IN THEIR OWN WAY. but as someone who biases Mingyu, don’t demean him. he didn’t choose to be the official visual, Pledis chose him. but have the respect not to dismiss him and at least acknowledge that he is the official one. it’s fine to say other members are attractive (because they are!) but don’t call them THE visual because obviously this means erasure of Mingyu’s actual position in the group, which is super not cool. peace.

PSA to personal blogs

Friendly note to personal blogs;

Please don’t reblog my in-character posts.

While I’m not a fan of having my writing spread around, I don’t really care all that much. But I know many of my roleplay partners do care, and don’t appreciate such posts, which include their writing as well as mine, being reblogged by someone who they don’t know; and I want all my partners to feel comfortable here.

As such, I may start blocking people who do that thing. I’d much rather not, but I will if need be.

Thanks ^^


Every birthday my close friends have, I’m always the one to get them a present and a few of my squad members do the same. But, every time my birthday comes around I don’t get a birthday present, or even a card, from anyone (not even my best friend) (well, except my one homie who we literally call each other ‘wife’ so ye). Plus, I know they can afford it because my friends are by no means poor because they could even not try and literally make me the shittiest craft and I’d burst into tears. I don’t mean to sound bitchy, or prissy, or ungrateful, I honestly just want to know what this means from someone else’s perspective. 

Is this a bad sign?