i mean ill finish it


What if—-
I loved the idea of Prompto betraying his friends way more than I thought I would. A comic inspired by this comic over here! I took a crack at using screentones this time instead of just the standard black and white cell shadding and I fell in love with this! Man, one day, one day, I’ll take another crack and maybe write up a story board for some Promptis doujins.

i was trying to get back into the habit of making hand drawn stickers but my markers are so bright?? so i just doodled them and tried to see what eye-watering colors would work with what. also have some tiny space fillers, i felt like drawing hux’s void helmet from to the pure

in other news i couldn’t think of the word “arson” for a good five minutes I literally looked up fire hoping it would tell me the world for person who makes fire happen which was all my brain would give me.