i mean if you were really paying attention then you already knew this

that fucking post about sasuke’s protective arm socks is a serious game changer, man

because this undermines the basic premise that gave rise to an entire generation’s worth of highschool AU fanfiction and cosplay where sasuke was always like

when all along

he was a huge nerd

komahinaonfire  asked:

hinata, during your time before and during hope peak's academy, did you date anyone, and did you have an preference for any gender? :) also, belated birthday wishes!

Thank you.

And hum…Not really? I wasn’t really thinking about that kind of thing back then. I mean, I found Nanami cute and I was happy that she thought I was worth spending time with but that’s all…

It wasn’t really a preference but my parents were expecting me to marry a girl from a rich family so I guess I was paying more attention to girls than to boys. But I already knew back then that I was into both.