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Bravo, casting directors of Good Omens

Just watched Gaga Five Foot Two and it made such an impression on me. I knew that it was going to be personal, but wow… It was so strange to see her like this. I thought I kind of knew her, through her music and following her carreer for so many years, but seeing her actual daily life was so different. It made me sad to see that she goes through so much pain on a daily basis. But also so proud that she keeps going, ‘cause she’s doing what she loves most. Making music for her fans. 

She’s one of the world’s most famous people and you assume that that means that her life is perfect and that she is happy, ‘cause why wouldn’t she be? It was eye opening seeing a woman of her status go through her daily life, dealing with so many struggles and still marching on. 

It was inspirational, sad and funny. I feel like I’ve learned so much about her as a person and I’m so grateful that she’s willing to share this side of herself with the world. 

I hope that she’s taking all the time that she needs to heal before going back on tour. I wish that I could tell her that she isn’t dissapointing her fans and that al we want is for her to feel better. I’m even more excited to experience her live again when she’s ready for it. What a woman. I’m proud to call myself a Gaga fan and I’m excited to spend the rest of my life supporting her and her carreer, if that means that I can pay her back even a little bit of the love and comfort that she provided for me through her music throughout the years. Wow.  

It’s only been a short time since I remade this blog, but in that time I’ve met heaps of amazing people and interacted with blogs overflowing with love and talent alike. One month later and I hit a milestone I never thought I’d reach so soon, which is truly baffling for me still!!!

Thank you to my followers who chose to stick around and thank you to my mutuals for giving me such a wonderful experience in this journey of loving seven men. This is my first follow forever for you - the mutuals who light up my dash and make me smile. 🌹
If I forgot you I sincerely apologise, do shoot me a msg so I can add you on here!! Hehe :)

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Super messy sketchy fanarts of the fanfiction Wind-Up God (link!) by violabeatriceophelia, I REALLY LOVE IT Ahhhhhhh

Also, you can see my failed attempt to give Gyro a sort of Golden-Ratio-Tattoo :’’’D

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What do you think would happen if Alfor was the one to be splashed by Quintessence and Lotor's parents weren't?

Well, as I’ve said before, Zarkon did All That Crap without any quintessence exposure.

Honerva’s exposure was kind of inevitable so I don’t really see how you could avoid it given her exposure came about based on her need to understand it. Again- what led to that exposure in the first place was fundamentally who Honerva was as a person.

Alfor didn’t trust the stuff. As a scientist and as a researcher it interested him but even if he were exposed by accident- I don’t think it would change much at all. Because ultimately, it took a very long time for Honerva to manifest physical symptoms and she was sitting on the rift for years.

The quintessence is not “Bam! You’re evil now!” Because the stuff is literally life essence. You can’t not be “exposed” to it. The higher levels in the rift seem to have averse effects but that’s an abnormally high level.

Quintessence poisoning is like how you can die from drinking too much water: it’s something the body naturally manufactures and maintains, but in excess, it will destroy your system.

Even the dark creatures, which you could argue do seem to have some influence on how Zarkon and Haggar are now, my read on them is that more than anything, they are like Voltron- symbiotic. They hinge on the presence of a kindred spirit.

You have to be able to bond with them, first. You have to be that kind of person from the get go.

So basically to really contemplate this hypothetical you’d have to transplant personalities to such a degree that I don’t think it would meaningfully be Alfor, Zarkon, and Honerva any more. I’m talking s3e4-level counterparts.

I don’t think there’s a way you could take Alfor as we know him and sledgehammer him into being the right kind of person that could resonate with the dark creatures.

Also I think the term “splashed by quintessence” is weird because… not only is that never something we saw happen to Zarkon or Honerva, but we have seen that happen in canon.

To Keith.

Who, two seasons later, has yet to manifest any averse effects. It didn’t even bleach out his hair.

The quintessence was not what was responsible for Zarkon and Honerva’s fall as people. The amount of it offered by the rift, and the dark creatures, was arguably a catalyst but that entire tragedy hinged on who they were as people.

You really can’t slice it that it wasn’t their fault or that this is something that could just have happened to any of them.

You can say shit about me all you want but do not, for a second think that you can drag my friends - the people that I care about through the dirt to make it seem like they’re the ones at fault because that is not okay. But you’re right, they don’t know the full story - only yours so how does that make me the saint? Aren’t I the evil one since you’re the only one who has said anything about me when I have not mentioned a word? Since they’ve only heard your part, something so degrading and exaggerated - I’ll happily take blame and be he bad guy. I don’t need to explain my side because the people I care about already know, and that’s all that matters. I’m writing this so maybe you can see that it doesn’t affect me in the slightest with the manipulative words you’ve used since you’ve blocked me everywhere else possible to communicate with you. Take everyone on your side, tell them your story. But don’t think for a second that it bothers me. I don’t need to explain what had happened in full details, nor do I need to explain which parts of your post were true or false. I know those things already.

I’ll be back Sunday or maybe tomorrow morning.


I just cried getting the chat where V is announcing the party date. I can’t get through his route again, but I love him and it makes me sad I can’t get his hearts in the Deep Story. :(

sometimes i just randomly remember that the McElroys got me to genuinely CARE about a wizard that’s literally named after a goddamn taco, a punchboy whose facial hair is groomed in a very specific and utterly ridiculous fashion to go with his name just right, and a cleric whose last name sounds like he just kinda made it up on the spot based only on the fact that he is, in fact, a cleric


I know the ‘ha’ it’s the sound effect for hard breathing as Watanuki runs for his life but it also looks like the giant off screen ~mystery thing~ is just slowly laughing at him. 

And I say ~mystery thing~ but it’s definitely Mokona. 





Oh NO. 



I want to take a moment to sincerely thank everyone who has been so kind and generous to me throughout this whole ordeal. Whether you signal boosted my post, donated, bought something off my wish list (whoever got me the bath mat, it arrived today and is seriously fluffy and my cats love lying on it!) or sent a lovely message/reply letting me know you are thinking of me–all of it is appreciated far, far more than words can ever adequately express. We comic book nerds get a bad rap sometimes, but as a community I think we’re all comprised of very awesome, very caring, very sweet people (who have excellent taste in fiction, tee hee). ;)


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Hmmm interesting timing for the release of this photoshoot.... me thinks it's even more likely now that he's dropping Just Like You very very soon! Also, Louis on the cover of a luxury menswear publication!! And look at all the brands they list that he wore!! AAAAHHHHHHH