i mean if i just had a super power where i could just have lazer vision


So this is part two of the: Two’s company, but three’s a crowd series. I’m surprised any of you even read it and want more :) You have no idea how happy that makes me! Thanks so much!

Two’s company, but three’s a crowd

Part two

The quinjet you were all in had finally landed. Wherever you were being held captive must have been further away than you thought. You believed it was at least two months you were imprisoned there. The only survivor, now free. You owed your freedom to these people. If it wasn’t for them, god only knows how long you would have been there. 

It seemed like a place where the army would be trained, the facility they brought you to. In a way, they looked like soldiers. Just in less traditional uniforms. But soldiers none the less. The woman with red hair took the device off from your neck, meaning you could use teleportation again. She used a lazer of some sort to cut through it. Finally that horrible collar was removed, you felt more comfortable. Rubbing your neck as it left a mark. Everyone looked to you expectantly. It sort of felt like being the new kid at school. All eyes on you, waiting for you to speak. 

“We should probably introduce ourselves. I’ll start, my name’s Steve Rogers.” said the one in the military style uniform. So that’s his name. For some reason you trusted him. It’s his eyes, they are so welcoming. You didn’t trust the others as of yet. That’s probably because you met Steve first. And who could blame you for having trust issues after what you’ve been through?

When everyone introduced themselves to you, it felt less awkward and less tense. It seemed like they were more weary of you, knowing perfectly well what Hydra experiments are capable of.  

“My name’s y/n.” you looked at every single one of them with a smile. Making sure that you meant no harm and that you are a friendly person. If they didn’t trust you they wouldn’t have brought you back here. So that’s a plus side. You didn’t have anywhere else to go really.  

You came to learn that you weren’t the only one who has been subjected to hydra’s dirty work. Well, the Maximoff twins weren’t really subjected, as they signed themselves up for it in the first place. However, they were completely unaware of their methods. 

“We know exactly how you are feeling, my sister and I.” Pietro told you, being able to relate with your story. Wanda nodded in agreement with her brother. You couldn’t help but notice his thick Sokovian accent. His accent was rather alluring actually. He is also rather attractive and easy on the eyes. 

“You might have been through hell to get whatever ability it is you have. But you can make it better, turn it into something good. Like working alongside us. The Avengers.” Steve got himself involved again in the conversation. Wanting you to become a part of something much bigger than yourself. Only if you wanted to that is. No one is going to push you into a decision. 

“I guess you’re right. I survived that place for a purpose, this might as well be my purpose.” you agreed to stay knowing that there was no better way to use this new gift of yours. Worried that if you didn’t start off on the right foot now, you may abuse your power. The world has enough badness in it without your contribution. Plus, you swore to yourself you would never allow yourself to go down a dark path. 

“Then welcome to the team.” Steve beamed, happy with your choice. He hoped that you would join. Not just because they needed more members to close up the gaps. But because he saw something in you. Something he admired. It was your strength to carry on. Knowing that you had a lot of potential. And that was just first impressions. 

“What is your power anyway?” Sam asked, folding his arms. Interested to find out. 

“Yeah, show us.” Rhodey urged you on. 

“Okay sure.” you shrugged your shoulders and got up onto your feet. Everyone was looking on in suspension. Waiting for something to happen. You thought you would build up the tension. 

And that’s when you disappeared before their very eyes. Confused expressions on every single one of their faces. Wondering where you could have went. That’s when you tapped Rhodey and Sam on the shoulders, reappearing behind them. Both of them jumping in unison. 

“Got you.” you smirked to yourself, feeling proud. Sam and Rhodey looked at each other, feeling rather embarrassed with themselves for being frightened by you. 

Steve looked impressed, it was remarkable how quick you disappeared then appeared within seconds. Your ability would be good for stealth purposes. Taking enemies by the element of surprise. 

“So, we have a teleporter in our hands.” Natasha smirked at you before turning to Steve who gave her a quick nod. 

“How long have you had these powers?” Steve thought he would ask. Thinking you must have had them for a while to master them so well. 

“Like a week.” you answered truthfully. Steve’s eyes widened in surprise, that sure is impressive. This meant training you would be no problem at all. Since you are a fast learner. 

“How did you get so good so fast?” Rhodey asked, finding it hard to believe it has only been a week. How could anyone learn to control a power like teleportation so quick? From what he has seen, it sure seems like it would require a lot of concentration. 

“Practice I guess. Hydra was training me. They wanted to turn me into a weapon. I went a long with it, but I was planning to use it as a means of escaping.” you admitted, no point in lying to them. It was a strange feeling to see the bewilderment on their faces. They appreciated your honesty, especially Steve. If he has trouble trusting somebody, it’s more than likely they won’t get on. However, he trusted you. 

“It took me much longer to master my super-speed.” Pietro furrowed his brow. Wondering why you were any different from him. You shrugged your shoulders not knowing what else to say. Not quite understanding it yourself. 

“She is obviously worthy of the power she possesses.” The Vision added his input. From what you can see he and Wanda don’t really say that much. 

“Are you trying to say I’m not worthy?” Pietro shot him an angry look, displeased with his comment. Even though Vision didn’t exactly say those words about him. 

“Pietro…” Wanda nudged her brother with her elbow to silence him. 

You stood there in the middle of the common room, waiting to see if anyone else had any questions to ask. It didn’t seem like it. They all knew enough about you for now. In time they would all get to know you better individually.

“I guess I should show you around the place.” Steve got up onto his feet and held onto his belt, standing tall. He has such a nice smile, you felt so comfortable around him already. 

“Sure, I’d like that.” you nodded, wanting to see what this place has to offer for you. After all, this is your new home. And as soon as you knew where everything was, it would be no problem to teleport yourself around. 

Anyone could have easily shown you around, but Steve wanted to be the one to do it. It would be a good chance to get to know you on a more personal level. He was definetely intrigued by you in so many ways. It was hard for him not to stare at you, but he didn’t want to seem rude. So he would snap himself out of it. 

“It’s much bigger than I thought.” you said to Steve as you both walked around. Trying to memorise where everything is. 

“We need the extra space.” he smiled, watching you look around the place in awe. It warmed his heart seeing you so elated. Mostly because he knows it must have been hard being locked away from the rest of the world. Surrounded by white walls. No human interaction. You would think all of that would shatter your spirit. But not yours, you came out a fighter. Your experience with Hydra only made you stronger. 

“I bet you do. If you don’t mind me asking, where will I be sleeping?” you asked, hoping it wouldn’t be a small, cramped space. You might just have a panic attack if it was. 

“Of course, this way.” he made a turn to the left and you followed closely behind. 

It wasn’t until you were standing side by side with Steve that you realised how small you actually are. Or maybe he’s just extremely tall. Probably the latter. He came to a stop and so did you, opening the door. You stepped in to have a closer look. It seemed spacious enough. Definitely more welcoming than what you have been used to for the past two months. 

You couldn’t resist from throwing yourself onto the bed. Smiling up at the ceiling. Feeling at home. Almost forgetting what that feels like. Even if it was only two months, it felt like a lifetime. Days seemed to feel like weeks. Months felt like years. Sitting yourself up on the bed, you glance over at Steve. Who is leaning against the door frame, laughing to himself. 

“Take it you like the room?” he stated the obvious. 

“I could never thank you enough for all of this… You have no idea how grateful I am.” tears began to fill up in your eyes. All because of this simple act of kindness. You really thought the whole world was evil. But it’s not, there is still good people out there. It’s just a matter of finding them. 

“No need to thank any of us. I’m glad to have you as a part of this team. We could really use someone like you.” he told you, making his way over to the bed. Sitting himself down on the edge of it. Wanting to be just that little bit closer to you. Making sure you were aware of your importance. He could give you all the praise and admiration in the world. 

“I don’t see why you would need me. You have a very strong team already. And to be perfectly honest, all I can do is teleport myself around. Not much else.” you scrunched your mouth up in thought. Not seeing how you could be a good asset to this team. In a way putting yourself down. 

“I have faith.” Steve went on to say with a slight smile. He couldn’t believe you had no confidence in yourself. 

“Faith in what? God?” you questioned him, tilting your head to the side. He was rather vague. 

“In you. With a little bit of training, you can be amazing.” he answered putting a hand on your shoulder, looking straight into your eyes. And he meant what he said. He is always honest. Your mouth fell slightly open. No one has never believed in you as much as Steve does. It was certainly nice to hear, sure meant a lot. 

Some time had passed, Steve was still in your new room. He knew your story, now it was time for him to tell you his. It was like nothing you have ever heard in your life. It was hard to imagine Steve being smaller than you at one point. He told you that it did hurt when the serum was injected into him. But was all worthwhile. He wanted to do good, always has. Steve is so noble, it is truly amazing to see. Also seems like the kind of person who would stand up for what they truly believe in. 

Then he told you about his friend Bucky, and what happened to him. You could see the devastation in his eyes as he retold you the story. Knowing that Bucky meant a lot to him. And still does. 

“I feel like I let him down…” he looked down at the floor, almost ashamed with himself.

“What happened to Bucky, isn’t your fault.” You extended your hand, resting it on his for comfort. Reassuring him as best as you could. In a way you can understand why he would blame himself. Though it really isn’t his fault at all. He needs to realise that. Otherwise the guilt will just continue to consume him. 

“Maybe it’s not my fault. I just wish I could have done more to prevent things.” he explained it better to you, still staring down at his feet. 

“Did you ever find him again?” you were hesitant to ask, but curiosity got the better of you. 

“Me and Sam found him. It was hard locating him, but we got there. He’s actually here. He doesn’t like interacting with anyone, keeps to himself. He spends most of the time trying to remember his life.” Steve looked back up at you. Your heart sank in your chest, feeling sorry for both him and Bucky. Even though he has his best friend back, he’s still completely withdrawn into himself. It is obvious that Steve wants nothing more than his old pal Bucky back. 

“Give him time, I’m sure he’ll come around.” you managed a smile, rubbing Steve’s back. 

He found it rather soothing having you comfort him. You were so gentle and kind. It’s something he hasn’t experienced up close in a while. That’s when he knew he had to be careful not to let his guard down around you. For he fears he may even fall in love. Which hasn’t gone well for him in the past. So he is worried it will happen to him again. Not having the best luck. 

-Late at night-

You were tossing and turning violently in your bed as you dreamt of the terrors of the Hydra facility. You were running through the place, as all the lights flickered around. Everything seems even more sinister than before. You have no powers… No one to save you from this hell. Truly trapped for the rest of your days. Bloody scalpels and needles all over the ground. Possessions of the other victims scattered here, there and everywhere. It made you feel sick. All reminders of the lives lost here. You could hear someone calling for number eight. Which is the number you were given. And somehow faint screams could be heard. Falling to your knees, covering your ears, trying to block out all the surrounding noise. 

Your body knew to wake itself up, sensing the panic that had arisen in you. Sweat glistening on your forehead. Your body shaking violently, gasping for a breath. Once you realised where you were, you calmed back down and wiped the sweat away from your forehead. Now crying in your bed feeling so alone. It had to be really late by now, no one would be up to provide comfort. You sure could use Steve’s company. Since he’s the one you’re most familiar with so far. 

Putting on the robe provided, you made your way out of the bedroom and decided to wander around. Just to clear your head a little bit. Knowing that you wouldn’t be able to sleep until you did so. Everything was so quiet, which was so unusual to what you’re used to. You didn’t think about that too much though. 

Once you reached the common room you noticed someone was already there, sitting on the sofa facing the window. It was hard to tell who it was from the back. So you decided to take a closer look, teleporting to the other sofa which would then have you facing them. Whoever it is sure was startled by your sudden presence. 

“Who are you?” he asked, most of his body remained hidden because there was no light reaching it. 

“I could ask you the same thing.” you folded your arms, not recognising the voice. That’s when it clicked in your head; this must be Bucky. You remebered Steve telling you about how he doesn’t socialise much. Instead he sits by himself staring out of a window (from what you have witnessed for yourself).

“That’s not really that important. Plus I don’t even know who I am.” He went on to say, leaning forward bringing himself into the light. You could now see him a lot better. And you were surprised at what you saw. His left arm was made of metal. Steve forgot to mention that part. When the light hit off of his metal arm, it shined bright. It was rather captivating, you couldn’t help but stare. 

“You’re Bucky, right?” you knew he was but wanted to hear him say it. He was wearing a white vest and black sweat pants. Clearly dressed for bed. Perhaps he’s like you, not able to sleep at night because there is too much going on in your heads. 

“How do you know that?” he raised his eyebrow at you, feeling weary. Not having a clue who you were at all. You were completely new to him.  

“Steve told me. I’m new here, obviously. He felt like he should fill me in. They broke me out of a hydra facility. And now I’m here.” you briefly explained and he nodded, half understanding. He could definitely relate with you anyway, assuming that you have been experimented on. You were rather distracted by his charming good looks. He had piercing blue eyes that even in the dark stood out. Another thing you couldn’t help but notice is his jawline. 

“How did you do that thing you did?” he then asked, confused as to how you just appeared out of nowhere. It’s something he hasn’t seen before. 

“Oh that, I can teleport. Hydra successfully gave me the power of teleportation.” you answered before teleporting over beside him. He looked at you with such a confused expression on his face. Trying to figure out how it works. 

“Can I ask you something else?” he was so full of questions, but you didn’t mind that. The fact that he was even interacting with you was totally surprising itself. The way Steve explained it to you made you think Bucky doesn’t even talk to him, his best friend. He turned to face you properly. 

“Of course, go ahead.” you encouraged him and he nodded, feeling rather shy. 

“Did they wipe your memories too?” he looked at you doe-eyed. In that moment your heart melted in your chest. He has the most gorgeous eyes. It made your heart ache for him. The despair was written all over his eyes. 

“Yes, they did. That’s the thing I hate most about it. Not the extreme pain they put me through. But for taking the most precious memories away from me. The only reason I know my name is because I carved it on the wall of my cell. Beside the tally I keep for each day that passed me by. I don’t remember my family. If I have a lover. It’s the small things.” you explained to him, trying to hold back the tears as you did so. Not being able to remember is the most frustrating part. Memory is something you take for granted. 

“I’ve been trying hard to remember the person I once was. Before they made me into this monster… I’m not really sure who I am anymore. I feel so lost.” he confessed to you, looking at his bionic arm. You were sitting on his left side so had no choice but to put your hand on his metal shoulder. Hoping he wouldn’t mind. All you wanted to do was provide some sort of comfort for him. 

“You’re not a monster, Bucky.” you spoke softly to him with a reassuring smile on your face. Carefully running your hand down the metal, it was cold to the touch. But in a way it felt nice, different but nice. 

Bucky sat still as you touched his metal arm, no one has ever been brave enough to get this close to him before. Well since he got his arm replaced with a bionic one. At first he was as stiff as a bit of cardboard, but after a while loosened up. There was something about you that he seemed to like. You had this empathetic nature that was appealing to him. He had someone who finally understood what it feels like to have your head messed around with. Even though he couldn’t really feel your fingers running up and down, in his head he could. 

“You don’t know the things I’ve done.” he protested, looking away from you. Nothing could erase the things he has done throughout history. He has a lot of blood on his hands. 

“That wasn’t you. Don’t forget that you were manipulated to do those things. I don’t believe for a second you would do those things on your own free will.” you backed up your point. Not believing for a second that he is such a bad person. He was controlled. You meant every single word. Bucky could tell it was sincere by the tone of your voice, which surprised him. 

“What’s your name?” he managed a slight smile as he asked you. 

“Y/n, my name’s y/n.” you smiled back, feeling proud that you got Bucky Barnes to finally open up. All that was needed is a simple conversation about similar experiences. To know someone else feels your pain, makes it a lot easier to talk about. You were truly glad to help him out, knowing that his soul is aching. It was amazing how you’ve only been here a day and yet you have impacted people in such a positive way. Starting to believe Steve was right; this team needed you.