i mean idk but i'm just saying if it's true

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: okay, everybody shut the fuck up a minute I have something to say. listen just because something burns bright doesn't mean it's gonna burn forever. so all these people around you saying you got so much further to go, it's going to get worse before it gets better, I don't know. I don't if that true. you know, thanks so much for coming and on this next part, let's sing it all together

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I feel so uncomfortable reading interviews where Jimin says he feels and sees JK as his younger brother... I mean, I'm? As a shipper, it's just.. Idk if you'll get my point, but it's like I reconsider all of my old stances on them, and if I've actually imagined all of the sexual tension, heart-eyes, and stuff like that ://// could you help me? Idk how to feel.

warning: jikook trash post. Oh, my baby bun, don’t feel uncomfortable. Jikook is an amazing ship, isn’t it. Cute, playful, full of smiles. They’re very intimate, and frankly speaking, we’ll never know what their true relationships are, it’s true. We all imagine stuff like this: jk pinning jm, jk being jeonlous, sexual things and etc, but don’t get caught into your fantasies. They are cute whatever they are. You don’t know the true relationship between them, yeah? They might be brothers, but they might be lovers, too ;) There’re too many mights. So, they have special bounds, can’t deny. Also, do you expect Jimin to say: “Oh, we’re fucking”? Lmao, of course he’ll say “Jk is my baby maknae” or “he’s like my brother”. Jimin can say lots of things that he actually doesn’t mean, we all do such stuff but he cannot not do it. However, I can’t call this ship brotherly. People who don’t ship jikook can call them siblings but when you dig into a bit deeper… 

To me, jikook has a very profound relationship. Look, there’re too many receipts. You can’t explain this phenomenon

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part of me feels like there would've been less drama if you took the hit and kept quiet about not liking the joke, but even though I'm someone who has no problem with those jokes I respect you for having the bravery to speak out about it

Its true like i could have totally just left it but idk it kept bothering me so i felt like i just had to say something ykno
One thing though is that by stirring up this kind of shit you can weed out the people who support it so like we also just lost like 7 followers maybe? Which is good. Shitpostundertale never tried piggybacking on like really stupidly mean memes because we understand that you can be funny without being an asshole

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I feel kinda torn about the smut stuff bc I heard the sex comments and stuff was one of the reasons BTS stopped reading comments on YouTube. I'm not saying this to be against Te blog or anything bc idk if that statement is even true it's just something I heard. What do you think about all this and the whole underaged idols (like when Kookie was younger and ppl still made sex comments) pt-1

Pt2- like in Australia 16 is the legal age of consent so it doesn’t feel that weird to me but i think it is weird when it’s like a much older person so like 16 to a 30 year old yknow what I mean 

This will be kinda long, so brace yourself.

Okay, so at times I also feel a bit torn about the smut and such because some people take it a step further and start harassing the boys whether it is with sexual comments, asking about their sexuality and even going to the extent of saying they want to rape them. See, this is where I consider everything to have gone too far because as a writer it is pretty discouraging that because of something you wrote, people take it way too far. I don’t frown upon smut because I write it, but it is not with the purpose to have people harass the boys because of it.

I don’t think smut writers should stop publishing their work, in fact, I think the readers should attempt to ground themselves and remember that what they read is called fiction for a reason; whether it is reader and idol or ships. Readers should be reminded that some of those overly displays of affection that make you spazz and believe your ship is ‘real’ are mostly fan-service. Don’t get me wrong either, I am not saying that they don’t display affection to each other on a regular basis; I mean to say that those intense moments in which it appears like they will kiss each other or something are just a step further they take for the fun of it.

Tackling the topic about sexualizing underage idols. I, for one, am completely against it. I always been against it, and I feel it uncomfortable having to see and read anything that involves under aged idols or people in general. Even though the age varies from country to country (mine being 19-20 the age of consent), I feel as though writers, reader and people that submit requests should respect the age from the country the idol comes from. Over sexualizing idols or artists has become a huge boom in not just this fandom, but in every fandom. Everyone needs to be reminded that they are people, not toys that exist to fulfill your sexual fantasies. They have feelings and innocence as well, please respect that. Over sexualizing needs to stop, regardless of the age.

My stand in all of this is that over sexualizing should be stopped, regardless of the age and that fans and people alike should be reminded that harassing is a bad thing, but sexually harassing people with words is worse. You want to spazz about your ship or about how good looking? You can do it but don’t go on their accounts and write stuff like: “If you read the comments, how big is your dick?’, ‘OmG JIKook IS ReAL AHHHHHH!! Show us more!!’, ‘Unf, I want to call you daddy all night.’, ‘Hngggg If I could I would totally rape you ;3.’ ,’We don’t want to see you show us more VMin!!!!!’. Yes, these are actual comments I have read in my personal social media and in places alike. I don’t blame smut writers, we are not responsible of what our readers do; yet we feel guilty.

I Hope this all makes sense and give you my stand in all of this!