i mean i've had this problem for years now but the difference is now he's on an actual show

(You Turn Me Into) Somebody Loved: Connor/Reader Soulmate AU

Summary: All things considered, you’re probably not the first person to find your soulmate after spotting their signature on somebody’s cast. The magic of that moment doesn’t fix everything, but it fixes enough.

Word Count: 6616

You had pictured the first day of your senior year more times than you could count. You envisioned making the familiar drive, walking into a school you knew like the back of your hand, and finishing high school with the same people you started it with. The beginning of a year full of stress and fun and college applications and parties.

None of those visions looked like this: sitting in your car outside of a new school half an hour before the first bell, your thighs sticking to the seat while you tried to work up the nerve to walk inside. Your nails scratched at the leather of the steering wheel while you took a few deep breaths and let yourself run the numbers again. You ghosted your hand over the name scrawled just under your collarbone, the one that had appeared like clockwork on your sixteenth birthday. The one that belonged to your soulmate.


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Tangled Up In Blue (Hair)

Title: Tangled Up In Blue (Hair)

Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Rating: PG (only some swearing from Dan)

Word Count: ~3500

Summary: Fic based on this prompt:

If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored like a rainbow and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck.

(Didn’t do rainbow hair though, just blue.)

(Read on AO3)

A/N: This is not beta read, so sorry if there are any mistakes. (Title from the Bob Dylan song Tangled Up In Blue, though it doesn’t really relate to the fic (just thought it fit as a title). Also I’m a photoshop n00b so sorry for the crappy hair edits.)

The first time it happened was when Dan was eight. At that age he only knew of one other person that it had happened to before, she had been lucky though as her hair colour had changed to a sensible colour, he however hadn’t been so lucky. One day he had woken up with bright yellow hair! His parents had gasped when he walked into the kitchen that morning.

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anonymous asked:

Hey do u know any good, long fics that are angsty? Like maybe breakups and they meet again or hate to love something like that. I feel like I've read all the usual recommended ones.

so it’s gonna be a mix between my Angsty fic rec, and the “long fics” one, okay ?

- Photograph by @tvshows-addict and @anhcor(…) An epic love story in which Harry is too in love for his own good, Louis is in denial of his sexuality, and they write songs instead of actually talking to each other. (185k,  canon but not really

- Nobody shines the way you do : Louis pretends to be Harry’s boyfriend to help him win back his douchebag ex-boyfriend, but things don’t go according to plan. (115k, TW about cheating)

- We The Fireworks , by @happilylarreh : It’s the morning after the night before and Louis doesn’t know how on earth he made it home in one piece but he reckons it maybe has something to do with the curly-haired stranger, standing half-naked in his kitchen. The problem is that this mysterious stranger, who has a huge secret and an even huger heart, doesn’t seem to plan on leaving Louis’ life anytime soon and doesn’t seem to be able to get it into his stupidly adorable, curly head that Louis is absolutely, utterly, completely, one hundred percent beyond help. Out of reach. Lost in the night. Or The AU where Louis needs saving and Harry wants to save him but doesn’t want to admit that maybe he needs saving a little bit too.  (103k, TW though, check the tags)

- Hiding Place, by @alivingfire : Louis never wanted a soulmate, didn’t really care for the whole Bonding thing at all, really. Enter Harry Styles, who’s wanted to be Bonded for as long as he could remember. With one fateful meeting in an X Factor bathroom, Louis gets a dagger on his arm and the realization that just because Harry is his soulmate doesn’t mean it’s mutual. From the X Factor house to Madison Square Garden, from the Fountain Studios stage to stadiums across the world, Louis has to learn to love without losing himself completely, because someday his best friend will Bond to someone and replace Louis as the center of his universe. Meanwhile, Harry begins to think that maybe fate doesn’t actually know what it’s doing after all, because his other half has clearly been right in front of him the whole time. All he has to do now is convince Louis to give them a chance. Or, the canon compliant Harry and Louis love story from the very beginning, where the only difference is that the love between them is literally written on their skin, and there’s only so much they can hide. (365k, Canon)

- Flour and Chocolate , by @and-they-call-me-prideful: it was nice, for a bakery he supposed. Then he approached the display cabinet. And the foreboding slammed into him. Because every product had letters next to it. Letters. GF, DF, V, O, VGN. What. The. Fuck? Lifting his eyes to the chalkboard menu spread across the back wall Louis felt physically ill. ‘Gluten-free’, ‘organic’, ‘vegan’, ‘paleo’, ‘dair-…’ Wait, what the fuck was a paleo? He had entered some hipster-trash establishment and it was more than time to get out.  OR Louis is a single dad and Harry works at the newly opened bakery down the street. (145k)

- Love Is A Rebellious Bird , by @100percentsassy and @gloriaandrews : AU in which the boys still make music.  Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best.  Zayn and Liam are around too.Don’t hum Bolero. (134k, a big classique!)

- burn to ash , by @bethaboolou: Harry is sitting there, so fucking casual, and Louis realizes in a split second he was not ready. When Harry walked out in Detroit and never looked back, he was a boy verging on a man, still only twenty years old, but there’s a man in his place now. Hard and resolute, yes, but still, for the first time in a long time, Louis can kind of see the old Harry in him. The soft, directness of his gaze, the hesitant smile he gives to Lou, the way he wrings his ridiculously large hands in his lap.He’s a little bit the eager sixteen year old puppy dog again, his innocence and sweetness resurrected miraculously, and Louis freezes in place. He was prepared to face the asshole Harry. He was prepared to meet a whole new Harry. Louis is not prepared to meet one of the old incarnations of Harry, and it absolutely tears him up.Or the fic where Harry spirals out of control, the band breaks up, and then he shows back up, five years later. (116k, future fic)

- Nameless Night , by green_feelings (aka @sadamenoito​ ) : For their 18th birthday, every person receives a letter that reads a simple date. That is the date you’ll meet your soulmate. Harry and Louis have different beliefs, live in different worlds and have different dreams, hopes and fears. Yet, they’re not so different from each other when it comes to love. When their paths cross, there is no doubt they belong together. Except for that one, essential difference: they didn’t receive the same date. Or, a fic about differences that make no difference at all: Harry and Louis are soulmates. In every way possible. Featuring Niall as a role model, and Liam and Zayn as a different kind of role models. (155k)

UPDATE (last update on April 4th 2017)

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all-hail-the-prophet-chuck  asked:

Hello! I am so glad to have found your blog! Reading your metas about Sam really made me reconsider my opinion on him. I used to dislike him but upon reading your stuff, I really appreciate him. I have one question though since I've seen that while you love Dean, you criticise him (which I agree with). Well it made me wonder what your opinion of Cas is. Cas is my all-time favourite and I can see that's not the same for u (a-ok!) but I wanna know: what exactly do you feel about him? Thank you! :)

I’m so honored and happy to hear that my meta might have played a part in helping you appreciate Sam! Thank you so much for the nice message. As for your question…

I really like Cas as a person, though nothing can match my love for Sam. While some people condemn Cas for the mistakes he has made, I lean toward appreciating his intent and his strength of character.

I mean… he lived for actual millennia in a “family” where you listened to your superiors and did exactly as they said. Thousands of years. But he still cared for and about people in a way many of his brethren did not. 

Much like Sam, actually, he grew up in a family where his core values were irreconcilably different from those his family held. He chose to do what he believed was right and displayed kindness when human sentiment had not necessarily been modeled to him. I respect that, and I really appreciate Castiel’s kindness and compassion, even when they’re ineptly expressed. He’s grown so much as a character, and he’s just genuinely compassionate. I love that. I love his willingness to acknowledge when he feels he’s made mistakes and his determination to rectify them. (Again, a trait he shares with Sam and one I really love.)

While I like him very much as a person/character, I have negative feelings about how the show has handled his story. Because the show centers around the Winchesters, having a fully-powered Cas would make things too easy, so the writers have made sure he’s either lacking power, absent, or aligned with the “villains” despite his generally good intentions. They go to great lengths to make sure that he’s not overpowered, and in doing so, they do a disservice to his character and all the promise he started with. I loved the role he played when he first appeared, but now it feels like the writers are including him because he’s a popular character rather than because he is genuinely, organically contributing to the plot of the story.

They make him an obstacle, a problem to be solved. They awkwardly reverse previous character growth (of course, they do this to a lot of characters…) for the sake of plot.

Additionally, the “dumbing down” of Heaven has negatively affected the show. Heaven, like Hell, has been made into a corporate entity, and while the writers may think it’s fun and tongue-in-cheek, it ruins the mystery that made those places both awe-inspiring and terrifying in the first place. Where Heaven was once interesting, it’s now just tired men and women in suits, plotting out the fate of the world from sterile boardrooms. And… it’s boring. 

So, I have mixed feelings, I guess. I love Castiel, but I’m highly critical of the way the writers have handled his story and the portrayal of Hell and Heaven in general.

That’s only my opinion, though. I hope it makes sense? Thank you so much for taking the time to ask, and sorry this got long! I wanted to give your question the attention it deserved.

shellbow  asked:

Hey! I know you love Bayonetta, she's one of my favs too, but I've seen a lot of feminist claim that she's not a good example to hold up because she was designed to cater to the male gaze regardless of her actions as a character and I was just wondering if you had any thoughts about that :>

Any thoughts? OH HO HO, please have a seat because I’m about to go off right here,

Ok first of all, does Bayonetta (both the character and the game) have some problems, yes. Things can always be improved. The thing is, she doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be either A TOP TIER FEMINIST ICON or A PROBLEMATIC PIECE OF SHIT. A middle ground can be found in these things, and regarding Bayonetta, she is a very, very good and important female character with absolute feminist leanings, but there are some things that can be improved upon, always.

But here’s the thing, I’ve noticed that a lot of people who scream “ANTI-FEMINIST” at Bayonetta, either haven’t played the games or take everything at face value.

There are a lot of details in Bayonetta that set her apart from the typical, male-gazey female character. And those details are absolutely put there on purpose by the developers by the way, these are deliberate things.

First of all, something important to remember is that all the characters in Bayonetta, were designed by a woman. And if you look at the concept art of both Bayonetta and Jeanne

The most important thing in their designs isn’t their bust sizes, or sex appeal.

It’s their sense of style, and ‘shape’ (as in their silhouette, an important aspect of character design).

What’s also important is to note all the effort the designers have gone through to really establish the individuality of these two female characters. That might seem like a minor thing, but if you compare it to other video games in this genre (fighting, and hack-and-slash specifically), often the most important thing separating those female characters is their bust size. Case in point, Soul Calibur has a chest size chart in it’s concept art.

This is ridiculous.

Another very important thing regarding her design, are her proportions. YES, her legs are ridiculously long, but here’s the thing, that’s the style of the entire game. I mean, have you seen Luka’s legs,

 damn he fine

No, what I’m talking about with her design, is the way she looks, the way she is proportionate to herself.

I’m taking Japanese focused games especially here. I took a character from Soul Calibur (I have a real bone to pick with this game ok), and Dead or Alive as examples.
Those two characters aren’t women, they’re girls. Little girls. And while both of them originally come from a fighting game, neither of them look even vaguely threatening.

Now look at Bayonetta. Her features are proportionate to her face, she is still very beautiful but she looks mature, which is GOOD because she is supposed to be in her 30’s (human age, of course. Technically she’s hundreds of years old) in the first game, and even nearing 40’s in the second.

Do you know how rare that is for female, Japanese characters.

These other two characters look sexual, yes. But not like they actually have any control over their own sexuality. Two tropes often used in the design of Japanese female characters is the “Ice Queen” and “the Little Girl”, (or as psychology calls it, the “Virgin/Whore complex”),

For examples, let’s use Soul Calibur again

Sophitia, despite having a mature body (or at least her bust size is, everything else seems strangely out of proportion), looks innocent, like she needs to be protected. While her basic design almost SCREAMS sex, everything else seems to project a need to be protected. She is non threatening.

Ivy on the other hand, also exudes sex but differently. She is sexual, but she also has an air of “you will never have this”. She is an “ice queen”, it’s not that she doesn’t want to have sex with YOU, cis male gamer, it’s that she doesn’t want to sleep with ANYONE. You masculinity remains intact.

But Bayonetta on the other hand. Bayonetta has sex. This is established several times through dialogue. She has sex, she wants it and enjoys it, BUT, she HIGHLY doubts that you, cis male gamer, can deliver.

She has sex, but she won’t with you because you’re not worth her time and she knows it. She owns her own sexuality.

She looks good and she knows it. She enjoys wearing perfume, jewelry and designer clothes because she likes wearing them. She does this for herself only, no one else.

Another thing about her design, are her lollipops. Lollipops in relation to female characters are a sexual symbol almost all of the time. It’s a call back to oral sex. That’s why the lollipop in question is often rather large, because MASCULINITY don’t you know.

But look at the lollipops Bayonetta eats. Those things are tiny as hell. And she’s never seen licking them either, she just put them in her mouth and almost forgets they’re there. She throws them around in combat too.

They are fun for her, and she enjoys them, but they are not vital at all. (psst, they are a metaphor for you, cis male gamer.)

Now, the way she moves in combat. First of all, again, Bayonetta LOVES herself, and she enjoys showing off what she can do, and why shouldn’t she.

Many people say she moves like a stripper, but that’s not exactly true. She moves like a dancer. 

Right, that’s all her basic design out of the way. Now there’s also her personality to consider.

There are some very important facts about Bayonetta’s personality that really set here even further apart from the regular female character tropes.

First of all, her likes and interests (besides sex and dancing that is). Things Bayonetta likes,

  • Motorcycles
  • Guns
  • Space Harrier 
  • Aracade games
  • Shopping/Fashion
  • Tiny, pink drinks
  • Blowing kisses that take the shape of little hearts
  • Parties
  • Her mother
  • Her best friend Jeanne

She both likes very stereotypically masculine and feminine things, scoffing at nothing, and judging nothing.

You will never ever hear her say anything like “I’m not like other girls”, quite the opposite, she is shown several times to be very protective of other girls, while handeling most of the men in her life (Luka, at first, Enzo, Balder, even Rodin) with disregard.

Another VERY important thing about her, is her relationship with Cereza. Whether she is really her daughter (she technically isn’t), is not important. What IS important, is that Bayonetta takes on a motherly role. She gets called “mummy”, she cares for and protects Cereza, the whole bit.

And it doesn’t diminish her badassness or sexuality at all. Because often, female characters becoming mothers is presented as a “downgrade”, it makes them less sexual, but not Bayonetta. She is shown to be both very caring and loving, and also cold and calculated. My god, it’s almost as if she’s a multi dimensional character.

Now, I think I hit all the bullet points of her design. So I just wanted to point out a few more little things about the Bayonetta universe.

The item and weapon descriptions, are always about very powerful witches from different countries and periods in time. So in this universe, witches come from all over the world and wield extreme power.

And last but not least, in the Bayonetta universe. Both heaven and the underworld are ruled by women.

that’s always fun

So, in conclusion,

Is Bayonetta a feminist game? I believe so, yes! There is a lot to admire, and I don’t call her my “video game crush” for nothing.
Should all games strive to be exactly like this? OH HELL NO! Bayonetta’s sex positivity is really great and all, but now where are our asexual heroines, our canon trans ones, etc.

Bayonetta is not perfect, but it did have a goal, and I believe it reaches that goal almost perfectly. Bayonetta is very important, and she is absolutely worthy of close examination, and I love her to bits.

so, I hope I answered your question!

now go forth and play more Bayonetta! Let’s rock, baby!

anonymous asked:

about maz kanata's line to rey, "they are never coming back..." you say it sort of resolves the answer of luke not being rey's father, but how would maz know that? how would she know if luke had a child or not? she's a friend of han's, but i don't think she knew luke. knew of him, obviously, but what would be your reasoning on how maz would know?

you’re coming at this from the wrong angle. here are the pertinent lines

           Don't give up. He still might show
           up. Whoever it is you're waiting
           for. Classified. I know all about
          BB-8 BEEPTALKS a question.

                          REY (CONT'D)
           For my family. They'll be back.
           One day. Come on.
          She tries to force a smile, but can't, really. She heads
          off. BB-8 BEEPS... then heads after her.

here rey says that she’s waiting for her family. we also know she was old enough to remember them when she was left so whoever left her she identifies as her family


           You're offering me a job.

           I'm thinking about it.
          Rey wants to say yes. But something stops her. A line she
          can't cross.

                          HAN (CONT'D)

           If you were, I'd be flattered. But
           I have to get home.
          Han looks at her, questioningly.

          Rey looks off, in thought. Yeah, Jakku.

           I've already been away too long.


          Finn heads off. Rey gets up to follow. Maz dials her lenses
          back to normal, and turns to Han.

           Who's the girl?


           I have to get back to Jakku.

           Han told me.
           (reaches out, hold REY'S HAND)
           Dear child. I see your eyes. You
           already know the truth. Whomever
           you're waiting for on Jakku, they're
           never coming back. But... there's
           someone who still could.


           The belonging you seek is not behind
           you. It is ahead.

so maz asks han who the girl is and han tells her [something we don’t know, damnit jj, but it involves that rey wants to go back to jakku].

then based on what han told her and her force eye powers she tells rey that REY already knows the truth, and that truth is that whoever she’s waiting for on jakku are never coming back. and we know she’s waiting for her family. ergo, rey’s family are never coming back

moving onto the next part: “but there’s someone who still could. luke”. and the stuff about belonging being ahead. the word BUT implies it’s someone DIFFERENT from rey’s family, and that someone is identified BY REY as luke. rey herself identifies luke as someone who is not her family. this is supposed to tell us that what rey wants so badly– a sense of belonging, a family– is going to come from someone who isn’t her family: luke. and finn tbh, i mean don’t forget this scene

           Finn. What are you doing here?!

           We came back for you.
          She is speechless -- this is all she's ever wanted anyone to
          do. Chewie TALKS -- and Rey's eyes nearly tear up.

finn is her family now. as was han for a short time. tfa is about found family– for her, for finn, for han and leia who lost a son, and in tlj, for luke, although we have yet to see how that plays out. (daisy also said that rey and luke’s relationship in tfa is about when you “meet your hero”).

and remember that the writers KNOW rey’s origins. so get inside the writers’ heads. why would they choose to write that maz scene? why would they put in the effort to have a major part of the movie be rey learning to let go of the past (her family) and recognize that she has found a new one?

so what IS rey’s backstory?

well, jakku is important for multiple reasons. it was part of palpatine’s contingency plan (look it up on wookieepedia) and there was a big battle there after episode 6 that resulted in ships with salvageable parts being left scattered. so a system of scavenging these parts was set up by a hutt businesswoman named niima– hence, niima outpost. which is where unkar plutt operated, exchanging food portions for parts. we see plenty of people in this system, essentially in indentured servitude being payed way less than the worth of the items they scavenge.

when rey was five she was left with unkar plutt (he’s the one holding her arm in the flashback) implying she was sold into this system of near-slavery. it doesn’t really seem like she was left there to “keep her safe”… i mean barring a harry-left-with-the-dursleys situation lmfao. but overall it seems to me more like she’s just one of many people who found themselves in this system.

what else is on jakku? the church of the force village where lor san tekka, an old friend of luke and leia’s, retired, and has a clue to luke’s location. and then both poe and kylo ren show up at the same time to get it. at no point during these proceedings does anyone seem aware of rey– ie, it doesn’t seem like lor san tekka was watching over her like obi-wan was with luke. i’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s meant to be a coincidence rey is on the same planet. well, not a coincidence, as they have given us good reason for both important and unimportant people to be there. it’s actually genius writing tbh.

SO i will entertain the idea that rey is luke’s daughter now. how does that fit in to everything we’ve established? well, since she was five years old when she was left there, i’m gonna rule out a scenario where she’s stolen from luke AT THAT AGE because everyone would know he had a five year old daughter who was stolen. then there’s the fact that there’s about 10 years between rey being left on jakku and the destruction of luke’s jedi. she would be 14 at the time this happens so i’m also ruling out her being one of his original students who was somehow saved from the purge, because the timeline is a decade off. i’m also ruling out him keeping her a secret, again this was years before anything went wrong so i don’t understand WHY or HOW he would or could keep it a secret.

so what else is possible? maybe the mother never told luke she was pregnant and left before there were any signs. maybe luke knew she was pregnant but then she left, or was kidnapped, or had to leave, or ran away.

and then what? she had the daughter of the most famous person in the galaxy. she raised her for five years without anyone knowing. said daughter had a good impression of her childhood. and then the mother left the daughter on jakku to be a slave. wait, what? k that makes no sense. backtrack. maybe the mother got in some kind of trouble– bad people found out who rey was, and she HAD to … leave her on jakku to be a slave? i guess? or maybe she went there to find lor san tekka but something happened and she had to leave rey? idk. my problem with any of these scenarios is that it’s not natural to write them. i can come up with them if forced to explain reysky being left on jakku by her mom, but i would never write that in the first place. and the writers– lucasfilm story group, and jj and michael arndt and lawrence kasdan– they weren’t writing this because they were forced to come up with an explanation to a fan theory, they were writing whatever they wanted from the beginning.

i mean the very origin of this scenario, luke having s*x with a woman who then leaves before he knows she’s pregnant, barely makes sense in the first place. was it a one night stand type situation? he doesn’t seem like the type. or did they fall in love but then she left or had to leave or something? in that case wouldn’t leia and han know that he had a significant other? if not then he kept it a secret. why would he keep it a secret 10 years before anything went wrong? you know? like it’s just so contrived.

not to mention that rey remembers a family, not just one person. i highly doubt they would have her say “my family” instead of “my mother” if it was just her mother so there were probably other people. maybe the mother found a new husband (or wife…) before rey was young enough to remember. or maybe rey was stolen from the mother and the people she thought were her family were impersonators? or the mom was killed, or died in childbirth? but i’m getting off track because that really seems too complex and i don’t think they would fridge the mom like that

and who even would the mother be?! why is literally no one even mentioning this? do you think kathleen kennedy’s ass would let a white woman go unnoticed like that? in ANY reysky scenario luke had a CHILD with SOMEONE. the mother is CRITICAL. and imo the mother is where reysky as a theory falls apart. it’s just… so impossible. lol like MAYBE at first he was trying to follow the old jedi code so he kept his significant other a secret, and then she left. MAYBE. but that still brings us back to how the mother ended up leaving rey on jakku in that horrible situation. but like this is why i’m critical of reyskys’ motivations. if she’s luke’s daughter i want to know every detail about the mother and how rey ended up where she did. but reyskys are always just like “she’s a skywalker” and leave it at that.

and that’s what’s funny. a year and a half ago EVERYONE was SO SURE rey was han and leia’s daughter. LMFAO. talking about how rey was dressed like han and her full name was kira rey solo and whatnot. like there was a reason for that: it would make no sense for luke to have a secret daughter AND baby mama. and everyone knew it. this is why it’s hard for me to take reyskys seriously. anyway

(also one last thing, before tfa came out we had no idea who kylo ren was. when, in the movie, we found out he was han and leia’s son, that was a reveal, a twist. THAT was the secret skywalker child moment. that’s the whole point, they DID reveal a secret skywalker but it was the villain!)

SOOOOOOOOOOOO ANYWAY reigning it in– if the writers did intend for rey to be luke’s daughter we’re back to our original question of why they would do that maz scene. see where i was coming from now? if your intention as a writer is for her to FIND HER FAMILY at the end of the movie, why would you have a major character moment be her realizing her FAMILY IS NEVER COMING BACK, but the very person she finds at the end of the movie still could. do you see how illogical that is? the ONLY possibility is if they’re using it as a technicality, like her MOTHER is never coming back but her FATHER still could… but… it just seems so unlikely to me that that was their motivation when writing that scene. you wouldn’t in your head have this whole important backstory about her mother raising her and then being forced to leave her because something goes wrong, and then write it off like that. in my onion, that scene only makes sense if, as a writer, rey’s backstory is that she was left by random people for whatever reason, and you want to show that she needs to let go of that hope because her new family is right before her eyes.

so it’s not about whether maz would know or not, it’s that we’re never meant to assume that it’s a thing for maz TO know in the first place.

as usual, and i can’t believe i have to announce this every time i say i’m a rey random, but i’m pro finnrey, pro jedi finn, anti reylo.

Title: 1 Year Reunion


Summary: Vanitas is fed up with being away from Ventus so he sneaks away to see him.

A/N: For the Kingdom Hearts Big Bang event @kh-worldsconnected! I had fun thinking and writing about these two (even if this caused me physical and emotional pain) lol. 

The artist I was paired up with for this project is @aerialrecovery who drew an amazing companion piece to this! Please visit their tumblr too! Enjoy! 

“-itas. Vanitas!"  

Vanitas felt as if he had woken up after a visit from death itself. He struggled to breath for a second. He gasped, crouching over like he had been hit in the gut.

Had he died? It didn’t matter. He was alive again. 

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tofubatman  asked:

are there any comics in particular that made you ship jaytim? i've only really seen them interact in new52 stuff so the impression i've got of them so far is probably pretty off

there ya go
i’m kidding of course;

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From The Archive: Jennifer Lawrence On Hunger Games: Catching Fire
On flipping the bird at the Oscars and why Katniss is the unluckiest person in film…

Jennifer Lawrence is an interview goddess. More charming than you ever thought she could be, the Oscar winner was on very good form when Empire spoke to her in Cannes earlier this year. As The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits cinemas this week, we thought we’d run the extended interview first seen (in part) in the November 2013 issue of Empire. This time around, you’ll hear more about sandwiches, swearing and what to call an ear infection…

You’ve won an Oscar. What’s the plan next?
I don’t know… go into television? Or do something totally unexpected. I’ll start doing voiceovers for Animal Planet. No, but seriously now, that’s something I really want to do. (Laughs)

But after the awards is there a feeling that you’re better than this blockbuster malarkey now?
You know, it’s funny how much it doesn’t change things. When you think about it, it’s just a little statue. It’s really only… a positive thing. A really nice honour, a really lovely thing to say that you’ve done, and then you move on. You keep working!

Is the sequel going to be better than the original?
I don’t know… I have not seen it yet. (Laughs) Hopefully! It’s what you hope for from any sequel - that it’s as good, or better. Nobody wants worse. I just don’t know if it’s going to be better. I really hope so!

Did you pick up any injuries this time around?
In the first one I ran into a wall, but that was during training. Once we got into filming, there were no more bizarre injuries. In this one, I went deaf for a week, and yep, I’m still having ear problems, so that’s cool. My ear pretty much covers it. It was the star of the injury show on this last one.

What caused the ear problem?
First, I had to jump into stagnant water for a stunt, which caused a double ear infection. Then I had to jump into water jets, and one jet went into my ear, making a ‘PSHYOOOOOV!’ noise, which made me deaf for a week, but I didn’t go to the doctor because I’m a genius. So I eventually got my hearing back, and now I get this tearing noise every time I yawn. I really should go back to the doctor and ask them what that means. 'Tell me, is this normal?' I’m in pain. 24/7. Help me.

How is your hair handling the dying back and forth?
Not well. (Laughs) I knew I had to cut it short because I don’t like staying brunette - I keep having to touch it up because I am actually a blonde. So I knew I wanted to go blonde and I knew I had to go short because there’s really only so much hair can handle. It’s held up for a long time, so I’m very pleased.

What advice would you have given yourself, your younger self, before you started The Hunger Games?
(Laughs) I got something to say, but I can’t…

You know, I think I’m doing everything perfectly. I think I’ve just about nailed it. 100%. And also, I know me, and I know I wouldn’t have listened, because I had a lot of people tell me what to do before and I did not listen. I don’t think I would have made an exception, not even for myself. No-one can actually give you any advice. It’s one of those day by day, every situation is different things, so there’s no way you can really prepare for anything. It’s kind of like, 'Oh well, let’s strap in, see how it goes, hope for the best…’

How much do the photocalls actually feel like The Hunger Games?
It’s just a completely different animal, all that stuff. It’s really bizarre. I should say, it’s not that bad. I don’t know why everybody acts like it’s that torturous - you are just standing there with a lot of flashing lights, so it’s not as bad as it could be. It’s not as bad as when the photos actually come out. That’s like The Hunger Games.

The photo of you flipping the bird at the Oscars could be one of the best Oscar photos of all time.
It’s so funny how much I freaked out when I realised that happened. I told my publicist, saying, 'Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…’ and now I am like, 'That’s probably my proudest moment in my entire career.’ (Laughs)

That moment really pointed out to me how whenever people talk about not having a filter… Just how much more in control my limbs and mouths are than my actual self. It’s shocking.

What are people saying to you on the street?
Generally… people are really nice. Sometimes someone will shout, 'You’re a dirty whore!’ But I think that would happen anyway. I guess I should probably dress better. (Laughs)

Where is Katniss right now?
Where is she right now? Are you insane? I have no idea. Maybe… 'sitting here’. Oh, you mean at the point of Catching Fire? Right, okay, sure.

After The Hunger Games, Katniss has moved into a house, she’s a Victor now, and she’s trying to get her life back together. She’s suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress and her life is very different now because she goes home to the people who she knows and they don’t really know her any more. There’s a certain side of her that really only Peeta knows at the point, and she’s always felt there’s a side of her that Gayle only really knows because of her history, and now her life is so different and she’s just trying to piece it together before she finds out she has to go back.

Have you admitted to anyone you haven’t read the books yet?
Ha! And I don’t know until the day I show up on set… 'This is the day you get brought back into The Hunger Games…’ And I’m like, 'Are. You. Kidding me? Again? What do I have, a brother?’

Do you have a favourite of Francis Lawrence’s music videos?
'I’m A Slave 4 U’, Britney Spears. He was making those music videos for me. They were for my generation. It’s really funny, most of the music videos that I’ve seen and loved are his.

Jenny From The Block…
I know, there are so many nicknames.

No, the music video, the song.
Oh God, I’m such a dick. I get called Jenny From The Block… I just presumed. You know people call me J-Lo, right? You didn’t thank about that, did ya?

Jimmy Fallon and I asked Jennifer Lopez to dance once and she said no. That was also because Jimmy pussied out at the last minute and I ended up… well, it was meant to be a choreographed thing, me saying 'Dance with us!’ and then I went and did it and it turned into 'Dance with… me!’ That probably did seem really weird. She was like 'I’ll watch.’ 'Okay…’

What’s your favourite sandwich?
Philly cheesesteak. But also an Italian, which is turkey and ham.

Do you feel like The Hunger Games, with two more years to go, is taking over your life for the forseeable future?
When I signed on to the franchise, I was so prepared. I said to myself, 'Well, you’ll have fun on the first one, and the next one you’ll be miserable and it’ll seem like it’s forever and you’ll get really bored…’ I was just prepared for that. But it hasn’t happened. I get really excited when I’m shooting. I was just doing ADR and I was so excited to get back to shoot 3 and 4, because I know everybody and we’re buddies, so it’s like going back to school. Except it’s more fun than school. Much more fun.

But I really do actually enjoy them. A lot. I do. I feel like it’s going home. Other jobs make me feel strange - 'I don’t know these people!’ - and then I go back to Hunger Games and I’m like, 'Okay…’

Is there a similar feeling to Days Of Future Past?
I just freaked out over Peter Dinklage. I lost my mind. I was like, 'That’s Tyrion Lannister!’ I’d imagine myself getting on my knees and saying, 'My liege…’ He’s The Angry Elf. He’s just everything. Yeah. I freaked out over him. Actually, everybody on set was freaking out. Hugh Jackman was sunbathing, I’m blue Mystique, and then Peter Dinklage walks by on a cellphone and everyone on set says, 'Oh my God, Tyrion Lannister is talking on a cellphone!’

Are you in the blue make-up a lot, or are they going to give you a break this time?
I am blue a lot. But I get little moments here and there. It’s great because it’s the perfect kind of shooting schedule. Everybody gets time off, which with The Hunger Games movies I am definitely not used to.

And what about David O. Russell, is there a similar with-the-gang feeling there?
It feels wonderful. I love him so much, and this last film was really amazing. He’s just so incredible when he gets his imagination going. I think it was even better the second time.

Do you have a favourite Hunger Games character name?
They are all very out there. There are times when I am travelling around and I’ll see signs, and I think, 'Ah, that’s probably where that came from.’ Or I’m in the doctor’s office, and I hear about a new disease. My ear infection is called 'Claudius Templesmith’.

Have you been showing the newcomers to the franchise the ropes?
No, I’m not a jerk. 'Okay you guys, follow my lead and you’ll be fine…’ No, everybody just got stuck in. Jeffrey Wright, Jenna Malone, Sam Claflin… everybody was so nice. They all moved in really quickly. As long as you’re nice, we like you.

And Josh and I really needed a break from each other, so bringing in new blood was good for us. It was getting unhealthy. I think now the ear infection may not have been from the water - it may have been from Josh talking in my ear too much.

Thank you very much for your time, Jenny From The Block.
I hope I gave you something useable. I’ve had way too much caffeine and I’m like, 'NYEEEEAR.’ I thought you were going to think I was on crack or something. Which I might be, if this is what that feels like.

   Interview by Ali Plumb

rrosencrantz  asked:

what makes you say Oz is an awful? Just curious as all the Aussies I've met when they've been travelling through Europe have a certain joie de vivre and relaxed outlook on life that I really envied.

It’s mostly our government and often our people? They’re both deeply racist. They are very lucky and privileged to have what they have, but then they turn around and say and do such disgusting things against people who are different somehow.

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noodle-pooch  asked:

Seeing as someone recently asked you a question about Tarantino I think now is a good time for me to ask this. Why do people think Tarantino movies are so good? Don't get me wrong I don't think they are bad exactly, I just don't understand why people consider movies like reservoir dogs classics. I've looked around a bit on the internet and haven't been able to find an explanation. You are a lot smarter than I am so I'm hoping you can enlighten me on why they are loved so much.

Generally speaking, if you can’t figure out why something is good or bad, that’s when you should read reviews. The job of a critic is to explain why he or she things something is good or bad, usually giving context to the thing’s existence within its genre, the medium, or culture in general. I think the concept of “criticism” has been extremely obscured by the internet, with people reviewing everything from teaser trailers for upcoming movies to new Oreo flavors.

As the saying goes, opinions are like assholes; everyone’s got one, and you really shouldn’t go waving yours in peoples’ faces. That being said, some people out there have made careers out their assholes (Jenna Haze, Asa Akira, Christy Mack, the list goes on) and maybe you’ve become fond of one of these assholes, and you go out of your way to look at it now and then. Does that mean you want to see everyone’s asshole? Of course not! Criticism’s just like that; anybody can spout off about whether or not they liked something, but it takes a little more effort to A) know what the fuck you’re talking about B) communicate your thoughts in a way that lets other people know what the fuck you’re talking about.

That being said, Tarantino is a famously prolific movie buff. It shows in his work, because he manages to side-step common tropes and cliches, while drawing inspiration from/paying homage to past work. Like, what is Pulp Fiction? Is is a comedy, a drama, an action movie? It’s sort of a crime thriller, but half the time it’s just people bullshitting about hamburgers and foot massages. It’s a cohesive story, told completely out of order. The dialogue’s believable, and the characters, even when completely deplorable, are fleshed out, instead of just being “PROTAGONIST” “LOVE INTEREST” “VILLAIN.” The movie doesn’t break the fourth wall, but it seems to know it’s there.

If you go watch Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon, read an Elmore Leonard novel or two, and then watch some exploitation movies from the 70s, you’ll see Pulp Fiction’s DNA. It might be hard to tell now, twenty years later, but when Pulp Fiction came out, nobody had seen anything like it, and it changed how movies are made. Like when The Matrix came out, nobody had really seen “wire-fu” martial arts in a western movie. When Star Wars came out, nobody had done a sci-fi movie with a “used future” setting that actually looked good.

My pal vaccerelli on here said something the other day about Tarantino that I thought was good – he makes the kind of movies he wants to see. He doesn’t pander to the audience, desperately attempting to give them what they want like some shitty distant relative who sucks at picking out birthday presents, he’s just like “here’s a Blaxsploitation Kung-Fu Western Revenge Epic starring a blonde chick in a track suit” or “here’s a World War II movie that has a goddamn David Bowie song in it because I feel like it.” The truth about good art is that it’s frequently not democratic, it’s one individual’s selfish vision. In the case of filmmaking, that individual has an uphill battle to get creative control. Tarantino is an example of someone who’s managed to come out on top.

There are plenty of people who go to the movies to see some attractive actors talking and then maybe there’s an explosion and the fat guy does something funny and then there’s a resolution to whatever problem they had, and those people walk out of the theatre two hours later and twelve bucks poorer, and the following monday when somebody asks them what they did that weekend, they say “Oh, I saw that new Transformers movie” and when that person asks if it was good, they go “yeah, it was alright.”

On a related note, McDonalds is still in business because not everybody thinks too hard about what they consume and sometimes they just want something hamburger-shaped that comes with a Coke. But some people have eaten at lots of different restaurants and they’ve had a wide variety of different hamburger-shaped things, so when some new Hawaiian burger joint opens up, those people are eager to go check it out because they’ve never had a burger made with fish sauce that comes on a brioche bun topped with pickled jalepeños and a fried egg, and they’re tired of the same predictable burgers McDonald’s serves.

Anyway, in a nutshell, Tarantino movies are good because they’re Tarantino Movies, not Tarantino’s Producer’s Movies or Movies Tarantino Thought Everyone Would Enjoy. Tarantino is a guy who really likes movies, and wants to make movies that haven’t been made before. That doesn’t mean you have to like his movies, because they’re not for everyone, but they’re extremely distinctive.