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Cher Horowitz

Cher Horowitz: one of the pairing is a spoiled, rich kid

When they pull up in front of the mansion, Stiles heaves an exaggerated sigh. Unfortunately, seventeen years of experience have made his father impervious to Stiles’ methods of persuasion.

Stiles,” is all he says, and yup, that’s his classical zero tolerance for bullshit voice. Awesome. It’s incredible what a loaded message his dad can convey by only saying his name. This time, it’s “stop being a brat”, “behave or I’ll take your phone and laptop from you for a week” and “yes, you absolutely do have to”.

It’s the last one that Stiles really takes exception to. “Da-ad,” he whines.

His dad pinches the bridge of his nose. “We’ve had this discussion before, and we’re not having it again. As the sheriff of Beacon Hills, I have to maintain a good relationship with the mayor, and yes, that also means having the occasional dinner with Mrs Hale and her family.”

“I get that. I just don’t get why I have to come.”

“Look, I get that you and the Hale boy in your year aren’t exactly on friendly terms -”

Stiles snorts. Understatement of the fucking century. Derek Hale is self-centred and fucking spoiled brat who gets away with everything just because his mother’s position. No one cuts Stiles any slack just because he’s the sheriff’s son; but Derek can skip class and fail to hand in his homework on time and still get good grades. He can be super obnoxious in class and still have his ass kissed by all the teachers, even Harris. Harris, who hates everyone. Derek can break hearts left and right and yet girls and boys fall over themselves to get date with him, or even just have him smile at them. It’s fucking ridiculous. As is Derek’s car. Seriously, what eighteen year old boy is pretentious enough to drive a Camaro?

Derek fucking Hale, that’s who.

“- I expect at least a basic level of civility,” his father finishes. “Understood?”

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Hi! So I just found these boys and I'm not even sure what their name is (astro or iteen??) but I was wondering if you could tell me about them??! They look awesome 😍😍 thank you!

Hello, thank you taking an interest in these six silly boys! I will give you a primer (with links!!) on them so here we go!! (I’m sorry this is so long) /cracks knuckles

They are under Fantagio Entertainment which houses several actors and the groups Hello Venus and 5urprise. The boys first appeared around Feb 2014 as a part of the iTeen project, Fantagio’s rookie project channel, where random clips from auditions, dance practices, birthday surprises, etc were released to showcase Fantagio’s boy and girl rookies. They also did performances frequently at Lotte World during the end of the year. The project was used as a means to determine who would be debuting apparently and eventually six out of the seven boy rookies were chosen to be a part of Astro. You will see them tagged sometimes as both astro and iteen mainly because the astro tag is dominated by astrology posts at the moment and it’s easier to find content in the iteen tag.

Starting August 2015, Astro began predebut promotional activities by participating in the web drama, To Be Continued. They are currently doing a nationwide promotional project called the Meet U Project.

The six members are, from oldest to youngest:

  • MJ (1994/03/05, 22 yrs old in Korean age): His real name is Kim Myungjun and he is a vocalist. He has a gorgeous voice. He may be the oldest but he is extremely playful. He makes lame jokes and does silly things like pretend a clothes iron is a phone. He once aired his balls onscreen. He has tons of aegyo and puts lots of hearts and smiley faces and ~~~ signs in his fancafe posts. He got a one year scholarship to Seoul National University and his favorite marvel charcter is Iron Man. His favorite color is mint. His blood type is O.
  • JinJin (1996/03/15, 20 yrs old in Korean age): His real name is Park Jinwoo and he is the leader of the group and a great rapper! He can play the drums and is the latest to wake up apparently. He is practically the dad of the group. He has really lovely eye smiles. He trolls around with Sanha a fair amount. He says cheesy things for fanservice sometimes.
  • Cha Eunwoo (1997/03/30, 19 years old in Korean age): His real name is Lee Dongmin and his is a vocalist. He wakes up the earliest and is an ambassador for the Shara Shara brand (he even did a skincare routine-ish vid). He’s really really pretty. He likes like cheese-flavored fried chicken. He’s super cute, one time on the fancafe they were playing a quick counting game in the messages where they spelled out the numbers, and Dongmin typed in 3 on accident and immediately went whoops and said that he would treat them to chicken. He plays with Sanha and they really adorable. His blood type is B.
  • Moon Bin (1998/01/26, 18 years old in Korean age): His real name is also Moon Bin and he is a vocalist, rapper, and dancer. He has a lot of fans as he played one of the mini-DBSK kids (mini-Yunho) in DBSK’s Balloons MV. He was a super cute, smiley child. He is best friends with iKON’s Chanhee who was also a mini-DBSK kid and used to be a Fantagio trainee. He has about 6000 fans on his personal fancafe and was well-recognized since young. He dances so well and is a tease. He can make lattes! He’s so adorable, it hurts me so.
  • Rocky (1999/02/25, 17 years old in Korean age): His real name is Park Minhyuk and he is a rapper and dancer. He auditioned for Korea’s Got Talent in 2011. He is a level four in taekwondo (he taught Moonbin once). He’s a little quiet on camera occasionally but a total cutie. He is one of the two big eaters in the group and one time Moonbin tried to feed him but he rejected it bc it was too small of an offering lol. He plays well though. He is considered a dancing machine (seriously look at him).
  • Yoon Sanha (2000/03/21, 16 years old Korean age): His real name is also Yoon Sanha and he is the maknae of the group and a vocalist. He is a growing giant who is currently profiled at 181 cm or 5 ft 11. He is pretty flexible though because apparently he can fit into a duffel bag. He seems to also have the deepest singing voice in the group (don’t quote me on that tho)? He is the cutest kid, honestly, who can’t drink coffee and is made to do aegyo even though he is naturally very cute. He is scared of ghosts. Don’t let his cuteness fool you though bc he can be a little brat to his hyungs. He plays the guitar.

Current Songs (as of 9/23/15): Puss in Boots (live) and Innocent Love

They have done tons of covers including but not limited to:

Useful links: Twitter, Facebook, Fancafe, A Huge List of Astro Blogs

They are really just a bunch of silly, loveable dorks! Please love them! Their debut date is up in the air at the moment but should be approaching sometime within the few months to a year is my guess. ^_^