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I'll Miss You...So Much~Jeon Jungkook

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You knew the day was creeping around the corner. The day he had to leave.

It wasn’t a surprise two months before this day he came walking into your apartment. His shoulders low and his eyes red, he wasn’t in a talking mood. He didn’t hug you right away he just stood there, his eyes scanning over you. He was trying to engrave the happy look you had as you spoke on the phone with a friend, the way your hair was falling into your eyes. He couldn’t stop the tears that fell down his face. This was the first time he was leaving without you and he didn’t know how to break it to you.

When your eyes met his you felt a shift leaving the phone call you turn to him. His voice was caught as you asked him what was wrong, he couldn’t speak. So he just walked to you and sat down his body down falling into your lap making you jump. His face was buried in you stomach, his arms around you as he cried. To say you were surprised by his actions was a understatement. When the words actually left his mouth you froze your hands in his hair, mouth parted as he looked up at you. When you finally spoke he was blow away, you had taken the news diffrent then he thought, you understood. It was his job, his life you knew him going away on tour was always going to be in the cards. So you didn’t take it to heart, you knew you’d find ways to surprise him on tour. You knew you’d see eachother.

But just because that night was easy to get through doesn’t mean him actually leaving was.

Standing at your bedroom doorway watching him finish packing the last of his personal stuff made your eyes water. As if he knew his eyes look up at you and he rushes over. His arms wrapping around you lifting you off of the ground. “You’re taking me…right?” His question was soft spoken as you pull away whipping the fallen tears you smile and nod.

“Till the last second I’m going to be with you.” He gave you a smile as he looked at the time and frowned. It was time to leave, grabbing your keys you turn to see the two bags he had packed  following you out it was silent as he held onto your hand as tight as he could.

The drive was quiet, his hand on your thigh as you drove his eyes studying  you. The small pink tint you always had on your cheeks or the nervous habbit of chewing on your inner cheek you did. He wanted to engraved the way you looked, smelt and felt in his brain so he could never forget even for a second.

As you pull up you smile at him, watching him get out you follow along. His hand grabbing yours as he sees the others, all waiting for you two. As he races to them with you trailing behind him hand still in his made you smile. His child like personality comming through when he saw his friends. Placing his bags with their's  he lets you go making Namjoon and Jin jump to hug you. Light laughter filled the air as you pull away only to be pulled into more hugs, the last who hug you was Jimim a frown on your face as you did so.

“Make sure he’s happy chimchim.” You whisper in his ear making him pull back and smile, he watches Jungkook from behind you speaking to Suga and Tae a small broken smile on his face.

“I’ll give him extra hugs.” His smile was large as he pulls you back into another hug. When he pulls away arms wrap around from behind you, a nose nuzzling into you neck. Letting out a soft sigh you turn around and hug him, his sent makimg your head spin. You eyes began to water when you heard they’re manger calling ten minutes till they need to leave.

“I love you, kookie.” You whisper into his neck, standing so close to him made you want to dream lf the day he wouldn’t have to leave you all alone for months.

“I love you too, Jagiya.” His voice broke of as he pulls his head away from your neck. His eyes trying to met yours but all you could was hang your head as you cried. The sight alone made his heart shatter but the noise that came out of your mouth made it feel as if someone stepped on the broken pieces. “Hey don’t cry…please your tears hurt me more then you think.” He pauses as you look up and whip at your eyes, a small frown as his thumbs run over youe cheeks a few times, whipping away the tears that stayed.“Smile for me, please. Smile. I want to see it before I leave. Not your tears.” His words made more teats gloss your eyes as you throw yourself  at him.

“Im going to miss you.” Your words were broken up as he pulled you away and pressed his lips against yours. One of his hand holding your neck as the trails down your side. Your hands tangled in his hair as your lips moved togther. The feeling of his on yours made both tour hearts flutter. The sound of whistles made you smile as you pulled away, tears still falling down yoyr face but not laughing was impossible with the boys around.

“I’ll miss you…so much.” His words were shaking as he let them out. A hand placed on his shoulder made it all to real as he shales his head. “I don’t want to go.” He whimpers as he shoves his face into your neck making you stumble back. His words making Hobi who had touch his should frown.

“Hey, hey look at me.” You mumbled rubbing your hands up and down his back. “Don’t say that. Don’t you say that. This is your dream Kookie. And hey..hey look at me.” You pause pulling his head from your neck,his eyes on yours the moment you he’s away from your skin. “I love you. So much so that you leaving will hurt, but it will be worth it..because you’ll be living your dream. And I can freely dance around in my underwear to your music, without you making fun of me.” He laughs as you cup his cheeks, making him nuzzle closer to you.“You also get a chance to make fun of Jimin everyday about how small he is.”

“Yah!” Jimin yells at you making you both laugh.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, now go. They need you.” Your words were soft as you drop your hand from his face. Pushing him, he is taking into Hobi and Jins arms as the walk to the gate. Your eyes falling to the floor as you turn and slolwy walk back to your car.

I’ll miss you…so so so much.

Sometimes you just need a hug.

The latest tweet of Bitty’s sits there staring at Jack from the top of his feed.

He’d found the account a few weeks back and he never built up the courage to let Bitty know. This might be the right time though.

Jack stares at his wall as he thinks it over. He could walk across the hall right now and knock on Bitty’s door and then he’d be there and he could just open his arms and Bitty would fall right into them and he’d finally be holding Bitty right where he wants him. Finally be able to see how far around his arms stretch across Bitty’s back, finally resting his chin on the top of Bitty’s mess of blonde hair, feeling Bitty’s breath fan across his chest.

Jack clutches his phone.

Or he could just stay here. Stay safe and keep this all as a possibility. Maybe it’s better than way. Keep him and Bitty and something that could be. If he goes over there and he gets rejected, that would just ruin him. It would become a never be.

He looks at the tweet again.

He knows that exact feeling. Having a horrible day and feeling absolute shit and telling yourself to just stand up and do something or call someone or just anything to get you out of your head. Riding that edge of frustration and terror, not sure whether you want to yell or cry or sleep.

Telling yourself to get over it before someone asks whether you’re okay and you have to lie, and also desperately hoping that someone notices.

He stands up, phone still clutched in his hand. He’s going to do it.

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I'm dying to read a tampon fic set during or post revival! Please will you write it? Please?

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He might be older these days but his focus, Mulder swears, is sharper than ever. Which is why Scully’s exhausting silence hits him right in the face. They’re on the road, a circumstance he still finds baffling even months into their reinstatement, on their way to their motel. That’s something he could do without; staying in second rate accommodations. He glances over at Scully, slouched in the passenger seat, looking exhausted. He thinks about asking her if she’s all right but he is not in the mood for her standard I’m fine. Their silences are still comfortable, just like they used to be when they were partnered first, but it’s not the same. Mulder feels the need to talk. Not even the about case. He wants to know what she had for dinner last night, what she watched on TV, whether she slept well. They’re on good terms, working as well together as always, but there is an invisible line now and he doesn’t know if she’ll let him cross it. 

“There’s a gas station. Let’s stop there a moment.” Scully says.

“We don’t need gas.”

“Can you please just stop the car, Mulder?” Annoyance mixed with exasperation. He sets the blinker and steers the car into the small parking area. Scully gets out of the car without a word and Mulder watches her long, certain strides. He locks the car before he follows her into the small convenience store. Soft music tinkles from an old, rusty radio and three men talk about their wives, children and grandchildren. They nod at Scully, but eye him curiously. I belong to her, Mulder thinks. In every sense of the word. Scully seems determined, searching for something in the back of the store. They used to go grocery shopping together. Let’s do something normal, Mulder, she’d said when she proposed it one Thursday afternoon. That was years ago. He has his groceries delivered nowadays; he has no idea when Scully goes grocery shopping or where. It’s selfish, he knows, but he hopes she does it alone. 

She walks towards him and he glances at her hands holding a box of tampons. Oh. They haven’t lived together in years and if Mulder is honest, he has almost forgotten what it’s like. He’d bring her hot water bottles, massage her back, and bring her to orgasm; anything she asked for. Many times she didn’t, though. Like all her burdens, big or small, she bore this particular one without complaint. He looks at her now; her face, to him, is still the same. There are a few wrinkles here and there and not as many laugh lines as he would have wanted for her. In his mind, she is not 53 years old. She’s ageless, just Scully. But he knows what her age means or should mean when it comes to her reproductive system. Not that it has been working properly these last 20 years. Of all the things she might have needed today, tampons were not high on Mulder’s guessing list.

“I’m just going to pay. Do you want anything? Sunflower seeds?”

“I’ll pay.” He holds out his hand and waits for Scully to give him the box of tampons.

“Mulder, it’s fine. I don’t need you to pay for my-”

“Scully? Please let me pay? Please?” There must be something in his voice or in his expression that convinces her. When she hands over the box, he swears he can hear a soft thank you before she walks out of the store. His eyes follow her until she’s at the car. He picks up two Musketeers bars, throws in a bag of sunflower seeds and pays for all of it. The cashier smiles at him knowingly and puts it in a bag.  

In the car, Scully holds on to the bag as if it contained the answers to all the questions in the world. Neither of them speaks the rest of the way. Mulder still wants to ask her how she feels. If there’s anything he can do to help. In the end, though, he remains quiet.

“See you tomorrow, Mulder. Good night.” Scully disappears into her motel room without another word and leaves Mulder standing there feeling lost. In his own room, he considers working on the case, but finds that he can’t concentrate. It’s not the same when Scully isn’t around to dispute his ideas, challenge him, or even call him crazy. So the files remain untouched. Instead of taking a shower, or changing into more comfortable clothes, he googles menopause and reads tales of women in their 40s and 50s as they exchange stories of hot flashes, emotional crises and loss of sex drive. He is so immersed in this world that he’s merely seen, never inhabited himself, that he doesn’t hear the knock at first.

“Mulder?” It’s Scully. He throws the phone on his bed and opens his door to her. An air of déjà-vu combined with the fresh evening air and Scully’s familiar scent fills his nostrils.

“Hey, you all right?”

“I think these are yours.” She hands him his sunflower seeds with a smile.

“I bought them for you, Scully.” He replies with a grin and takes them from her.

“Thank you for the Musketeer bars.“ 

"You used to want chocolate when you were on your period.” She nods, averts her eyes.

“Why don’t you come in?”

“It’s late, Mulder.”

“When has that ever stopped us before?”

“I’m not sure it’d be a good idea.”

“That’s never stopped us before either. Come in, please. Bring the Musketeer bars.”

“What makes you think I haven’t eaten them yet?”

“I know you, Scully. I know you.” He grins and to his greatest joy she pulls both bars out of her pockets. Her cheeks are pink with embarrassment or maybe something else that Mulder doesn’t dare to think about. He ushers her in, touches her arm, then her back, enjoying the normalcy of it. Scully sits down on the bed; there really isn’t much else to sit on. 

“Mulder, why are you reading about menopause?”


“Your phone. I wasn’t snooping - it’s on your phone. You know, you should really adjust your display, Mulder. It drains your battery. Now tell me why you’re interested in menopause.”

“I was just… wondering. I thought maybe you’d, you know.” Now it’s him whose cheeks take on a light pink color.

“You could have asked, Mulder.”

“Am I allowed to ask you things like that, Scully?” The question tumbles out before he can stop himself. Scully blinks at him, surprised.

“Are you allowed to ask me about my menstrual cycle? Is that what you’re asking?”

“No, I mean,” he takes a deep breath, sits next to her on the bed, “I don’t know what I’m allowed to ask you, to tell you. Where am I in your life? Is it still my business?”

“I don’t remember us talking in length about my period, Mulder. Ever.”

“But I knew. I was there, Scully. I didn’t need to ask because I was there. So am I allowed to ask?”

“Of course you’re allowed to ask, Mulder.” Scully sighs. “Is that why you googled menopause?”

“I thought by now you’d be, you know, done with it.”

“I thought so, too,” Scully admits, not looking at him, worrying the sheets. “That’s why I wasn’t prepared." 

"I’m sorry, Scully.”

“What are you sorry for?” She asks with a soft chuckle, granting him one of her warmest smiles that continuously makes him forget everything else.

“For everything.”

“That’s a lot to be sorry for, Mulder. Let me share some of that, hm?” She hands him one of the Musketeer bars.

“We’ve been called a lot of things. No one has ever called us the two Musketeers.” He bites into the rich chocolate, savors the taste and the feel. Most of all, though, he enjoys watching Scully’s eyes drift close as her lips close around the piece of chocolate. He wants to watch her eat chocolate for the rest of his life. It’d be a good life, he is certain of it.

“I should probably go back to my own room now.”

"I think you should stay right here.” Mulder says.


“We could do that thing we always did…”

“We did a lot of things, Mulder. Be specific.” But she doesn’t get up from his bed, doesn’t move away from him.

“You know, when your stomach hurt and your back?” He starts nuzzling her neck just to see her reaction. She tilts her head, grants him permission, gives in.

“Hm, I think I might remember.”

“Want me to help you? For old time’s sake?” His lips linger against her skin and she’s softer, warmer and more delicious than the chocolate he just tasted.

“Shut up, Mulder, and work your magic.”

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Can you do a scenario where aizawa's hero wife kisses him in front of 1-a. Thank you! I'll make sure to follow you blog right now!

First ask! Thank you, it means a lot to me aha and thanks for the follow. I hope you enjoy it <3 I’ll be doing this from the hero wife’s pov!

A soft sigh escaped me as I walked through the empty hallways of U.A Academy. So many memories were running through my mind and a smile crept up on me before I even realized it. My destination was class 1-A, one that Shouta had been telling me about constantly. He normally didn’t talk about his class with such enthusiasm and it was such a rare occasion to have some free time so I decided to head on over to meet the little buggers. With my hands behind my back, I took my time strolling through the halls and some students were roaming around as well. They smiled and waved which I humbly returned.

Soon enough I’d reached the classroom and I heard Shouta speaking to his class. A huff came from me. He sounded so dull when he spoke to his students! I wished he would portray such admiration to the kids like when he talked about them at home. I rolled my eyes and smiled at the thought. He’s always had a tendency to keep that stoic face with the same monotonous tone in his voice. 

I pushed open the door, stepped in, and closed it behind myself swiftly. Immediately all eyes were on me. I offered a small wave with a gentle smile. 

Hiya! I’m (Y/N). It’s very nice to meet you all. I chirped with a respectful bow. They seemed to recognize me as a hero and excited hushed whispers ran throughout the room.

Hm? What’re you doing here? Shouta spoke up as I walked over and pulled him into a hug. 

Just wanted to see what all the fuss was about with your students. You never seem to shut up about em. I replied. 

Some snickers were heard from the class along with confused whispers. Shouta simply shot everyone a glare and the room was dead silent afterwards. I raised an eyebrow and laughed lightly. 

Looks like you have them well tamed. But you should let up on them, honey. I shook my head. 

Honey!? The whole class seemed surprised by this. One kid with a mess of blonde hair jumped onto his desk and yelled at us. “Why the hell did you call him that!? And why are you so.. clingy!? It’s gross!” 

I turned towards the class with a confused look, lifting my left hand and pointing to the rings on my finger. “Because I’m his wife?” 

“His wife!?” The whole class went into a mass hysteria after that and I couldn’t help but watch. All the students were shouting so much and asking so many questions I couldn’t even tell what language they were speaking anymore. Shouta sighed and rested his head on my shoulder. “Now look what you did. He mumbled. 

I ran my hand through his black hair and shrugged my other shoulder. “It’s your fault for not telling them sooner.” I gave off a childish pout with a small glance to him. Then I raised my voice. “Alright, SHUT UP. The class was silent again.

Man she’s just as scary as him… One student muttered. I laughed.

You really don’t believe me?” Some murmurs came from them. “Fine, I’ll prove it.” Immediately after, Shouta seemed to understand what I had hinted at and dipped me rather dramatically. I could see some students leaned over their desks with anticipation, others had a look of disgust. I swore one kid was blushing so hard I thought his face would melt right off. 

Without a second thought I cupped his cheeks and pressed my lips against his. It was a rather sweet kiss. Shouta’s lips were always surprisingly soft and tender despite how rough he looked. Students fell out their seats, jumped onto their desks, and straight out yelled as the kiss lingered. Even after we parted the damn kids were still going crazy. We stood up straight and merely watched. 

I like this class! Their funny and actually adorable.” I said. My husband sighed with his hand on my waist. “Well class is definitely going to be difficult after this.” He muttered. I stuck my tongue out playfully. “Love you.” “Yeah, love you too.” 

That's where I'll be waiting...❤️

“You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”

After El disappeared, Mike Wheeler finds that he regularly falls into intense, deep sleeps.

The first time it happened was a month after she had gone. He hadn’t been the same since she vanished into thin air with the demogorgan that night. Her flesh scattered into millions of pieces, and through blurred eyes, and the flickering haze of the lights, Mike had watched her go…He hadn’t been the same since then. He was heartbroken, in pain and struggled to find happiness, in things that used to make him so.

The first night that it had happened, Mike had been down in the basement, clearing out some of his old toys to give to charity, as instructed by his mother. It was late, and the dim lighting made Mike feel woozy, sluggish, he could feel his eyes slowly closing, as he sat in El’s blanket fort while sifting through his things. He liked to be in El’s fort, even though it brought him pain and he only missed her more when he could smell the linger of her scent on the sheets, it somehow made him feel as though she was in some way, still with him.
He drifted off, lying in the fort.

A few hours had passed when, Mike suddenly felt weird. He had no idea what was going on, but he knew he was asleep, but he felt so awake at the same time. He could see a doorway up ahead. It was little more than a few feet in front of him, but it was so dark inside the ‘room’ he could not make out what was inside…He felt a sort of force though, a feeling that he should approach to see what was hidden amidst the looming murkiness…

As he took slow and small steps towards the room, he felt water beneath his feet. He looked down, but couldn’t see anything due to the dimness.

He finally reached the doorway and there was just enough light for him to peer inside. As he approached closer, he saw a small green tinge growing brighter and brighter, until the room was almost fully illuminated. Mike felt a sick feeling in his stomach when the hue revealed the room to be his basement, but it looked different, slimy almost and dank. He felt a sudden breeze in the room, as though there was a presence, a something, a someone in there with him. He felt scared for a moment, his heart was racing rapidly, until he saw her…

Over in the far corner, there was girl sitting in what looked like El’s blanket fort, only it was a little messier and the sheets looked different too. His heart stopped for a moment, he didn’t know who she was, was he in danger? He felt his feet push him closer towards her, as though he had no control over his own body, it seemed to be that whenever his brain didn’t want him to do something, his body decided otherwise, like he was simply a puppet, and his own movements were not that of his own, but that of another force, an unexplainable entity.

He now stood just next to the blanket fort in this imitation of his basement, looking down on the girl below him. She must of felt is presence, because that is the moment she turned around. Her face caught the light, and Mike almost lost his footing, when he saw it was Eleven!

His knees felt wobbly, his heart was racing and he felt so unusual, sick almost, he had no idea what was going on, where he was, or why El was here. He was overcome with joy and happiness though to see her, how could this be possible?

Before Mike could even begin to speak and ask her what the hell was going on, she threw her body into his. Her head resting on his left shoulder, her arms wrapped so tightly around him. Mike felt butterflies appear in his belly, and a pink tinge glazed his cheeks.

“El?!? El! El…I…” Mike struggled to form his sentences, he was so in utter shock and happiness to see her again, he never thought he would. El cut him off before he could say anything else.

“You’re wondering where we are, how all of this is possible, how am I here? I know…You may not realise it Mike, but we are in your dream, but you’re paralysed.”
“Paralysed?!! What do you mean El?” Mike asked with a worried expression on his face.
“You’re experiencing something called, ‘Sleep Paralysis’. It’s when you’re mind is awake, and you are aware of dreaming, but your body cannot move.” replied El.
“But I walked through the door, and up to you?”
“Yes, but that’s because in your dream, you’re in the upside down version of your house. Things work differently down here, while you can move, your movements aren’t decided by you, well you consciously anyway…You do whatever you subconsciously know you want to do, but you can’t stop it.”

Mike felt bewildered, lost in El’s words and still not entirely sure what was going on. But what El had explained to him was that, he was basically dreaming, but he was also awake, at least in his brain anyway. He was sort of drifting in an in-between, a middle-ground of being awake and being asleep. He had asked El if she was really here, if she was real, he couldn’t bear not knowing, kidding himself that she was there if she really was not. To Mike’s joy, she was real. She explained that because the Upside Down had a mind of its own, and had powers not even she could fully fathom, it could allow her to exist in Mike’s dream, and it was all real.

Time passed, as they played together in Mike’s duplicate basement. They tried on fancy dress, El was reduced to fits of smiles and giggles at Mike wearing a pale pink, fairy costume, that El had forced him to wear. Mike found himself, so easily falling back in love with her all over again. It was so easy, her smiles and laughter were like medicine to his broken heart.

They played hide and seek, Mike pretending not to know that she had hidden herself behind the sofa…yet again! El falling down to the ground, struggling to breathe from laughter, as Mike jumped up on her, tickling her sides, until she cried, Mike shouting that she was 'the loser’ in a jokey, playful voice.

They held hands and snuggled on the sofa, his blood feeling warm at the feel of her fingers intertwined with his, as she rested her head on his stomach. She playfully asked Mike why his heart was beating so fast, and at this, he blushed immensely, stumbling on his words, telling her it was just because they had been running around and playing, he was out of breath.

Mike never wanted this to end, his mind pleaded with him, not to remember that it was a dream and that he had to wake up sometime soon.

As he was stroking El’s hair and playing with every piece, twirling her blonde, soft wig around each finger, he suddenly felt odd. The surroundings around him, his basement, were starting to fade away, the wallpaper seeming to fall into itself, engulfing into the nothingness around it, and a wind seemed to be picking up again in the room.

“What’s going on?” asked Mike.
El looked at him, sort of sad eyed.
“You’re waking up Mike…”
Mike suddenly felt a crippling fear dwelling in his stomach.
“What?! No, El…I-I can’t go, not yet! I…” tears started to rise up in eyes, “I barely even seen you for that long, I-I want to spend more time with you!” he whimpered.

El put her hand in his, and smiled as she said, “You’ve been here 3 hours already Mike, you’ve got to wake up, you have things to do! But you can visit me anytime. I’ll always be here in your dreams, waiting…”

Mike felt El softly kiss his cheek, as her face slowly faded away into the darkness. The room was gone now, the breeze had stopped, she was gone…

Mike woke up sprawled out in the blanket fort. He was greeted with his mother’s face glaring down on him.
“Michael! I’ve been calling you for the past 10 minutes! I wouldn’t of sent you down here to sort your stuff, if I knew you were just going to sleep on the job! Go on! Get up stairs and go to bed!”

Mike abided, and slowly started to shuffle up from the covers on the floor, his mind still half in a dream state. As he remembered the last few details of his dream, he heard a faint echo ringing in his ears, as though she was in the room with him;

“You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”

I’ll Be Good - Part 12

Masterlist -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 11  -  Part 13

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – After a conflict with Steve and Tony about your place among the team in which you revealed more than you’d planned about your past, you’re ready to run but Bucky tries to persuade you to stay.

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1801

Author’s Note: Ah yes, we’ve arrived at Angstville, U.S.Angst. @marvelatmytrash here you go, here is your sledgehammer moment. I am so unsure about this, yet again. It’s like angst and sort of fluff? and I don’t know if it’s over the top. It’s just 100% feels and character thoughts. Ugh, I dunno. Hopefully you all like it anyway. I suppose you’ve all earned some touchy-feely fluff from me after all the angst lately. :) I just don’t know if I’m any good at it. Bleh! Second guessing here. Just going to hit post before I delete this for another rewrite…

Originally posted by allthisherostuff

You stood beside the bed with your back to the door, clutching the getaway bag you’d kept stashed away. It was sparse given your limited access to the compound, given that you were evidently still half a prisoner. You could sense Bucky in the doorway, watching you fade away.

What choice did you have but to run? You had finally been honest, and it had only earned you sharp looks of alarm and disapproval from Steve and Tony, the self-righteous heroes and leaders of this group. Their reaction was your signal; you knew immediately that it wouldn’t be safe for you to stay anymore.

“Y/N please, don’t go,” he pleaded, stepping quietly into the room, coming to a stop just behind you, inches away. His fingers wound around your wrist, silently petitioning you to drop the bag.

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Kiri Clip

When she had been a child in the slum villages Sakura had heard the stories of evil people with voices in their head who were hunted and killed to keep everyone else safe. When she started hearing the voices of weapons in her head she didn’t tell anyone.

Maybe it was unwise, but the Wise Woman told Sakura her thread of fate was a tassel on the hilt of a sword, so she grew into a piece of the forge, learning the craft by a master too good for her meager origins. It was only through virtue of her skill he took her on, but never once did he regret it.

Before she was sixteen, she was fulfilling custom commissions for short blades and tantou with her seal next to her master’s. A year later, she was the one fashioning the swords without his seal. By the time she was twenty, so was almost as sought out for her Uchigatana or striking swords as her master. Though it was her Tachi blades that she devoted herself to the most, and by the time she was twenty five, she made a small name for herself with those too.

“The demon is at it again.”

Sakura looks up from the plates of kera steel that will be layered like puzzle pieces into the shape of a block. She knows the steps by heart by now, knowing that once the pieces are all assembled they will be wrapped in paper to keep together through the ash and the mud. Her fingers are already black at the tips and her knuckles are rough.

Sakura frowns at the shadow of one of the apprentices. His name was Idate but she called him Chip and he hated it almost as much as she hated being called a demon.

“I thought I smelled something reeking,” she said. “You have commissions you have to help master with.”

Sakura huffed, looking back down at the flakes of steel that hum like whispers in her brain, telling her how they will work together in secret languages that haunt her into her dreams.

 It’s taken her hours to find half the pieces out of her boxes of jewel steel. There isn’t much left and she has to be careful if she wants to make a matching tantou next month. Jewel steel won’t be restocked for another two months. She needs to make it last.

When he doesn’t reply right away she looks up and frowns. Chip’s glare is cutting. “He sent me to fetch you for it. I’m working on the tatara forge.”

“What, so soon? Why would you do that ahead of schedule?”

“You think I ask master pointless questions like that?”

Sakura rolled her eyes and forgot to hide it. “No, I don’t think you ask many questions at all, to be honest.”

“We can’t all be haughty know-it-alls,” he retorts. “Some of us have to do the ugly work that actually requires discipline, if you know what that is.”

A part of Sakura hates Chip, but she also pities him. Working on the tatara is a labor just to build it, but then there is a week long process where iron sand and charcoal is consumed to make the precious kera steel that’s as treasured as jewels.

Sakura ignores the part of her that hates and pities the younger apprentice and focuses on her work once more. “Whoever ordered from master didn’t request my hands in his steel, so I won’t put them there. If they want my work they can ask for it.”

Chip’s sneer is almost audible. “You’re quite full of yourself for being as young as you are. Just because you’ve made a few fancy blades for the Diamyo you think you don’t have anything to learn from master.”

Sakura looked back at the steel chips, hating how so many of them didn’t want to work together. Sometimes they were loud and angry when settled next to each other, and that didn’t make a legendary blade. Their voices needed to resonate, their voices needed to sing, not squabble like angry children until her brain felt like bleeding. The chattering of the metal was almost as annoying as the chattering from Chip.

“Sarutobi will call for me himself when he needs it. I’m busy, leave me to my work.”

“You’re not his son or his grandson so who do you think you are using his first name so-“

Sakura threw down a piece of kera steel and it chimed loudly as it fell back into the box. The sound made Chip stop and take a step back, almost cowering under the heat of her glare.

“You’re damn right I’m not his son or his grandson. Neither of them are here, but I am, so I’ll call the old man whatever I want. Go work and leave me be.”

He held her glare a moment more before ducking his head and tucking in his chin. Without another word, he turned and headed off in the direction of the field where they built and tore apart different tatara over the months. Some masters only made three a year, but Sarutobi used his apprentices to fashion seven to eight in a since year.

“We live in dangerous times, more than you know,” Sarutobi once told her when she was smaller and thinner and complained more often about the labor of building a tatara.

She knew what his words meant a little better now.  

It’s twilight when Sarutobi comes to her and she doesn’t look up when he sits down on the edge of a chair left in the corner for exactly that reason. Sakura doesn’t look up from her chips, but continues to sit lotus style in front of her drawers, listening and watching.

“Are they speaking to you today?”

Sakura looks up from under her lashes and her expression is baleful. Sarutobi laughed shamelessly and it was enough to pull her out of the lull of murmuring voices heard only in her head. They were still a noise, nothing cohesive.

“The brat said you wanted my help on a commission.”

Sarutobi nods slowly. “I do.”

Sakura tilts her head to the side ever so slightly. “I wasn’t asked for in the commission, was I?”

She knows she sounds short and she knows he notices, but the smile doesn’t falter.

“No, you weren’t. The Shogun wouldn’t ask for a woman to craft him a blade from what I know of him.”

The attitude washes out of Sakura and she’s left with a cold feeling in the normally warm forge. “The Shogun asked you?”

“Well, his retainer commissioned a ‘fine katana worth admiring’ as a birthday present, but I thought best to present my katana with a wakizashi of your own. The Shogun was once a fearsome samurai, and the picture of your wakizashi worn together with my katana…”

“Old man, you’re crazy,” Sakura breathed. “You’ll lose your head for presuming too much.”

“Or we’ll lose all our free time filling orders for his men. Why do you think we build so many forges?”

Sakura hated the idea of fashioning a blade without being commissioned, but in all the land the only one more noteworthy was the emperor himself. And between any of the local daimyo and the Shogun, the one more likely to admire the truth of a blade was the one who actually was trained for one.

“When is this due?” Sakura asked.

“We have nine months.”

She smirks. “It’ll be like birthing a child.”

His smile is ancient and ageless all at once and Sakura is reminded of the monkey he wears for his family crest. “I’ll fashion the mother blade, then. You will birth the child?”

Sakura stares down at the materials she has to work with and then looks back up at her master. “Let me use some of your kera for the wakizashi.”

“You can help yourself to what you like as long as it’s for the Shogun.”

He turned away from her and stared out a the dim sky where the last few sharp glares of sunset made the world disjointed in a way they said invited demons. Shadows stretched longer and went deeper one last time before melting out of shape.

Sakura never admitted to loving twilight best.

“Help me with the katana first. You should know what sort of personality it will have before you fashion a wakizashi to go with it.” Sarutobi moves to stand and his body cracks as he straightens. “I think I will end the day with a smoke. Will you join me?”

Sakura didn’t smoke, but she got up and walked him back for the sake of being close to the old man who is probably kinder to her than she deserves.

In hindsight, she should have taken that smoke and told the old man to go fuck himself.

Manju and Mochi

Street racers!AU

warnings: psychotic like mad hatter, cocky Jinyoung, mentions of killing, strong language, murder, still mafia related, mild smut (pg-14, get a grip, he’s young), you’re emotionless.

You watched the young male walk towards his seat beside you; he didn’t scare you to say the least, rather he fascinated you. Both of you were really silent, predicting every move the other made.

You stayed in the same position for more than half an hour waiting for the professor to dismiss the class, so you could escape Jinyoung’s stare. You hung your head back when the teacher slammed the textbook down the table then dismissed the class.

You rushed out the class, finally getting fresh air until he whispered into your ear, “You look extremely nervous.”

You turned your head to him, just a few inches away from his lips, but you spoke instead, “Don’t try me.”

The hallway was empty by that time of day, and you half expected Jinyoung to walk the same direction you did; however, when you turned back to see if he was delaying his steps–you didn’t see him at all. You retreated back trying to find him, you pulled on every door to inspect.

Lastly, you stood in front of the gym door; it was locked. There were sounds coming from the gym, this time you didn’t hesitate. You scanned for another entrance, but there was none. You pulled out two pins from your hair, pulling the curved metal away from the flat one before taking out the round nub of the pin. Bending the tip of the pin ninety degrees left, you then bent the curved surface resembling it into a handle. You stepped on the other pin, then curving it ninety degrees before inserting it inside the lock.

Your movements halted when you heard someone’s scream from the inside–the cries for help. Proceeding with caution, you put in the second pin moving the pins of the lock upward, the door opened automatically letting you sneak inside. Your eyes caught a glimpse of the scene inside, Jinyoung pointed his gun on a man then his eyes darted to yours.

“Shoot and the alarm goes off.” You threatened as your gaze held him in place. Jinyoung showed you a cocky grin aiming the gun on top of the man’s head, “You’re also part of this, just so you know.”

You smirked, “Be careful with what you wish for, there are things you should be afraid of. Especially since you still feel pain, fear and sympathy.”

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I'll Always Take Care Of My Baby

Originally posted by midnightcth


Summary: Ashton’s girlfriend wakes up feeling sick, and being the gentlemen that he is, takes care of her


The windows are open, letting fresh cool air in, blowing the curtains around a little, yet, I’m still so hot and uncomfortable. My whole body is sweaty, especially my chest and face, I’ve stripped down to as much as I could, at least as much that is appropriate; sports bra and some sleep shorts. The sleeping furnace next to me probably isn’t helping, as Ashton has his arm draped over my mid-section, and his head is nuzzeled shoulder.

All evening I had a mild headache, but I’d hoped over night it’d be okay, but no, because here I am, at 3:34 in the morning, having one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had, not only that, but I feel really sick and weak. It feels like there is a load of pressure on my head, and a mix of being hit by a bus.

To summarize it, I feel awful.

I feel so sick, I’m not sure if I’ll actually be sick, but my stomach is all over the place.

It all started off at around 7, I was cooking dinner for Ashton and I, then I noticed I had a small headache, I thought nothing of it, and if it got any worse, I’d just take some Nurofen.

Spoiler, it didn’t go away or get better.

Ashton and I ate, then we moved into the living room after we washed up together, and we began to watch some random tv show whilst we were on our phones or laptops. While we were watching tv, my headache progressed and got worse, Ashton tried to tried playing with my hair to soothe it all, but it didn’t really work.

As the evening went on, I began to feel worse, accumulating more things that made me feel awful.

I’m not sure if I caught this all from someone or if it was something I ate, but whatever it is, I want it gone as soon as possible.

Ashton tried helping me, but all I wanted to do was cuddle with him and fall sleep, which he took open armed. Ashton is always so caring when I feel a little under the weather, he gets me whatever I need or want, and drops everything to be by my side, he doesn’t even care that he might get the bug. I’m the same though, I do everything I can to help him, if that means getting the bug too, then so be it, because it’s better to suffer together than alone when you’re sick. Don’t quote me on that though.

But, here I am, lying in bed, creating my own salty river, a pounding headache, and feeling like I could throw up my guts.

I could get up and take something, but I think if I did get up, I’d be sick, and I don’t want to disturb Ashton as he has had quite a few late nights at the studio recently.

As a car goes by, it hurts my brain, and I cringe at the pain. I’m so glad Ashton isn’t a snorer because any noise hurts.

Suddenly a big wave of nausea runs through me and I find myself quickly taking Ashton’s arm off me and pelting it to the bathroom. Opening the door and kneeling down on the cold tiles of the bathroom and leaning over the toilet bowl.

As I’m resting my forehead on my forearms, whilst breathing heavily, the light flickers on making me groan.

“Babe?” The voice of Ashton asks as he rubs the sleep from his eye.

“Turn the light off.” I whine, the feeling of nausea creeping up on me again.

Ashton turns the light off, leaving us in the dark again. he makes his way towards me and kneels down next to me, stroking my back.

“Are you going to be sick again?” Ashton quietly asks.

“Probably.” I sigh, keeping my eyes tight shut.

Ashton stands up again and I listen as he shuffles around the room, before he returns and kneels down next to me. He gathers all my hair, and puts it in a make shift bun.

I throw up again and Ashton traces encouraging shapes on my slightly sweaty bare back.

“It’s okay.” He whispers and positions himself behind me, sitting on the tiles, whilst his legs kinda trap me, and places his hands on my waist.

“Ashton.” I whimper.

“I know baby, it sucks, but you need to get through it in order for it to be over.” He softly speaks, slowly running his hands up and down my sides.

I continue to throw up my dinner, and apparently everything I’ve ever eaten in the last 7 years.

“Are you done?” He asks.

“I think so.” I weakly nod my head.

“Okay, come on.” Ashton encourages and helps me get up.

I take the few steps to the sink and pull my toothbrush out of the pot, running some water on it, putting some toothpaste on the brush, and put it in my mouth whilst Ashton flushes the toilet.

“You okay?” He questions as he comes up to me, and I sadly nod my head. Ashton places his hand on my hip, then delicately kisses my forehead.

“Have you still got a headache?”

“Yeah.” I say and spit into the sink.

“Do you want me to get some medicine or something from downstairs?” He asks.

“If you don’t mind.” I sheepishly say and he leaves me whilst I finish up in the bathroom.

Walking out, I head towards the bedroom again, sitting on the edge of the bed and closing my eyes placing my hand on top of my forehead.

“Here.” Ashton announces as he come in, placing a box of aspirin on my bedside table, along with a fresh cool bottle of water.

“Thank you.” I mumble before taking the tablet, and laying back in bed.

“How are you feeling?” Ashton asks as he climbs into bed again.

“The same I guess, I don’t know.” I shrug. “I’m sorry I woke you up.”

“You’re kidding right? You’re my girlfriend, I’d do anything for you, even if that means holding your hair back as you are sick. It’s my job to take care of you, even if you are mad at me. I love you babe, don’t forget that, it doesn’t matter what situation it is, I’ll always take care of my baby.” Ashton replies.

“I love you too, I would kiss you but I don’t want you to get sick too.” I chuckle.

“How about we cuddle and I’ll give you tickles instead?” Ashton suggests.

“I’m down.” I smile and shuffle towards him. “Thank you, I’ll do the same for you too.”

Ashton places a kiss on my shoulder in response and traces shapes on my hip.

headinfantasy  asked:

For rebelcaptain: one sees the other working out and has a reaction( I don’t care what kind). Thank you!!

I am so sorry this took so long! Also I haven’t written in so long so I hope this isn’t too rusty.

Rated: Explicit (this prompt begged for smut I’m afraid)

Jyn couldn’t sleep, and after deciding tossing and turning in her tiny bunk wasn’t helping anything, she changed into workout clothes and made her way to the training room. The base was quiet at this time of night, and she made her way through the dark halls with quiet footfalls. When she reached the training room she saw through the window that it wasn’t empty.

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Even if it’s just pretend

(Yes that is a Taylor Swift lyric, from Wildest Dreams)

For @carryon-countdown prompt: Angst

This is something that I wrote months and months ago, but I wasn’t happy with it so I didn’t post it. Lately I’ve started this fantastic new habit where if I don’t like something, I actually go back and make it better rather than pretending it doesn’t exist (very shocking much wow I know).

It’s based on this quote from page 382-383 of Carry On – ‘I came back because I was afraid of what might happen if I didn’t. Baz might just pretend that nothing had ever happened between us. He’d make me feel like I dreamt this whole thing – like I was a maniac and a moron for believing he’d ever felt something for me.’

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The Foxhole Court, Chapter 12 – Road Trip To Embarrass… Who Again?

In which the squad goes to a talk show, wake-up calls go wrong, Neil goes live on national television, shipping goes well, and I go nuts, just a little bit.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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settle-down-frohike  asked:

35) things you said that made me feel real Turn-about is fair play homeskillet! 😘

Thank you so much for the prompt! No fluff this time :D

Deep in the night, they find her. They always find her.

She cowers when they tear and gnaw at her; her skin falling off, her resolve diminishing into darkness. A darkness where she can’t even hide. All she can do, all she needs to do is fight. So she struggles, she screams and thrashes around.

Until she finally wakes up.

Panting heavily, her heart racing, pounding, racing, trying to escape her chest. Trying to escape this reality. What is real, she thinks, counting to ten (like she’s learned since she’s been… back) and feeling her breathing return to normal ever so slowly.

Another nightmare.

Scully needs to remember this. Just a nightmare. None of it is real. She repeats these words, mouths them to herself here in the dark, but they feel hollow. There are no pictures, nothing to cling to or be angry at. Just feelings. And Dana Scully has never been good with handling feelings.

“Scully? You awake?” The knock on her door is soft; so soft she would not have heard it had she been asleep.

“I’m awake.” She lets him know, hoping he’ll just stroll in. This is the first time they’ve had adjoining rooms while on a case. Sometimes they’re not even on the same floor or in same building complex. Mulder opens the door and strolls in as if it were the middle of the day and not dead night.

“Can’t sleep?” Scully asks him before he can say anything else; question why she’s awake at this hour. She’s seen herself after her nightmares; the tear-streaked face, the pale complexion. It’s dark here in the room with the only source of light a sputtering street light outside. He’s walking closer to the bed and Scully thinks back to their first case when he let her have his bed while he told her about his sister’s abduction. Right now she hopes he doesn’t want her to return the favor.

“I haven’t been sleeping well.” He pulls up a chair and sits close to her bed, but not too close. She can see him better now; shadows playing on his face, his eyes alert and curious. But she keeps quiet. Scully can tell he wants her to admit the same. She flushes with horror thinking he might have heard her scream out from her nightmare. The first few nights her mother had stayed with her and after her Melissa. Both, with teary, pitiful eyes had told her about her night terrors. What are those dreams about? Her sister had wanted to know. Scully had not told her. Could not tell anyone.

“You could watch some TV?” She offers. “I was about to turn it on myself.”

“Hm.” The chair squeaks as Mulder stretches out his legs, almost touching the bedpost. “Does this happen every night, Scully?” The gentleness in his voice surprises her as much as his question and she startles.

“What do you mean?” Scully wills her voice to be steady, to be strong.

“Scully, come on.” He leans forward, his elbows on his knees. His face is still so far away it seems, yet she feels like he’s invading her personal space.

“I have nightmares from time to time,” she admits, “Everyone has them.”

“Not like this.”

“Well, not everyone has experienced what I have, Mulder.” She doesn’t mean to sound so irritated and she almost apologizes. Almost.

“I know that, Scully,” his voice is so soft, like a caress and she immediately feels the anger subside again, “I just – maybe you should have taken some more time off.”

“No. I want to work. It… it helps.”

“Can I help you, too?”


“Just… can I stay here? Just for tonight? I’ll behave.” Mulder promises with a chuckle.

“What do you mean stay here?”

“In this chair. Just… just in case.”

“Mulder, you need to sleep. You can’t sleep in a chair.”

“Watch me.” Another chuckle. “Please, Scully.” His voice is pleading and she’s glad now that it’s too dark to see his face. She can hear everything she doesn’t want to know in his voice. Her mother told her how much Mulder suffered when she was gone. She’s never seen it; has not seen a difference in him in the daylight. Now, though… now she understands.

“All right,” she settles back down, facing him. “You can stay.” Her voice is barely above a whisper; she can’t speak these words loudly, afraid they might sound like defeat. Mulder’s even, certain breathing is a peaceful lullaby, rocking her back to sleep.

They’re back. Laughing at her in the darkness, their hands reaching for her. Grabbing. Tearing at her arms, scratching her skin.

“Scully, hey, it’s all right.” The voice is above her, somewhere, and she gasps. The hands, though, they’re still there. The darkness keeps its hold on her, tries to drag her down.

“It’s all right, you’re here. You’re here with me. It’s Mulder.”

If only her eyes would open, she thinks, reaching out her hand. Something tender brushes her cheek, then the other one. Warm. Warm and solid.

“Open your eyes, Scully,” the voice is closer, drowns out the darkness and pulls her up, “Look at me. This is real. I’m real.”

“Mulder?” She mumbles, her eyes blinking furiously, waking up.

“Yes, it’s me.” The relief in his voice is palpable and finally her eyes snap fully open. There he is; his face close to hers. So close he’s almost blurry.

“Just a nightmare,” he assures her; the same words she used to calm herself earlier, “You had a nightmare. It was not real. None of it is real.” She can only nod. If she opens her mouth now, even if just to say thank you, the tears will flow. She is not ready. Not ready to let him see him like that.

Without another word, he puts his arms around her tightly, holding her. They’re lying there entwined, touching in places they’ve not dared feel before, breathing in the same air.

“I’ll be here.” He whispers against her mouth and Scully closes her eyes again. This is real, she reminds herself; he is real and I am.

We are real.

Scully sleeps and this time there’s no nightmare.


This is a mess, but as always, I’m a mess. AOS spoilers for the past episode and speculation for a following scene. I won’t let this Woman On Fire thing die if I can help it.

When she first sees him, for the first time in this world, her heart sinks. Not because of the memories that still roll around in her mind, but because of how scared he looks. She feels herself reverting back, repeating, This isn’t Real, but it is. This is the closest she’s been to him in nearly two weeks, the longest they’ve been separated since her six months on Maveth. She just needs to touch him, make sure he’s real.

“Jemma,” he looks up at her when he rasps out her name and she can see he’s swallowing hard, but she can’t figure out why. “Please… don’t come any closer.”

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Only just started - Joshua x reader smut

pairing: Joshua x reader

summary: you’ve been hanging out with the rest of seventeen more lately which Joshua seemed okay with at first but soon changed very quickly, now its time for your punishment.

genre: smut

rating: M

warnings: daddy kink, spanking, handcuffs, pretty much just all over the place

estimated word count: 1181

Originally posted by minhyuun

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I'll Be There For You - Two

Feyre has never had a life of her own. But when she runs out on her fiancée, she suddenly has to learn to live independently. But luckily, she has a group of friends to help her every step of the way.

Find previous chapters here.

My mind was foggy when I woke up, and I was momentarily blinded by the sudden beam of light that hit my eyes as soon as I opened them.

I had forgotten to close the curtains last night, I realised belatedly. But that was usually Tamlin’s job. Tamlin. I felt for the warm body that was usually next to mine – usually, meaning when he wasn’t working late – but the sheets next to me were empty. Cold.

And then I remembered.

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Nevada ‘Papi’ Ramirez / Meeting Mia

Prequel to my Papi Nevada stories, Part 1 of 2.

Other related stories: The Dress, El Protector

Nevada had been out drinking most of the night.
In fact, the two girls under his arms were mostly there in order to keep him walking straight. He was busy canoodling between them, making crude jokes and empty promises, until something much more fascinating came up…

“Get the fuck off'a me!”

A shrill female voice caught his attention, and he absently leaned further on the blonde under his right arm to try and take a peek at the commotion. Off in the near-distance, a silhouette of a small female in stilettos held onto the chain strap of her purse and went to hitting a much larger shadow with it. At first, he chuckled, it was always funny to see some asshole get punked by a woman.

Apparently the man involved did not find it so humorous. Nevada couldn’t hear what he had said, but both the girls holding him up gasped when the man gave the girl a sharp shove, sending her toppling over her own heels.

“AY-” Suddenly, a sort of sobriety found him, and Nevada abandoned his accompanying ladies to go intervene in the situation. “Aye chico, you don’t go shovin’ at lil mamis, the fuck’re you thinkin?” A sharp push to the stranger, and the smaller girl scrambled to try and get to her feet. 

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Malec Fanfic WIPs Appreciation Post!

Because I believe these fanfics deserve more attention for the simple reason that they are so good and so well written. And yes, these are WIPs. I know most of you don’t like it, but I really suggest to check them out. They are worth it.  Most of these are just beggining but just with the first chapter, they get you hooked.

And so the time goes … by Nylita (7/?)

He should have never returned.
He knew it was a mistake the second he set foot in the Institute.
Valentine is still at large, slaughtering Downworlders by the hour, and here he was, coming back to the very place he’d sworn to avoid.

Magnus Bane has returned after seventeen months, only to come face to face with the person he’d specifically avoided for those seventeen months in the first ten minutes of being back.

Whomever said hell didn’t exist on earth had obviously never had the chance to meet Alexander Lightwood.

Child of the Heart by @theravennest (8/?)

When Iris Rouse’s warlock-human trafficking ring was brought down and he had rescued the young warlock, Madzie, from Valentine’s clutches, Magnus was faced with a difficult choice. What to do with a girl with so much hurt and so much fear, yet with so much power at her beck and call? No one seemed fit to take her but himself and yet was he ready for such an undertaking? Was Alec? Magnus has to come to a decision soon but whatever his choice, it would affect three lives in ways he could not anticipate.

Controlled Love Story by Jacklyne (2/?)

Alec and Clary were madly in love and nothing, not even Alec’s evil Warlock ex or Clary’s overly attached former brother, could come between their love.

That is, until they realize they’ve been the main characters in a love story where Alec is painfully heterosexual and forced to love Clary.

(aka. the “why the fuck is someone writing us as love interests in a poorly written fanfic” au)

Fledge by xLyrael (5/?)

If there is one thing Magnus knows for certain, it’s that the Lightwoods are nothing but trouble. This is further cemented as fact when he opens his door one morning only to have a child shoved into his arms with blood running down his back and Maryse Lightwood of all people begging him for help.

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H2omini Snippets

“I.. there’s something I’ve always wanted to say,” Delirious starts, rubbing the back of his thumb as he talks, an unconscious habit that keeps his hands busy while his mouth tries to form the words he wants to say.

“What is it?” Mini asks, expecting to hear ‘You had some noodles stuck between your teeth all day’, or something of the like. Something embarrassing he didn’t even realize was happening.

But instead what hits his ears is, “I like your ass.”

“Excuse me?” He chirps, and grabs at the back of his pants, trying and failing to find the tear in his jeans that Delirious must be talking about. “You do what now?”

Delirious just laughs at him. “Hell yeah, you wanna go get a blowjob later?” All bravado and wide smiles beneath still red cheeks.

“A.. blow job?” Mini asks, his face quickly turning red as the dots begin to connect and the ‘must be a joke’‘ finally falls from his mind. “From who..?”

Delirious just winks at him, slow and purposefully.

“I mean, FOR who, what, I mean..?” Mini licks his lips trying to think. But his mind is filled with mental images that torment him. And all he can see is Delirious kneeling before him, still with that same devilish grin on his face. Hair falling across the other boy’s eyes, as one hand slowly pulls down his zipper.

“I.. I’m .. I mean uh.” Shifting where he stands, the legs of his pants have become uncomfortably tight, having shrunk in the last few seconds.

“Should we do it here, or you wanna go behind the building?” Delirious laughs again, and nudges Mini with his shoulder. Standing so close, his warm breath brushes across Mini’s cheek and makes him blush the harder.

“Sweets?” Mini asks, holding the open box Delirious thrust into his hands the moment they laid eyes on each other. “But why?”

“Because I know you’re secretly allergic to chocolate and I want to watch you die,” Delirious retorts, rolling his eyes and making such an exaggerated motion of it, that a child in a school play would have been proud of him.

Mini opens his mouth. “Ah–”

Delirious just covers his face with his hands and speaks through it, mournfully. “I want to date you, idiot. I want to hold your hand and take you somewhere fancy to eat, at some place where they have flowers on the tables.”

Peeking out from between his fingers, he stops to ask as the thought hits. “You’re not.. actually allergic to chocolate are you..?”

“No,” Mini starts to grin. “But I am allergic to being called an idiot.”

“But you’ll say yes?” Delirious perks up, hopeful.

Mini wants to say one thing, but his mind has already caught on something else. “Wait, are you asking me on a date, or for my hand in marriage?!”

“The answer is yes, I accept!” Delirious blurts out, and grabs him in a tight hug, almost knocking the chocolates out of Mini’s hands.

anonymous asked:

Some post battle (like any random battle) solangelo where Nico is stabbed badly in the stomach or something and Will being Will and like they're still in the early stages of their relationship sooo maybe some nightmares for Nico and Will taking such good care of him. Ugh I know there are like 50000 other solangelo fics on similar lines but it's been 37485 years since I read some good solangelo so pretty pls? I'll totally understand if you don't wanna though, you're great, thanks xD

Hi :) Thank you, it means a lot to me. Sorry it took me this long to write. I haven’t read a single Solangelo fic (yet) in my life, so I went purely by my knowledge of the characters and by their relationship in the books and the stuff I read about them here. I hope you’ll like it:)

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