i mean i'll cry anyway but like

Happy Valentine’s Day from Team Natsu to You  ♡

Yet another collab with Naaa!! This specific piece looks so damn beautiful and I’m so honored that I got to color it!! I love it so much, especially Natsu, I mean?!?!?! Anyways, this is very late already, but I hope you all had an amazing day!! ^^ THANKS AGAIN FOR LETTING ME COLLAB THIS MASTERPIECE NA, I LOVE IT SO MUCH I’M SO BLESSED


I went to Daisy’s funeral service. Her mother came and thanked me for being such a good doctor. I was so much more to her than that.


FIRST OF ALL i can’t believe ur already trying to make me cry with that number. there is nooo way it’s only been a month since we met?? that sounds so wild.. i feel like ive known u sooo much longer. uh anyways… i love u w all my heart?? ur such an amazing friend and im so glad i sent u that ask back then because it helped us create the wonderful friendship we have now,, u mean so much to me!! every time u message me its either u screaming or u hyping me up and i cant believe how lucky i am to have u :(( fjsndj i know u hate me but id die for u ;// i love u so much!! 💞💕💘

Northwest Mansion Noir (shipping and the apocalypse)
  • Me: (watching promo) What the heck? Dipifica, NO. Creepy ghost murderer dude? YES. Mixed emotions oh well I'll probably love it anyway I mean it's Gravity Falls
  • Me: (during beginning of episode) Jeez, Pacifica's parents are cruel. Who the heck controls their kid with a bell? Don't make me like her, Disney...
  • DISNEY--
  • Me: (Pacifica hugging Dipper) THE SHIP IS SAILING PEOPLE THE SHIP IS SAILING Wendip fandom run for cover...Oh, darn, this is actually kinda adorable...why disney why
  • Me: (Pacifica crying and Dipper comforting her) OKAY FINE DISNEY HAVE IT YOUR WAY now I ship it and I want to just contemplate life now...*starts Pacifica art I'll post it soon*
  • End of episode/my final thoughts: I seriously love Pacifica as a character now, she's got inner strength and could possibly become a severely important character--and yeah, Dipifica did turn out to be one of my favorite ships. Jeez, Alex Hirsch! I used to really ship Wendip (I cried over into the bunker don't judge), but the show did a good job of making Dipifica my OTP. Enough shipping info, let's focus on the apocalypse:
  • I personally am wondering whether the March 9th episode will have the apocalypse, since the "end times" are happening 21 hours after the party which could have a time frame between Stan's secrets revealed and Bill taking over. They could pull this off either way--either with a
  • Obviously, I watched and looooved Not What He Seems so yeeah
i came out as bisexual to my pastor today
  • me: i'm bi and i don't feel ashamed of that
  • him: you shouldn't
  • me: i thought you'd be upset
  • him: katie, i don't believe that God would punish anybody for love. i also don't believe that God would punish someone for something they can't help. sexuality falls under both categories.
  • me: but doesn't the bible say that homosexuality is a sin?
  • him: technically, i suppose. but if you'll notice, the bible also says that lying and cheating are sins, and i can assure you that every single person, including myself, has lied and cheated, and they still do every day. but that doesn't mean that God doesn't love them. and you being attracted to women and men doesn't mean that God doesn't love you.
  • me: thank you, so, so much...
  • him: you're welcome, katie. if anyone in this church treats you differently, i want you to come and tell me, and i'll have a word with them. i will not tolerate people like that, especially when they say that they're following God's word. when they go to heaven, if they ever get there, they can talk to Him about that
  • this actually made me cry, and i'm posting it to let it be known that christians, real christians, anyway, aren't homophobic assholes
  • Emma: so there are these shears
  • Emma: that can save my life and solve everything
  • Emma: but I wouldn't be the Savior anymore
  • Emma: so I'm gonna not use them and probably die
  • Emma: like, soon, because Henry was not any older than he is now in that vision
  • Emma: but dying is better than giving up my Savior powers
  • Emma: because uhmmm
  • Emma: at least you'll still have a Savior?
  • Emma: I mean you won't, since I'll be, well, dead
  • Emma: and therefore completely and utterly powerless anyway
  • Emma: but uhhhhh
  • Emma: a dead Savior is better than no Savior?
  • Emma: or something?
  • Emma: I think that's my logic here

Okay, so I’m actually quite upset about the possibility of WWE splitting up their best playmates. TT^TT what will I do if I don’t get to see their interactions? they’re like the main reason I watch that stuff anyway, and they may take that away from me? 
If they are after ratings, put them on the same show! I mean come on…!

If they are split up… you’re probably going to have a very sad Nooneym tomorrow…