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I would like to make the paint brand “Angelus” known. It is a special paint that is for leather, faux leather, rubber, and similar surfaces.

This is literally the best paint you can buy if you love a pair of shoes, but they aren’t in the right color for your character.

This stuff coats VERY well AND the coats of paint bend with your shoes. This means no cracking!!

In the photos above I took black rain boots and painted them with Angelus Turquoise. As you can see, they don’t look black any more! It’s so good!

I managed to paint two boots with a little one ounce bottle of the paint, and I still have a third of the bottle left over!

The paint dries very fast, so you can put layer on top of layer on top of layer without it streaking.

You can get the paint on Amazon and it comes in every color!

I just really wanted to make this known!! :D This stuff is amazing!

it’s not like i’m on fire. i sort of miss being on fire. when i was on fire at least i knew it wasn’t just me, that my illness was alive, scorching. there were claw marks in everything. it was so bad it was a brand. everyone could see, you know? but now i am just lazy. now there’s nothing but empty. now i’m an adult and i’m handling thing. the fire is still burning, it’s just that most people die from the smoke inhalation, you know? like i look fine. but my lungs don’t work. i’m saying i fucked up and my future is dying. my dreams are curled up somewhere, smothered. i’m handling it really well. everything looks good. i think. it’s just i can’t even feel what’s been happening. it’s just i think i should feel what’s been happening, and i would be scared about what this means, but i can’t be. did you know you can be in the burning house and also outside of it at the same time. my therapist says this is disassociation. i tell her. if some part of me is in and some part is out, we both win. it’s just it got too heavy to carry so i left my heart in there. it might actually even be a good thing. i don’t know. i can’t tell. i can’t feel anything.

On the “What would be humans’ weird thing” topic

What if it’s this insane need to over optimize? I mean, look at our competitions.  You can run fast enough for any practical purpose with, like, a few months’ training. And most species stop there, like sane people. 

But not humans. Humans are like, “Oh, well, you can cover a mile in 4 minutes and 3 seconds? Well I can do it in 4 minutes and two seconds!”  

Most species figure that, if you don’t drown when you’re thrown in a liquid, that’s what we call a “good swimmer”.  But humans are like “No, you have to swim in this specific way.  And then we’re gonna see who can do it fastest!”

How many millions of dollars have been spent on technology, nutrition, equipment, not to mention hours upon hours of practice, just to shave 1/10 of one second off of a race time?? 

Or they make up rules, and then compete to see who can adhere to them better. “Strap blades on your feet and move across a slippery surface – but do it in this way, in this amount of time: no more, no less!”

We have competitions wherein the top two competitors differ only in their ability to make a single muscle twitch 2% faster than their opponent, or to make this muscle twitch instead of that one.  There is no practical difference between an Olympic weightlifter and any random US Marine… but we keep holding the Olympics anyway. 

And I just think it’s possible the aliens are going to look at that and go… “You do what, now?”

  • Andromeda: You know, it's so weird. I know so little about Aunt Walburga. I mean, what was her maiden name?
  • Druella: Black.
  • Andromeda: No, no. Her maiden name.
  • Druella: Black.
  • Andromeda: Wait. You're not saying--
  • Druella: She and Orion are second cousins.
  • Andromeda: Ew! What?!
  • Druella: Oh, don't act so scandalized. It's not at all uncommon for pureblood families to keep the bloodlines closed.
  • Andromeda: Keeping the bloodlines closed? Is that what we're calling it?
  • Druella: Well, what would you call it?
  • Andromeda: Oh, I don't know. How about "Good morning, everyone. I got a mighty cute sister and an extra set of toes."
  • Druella: No one has any extra toes.
  • Andromeda: I'm sorry, but I don't understand how everyone was so okay with this. I mean, what, did they just go, "What a cute couple. They look so much alike"?

anonymous asked:

what do u think about the whole jin jimin thing?

well I definitely don’t agree with the people that’re slandering jin bc of it. yes, what he said was mean, but it was in the spirit of a playful game between good friends, and I trust them enough to know each other’s boundaries. while yes, physical things such a weight are touchy… we don’t know the inner-workings of their (or any of bts’) relationships, and how they truly are with each other. personally I’m looking at it from the korean cultural standpoint, rather than my own. bc while yes, I personally would never joke about someone’s weight, even in a game, it’s just something that is culturally embedded. they are blunt with certain things, including weight, there are numerous cultural videos / articles / ect on the frankness of koreans in regards to physical appearance when compared to other societies. so yes, I’m someone from the u.s, who has grown up with the idea that you don’t talk about someone’s weight, which I think, for the most part, is the polite thing to do. however I also understand that I only think that way bc I was brought up in a culture that condemns it. all of bts weren’t however, so I think the idea of demonizing jin for something he said in the context of his cultural norm that has been reinforced for the past almost twenty-five years of his life is a bit ethnocentric. I of course don’t think weight should be picked at, bc weight jokes just aren’t funny to me, but I also don’t think placing your ideals onto bts as if they’ve grown up with the etiquette of western society is the correct thing to do either. plus, this has been said a million times already, but if they’re going to call jin a pig for fun, then they should expect it back themselves, and jin even apologized in the end, even though they never do, bc again, they are friends, and we should trust them with their boundaries that we only get to see from an outsider’s perspective.

Dating Hobi would be like:

-the moment he realized he’s in love with you would probably be the moment he asks you out

-i mean, why hesitate…

-and it would probably be a very long confession that would include things like ‘’you make the best pudding’’ and ‘’you’re so cute i want to bite you’’

-he did bite you once

-and explained that you were way too cute and there’s no way he would waste an opportunity like that especially after his first target, Jimin, ran away

-likes to serenade you…while you’re in complete inappropriate places, in a store for example

-which encouraged the old cashier lady to keep throwing in random comments like ‘’well don’t you too look good together’’ and ‘’what did you by your lovely girlfriend today’’ every time you visit the store

-and for some reason Hobi doesn’t seem to mind and engages in a conversation with her every single time

-and you’re standing there listening to two of them talking about eggplants which you’re pretty sure Hoseok knows nothing about and you

-’’You’re the cutest couple I’ve ever seen!’’-’’(Y/N), did you hear that? We’re the cutest couple this lady has ever seen!’’

-never lets you carry the bags, not matter how light they are

-’’Hobi, let me help you!’’-’’No way! Princesses don’t carry heavy things.’’-’’Oh my god…

-has a things for back hugs

-has a things for frontal hugs

-has a things for any types of hugs honestly

-but surprise hugs are his specialty

-like, he would just appear out of nowhere and jump at you like an overenthusiastic seal not like you’re complaining

-you being torn between making him return to the ‘’badass mask looks’’ and keeping quiet and enjoying the already perfect view

-but when it comes to making him show his forehead…nope, not hesitating there

-he always wakes up before you but stays in the bed so he could keep looking at your face plus the last time he tried to make you breakfast the kitchen barely survived so the first thing you usually see in the morning is his smiling face

-follows you around like a puppy when you get up trying to get one more hug again, not like you’re compaining

-and so you too end in front of a mirror together, brushing your teeth and having a little show, using the toothbrushes as microphones and complaining about the bad sound system

-everyone loves taking hot showers with their s/o…well, Hoseok loves baths

-he actually got you a pair of rubber ducks, one for you and one for him because…well, because he’s Hoseok

-doesn’t have a lot of jealous moments

-mainly because he loves you so much that he’s not even able to think about anyone else so deep inside he wants to believe you feel the same

-was so nervous the first time you slept together that he fell of a bed

-also kept apologizing for having that huge grin on his face the whole day

-you know he wants to try doing it in a practice room

-and somehow hip thrusts during practices become even more intense when you drop by

-no matter what you’re wearing he always look at you like you’re a goddess 

-’’Is it just me…’’-’’Another pick up line, Hobi? We’re already dating!-’’This is the best one yet, I swear!’’

-a day can’t go by without him giving you at least one compliment

-doesn’t matter if it’s ‘’You look gorgeous, jagi.’’ or ‘’That green color really suits you.’’-’’Hoseok…it’s a face mask. I look like an alien.’’-’’At least you’re a very sexy alien.’’

-he was the the first one to say ‘’i love you’’ and was hiding how nervous he is with a ear-to-ear smile

-the kiss he gave you after you answered is something that you will never forget

-and you never had to question if you’re being loved…with Hoseok you could actually feel it 

So, these photos were obviously taken by cole. If you saw his insta stories you would have noticed his photos of the field in the last two days, which means this was taken at that time. Lili’s Insta story also showed her in cole’s car, as well as her at cole’s house. So we are fullly aware that they have been spending days/nights together. She also stated that she was “cuddled up”, maybe to cole? I don’t know man, but this seems like good evidence that maybe something is going on. I could be looking at things in the wrong way, but look how loving and intimate this damn photo is? The feeeeeels

BTS Reactions To... (4)

Anon asked: Hello darling! 💗 I was wondering if your lovely self could do a reaction for me? Pretty please could you do a reaction to the Bangtan Boys finding out you want to do a couple’s outfit or costume with them?

BTS REACTIONS TO finding out their s/o wants to do a couple’s look with them!

Kim Namjoon: 

I think Namjoon would be honestly happy to hear that you want to do a couple’s look with him. I mean, have you seen his Kim Daily pictures? His outfit choice would be on point, so it is only natural that you would look good as well! I can honestly see you two wearing matching beanies and maybe a plain grey sweater and a long overcoat. Something simple yet fashionable. 

Originally posted by jiminrolls

(maybe something like that? I remember Namjoon wearing something similar)

Kim Seokjin: 

I can see Seokjin happy as well (pretty much all the members would be happy lol they get to brag to the world that they have a girlfriend without shouting it). For him, I can see him surprised when you first bring it up because he knows that pink isn’t exactly your color, but you don’t necessarily hate it. If anything, you always found his airport and stage fashion on point and wanted to take that opportunity to match with your prince-like boyfriend. I can see you two matching with something that is girly yet chic if that makes sense. 

Originally posted by gotjimin

(something like that for Seokjin and yourself)

Min Yoongi:

Min Yoongi. Min Yoongi. I think he would, on the outside, act like he doesn’t really care about wanting to do a couple’s look with you but on the inside, he’s freaking happy. He always did like seeing you wear black. In fact, he found you the sexiest when you wore black, especially a black leather jacket. The fact that you are going to be matching leaves him smiling his signature gummy smile that we all know and love. 

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

(Outer Yoongi lol)

(Something like this. I know for most of the time, he wears a black leather jacket as part of his airport fashion)

Jung Hoseok:

Oh boy, you just had to make this boy all happy. For Hoseok, he would honestly be over the moon when he heard you tell him that you wanted to match with each other for your date. He would start throwing you a couple of his snap backs, I know he prefers your normal simple yet girly/chic style, but he always wanted to see you in a hip-hop style of an outfit and today was that day for him. 

Originally posted by yahjiminie

(Something like that for you two. Honestly, this screams Hoseok lol)

Park Jimin:

I think his reaction would be more laid back but not to the point of not caring, well acting as if he didn’t. For him, I honestly think it might take a little bit of convincing but not too much because he was already sold on the idea before you started to make your case. He would honestly be happy and his cheeks would be up so high that they could touch his eyes. For the couple’s look, I can see a more chic yet almost laid back type of look. 

Originally posted by yoonmin

(maybe something like that? For some reason, the girl’s outfit reminded me something or similar to what Jimin wore once lol)

Kim Taehyung:

Like Hoseok, Taehyung would be as if he won the lottery upon hearing that you wanted to do a couple’s look with him since we all know that his outfit choice is also on point (I personally think they all have good styles ^^). I think for him, he would immediately take you out shopping and combine your overall fashion with his. He would be smiling from ear-to-ear as he looks over your guys’ outfits. I think you both would be going for a simple yet chic yet semi-cute type of look, contrary to his bright personality.

Originally posted by jeonthegreat

(Something like this would be something he would go for  I think.)

Jeon Jungkook:

Surprisingly, I think he would be happy and would not need much convincing. I think he would be secretly happy that you finally confessed that you wanted to match with him. For him, I feel that he would walk over this closet and unveil his secret stash of black hoodies, white shirts, and timberland shoes. Safe to say that the couple’s look would look very hip-hop esque yet comfortable at the same time. 

Originally posted by jeonify

(Something like this perhaps? Jungkook does love wearing his black hoodie lol)

disclaimer: I do not own the images that were used for this reaction.

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For anon…enjoy!

Anakin: *staring as you head over*

Obi-Wan: *smirking* *whispers* This should be good.

Y/N: Hello boys.

Obi-Wan: Afternoon Miss Y/N.

Anakin: *nods* Uh-Uh…hello. You look gorgeous. *blushes* I-I mean well…well rested.

Y/N: *chuckles* As you do, Anakin. However, I must be on my way. *walks away*

Anakin: Thank you-I mean good morning-bye! Goodbye. *huffs*

Obi-Wan: *chuckles loudly* Is little Ani flustered? Bantha got your tongue?

Anakin: *glares* *blushes*

Obi-Wan: I must say, I’ve never seen a man so flustered around a woman. Would you rather she be your master? Not for Jedi training of course.

Anakin: *blushes deeper* *turns away*

Obi-Wan: Have you written a poem for her? *giggles* Or do you plan to send flowers?

Anakin: *hurries away*

Obi-Wan: *following him* *yelling* Wait! I’ve got so many questions!

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Anonymous asked:

Stupid question incoming: I want my characters to have well-defined personalities and be as complex as any real person. Does that mean I have to pause and think “what would this character do/say?” every time, in order to make it realistic? Because I feel that, if I don’t do that, every character would end up sounding or acting the same, you know what I mean? Will look forward to your reply, thank you for all the effort you put into this awesome page! :)

That’s not a stupid question. In fact, it’s a very good question!

There are two types of characters: ones who spring into your mind fully formed, so that you have almost a sixth sense where they are concerned, and ones who require a bit more finesse. When you have the latter kind of character, you really need to get to know them a little bit before you start writing. Ultimately, you want to get a good enough feel for them that you can write them without having to constantly second guess whether or not something is out-of-character for them. Character development exercises are critical here. Have a look at the following links for some suggestions, as well as other tips that should help! :)

Character Authenticity
Recognizing a Flat Character
Fleshing Out a Flat Character
Choosing a Personality
Tricks for Visualizing Your Character
Alternatives to Character Worksheets
Finding Your Character’s Voice
Keeping Character Personalities Separate and Unique

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

So yeah okay lives of thousands of fans were saved when Hobi didn’t show his abs for real. But you know, just a friendly reminder:

Oh, let me help you with that.

yas, that’s better - anyway - if the abs were visible during a body roll, what the fuck do you think is hiding under that shirt now?!

Originally posted by hobioppa

“o-o-omg. wu- wut wut? a-a-abs?” hoho, yeah, well, he was all cute and that, I mean look:

Originally posted by k-pop-is-my-narcotic

So yeah. Now I gotta say I would love BTS without their ridiculously good looks, but since they are so handsome, let us feast:

But since Hobi ain’t into showing skin, let’s not bother him though we’re thirsty for Hope abs, mkay? Let’s leave the striptease for the very-mini.

Originally posted by bangtanparkjihye

He’s pretty good at it…


I couldn’t help myself. BEHOLD OF THE MONSTER ABS

ya okay, I’ll see myself out now XD

  • Yang: *One day Yang and Blake are enjoying a nice sunny day in the shine of a tree while having a picnic as the both look at small note pads in hand.* Hmm... What do you think about Velvet?
  • Blake: It would be nice but I highly doubt she would be up for it. You know how shy Plus then is Coco.
  • Yang: True. True.
  • Blake: How about Yatsuhashi? He's strong.
  • Yang: Nah. His height would make stuff harder to reach.
  • Blake: Hmm Good point. *Blake turn the page of her notepad.* Neptune? *Yang simply raises an eyebrow at her girlfriend.* ... Yeah I don't know why I had his name on this.
  • Yang: Well I can't judge. I mean I had Jaune. Oh! Fox?
  • Blake: I don't see why not.
  • Yang: Yes. *Checks the page before turning it.* How about Nora?
  • Blake: I don't think we can afford to pay the damages. Ren?
  • Yang: A bit boring don't you think? *Yang Asked before watch Blake consider for a moment before nodding in agreement.* Anyway, What about Saga?
  • Blake: As long as you two don't get in a flexing contest.
  • Yang: Hehe, You know you would love it. *Yang giggle only to turn into laughter as Blake smirks.*
  • Blake: How about Scarlet?
  • Yang: I honestly don't think he would know what to do. Miltia?
  • Blake: From Junior's?
  • Yang: Yeah.
  • Blake: Uh, Which one is she again?
  • Yang: Short hair, Red clothes, claws.
  • Blake: Oh yes then... Are you sure its a no to Ru-
  • Yang: *Yang interrupted Blake as she frowned.* Blake I love you but don't push it.
  • Blake: Oh like You did with Neo? *Blake Frown right back.*
  • Yang: I meant to say Neon! I swear.
  • Blake: Uh-huh... What about Penny?
  • Yang: Oh yes. Hell yes. Flynt?
  • Blake: He does have the lung power. What about Melanie?
  • Yang: She does have the leg power... Sun?
  • Blake: Yes, That's a given. Oh Here's one, Weiss?
  • Yang: No way. she is waaaaaaay to controlling. We wouldn't be able to enjoy ourselves when things get hot and sweat. Plus, she is kinda short.
  • Weiss: EXCUSE ME!? *Yang and Blake jumped and turn towards their pinked cheeked and very annoyed teammate.* I AM NOT CONTROLLING OR SHORT! AND WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WOULD EVEN WANT TO DO SUCH A PERVERTED THING WITH YOU TWO!
  • Blake: Perverted thing?
  • Yang: What are you talking about? Wait What do you think we are talking about?
  • Weiss: *Weiss blushes more as she crosses her arms and looks away* Well from what I heard as I was coming over here to ask if you seen my dust case, it sounded like you, with your lewd habits, where talking about people you two would... You know!
  • Yang: *Yang and Blake look at eachother confuse.* Know what?
  • Weiss: Y-You know... Stuff!
  • Blake: Define "Stuff"?
  • Yang: How exactly is is finding someone to join a three person some can play in the three on three Volley ball games in two weeks Perverted?
  • Weiss: *Weiss's flustered face instantly vanished and was replaced with that of a dumbfounded one.* ... Volley ball... Game?
  • Yang: Yeah. *Yang sent down her notepad and pulled out a flier before handing it to Weiss.* There is a volley ball contest in two week with a sweet cash prize.
  • Blake: Plus, a free Sushi for live bonus at my favorite restaurant if you get first place. *Blake added drooling at the thought of the fish meals.*
  • Weiss: Oh... But why did you not want Ruby then?
  • Yang: Two reasons. One Semblance isn't allowed. Two, Ruby SUCKS at Volley ball.
  • Weiss: Oh... Alright then... Sorry to jump to... Nevermind. I have to go find my Dust case. Bye. *An embarrassed Weiss said before quickly turning around and walking away.*
  • Yang: Do you think she was thinking we were taking about People to have a threesome with?
  • Blake: Most defiantly. Thank god she did pop in on us in the shower when we were talking about her Sister.
  • Yang: Yeah That would have been REALLY bad. OH! Why don't we ask Winter?
  • Blake: Yang I doubt Winter would help us.
  • Yang: Come on Kitten. Think of the money.
  • Blake: We don't if she could come here to help us.
  • Yang: Think of the Sushi Blakey. *Yang pounted leaning over to give her girlfriend and kiss as she wraps her arms around her.*
  • Blake: Hehe, Okay okay. We'll ask later if she has the time. *Blake smiled as Yang kissed her ticklish spots.*
  • Yang: Yes. I love you. *kiss* And maybe if we play our cards right.. *Yang Smirked wiggling her eyebrows*
  • Blake: Lets not push our luck Babe. Also, I love you too. *kiss*

A Stolen Dance

Rex: I never imaged you wearing a gown that elegant…

Ahsoka: Me either but Padmé insisted I go… -she pauses and looks at his suit- And look at you! You look good in a suit.

Rex: -he blushes- Thank you, sir. You, erm, look beautiful. I mean, uh…

Ahsoka: Well that’s something I’ve never heard you say before.

Rex: Sir?

Ahsoka: Beautiful. I’ve never heard you say beautiful. Especially towards a girl.

Rex: Uh… Well, it’s true sir… W– would you like to dance with me, sir?

Ahsoka: -she arched an eyebrow- Rex, we’re not working… You don’t have to call me “sir” every chance you get. Ahsoka is perfectly fine.

Rex: Of course. My apologies. Would you like to dance with me, Ahsoka? -he holds his bare hand out-

Ahsoka: Of course. -she takes his hand and they walk to the dance floor-

Rex: -Gently places his hand against her back and pulls her to his chest-

-They both start swaying and their eyes never wandered away from each other.-

Rex: Ahsoka, there is something that I’ve been wanting to do but never got the chance to do it.

Ahsoka: And what would that be?

Rex: -Places his hand under her chin and gently lifts her head to meet his then he ever so gently presses his lips against hers-

Ahsoka: -closes her eyes and savors the sweet taste and texture of his lips against hers-

-They pull apart and stare into each other’s eyes once more-

Ahsoka: -Rests her head against his chest and listens to his heart beating-

Rex: I love you, ‘Soka.

Ahsoka: I love you too, Rexter.


I was seriously listening to the Titanic soundtrack while I was typing this and it totally fit the moment ❤ So not sorry!

anonymous asked:

One the reasons we are really against evil Lena is because we now know that she's an angel and because of her relationship with Kara. But also I don't think I'm the only that assumed that she was gonna be evil when the character was announced and Katie was casted. If we hadn't met this Lena, if we were still there where we didn't know would you rather have the Lena we have now or evil Lena since the beggining? Cause evil Lena could have been great and Katie would be amazing playing that too

Ohhh good question anon!

I admit, I was one of many that also assumed Katie was going to play a baddie. She plays them so well and puts so much heart into the characters. Even when some of the first pictures were released it was still easy to make that assumption. I mean….

She definitely has that look, yeah? Part of me would have been totally down. I’m used to loving villains anyway and Katie would have rocked it. However, if we had never met good Lena… Hmmm, knowing what I know about Supergirl I think it is really important to let Lena be good. At this point, Kara needs someone like Lena. A good Lena brings a great dynamic to the show and also gives the show the opportunity to further the notion of women supporting women. I feel like too much time has been spent deferring and at times even reversing the strong feminist-based message that made the show what it was during season 1.

So at this point, when you see Kara, who no longer has Cat Grant, and is constantly sharing scenes with the likes of M*n-El, and has been slowly converted into the hand-holding, babysitting, love interest that thinks it’s okay to just be Supergirl and have a boyfriend, and is at times being belittled by Snapper Carr it is really really important for her to have a positive female influence like Lena in her life. Lena has not only proven to be an angel, but has been one of the people – one of the women that has supported and validated Kara Danvers since the beginning. Yes she has it in Alex, but she needs it from more than just her sister. This is especially so since Alex is also being developed further and has branched into a great story of her own. She can’t just be a crutch. Kara can never have too many female supporters. As a matter of fact, Kara really needs it. The show really needs it and if they are smart, they will keep Lena the way she is. She has been so well-written and to throw it all away at this point would be nonsensical.

So yeah, initially I did like the idea of Katie playing another bad girl. I love when she does. But I think even if she had been bad, she still would have been complex and not just a single-dimensional villain serving a short purpose. I think they would have spent time on her story and I most likely would have thought, ‘Wow, what if she weren’t bad? She and Kara would be amazing if things were different!’ So good girl Lena it is!

I’m rambling now, but I recall Katie once saying that she didn’t think she made a convincing good girl. She said that she felt you had to be an excellent actress to convince an audience that your character is good and she didn’t know if she was capable. Pretty sure she has proven herself wrong there! Look how she has grown!

Thanks for the ask anon! I love early morning thinky thoughts!! 💗

I’m singing in the rain…

Inktober Day #13: Wet

I know I’m one of like 5,000 people to draw Lance in the rain, but it really is nice to draw this homesick kiddo in his element :’’)

Imagine, the first few minutes of Episode 3, Series 4, we see Sherlock and John at a restaurant late at night. But something is off. Like something we may have seen before.

“You’re bloody brilliant tonight.”

“Thank you.”

“You know, except for the whole almost getting killed part.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you were there, then. But it would’ve been better if you shot him somewhere else, maybe I could’ve gotten more information…”

“You’re just upset because you don’t know if you chose the right pill or not! Unbelievable! You’re really going to need some looking after.”

“I suppose it would be good to have someone to keep me out of danger.”


“Well, since you’ll be moving in, you could… maybe, if you want…. assist me on more of my cases.”

“You mean… this doesn’t have to be a one-time thing?”

Sherlock smiles at the weight of John’s question.

“No. Definitely not. You never know, you might have to shoot another serial killer. London needs you, John!”

“Oh, is that right? ‘London’ needs me?”

Sherlock blushes, unable to answer. John takes another bite of his food before changing the subject.

“So, you claimed you could always predict the fortune cookies. Go on, give it a go.”

“Mine will say ‘You cannot win what you do not try’ and yours will say 'All good things to those who wait’.”

John opens his up, his eyes wide.

“That. Was. Extraordinary.”

“Really?? Did i get it right??”

“No, you git, of course you didn’t.”

Sherlock pretends to sulk as John reads his aloud.

“'There’s nothing new under the sun’. Hm. That’s a lame fortune. I don’t think it’s accurate, either.”

“Fortune cookies are not known for their actual powers of premonition, John. Thought you knew that, you being a man of medicine-”

John throws the crumpled fortune and it bounces right off Sherlock’s forehead. After a moment of stunned silence, both men start to giggle.

The theme music starts, the credits roll, and all viewers realize that since the first scene was shot in 2010 and kept secret until now, the whole episode was about to show more glimpses into their past relationship, showing scenes they don’t have to hide anymore.


Beckham Boy *Cristiano Ronaldo X Brooklyn Beckham imagine* @taintedlipx


If I could count the amount of times I’ve screamed today, and get paid for it I think Pai would probably have twice as much in his account. Why did I scream you ask? Good reason actually, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw Brooklyn’s post and he just looked so hot. 

Well I mean he always looks hot so there wasn’t a change but just seeing him made me scream. I sighed, “WHAT HAPPENED!” Pai yelled coming into the room

I turned around to look at him, “Pai really a shoe?That’s going to protect your 17 year old daughter?” I asked him

He looked down at his hand, and then sighed dropping his hand. “Why were you screaming Y/N?” He asked

I smiled up at him, “Look at this picture” I said getting up and showing him the photo

Pai looked from me to the phone before rolling his eyes, “Really? Y/N that’s why you were screaming?” He asked

I nodded, “He’s cute Pai” 

Pai shook his head, and turned around walking out of my room. I chuckled following behind him, “Pai come on you have to admit he’s cute” I said following behind him and into the kitchen

Pai shook his head, “He’s not cute, Jr. is cute. Brooklyn Beckham……I don’t think so” He said opening the fridge

I rolled my eyes, taking a seat on the counter. “Irma who is that?” Jr asked 

I smiled, “Brooklyn Beckham” I said

Jr looked over to Pai who was shaking his head once again. I sighed, “Pai if you meet him I’m pretty sure you’ll love him” I told him

Pai chuckled, “I’ve met him before Y/N”

I stared at him confused, “How?” 

“You do realize that I do play Futbol right” 

I nodded, “Really? Because I’d always thought you were a professional golfer who goes to futbol games” I said

Jr giggled, and gave me a high-five. Pai sighed, “I really don’t know where you get it from” He said turning back to the fridge.

I gave him a smile, “So what does you playing futbol have to do with meeting Brooklyn?” I asked

He sighed, “I do know his Father” 

It took me a little while before realizing, what this actually meant. Pai chuckled, and shook his head. “So what you’re saying is you’ve met your son-in law?” I said 

Pai raised an eyebrow, “Son-in-law?” 

I nodded, “Yeah, that’s your future son-in-law”

Pai laughed, “Aren’t you too young to be thinking of marriage?” He asked

I shook my head, “Never I’m 17 Pai, marriage is only a few years away” 

He nodded, we continued to talk more about Brooklyn. Well in reality it was me talking about him and Pai just doing whatever he could to not give his sole attention on it. 

~4 Weeks Later

“Y/N can you get the door” Pai shouted

I sighed, getting up from the couch. “Hello? Is it important there’s a really good game on?” I asked while opening the door

“Well if the games so important I guess I could go back to England” The person said

Drawing my attention away from the TV, I turned towards the voice and nearly had a heart attack. “D-D-”

“David, glad you could come”

you’ll never wait so long

pairing: iwaizumi/oikawa, and background daichi/suga and hanamaki/matsukawa
word count: 13,767
rating: mature
summary: Doctor Iwaizumi Hajime’s life has been going so well, it only makes sense that there’d be complications to follow. If only his husband would tell him what those complications are, he’d be able to fix things.

a sequel to “here comes your man.” 

Matsukawa hums thoughtfully. “You know, I’m probably not the best person to give advice about relationships, but I’m sure your man’s going to be just fine. Scary-looking as you are, Iwaizumi, I get the feeling that you’re a pretty good husband.”

Iwaizumi isn’t sure what that’s supposed to mean, but it sounds like a compliment. “Um. Thanks?”

Matsukawa’s lips stretch into a thin, but not insincere smile. “You’re welcome. Look, you trust this guy of yours, right?”

The answer comes easily. “I trust him with my life.”

“See? There you go—”

But Iwaizumi isn’t done, and he continues, talking over Matsukawa. “Just not with his own.”

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COUNTDOWN 1990: What’s The main objective for The Traveling Wilburys, just to have fun or…?

GEORGE :  Yeah. Just to write songs quickly. Don’t get hung up about it. Just to see what happened really and to have fun.

COUNTDOWN 1990:  When I first read the bio and the info on The Traveling Wilburys, I thought it was brilliant, you know, call everybody a Wilbury. Who came up with that?

GEORGE: Well I just thought, you know, it would be… I mean there was always these groups in the 70′s, they made these superstar groups, and we hated that. You know , the idea of these famous people all trying to make a record. Most of the records weren’t that good, Doesn’t mean it’s going to be good if you get these famous people together. I wanted to avoid that totally. If you look at the record it doesn’t have anybody’s name on it. Now, with the new record, everybody knows obviously who it is. But for the first  record it was a surprise and we didn’t put our names. We just made up silly names. Even the credit to the record company, like CBS, where you have to say, ‘Bob Dylan appears courtesy of CBS’, even that it says ‘Lucky Wilbury’. But they didn’t notice.  You know I put that on to see. I thought they were going to complain. But they didn’t.

COUNTDOWN 1990:  Was it really a plan to stay anonymous at first?

GEORGE:  Yeah. And just to prolong the ‘anonymity’ as long as possible. 

anonymous asked:

What are your top stories you have read? Any recs?

I’m gonna go with YOI since it’s the main focus of this blog, and I’m assuming you mean fics. If I did all of my top fics…well, there’s 4 fandoms to draw from.

(Almost) Made It by makariaartsabout (I couldn’t @ them so I linked their blog!) is an amazing Otayuri fic about them surviving the zombie apocalypse! (i frickin love zombies so much but i will calm myself) Excellent fic, great characterization, good pace, mind the tags!

Eat Your Heart Out, Adonis by @the-stoned-ranger is another fave! Very nice, more great characterization, very hot! 10/10 would recommend!  

If you’re looking for wholesome, well-written fic I would suggest anything by @aphhun! She wrote an Otayuri domestic fic that was so fantastic! You can find her work here

For Emimike, I definitely recommend @jubesy. A dedicated and talented writer for the lovely rare pair, I enjoy all of her stories! You can find her work here.

Next I’m gonna put some stuff I have on my to read list:

@phaytesworld and her infamous priest Viktor I’ve been seeing floating around~ Here is a place for all your kinky needs!

Liquor Stash by @severeminx looks like a wonderful and hot Otayuri fic!

I hope this is okay? I read fic from 2 fandoms and not nearly enough YOI honestly…When I do get more under my belt, I should make a proper rec list 

Oh yeah! Can I shamelessly toss in my own Otayuri fic? It’s Cafe Latte and it’s basically about sugar daddy Otabek and sugar baby Yuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)