i mean i want cece to be happy

A little reminder to all the Emison fans

While we are all sitting here, watching and waiting for all this Paily stuff to end, I think it’s important to remember that this whole Emily/Paige business will most likely bring out a LOT of jealous Alison. 

I mean, look back at the conversation CeCe and Spencer had in 3x11 about Paige and Alison..
“Well, what were they fighting about?”

And then of course further back in 2x13 we had major jealousy shown by Alison towards Jenna and Emily

Alison fights for what she wants, and won’t just settle for second best. If Emily being with Paige for a while brings out jealous Alison then I am more than happy to see this continue for a little while. Let’s be real here, there aren’t much hotter things than a jealous Alison fighting and craving for Emily’s attention.