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A concept: s/o telling TFA Blurr they love his voice and find listening to him ramble soothing. I mean, I can totally see why it's maybe not some people's cup of tea but I think it's super cute and endearing ysugihgfhd


Blurr TFA

He’s not used to hearing people say that about his voice, he’s used to passive aggressive comments and the occasional eye roll. He never really thought it was hurtful, just incredibly tiring to hear all the time. You were sitting on the edge of his desk one day while one such comment was made, interrupting his mission report. He scoffed and kept on going, albeit more slowly. Even though he shrugged it off the comment made you mad 

Later, when the two of you were alone, you asked if you could tell him something. A bit confused, he listened to you say, “Remember this morning when that bot said you talk too fast? I know those comments don’t bother you, I just want you to know that I find it really soothing to listen to and I love your voice and how you talk.” 

At first he thought you were just saying that to be nice, but when you insisted that no, you really meant it, he was a bit speechless. Very speechless in fact, he opened and closed his mouth at least three times before getting out a weak ‘oh’. Once he got his train of thought back, he barreled right into a lengthy thank you, getting more and more flustered throughout. Somewhere in there he ends up rambling about all the things he likes about you too, he wants you to feel as special as you make him feel 

I feel like I need to rewatch SGRS and just pay attention to everything Shin does. I mean I could write essays on Bon’s love for Shin but I always thought it was one sided what with all the talk of brothels and running away with Miyokichi. After episode 11 though I’m not sure. I mean look at his little face! It makes me think I missed something important by focusing on Bon all the time.

I mean what if all the talk of brothels and bringing women home were to get a rise out of Bon because Bon was always very closed with his emotions so maybe Shin felt like he needed to do something dramatic to make him talk about his feelings?

Also when it came to Shin and Miyokichi’s relationship - I feel like a big part of their getting together was Miyokichi not being able to have what she wanted but what if it was double sided and that’s why their relationship was so disastrous?

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hi! I've notived you're been posting a lot of quotes from the devil's dictionary - did you like it? would you recommend it? could you briefly share your feelings about it? x

I did! I’ve read it on and off briefly since I was about 12 I think, but it was only a few weeks ago that I actually sat down and read it all the way through and honestly, I think it’s great (I mean, The Sass….dear God, The Sass). At times the whole thing reads just a little like an alien who found themselves stranded on Earth for far too long, and at the end compiled a lengthy and very unimpressed list of “Shit That Humans Do” and “Why This Entire Species Is Ridiculous”.  

Bierce was supposedly a legendary misanthrope and cynical af ( like, RIDICULOUSLY - if there was a Bitterness Scale, it would probably go from 0 to Ambrose Bloody Bierce), so I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. His wit is impressive and he clearly has a very keen understanding of how people and society work (or don’t work), but the relentless pessimism can be tiring. I enjoyed it  but there were one or two times when I wanted to grab his shoulders and just whisper, “Dude, chill tf out, already.”  

Other than that, I think it’s a fun enough read. You have to take a few things into consideration, though. Chiefly that it was written between like 1880-something and the early 1900s, so even though he’s fairly damning and quite clear-eyed in a lot of his critiques of society - i.e. religious hypocrisy, political corruption, imperialism and colonialism too, to a certain extent - you still get the expected colloquial slurs and run of the mill sexism (but to be fair I don’t know enough about Bierce as an individual to discern exactly how much is genuine sexism and how much is just sarcasm coupled with his Grumpy Man Routine because it’s kind of hard to tell). They’re part and parcel of that time though, so there isn’t anything you can do about that, except keep the social and cultural context in mind.

But in short, I liked it. The book is caustic and witty and Ambrose Bierce is quite possibly the saltiest man alive, so if inveterate and incurable cynics are your thing then you might enjoy it!

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never forget the cum bucket

((Y’know now that Otabek is in the picture I can’t help but wonder how Leo explains this like if he’s spending time with Otabek and Ji is just like “babe I’m hungry” does Leo just get all blushy and goes “ok….Beka I’ll be back in a bit.” But Otabek knows exactly what that means and is just “You don’t have to be embarrassed about it?” because he honestly doesn’t care or maybe he also gets awkwardly blushy because he knows and low key is into the fact that Leo probably thinks about him while doing that???? ))

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i love bitter antis oh my "how is this shady she's not with fredmus now she would have him all over her sm if she was" and still lottie has never posted any photo of brett jr on any of her sm and she has seen that kid so many times I LOVE LOTTIE

Lottie is the best 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:But they are playing the “privacy” game. I mean, they aren’t private since Breep still posts pics, Louis still tweets about the kid ocasionally etc but they try to create an illusion of “privacy”, so the siblings don’t post about the kid. But I think at the beginning Lotts posted one. It was the one with the earring, I think.

Louis posted that one. Lottie never did. And besides, before the privacy thing, everyone was posting, even Jay. Lottie could’ve posted all she wanted but she didn't 

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so this girl (that i know likes girls as well) i like messaged me and was all flirty the whole time we texted. she even called me cute twice. then the next day she seemed totally different. she wasn't mean but she seemed kind of uninterested. what do i do?

you can talk to her about it or just let it be. maybe she doesn’t feel the same way or she could just not think she’s acting any different. i can’t tell you what she’s thinking you will just have to talk to her.

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Do you think that at some point shawn still miss laur? Like, they were close. Im still figuring out if he ever dated her or they just more than friends but less than a relationship. Sometimes i think that shawn and laur just keep it low for the sake of his career. But idkkk. Wdyt? Xx

I mean we’ll never really know for sure what they were, because he doesn’t talk about it, but I agree, they might “just” have been more than friends, but less than a relationship. They might just have been each other’s crush, kissing but never committing, you know? Or never have had the time to figure out what they really were. But I for sure think there were feelings involved. Feelings that were more than just friends. 

And I think he misses her sometimes, because after all, they still seem to be friends. So I’d believe that he misses her sometimes, just like he might miss Brian, Ian or Matt, you know? Or misses her whenever he misses home or the old days, because Laur is a massive part of that. Yeah, I believe she cross his mind once in a while, not all the time, but once in a while. 

Whether or not they keep it low for his career, I don’t really know about. You may be right, but I think Shawn’s feelings (that are more than friendship) really was running low. I think - with how much he’s away - it’s really hard to keep up the same feelings for someone (especially if they we’re in a blur between friendship and a relationship) so I don’t know if they’re playing it low. I think that maybe one day, when he’s older and his life isn’t as crazy, he might fall back to her, his feelings might be awakening for her and they might not at all. 

But then again, what do I know? haha 

To all the young people out there. Especially juniors and seniors but younger too, if y’all wanna move out on your own once you’re 18 or 19 don’t be surprised if you have to work 2 or 3 jobs and still be lowkey broke. It’s not even really the bills (if you know how to use your utilities responsibly which is a convo for another time) but the monthy rent. Don’t even THINK about LA either for you socal people. I mean I GUESS it’s doable but honestly, in “outlier” cities you can live in “good” (I know that’s subjective) apartments and neighborhoods for the same price it costs to live in “low-income” housing or not so good areas of LA or the other major cities. If it’s in your means then cool but don’t be discouraged if ou can’t afford it right now. Just get as close as you can for as cheap as you can and then drive (or take public transportation) out there whenever you wanna go.

Oh and get that driver’s license now while your parents will still pay for everything or at least help you out lol

i mean I get why people post “(insert whatever here) don’t interact” but i think it’s so petty and makes you look silly bc it’s the internet and people are gonna post/reblog whatever the fuck they want unless you make it private and you have no control over that. that’s just a general rule of the internet that you gotta deal with. do i like when porn bots reblog my art of my ocs? not particularly. i wish it were a real person so i could maybe get some feedback. but can i do anything about it? not really! and i’ve come to terms with that.

are you really gonna be so petty that you go into your notifications and block people just bc you /think/ they happen to fall under whatever category you deem unworthy to reblog your content? that just seems so tedious and isn’t gonna really make a difference in how anyone thinks in the long run so you’re just kinda making yourself look elitist/holier-than-thou bc it looks like you just include that to pat yourself on the back and look good to everyone who agrees with you

you don’t know the story of every person who reblogs your stuff and who are you to judge tbh. i doubt the people running popular stim blogs care enough to look at anyone’s profile beyond a glance anyway. kink blogs reblogging gifs of slime aren’t really hurting anyone, not to mention there are people out there who enjoy both stimming AND nsfw content. but they shouldn’t get to participate because stimming is somehow “pure” now?? I’m not really understanding the message being sent here

but like
i guess i’m saying i understand the concept of doing it but it literally has no effect other than making me hesitate to reblog your content for being exclusive

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So Bob said "I don't know where it's gonna go, how it's gonna go. Storylines change all the time and I just want t keep it open" about Berllarke. Do you think that means that it isn't happening in S4? I'm starting to feel worried again :((

You are starting to feel worried because you want to be worried.

I don’t even see the connection between your two sentences.

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I want to smile more because I always look either sad or angry and people point it out or back away from me. But I'm afraid of rejection. I can't seem to calm my face. I'm afraid if I make eye contact with someone and smile, they won't smile back or give me a mean look and I will get hurt, overthink it later and beat myself up for it. I also think it may look weird and creepy if I smile randomly, it's like "what am I smiling about?" Maybe it's just my anxiety making me overthink.

Hi there,

You don’t have to smile all the time, please remember that. If you’re not feeling happy you don’t have to force a smile if it’s not going to help at all. And if your resting face isn’t a smile then that’s ok, that’s just how your face rests. Though, I think if you smile even a tiny bit more each day it will become more natural and more of a habit. I do think you should smile when you pass someone by who you know, but if it’s some random person then there’s no point in smiling at them. So do work on smiling more, but smile when it makes sense to and don’t force it all the time. I hope this helps you a bit :)

- Liam

okay, but this book though.
Set in 1880 New York, this book tells the story of two witches who own a tea shop that helps that ladies of the neighbourhood by providing wisdom and remedy teas all while dealing with the oppression of women at the time AND the mania still floating around about witches.
I could literally rant about this book forever but ! Even more amazing ! It actually has proper witchcraft in the book !!! It pays homage to Wiccan traditions and all of the herbs actually correspond with their meanings. As well as this it delves quite deeply into the Witches Ladder and even has the chant !
An amazing book that I think should be going crazy on witchblr right now

Oh... Shaq Thinks The World Is Flat
Maybe he can see something up there we can't?
By Christian Zamora

“It’s true. The Earth is flat. The Earth is flat. Yeah, it is. Yes, it is. […] So, listen, I drive from coast to coast, and this shit is flat to me. I’m just saying. I drive from Florida to California all the time, and it’s flat to me. I do not go up and down at a 360 degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity, have you looked outside Atlanta lately and seen all these buildings? You mean to tell me that China is under us? China is under us? It’s not. The world is flat.” - Shaq

For as many jokes as there are about writers not writing, writers work so hard. They put their heart and soul into their work, as well as their time and energy.

I think writers literally just feel bad whenever they aren’t writing. I mean, there are many days where I will work all day and feel like I still didn’t do enough.

So stop feeling bad about what you haven’t done and start realizing what you have. Feeling bad isn’t going to help you. It will just bog you down.


Funny how that works, huh?

In The Wee Free Men, the village has a tradition of burying a shepherd with a piece of wool on his shroud, so that the recording angel will excuse him all those times during lambing when he failed to attend church — because a good shepherd should know that the sheep come first. I didn’t make that up. They used to do that in a village two miles from where I live. What I particularly liked about it was the implicit loyalist arrangement with God. Americans, I think, sometimes get puzzled by people in Ireland who call themselves loyalists yet would apparently up arms against the forces of the crown. But a loyalist arrangement is a dynamic accord. It doesn’t mean we will be blindly loyal to you. It means we will be loyal to you if you are loyal to us. If you act the way we think a king should act, you can be our king. And it seemed to me that these humble people of the village, putting their little piece of wool on the shroud, were saying, “If you are the God we think you are, you will understand. And if you are not the God we think you are, to Hell with you.” So much of Discworld has come from odd serendipitous discoveries like that.
—  Terry Pratchett, “Straight from the Heart, via the Groin” (collected in A Slip of the Keyboard)

Ooh! I mean, each cat will live about twelve years, I can’t wait… and each cat has nine lives! That’s four times twelve, times nine… No, it’s less than that. Anyway, that’s more than I’ll ever live. I’ll be gone! No, oh, no. They’ll be gone. I’ll think of a way. After all, there are millions of reasons why I should. All of them dollars. Millions. Those cats have got to go!

One Piece ワンピース [Yonkō Saga / Totto Land Arc] : Yonkō Charlotte “Big Mom” Linlin vs “Soul King” Brook


Welp. I need new underwear. What a chapter. Never would I have guessed Charlotte’s full power would be revealed so soon in the game, and against Brook no less!! Don’t get me wrong Brook is a great Strawhat but I think we can all agree he fell off the radar post-time skip. His swordsmanship was unique but paled in comparison to Zoro’s and the whole diva bit felt kinda forced. BUT DAMN, ODA IS NOT MESSING AROUND THIS ARC. Complete counter to a Yonkō I mean talk about blindsiding the entire fandom. This arc just keeps getting better and better. I’m still hoping Caesar Clown is the trigger to the next big war between Kaidō & Big Mom with the W.G. & Germa 66 backing either side. Soul King!