i mean i put them outside

I feel like this panel is always overlooked:

It’s literally Natasha and Bucky trying to pretty much kill each other without actually killing each other, if u know what I mean. 

But what gets me is the numerous soldiers standing outside what seems to be a boxing ring, just watching these two assassins go at it, possibly even taking notes. 

We know that Natasha was essentially the best of her kind, and so was Bucky, but I feel as if this really emphasises that. They’re literally putting on a show for the Red Room because they’re that good at what they do. They were the power couple (no pun intended).

Which brings me to my next point: if the Red Room had them demonstrate combat to soldiers, it’s a given that both Natasha and bucky knew just how good they were. Which is another reason why I think it’s so easy for them to get lost in their minds. 

Killing is easy. Combat is easy. Winning is easy. It’s so easy for them, which makes them question: am I supposed to be good, when it’s so easy to kill? To be bad? With a past like this, are they worthy of being in the same group as someone like Captain America? Are they worthy to be superheroes at all? 

It’s just one of the many reasons why they get each other. No one other than Bucky can understand how easy it is for Natasha to do what she did in the Red Room, and vice versa. It’s not like Steve, or Sam, or even Wanda - they don’t have that definitive line between good and bad. Steve never had to kill to survive. Sam never had to endure years of abusive training to live. They never had to know what it feels like to kill and fight so much, it’s almost like a second nature. Only Bucky and Natasha really get that.

No one understands them except each other. I think this panel shows just how deep it really goes. 

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Early Game

Garon: Kamui, did you get the tools from my tool shed?

Kamui: Yes, father! Here they are!

Garon: Well done, Kamui. I am proud of y–

Iago: Hold on just a second, Mr. Garon. If you notice, the hammer is a bit dirty.

Garon: What!? What is the meaning of this, not polishing the tools before bringing them back?

Iago: Not only that, Kamui also used a stepladder to reach the tool box.

Garon: What insolence is this, using aid of any sort in my request?!

Iago: Mr. Garon, it is clear Kamui is a blight and should be put down right now. Here’s the shotgun, now let’s go outside and–

Elise: W-wait, wait! I gave Kamui the stepladder! They didn’t ask for it! If anyone deserves to be punished, it’s me!

Leo: One second, please. It was I who purchased the stepladder in the first place, in case this would ever happen. Following the logic of consequence, it’s me, not Kamui, who deserves to be punished.

Camilla: Let’s not be hasty, everyone. Father, I told Kamui it was ok to bring back the tools without polishing them. We are running short on polishing oil, and an unsightly hammer still accomplishes its task. If that angers you, then perhaps you should take it out on me instead of my precious Kamui.

Xander: Enough! Father, I arranged for Elise to tell Kamui where the stepladder was, which would make me the root of all this issue. Without me, nothing would have happened, so shoot me in the face.

Garon: Children, let’s calm d–

Xander: Shoot me. Right now. In the kisser. Do it. Shoot me or shoot no one.

Garon: Okay okay fine GEEZ. I don’t want to shoot anyone in the face, maybe. But, I do have a new task for Kamui. It’s only fair. You must go alone to the supermarket and get polishing oil. A child of mine should have no problem accomplishing this task.

Kamui: Yes, father! I will do it for you! *pulls out iPhone and starts looking for the best polishing oil in the area*

Iago: Hm… *sneaks to the garage and waits in his car, waiting for Kamui to head out to tail them*

Leo: Hm… *sends seven secret agents to tail Kamui with orders to keep them safe at all costs*

Camilla: Hm… *calls her friends at the nearby supermarket and tells them Kamui is going, so they better be nice to them and give them a discount*

Xander: Hm… *gives Elise very particular instructions on which roads are the safest, which polishing oil is Garon’s favorite, three bottles of water so they stay hydrated, and a light snack for the road*

Elise: Hm! *literally goes with Kamui, holding hands. Arthur and Effie are tailing them in very obvious disguises, riding bicycles*

Marks of a Martial Artist

Before my master passed, he wrote a few books about various topics relative to martial arts.
Among these books was his his student manual. In it he included what to expect of the class, the ranking process, terms, material, testing tips, striking points, and history, in addition to other important subjects to cover about a marital arts class. It truly is a thought-provoking and well-written book.

He also included 17 marks of a martial artist. The martial arts are more than just the physical aspects. The mental aspects and way of life is just as crucial.
Each one is different and holds special purpose and meaning. This has helped guide me, show me what to remain aware of and what to aim for– Especially after everything that has happened to me in my journey.
My master portrayed each of this inside and outside of the class room; I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me. I miss him more than I can handle, but his memory and teachings will remain.

1. Enthusiasm:
A martial artist must be enthusiastic in order to achieve success.
If someone doesn’t like what they are doing, imagine the limit that will put on them. Enthusiasm is crucial in order to be effective and efficient. They put effort, and they are happy to do so.

2. Self-motivation:
Self-motivation is what drives one to go to join, go to class, etc. When someone is self-motivated, they will progress quicker as they are in the optimal state of mind and ready to improve. What is important, however, is that one also recognizes this must be done inside and outside of the class room- practice.

3. Self-discipline:
Some people may be wondering what the difference is. Self-motivation gets one alert and started, and self-discipline keeps one going. The example my master provides exclaims self-motivation is the vehicle by which one will strive to maintain a strong and efficient practice. On the other hand, self-discipline is the fuel to remain. It is the willpower to do what one knows needs to be done.
A student who shows up to class and claims to want it and love it in their life, but does not practice or show persistence, is an example of motivation without discipline.

4. Curiosity:
Curiosity, spirit, interest– A martial artist should ask questions because they are thinking. They are thinking about what they are doing and also thinking about what they are thinking about.
“Why do some people have 10 degree black belts? What can I do to improve accuracy? How did this originate? What is the purpose of this movement?”
They strive to go above and beyond what is simply told to them in class. They aim to study on their own, think about it on their own, ask questions. etc.

5. Conscientiousness:
This is when one is aware and mindful of detail, one’s performance, mentality, emotion, and technique. They must also strive to be aware and mindful of what is around them, whether it is with an opponent or not. Additionally, recognizing one’s efforts and limits is important. Going beyond safe limits will be hazardous. All of this is important for improvement, safety, and health.

6. Humility:
With proper humility, they can learn anywhere, anytime, from anyone. Regardless of rank, a martial artist should know that they are not “above” anyone, and that it is not about being "better" than anyone else– it is about self-improvement. Humility is shown whether one is teaching, being taught, or not. They furthermore have no problem deferring to legitimate, well-meaning authority.

7. Sportsmanship:
With the amount of physical contact, possible competitions, and the like, sportsmanship is a crucial part of martial arts. Martial artists should aim to understand that one never truly “loses” if they learn something from every encounter. Regardless, it is not about winning– it is about self-improvement and learning. Resentment, anger, the need to overrun others, etc., is put at a minimum. 
Additionlly, my master explains with sportsmanship, a give and take scenario can be achieved through respect and with what one can teach each other, whether they are a student or a teacher.

8. Cooperative attitude:
Cooperative, not competitive.
My master states, “With a competitive attitude, we feel the need to be superior to others by beating them, and with a cooperative one, we extend a hand so that everyone rises to their fullest potential.”
It’s not about going in the class room and kicking higher than others, hitting harder than others, etc. That may not only cloud one from their own goals and personal progress, but it will also show in their attitude.

9. Integrity:
Integrity is the alignment of actions with words. If one claims to be humble, then they should show such in their actions, and so on. Our choices, must be aimed to align with living the life of a martial artist. There is also a balance.

10. Tenacity:
Another word for perseverance and determination, my master specifically describes, “Persistent, stubborn, obstinate, not easily pulled asunder… these are all different ways of describing the quality of tenacity.”
They aim to break through difficulties and obstacles, and remain determined and persevere while doing so. Board breaking can symbolize such concept.

11. Goal orientation:
This will provide guidance, like a map, to a martial artist. Both short term and long term goals are relevant. While earning one’s black belt may be a long term goal, there must be short term goals to reach it.
If one doesn’t have the short term goal of improving a basic kick, they will not be ready to perform longer term goals with such a kick: breaking boards, jump kicks, and sparring applications.
Martial artists should strive to obtain a foundation and a layer of hard work.

12. Kindness:
My master states, “No status worth having is ever held with any true dignity absent the mark of kindness. Kindness amplifies all other qualities and synergies them to form something that all other marks could not by themselves reach.”
With such authority, skill, and codes of conduct, and representation, kindness is relevant in martial arts.

13. Fortitude:
Whether it is a test, pain, adversity, or temptation, inside or outside of the class room, physically or mentally, one must strives to remain courageous and strong at these times.

14. Resilience:
There will be aspects like such ^ that will try to bend or shape you. One must  have the ability to bounce back from them.
My master states, “If I transform/change, it is because I needed to, and not because someone or something threatened to reshape or break me.”
They remain whole and are in control.

15. Loyalty:
Like integrity, martial artists should strive to show such through words as well as actions. Loyalty to the school, instructor, and other students– they aim for this because they are returning what is done for them and they know the benefits of martial arts.

16. Appreciation:
My master states, “I realize that I can buy an instructor’s time, but I can never buy knowledge or improvement at any price.”
My master taught me how to live– I can show such gratitude by living the way, going above and beyond, and by aiming for humility and many of these other marks.

17. Compassion:
Martial arts concerns itself with the well-being of people. It provides physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional components– as well as a way to defend and benefit others. Having compassion is like the umbrella of martial arts.

Overall, my master made it important to note a martial artist should put forth effort and realistic improvement (inside and outside of the classroom)within these marks, and that one does not have to be perfect.
AWAS. All rights reserved August 2012.

My master states in his other book in a dedication to me:
“If you look for the parallels, you will find that the classroom is a microcosm that represents situations in our outer lives as well. Sparring allows others to challenge us to a higher level of development with friendship and respect – this lesson could serve you well in whatever profession you choose and even in your home life. When we break boards we learn the satisfaction and the possibility of smashing through obstacles that seem to block our way - you’ll need that lesson throughout life. When we perform and refine our forms, we practice a sort of moving meditation that allows us to find stillness in the midst of motion, and to center ourselves within ourselves for our best performance, regardless of what is going on around us - you’ll need that lesson in a very busy world which sometimes threatens to unbalance us with its commotion, activity, and drama.”
-Kwan Jang Nim Chad Boxx, June, 2013

RFA, V, and Saeran - Best Friends/Platonic Relationships Headcanons

A/N: Okay, I was going to make an edit aND I DELETED THE POST WITH THIS PROMPT ON IT. I’M SO SORRY TO THE NONNIE THAT REQUESTED THIS. I hope you see it!!! As I said, it was tons of fun to write!!! ~ Admin 626

TW: death mention, needle mention


  • You love playing video games with this little dude!!!
  • Pokémon? Smash Bros? and of course LOLOL
  • youtwotagteamandtrytobreatSaeyoung
    • talkaboutafailedmission
  • MC stop knocking the controller out of my hand when I’m about to win”
    • youreanaggressivegamer
  • Outside of video games, you’re both avid plushie collectors
    • youbothowneverysingleTsumTsumthatisavailable
    • “MC I can see the plushies stuffed in ur purse please give them back”
    • byviolentmeanshemeansanerfgunthislittlecutie
  • You both take a cooking and baking class together!
    • You cook better than him but no one can beat this boy’s baking skills
    • Notreallyasurprisethisboiisugarsweet
    • You both have competitions to see who can cook/bake the better dish!!!
    • S A B O T A G E
  • “Oops, sorry MC, really didn’t mean to break your bowl with cake batter in it…”
    • damnthosepuppydogeyes
    • listen,,, u may think this boy can’t put up a fight bUT HE WILL KILL FOR HIS BAKING SKILLS
  • He’s super supportive of yours and Zen’s relationship!!
    • He goes with you and Jaehee to watch Zen’s shows!!!
    • Hopesthatzenwilleventuallytonedownthenarcissism
  • Youtryhookinghimupwithsaranwrap
    • Anotherfailedmission*cri*
    • orsotheyleadyoutothink*winkwonk*


  • It was super hard to become friends with this dramatic ass hoe at first
    • Howcanhetalkabouthimselfsomuchwth
  • But when he learns that you’re a hairdress and makeup artist he wants to hire you!!!
  • You’re a little annoyed at first but cmon, a job is a job!
    • You slowly figure out there’s so much more to zenny boy than just his narcissism when you’re doing his hair and makeup???
    • Who knew he was actually sweet and worked so hard???
    • This lil boi offers to be your instagram model when you wanna show off new makeup looks!
    • Since he’s so popular you gain a huge following so you end up teaching classes about makeup???
    • No matter how busy he is, he comes to every class to be ur model!!! That little sweeatheart
  • Youtrytopairhimandjaeheetogether
    • yourhoeassissittinginthebackrowwatchingandhopeZenwillpullthedumbyawnmove
    • heactuallydoes
  • urns out you love riding his motorcycle???
    • “listen zen,,, I am the greatest good…you’re ever gonna get,,,”
    • “I can’t tell if you lost the keys or if you stole them to make that stupid reference”


  • You bonded with jaehee over the amount of work you both have to do!
  • You’re in med school and ur supervisor LOVES to run you ragged
    • You’re pager pretty much goes off every time u get home
  • Getting five hours of sleep is a godsend for you both???
    • You precious beans don’t deserved to be treated this way
  • She loves watching Zen movies with you!
    • You always have something super insightful to say
    • And if you ever criticize something, ur super nice about it, it doesn’t even sound like criticism
    • You’rethankfultoherforshowingyouZennyinallhishotness
  • “Jaehee… did you just lick your poster of Zen..?”
    • “No, MC, I believe you are just high”
    • “Pretty sure I’m not”
    • “You’ll catch these hands if you mention this to anyone again”
    • youfindoutjaeheesecretlylovesmemes
  • After a super sappy Zen movie where the moral was to pursue your dreams, you’re able to push jaehee into pursuing hers!!
    • You help her with so much even with your busy schedule!
    • Food tasting, coffee tasting, finding a good place to open at, etc
  • You’re pretty much her assistant and you LOVE it
    • Maybeyoushouldhavemajoredinbusiness
  • this little cinnamon roll always has a cup of coffee and a piece of cake ready for you when you get out of the hospital
  • you even have your own armchair in the shop that you always sometimes fall asleep in
  • theentireRFAtakespicturesofucauseyoudroolLMAOthosehoes 


    • He’s so glad to have someone in the group who understands his love for cats
    • Otherthansaeyoungthatboyiscreepy
  • But it turns out, you’re not just a cat lover, you’re an animal lover!
    • You drag this hoe to a zoo to teach him about all the other animals in the world!!
    • He becomes fascinated with them and you two go to ever famous zoo/safari there is in the world???
  • “There’s so much in the world I haven’t seen, MC, how could I be so blind?”
    • “Haha, are you making fun of V?”
    • “MC no”
  • You two binge watch Netflix documentaries!!!
    • “wow MC the birds are so beautiful”
    • “Do you have a fetish for them like your fetish with cats?”
    • MC what”
  • He even considers getting a doggo???
    • You two both go to the shelter and adopt dogs!!!
    • Of course he brings Elizabeth the 3rd, he needs to make sure his princess gets along with the new addition to the family
  • He gets a black lab!!!
    • Her name is Coco!!! What a cutie
  • You two have playdates with your dogs ofc
  • You show this trustfund boy many commoner things
    • Itslikeouranhighschoolhostcluballoveragain
    • “wait…so a microwave heats leftovers…but why would anyone have leftovers?”
    • “a public library is where people go to rent a book for a few days? Why don’t they just get their own library?”
  • honestly ur such a good, healthy friend for him unlikethatrikahoe u show him so many things the world has to offer


  • No one, not even jumin’s body guards, can stop this memelording duo
  • But one day you’re show up at his door sobbing
    • W H A T
    • This boy is so out of his element he has no idea what to do!!!
  • Turns out you’re a nurse and someone just died on your watch?
    • You couldn’t have prevented it but why does it hurt so much
    • Ohgodohgodwhatishesupposedtodoishesupposedtohugyou??
    • Yeahdumbassthatskindawhatudo
  • He hugs you and says “Listen, MC, your job saves so many lives. There will be deaths but just remember the many that you’ve saved. I wish I could have a job that saved people’s lives.” omgbbysaeyoungnoooo
  • This a super deep bonding moment for you two that solidified your friendship forever!!!
    • When Saeyoung is feeling super down about his job, he comes to you
    • “I’m hurting so many people but I can’t escape it”
  • He’s afraid he’s revealed way too much to you and someone will come after you
  • You two nerd out together now!!!!
    • Stars Wars? Midnight Premiere plus cosplay hetotallyhackedthecinema’swebsitetogetthetickets
    • Doctor Who? marATHONS!!!
    • youbothlovedatingsimsgames


  • ·You never though in a million years that Edgelord would become your best friend
  • But for his birthday, you got him tickets to his favorite band because this precious emo deserves happiness
  • He has no one to take though???Whydidyouthinkhehadfriendsudumbass
    • No one in the RFA wants to go (emomusic?nothx) and there’s no way in hell he’s taking Saeyoung sorrynotsorry
    • “Since there’s no one better, wanna go with me?”
    • Thanks saran wrap, thanks
  • You actually really love the music at the concert!!
    • You ask saran wrap for more music recommendations and he gives you a couple of CDs and tells u his fave songs
    • One day you return his CDs and he’s napping on the couch?
  • Ho my god he sTARS THRASHING AROUND???
    • He’s probably having a nightmare but you don’t know what to do???
    • You wake him up but he grabs your wrist REALLY tightly because he thinks you’re an enemy
    • Neverwakethisboyup
    • Of course this goth bean has nightmares, he was subjected to so many years of mental torture!!!
  • He’s not ready for any sort of human contact so hugging to comfort him is out of the question
    • You tell him that he can go back to sleep and that you’ll stay here til he wakes up
    • “No one will go after you while I’m here!!!
    • realfierceMC
    • He smiles smirks because you’re like a hissing kitten
  • Having you there is actually super comforting??? Kittensareveryuseful
  • You become a huge part in his road to recovery
    • You help him learn how to socialize! Ofc he’s still an asshole but at least he’s not a murdering asshole
    • You get him a cat!! Pet therapy!!!
    • Youteachhimhowtodressalittlelessedgy
  • He cracks so many jokes about you???
    • “Hey MC you’re almost tall enough to be taken seriously”
    • hemysteriouslygetsblackeye 

V (he’s a lil blind in this one)

  • You’ve actually been SUPER cautious of V
  • He doesn’t seem like a bad guy but…there was just so much he wasn’t telling the group???
  • You decide to take a photography class because you got a Canon camera as a birthday gift from your parents!
    • V is teaching the class?
    • Theyletblindpeopleteach??? Youlearnsomethingneweveryday
  • You’re a good student and you actually have a knack for this!
  • You two start eating dinner together after the class on the way home
  • You may be quiet in class bUT YOU SASS HIM SO MUCH AFTERWARDS
    • “V, we should give you a broomstick instead of a cane, the world would be a much cleaner place!”
    • “A blind man walks into a bar..and a table…and a chair”
    • “When you and Rika broke up, did she say “we should see other people?” haha get it cause you can’t see”
    • MCWHY
  • He’s honestly loving it though?
    • Everyone tiptoes around him, it’s annoying
  • But you just keep making jokes! It’s so refreshing
  • He recognizes your talent and starts giving you one on one lessons!!! He wants to take you one as an apprentice, what a cute giraffe
  • In return, you teach him Braille!
    • “Where did you learn this from?”
    • “Oh one of my other friends is blind, why do you think I know so many blind jokes?” youtotallydidntusegoogleliketheAdmindid
  • As V begins losing more of his sight, cutie you starts helping him around the house
    • You make sure everything in his house is always where it’s supposed to be
    • Thisisoutofthewellbeingofyourheartandnotbecausehemadeasaltybirthdaycakeforyou
    • Sevenisanassholewholikestomovethingsaround
  • As much as you don’t like Rika, you don’t push V into trying to fall out of love with her, you recognize that something like that will take time and he has to want to get over her
    • He’s very thankful for you
A Thought About The Raven Cycle

Okay guys so I am just gonna put this out there:

I love Pynch. I really, really do. They are one of my OTPS. Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch are ground shakers, they are amazing, I love them so much.

BUT, when people act like the only reason reading The Raven Cycle is worthwhile is because of Pynch, that BREAKS MY HEART.

I mean, there is literally so much to love about the Raven Cycle. It is such an amazing series and no part of it is skip-worthy.

You have Blue and Gansey, who are well developed characters in an equally well developed ship. Like, they exist outside of their feelings for one another, they don’t lean on the typical YA hetero romance tropes where the guy is a brooding, dark asshole who exists to make out with the protagonist and win fans over with his silly angst and witty comebacks. Gansey and Blue’s relationship doesn’t rely on any sort of sexual factor at all. They fall in love without the help of frantic, passionate make-out scenes. And their love makes SENSE. You don’t wonder why the hell they are in love, and it isn’t that bullshit Insta-Love that is so popular with straight couples in YA. That is just… so fucking…. nice.

And the women of 300 Fox Way! Don’t even get me started on how amazing they are! I mean, here we have a whole cast of adult women in a YA novel who are complex and realistic and powerful and all of them are unique and fascinating. Each woman is a person, they exist outside of their usefulness to the protagonists. I love them dearly.

Noah Czerny is also such a unique fucking character. He always seems to fall between the cracks, but let me tell you, Noah is just as thought out and developed as the rest. The more you learn about him, the more heartbreaking his story becomes. You can’t NOT love him.

Henry Cheng, anyone? I hope you didn’t make it all the way to the 4th book and still believe that Pynch is the only good thing in the series, because even this last minute addition of Henry to the Gangsey is fantastic. Like, Henry is a snatcher of hearts??? I love that he is so different in TRK from how he is portrayed in Blue Lily Lily Blue. I guess it just goes to show that people become more complex, become more like REAL PEOPLE, once you actually take the time to get to know them? That’s so beautiful? Henry is so beautiful?

Hell, even Mr. Gray is a show-stopping character. Who would have ever thought that the hitman who rolled into town to fuck people over would actually become this surprisingly lovable character who doesn’t judge all the other characters for their weirdness and who forms a relationship with his girlfriend’s daughter when his girlfriend isn’t even around. Like he just genuinely gets along with her. No needless angst.

All of the characters, even the villains and side characters, are incredibly well developed and real feeling. The plot is so raw and genuine and every relationship, platonic or otherwise, is so well executed.

One of these well executed relationships is Pynch, yes. They are my favorite pairing in the book, and Ronan is my favorite character. I can’t imagine The Raven Cycle without Pynch.

But I ALSO can’t imagine The Raven Cycle without any of the characters and elements it currently has, either.

So yeah, every aspect of The Raven Cycle is phenomenal, please do not simplify it all to being one good ship with some surrounding events.

Okay, thank you, this has been a rant from yours truly.


new developments on twitter is saying that any Korean music streaming app (Genie, Melon, Naver and the likes~) doesn’t actually count the streams done outside of Korea. We only have a specific instance with MELON app, they contacted them and it was advised that International IP is blocked so it doesn’t count in the charts. Although I’m not sure what “charts” signifies but I think that would mean streaming chart and download charts and for the awards.


Which, technically can mean a lot of things but putting it here for your info. Nonetheless I wish there are more details about this we can know. Because what does international IP being “blocked” means if I can use the app and download and stream everything successfully? So yeah. I’m REALLY REALLY salty about this and I really really need more info because at least I hope the revenue of the downloads still counts and goes to Bangtan/Bighit.



If you didn’t see this one coming, then you haven’t spent much time on my blog. 

Remadora is one of my favorite ships, full-stop. Inside the Harry Potter fandom, outside of the Harry Potter fandom. It’s just…I love them.
I’ve already covered that I love Remus because he reminds me of myself, but Tonks reminds me of who I wish I was (and the facade that I put up). She’s clumsy, a bit punk, non-conformist, fierce, and determined. 
When you put them together, they’re both halves of me…so…that’s cool.

They’re also just incredibly cute. I mean, she doesn’t care about his age or poverty or illness, all she cares about is him. She loves him, absolutely loves him. 
And you know what? He loves her, too. I mean, he’s a hard-headed git who thinks that he doesn’t deserve love, but in the end, they’re just……..tragically beautiful.

WestAllen Dream!

Oh my god I just had a dream last night that Iris and Barry already had their twins. They looked about 5 or 6 and they were telling them goodnight! Barry went into Dawn’s room and gave her a kiss goodnight, called her his speed princess and tucked her in, and all of a sudden something broke through her window! Barry got that ass… I mean in a blink of an eye he ran and pushed that thing back out of the window! Then Don ran into Dawn’s room along with Iris right behind him, but tell me why Iris has a gun already in her hand like she was just waiting on it to happen! Then she put Don in Dawn’s bed and pressed something that created a forcefield around the children and Iris jumped out the window to help Barry I’m assuming. My point of view was still of the children in their room, but you could hear Iris firing them shots outside at the intruder that Barry was fighting I’m assuming! Y'all it was soooo lit. They were like ain’t nobody coming for our children. I’ve never had one so good like this before, yo!

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snp-pttr  asked:

Where do you think that Rowling responding in an interview (2007) that were it not for Severus becoming a Death Eater, Lily would have chosen him, fits in all this discourse about her overall? I mean I get the discussion around "what is canon really", but even if we don't approve/like/accept extra info from outside the original text, most of it has come withing a place of logic and common sense, as in it's easily linked to the books. And this tidbit of info just... where does it fit and how???

The divisions we experience in fandom demonstrate how we all read the very same words, and yet take something entirely different away from them.

If we put aside the issue of canon and apocrypha, then…well, I totally believe that JK’s vision of Lily is a Lily who loved Severus as a friend, and if he hadn’t been drawn down a dark magic path with all that it entailed, he might have been someone she could’ve grown to love romantically (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s what I recall the interview said).

My struggle is that whilst I fully believe that is JK’s vision of the character, I don’t quite get that impression from Lily as she’s written in the books.  It’s the same with James; I am certain that in JK’s head, he’s a really great bloke, but for me, it doesn’t quite come across in the books.  

The problem is threefold; we don’t see enough of these characters, the timeline is ridiculously compressed, and we’re left to join the dots.  With very few dots on the page, it’s easy for us all to draw an entirely different picture from what JK intended - and even easier for us all to draw entirely different pictures than the person sitting next to us.

So I just wanted to chat a bit about this part of the narrative as well as Yuuri/Yurio’s evolution and self-discovery process throughout the episode. It was originally going to be a shorter post but it ended up being massive and covering both Yuuri and Yurio’s journeys to discover what their forms of Eros/Agape were as well as the Onsen on Ice. Due to the sheer amount of images in this post (and the size), I’m going to put it under a cut. Enjoy! :)

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Monthly development video Part 2

Now that we’re getting further along in development our videos have been getting so long we’re have to split it into 2 parts every time. This second part is not showing off systems, but the different buildings and what we have been doing to set dress everything (set dress meaning adding models to the world and putting them together in a presentable fashion).

I worked on these buildings:

Pumpkinvale Cafe
Pumpkinvale Bar
Pumpkinvale Postoffice
Pumpkinvale  Mayor’s Office
Wahoo Beach Bar
Wahoo Beach Restaurant  
Wahoo Beach Post Office

Thankfully I’ve been knocking out the basics of these buildings pretty quickly. These are not the final versions of course, however it’s a start. Once the buildings and towns have been all squared away we can work on the outside some more and the rest of the world.

Thanks again for your support! We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for a Beta release this year so keep a look out.  

Pumpkin Online is a multiplayer, farming dating sim, currently being developed by a small indie company, Pumpkin Interactive. Feel free to check out our website for more information about our game.

kurokawahitaki  asked:

Hi, Daddy! (Sounds so wrong lol) those hcs teen daughter n mean looking bf is really cute n funny! May i have the same but this time with Imayoshi, Aomine, n Himuro? Tnx!

You can also just call me Dad if that makes you more comfortable xD I don’t mind either way! But omg I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKED THOSE. So here you go!

~Cat Daddy~

• Literally the definition of “if looks could kill”
• He may not look like he’s seething on the outside but on the inside he’s wishing for this boy’s death
• 100% gonna put them through some mental trial. Just to see if he has any hidden motives and why a bad boy is dating his precious daughter
• But everything he tries to do has no effect
• The boy just brushes it off and answers everything honestly and straight to the point
• I mean sure he’s nervous af but like ??? he’s not terrified ???
• Everyone gets terrified of Imayoshi except for you and your daughter bc you’re used to it by now
• Either the boy is really ditzy or he’s just as conniving as Imayoshi
• But he quickly comes to the conclusion that the latter is false
• Deems him safe enough to date his daughter. Also witnesses first hand to not judge a book by its cover

• So like future!Aomine is deffo a cop ok
• Which means he knows a hooligan when he sees one
• The moment he sees the boy on his porch after the opens the door, he shuts it immediately
• “Why is there a beefy, tattooed boy in my yard!??????”
• “That’s your daughter’s boyfriend. He’s here to meet us and have dinner”
• “Her what!?!?! She’s not allowed to date until I’m dead!!”
• You and your daughter are gonna have to convince and probably bribe him to open the door again lolol
• Will 100% give him one of those intimidating police interviews. He’s just WAITING for this boy to fuck up so he can kick him out of the house
• But his worse nightmare happens
• This boy…. IS NICE
• Aomine is sh0ok
• Bc the boy reminds Aomine of his youth with the kinda being an airhead while also having a resting bitch face 24/7
• So he’s just like “well shit. You passed. bUT IF I EVER HEAR THAT YOU HURT MY DAUGHTER I SWEAR-”
• “Honey give the boy a break pls you’ve been doing this for two hours and it’s time to eat”
• But eventually Aomine and the boy end up becoming the Angel Protection Squad™

• who tf is this. Why is he in my house
• He’s not really that thrown off that he’s beefy and mean looking but bc there’s a stranger in his house and he’s holding his daughter’s hand
• He’s best friends with Kagami. He knows that resting bitch face is a thing that happens even to the nicest people
• But still. He is a dad and he’s gotta do the dad thing
• Gonna have a smile that LOOKS innocent but rly it’s threatening
• He will literally hand his daughter’s boyfriend an “Application to Date my Daughter” and will evaluate him that way
• …the boy passed
• But Himuro’s also gotta see how well he treats his daughter
• Like you better fckn hold her hand in public. Show. Her. Off. She deserves it!! I created her!! She’s a perfect angel and you better treat her that way!! Protect her from predators!!
• Actually tells the boyfriend this. But his daughter butts in and tells him that he’s literally beaten people up bc they tried getting frisky with her
• “Good man. I like you”
• Her boyfriend can come over whenever he wants as long as it’s at a reasonable time. And if there’s someone else home too. They’re teenagers. Gotta make some rules. Bc he knows how he was with you at that age lolol

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Does it make me a bad person if I resent my family because they all make me feel like freak and take advantage of me because I'm too mentally exhausted to put up a fight about it? The family tries to tell me that I should be grateful for all the things they do and that I'm the cause of all my problems but then outsiders tell me I have it bad. I'm not sure which is right because I know I'm selfish and mean but I've become that way because of thr treatment I get. It really drives me crazy.

Be resentful. People always assume that because it’s family you should just take it. But fuck that. If they are making you feel like shit, if they are putting you down, not respecting you? Fuck that. Resent the hell out of them. You don’t owe them any respect if they can’t give it to you as well.

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Hey I tried saying Secret Police into my doorknob for my weekly microphone testing, but nothing happened. I mean, many things happened, but nothing that would signify the mic to be working. Although a floating fedora was outside my window for forty minutes. Never heard of one of those. If you use floating fedoras, then ignore this, but if not, then please.... OH NO IT FOUND A WAY INSIDE PLEASE HURRY IT IS CHASING MY CAT!

WHO KEEPS TELLING YOU ABOUT THE MICROPHONES WE MOST DEFINITELY DO NOT PUT IN YOUR HOMES? We’ll have them replaced immediately. About the fedora, I would send someone to look after it, but we are kind of busy. Try putting it on, maybe with fashionable coat and shoes. It would like that.

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i don't understand anti logic. official promo material by netflix that says 5 teenagers (this would make them all child soldiers though so unfortunate implications) vs unprepared and vague statements at a con captured by fan video which later gets contradicted by other sources (still child soldiers though)? how is there a discussion here? though i prefer a close reading analysis which ignores everything outside of the show itself and puts h/k/l at 19 cuz in the army and can't join if under 18

Well, teenagers could very easily mean they are actually adults at around 18-19. The most recent info is “late teens,” which can’t be any younger than 17 (and I kinda doubt they’re 17 but that’s just me) so. It doesn’t really have to be a case of child soldiers. A lot of people see them as adults anyway -mod taint

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I'm surprised Ras doesn't have more active ships!

This has been sitting in my inbox for a while; I honestly didn’t want to answer this because I don’t know how to without sounding like I’m whining?

I mean outside of the obvious, which is Ras is decently slow at forming actual romantic bonds, even after he knows he has feelings for someone because of terrible mental state and his anxiety and problems voicing his emotions when it comes to such things. It will just sound like me vague whining about people, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m talking about them when I’m just trying to convey a point and doing so poorly, or speaking in a general sense. 

So simply put, Ras just doesn’t. 

ive said this before but i really do just want to express to astro that i really hope they have people to lean on and that the thought of them having that really fulfills me for them. i would hope it wod reach them to what i really mean, because though its true that i want them to be happy as much as possible, i also want it to be acknowledged that in the moments that they cant and arent, that they have someone to lean on be it eachother and others outside of the group. I would hope to reach them like that be it me or someone else, them feeling the sincerity from me/aroha of them working so hard and believing in them while still recognizing what we know but dont know of their personal and extra personal hardships. I know that they support each other but they even said it themselves that its hard, and its not realistic to have support at all times but if my feelings beyond the basic thought of support were to reach them, i hope it would reach them in some way like that

I would like to bring your attention to a hidden gem in the Heart of the Mists lobby. If you already knew about this, congrats, if not, here you go!

There’s a spot on the map that can only be accessed by glider. I don’t know if this was here before or if they put it in when gliders were released outside of the HoT maps.

You walk up the stairs as far as you can go and glide around the right side until you reach an alcove.

Then, when you walk inside-

-YOU GET SKELETONS PLAYING CHESS. One of them is wearing a cowboy hat.
I never knew chess was this brutal.

OT5; Key’s Great Grocery Shopping Adventure 2k16; PG

hey remember jonghoodie au bc this au is that au lmao

“I am tired,” Key hisses, “of going to the store. With this list.” She jiggles her bag with a scowl. “And coming home. And having you–all of you–whine at me that I didn’t get you the right thing.” She yanks open the front door and ushers them all outside, fixing Tae’s hair again when ve passes. “So we are all going to go to the store,” she repeats as Minho and Junghee pass. “And you are all going to tell me exactly what you mean when you just put down generic shit like cereal. Jinki,” she adds pointedly, throwing them a glare when they pause to lock the door behind them.

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