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I'm so glad I follow you because it was so disheartening to see people turn on Harry so fast. He is always respectful and you can tell by the video it wasn't his worst, but no one gave him the benefit of the doubt. I felt so bad when I saw his tweet. Like people don't deserve him at all. I feel like there was also some racial undertones like they were looking for a reason to demonize him. Anyway, thank you for always defending him.

Thank you for this, it means a lot.

Though I feel like it really wasn’t a race thing more a mmm whatcha say thing I completely understand where you’re coming from. Some didn’t give him a chance to explain or apologies they just attacked. This fandom has so much love for Harry and to see some just go ape shit instead of just waiting for an apology was very sad to see. I’m glad it has all been resolved so we can move on :)

Kurt Cobain’s suicide note
  • Kurt Cobain’s suicide note
  • Courtney Love

Courtney Love reading Kurt Cobain’s suicide note.
I feel the same way you guys do. If you guys don’t think … that I used to sit in this room, when he played the guitar and sang, and feel so honored to be near him, you’re crazy… Anyway, he left a note, it’s more like a letter to the fucking editor. I don’t know what happened. I mean it was gonna happen, but it could’ve happened when he was 40. He always said he was gonna outlive everybody and be a hundred and twenty. I’m not gonna read you all the note ’cause it’s none of the rest of your fucking business. But some of it is to you. I don’t really think it takes away his dignity to read this considering that it’s addressed to … most of you. He’s such an asshole. I want you all to say ‘asshole’ really loud.

“This note should be pretty easy to understand. All the warnings from the punk rock 101 courses over the years since my first introduction to the, shall we say, ethics involved with independence and embracement of your community, has proven to be very true. I haven’t felt the excitement of listening to, as well as creating music, along with really writing something, for too many years now. I feel guilty beyond words about these things – for example, when we’re backstage and the lights go out and the roar of the crowd begins, it doesn’t affect me the way in which it did for Freddie Mercury, who seemed to love and relish the love and adoration of the crowd.”
Well, Kurt, so fucking what — then don’t be a rockstar you asshole.

”Which is something I totally admire and envy. The fact, I can’t fool you, any one of you, it simply isn’t fair to you or to me. The worst crime I could think of would be to put people off by faking it, pretending as if I’m having 100% fun“
No Kurt, the worst crime I can think of is for you to just continue being a rock star when you fucking hate it, just fucking stop.

”Sometimes I feel as I should have a punch-in time-clock before I walk out on stage. I’ve tried everything within my power to appreciate it, and I do, God believe me, I do. But it’s not enough. I appreciate the fact that I and we have affected and entertained a lot of people. I must be one of those narcissists who only appreciate things when they’re alone. I’m too sensitive. Oh, I need to be slightly numb in order to regain the enthusiasm I once had as a child. On our last three tours I’ve had a much better appreciation of all the people I’ve known personally, and of fans of our music. But I still can’t get out the frustration, the guilt and the empathy I have for everybody. There’s good in all of us and I simply love people too much.”
So why didn’t you just fucking stay?

”So much that it makes me feel too fucking sad. Sad little sensitive unappreciative Pisces, Jesus, Man…”

Oh shut up, bastard. Why didn’t you just enjoy it? I don’t know. Then he goes on to say personal things to me that are none of your damn business; personal things to Frances that are none of your damn business.

”I had a good marriage, and for that I’m grateful. But since the age of seven, I’ve become hateful toward all humans in general. Only because it seems so easy for people to get along and have empathy.“


”Only because I love and feel for people too much I guess. Thank you all from the pit of my burning nauseous stomach for your letters and concern during the last years. I’m too much of an erratic, moody person and I don’t have the passion anymore. So remember…
“ And don’t remember this, cause this is a fucking lie!

”It’s better to burn out than to fade away“

God! You asshole.

”Peace, Love, Empathy. Kurt Cobain.“

And then there are some more personal things that is none of your damn business. And just remember: this is all bullshit. But I want you to know one thing: that 80’s tough luck bullshit, it doesn’t work. It’s not real. It doesn’t work. I should have let him – we all should have let him – have his numbness. We should have let him have the thing that made him feel better, that made his stomach feel better. We should have let him have it, instead of trying to strip away his skin.
You go home and you tell your parents, “Don’t you ever try that tough love bullshit on me, ‘cuz it doesn’t fucking work.” That’s what I think.

And I’m laying in our bed, and I’m really sorry. And I feel the same way you do. I’m really sorry you guys. I don’t know what I could have done. I wish I’d been here. I wish I hadn’t listened to other people, but I did.
Every night I’ve been sleeping with his mother, and I wake up in the morning and think it’s him because his body’s sort of the same.
And I have to go now. Just tell him he’s a fucker, OK? Just say “fucker.” “You’re a fucker.” And that you love him.

A list of all the boys I’ve kissed:

1. It was October and my hands felt a little empty until I found yours. 
2. We both had a little too much to drink. It didn’t mean anything.
3. I did it out of spite. I knew that if I kissed you- something in him would break. I’m sorry.
4. For the record,  you kissed me. 
5. Thank you for singing Ed Sheeran songs with me in your car and even more for holding my hand. For kissing me with music playing in the background. I’ll always remember those songs.
6. I needed a friend and you ran all the way from your house to see me. I just needed someone who listened but you gave me so much more.
7. You tasted like stale cigarettes.
8. I knew about her and I still kissed you back anyways because it didn’t mean anything, did it? You love her and I love him. 
9. Thank you for loving me as best as you could. 
10. You sat there in silence and listened. I couldn’t help it. 
11. I loved you but I wasn’t the only one. 
12. You were drunk and you were lonely. I was too. 
13. I gave you my silver ring with the word love engraved on the outside. It’s been two years since then and you’re father to a beautiful boy. Be good to him. 
14. Damn are you fucked up. You never mentioned you were having a daughter.
15. You loved me. You were good to me and I’m sorry that I couldn’t be what you needed me to be. 
16. I made a mistake. You did too.
17. We’re not bestfriends anymore.
18. I guess I miss you but not enough to go back to you. I know you miss me too. 
19. You drove 2 hours to see me for 5 minutes. Next time though, remember that I hate roses.
20. You were sad and I was there when she wasn’t. We’re still bestfriends.
21. It was December and he was gone. 
22. You took me by my wrist and left bruises. That wasn’t love. 
23. I never saw you again. 24. I’m never going to see you again. 25. Two years later and I can still feel the ache of loving you. Please come home.

—  A list of all the boys I’ve kissed // thewordsyouneverunderstood

Imagine being told that the universe is full of light.
Once you open your eyes, the light will guide you and comfort you in your darkest moments.
Now, imagine realizing that the light exists, but that you’re blind, you’ve always been blind, and you’re never going to see anything.

» Theron Shan, The Lost Suns


I want you to listen carefully to what I’m about to say. This isn’t the first time I’ve saved you from danger, is it ? If I’m right, this world is trying to kill you. From now through August 25th, or August 26th at 12 am, I think many disasters will come upon you. You don’t have to believe me, but I want you to listen to my warning. I want you to live.

the signs as quotes from "the room"
  • Aries:Hahaha what a story Mark.
  • Taurus:I got the results of the test back. I definitely have breast cancer
  • Gemini:Anyway, how's your sex life?
  • Cancer:Don't worry about it.
  • Leo:How many people come in and out of this apartment every day?
  • Virgo:The candles, the music, the sexy dress - I mean, what's going on here?
  • Libra:Peter, you always play psychologist with us.
  • Scorpio:If a lot of people loved each other, the world would be a better place to live.
  • Sagittarius:You don't have me! You'll never have me!
  • Capricorn:Hi doggie.
  • Aquarius:I just like to watch you guys.
Pynch headcanons

I just realised I have never made this post and was so shocked?? also I love to die

  • So both of them probably have scars, Ronan on his wrist and Adam probably has some somewhere so they are always constantly kissing and touching each others scars and its so reassuring to both of them like “I know you’re not perfect but I love you anyway and I love you even more because that”
  • One year for his birthday Ronan gives Adam one of his leather bands 
  • they are the touchiest couple, in general, they are always holding hands under tables and resting their heads in each others laps and generally being cute af, bc they both absolutely crave physical contact and need to know that the other is real and with them 
  • the mixtapes become a thing between them because they mean a lot but don’t cost a lot, so they are always exchanging them, one time Ronan got really drunk and dreamed one up and it had the world’s sappiest songs ever on it (including hits from Celine Dion and lionel Richie)
  • After they get together Ronan stops calling Adam ‘Parrish’ completely because he only did that to distance himself and now he doesn’t have to so he absolutely adores the feeling of Adam’s name on his lips
  • Ronan comes to pick Adam up after late shifts and Adam is so ridiculously incredibly exhausted that he falls asleep in the car so Ronan carries him up to his apartment and its really cute
  • They make the biggest deal out of every single holiday and birthday, once adam said he hadnt had a proper christmas so blue and ronan teamed up because no one loves christmas more than them and they decorate his apartment while he’s out so he comes back to all of the gang there with presents and cookies and hot chocolate and trees and mistletoe so they have their own little christmas 
  • they have tickle wars all the time, they are just kissing then one of them starts laughing and sparks a twenty minute tickle war and pillow fight
  • When Adam can’t sleep ronan wakes up and strokes his hair while singing old irish lulabies that his mum used to sing to him
  • when ronan cant sleep adam reads him bits from his favourite books, mostly harry potter and he traces his tattoo
  • Ronan keeps ‘making’ adam fo stupid stuff like riding trolleys down hills just because he likes to see how carefree and childish he can be
  • Blue and Gansey and Noah have a legitimate party when they find out that their ship has sailed, they bake them a cake and everything and its all super embarassing
  • Gansey has “father’ talks with both of them and warns them not to hurt each other and tells them to ‘be safe’
  • Blue just tells them shes super incredibly happy for them and she didnt need to be psychic to know they were in love and eberyone is super teary and there are a lot of group hugs 
  • double blusey and pynch dates are the coolest things ever, its just them doing normal stuff but with more kissing and ‘i love you’ s
  • generally adam parrish and ronan lynch being super happy together
Why do guys on tumblr act like they fuck with chubby girls but in real life y'all be playing?

Then will get mad if you curve them for being a fuck nigga. Guys acts as though chubby females don’t have the right to have standards. Like just because we’re fat or whatever we can’t have a preference. Then when they find out you do they hit you with the “you fat anyway.” Nigga I was fat before you approached😒😒😒😒. Most of the guys on here will say anything for aesthetic. Y'all ain’t fucking with us chubby girls like that. Idk why tho. We be the realest ones. Like bruh what’s not to love. We keep you warm. You can alway use the booty as a pillow. I mean come on. Look what you’re missing out on

Sebastian Stan in any given interview
  • Seb:*Talks very thoughtfully and passionately about the movie or project he's working on*
  • Seb:*shows appreciation for his fans*
  • Seb:*May also mention his love for space and space related things*
  • Seb:Anyway let's talk about Anthony Mackie
  • Seb:I mean this has nothing to do with him but I miss him lots and I thought you all should know he's great

Happy belated Christmas/New Year, sylphee!  I always loved your Reading Karkats so I thought I’d draw you a Reading Signless in a great big sweater with a mug of something hot and a good book.  

I love you

I love you. It really is that simple. I don’t want to kiss you, marry you, or have sex with you, but I love you.

You see, friendship is love too.

And really and truly I do love you. I will love you until the day you stop being there when I need you. Until the day you stop needing me too. Until the day where you stop hugging me so tightly it feels like your fitting the broken pieces of my soul together.

I love you with so much of my heart that sometimes I don’t have enough love to give myself, but you do that for me anyway. You don’t have to but you do, you always have and something tells me that you always will. Just as I will always do the same to you because,

I love you. Love does not mean romance, not here. Here it means honesty, and hugs, and watching super hero movies in our pyjamas and talking about the people we want to kiss with wide grins and joyous laughter.

I love you because you make my day brighter. Your smile, your laughter, your jokes they all make my mornings bearable and my afternoons wonderful. They help me survive through the night. Even your anger and tears make me love you more because we are only human and its okay to feel things. You remind that it’s okay to feel things. I may still be learning that, but you sure are a determined teacher.

I love you. The simplicity of the phrase the simplicity of our love is what makes it so special, so dear to my heart because although I am not in love with you,

I love you. It really is that simple.

—  D Just a little something on the importance of platonic love
If you leave just remember that
I’m right here and maybe you’ll
come back to me and maybe we
will revisit old memories that play
on loop in my brain because you
never left it despite how fleeting
you can be. And I will tell you that
I love you still and that you made
me, me. And if I was an artist I
would need to paint across the
sky because no canvas can contain
the beauty of who you are and
what you mean to me. I’m okay
with being alone and I’m okay here
but you were the only one that
made me feel at home. So if you
leave I’ll always wish that you
stayed and I’ll bite my tongue until
I taste the iron in my mouth because
if you’re happy then I shouldn’t
have anything to say anyway.
—  z.s. // you would be my most favorite memory

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Wow wait a second...

Isn’t the opening just Yuu talking about Mika?? or vice verse it works either way

I mean

I would come and get you. Always ready to fight”

Don’t take all the blame. We are as bad”

“We will overcome-Your salvation has begun

“I will be there hold on” “So where are you now?”

I will reach you-my darling”

Is a full dedication  and this are just some of the lyrics. How did I miss this!?