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i'm really sorry but can i ask you something about your drawings?? i mean... how do you make those blurry edges? they look VERY pretty and i'd like to learn how to make them.. i watched a video where you draw but didn't see you working on that... you don't need to answer if you don't want to but i really love your drawings and i'd love to know more about it!! thanks a bunch!

Ask away anon-chan, I love helpin’ people out when it comes to art stuff!

Anyways, I assume you’re talking about these edges here?

That too is thanks to that Photoscape program I’m always talking about!

I’ll put this info under a readmore since this post got real long thanks to the screenies (sorry mobile users…)

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i’m kinda curious what you guys think about me being a mum tbh. 

Prompt project

This one is a gift to my editor ( @randomly-awkward-thoughts ) Who still thinks im a flaming whore for writing that sad fic with the song

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Reader 

Written by: @dean1winchester1dreams1of1pie

Edited by my shiny new temp editor: @sleep-silent-angel

Words: Over 900

Warnings: Uhhh I mean it’s a little painful but psh you’ll be fine

Summary: …I just, okay do we really have to do these. WE KNOW I SUCK AT THEM

Prompt: “Excuse me for falling in love with you”

And away we go…


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“I can’t believe you! I asked you not to come and you did anyway.”

“Sam you can’t expect me to always sit on the sidelines! I’m a hunter too! I worked my ass off to get as good as I am and I’m not letting myself get soft just because you don’t want me to hunt.”

“What?! So I’m just supposed to be okay with you going out everyday and putting your life on the line?”

“You do the same thing! What, is it because I’m a girl? Is it because I’m smaller than you?”

“Y\N you know it’s not because you’re a girl. It’s neither of those reasons.”

“So let me fucking hunt! We’re used to getting knocked around and thrown all over the place! Let me do what I’m good at!”

“I’m not letting you hunt anymore Y\N, that’s the end of the conversation.” Sam turned and grabbed his coat. “I’m going to go get dinner.”

You ran forward and shoved him.


He stumbled forward but caught himself. He turned back around and grabbed your wrists, slamming you into the wall.

“Say it to my face.” He growled and you fought to get your wrists away.

“I hate you Sam Winchester!” You spat, “I hate you for not letting me do my job and acting like I’m some princess. I can handle myself, what the hell has gotten into you?”

Sam let go of your wrists and grabbed the keys to the Impala.

“Excuse me for falling in love with you.”

He walked out, slamming the door. The room shook and you sunk to the floor, taking in the words he had just said to you. You ran your hand through your hair, curling up against the wall. It hadn’t been the first time you’d had this fight. He’d just never said that was the reason.

“Y\N?” Dean came into the small room and crouched down next to you “You okay?”

“Did you know how he felt?” You looked up to him, tears streaming down your face. He got up and grabbed a tissue box from the nightstand and handed it to you.

“I had my suspicions,” he confirmed, and you grabbed a tissue, wiping your eyes. Not that it did anything to help you.

“How did I never see it?” You whimpered and he groaned, sitting next to you and handing you another tissue.

“Because you were too busy fighting him to see that all he wanted was to know you were somewhere safe. You should have seen his face when we found you on the ground all bloodied up. He freaked.”

You took the tissue and he threw the box across the room, “I shouldn’t have said I hated him.”

“No you shouldn’t have. He’s probably kicking himself in the teeth for saying he loved you.”

“Dean?” You wiped your eyes, standing up and taking off your shirt. “I - I think you’re going to need to get your own room tonight.” You took a shirt from Sam’s bag and pulled it over your head.

“I’m going to make this right no matter what, and I wouldn’t be okay with keeping you up all night with our fighting.”

You took off your pants and grabbed your brush, pulling it from the bun you had it in, You ran it through your hair, being careful around the tangles.

“Yeah,” He grabbed his wallet from the table and scoffed. “Because you look like you’re getting ready to fight.”

“Dean?” You said again, this time walking towards him and hugging him as tightly as you could. “Thanks for the chick flick moment.”

He rolled his eyes and hugged you back, “We never speak of this.”

You saluted him and he left the room to get his own for the night. You turned and went back to your bag, pulling out a bag of makeup you used for undercover work. You put on light mascara and lipgloss and tossed the bag back into your duffel.

“Y\N we need to-” Sam came into the room with food for the three of you and your favorite milkshake. You got up from the chair you’d been sitting in and sauntered over to him. He raised an eyebrow and slowly put the things in the mini fridge, keeping an eye on you. When he got done putting the stuff away you kicked the door shut with you heel and grabbed his shirt, bringing him to your level.

“What’s all this?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I - I owe you an apology… A huge one… And I don’t know how to make it up to you. I thought, hey, why don’t I be sexy. But these heels are totally killing me.”

Sam, laughed and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he carried you to one of the beds.

“I know something that might help make it up to me.” He kissed your neck, biting down, causing you to moan softly. “Be mine? Let me take care of you, Y\N. I know we can’t get out of this life, but maybe we can be miserable in this life together.” He laid you on the bed and pulled off his shirt.

“On one condition.” You watched him as he kissed his way up your legs, laying his body on yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his nose.

“Anything, Y\N.”

“Let me be an adult and make my own decisions. If I decide to go on a hunt, let  me.”

Sam kissed your neck again, sucking on the spot he’d bitten.

“I promise to let you be your own person. I love you, but I can’t always make your choices in life.”

“Sam Winchester, you’ve got yourself a girlfriend.”

♡ thank you for 30,000 ♡

i reached 30,000 followers on this blog earlier and i just want to say thank you so very much! it really does mean a lot to me that so many of you like my blog. this blog has always been here for me and you guys have too, and it’s something that i really do appreciate. thank you for the lovely messages i often get and even for interacting with me at all, you guys don’t know how much it means to me. there are somehow 30,000 of you and although i might not really understand why are how, i will work hard to deserve all of you. 

i know that you all follow this blog for the taehyung content, but it means a lot to me that you also put up with my personal posts (especially when they’re not always the most positive) and you never fail to try and cheer me up! i’ve had this blog for years and it’s always been a place where i could come to vent and feel like at least someone is reading it and maybe cares about me, if even just a little. you guys are always super sweet and quick to try and make sure i’m okay and defend me when i get nasty messages and really i don’t know what i would do without all of you. 

so from the bottom of my heart, i just want to say thank you! let’s continue to love taehyung and bangtan together, and thanks for always sticking around!!

although, ugh, annoying - my best friend (who i know i complain about all the time like i love her but i stg i don’t even like her sometimes. which sounds so bad but.) listened to be go on about how terrible that girl i don’t like is and how i wish i could/might go sit with two guy friends and then goes “so you like hanging out with guys better than girls?” and i’m like?? it has nothing to do with gender, that girl is just so so so annoying.

good news though, i just got $30 from work ‘cause we won a writing contest so that’s cool. c o f f e e t i m e

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So I've been following you for awhile now & think that all your thoughts & ideas are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for this blog! But anyway, I know it's pretty much fanon that Aro "#hearteyes" Carlisle, but do you really think that Aro loves Carlisle? Or is it more like Carlisle's "the one that got away" and got out of the Volturi and now has his own family, etc and isn't fawning over Aro? I've always gotten the sense that Aro was more asexual than anything else.

The short answer is that I really do think there is some sort of profound attachment on Aro’s part that Carlisle doesn’t seem to share. I mean Carlisle makes a point of going to track down Alistair once every hundred years to make sure he’s still okay, but he hasn’t gone back to Volterra or apparently contacted Aro since he left in the 1720s? Dude, Aro, he’s just not that into you. But I’m not totally sure what the *nature* of that attachment is. 

I will say this: I think it’s significant that A) Carlisle doesn’t have a superpower and yet Aro is all about him and B) the series’ two mind-readers (Aro and Edward) BOTH think Carlisle is like, totally awesome. Both of them have seen the inner workings of his mind, and both think he’s just the best. So what you see is what you get with Carlisle, the actions/words match the inner thoughts. 

I do sort of agree with you that I don’t necessarily think it’s sexual, or at least not physical. I think Aro is so far on some other plane of existence after 1000s of years of reading and absorbing other people’s thoughts and memories that he’s more turned on by thoughts than anything physical. He doesn’t want access to Carlisle’s pants so much as to Carlisle’s brain. I also think that fact that Aro surrounds himself with Yes Men (and Women) but some (most?) are fake (only so loyal because Chelsea/Corin) made him really impressed with Carlisle, this abandoned-by-his-creator, superpower-less nobody, who showed up in Volterra and (politely!) argued with him about the vampire diet. Everyone else falls all over themselves to please Master Aro and Carlisle was like, “but have you considered animal blood?” and stood his ground when everyone else laughed in his face. 

It’s pointed out in Breaking Dawn that Aro, in addition to loving flashy and useful gifts, he also loves anything new and unique. Carlisle is new and unique. There’s no one else quite like him in the vampire world. I’m sure there have been others who have attempted the animal blood thing–and Tanya and her sisters discovered it and adopted it successfully, too, but only after centuries of living on human blood–but Carlisle is the only one who from the very start of his vampire life was just like NOPE! and refused to kill and succeeded by sheer force of will. There are some Cullens who have never killed for blood–Rosalie and Bella and Renesmee (so far), but they were taught that.  No one taught Carlisle. Not only that, he’s also the only one actively helping humans day in and day out by being a doctor. And while Aro doesn’t really see the point in that, it DOES make Carlisle incredibly unique and “new.” Aro’s intrigued and impressed and a little in love with it all. 

Blue Sky and Mochi - Park Jinyoung (Junior)


Genre: Fluff(?), Humour 
Pairing:  reader X Park Jinyoung
Words: 3578 (I got carried away)
anyway, here’s the flower shop AU my friends :) 


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where do you stand on the Justin/hailey/Sofia situation?

I have literally been waiting for somebody to ask me this question!!! I’ve always thought Justin was a fuckboy. He jumped from one girl to another, and shit, he is not just “hanging out” with them girls, you know what I mean? He does not respect women, and that’s so fucking sad. Sofia and Justin are not dating in my opinion. Justin LOVES drama, he lives for drama. Some people are addicted to weed, he’s addicted to drama. However, just a couple of days ago, he was hanging out NAKED with 6 models. (I’m sorry but I do not hang out with my male friends naked???!!!??), anyways, a few days later he started “dating” Sofia. IF they really dated, Sofia must be a girl who doesn’t love herself because NOT one single girl, who loves herself effing much, would date a dude who walks around naked with “friends” a couple of days ago. Like, it’s obvious that fuckboy will not value you. 

All in all, Sofia and Justin are a joke to me. I can’t even take Justin serious anymore. Before his album came out, he played this victim of a broken hearted dude, who can’t get over his ex, but LOL fuck that bullshit. He is a real fuckboy. I’ve seen these type of dudes in rl and girls, love your damn selves and move the fuck on. These guys are toxic, they’ll rob all ur positivy and make u feel wortheless. find somebody who will fucking value you. 

Speechless- James x Reader

request: Well, I always read one shots about chubby readers or curvy ones. Most of the time, they’re sassy and confident.
But…I’m not like this. And my little heart is wandering if you could write a James’ one where the reader is mute (never read any) and is insecure about James, ya know? Like, he could have any woman, but instead, he is with her.
Then, he finds out about this insecurities of hers and just tells her how much he loves her, how much she means to him…anyways: all fluffy. from lesapphire

a/n: i just thought that i had to do this, because it is something you don’t see a lot, i really hope that this is everything you want also when i write in italics it means that the reader is using sign language 

warning: in a flashback there is mention to sexual abuse, do not read if this will trigger you


You comb through your curled hair for the hundredth time.  Nervousness dances in your stomach and you drum your freshly done nails against the ceramic sink.  The little tinging noises fill your ears in place of the voice you don’t have.  Waiting for your boyfriend, James, to show up you would have been chattering to yourself nervously, or think you would be.  You are mute, which throws a wrench in the whole nervous talking thing.

There are three short raps at the door and you shakily jump to your feet and pad over to open it.  “Dearest!”  He greets you clapping his strong hands together in pleasure.  You use sign language and tell him Nice to see you.  He smiles and takes one of your slender hands in his large rough one, and raises it gracefully to his lips.  When he places a kiss on it you can feel his mustache tickle your skin.  It is still astonishing to you that he worked so hard to pick up sign language to understand you.  He is such an amazing man.

James leads you through the brilliant halls of his hotel palace and you take in his ensemble.  He is wearing a striking suit, sleek with crisp folds.  He seems to radiate a kind of energy, people are just drawn to him.  You feel dull compared to him.  Even in the lavish deep blue gown that hugs onto your hips and chest and pools around your ankles, you feel like a shade of gray.

“My love,”  James gestures grandiosely as he sweeps a beautifully detailed door open for you.  You nod at him graciously, thank you, and step into the exquisite room before you.  You are met with what has to be hundreds of glittering candles leading to a beautifully set table and they form a semi circle all around it.  As you head toward the table you suddenly feel extremely self-conscious, almost naked.  You can feel his eyes like they are burning a hole in the back of your neck.  James sweeps ahead of you and pulls the chair out for you, you are the perfect gentleman.  James smiles in response and assumes his seat in the chair opposite you.

“Well isn’t this a sight?  Such an exquisite woman, sitting across from me.”  James smiles with his entire face as he looks at you, even his eyes are smiling.  This image, though it is everything you want, only makes you feel worse.  You can’t possibly understand why this incredible man would pick you.  You are mute, and quite reserved, why wouldn’t he pick a gorgeous pinup with a singing chime voice.

The uncomfortable thoughts shot you back to a darker time.  Your stepfather woke you as he cracked your door open.  “Shhhh, you’re mine”  He would run his hands all over you, and you couldn’t do anything.  You would lay there gripped with icy fear, wishing, bargaining anything to be able to cry out, to scream.  He taught you that you meant nothing, and you believed it.

James clears his throat, “Dearest?  Are you alright?  Is this not what you wanted?”  He looks very concerned and you feel guilty for making him feel bad.  No, no it’s not that.  You reassure him.  Unwanted tears fill your eyes, and you have to look away from him.

“What is the matter?  Tell me now, so I can fix it!!”  James shouts, slamming a fist on the table in frustration causing the silverware to clatter.  You hate being speechless right now, people can lie with their words, you can’t lie with your emotions.  You finally decide you may as well tell him.

I don’t understand why you are with me.  You could have so many beautiful women and you choose a boring mute?  I’m not special and I don’t deserve you.  Your hands shake more and more as you express your deepest fears to him.  James’ face registers anger and then pain.  You reach for the champagne and down it, and then take his but he grabs your arm.

“What are you doing?”  He looks angry and confused.  Sometimes, to stay alive, you gotta kill your mind.  You sign simply.  He seem to understand immediately that you mean that when the emotions feel like they will drown you, you drown them in alcohol.  “Don’t you dare!  Do not poison your body!”

James shakes with anger, and runs his fingers through his gelled hair in desperate hope of calming himself, “Don’t you ever imply that you are not enough for me.  You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.  You are beautiful and intelligent and the most interesting woman I have ever spoken with.  I consider myself the luckiest man in the entire world, so don’t you ever tell me that you are not enough!”

 You cry and lean to the side of your chair.  James is kneeling by your side in a moment.  He places one hand over your own, which are trembling with emotion in your lap.  The other hand cups your face lovingly, and you nuzzle into it.  James stares you in the eyes intensely, you couldn’t look away if you wanted to.  “I love you, you are my world dearest,”  Then he kisses you roughly, lips warm and the tears running down your cheeks turn the kiss salty.  He loves you, he really does..

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I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a few shoujo manga that consists of two childhood friends (and not one where the childhood friend is the third wheel in the end cuz I always root for them then get hit with feels) thank you! (I really love your profile!)

Yes, I do have a few that I know! :) And I know what you mean! There are a few shoujo manga with love triangles and the childhood friend is always the third-wheel and is the one I’m rooting for. :( *cough* Chihayafuru *cough* Honestly though, I don’t know who Chihaya’s going to end up with at this rate.
And then there’s also an exceptional few in which I end up rooting for the second guy rather than the childhood friend. xD

But anyways, back to the request, here are some manga series that I can recommend to you:

Ok so...

I guess i’ve been chosen all my otps wrong, i mean if my otp has real development, an amazing conection, a lot of significative moments in the manga, etc…well aparently that doesn’t mean a shit if there’s a side character that is in love with the main character and don’t have any of that things.

So that’s it! that’s all you need! 

And no, i’m not going to compare Orihime with Hinata cuz even if i’m NS i know that Hinata is much better that Orihime.

Well i guess i don’t have to bother myself anymore, i already know what will be the end game in One Piece, Luhan!!! congratz guys, in Fairy Tail NaLi??? maybe…

Anyway obviously i’ll be always Ichiruki, say whatever you want you know in the bottom of your heart that my otp has everything that you otp don’t…

I’m not sad i’m not even mad, i’m just so disappointed…

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(Part 1)Hello! So firstly, I'm gonna be honest and say I still have never really read the bible. Just a few things here and there. I tried to read it a while ago and only made it through a bit of the old testament and honestly stopped at that point because it kinda scared me because it seemed like God was a really kind of judgmental, strict and mean guy.. Maybe I just haven't read enough to understand it or something idk lol. Anyway, I've noticed that although the majority of christians and

(Part 2) the church have always preached and taught about Gods love. And I know there are some examples and passages in the bible that explain that. But a lot of other christians also teach that God loves you so much, but he’s also judgmental and all and that’s part of the reason we are always taught to repent and ask for forgiveness and all that. And that he can be an angry god too? (That’s usually one of the things I’ve heard some people say as a reasoning to tell you to try and not be gay)

(part 3) So I guess what I’m getting at here is, how do I know which type of personality God is?? I mean, on one hand I’m being taught, “God loves you no matter what and your feelings are absolutely valid and affirming!” and on the other I’ve been taught, “Oh yes, God does love you no matter what, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be okay with certain things and he will judge you on judgment day” and that whole thing.. so which one is it?

Hi there! Sorry for the delay in answering, but as you can see, I’ve got a long answer for you, so it took a while to write out!

You are bringing fabulous questions to the table – ones that most of us have wondered, especially after flipping open the Bible and stumbling across one passage or another where God seems…pretty horrifying, really. Is God a sweet old grandparent who adores us no matter what we do, like some Christians seem to say? or is God vindictive, angry, ready to strike out and punish us when we don’t follow God’s rules to the letter?

The answer is: neither portrayal of God is accurate. Honestly, no portrayal of God painted in such absolutes is going to be correct – God is beyond human imagining, and so trying to pin God down so categorically is a little bit silly. Think about it, we humans are too complex to squeeze into clearly defined boxes – why should it be any easier to label the Divine Themself?

The rest is under the readmore – and at the very end, there’s a TL;DR.

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I love you anyways (Lin x ace!Reader)

Anon: imagine telling Lin you’re ace and him asking more about it

BEFORE YOU READ: I’m very new to Tumblr which means I’m also new to sexualities and sexual orientation. If I do mess up on things, call me out on it and I will fix it as soon as possible. I want to make this blog a safe space, where anyone is free to be who they are! My dm’s are always open for you to explain things to me if I ask. I want to be able to write all these imagines for you because this blog is LGBT+, disabled, POC friendly! I hope you all can understand this and continue to work with me as I learn more about this :D.

You were proud of who you were, of course you were, but telling your best friend Lin was difficult. Sure, on the outside he was accepting and he even dedicated part of his speech during the Tony’s to the LGBT community, and you adored his quote about love and how ‘Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside.’ But it was still scary.

You paced around for a bit in the living room, deciding the best way to phrase what you were about to say, how Lin might react. He defiantly noticed you were worried though, as he came and sat on the couch, eating ice-cream in silence – you could think better in silence.

He just sat there, spooning giant mouth full’s of ice-cream and looking up at you with chipmunk cheeks every now and then, occasionally tapping the spoon against his teeth as if to say “Uhm, hello, I’m here.”

“Shut up.” You said, placing your head in your hands and sitting on the couch next to him.

“I didn’t say anything-“Lin said in his defence.

“You were thinking.”

Lin laughed as he set the bowl down, putting an arm on the couch and turning to you, a concerned look in his eye, he rested a hand on your knee and then said in a very quiet voice, “What’s up?”

“Lin,” You looked back at him and all of your nerves began to swell up, “J-Just before I start, this isn’t anything to do with us, i-it’s just who I am and I wanted to tell you, because I just learnt this is who I am. O-Okay?”

“Yes, yes of course.” Lin’s voice was quiet and he truly meant it, he realised this was serious.

“I’m ace.”

“I know that. You’re awesome.”

“No, I’m asexual.”

Lin sat back, doing the verbal movement of ‘Oh,’ you watched his brain move, you could see all of the cogs moving around, thinking. It was a good few minutes before Lin said anything.

“What are you thinking?” You asked tentatively.

“I need to write a musical about this.” Lin said back, in shock.


“No, I’m joking, I-I make jokes out of situations I-“

“Oh, you hate me, don’t you.” You put your head in your hands and began to panic.

“No, oh God no, I could never hate you. This is who you are and I’m so proud of you, and happy for you, Y/N, look at me.” Lin pulled your hands away from your face and sat you up straight, “This is who you are. And you’ll still be my amazing, funny, adorable best friend, okay?”

You looked at Lin in utter disbelief. He supported you, of course he did.

“’M just curious.” He said quietly, opening a new conversation.

You crossed your legs and sat facing him, grabbing the ice-cream bowl which had, conveniently, two spoons.

“Okay, what do you want to know?” You asked, taking a bite. Man, it was cold.

“Can you be asexual and still find someone attractive?”

“Yes. I find them appealing doesn’t mean I want to jump their bones.”

“But you’ve been “aroused” before?” Lin using air-quotations was officially the goofiest thing this week.

“It’s a basic bodily function; you can’t stop getting turned on, just like you can’t stop peeing or eating.”

“Chicken is good though,” Lin going off subject there, “Wait, so you don’t feel sexual, like you don’t feel sexual attraction.”

“No, I don’t want sex. Asexuality is about attraction, not action. Think of it like this; it’s how you feel, not what you do.”

“Do you think you’ll ever have sex?”

“That’s something for me to decide, everyone is different and one day, I’ll make that decision.”

“Okay, but I’m totally 100% okay with this, okay?”

“Okay.” Geez, how many times did I write ‘okay’ then? I feel like I’m in a TFIOS fan-fiction!

But what mattered is Lin accepted you. Lin was your best friend and he accepted you, and he stood by what he said. That love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside.

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This week is gonna feel so long without a single sight of Kageyama. :( oh, just realised you're into OiKage too! <3 I dig their relationship; it's an intriguing one. And an understatement at that. I feel like they bring out the worst AND best in each other? Their constant want and need to defeat each other adds a dimension of dissonance to their seemingly civil relationship as senpai-kouhai. Can't wait to see where Furudate-sensei goes with their relationship.

I’m sorry, I somehow always take forever to reply to asks -.-

Anyways, I know that we’ll only see Kageyama in one single panel today which makes me sad once again. I mean, at least we see him but I also want to see his development! Hopefully there’ll be more of him next week..

Also, yes for OiKage! 😍 Their relationship is just so incredibly complex and fascinating, I will probably spend the rest of my life loving them. And what you said totally reminded me of this quote:

“Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you’d follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix.” - Karen Marie Moning, Shadowfever

They really bring out the most in each other and seriously, even in canon they are so low-key obsessed with each other, always stealing glances and bringing each other up in conversations and thinking about each other. Ah well, you see, I could talk about my OTP forever. 😆

And it’d be really great if we could see them interact in canon at least once more but unfortunately I doubt that it’ll happen. 😭

To those reading this, you matter and I love you. You are so beautiful and I want you to know how important you are even if it means staying up past three in the morning talking because you need to know that even if everyone else fails you, I’ll always have your back.

anonymous asked:

so I have a feeling reylo wont be canon, and I know you do too. but I do think it will be/is canon that kylo ren is in love with rey. I don't think rey will love him back, or if she loves him back she will resist it so they don't end up together, but I think it's without a doubt that kylo ren loves her. right? antis shouldn't even have a problem with that but I'm sure they will anyway "having an evul monster love rey is uh sexist or something!!!"

Yeah I agree with you on this, I’m fairly certain Reylo will end up being unrequited love on Kylo’s part. I mean he’s pretty much already there while Rey still hates him. But if Kylo does decide to redeem himself because of his love for Rey, that will still make for a very beautiful story. (You’re also right about the antis – they will always find something to nitpick.)


I started to watch/read seikon no qwaser.
Its great anime/manga realy and I realy love it and I started to ship sasha and mafuyu.
But lately I'v been thinking …dont you think that Sasha and Mafuyu realy similar to Toshiro and Momo?, or its just me?.
I mean Sasha and Toshiro have the same eyes color and the same hair color.
They also small and they have the same personality beacuse they always want to protect the pepole they love.
Mafuyu and Momo is a little bit different.you know the hair color and the eyes color.
But they similar a little bit , except that Mafuyu more energetic then Momo.
But you got my point!😂.
Anyway that all.
Oh…and go to watch /read seikon no qwaser.
(I’m just saying there a lot of bobs.)

The JB Phase

I’m here to say that I may/may not be going through the JB phase

From what I’ve read, it’s a phase that signifies the time period in which Im Jaebum will wreck whomever your bias is. 

Below are some common examples in which a person will find themselves doing/feeling when undergoing this phase:

While fangirling

  • His eye smiles goes straight to your heart
  • His extra af smirks attacks you so you’ll feel so offended
  • His weird af gags will make you cringe but you still love him anyways
  • Finding yourself saving pictures of his back (like this)
  • Sudden realisation at how attractive he is (i mean he’s always attractive but suddenly he becomes 10000x more)

While watching GOT7 videos

  • Trying to focus on your bias but failing sometimes
  • Unconsciously darting your eyes to JB on fancams

To conclude, if these things happened to you, then JB is wrecking you.

And you can never escape it.

p.s. feel free to add to this list cuz these are just my own thoughts

So much salt

I think it would have been more cliche to have Ichigo marry Rukia. I always saw them more as friends anyway. You can have strong feelings for your friends.
“He doesn’t love Orihime!”
- umm there’s a huge time skip and you have no idea what developed between them in that time span. Sure, she loved him first. But he’s a boy and boys aren’t as emotionally mature as girls for the most part. He may have developed real feelings for her along the way.
So yeah, get a life and just accept the ending. It doesn’t mean you can’t keep liking your ship. But don’t project your feelings on others.

I will always be in love with the simple things..
Like nature, and children, and friends with warm palms, and people who let you rest your head on their shoulders when you are slightly restless from the day before, and slowly worrying about the day ahead…
I live for, people who take care of you, and take care of each other.
I think that that is why we are all here, as humans…
To take care of one another, and to help one another grow.
We will always have arguments, misinterpret things, rub each other up the wrong way, but the most important thing is honesty, and the most important feeling, is forgiveness..
What it means to understand that we are all human, imperfect by nature, and love anyway…

I still love you, regardless of all of the things that you have done -
And this is the message that I sing to everyone; to everyone who has hurt me.. And in this instance, I am free….
Free and complete. ☘✨🍎


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