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Hi! I've been meaning to send you an ask for a while, but I couldn't get the wording down and I was a bit nervous... but I just wanted to thank you for everything you do for all of us. Reading your responses to anon asks is like putting headphones in after a long day because you're so nice and comforting and helpful. (Sorry if that's a weird analogy...) Anyway, um, thanks for being here for everyone!

welp, i cried. thank you for sending this ask. it means alot to me. sometimes i even wonder if anyone reads them. i worry that my words wont matter.

i care about you guys more than i can say. i love you so much.

this will always be a safe space for you.
my ask box is always open.

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Hey! I always check out the people who 'like' my posts and noticed your art tag. I fell in love with your line-work! Really cool! I am literally on day ONE of digital art and wondered if you have any general tips to help a newbie get started? (For example, my friend told me "if you're zoomed in, always have a second window open so you can see the whole image at the same time as zoomed.") Anyway, I'm going to try and tidy up my drawing tomorrow. See how it goes! Stay safe, R

Hey!! Thank you so much, that means a lot! Welcome to the world of infinite canvases! 

Your friend is right! having a second window open is an absolute life saver. Being able to zoom in with digital art is a blessing, but it’s also really easy to spend a bunch of time on one tiny section of a piece, and then zoom out to realize that wow, those lines have absolutely No Business being there. Here’s what my setup looks like:

I’m using Clip Studio Paint, but in photoshop I’m told this is called “dual view”? It’s super useful!

some fun tips:

  • watching speedpaints/videos on youtube of people doing digital art is really helpful, especially if they’re drawing in the same program as you! you can pick up a lot of process tips that way.
  • digital brushes can be super weird at first. working with brushes that look like the types of materials you usually like to work with traditionally can help make the transition between traditional art and digital art go more smoothly! Also, just generally try a ton of brushes. I’ve eventually figured out that I’m partial to thicker, rectangular brushes with a bit of texture to them. Explore!
  • ctrl+z (or, if you’re on a mac, cmd+z). undo your mistakes at the speed of light
  • big canvases!! drawing digitally generally means going without the texture of paper to help your lines feel steadier (especially if you’re working in photoshop, which doesn’t have a pen stabilizer), but working on a big canvas helps to make things look cleaner, and means you can zoom in super far without things getting pixelated! I tend to work at with a canvas that’s at least 2000px wide at 350 dpi, and then size it down for posting online.
  • layers!! my absolute favourite thing about digital art is the concept of layers! I usually make sure I have 2 or 3 blank layers on top of my background layer, so that I don’t accidentally draw on that. I tend to sketch, lower the opacity of that layer so it’s lighter, and then ink on another layer on top of that so my lines are clean! colouring and inking on different layers also means that if you don’t like the way you shaded something, or you suddenly want to go in a dew direction with what you’re drawing, you can just hide/delete that layer, and be left with the sketch or the line art.
  • save Very Frequently!!! There’s nothing worse than losing hours of work because your program crashed, and you forgot to save anything past the initial sketch. 
  • Don’t be afraid to mess around with settings to figure out what does what. I don’t think I have a single brush that hasn’t had the pen pressure settings changed etc. play the “what does this button do” game!
  • also, this is a personal preference, but if staring at a screen for hours tends to strain your eyes (or if you get headaches/have glasses or anything), making your program’s interface darker in settings and/or working on a grey canvas instead of white can really help save your eyes! 

I hope this helps a little!! Have fun, good luck, and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

You’re Not Dad

A/N: Not that anyone cares I’ve been hella busy and haven’t had time to literally write anything and I still really don’t, but I’m going to anyways bc I have some inspiration. Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated(:

Characters: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, overprotective Dean, mention of death, yelling, very close relationship b/w Dean and reader? let me know if I missed anything

Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl because I think she might be interested and I really love and look up to her as a writer. I hope you don’t mind.

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You loved your brothers more than anything in the world. I mean, you were practically raised by them. John was never around, your mom was just some quick fuck that John had on a hunt. As soon as demons got word that John Winchester knocked up some chick and he had another child, they came and killed your mother when you were only a few months old. Thankfully, your mom got John on the phone as they were trying to get in and he was in town so he saved you. Not your mom though. Dean had been 16 at the time, Sam was 12. You were by far the baby of the family and Sam and Dean made it their mission to protect you from everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything. You were never even supposed to have been born. But nevertheless, here you were seventeen years later, alive and kicking, living in the bunker with Sam and Dean, the two best brothers in the entire world.

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Because… Because it’s true. Because it’s true, Sherlock. It’s always been true.
- If it’s true, just say it anyway. -
You Bastard.
- Say it anyway. -
You say it. Go on. You say it first.
- What? -
Say it. Say it like you mean it.
- I… I love you. I love you. Molly. Molly, please. -
I love you.

When it’s over I just want to be able to look in the mirror and say, ‘Well, you were a half-decent player.’

LOVE is not a GAME

It’s been weeks and I’m just so struck by the fact that the whole theme of Sherlock throughout the years was…“The game is on!”. Sherlock using the distraction of his detective work as a substitute high, and honestly a way to keep himself at arms length from ‘humans’ and any emotional and/or romantic relationships of course.

And then there’s THE FINAL PROBLEM and in comes Eurus Holmes, setting up this game for Sherlock, and putting Molly Hooper’s life in danger, and during that call we get all this…

  • Is this one of your stupid games? No, it’s not a game.
  • I’m not an experiment, Sherlock. No, I know you’re not an experiment, you’re my friend, we’re friends.
  • You know why. No, I don’t know why.
  • Because it’s true, Sherlock. It’s always been true. Well if it’s true then just say it anyway.
  • Say it like you mean it. I love you. I love you. 

He spends the whole phone call worried and pleading and as soon as it’s done he tries to shut all that off and get back to the game so he says…”Eurus, I won, I won…I won, I saved Molly Hooper.

But then you have Eurus coming back with that EMOTIONAL CONTEXT speech and being like, HAHA NOPE, silly boy, you just lost, you proved yourself wrong, you have emotions, you do care.

And the writers had Eurus use Molly Hooper against Sherlock, like this, to facilitate this exact epiphany, (disproving everything he’s said over the years, that he’s not a hero, that he doesn’t have a heart) because MOLLY HOOPER does count, she matters the most, he loves her, and LOVE IS NOT A GAME.


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Oh wow, okay, so FYWH posted a link to your page and I had no idea you existed but I already love the advice you give. Anyways: one of my characters exists in a post-apocalyptic wasteland as a medic. She has some access to higher-level drugs and tools (at a "home base"), but most of it would be, essentially, field trauma care as she's traveling. Do you have any good suggestions for writing from the viewpoint of a field medic?

Hey there! I’m always a fan of medic characters, and practicing paramedicine in the austere environment is tough. That means your character will need to be resourceful, and her judgment will have to be spot-on, about a lot of things. I don’t have a lot of the answers, but I have a ton of questions to consider. (I actually turned this answer into this masterpost, because this topic is really cool!)

First of all, a lot will depend on whether she trained before the apocalypse, or after. If after, you have some real questions. What kind of educational system exists at this point? Is there a formal class structure? An apprenticeship? Does she have access to textbooks? To some kind of major supply, where she can get things like antibiotics and pain meds and steroids and anesthetics? Or is she literally just using whatever comes out of first aid kits? Is there someone out there painstakingly manufacturing small quantities of penicillin from bread mold?

Some skills she’ll need: herbalism/botany (I own and enjoy The Green Pharmacy by James Duke, in part because he’s an allopath with an interest in botany). Also basic splinting and casting (learn how to make plaster with whatever’s around). Wound care (iodine for lacerations, sutures with anything from fishing line to catgut to actual suture).

The ethical choices she’ll have to make are extremely interesting. For example, you come to a group after a battle. You have 3 people wounded: one mortally, one slightly, one with a life-threatening injury. You have a single dose of morphine on hand. Who do you help? Do you ease the passing of the mortally-wounded, or obey the rule of First Do No Harm? Maybe you can only stitch one wound with what you have on hand. Or you have one chest tube you can put in, but do you use it for someone who might die anyway, in an effort to save them? Or save the tool for the person you may meet down the road with a collapsed lung but no other life threatening injuries? When do you give your last bag of IV fluids? When do you withhold? Do you let someone’s actions dictate what care you give them? After all, it’s very tempting to say that a robber deserves no treatment, but those aren’t the ethics of 21st century medicine–not at all.

What does she charge for her care? What does she take in return? What compromises will she make to get the meds that she needs? Would she help a friend over someone else who may need the same medicine more?

What I’m sayhing here is that the ethics of austere medicine are probably going to be Part 2 of the masterpost.

In terms of her traveling… If I had to carry the world on my back, here would be my ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE pieces of gear:

  • As much ibuprofen/acetaminophen/aspirin as I can find and carry
  • Morphine. As much fucking morphine as I can get my hands on. But also bottles of pills: oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, whatever it is.
  • Antibiotics. Broad-spectrum, literally everything I can take with me.
  • Gauze, but only in sterile individual packaging. Whatever sizes I can get. Not a huge amount.
  • IV supplies: enough to start, oh, 3 IVs. There’s a caveat to this, which is….
  • IV Fluids: theses things get heavy fast. You can only carry so many bags of fluids, and you have to be really picky about how and when you use it. Cholera patients, for example, can require 6-10 liters of IVF per day, which she can’t carry in a backpack.
  • Syringes and straight needles (for IM meds)
  • Tourniquets; as many as I can get my hands on.
  • Suture kits. Raid an ER for as much in the way of suture kits as is feasible.
  • Bottles of iodine and rubbing alcohol for sterilization
  • Scalpels. The old school metal kind if I can get them, disposable I can’t. Worst case scenario is a boxcutter and some alcohol.
  • Sugar and salt, for making oral rehydration fluid. (She may be able to get this from villages, I don’t know.) Definitely measuring cups too.

Things you might expect, but I wouldn’t bother, carrying:

  • Splints. You can make these out of pretty much anything.
  • Bandages. Again, very easy to make, especially in a village where you ask the patient to sacrifice (part of) a sheet.
  • Cardiac drugs. Cardiac patients are usually doomed over the long term, unless you can get them to start making themselves foxglove tea.
  • …….This is actually all I can think of off the top of my head. I just woke up.

Hope this was helpful! Like I said, I’ll probably turn this ask into a masterpost or two, because it’s some very, very interesting stuff.

Thanks for the ask :)

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Fun fact: I’ve never played overwatch! but that’s because of two reasons: I don’t own a PC or console, and second I’m a creator, that means I rather created stuff for you instead of consuming them already made by someone else, that’s how I roll. Anyway I know more or less the characters and Mercy has always caught my attention, If I ever play overwatch I’ll play as her because I’m a real life healer *reiki intensifies*. I’m really happy with the result, I think its one of the best portraits I’ve done of a fictional character. ⭐️This print is availble in my society6 store /starseedraven


I want you to listen carefully to what I’m about to say. This isn’t the first time I’ve saved you from danger, is it ? If I’m right, this world is trying to kill you. From now through August 25th, or August 26th at 12 am, I think many disasters will come upon you. You don’t have to believe me, but I want you to listen to my warning. I want you to live.

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is it just me or do you not find s1 isak that deceptive or mean? everyone always jokes about how he was a snake (and he was), but i think what he did has deeper roots than just wanting to ruin what was going on with jonas and eva. a lot of people are still angry and think he's really problematic for hurting eva, but i almost feel like what he did was actually hurting him? 1/2

he didn’t do it to hurt eva, he was doing it because, even if he wasn’t aware of it, eva and jonas’ relationship was breaking him. he was watching the boy he loved, love another person. idk i just feel like he gets a bad rep a lot for something that he wasn’t really aware he was doing.. i feel like you’d be better at actually putting this into words (if you agree of course) but idk 2/2

yeah. i don’t think isak was ever mean-spirited. i don’t think he ever wanted anyone to be hurt and i think ideally things would’ve just been fine for him, jonas and eva from the start. you don’t chose to be confused about your sexuality and fall for your seemingly straight best friend who is dating your other great friend, it’s not something anyone could possibly want. it’s not a situation you’d want to be in because you’re inevitably going to be hurt. and isak was hurt. we didn’t truly see how isak struggled back in season 1 because the season wasn’t about him, but we got to know him so well in season 3, which started not even a year after season 1 ended. and sure isak has grown, in that time, like most teenagers would, but the essence of who he is, his genuinely good and caring heart - those did not simply appear all of a sudden in season 3 

so of course he didn’t simply want to ruin what was going on with jonas and eva. he cared about the two of them back in season 1, he cared about the two of them before season 1 because their friendships were all established during the first episode. back then, in isak’s ideal world, jonas wouldn’t dump eva and hurt her just for the heck of it. in isak’s ideal world, he wouldn’t be hurt by the relationship his two closest friends were in to begin with. in isak’s ideal world, they’d just be happy the way they are, the three of them. but isak’s ideal world wasn’t isak’s reality. and this was the situation he was stuck in 

and the thing about isak doing what he did is that it wasn’t simply him thinking “i’m going to steal my friend’s boyfriend who happens to be my own best friend and i’m going to be with him!” isak knew his feelings, however confusing and blurry and uncertain they were back then (at the end of the day, we never truly got to understand what he was feeling at the time, but that’s how i imagine they were) were unrequited. he wasn’t in denial about his reality and decided to come up with some sort of selfish and cruel master plan to reach an impossible goal

i think he was hurt by eva and jonas’ relationship, whether it was because of his unrequited feelings for jonas or the fact that he was going through a hard time because of his parents separating and he wanted jonas to spend more time with him, or both (again, we don’t know what was going through his mind in season 1), and since it was something that was hurting him, he fought against it, whether he fully realized that he was or not. it was almost like a defence mechanism, as if the relationship was an enemy he felt was attacking him (which wasn’t the case, because jonas and eva being together was not wrong and they had every right to be in a relationship, their relationship wasn’t an enemy), and he was fighting back

i’m not trying to defend isak’s actions here because at the end of the day what isak did was objectively wrong. he went behind eva’s back and lied to her, which is not something you should do to a friend. but nobody’s perfect, especially when feelings are involved, especially when you’re hurt, especially when you’re still so young and growing and learning from the mistakes you’re inevitably going to make. and right now, all the parties involved in that situation seem to have moved on (i am forever grateful for isak and eva’s conversation in the last episode), and that’s all that matters

You know why I LOVE Taylor. Why after all these years I am more dedicated and proud of her?!? Bc from day 1 she has always been about letting us know we are worth it. We deserve it all. We should never settle. But when you love someone you will pretty much let them get anyway with anything. Excuse after excuse. At the end of the day love shouldn’t make you feel like shit and leaving might make you feel like you’re dying but you will get through it. Plus just bc you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean you are alone. Love comes in all forms. And maybe just one day you will get your happily ever after but settling is NEVER an option.

Do You Think I Am A Man? (Simon D x Reader)

Requested by @delirefriends. Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to give this scenario my 110% so I hope you understand. Also, it’s my birthday today! yay, anyway enjoy!

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You always wanted to be in a serious relationship. You’ve had your fun, but after you hid a certain age, you decided it was time to stop the brief relationships and settle down with a good man that loved you. You were successfull, financially independent which means you could support yourself, but you were tired of coming home to no one, eating by yourself and sleeping by yourself. You wanted love and affection, someone that could offer you a hug and a sweet kiss.

Kiseok was a bit intimitated by you. He made you during work, you were helping Jay figure out an outfit for his concerts and you had your own fashion and accessory line. You were very serious about your bussiness, you’ve wroked hard to establish yourself and be in charge of your own company, you couldn’t full around. So when he saw your serious face and how well put together you were, he couldn’t help but feel a bit uneased but also attracted.

Finding a woman that was in charge and didn’t wait for no one, someone responsible, someone that could understand his drive and his hard work was hard. You seemed like that woman, a go getter, you knew exactly what you wanted out of life.

“I fear for the poor boy that is with you”

Jay joked. You scoffed and put a chain around his neck, not paying attention to Kiseok who sat in the corner watching everything.

“I am not interested in boys. I prefer men, so yeah boys will suffer with me”


Kiseok said to a defeated Jay. You took a step back and observed the outfit

“How do the pants fit? can you dance in them?”

Jay started doing a few dancemoves and then nodded. You smiled and took a picture of the outfit.

“So I don’t really have to worry about how the shirt fits, since you will take it off. So I think this is good”

“Yes, you only have to take care of Hyun-jung”

“I have a few outfits for her, i’ll bring them tomorrow”

You informed him while fixing all your stuff and putting them back to where they belonged to.

“(y/n) it was a pleasure as always”

Jay said and gave you a quick friendly hug. You hugged him back and went back to doing your stuff

“Something you want to say Kiseok?”

You questioned him, your back still facing him. Kiseok got up -after pep talking himself- and approached you.

“Do you think I am a man?”

You smirked at his words. You had taken an interest in him, but of course no one knew. Hearing him asking you if you consider him good enough for you, brought you some type of joy.

“Are you trying to ask me out?”

You turned to face him this time. Kiseok just nodded and brushed your hair behind your shoulder, taking in your full face.


“Good, We can talk about the details later”

He said. You leaned in and placed a lingering soft kiss on his cheek and then grabbed your stuff and walked away. Before you opened the door you turned to him.

“Just so you know. If you jsut want to fuck around, forget everything about this today. See ya around”


He was surpised to know you were a rather gentle woman. You liked cooking for him, taking care of him, you made him feel good. Also he loved to spoil you, sometimes with gifts, but mostly with affection. Kiseok was never a big public man, but you learned to love the small things. Like when he asked you if you were feeling alright with him going out or when he helped you get away out of awkward small talks random people tried to strike with you or when he asked you if you ate and if you wanted to go home. Kiseok was very affectionate behing closed doors, he loved to cuddle you, sometimes he would even like to curl on your side hugging your torsot tighly if he had a lot on his mind. His affection could from very extreme, to a swift pet over your hair.

He actually felt like this could be the start of something very important, he finally started thinking about marriage and kids. Yes he did think about that stuff before, but he never had a specific woman on his mind, now it was always you.

Of course the media was not involved in this. You both wanted it this way, it was easier to enjoy what you had and just cherish the privacy and the freedom of not caring what others say. If it was up to you, the only people that would not would be you and him, according to you that’s the only people that need to be informed. So you agreed on keeping this at a very tight circle of friends, some of your firends didn’t even know you were in a relationship.

You supported him, so like usual you tuned in to watch his interview. You always thought he looked hot and he was also wearing clothes from your clothing line, so you wanted to see how amazing he would look this time around.

“So you are 33 right?”

“That is correct”

“Have you started thinking about marriage?”

“Yes, I always wanted to settle down and be with a woman that I love”

“Have you considerate the possibility of returning to lady jane?”

Oh come on! not this again! you knew how pissed he got when she was brought up. You knew about the relationship they had, everyone has a past so you expected it, it was a relationship that taught him a lot and you knew he would always have a place in his heart. It was his past, you were the present and that was it, you didn’t care. He wished he could be as calm as you, but when reporters still brought her up he got mad, especially now when you were around, to him it felt like a form of disrespect towards your relationship.

“Are you serious?”

“Well you were 6 years together. It has never pasted your mind that she is the woman you’re supposed to end up with?”

“No, cause the woman I am supposed to end up with is at home waiting for me so we can eat dinner together.”

“What? you have a relationship?”

“Yes. Hi (y/n) i’ll see you in a bit”

He said rather calmly. His reaction brought a smile to your face “the woman I am supposed to end up with” it made such a fuzzy feeling bubble up in your stomach. Then you realised, he didn’t say that infornt of your friends, his family or someone close to you, he said on a show, on a live show.


You waited for him to come back as you had set the table and the food was ready. That was when you heard the door open and your dog running to him.

“Ahhh little monster”

He said to it and you walked to them. He had the little dog in his armsa and petting the fluffy dog that enjoyed the affection ti was getting.

“Hey baby girl”

He put the dog down and wrapped his arms around you and gave a sweet peck on your soft lips.

“Did you really have to reveal our relationship?”

“I am sorry, it just slipped out”

You put your hand over his cheek and looked straight into his big full of emotion eyes. the feeling of love growing between you, you knew he felt it too by the way his arms gripped you tighter.

“you’ve set that you never wanted to be in a public relationship”

“Well, they have to get used to you at some point. It would blow up more if they learned about us on our wedding day”

He casually spoke, walking away to the kitchen. You smiled, hearing him say it right into your face that he saw such a long future with you felt amazing.

You followed him and wrapped your arms around his waist, your face peeking over his shoulder

“wedding day?”

“Don’t act like you never thought of it, I’ve heard your talks with Hyun-jung”

“…. a girl can dream”

“Which means I don’t have to worry, cause judging by your conversation you seem that you’ve thought this throught and already arranged every detail”

You pushed his face bringing it to your side so you can attach your lips with his on a long butterfly kiss.

“I love you”

You whispered to him. He smiled and turned around to you, holding your hands in his and bringing it up to his lips to give a kiss on your knuckles

“I love you too, now let’s go it. Revealing relationships makes me hungry”


Imagine being told that the universe is full of light.
Once you open your eyes, the light will guide you and comfort you in your darkest moments.
Now, imagine realizing that the light exists, but that you’re blind, you’ve always been blind, and you’re never going to see anything.

» Theron Shan, The Lost Suns

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The problem is that people are always talking about how much Ronan loves and supports Adam which he does a lot but no one really talks about how much Adam loves Ronan and how Adam feels about Ronan

I very lowkey agree with you so i’m gonna use this as an opportunity to talk about how much adam loves ronan because he very much does i mean ronan asks him to do something for him, something that is extremely dangerous and adam’s like lol no but then does it later anyway like lmao it pretty much proves adam would do Anything for ronan and bear in mind this was before adam even realised he liked him. 

Adam calls ronan a god and like basically idolises him. That isn’t even inferred adam literally sates such Facts in the narrative. He waxes poetic about the way ronan swears and how handsome he is and his eyelashes, god adam is weak for them eyelashes. Also, he gets ronan out of his shirt after two kisses. I am forever annoyed at st*efvater for not elaborating on this scene and showing how it escalated so fast but yeah lol adam is so gone for ronan and clearly in awe of his tattoo. And everyone talks about how much ronan loves adam’s hands but adam is so fucking gone by ronan’s touch that he can’t even concentrate on scrying after ronan touches his hands lol. 

Adam also accepts gifts from ronan, gifts that literally make his life a whole lot easier and that he’d never accept from gansey because he does not associate ronan as someone who is trying to control him. Ronan hates school and academia, he has no use for it, whereas adam values it above anything else he finds solace in it, his ivy league dreams mean the world to him and yet he accepts the fact that ronan wants to drop out, he never pressures him to go to school like gansey does and never expresses disappointment in the fact that ronan is always skipping classes. He respects his decisions. 

Adam saves Ronan’s and Opal’s life !!!!! They’re both drowning and even though cabeswater isn’t exactly itself he still does what he can to make it help him save them both, see also him willing to scry and die in the backseat to help ronan when he’s being unmade. And when Ronan finds his mother’s body his first thought is to wake him up and not let him be left in cabeswater alone, he sleeps all night in ronan’s passenger seat while ronan mourns for his mother and tells ronan to wake him if he needs him. 

Moral of the story is, Adam loves ronan so fucking much, and he would do absolutely anything for him no matter how impossible. 

This is the cutest book to ever cute (written by @cathcrowleybooks) and IT’S ABOUT BOOKS AND THE LOVE FOR BOOKS AND BOOKS AND OMG PLS READ THIS BECAUSE BOOKS.

BOOKS. Also hella cute love story. And the most quaint and amazing second hand bookstore. 😍 

Shout out to the wonderful @the-yachronicles for including this book in their August box (I can’t believe it took me *this* long to actually pick it up I am ashamed).
Guys, seriously, go check them out 🙌 They put out the most amazing boxes and they’re generally (and by generally I mean literally all the time always) wonderful humans ❤ (I mean they have an ACOWAR box and a Diversity box lined up and what more could you want from life 😉🎉)

Anyway yes hi hello pls read this book kthxbyeeee 😄

ask me what i mean when i say love, because it never comes out the same and it changes after every empty bottle. after every ashtray, every off hand comment. i’ve always fallen for consistency but i am such a hypocrite. i’ve always fallen down stairs after a couple drinks but tonight i think i’ll be fine. i think tonight i’ll stay alive. i’m already on the second one anyways.
—  a.m

Been in a bit of an art block recently and it took me forever to finish this but I finally did it lmfao. Slightly updated version of local goth ferryman of the dead, Blake Harkness! (otherwise known as Phantom to the superhero community), again he’s a lot of fun to draw all the emo paraphernalia is just so kitchy I love it lmao. Anyways more to come! I hope I can finish new pictures of all oc’s in slightly more comic booky poses and maybe add and change a few things! As always I hope you guys like and hope this means I’m back at it lmfao

so i know i always talk about being gay like literally all the time but do you actually understand what that means
because i am gay. i love girls and things that girls do and things about girls and i have crushes on girls and girls make me blush and feel things and i love thinking about girls and writing and reading about girls. i dream about spending my life with a girl and getting married to a girl. like im not just a concept, im a living, breathing lesbian.
and i wish it was just this simple but there’s a weight to these words and it hurts sometimes, it hurts a lot of the time. but im going to talk about it casually and seriously and humorously and figuratively. i won’t stop talking about it. im so gay.

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I was just wondering if the self ship meme is still going? If so could I request either junkrat or solider 76 for number 15? (I’m actually prone to quite bad night terrors, currently sporting a bruised cheek and a lotta scratches from throwing myself out of bed from one so some comfort would be nice aha) thank you so much and keep up the good work guys! - firefly anon

((Hello everyone I’m Mod Lavi. I’ve been meaning to post something but life. I made it gender-neutral seeing as gender wasn’t specified. Anyway here you go I hope you like it.))

15. Comforting you/your fav after a nightmare

You woke up the moment you hit the ground in a cold sweat. Junkrat, who had more than likely been clinging to you like always, still had his arms wrapped around your waist and fell most of the way off the bed. He looked worried.

“Shit, love, you alright?” he asked while pulling us back onto the bed.

You nodded, “Yeah I just…it was a bad dream is all.” You wound your arms around him.

He could defiantly tell you were still shaken up by whatever it was about but he had enough sense to not to push it.

“Got a trick that’ll help ya feel better. Learned it to help Roadie after he’d have a nightmare.” He said, smiling crookedly and giggling slightly.

Letting out a breath, “If it worked for him I guess it might help me.” You looked up at his face, resting your chin on his chest, “So?”

In a split second, you were on your back shrieking and giggling as Jamison was over you vigorously tickling and kissing everywhere he could reach.

“HahhAHa! JAmiE!! sTOp! HaHAhaA!!” His only response was his own giggling.

He relented after a couple minutes and just looked down at you smiling, “Well?”

You let out a couple more laughs while trying to catch your breath, “So you used to tickle and kiss Mako?” you asked with an eyebrow raised.

Laughing he plopped onto the bed, staring at the ceiling panting just as much as you, “Nah just the ticklin’. Thought I through in the kisses for ya. So,” He was looking at you now, “Better?”

Instead of responding, you grabbed his face with both hand and returned the kisses he gave you before pulling away, “That answer your question?”

Pulling you on top of him you both laughed a bit more before you started yawning, “Alright, lovely, ya need some sleep and remember I’ll protect ya no matter what.  Alright?”

You snuggled a bit closer, “Thank you.”

“Anything for ya, love.”