i mean i love them but

Berena fans

Does anyone else feel a lot of embarrassment when someone on Twitter says inappropriate Berena stuff to Catherine or Jemma? I’m almost personally ashamed. Like: ‘Hey, you’re representing lesbian fans, please don’t embarrass us all!’
To me there’s a big distinction between character and actress, and I hate it when people don’t see that… Be nice and respectful please.

I doubt straight people feel this. But it might also just be me…

Jehanparnasse Flower Shop and Tattoo Parlour AU. With a twist

  • Jehan’s flower shop is bathed in light with its big window and they sell everything from tulips to venus fly traps. There’s a very cozy atmosphere, bead curtains everywhere…
  • The back doubles as a wiccan supply shop with crystals, coloured salt, sage, other important ingredients.. Jehan also uses it for seances every Thursday night
  • A tattoo parlour opened right across the street. Originally, it was just supposed to be a front for Patron-Minette, used to launder money, but Montparnasse liked it, so he’s doing part-time tattoo artist part-time Patron-Minette
  • Jehan, being the good neighbour that they are, went to welcome the new owners with homemade lemon bars. But they couldn’t help but feeling a strange vibe once in the shop. It may or may not have been the glaring yet handsome owner who seemed really eager to get rid of them asap. Or something else
  • So they came back, offering red and black roses this time to “liven up the shop”. Something was definitely weird there. They could feel it in their bones. Montparnasse, thinking that Jehan was nosing around and suspecting that some illegal (yet very real) things were taking place in the back, did his best to be as unbearable as humanly possible to make them leave. He’s good at that.
  • Jehan got the memo and stopped trying, since apparently they weren’t welcome there. Until Montparnasse showed up unexpectedly during seance night, looking both annoyed and defeated
  • “You’re here for the spirit hanging out in your shop, I assume.”
  • “I…. yes. Can you get rid of it?”
  • “Depends, looks like you don’t want me there. I’m like vampires, I like feeling welcome.”
  • Montparnasse, who’s scared shitless of anything supernatural, gave in and apologised. He just really needed Jehan to get rid of that… thing
  • Cue some ghost hunting shenanigans, some back and forth flower and tattoo design exchanges and a ouija board that spells “Y.E.S” when Jehan asks if Montparnasse loves them (Parnasse moved the arrow)

I woke up this morning to the “leaked pictures of Chen and his ex” all over my Twitter (since most of the accounts I follow are EXO fanartists in Korea). While I’m happy to know Chen is fine and dating people despite his idol life, please don’t spread the pictures around. That’s something private and shouldn’t be exposed to the world. He’s also human and deserves privacy as well.

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Hi! I'm not that anon, but I'd love your 'monster theory' recommendations x

This is by no means a complete list, but it’s a good place to start.

“The monster commands, ‘Remember me’: restore my fragmented body, piece me back together, allow the past its eternal return. The monster haunts; it does not simply bring past and present together, but destroys the boundary that demanded their twinned foreclosure.” — Jeffrey Cohen, Monster Theory: Reading Culture.

Happy reading!

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Draxler is so attractive hands down

time for an unprompted julian draxler appreciation post!! 

ps this is my favorite photo of him ever bye and lol @ all the people that think he’s lanky @king-gotze 

how is drinking from a bottle even hot wtf

how can u grimace and still look good? while running? again i repeat what the fuck

…..i liked them a lot together ok bye

and the last gif of course has gotta be one about his skills because every time he gets near the box and does his usual tricks my heart flutters i mean the german media even described him as a player with the face of an angel and dribbling skills of a devil i love it

this would be longer but i’d rather not clog up your dash lmao

wait does this mean that got7 bts and monsta x will all be having comebacks at the exact same time im already freaking out because of the damage to my blood pressure and my wallet but does this mean they will be competing against each other in music shows and stuff because i will be so sad i want monsta x to get a win but i want got7 to win and i want bts to win these are my bias groups and my babies i love them but i need to find a way to make them all win and be happy what do i do i had no idea what i was getting into when i found these boys they have ruined my life but they also make me feel really fuzzy inside among other things and i recently made got7 my ringtone when bae calls it goes WELCOME TO THE FISH TANK she loves that song hehe fortunately she doesnt call often we mostly text originally i was thinking about making jay park’s mommae her ringtone but that song brings out my inner stripper and i cant be caught twerking in random places speaking of aomg i have been having a lot of simon dominic feels lately like why am i so late to this sexy deep voice train holy crap i have known about him for years but im just now feeling like hell yes simon d can have me any day oh and before i forget someone suggested to me i get a kakao talk but i am so behind with technology i need someone to explain how it works to me and if i should get one like what does it do will we chat about kpop all day every day but also discuss current events and shit because im down i need to distract myself since i recently signed my life away on a mortgage for a house yay for adulthood and being responsible damn it but anywho this is my rant of the day should i do these every now and then let me know also how has your week been kiddos?

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Is it just me or am I the only one that cannot see Noctis with Luna in a romantic setting? She's just so old and innocent looking, and he's barely opening his eyes to the world. I honestly prefer Noctis and Iris to be end game if Square Enix is planning on having him end up with someone.

To be quite honest, anon, I can’t really see it either. I could see Noctis and Stella together, but that was probably because most of the trailers of Versus XIII were all pushing the romance between them on us and was one of the few things I was actually able to get story-wise from those trailers. 

It doesn’t mean I can’t understand why some people could see it. Noctis seems to genuinely care for Lunafreya, even if he doesn’t completely understand if it’s love or not yet. Luna also seems to be content with the idea (from the radio report we got from the  PS Access EGX Livestream) even if it’s just because it’ll end the war. 

I kinda think, as time’s passed, Luna progressively (as a character) grew more mature and sophisticated. Noct, however, is still in the awkward teenager-young adult phase where he’s not sure what he wants to do. Because of that, I can’t really see their relationship working properly either, just because of the age gap. That’s not saying I don’t think an age gap like that stops relationships from functioning, just not in this case; Noctis is still young and, for Etro’s sake, is amazed by the stupidest things in the outside world. 

I don’t see him with Iris, either, to be honest. It’s cute how she totally crushes on him and how he awkwardly brushes it off, and yes, it’s adorable, but I can’t see it as a proper relationship. At end game, if I’m honest, I see Noctis being the lone king with help from a new council (after what happened to the last one in Kingsglaive *sobs* Clarus!).

Besides, I think we all know what I ship

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Ok, so not only are Goodnight and Billy 100% in love and married, but they have the most amazing meet cute ever??

I mean, Goodnight’s supposed to bring Billy in but he takes one look at him and immediately falls in love (I appreciate the deliberate pause when he says “befriend”).

And the first long conversation he has is telling the story of how they met to Faraday. I bet he tells that story all the time and Billy just rolls his eyes and looks at him fondly.

I just cannot get enough of their secret smiles and close proximity and worrying about each other and the open fondness they share between them.

Their love is so real and I am dead.

right now with the prequels its like. Sure I think they’re bad but thats whatever people can like bad movies/disagree with me on them being bad etc., but

it’s not even that they’re bad it’s just that they’re such nasty, mean-spirited and joyless little things where no one seems to really enjoy life, adventure or magic and no one loves each other and the two people who DO love each other a) are boring as hell and b) are explicitly punished for exhibiting love

honestly like 10+ years later i still cant believe someone put violent mass murders, separate instances of child murder, sexual repression, emotional repression, a virgin mother and death by childbirth (technically death of heartbreak but i mean WHICH IS WORSE) into my magical space adventure films i mean wh

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Oh man I'm so sorry. You don't deserve this kind of bull

yeah i mean i’ve dealt with way worse but this stuff is still just really shitty and it also just feels really unmotivating?? like me and @justautumn have been working on onasy for about 3 years and to see someone steal our hard work and get all kinds of praise and fanart just feels awful tbh. and it sucks cuz stuff like this makes me feel hesitant to post about my ocs cuz now it turns into “i wonder how this person’s gonna manage to steal this” yknow


Hello, Saint Seiya fandom! I bring great news!

We’ll be having the SAINT SEIYA RARESHIP FEST from the 3rd to the 9th of October, which means you have a week left to sort out your pairings/friendships and get ready to spread some rareship love! 


Above, you can see the themed days I chose for our fest. Remember you can always decide not to follow the themes: think of them as a optional prompts (for more info, check out our brand new FAQs.)

Unwrapping the themed days, they’ll be about:

  • 3rd/4th of October: rare ships involving at least one Athena Saint or people related to the Sanctuary 
  • 5th of October: rare ships involving at least one of the Marinas
  • 6th of October: rare ships involving at least one Specter
  • 7th of October: rare ships involving at least one Asgardian
  • 8th of October: An OC day
  • 9th of October: Free shipping day!


In addition to the themed days, we’ll be having fun with: 

  • lots of ask memes
  • @verien‘s and @sagagemini4‘s awesome Saint Seiya OTP Challenge
  •  many prompts
  • headcanon games


Think about your favourite rareships, because I’m asking you to write a list of them! Since rarepairs are so often overlooked in the fandom and we don’t share about them a lot, people don’t know which ones you like the most! Creating a list will help your followers to send you ships you actually want to talk about for the ask memes and the other fest games. 

Publish your list on the first day of the fest using the tag #cdzrarelist

For example, my list would look like this: 

  • Cerberus Dante/Ophiuchus Shaina
  • Brotp: Cancer Deathmask/Virgo Shaka
  • Brotp: Unicorn Jabu/Pegasus Seiya


#cdzrarelist for the rarepair lists and #cdzrarefest for tagging your works! Remember to use these tags or we won’t see what you’re publishing for the fest! 

And remember to share, share, share the word! Reblog this post and let everyone know we’re having a rarepair fest! I want to see a lot of you participating!

For any further question, check the FAQs or send an ask! 
I think it’s all for now, see you for the kick-off post, where I will explain everything better and in details!

(Special thanks to @sanctum-of-fantasy, @zaphiri, @xocowilde, @verien, @rakpolaris​, @sagagemini4, @billy-bones-his-fancy, @teary-eyed-circle-of-friendship​ for all the help and support you gave me while I was working on this project! You’re amazing!)

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Don't know if you watched avatar but can you imagine firebender oikawa and water bender iwazumi. And like oikawa is part of the firenation but he falls in love with iwazumi anyways??? Sorry!!!!(╯3╰)

I LOVE THE AVATAR!! I used to watch the show all the time!!
Imagine Oikawa spouting small flames from his fingertips when he’s nervous, excited etc since he’s not yet in complete control of his power
and one day he happens to encounter WATERBENDER HEALER IWACHAN ( 👌 👌 👌 ) and he gets ridiculously flustered and wants to befriend the other
whereas Iwa-chan is slightly terrified at this stranger who keeps staring at him whilst his fingers are exploding
A+++ I’m already in love with this story


It feels good to be back, and I really, really appreciate all the kind messages I’ve been getting every single day in my absence. You guys are seriously the best. 

I wanted to give you all some information going forward.

First, I won’t be posting nightly recs anymore. I bit off more than I could chew, I think, when I started doing that last year. I love reading fics so much, and I love sharing the wealth–so I thought I’d be able to handle it. I was wrong. Life got in the way, and I don’t see life slowing down anytime soon which means I have to think realistically when it comes to running this blog. Since I can’t read a different fic every single day right now, I will post recs when I do read a good one. Don’t worry, though, I read them often enough that you’ll still be getting some new reading material at least 4 times a week, but probably more often.

Secondly, to make up for the infrequent recs, I will be posting a “My Favorites” every month. These will be posted on the 1st of the month, and will include several Sterek fics that I loved reading the month before (new or old), and something non-Sterek as well: a fic from another fandom, a novel I loved, a TV series, or anything really. 

Lastly, I will, as always, be keeping my ask box open. However, I will no longer be answering any personal questions (things about my life, work, etc.) on anon. I will be happy to answer them privately, though. Lost fics and requests will be happily answered anonymously.

Thanks for your understanding and your support, everyone.

New recs will begin tomorrow!

mmmkay so I was gonna wait til I wake up but i cannot rest until this is done so. goblinqueens is 19 years old and has me on their byf for saying I like a character bc they felt “under appreciated as a tokyo ghoul character uvu” but I mean they’re white and that chara is Japanese so like…… anyways I’d stay away from them if I were bc they are apparently so mad about a 15 year olds love for a character that they are shaking

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I love what Cespedes did, and I love what Yasiel did, I know a lot of clubs put up the jersey, but Yo and Yasiel, they knew. They knew how much it took for Jose because it's what it took for them too, and i think those two hanging up the jersey with tape, making sure it was there, making sure Jose was there, means more than what anyone else did or said. Because Yo and Yasiel knew what it took for Jose to still be there today, even after death.

This. A thousand times this.