i mean i love them but


I recently had a Dalish fan tell me that the opression casteless dwarf
dwarves face is not important and only the elf opression matters
because the Dwarves are just a fan service added to and I quote
“Shut Dwarf Fans Up”. She literally said that to me in a post. :(
As someone who loved playing elves as much as I love my dawrves…I got
so angry by that statement that I literally deleted all of my Lavellans.
If only Dalish elves are available in the next game simply won’t play them.
I will play a city elf though so I am hoping for that. I just don’t understand why people have to be so mean about things. I will understand
if the mods don’t post this. I just need to vent. I’m sorry.


You have nothing to be sorry about Confessor. And there are some truly awesome Dalish/Lavellan fans out there and I know they will instantly tell you that the person that posted that to you does not speak for the fandom. And feel free to vent anytime.

~~~100 Followers Gift~~~

Yay, I reached 100 followers! Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me! Let me tell you some embarassing words (*´∀`*). These eyes may seem to be odd in some ways but I had my reasons for creating them. As you can see, the eyes reflect the planets of our beloved solar system. The reason I used them is simple: We are all on the same planet and in the same universe. We are one big family and every living being is a wonderful being, who should be loved and respected.

So, cut a long story short - This gift is a sign for respect. Enjoy every single day, stop the hate and spread some love ♥.

The eyes can be found in the facepaint category. Available for all genders and all ages, plus vampires and aliens.

Download: SimFileShare (no adf.ly) -open in a new tab if the link doesn’t work-

I tested the file in the game, but if there are any problems feel free to send me a message!

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Can we talk about how Mari's first thought when she went to the square and found the letter and rubble was "Oh! Chat must be protecting Adrien!" Like, the level of respect and trust that these two characters have for each other is mind-boggling! I can't wait for them to get together!

I KNOW, IT’S SO CUTE!!!! At first I was annoyed, but you’re right. It just means she has a lot of trust in Chat, I love her. Look at how much she trusts and respects her partner (cries),

🌸 soft phandom follow train 🌸

I haven’t done one of these in aaages and ppl always seem to like them so!

- reblog if u love dnp being Soft and ur 100% here for them embracing curly hair and glasses and pastels 👏🏼
- follow me + ppl who reblogged
- make friends who will cry with u about dan and phil being the softest :’(

Dear most high school choir teachers

Just because they can hit the note doesn’t mean they should
For the love of Jesus make the altos sing louder
If you have a transboy let him wear a suit even if he’s a soprano
If you have a transgirl let her wear a dress even if she’s a bass
Just because they’re not professionals it doesn’t give you the right to let them suck
If a section or person can’t get it right don’t pray they will help them

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so, like, i cant explain it well but i like reigen in this chapter a lot? i mean, he's bringing with him a bunch of kids he's only seen for the first time and he just, roll with it? from the beginning? like he speaks to them like they were equal? tome crying and throwing a tantrum and he just keeps his cool and asked if she could walk? but imagine an adult being in the same situation i think reigen would just be "dude grow up we need to get moving"? i...i love him?

YEAH I MEAN SOMETIMES I FORGET HOW RESPONSIBLE AND MATURE REIGEN IS like…hes a very good adult hes very patient. like you said yeah another adult would probably be done n angry at this point but reigen is a g and the Ultimate Babysitter/Friend To All Teens

i would be lying if i said i didn’t lowkey ship ginny and neville but what don’t i ship i think that’s the real question

but anyway there needs to be more ginny x neville content so if someone could please request that *cough* that’d be great 

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I have a spirit family and always have a fantasy based story line that includes myself and them, do you think artwork and a little story with them would be a fun idea?

Oh. My. God.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

That sounds super fun! I would love to read it/see it if you don’t mind sharing when you are done! I love hearing about adorable bonding activities like that! I personally am not a very good artist (by that I mean my stick figures are questionable) but I have a few spirits I have commissioned portraits of and they LOVED it.

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I never interact with other fans because i fear finding out that they are actually like 14 and then what do I say? "Yes mhm the lip bite I know, but did you finish your homework and clean your room before you logged on? Isn't it past your bedtime?" it feels wrong.

Hahaha! I know what you mean anon. I feel so protective of all my young followers though. I just want to love them and take them under my wing. Mama Brittane’s got y’all.

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one thing I love about gorillaz is that they give black rappers and artist a platform to rap/sing/talk about feelings and topics on racism and gorillaz are always down for it!! they’re always ready to write songs about controversial issues, like iraq or 9/11 or whatever and they do it so artistically with the help of these black artists!!!!! and race and racism is not foreign to gorillaz, i mean heck ascension from humanz is about racism!!! i am never disappointed by this group I love them

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You don't like the Jedi Order?

Oh boy, this is gonna be long.

I love the Jedi, but as individual people (except yoda) - but as a collective I hate them. If that makes sense. Because, like I love Obi Wan and Mace Windu and Kit Fisto and Ki-Adi-Mundi and Luminara. 

They’re just problematic. Like I get that they’re trying to do good (I guess), but the whole “no attatchments/ no emotions” thing is messed up. I get what they mean by that? Like your emotions can cloud your judgement, but emotions are a natural part of living so like, yeah you have them and you shouldn’t try to not have them. 

Also, your emotions make you do what you think is right. Right???

tbqh, it might just be the fact that yoda is the grandmaster that I don’t like the council/jedi order. I mean, in one of the EU books that takes place right after Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan wanted to be Anakin’s friend but Yoda was like “A master, Anakin needs. Not a friend.” (or some shit like that). And this makes me really angry??? Because literally, Anakin needed a friend - or a father type figure. Not a master. Like……

Like, if the jedi council wouldn’t have been so anti attatchments, Anakin probably wouldn’t have turned to the darkside. He would have felt like he could talk to the council about his vision of Padme - instead of going to Sheev the Skeev. But instead, the Jedi Council wouldn’t tell Anakin anything, so they destroyed his trust.

Also, the whole “it’s the will of the force thing?” They let bad things happen? Cuz it’s the will of the force?? This isn’t right???

Obviously I’m talking about Old Reublic Jedi Order. Idk much about the Jedi that Luke builds.

there’s nothing purer than sarcastic flirting between two queer people who know they aren’t attracted to one another

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Do you ship Reaper 76 or Mchanzo if so could you write some fluff about them just being gay around the OverWatch base and for McHanzo maybe pulling some pranks Maybe even throw in some Genyatta

A/N: I support every ship so long as it doesn’t fall under a taboo subject, (Incest, Pedophilia, Bestiality), but every other ship is fine. I’ll try and write some short stuff down below for those ships.


  • The pair of them will be mostly professional when they’re seen together, they each know to put work ahead of pleasure. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some flirting between the two, even if it seems like angry yelling to an outside observer. That’s how these two dead men get each other a little rowdy, there was a lot of love and hate back when they were Reyes and Morrison, and it’ll certainly carry over to Reaper and 76. If they think no one will notice, they’ll be holding hands from time to time, but will vehemently deny it if someone confronts them about it. Pretty much everyone in Overwatch will know that they’re a thing, but they all pretend they don’t know so Reaper and 76 can pretend to be the worst of enemies in public, they can’t help but humor the two old fools. At night things will calm down a little bit, they’ll be a little warmer to each other in the privacy of their quarters. Officially Reaper stays in Reyes’ old quarters, but he’ll spend just about every night in Morrison’s with 76 provided he isn’t away on a mission. There’s some cuddling at night, they each need all the body heat they can get, and 76 almost always gets up first to cook breakfast for the team but mostly for Reaper.


  • McCree’s pretty childish despite his age, he acts a decade younger than he really is, so he fits right in alongside Tracer, Lucio, and surprisingly enough, D.va. They’ll rope him in on pranks from time to time, occasionally they’ll quite literally use a rope to drag him along, he is a cowboy, after all. Once he and Hanzo got together he started to spend less time with them and more time alone with Hanzo, watching sunsets and having intense drinking competitions relaxing sake parties. Now Hanzo isn’t nearly as childish as McCree, despite their similarity in age, Hanzo acts like a fifty year old man, much to McCree’s chagrin. Before he met the suave cowboy, he’d never think to play pranks on anyone, such foolish activities were left to his brother Genji, it was beneath the elder Shimada. Get a few drinks in him though, and he’s quite a bit more open to McCree’s silver tongue, and the gang is more than happy to accommodate Hanzo on their prank runs. Hanzo’s the only one quiet enough to put those googly eyes on Genji’s visor while he’s asleep, and McCree is an excellent shot with a water gun. Hanzo swears that he won’t go on those adventures with them ever again, but he lies every time.


  • Genji and Zenyatta are almost inseparable, though they can function without one another just fine, they do prefer each other’s company. Zenyatta helped Genji through a rough time, and while he finally came to terms with who he was, it was finding out who Zenyatta was that intrigued him the most. They each have learned a great deal from the other, finding their strengths and working on their weaknesses. The sense of tranquility they have when they’re together is indescribable to someone who hasn’t experienced it first hand, it feels as though the very world itself is at peace. They’re without a doubt the most relaxed couple at Gibraltar, there isn’t really a couple that comes close to their level of relaxation, and they somehow almost seem to know what they’re each thinking. A bulk of their time is spent meditating, or even simply talking to one another, any time spent together is time well spent. Every morning they’ll go sit outside and meditate before breakfast, working their friend Bastion into the mix, he does wonders for attracting birds to the meditation grounds.
Transcript of an Unapologetic Fanboy

Okay. I should never mock Dan for being a fanboy ever again, because I’m such a fangirl that I rewatched their video of them playing the RPG Phil made when he was 14 … just to transcribe every time Dan was an adorkable, (mostly) unironic fanboy in this video (you can’t really expect Dan to ever be 100% unironic, though when it comes to praising Phil he does it way more than usual). So here we go:

“I mean to say, that you actually designed that town. I am impressed, Phil!” *claps his hands*

“I love how, like, you’re 14 and you know nothing about making games, but just from playing loads of games you just knew what to do.”

“You even got the changing face animations! Phil’s coming for you, Toby Fox.”

“I love that you said that the bat ‘collapses.’ You’re not murdering any animals…”

“Phil, this is so creative…” (followed by the laughing—and very well deserved—criticism “but you really, like, the literacy levels, they need to be improved.”)

“Super lol random, Phil. I appreciate that.” (okay, possibly mostly ironic)

“I really think that 14-year-old Dan and 14-year-old Phil would have gotten along quite well.”

“Good rhyme!”

“That was some good poetry! I mean, like, if you showed your English teacher that, they’d probably encourage your creativity.”

“We’re playing this because it’s a game that you made, but I’m actually having quite a lot of fun. This is a fun game. … Does RPG Make have, like, an iPhone app? If so, that would be, like, I’d be so in for this.”

“Just draw it yourself, Phil. I’m sure it would be really good.” (okay, maybe this one was 100% ironic, because we all know how good Phil’s drawing skills are, but it was said so earnestly and kindly that I decided to include it)

“Did you make all your friends play this game? … Did they love it? … Oh my…, that’s so, like, nerdy and adorable but actually really cool.”

“Future character foreshadowing there! All right!”

“WHAT? Oh. My. God, Phil. This is some advanced … You just killed the main character!”

“What does this mean for the story? I’m actually surprised by how in depth this is.”

“I’m literally … this is the end of Undertale, guys. I’m about to start crying.”

“I’m actually surprised, Phil. You hit me with the plot twist when I was least expecting it.”

“You were 14 when you made this!”

“I am actually impressed. Please leave your comments with how impressed you are of 14-year-old Phil making this game.”

“I am hyped! I mean, you need the next chapter of this in your lives! Make sure you subscribe!”