i mean i love indoors now anyways

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Oh!! How about "we were having a peaceful day indoors playing boardgames when The Gang showed up and now its just chaos we should never have played monopoly" Wait what do you mean that doesn't exist and is only wishful and spontaneous thinking on my part??? Darn it! ;)

okay sorry i took so long to answer this, i wound up on a picnic haha

anyway i was talking to @piyo-13 about board game night with the skater squad and i cant stop laughing bc like they’re all so damn competitive??? it would end TERRIBLY??? im just gonna restate some of the things she and i talked about bc its so funny oh my god

yurio accuses christophe of cheating (something about swiss bank accounts), yuuri smugly puts up a hotel on the boardwalk, phichit screams FOR THE GLORY OF MY HOMELAND as he plays a get out of jail free card, viktor is the banker and his main investment in this game is that he has to play as the dog, that’s all he wants out of this

he lands on yuuri’s boardwalk hotel square twice and is unable to bribe his way out of his expenses by offering kisses as payment instead of monopoly money bc yuuri is ruthless on board game night.  but he doesn’t really mind. at one point yuri’s like “HAH i have so much more money than you old man” and viktor just smiles that smile (you know the one. we all know the one) and says, “oh well! i have all of you beat where it really counts, on the ice, so what does it matter?”

and all hell breaks loose