i mean i love him in a suit

i hate the freddie lounds tag it’s full of:

'wahhh she's such a bitch and mean to hannibal i hope she dies a brutal horrible dEATH'


Fullmetal Alchemist Gaiden: Long Night


^ q^ anon asked for chibi kuroaya or haruaya. but i love them both, so, here they both are!

Can we just talk about that end scene though???

Harvey admits something huge, that Donna means more to him than anyone else. And immediately he does what he does, he tries to run away. Every time things become too much, he pulls back instantly.

And Donna knows this, she knows him so well. So as he’s walking away, she smirks a little, because classic Harvey, say something mushy and walk away, so she stands up and pushes back, because she’s Donna and that’s what she does. She asks him “Why?”. Why is she so special? Why does she matter more?

And he does his “you know why” bullshit. And you can see that look on her face, what she expected, happened. He’s running away. He’s saying things, without saying them. He’s saying she means more to him, but not why. So she gives him this rueful smile and doesn’t say anything more. It’s classic Harvey, right?”

But then he pauses and he tells her why. “You know I love you.” And you know this is spontaneous. It’s spur of the moment. He almost lost Donna, and we know that Harvey can’t take that. This episode proved what lengths Harvey was willing to go to. This is Harvey ‘I won’t perjure myself’ Specter. He was willing to go all the way for this woman. Everyone knows how much he cares for her, because he shows it all the goddamn time, but for the first time he says it. And it shocks both them.

(It’s also so telling, because he doesn’t just say I love you, he says you know i love you. Because Donna knows, Donna always knows. But she also knows that Harvey wasn’t ready (or isn’t ready), so she doesn’t push. She waits.)

At the end of that scene, Donna just looks blown away. She’s actually speechless. And Harvey, god Harvey. As soon as he steps out of the apartment, you can see it actually hits him, what he said, what it means. It physically slaps him in the face. And instantly you know that this wasn’t a platonic I love you. This wasn’t Harvey just dropping something and trying to play it off later and nothing else. This was real. It happened. It meant something.

And I can’t wait to see what happens next.

i love how harvey doesn’t say “i love you”, he says “you know i love you, donna” even though it’s such a small detail it means so much because that’s how it usually is between them. she always knows. she knows everything. when he says he loves her, deep down she knew it already, of course she did, but it’s so rare for him to show any evidence that he does that she can’t help but doubt it and it’s obviously shocking when he finally puts it into words.

that’s why she smirks right before standing up to ask him “why?”. she already knows the answer but she sure as hell didn’t expect him to say it because he never does.

it means a lot because he’s not telling her something she didn’t know, not at all. he’s just finally vocalizing it rather than showing it to her in his own ways.

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I really wish for Tyler to have a boyfriend. Not Troye tho. Yes, everyone ships them but I want to see Tyler with a guy that really suits him because I'm sure he's not with Troye

I know what you mean. Tyler’s happiness is so important to me (to all of us) and I really hope that he finds a guy that he really loves (or even likes) and is happy no matter who it is. I also hope that we as a fandom are mature enough to let go of all the insane shipping and let Tyler love who he loves. I know I’m to that point. Always have been :)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Colin Firth has ever looked better. I mean, you search up pics of him in other movies, and they just feel a bit… Off. Maybe that’s just me being affected by his waist in those bespoke suits. But I think he looks far more gorgeous now than when I first felt my heart flutter for him in Love Actually.

Side note, I wonder if they let the actors keep the suits. I mean, they were made to their measurements after all…

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I really LOVE your blog. Seriously, you write Uta perfectly in character. Anyway, can I possibly request a scenario where Uta's S.O. confronted him about how horrid his zebra striped suit looks? Thank you for running this blog, I truly enjoy it~!

(Thank you so much! It means a ton to me to hear that he’s in character! I hope you like this!)

Uta,” his partner says slowly, trying to absorb the fullmonstrosity that is Uta’s latest fashion choice.

The ghoul had always been one for theatrics, far before the gourmet had made his appearance, and his partner frowns quite deeply as the ghouls spins around, a flash of stripes and horrid clashing material.

“Uta,” they say again, clearing their throat. “That is…by far…the ugliest thing you own.”

Instead of being miffed, Uta smiles wide, so wide that it almost looks like it his face will split in two, and he mushes his partner’s cheeks together between gloved hands.

“It’s perfect for the show tonight.” He whispers, lips ghosting over their own. He’s practically giddy with excitement for the violence that will come, “I’ll be seeing an old friend.”

He steps away from them, and gives a playful bow, extending his hand to them. They gaze at him hesitantly, wary of his manic excitement that’s buzzing through his core before accepting. Before they can even stand up, he spins them around, dipping them so low that their spine audibly pops.

“After all, without the ringmaster, the show cannot go on,” he whispers, when he pulls them back up, tongue tasting the shell of their ear. “I must be dressed quite…sharp for the occasion.”


Yayyyy I finally finished my One Piece and Ib crossover!

Law as Ib - I chose the white rose for Law because it means “purity” and “innocence.”

Corazon as Garry - Obviously, I chose the red rose for him xD (A red rose means “passionate love” if any of you wanted to know).

Doflamingo as Mary - It was quite difficult choosing a color for Doflamingo. I wanted to choose pink at first but it meant “appreciation/admiration” annnd I don’t think it suits him ^^;; So I settled with orange because not only does it also mean “passionate love” like the red rose, it also means “pride” and “desire”. And I consider that to fit Doflamingo more.

I am also considering on creating a crossover fanfic but I may be restricted due to the amount of essays this semester >A<

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Do you think Edric Storm will survive the series? As much as I love Gendry I don't think he's suited to rule Storm's End if Stannis' line ends.

Oh, I agree with Gendry. He’s not suited for being a lord at all. I would like to see him grow into a leader, especially among the Brotherhood, as so far he has barely scratched the surface of his potential. What I mean by that is we see when he’s among the disbanded NW recruits before Gregor kidnaps them that he is very capable of leading. Arya overshadows him, yes, but still there’s hints.

At first they thought the two had just gone hunting, that they’d soon return with game and feedthem all. But they waited and waited, until finally Gendry made them move on.
... Gendry squinted up at the sun. “Evenfall will be the best time to sneak in. I’ll go scout come dark.”
“No, I’ll go,” Arya said. “You’re too noisy.”
Gendry got that look on his face. “We’ll both go.”
“Arry should go,” said Lommy. “He’s sneakier than you are.” 

“We’ll both go, I said.” 

“But what if you don’t come back? Hot Pie can’t carry me by himself, you know he can’t…” 

“And there’s wolves,” Hot Pie said. “I heard them last night, when I had the watch. They sounded close.” Arya had heard them too. She’d been asleep in the branches of an elm, but the howling had woken her. She’d sat awake for a good hour, listening to them, prickles creeping up her spine. “And you won’t even let us have a fire to keep them off,” Hot Pie said. “It’s not right, leaving us for the wolves.” 

“No one is leaving you,” Gendry said in disgust. “Lommy has his spear if the wolves come, and you’ll be with him. We’re just going to go see, that’s all; we’re coming back.” 

“Whoever it is, you should yield to them,” Lommy whined. “I need some potion for my leg, it hurts bad.” 

“If we see any leg potion, we’ll bring it,” Gendry said. “Arry, let’s go, I want to get near before the sun is down. Hot Pie, you keep Weasel here, I don’t want her following.” 

“Last time she kicked me.” 

“I’ll kick you if you don’t keep her here.” Without waiting for an answer, Gendry donned his steel helm and walked off. Arya, ACoK

Gendry has a tendency to go along with authority, however, because of his life experiences. It’s noticeable when he’s in Harrenhal and among the Brotherhood, he is easygoing despite his suspicions and allows people to dictate his actions. I’d love to see his development kick in and allow for some potential as a leader. It’d be especially interesting if he stood up to Lady Stoneheart with regards to maybe Brienne (+ Jaime and co.)

That being said, for many reasons, Edric is a better choice for lordship give his education and upbringing.

Do I think he’ll survive the series? He does seem pretty safe given he’s far far away from the conflicts of the ice zombies and civil wars. He’s not a character given much emphasis, however, so if we were informed of his death randomly, it wouldn’t surprise me much. I think he will survive the series, but I’m not sure how much importance he’ll have with anything.


Asdfghjklgrrrrr we got the prom pictures…. god look at us dorks!
(I’m the one that’s in the second picture all on the right)I look like an unpretty horse but I’m happy I’ve got something to remember the night by and isn’t everyone else so cute
Even thought I’d have never become friends with almost anyone of those people in real life (school kinda forced me to work with what i got)
I’m now overly happy even thought we’re all very different we love each other never less

P.s.: hahaha fun fact the guy in the middle with the gray suite is my future deal thingy
Means if we’re both single and unhappy at 35 we’ll marry , that’s kinda comforting I’ve been friends with him 11 years now and I know I can live with him.

And it’s a kick in the ass to search for true love as well because otherwise I’ll end up living the normal life.

A warning to my followers

I just want to apologize now for the shitstorm that this blog will become once we start getting stuff from the Unite4Hope gala tonight.

You all know me for my intense love for Josh.  But there was someone before him.

Ewan McGregor was my first hardcore celebrity crush.  He was the first actor who’s filmography I wanted to view my way through.  He was the first celebrity crush that I sought out by whatever means were available at that time (which wasn’t many, lol!).

He may have been eclipsed by Josh now, but he’s still one of my top 3 celebrity crushes and I still find him sexy as fuck.

Tonight, both he and Josh are being honored with awards.  They will both be there in suits, flashing their trademark smug grins, making bedroom eyes at the cameras and very humbly accepting awards for being amazing human beings.

Y’all have no idea how much I am going to lose my shit tonight having them both there at the same time!

So, again, I apologize in advance!

Suits 4x15 Intent Review

Welp. The shoe that is Jeff Malone finally finished stomping. I love how everything with Jessica Pearson is subversion city. “Fight for the man you love!” LAWLZ. Bwahahaha. The typical “fight for him!” refrain that we hear so often on the show. Except when Jessica tries it, she’s just so bad at it! I mean in all seriousness, Jeff was never going to last because DB Woodside is a guest star. So I suppose the endgame is Jessica X Louis? (Oh god, that is wrong on so many levels.)

Oh, and um…obviously, the theme of the episode is: love saves the sassy redhead, come hell or high water—and it was all thanks to—a character played by a lady who also voices a character who, to the Suits community, can effectively be best described as…”Donna…INNNNNNNNN SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE”. Well, kinda. Same sort of psychic redhead (well, Donna in space used to be a redhead…and now is kind of half alien locust, but well…her human form is that of a redhead). I find that hilarious.

In any case, welp, character review.

Evan Smith: “Mr. Specter, I’ve seen you more than my last three boyfriends”//”Doesn’t surprise me.” Bwahahahaha. That said, credit where it’s due—she was the driving force that FINALLY brought the dry-docked Darvey ship out of dry-dock! Now if only Tricia Helfer’s redhead character can also get a “love saves the redhead” plotline. (Ahem, Chris Metzen!)

Jeff Malone: lawlz. Jeff is simply not on board the whole PSL family thing. One moment, he loves Jessica, the next moment, he dumps her. Oh well. At least this sideshow is over.

Jessica: the other half of the J&J sideshow. Did anyone particularly care about her this episode? She tried to be sappy and…just NOPE.jpeg. The sad part is that this void will instead be filled with the return of uber-bitch dark Jessica. Or so I’m predicting. I hope I’m wrong, because the Jessica that was trying to be unguarded was nice to see while it lasted. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone was falling for it for a single moment because DB Woodside isn’t a regular cast member, so we all knew where this was going. The only irritating part is that in these last several episodes, that were all so very good, anything with Jeff and Jessica was just “meh, we all know this is a foregone conclusion, so if Harvey’s the A plot and Mike’s the B plot, why waste time with this C plot?”

Leah: is it wrong that I like Jessica’s sassy sister more than Jessica? Heck, Jessica’s sassy sister reminds me of Rachel, kinda sorta. AKA giving out love advice, throwing zingers, and being right.

Rachel: okay, seriously, Suits writers…she started off as this sharp-as-a-knife paralegal that was the princess of the place, and now she’s…a sounding board? Arm candy? Mike’s little satellite? Yes, I realize that among Harvey, Jessica, Louis, and Mike (all super-lawyers), and Donna (resident psychic redhead whose awesomeness transcends everything—bow before her, puny unworthy mortals), she’s kind of mundane by the virtue of the simple fact that she’s actually a normal human (relatively speaking anyway). But still, it’s gotten to the point that she’s Suits’s equivalent of not-being-a-super-saiyan in Dragonball Z—in other words, completely irrelevant. Can the writers please give her some sort of relevance?

Mike: really, not much to say besides it’s quite apparent when one contrasts this Mike with S1 Mike. Now that he’s come into his own and has lost the naivete of being able to win while doing the right thing, and dealing with people who aren’t as pure-good as those in S1, he’s just not the same “funny little brother” that he used to be. And IMO, the “funny little brother” aspect of Mike is part of what gave Suits its soul, and I’m hoping we can see a bit more levity to him—because this entire season, he’s been a bit of a grouch, weighed down by trying to do the right thing, and just getting smashed for it in god knows how many different ways.

Louis: heh…his heart’s in the right place…he means well, but let’s face it—at this point, he’s going to be comic relief the rest of the way. Mike’s secret came and went. Louis got the name partnership he wanted. What else is left to tell about him? He’s the socially awkward whiz-lawyer who in his constant desire for more respect, screws things up on the occasion. Where else is left for him to go?

And of course, saving the two lovebirds for last:

Donna: this is why everyone loves Donna. She’s self-sacrificial to a fault. She’ll put herself in harm’s way for the people she loves, and sometimes, that leads to a mess. We don’t often see her break, but break she did in this episode. And of course, the episode was basically entirely (aside from Jessica) dedicated to her. Nobody can stay mad at Donna—because everyone loves her. And whoever doesn’t love her is terrible.

Harvey: rule #1 of Suits—do NOT mess with Harvey’s woman. Because he will move Heaven and Earth to save her. While he’s usually Lawyer Batman, in this episode, he was complete Wolverine. AKA “gives no fucks, does what he wants to in order to save his beloved redhead”. Which makes Donna Jean Grey (obviously). But of course, everyone who knows superheroes knows that Donna—she is A JEAN. In any case, this episode was basically dedicated to Harvey being a badass, and moving Heaven and Earth to save Donna. And it was so heart warming/warm and fuzzy ^_^. Awwwwww ^_^

Next week’s episode: LOL Mike’s not getting fired. The firm will permanently change because instead of the constant Harvey/Donna zingers flying, well, there’s gonna be romance in the air. Oh, and Jessica’s gonna be angsting all over the place. But I for one cannot wait for the return of Eric Roberts as Charles Forstman. My god, that dude is SUCH A BADASS. 

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  "I wonder what the fel is going on with the House now. Ash dead, Vala MiA…suppose I could start looking for work elsewhere…maybe someone else needs someone with my…skillset? Ugh…I hate looking for work sometimes"

  “I wonder where she’s at lately. I miss our talks, I miss the pranks we pulled on each other. She better not be dead.  I mean….really dead this time. I loved seeing her run around the Inn in her birthday suit looking for her clothes”

  “I swear to the titans if that little fucker steals my tools again I will shove them up his arse. Wait….no…on second thought I’ll just make him eat them. No way am I going near his ass”

  “I don’t know why it’s so funny to me to see Rev get upset about losing his bacon. You would think he would have gotten used to Nagana by now. But neither of them change their habits; Rev leaves his plate unattended while he grabs his coffee and Nagana takes the chance to grab a few slices. Rev gets mad….then the wolf acts like a big baby. Every morning. I swear…I can predict exactly when it happens too.”

  “Huh….Haven’t heard from her in a while, wonder if she’ll pop up when I least expect it again. Wish she wasn’t so creepy like that”

1forall0allfor1 replied to your post: isn’t ok that one of my daily question…

Wondering about that myself. Also not sorry. ;D

to me it’s really symbolic the place y’know omg i don’t really care the sex act, i care the place omg hahahaha like if is in felicity’s apartment that would remind me the loliver sex scene, in the foundry that would remind me sara, but QC offices would be an interesting place, or maybe the island 

and also I need him to be in the arrow suit, to me would mean that she embrace her love for Oliver, but most important the acceptation of The Arrow and vice versa, Oliver not only accept his alter ego but also embrace his human side.

i can’t sleep because those idiots