i mean i love her in every wear but

To be honest, I'm more excited to see what my girl's going to be wearing than worried about why she's even going to be on the Talking Trash show in the first place.  Just saying.

New pics and gifs of Mel being her precious, adorkable, practically perfect in every way self imminent.  I mean, how is that not a win-win? 


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Annon 1:
Can you do a Bill S. imagine where he’s at an interview and he gets all blushy and cute when they start showing pictures of you two together and you guys always slay red carpet events 💗           

Annon 2:
Can you do one where Bill is telling the story of him scarring his wife (reader) and she hits him out of instinct and immediately she feels bad about it? Thanks💛

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader      

A/N: Woooow! thanks for all the likes and good vibes with my previous writing, that means a lot to me <3 here’s another one because my crush on Bill is getting bigger and bigger :3 sorry for my bad english and I hope you like it <3

Title: Social experiment

They were just a few days before the world premiere of ‘It’ film, which was expected to be a success due to good reviews from websites such as Rotten Tomatoes among others, Bill had been invited to an interview to Ellen DeGeneres Show and he was more than excited to talk about the movie, so there he was, behind the scenes waiting to be introduced by Ellen to enter to the small stage, suddenly heard his name and entered as he was told.

He ran into a huge crowd which applauded and screamed to see him, his wife was in the front row and stood up like everyone else to receive him

Ellen greeted him and made some strange grimace at noting his large height, especially because she wasn’t very tall, she told him to sit on a small beige couch, Ellen sat in front of him on another identical couch.

“wooow… what a good genetics” the audience laughed

“thank you” replied Bill, smiling at her

“Well, Bill, your siblings Alexander and Gustaf have already been here, both agreed to kiss me, I hope you do too, it’s for a social experiment” the audience laughed and Bill too

“Oh Ellen!, I wish I could support you in your social experiment, but you know, my wife is among the public and I doubt she’s very happy with it” The audience laughed even harder and the camera focused on Y/N, his wife, who also laughed

“Look at her, I’m sure she will agree to support me in my experiment” The camera refocuses on Y/N and could read on her lips saying, “go ahead” and Bill laughed ashamed buried his face in his hands, they were always this playful and they loved to make a fool of each other from time to time “Well, I have her approval Bill, but we can leave it for later. Now I want to focus on your new movie, It, where you play Pennywise”

“That’s right”

“Then, tell us, how someone as handsome as you, can play this devilish and horrible clown”

“You just said it, you know, it’s in my genetics to play psycho and attractive characters”

“Were you an It fan before you got the role?”

“Well, I remember watching the 90’s movie, and I also remember sleeping with the light on for the rest of the year, so I could say yes, I was a fan”

“We already know that your wife is here with us, you have a short time being married, am I wrong?”

“We’ll celebrate our first anniversary next month” he smiled victorious “we’re excited about it”

“Oh wow! Congratulations Bill, look, here we have some pictures of you two” on the big screen behind them began to appear images of they both in different places, walking her French Bulldog, going to Starbucks and especially on red carpets and movie premieres “You both look very in love, eeh” Bill began to feel his cheeks burn and he gave a shy giggle

“We are, Ellen, Y/N is one of my favorite people in the world, she knows how to show up the best of me in the worst moments” The public said an ‘awwwwweee’, seeing to Bill so in love” I mean, every time I see her, I feel like the first moment I met her”

“How did you meet her?”

“I was visiting my brother Gustaf on Vikings set, she’s part of the cast and was wearing those weird clothes…. I could only think “that woman’s so hairy” then I realized that it was the makeup” The public laughed out loud and Ellen too

“What did she say to you when you told her that you were chosen for the role of Pennywise the dancing clown?”

“She was like ‘Fuck yes, dance to me clown daddy’” Y/N laughed along with the public and her face turns red like a tomato because those were the exact words that she had used when her husband told her that he would play Pennywise

“It’s not going to be necessary to ask her if she’s fan of the book” said Ellen, who was laughing too

“Not at all”

“I heard that both are very pranksters, and that you love to make each other all kind of heavy jokes” on the screen appear small videos taken from Y/N Instagram, where she scared Bill on countless occasions and he fell in each one of her jokes, from the smallest to the worst “We found this video on Finn Wolfhard Instagram“ a short video where Y/N appeared entering Bill’s trailer on ‘It’ set, was on the screen “We don’t have much information, we only know that Finn was dying with laughter and decided to publish it with the caption  ‘LMAO, HE DESERVES THIS, SHE’S MY IDOL’  Do you want to tell us a little more about this?” she asked

Before he could say a word, Bill started to laugh and took a drink of water “Actually, there’s a very good story behind that video, it almost cost me my fiancée, but it was worth it, until a certain point of course.  You’ll see, Y/N had made me a very heavy, like really heavy joke, so I had planned my revenge and Finn had agreed to help me, we were in the city filming some scenes, my car was in the workshop and Y/N had me taken to the set in the morning and would pick me up at night, about eight o’clock, so… She arrived and she already knew that she could park the car in my place. She called me by the phone and said she was waiting for me, but I told her to get off the car and wait for me on my trailer because I was talking with Andy and it was going to take a few more minutes. Actually, I was in my trailer, full dressed as Pennywise, even my makeup artist was behind all this because she accepted to wait to remove my makeup once I had fulfilled my plan. Then, Finn was hiding in front of my trailer and filming everything from the outside, I had left my phone inside recording everything and then he would help me to edit it. I was hidden in my trailer and the lights were completely off, I heard Y/N approached and opened the door. She couldn’t turn on the light when she tried and it was when my revenge began.  ‘Hi Y/N’, I said in my Pennywise voice and I started to laugh, ‘You’ll float too’ and I appeared in the dark laughing like a maniac, making all that clown stuff and running towards her, but instead of being scared or I dunno know, perhaps by instinct, she hit me in the face and then in my throat or she tried, but I fell to the ground and my nose began to bleed exaggeratedly” the public and Ellen began to laugh and Y/N put her hands hiding her face feeling guilty again “She approached me and when she saw my state, she panicked and pulled me out of the trailer, that’s where you can see Finn laughing at saw my nose bleeding, Y/N instantly repented, well, she repented and then when we went to the hospital, I still full dressed as a clown to get x-rays and realize that my nose wasn’t broken, she said “you deserve it”, that’s when I decided not to bother my wife never again when she just arrived from her kick boxing class”

“Did you sleep on the couch that night?”

“Uhhm, not exactly, she felt really bad for hitting me, my nose was very swollen”

“She’s lucky not having sanctions for domestic violence in her records, uh?” Ellen joked “What about kids?  Have you planned to have any?  You would give us very beautiful babies”

“Oh, thank you, Ellen” Bill laughed “But we’re not interested yet. Both Y/N and I are very focused on our careers, maybe in the future, but not now”

“That sounds good Bill!  And just to say goodbye, could you make that characteristic Pennywise’s smile?”

“Of course, for which camera?”

“Number two” Bill turned to the camera and made the smile, the audience applauded and gets excited “thank you Bill! I hope to have you here again very soon!”

“I hope so  Ellen, it was a pleasure” He stands up to say goodbye and Ellen kissed him for her “social experiment” the audience applauded and Bill turns red with embarrassment, he had completely forgotten about that…

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Battle of the Costumes - Jonsa vs Jon3rys

When a couple looks good together many things work combined to make that happen. The lightning, the angles and mainly their costumes. Now I’d like to point it out how the show makes easy choices to make Sansa and Jon look great together and Jon and Daenerys look not so pleasant to our eyes.

This is another costume analysis I’ve decided to share because I like to write them and It seems you like to read them. I guess (?)
So here we go.

The first thing I want to state is that D&D want us to look at Jon and Sansa and see Ned and Catelyn. It’s not a coincidence that Jon and Sansa scenes parallels Ned and Cat so much. It’s so intentional that even the costumes are created to resemble them.

At season 6 April Ferry was the costume designer during Michele Clapton’s absence from the show, and I believe the only instructions D&D gave to her was to make Jon and Sansa parallel Ned and Cat through costumes because that’s exactly what she did.

As soon as Jon decides to leave the Night’s Watch his clothing went straight for Ned’s.
He wears a grey gambeson, black pants and and the very same brown leather armour Ned used to. His hair is very similar too. We look at his new hairstyle and see a young Ned.

For Sansa, since she’s escaping Winterfell with Theon at the beginning of the season, she still wears the dress from season 5, with the collar and style Catelyn used to wear. Sansa style is pretty much liker her mother since season 3. After the Red Wedding, Sansa wear patterns and accessories very similar to her mother’s too but since her reunion with Jon things are a whole new level.

I love how the show played with the concept of the “Jon’s sister in gray arriving at the Wall” Melisandre sees in her flames in ADWD. Although the show never really told us about this, they clearly remembered it and made it happen. The lightning  of this scene helps a lot, as they reunite and we see them together for the very first time, the color of her dress and his leather armour mix and they blend beautifully when they embrace.

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The Signs as Things my Grandfather Has Done

Aries: Rolled down his window and screamed: “YOU’RE ALL A BUNCH OF IDIOTS” at people protesting something he didn’t personally agree with. (I can’t remember exactly what they were protesting… I just remember it happening)

Taurus: Trash talked Donald Trump on a number of occasions, and called the guy who threw the shoe at George W. Bush a “goddamn national hero”.

Gemini: Looked me dead in the eye and said “Shianne, I’m so glad you agree that Kirk and Spock are gay. I’ve been trying to tell your grandma that for years.”

Cancer: Recorded all the episodes of Full House and put them on a video cassette for me. 

Leo: Whenever we drove past the cemetery told the same shitty joke: “You know people are just dying to get in there…” He laughed hysterically every time this happened. 

Virgo: I asked him what he was afraid of, he answered, “I’m afraid of someone holding a gun to my head and threatening to kill my entire family. That’s what I’m afraid of”. I was 7.

Libra: Jumped out of a moving car to avoid an argument with my grandmother.

Scorpio: Watched FOX News with me and paused every 10 seconds to explain why they were wrong. 

Sagittarius: Stayed up all night watching reruns of Seinfeld on multiple occasions.

Capricorn: Got really irritated that I kept calling crayons “colors”. He corrected me every single time.

Aquarius: Never signed up for the draft, even though he was 18 in ‘68. Is also very proud of this and says “I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!!!!!” on many occasions.

Pisces: Took a picture with his toy sized Yorkie for his Christmas card. They posed like he was taking her to the prom, and he was wearing a suit for some reason.

So here’s the thing

Yes Sara loves Scott more than life itself. She loves him more than she loves brownies and chocolate chip cookies, hard to believe I know.

But that does not stop her from messing with him.

And that means that every week he receives photos of their expeditions that become increasingly more elaborate.

It starts off harmless sure, the wish you were hear photos and hey I found this cool plant photos. But then.

One day Scott recieves a photo of a literal man-eating plant.

She sends him a photo of her and vetra wearing shades with spewing lava in the very-near background.

Liam picks up on this and soon he’s in a good majority of the photos and basically they’re both just giant goofy nerds

One day he gets a photo of Sara with a very confused Kallo in the background with the caption “I have a cute boyfriend and you don’t #suckit” and Scott is personally insulted that she didn’t tell him sooner

Then he receives a photo of Drack holding Sara over the edge of a cliff and he had a fucking heart attack.

She once sent him a blurry picture of her running frantically away from a hoard of giant beetles, and he later gets a photo of her stuck in a hole she used to escape the bugs, with Jaal trying to help her out and liam dying of laughter in the background. Basically she starts giving him a heart attack once a week.

He gives up on scolding her for being reckless after getting a photo of her, liam and Jaal silhouetted by a huge explosion. It’s no longer advised for his health.

King of the Nerds

King of the Nerds

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: fluffy, steamy, Jensen being fake moody (yea, it’s a warning), suggestive smutty stuff, language 

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic ELEVEN. The line requested was, “I’m just a regular boy who goofs around, pulls pranks, and makes jokes.” It was requested by @starswirlblitz  . It will be highlighted in the fic. Thank you so much for celebrating with me. I am combining it with two gifs submitted by @torn-and-frayed. Hope you like it! This one was fun to write. I don’t usually write Jensen like this, but we all know he can get a little moody sometimes. It’s hot as fuck.

Feedback Appreciated

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anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on the whole "Taylor is missing" thing? Do you think she's using us? I personally think she's doing just fine, there's no need for high fan or public involvement two months before the album, people will just get sick of her before it actually comes out

she’s not missing, lol she’s just not living a public life now (like she hasnt been for almost a year, idk why this is surprising) bc even living a semi public life during the last era brought her constant shit and bashing. 

and this is gonna get lonnnnng but let me just use this one anon to answer the pile of similar ones i have in one post. 

 I am completely stunned if people can not see that by not being public about her life - and i dont just mean her bf, i mean the entire thing -  she is diminishing a significant majority of the reasons she got hate. is it at the expense of not being able to ‘see’ her? yes. but it’s … her life, she’s not some character in a tv show that people should be able to tune in to every other day or week and see what she’s doing and know all the details of who she is with or what she is wearing. She’s an amazing talented artist who i love but she is also a person, and she - like all famous people - deserve the chance and choice to live a life outside her career w/o everyone butting in and knowing about it. And bc of the paps and the fact everyone has a camera nowadays in their pocket, the only way to achieve that is to live as privately as possible, avoiding photographing situations and avoiding situations where walking out of a door becomes a news story. 

she’s about 10x more involved w/her fans than any other artist that i follow bc the other artists are involved 0%, so um, to that end i think anyone complaining about the level of fan involvement being disappointing or not good enough or fake or using fans is just complaining because they want more from her and to that end i would ask, aside from the fact it is rather demanding of someone to always want more, what ‘more’ do they want of her … that she can reasonably do w/o backlash for it? let’s run throught the options. first off…  interviews about her personal life ( i thought it was ‘all about the music…’?) .. interviews where even if her personal life were off-limits, and she wanted to only talk about making her music, there is no way that any interviewer would not take the opportunity to ask her about the backlash of last year, trump, kk, feminism, being hated, all that was a part of the album’s coming-together and process, and why the fuck would taylor want to sit there and be asked about all that? sounds fun, haha, not? that would all only lead to more criticism and spur the news cycle even more?  does she want another feminism 2.0? or maybe talk about her friendships which brought along the whole squad nonsense? if people can’t quite frankly see that interviews right now would inevitably or immediately be turned against her i think they were not paying attention the last 3 years and watching what happened. she’s obviously saying what she wants to say to the public via her music / mv and the way in which she is presenting her music thus far in lieu of any sit-down interview. . now that said if she decides to do interviews then fantastic, i would love them too, i’ll be the first to read them,  but i have to say if she doesnt, then i can 150% understand why not. Why set yourself up to be attacked and have your own words used against you later?

maybe these folks want candids? missing taylor is fine and valid and that is okay, and you can want candids, there is nothing wrong with wanting to see her, but to be actually upset with her not wanting / allowing the paparazzi, who are the actual impetus to so many of the rumors about her and a significant majority of the bullshit she  has faced (not to mention the stalking), and ½ the reason for the overexposure,  to make money off unsolicited pictures of her? who can blame her? what good would those pictures have for her …. so that she can be plastered across the news, making the public sick of her again at a faster rate than she would be otherwise? or to lead to stories made up about her about being pregnant/having a boob job / about to b/u with her bf/ or just simply having her picture taken when she doesnt want it taken?  Look at the pics of her and joe running into her apt from the other day. they were picked up by a lot of sites. and those were blurry, shitty, no-face pictures. imagine what would happen if she casually walked from the car to the door and smiled for everyone? 

are people upset bc of things she experimented with during the 1989 era… like the secret listening sessions… so that the fandom can fight again about who got picked and who didnt? it was a wonderful idea she had to do that and generous and kind, and i’m happy for the fans who got to be a part of those types of things, but it also caused a lot of sour feelings. Same with swiftmas and other fan-specific things. you just can’t please everyone or people feel like there is favoritism and hurt feelings,… maybe it is better to treat the whole class equally… than only have a small group over for your birthday party, hmm?

 maybe people are upset of the lack of replies and reblogs on tumblr .. sure those were fun!! even tho it led to people thirsting for her attention harder which maybe made the experience for her on tumblr disingenuous? maybe if that expectation of getting involved in posts or fans’ personal lives is gone then that expectation will subside, and she can stay focused on liking things that pertain primarily to her music - and occasionally a few about her? her likes so far have been 99.9% pertaining to her and her music. not to mention the replies/rb’s let to buzzfeed and bustle etc running articles picking apart her replies? 

 or perhaps people are upset about the lack of  instagram posts so that those can also be dissected and mocked for whatever content? her insta was constantly regarded by the media as a bragger, ‘look at me, my life is so great, but also im a cat lady with a lot of famous friends’.  Trust me i loved seeing her ig pictures too, i love her sense of humor and that came through in some of her posts, but i have never seen someone’s instagram more attacked than hers in the last 3 years no matter what she posted unless it was a direct relation to her work … and even some of those were the source of negativity. her friend ships were attacked so hard, it became a topic of discussing and mockery in other artists’ interviews “are you a part of ‘the squad.’ Then there was the whole craze if she didnt wish someone a hbd, suddenly that friendship was in turmoil and there go the tabs again. So she’s using her ig like most businesses use theirs: to promote their brand. Seems reasonable to me. Why set yourself up for attacks. And back to tumblr, look at what happened last time she reblogged a certain blog playfully, it led to a story running across every outlet mocking her when she was just trying to have fun and being goofy re: the og blog’s sassy post? who can blame her for going, ‘guess i cant do that anymore’? even her ‘likes’ are being reported by the news now!! there is no ability to have a semiprivate fan-artist relationship because the media. gets. ahold. of. everything. and. they. ruin it. 

and since we are a society who loves to blame, if people want to blame someone for the way things are, blame the press, blame the paps, but don’t blame taylor. she’s simply reacting and adapting to the culture around her.

and i do expect she will do performances around the album launch, bc those are generally well regarded and not torn apart… 

and as for ‘using us’ .. .thats just an insult wow. first and foremost no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head. the door is right there. use it if her current approach is so bothersome, but to sit here and whine about it? If you hate your job, find a new one? if your friends suck, stop hanging out with them? but to sit there and bitch? come on. if you’re that unhappy and think taylor is some changed person you dont like/relate to anymore.. then go! the ongoing complainy judgmental negativity is puerile and rooted in underlying selfishness … and we are only three weeks into this era.  

i have heard people feel ‘disconnected’.. i thought the whole reason people liked taylor swift was to connect and relate to her through her music? isnt that what ultimately, every reviewer has said since the beginning of time: Great music, Great lyrics, Very Relatable. love story, fifteen, white horse, trouble, enchanted, all too well, sio, 22, clean, i could keep going but arent those all songs people have really related to, got them through good and bad times? was it not the music people related to with taylor from the beginning, to her experiences, growing up, love, love lost, coming of age, that she shared in lyric? that’s how i have since ages ago? it was always music first. The rest was gravy? but if some connected to her primarily through her personal life - interviews, instagram, baking, cats, boyfriends, friends, clothing, outfits -  was really where it was at…… and the music is just a footnote… if people are truly disconnected now bc the above don’t exist .. then maybe it is the very right choice of taylor to remove them… remove the ‘other’ way people felt connected .. .because maybe she really only wants people to *feel* connected to her through her art, not her private life?  i respect her choice to try to keep something to herself. 

idk if people were simply not paying attention, but taylor seems to have cut everything out of her life that people ragged on her for in the past. like, wouldn’t you? isn’t that basically self-preservation and protecting yourself? if someone is going to use something against you, why would you continue to do it anymore? wouldnt that be rather masochistic? i mean really give that a solid five minutes of thought. if you are taylor swift and you are doing something that you are repeatedly and vigorously torn down for - like all the things i have mentioned above - why on God’s green earth would you continue to do them? honestly, why? is pleasing some fans by doing A, B, and C above really worth the expense of allowing your life to be one where you are trashed daily by literally the entire media? what kind of life is that? 

good for her for putting herself first.


- the first time someone knocks richie’s glasses off his face eddie comes after the little shits with the vengeance of an asmathic boy with an eerie capability to wield his inhaler lethally

- “you just don’t fuck with eddie kaspbrak.” the rumours kiss the hallways of Derry High, his blue inhaler like a beacon of fear in his freckled, tan hand.

- richie tozier once burned the soles off a bully’s shoes using his eyeglasses and the sunlight.

- “he’s fucking ingenious,” one girl says, her glasses glinting on her face. she’s glad richie tozier showed those overgrown assholes what glasses can do

- eddie can’t run fifteen feet without wheezing like someone’s force choking his lungs

- to combat this, he hitches a ride on richie’s back when they’re running away from bullies. it’s oddly romantic.

- richie actually doesn’t know how to tell eddie he likes him (properly, that is. he was supposed to ask ben) so he just… tells him… and then nods… makes a dick joke… and runs away

- eddie sighs and sticks “i ❤️ u too idiot” on richie’s bike

- do not tell anyone. but richie put that shit in a time capsule to commemorate. he hopes someone will find it and know of his and eddie’s love

- he buys rips eddie sunflowers from the denbrough’s garden

- eddie of course knows where he got them from and returned it to mrs denbrough

- he tells richie to “try again,”

- to woo richie’s mother into letting him date her son, he bought her pies and promised to not let eddie run around without his two fanny packs (jokes on her eddie already does that)

- eddie makes richie wear the second fanny pack “its bad for my hips, richie. share the weight.”

- he dutifully carries the fannypack. why? because he fucking loves eddie kaspbrak, even if that means carting around a fanny pack

- every time richie comes into the pharmacy without eddie, the pharmacist just goes “?” and richie nods. he knows. the people of derry know. he’s whipped for eddie kaspbrak. he wears this like a badge

(i might add to this. why am i doing this while in class)

The Jersey

Request: “Hi I was wondering if you could write a teen wolf imagine where the reader is Scott’s sister and one morning she comes down stairs and forgets she is wearing Isaac’s jersey and Scott questions her. Just something cute. Hope this wasn’t confusing 💛”

Ship: Isaac Lahey x Fem!Reader!MCcall x Scott MCcall (siblings) 

Warnings: fluff, angst, swearing, yelling, etc. 

Notes: none of these gifs are mine, credit to owner. 

Third P.O.V 

The morning sunlight seeped through (Y/n) Mccall’s glass windows. It’s brightness cascaded across her features. (Y/n) scrunched her face at the brightness of the light, shifting slightly due to the new found warmth. Groaning, she threw the pillow over her head with a huff. Hoping that sleep would take her again, she waited a few seconds, hoping too fall back into her prior comforting slumber. After a few minutes, (Y/n) sighed in defeat and threw her legs over the bed. She threw her hair up into a dirty bun, stretching and yawning as she made her way down-stairs. (Y/n) was quite a forgetful person. But this had to take the cake. As she walked down the steps, the only fabric covering her beautiful body, was her secret boyfriend’s jersey. Now, here’s the thing, Scott is very protective of his sister. Always have been, always will be.

That morning, Scott expected to see his sister, dressed properly and ready for the day. However, what he saw instead, was his baby sister wearing one of his friends jersey. There was a long rooted tradition in Beacon Hills. If a boy asked you to wear his jersey, it was a sign of good luck, a sign of affection. Most of the boys who had done it on the lacrosse team asked their girlfriends to wear their jerseys. The team had been doing this tradition for as long as time itself. Scott gave his jersey to his girlfriend, Kira. It was a symbol of luck and love for her. But for other guys, it was a sign to other boys, to show them that the girl they chose was theirs, as in, a one night-stand. His mind ran with horrible thoughts and pure terror, not to mention that Isaac was one of his good friends. “(Y/n)-” He said, wide eyed. “What the hell is this?!” (Y/n) hadn’t realized it until now. The second the words left her brothers mouth, her heart dropped. 

Shit.. Not to Scott’s knowledge, but Isaac and (Y/n) had been sneaking around for a few months now. They were good at hiding it. It all started with the final game of the season, last year. The two lovers had been crushing on each other for as long as time itself. Isaac made a promise to himself that he would ask you out that night and take you out to dinner if he made the final goal. That was all the motivation that he needed, and before he knew it, the two kids were having dinner and laughing until the sun came up. Ever since then, the two of them were unconditional, absolutely inseparable. After that night, they’ve been happily together. (Y/n) was very good at lying, well, only to Scott. He was easy to trick, all she needed to do was change her perfume and he wouldn’t notice a thing. Scott never knew about the long nights they had spent together. Not until now. 

(Y/n) panicked, glancing at her outfit, which only consisted of her boyfriends jersey and a small pair of under-garments. She was going to tell Scott about it, but the it was too late. The cat was out of the bag. (Y/n) stuttered, growing extremely red from embarrassment. “Scott- it’s not what it looks like, I can explain!!!” He puts his foot down, scoffing while he rests his hands on his hips. “Alright, go ahead then. I’m waiting.” Before, Scott rarely used his werewolf powers on his sister. He thought it was rude to pry in such a disgusting way. He thought that his sister, if she wanted to, had the free will to talk to him about whatever she wanted. But in this moment, he was more than obliged to pluck the secrets from his her. She played with her fingers, heart beating faster as she tried to come up with a good excuse. “You see- I uh- Funny story actually, I- this isn’t- I’m borrowing-” Before she could finish however, the house doorbell went off. Oh, god! Isaac. (Y/n)’s eyes went wide. He planned on taking her out for breakfast around nine, the time Scott wasn’t suppose to be in the house. 

Isaac expected to see his beautiful girlfriend to open the door to the Mccall house. Instead though, her brother, and Isaac’s good friend, swung the door open, growling up at Isaac. “Isaac. What are you doing here?” He says with a bit of a bite. The young boy, despite his height advantage, felt incredibly small against Scott. “Oh, nothing. I just-” He paused, looking over his shoulder to see his girlfriend, (Y/n), shaking her head, motioning to her body. The jersey. Isaac’s jersey. He gave it to her last night after they…oh.. His eyes went wide, glancing back at Scott, who practically growled back at him. “Isaac, I’m gonna ask this nicely. Did you fuck my sister?!” The young boy glanced over his friend’s shoulder, looking at his girlfriend for help, something, anything. However, the only thing he got, instead, was her, mouthing one word. Run. Glancing back at Scott, he laughed fakily before turning to bolt away. Far away. “ISAAC, I’M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH! THAT’S MY BABY SISTER, YOU BASTARD!” 

Scott chased after Isaac, for a few streets. After a few minutes, he finally lost him and made his way back to the Mccall house. There, he climbed up (Y/n)’s ladder, where she sat. She wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him into a kiss. “D’ya think he’ll be okay with it? With us, I mean?” He asks, slightly out of breath from running. (Y/n) sighs, grinning. “I’m sure he will. You better run though, lover boy. He’ll be back in no time.” Isaac giggled, kissing her again with passion. “You’re worth the chase.” She grabbed his arm. “Hey, I love you.” (Y/n) meant it, with every fiber in her being. She loved him. Isaac smiled from ear to ear, wrapping his long calloused hands around her waist before pulling her closer. “I love you too. By the way, you look sexy as hell in my jersey. You should wear that more often.” After that, he hopped off the ladder, running back to his house. He peered over his shoulder once or twice to look at his beautiful girlfriend. The love of his life. All of a sudden, a warm body tackled him to the ground. “ISAAC, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

femmephobia is REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my story:

last week, i was at my local Queer Cafe minding my own business sipping on my venti hibiscus-infused passionfruit iced tea lemonade and reading legally blonde: the novelization, when a MEAN UGLY OPPRESSIVE BUTCH wearing a leather biker jacket with a wallet chain and timberland boots came STOMPING UP TO ME and told me i “WASN’T GAY ENOUGH” to be in this Gay Starbucks. i couldn’t FUCKENING believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! here i was, happily being a queer kinky sapiosexual femme who LOVES my polyamorous aromantic boyfriend mind you, when this disgusting DYKE tells me to get lost!!!!!!!!!!!! for NO REAL REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i say to her “ummm excuse me bitch??? just WHO do you think you ARE??!” and she says to me (i still cry about this every night before i sleep because it was So Traumatic) “i’m the manager of this cafe, get lost you hett*e sp*ghetti! Your Kind isn’t welcome here!” at this point i wasn’t gonna fight this regressive and repugnant femmephobe who was clearly exercising her butch privilege over me, so i picked up my marc jacobs purse, put on my gucci sunglasses, pivoted in my miu miu pumps, and walked out the door in defeat.

while on the way home, 2 gay men and ANOTHER BUTCH (probably the girlfriend of manager butch) drove past me in a rusty pickup truck and LAUGHED AT ME, calling me “b*rbie” and “bl*ndie” and all sorts of NASTY FEMMEPHOBIC SLURS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to walk an entire mile, in high heels mind you, while listening to their taunts and jeers. once i FINALLY returned to the safety of my home, where i thought i would be protected from the world and all its cruelty, i had found graffiti on my front door saying “FEMMES GET OUT” in oil paint, no doubt from that mannish masc-of-center mechanic dyke who fucked up my hot pink mazarati in the shop last week!!!!!!!!! and it wasn’t even NOON yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the battle i face everyday when i step out the door and enter the Queer World. this is my story and i refuse to be silenced anymore.

Bill Potts Is NOT the “Bury Your Gays Trope”.

Bill Potts is an amazing character, part of a dark story who happened to “die”. And yes, die is in quotation marks because this is a two-parter episode. We are in the middle of the story still! Do you really think that would be it? 

Let’s look at how Bill was treated compared to Moffat’s other characters, both male and female. 

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Rory, white straight man, killed at least a million times. Left to be a Roman and sit for thousands of years to guard his almost dead wife in a box. WHICH HE SHOT BTW! That can’t be easy emotionally for him at all. He had to let an older version of his wife die so he could save the younger one. His baby was taken from him, and when he finally thought he’d get to have her back, the baby disintegrated in his wife’s hands. The poor guy was a punching bag. 

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Amy, probably the least tortured out the characters. BUT STILL TORTURED! She was kidnapped, and her mind was switched into a flesh avatar. When that tie was broken, she woke with a swollen belly and went straight into labor. Then was held captive. Her only child was taken from her and turned to putty in her arms. How disturbing is that! She saw Rory turn into a pile of ash one episode. Not to mention, both Rory and Amy didn’t get to see their families ever again. 

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Clara, ok so I believe she is the epitome of a piece of cardboard when it comes to being a well-rounded character, so I don’t remember much of her run because of that. She was a gimmick, and I don’t really believe she or at least her story lived up to the name: Impossible Girl. She is bisexual, btw, and she died in more episodes than I can think of, but was always brought back. Keep that in mind. The man she loved got hit by a car and died, for real this time. And she literally went to hell and back to get him. And SHE COULD SAVE HIM, but he, being an honorable guy saved another instead. So he stayed dead, crippling her emotionally causing her to be mad reckless after that (Actually giving her character outside of the Impossible girl). And because of that at the end of her run, she did die…AAAAND CAME BACK TO LIFE AGAIN, UGGGH CLARA. 

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River Song, a bisexual (or omnisexual) who had an amazing run. And who DID, get a happy ending. There was a whole perfect episode about it! But still, she was tortured! Raised by crazy people, making her the same. Not being able to really live and be loved by her parents like a daughter should be. Being jailed for killing her husband (even though she could get out lol). Still, her life was nowhere near perfect. 

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Bill, has had adventure after adventure will the Doctor. In every, if not almost every episode she has made it known who she likes: WOMEN. Yes, a lot of the episodes have been dark as hell, but that fits Capaldi’s Doctor. It was this dark since Clara was here.

Moffat isn’t going after Bill because she is gay. I am a black gay woman, and I would be extremely pissed if this happened! But throughout the years, I know that Moffat is a sadistic fuck who likes to torture his characters (and I kind of dig it, makes for interesting and weird story lines). And that’s not to say that’s all he does, he’s very good at causing me pain, but he’s also done other amazing stories aside from just pain. 

Moffat has a habit of torturing his characters, but not killing them for good. He inflicts deep emotions to get a rise out of them, and out of you, the audience. And it’s worked, over and over. Bill is probably not dead, she was killed in the first 9 minutes of a two-part episode that almost ranges about 2 hours. There is much more to that story, and we’ll see it play out. And if Bill does die, the story warranted it, it was written amazingly. It wasn’t shoehorned in, blue dude was scerd and he acted out of fear. And she has had an awesome run! She had great character development. And I saw somewhere someone make the argument, that she hasn’t had any “big moments” like other characters. 1) Not true, she saved the human race with her MIND! Something the Doctor tried to do and failed, and 2) Not all heroes wear capes! Bill gave us great representation for both the LGBTQ community and the black community for an entire season!

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I understand some would like to have seen more, maybe a kiss or two. That’s totally legitimate and I can agree to an extent. Though we did get her (and the doctor) validating her feelings about women and the LGBTQ community (again almost every episode), she went on dates with her female love interests, and we saw great moments where people got to learn about consent, where “no” should just mean “no”, TWICE (Flatmate and Bisexual Roman)! With Doctor Who being a “children’s show”, her representation is on par with Steven Universe at the moment, and they are both great for what they have done, and done well. 

What I am trying to say is, don’t just look at the bad, look at the whole picture. And even if you do in this situation, there isn’t that much of it. Yes, Bill is gay and she was shot, and is “dead”. But I urge you to look at Moffat and his storytelling, he doesn’t kill off his characters. But even if this her end, she was a good well rounded gay character, that happened to die.

Her positive impact on LGBTQ representation doesn’t go away! 



“I met Chloe on March 25th, 2017. It was at the HVFF in Chicago. I arrived three days before the event to have some time to explore the city on my own. When the day came I was a complete mess. I flew almost 3000 just to see her. Of course I was first in line that day.

She was a little bit late, which gave me plenty of time to get more nervous. We were expecting her to come through the black curtains. I was just talking with the staff guys (they were so nice to me) when they saw her coming behind us.

I really can’t describe how it felt to see her. She walked right pass me and suddenly I didn’t want to go first. She came with her manager and sat down and I still wouldn’t move. She was like waiting and I didn’t move. She finally told me to come over. I literally had a speech planned and all the things that I wanted to say. I brought some presents, but when I was in front of her I went totally blank.

I think I forgot my English in that moment. I managed to say some words. I introduced myself and said that I had come from Colombia and she was really surprised that I had done that. It’s true that when you’re with her she’s hyper focused on you. She grabs your hand and she looks at you, and only you and pays attention to every single thing that you say and when you’re an incoherent mess (like I was) she starts complimenting you. She grabbed my hair and said that she loved it, because she missed her long hair so much. She said that she loved my shirt (I was wearing the fight like a girl sweater) She always tries to keep the conversation flowing. One thing that struck me is that she seems to be very aware of the kind of person that is in front of her? I mean, I noticed that a few people only approached her booth to see if she was taking pictures. She had a no photos rule. I think with that she makes sure that people go there to have a special moment, not just to take selfies with some celebrity.

I think she knows how to read that love and reciprocate it when she sees that people are being honest with her. So many of us went up there so excited only to say hello, to spend some time with her. She tries to make that small moment special. I told her I had totally forgotten my English in that moment and she said that Natalia would love me, and mentioned the episode were they recruited Yoyo in Bogotá. I was mostly trying to get out all the things that I wanted to tell her, I was so nervous, but she never stopped holding my hand. She would hug me and she would thank for every nice thing that I had to say.

I forgot that I had to get her autograph so she asked if I had something for her to sign. I remembered the Daisy pop and the gifts and I got the box out of my backpack. She asked which color I wanted for the autograph and she started writing my name while I tried to find the gifts, and I couldn’t find them! I was taking so long and getting even more nervous so she got curious and started looking inside my bag. She found another pop and asked who that was. It was a gift for a friend. She had like her face in my bag and I was so clumsy trying to get the candy out of the bag. (I gave her candy from Colombia) I explained some things about it and she said that she loves treats and candy and everything sweet in general… yeah. No surprise there.

I think she was smiling at how clumsy I was the whole time. As I said, I think she really appreciates when people cares about her. I told her that I was going to come back and also see her at the photo ops and then she offered another hug and then went around the table to hug me…and she just hugs you like she means it. I mean, I know that I’m just another fan but I think she has a very special love for us and she shows it every second. In that moment she makes sure to make you feel special. She kept smiling and grabbed my hand again. I was shaking. I forgot half of the gifts, but I was incredibly happy.

Then it was the first photo op. I was like third in line. When I went in she hugged me again, called me by my name, and I was a bit more confident at that point. The photo ops are super fast and Chloe asked if I wanted a hug. I really never asked for anything because I didn’t know the rules for these things but she was always warm and nice. I mean, she doesn’t have to be like that and I think it can be exhausting for her but again, I think she tries to reciprocate the love that we show her in those brief seconds or minutes.

I got my picture and then I felt like I didn’t want to go… so I just waited until she was back in her booth and went to get the picture signed. I gave her a little bracelet and she let me put it on her wrist. I babbled some more about how much Daisy and her mean in my life. I thanked her. She hugged me again. I really lost the count on the hugs hahaha. I asked about her kids and she told me they were back at home. I said that I would see her the next day and then said goodbye.

On Sunday things were even better. I actually felt like I could talk to her like a normal person hahaha. I went back to her booth, of course (I really just spent my time there) Then I was first in line again. That day Chloe arrived around 11. When she came I started feeling a bit weird, I didn’t know if it was okay to go in so many times… but I really went to Chicago for her, so I had to make the most of it.

She sat down and said hello. I was wearing overalls and she said that she loved them. I told her that I knew, that I always wanted to try but she gave me the confidence to start buying them. She hugged me again and asked if I was going to the panel. I said of course. I told her that I had another photo op with her and she told me that she would see me there.

I kinda started feeling the withdrawals at that point… so I just lurked around her booth for the rest of the morning until it was time for the photo op (it was a duo op with Brett) that day things were a lot more organized. I was one of the last ones in line. For that photo I had a pose in mind.

It was as fast as the other one. I think when it was my turn I went straight for Chloe and forgot that Brett was there for a second haha so I quickly turned to say hi to him but never let go off Chloe hahaha. The photographer would always get annoyed… and even more when I tried to explain the pose to Chloe and Brett but they just wouldn’t get it. It was funny because they got it wrong in the exact same way the first time. Chloe kept asking and trying to show me if she was getting it, and the next thing I know her leg is like around me, and then Brett got it and I started laughing and almost ruined the photo… I’m still not totally happy with my face, but at least we had a good time for those… 30 seconds hahaha. I said thank you and apologized. Chloe said that we almost didn’t get it… and then I started to feel like I didn’t want to say goodbye. I hugged her and then left because I took too long and the ops guys hated me already. On my way out I was like… shit Brett! And then hugged Brett. I think they both were laughing the whole time about my clumsiness. So that was a bit of a mess but a good kind of mess.

But then I picked my photo… I didn’t turn out that bad, and I realized that I had to do something else. I mean, I was already there. So I ran back to the table and got the last ticket for the next op. I ended back in line. The last person for the Chloe solo op. I’m so glad I went back. When I entered again I asked if she was getting tired of me. She received me with open arms and said that she never would. She peeked outside and when she realized that I was the last person she told me “best for last!” and grabbed my hand to take me to the center of the booth. She asked if I had anything in mind so I just told her to make faces. When they took the pic she quickly told me that she would say that she messed up, and then told the photographer that she had messed up and to take another one. So they took another picture, and I made the same face like the idiot I am. The thing is… every time she would do something nice my brain would stop working so I had nothing in that moment. I kinda wanted to cry.

So that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t know if that was going to be my last personal moment with her so I started thanking her for everything, again. I told her that I was glad I took the very irresponsible decision to fly to Chicago in the last minute. She thanked me for doing it and yes… more hugs. I got some time while the next celeb took Chloe’s place in the booth so I told her that I wanted to say goodbye and she told me to go to her autograph table again. I told her that she was my hero. I felt like a guy was about to take me out so I gave her one last hug and left.

Next it was the panel. You all know how that went. It was hilarious. I was really close to them but then went back to be closer to the mic line. I did get to ask a question about Daisy. At that point we didn’t know if the show was going to be renewed and I also started thinking that maybe this was going to be the only time that I got to see her. I was happy with the things I told her. I was happy to see with my own eyes how nice and honest in the way she interacts with people that she is, but it was heartbreaking to think that only had like a few minutes more to see her.

So yes. I went back one last time to the autograph table… Actually I waited for HOURS to be the last one to go. Since I had become such good friends with the staff they just let me be there. At the end I got to hang on the table where they had the pile of photos for Chloe to sign, right next to her table. That’s when the funniest thing happened. I see a huge, Asian guy come out from the back, He came to the table where I was and started looking through the photos. So I went like…”Mr Bennet?” He said yes with a smile. I introduced myself and told him my name and when he heard it (and probably my accent) he said that I was the girl that came from Colombia, that Chloe had told him about me. I died in that moment… for the tenth time in two days. It was almost my turn so I just told him that he had the most amazing daughter in the world. That she’s important for so many people and women, that she was amazing and for me it was worth it to take such a trip just to tell her that. He went full proud dad mode in that second and told me that she really was, and just the way she was here with her fans she was at home. He told me that she really appreciated me being there, and all the people that support her. He thanked me and said that she probably would have something special to say to me.

I went back. I really don’t know what was going through her manager’s head at that point, but Chloe looked happy. I went like: “I just met your dad” She was like oh no, what did he say? He’s talking to the fans now? I just told her that we just agreed that she’s the best. She took one of the other pictures that I was carrying to sign it while we spoke. I thanked her for everything she did. I told her that it meant a lot. I really don’t remember how we got to her birthday, but I wished her a happy birthday and told her that mine was coming up too. She wished me a happy birthday. I was trying really hard not to cry in front of her, but I told her that I really meant all the things that I had told her, and that it might seem like just a tv show, or a fictional character… but it really makes a difference in the lives of so many people. She knows, she works her ass off to brig Daisy to us and she loves every second of it. She thanked me and hugged me and she wouldn’t let go off my hand while I told her.

Then she eyed my iphone on the table. She asked if I wanted a selfie. I turned to check if there were people in line and actually some people arrived after me so I just looked back at her, but she was grabbing my phone and she told the others that it was because my photo op came out wrong. She told me that I had come all the way here, that I should get one. I just nodded and she was already going though my phone and opening the camera app. She took a pic, and then I said that my hair was terrible, so she just took another one. She didn’t look like uncomfortable or like she had to do it. She really wanted to make that moment special. I think she wants that for all her fans and I think that it’s important not to pressure her to sign things and take pictures on do things. She’s a person just like us, she could be tired or having a bad day, but she’ll offer something special to make you happy if she can. She wouldn’t stop thanking me and I told her that I was happy that I got to see her one last time. Then I saw her manager check her watch and I think I said it out loud because Chloe laughed. She got out of the table again to hug me and that’s when I broke. I told her that I didn’t know if I would get to see her again, but that she had made everything so special that I would always treasure these days. She told me that we would see each other again and I told her that we didn’t even know what was going to happen with AoS and that I just needed Daisy in my life. I told her that it would kill me (Don’t judge me. I was a mess in that moment) she was like noo! Don’t die! Hahaha She said that she was going to do new things.

In the end she just hugged me and thanked me for coming. I waited until she left and waved her goodbye. I actually didn’t cry when she left hahah I think maybe I’ll get to see her again. Now I know that going there was totally worth it and I would definitely do it again.”

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Okay so this is very experimental when compared with what I usually do for this page, from Deadpool’s point of view.

Deadpool x Female reader
Words: 629

 Have you ever worn as guy as a puppet?

Trust me it’s hilarious, and you don’t have to go up through the ass, the stomach is a fine entry point. Sitting down cross legged I pulled my new puppet into my lap and shouted for my new favourite person, “Y/N! Y/N!”
She ducked down as one of the more beefy men ran at her, caught him by the waist and used his momentum to throw him up and over her back so that he landed with a slap on his back on the road. He didn’t have time to worry about his clearly broken back though before she shot him in the head. She whipped her head towards me, “What is it Wade?”
I spoke to her in a high pitched voice through my man-puppet, “Why so grumpy Y/N?”
She scowled, “Are you serious? You don’t think I’m a bit busy for your shit right now?” She gestured around her to the on-going battle on the highway.
“Don’t be mean.” Man-puppet chastised her, “I’m not Wade, can you see Wade speaking?”
Y/N pinched her brow and let out a long suffering sigh, “Of course I can’t Wade, you’re wearing your mask.”

I’m not sure, but I don’t think my flirting technique is working. I thought women like Y/N, one of the X-Men would love violence based humour. Logan got his claws blood soaked every mission and he was swimming in offers.

“Y/N!” One of the bad guys screamed at her, she gave him a bored glance.
I turned my man puppet to him, “Rude! We’re having a conversation.”
“Wade shut up.” She snapped at me as the guy lunged at her but I was quicker. Throwing my beloved puppet at him to knock him over I kicked him hard in the side of his head until it concaved in.

He fell to the floor with an undignified splat in front of her and she scowled at me.
“I just saved your ass!” I argued, “Why won’t you give me a chance?”
“Because you account for most of the stress in my life!” She snapped and in one slick motion pulled a small throwing knife from her pocket and threw it straight into the neck of a passing enemy.

Gasping in shock, I tutted and skipped after her as she made her way through the fight, “How boring would your life be without me?” I asked. A guy swung at her and she stabbed him in the eye before he could get too close but didn’t see the guy behind her. I lunged forward, caught her by the hand and spun her down into a dip and shot her attacker between the eyes, “See?” I added.
The slightest pull of her lips was all she gave me as a reward, her hands found my chest and she sighed, “Oh Wade, you’re my hero.”
I narrowed my eyes and felt my mask move with it, what was she up too?

Y/N leaned up and for a moment I thought she might kiss my mask but instead I found myself on my ass with her grinning down at me. She blew me a kiss and walked back off into battle calling over her shoulder, “Keep trying Wade.”
What a woman!
“Oh I will!” I promised before turning to the body of the man I’d shot between the eyes, “Oh yeah, you’re right, she wants me. One day, we’ll fuck, I know it.”

Jumping up I headed off into the fray after her, there was no way I was letting an ass like that get away.

In honor of World Hijab Day, I’d like to take a moment to tell you what hijab means to me. I’ve been wearing hijab since I was 8 years old (about 13 years now) and I only grow to love it more and more each day. Contrary to what ignorant people want you to believe, the purpose of hijab is to free a woman from being seen only for her sexuality. I think most women (and even men) would agree that it’s a liberating feeling to be able to dress how we’d like and not how others would like to see us. Headscarves are seen in almost every religion in some form or another: Christian nuns, Orthodox Jewish women, etc. I love wearing hijab because it has given me the self esteem and ability to love myself for who I am. And because I’m able to do that, others can too. My husband fell in love with who I am and not with my body because the only things I chose to let him see were my heart and mind. He saw me for who I was as a human being. Everyone I meet is forced to see me for who I am because that’s the only side of me I choose to share. To me, and millions of women, there is beauty in that. I know that there are women in the world who do not have the privilege of a choice (namely in Saudi Arabia) and I stand against this injustice. However, there are also places in the world (recall France’s 2016 Burkini Ban) where women are penalized for covering as well. Both are wrong. Women should have the basic human right to choose to dress to ANY level of modesty at which they feel comfortable without any fear. This is what Islam has taught me and this is what hijab has taught me.

The Twins dating a non-straight girl would include...


❤️  Loving everything she wears and how she wears it, her fashion sense, style and self-confidence

💛  Being proud as FUCK of whatever she does, especially if it means standing up for others or being a pioneer of civil rights

💚  Going to Pride together

💙  Checking out girls together 

💜  But him getting a little jealous if she seems interested in anyone but him

❤️  “Is her butt cuter than mine?!”

💛  “No, Grayson. Your butt is the cutest butt. I promise.”

💚  Breaking every gender norm there is

💙  For example, he lets her glam him up and put makeup on him all the time

💜  And she makes him look fucking amazing

❤️  I’m talking James Charles level shit

💛  Defending her tooth and nail from anyone who has anything to say about her or her sexuality

💚  "That’s my girlfriend. I don’t have a problem with her, neither should you. And if you do, then you better take it up with me.”

💙  Him being feminist as fuck, but in all the right ways

💜  Him adoring her and vice versa


❤️  Being hella proud when she wears something that makes her feel confident

💛  “Babe, you look fantastic. I can’t stop staring.”

💚  Also going to Pride together

💙  Insisting that they both participate THOROUGHLY in every Pride-related activity because he’s having a blast

💜  “I FRICKEN LOVE RAINBOWS. Can we do this every year?!”

❤️  Him literally knocking out anybody who had anything negative to say about her.

💛  Him encouraging her to be as true to herself as possible

💚  “As long as that means you don’t leave me for someone else.”

💙  Him also being feminist, but she teaches him more and more about the female and non-straight struggle and prejudice

💜  Ethan would NOT want to check out girls with her because he would become instantly jealous and filled with rage


💛  Him dying his streak rainbow for her during pride

💚  “You know, if we get married, I would totally stay home with the kids while you went to work. I’m just saying.”

💙  The two of them going to rallies and protests for civil rights together

💜  Him just loving the crap out of her for being herself

Here it is! Thanks for the request anon. Hope you like it! 

Okaaaay, so, I got up at 430 a.m. to commence with checking out this new Taylor tune. Yeah, yeah. I know, but, some of us have to sleep bc chasing around a wild and crazy boy filled with super charged energy for ten hours straight requires real sleep and is not for the faint of heart. Okay? Okay.

My thoughts on this song upon first listen…Feels like I am floating on a huge wispy cotton candy-like cloud and I’m eating Snickers Almond, my favorite candy bar, and I’m drinking Coke and humming madly and thinking deeply about these profound yet simple lyrics that mean so much. I found the man this song describes many years ago and we’ve been married 21 years. Yes, I said 21 YEARS. Every morning he puts together my lunch bag, starts my car and cleans the windows, makes my coffee and puts it in the car in my cup holder. This is true love, guys, the kind that lasts. It’s the little things that keep you together, like building forts with blankets, and wearing his or her initial around your neck. I’m so happy for you Swift. It gives me pure unadulterated pleasure knowing you have found the Burton to your Taylor, the peanut butter to your jelly, the paint to your easel, the Jack to your Jill, the pumpkin to your chocolate chip cookie, the wave to your ocean, the Derek to your Meredith.

This is a masterpiece, and it feels like I got an old dear friend back. My fave REPUTATION song thus far because the sound and arrangement is all new but the lyrics are vintage SWIFT, through and through. I’m so here for this. 👏🏻👏🏻

we don't get uncomplicated love stories (trixya) - dragonfly


This is my first fic! I don’t ship Trixya so much as I ship Katya/Katya’s unrequited love for Trixie, but Katya has been basically writing her own fic prompts at this point and I couldn’t help myself. It’s just a super short one-shot about recent events.

He/him pronouns but drag names because Brians.

“I’d prefer her just to be my boyfriend.”

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“RIVERDALE IMAGINE: Betty expresses her feelings for you while you give her a make over”

Inspired by Love Like This by Kodaline

warnings: making out / its just really really gay, like oh my god it’s gay

[I do not own the gif above!]


Betty was in love with Archie. 

She always had been and somehow you just figured that she always would be. Not that you wanted her to be, in fact you had spent an entire year praying she would stop one day. But that was selfish of you, all you wanted was for her to be happy with someone. 

Watching Archie fall for Veronica was almost as hard for you as it was for Betty. It wasn’t uncommon for you, Betty and Veronica to hang out often and rant about boys and girls. Veronica often joked about the love of her life being a Mexican girl back home. Betty tried her best not to mention for the millionth time that Archie was her first and current love. 

But recently things had become complicated. Veronica spent more time with Archie than normal. Betty distanced herself from the redheaded boy and suddenly you two were together almost every night. 

It was wonderful and painful all at once. 

Safety was the hug she gave you every night before you crossed the street to your own house. It was the way her hair felt between your fingers when she let you brush it to calm her down on rough nights. It was especially the way she curled up to you on the nights you stayed over to watch movies and fall asleep in her bed. 

You had always imagined yourself with a Veronica. Someone thrilling whose looks gave you a slight shock when they walked into the room. Maybe someone slightly mysterious and sexy. 

Your love for Betty had snuck up on you over the years. Now you were so engrossed by it that no one else could hold a candle to her. She was the brightest part of your life. 

That particular night you were brushing blush across her cheeks and trying to calm your heartbeat down. Betty always had a lovely scent, it was soft and made your chest flood with warmth, maybe made with a hint of baby powder and coconut. Everything about her was familiar and loving, no one else could give you that feeling. 

“I’m glad we got the homework done, I bet we’re the only ones finished,” she said excitedly, the particular infliction to her words that made you smile. There was something unique in her voice when she got serious about something. 

Betty was an impressive student, but she didn’t exactly get intense about homework that often. You decide to brush off the thought and grab the comb off her vanity table. The calming pink of her room combined with the twitter of her voice reminded you that you had her all to yourself for the night.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs swinging back and forth while you sat cross legged behind her. She was beginning to bite her nails and you smacked her hand lightly while telling her to stop messing up her lipgloss and the nail polish you had just put on her. 

“Yeah I’m happy to have it over with. Now we have the whole weekend off.” You started to pull the gold coloured comb through her flaxen waves of hair. She flinched when it tugged through a knot and you put a hand on the top of her head to steady her as you ran the brush through again. 

“Do you have any plans for the weekend?” she asked tentatively, her shoulders tensing slightly.

“I thought we were supposed to all try and sleep in Jughead’s treehouse like when we were kids? We promised Veronica we could all fit even though that’s a complete lie.” 

Betty laughed and shrugged, seemingly relaxing a bit as you finished brushing her hair and pulled it through an elastic. 

“Well Jughead texted to say that he’s visiting his cousins in the city and it wouldn’t really be like old times if he isn’t there. Archie still wants to but I… Maybe you and I could just stay here for the weekend and let Veronica and Archie go?”

Your lips became twisted in a slight grimace as your brows furrowed. Betty hadn’t spent a weekend with Veronica and Archie in weeks, instead recruiting you for a slightly absurd amount of sleepovers. Everything seemed perfect at school, but you were beginning to think that those school weeks exhausted Betty’s happy-go-lucky facade. 

“Betty, I don’t want you missing out on these times with our friends. I know how hard it is for you to be around Archie and Veronica but I don’t want you constantly stuck with just me when–” 

“Archie? You think I still want Archie?” 

Her words rang through your mind a few times before you realized you wearing an embarrassingly shocked expression that couldn’t have been attractive. Betty wasn’t making sense; if she didn’t love Archie then why did she only ever settle for hanging out with you? 

“You’ve always loved Archie, why wouldn’t I still think you want him? I thought you’ve been using me to avoid him and Veronica.” You didn’t mean to sound as hurt as you were, but it had been building up in the past few weeks. You ate up every moment of attention Betty gave you, but subconsciously you had always figured you were sort of being used. 

Betty swung around and readjusted herself on the bed, looking at you face to face. Her cheeks were flush with more than the light blush that you had put on them earlier and you noticed the tips of her ears were heating up. She was the same nervous mess you had seen back when she used to follow Archie around like a puppy dog. 

“I wouldn’t use you for anything, Y/N. I want to spend every second with you sometimes and I know that sounds crazy but if it does, so be it. I can embrace that because spending time with you is when I’m happiest.” 

You didn’t mean to stare at her so intensely but it was as if her words had cast a spell on you. She grabbed your hand between hers and ran her fingers from the heel of your palm to the padding of your finger tips. You shivered and your eyelids fluttered, melting into a puddle of disbelief and complete bliss. 

“Betty, I…” your words seemed to fade away as you became enraptured by your reflection in her jade eyes. You looked absolutely lovestruck and suddenly it became so clear that she had to have known. It was too obvious, too clear how much you loved her. 

“I know,” she whispered, her words as wispy yet tangible as cotton. You could practically feel it’s underlying meaning stroking your cheek. 

And then her words were replaced by her feathery touch against your jaw and the unsaid thoughts on your lips met with hers. Breath was hardly a necessity when the push and pull between your mouths was far more addicting. The taste of bubblegum lipgloss with a hint of cosmetic bitterness met your tongue as it ghosted across her bottom lip. A soft, breathless kiss with flavoured lipgloss couldn’t have been any more Betty

The palm of your hand was melded against her thigh, kneading circles into her soft skin. Betty sat up on her knees and moved closer against you, her legs parting as she moved into your lap. Your hand moved up against her hip and guided her legs as they wrapped around your waste. The manoeuvre was hardly flawless but it only made you pull her tighter against you. The slight weight of her body elicited a moan from your throat and her teeth dug into your bottom lip in response. 

You took a deep breath and her lips pressed against your jaw, moving slowly towards your neck almost teasingly. You gripped the sleeve of her dove white cardigan and she sucked gently at your neck, a pulsing beginning between your thighs. 

“Slow down.” Your words were deep and hushed, the only tone you could manage. You could feel Betty’s lips twist in a smile before she pulled back and placed one last kiss against your mouth. 

“Countless sleepovers and we somehow avoided this for how long?” 

“Too long,” you responded quickly, releasing your choke hold on the material of her cardigan. She stayed sitting in your lap and stroked your jaw, creating small indents into your skin with the curve of her finger nail. “But we’ll have plenty more to make up for it.” 

She grinned, a gleam in her eyes letting you know that she found your wavering self control amusing. You sighed and wrapped your arms around her, leaning into her and letting your head rest against her chest. She began to run her fingers through your hair and you just breathed her in for a few moments. 

“I love you a little too much, Betty Cooper.” 


A/N: Let me know your thoughts because it’s been a while since I wrote an imagine that I actually liked! It inspires me to write more when I hear what people think/want more of. If you have requests you can also send them in. Anyways, I love Betty Cooper. 

Stiles Stilinski College Imagine

A/N: First imagine so if you don’t like it, I don’t either. I mostly wrote this cause I’m watching Criminal Minds and Reid always reminds me of Stiles.

SUMMARY: late night cuddles and dudes peeing sitting down.

If you guys like it I already have a follow up floating around in my head


You had been up since 5 am and it was currently 12:41. Needless to say you were tired, but Stiles wanted to watch Criminal Minds on his laptop with you for a while. You wanted more than anything to crawl into your own crappy little bottom bunk back at your dorm room in the Malcom building and be dead to the world but how could you refuse an enthusiastic Stiles? He even had popcorn with Cajun spice and dollar store mango juice! Turning him down would basically be sacreligious.

So now you’re here, laying on Stiles’ chest whilst looking at his makeshift tv (he really just balanced his computer on one of the thick wooden guard rails on the end of his bunk). He’s flat on his back and you’re curled up in a mock fetal position with one of your legs hitched up on his knee. This has become your default over the past two years of dating your absolute goober of a boyfriend.

You met at orientation for freshman year over your shared enthusiam and later bonded over the love of a mental challenge and shakes at Harbor House Café. You both excelled mentally but lacked enthusiasm in high school because the curriculum was too strict and neither of you wanted to waste time on menial things like citing sources or making power points reviewing the same Shakespeare act for the third time. Thank god he has the same humor as you, seeing as that’s really the only thing you look for in a partner.

On screen you see “Executive Producer: Mark Gordon” and the outtro music plays so you snuggle your head farther into his chest.

“You down to start season eight? The bio on this one says the guy sews his victims’ mouths shut. Uck.” He sticks his tongue out in light disgust.

“Sounds disgusting. Let’s do it,” you say. “I’m not promising that I won’t fall asleep though. I had my Harper lecture this morning, remember?”

“Oh yeah! Screw that guy and his color coded whiteboard. Did I tell you about the time I drew a blue dick on his red board?” You lift your head to look at his profile in response.

“That was you? Huh,” you lay your head down again, “not very creative of you but he bitched about it for the rest of last semester so that deserves some sort of commendation.”

You feel him shift his head to look at you for a minute before he spoke. “Commendation? Do I get a prize or a medal or something? A certificate at the very least.”

Smile spreading on your face you say, “You’re pushing it, Stilinski.”

“How about a kiss from a lovely lady?”

He grabs your chin and you easily lean up to meet him half way. His lips are soft with a dry patch or two, something you’re used to by now. You tell him all the time to bring chapstick to class but he conveniently forgets. You two bicker like an old Jewish married couple and every time you two get in one of your tangents together, Allison gives you this heartwarming smile. You talked to her about it once. She said she’s glad that Stiles finally found his soulmate.

You couldn’t agree more.


Scott: you want to wHAT?

you’ve never said shit about this before???

Stiles: I dunno man I mean

I just love her. Not to get all sappy or whatever but I just want every night to be like this

Scott: well yeah! Doesn’t she have to move out of Malcom the same time you do anyway?

Stiles: yeah it’d be perfect

if she says yes

oh shit man what if she doesn’t say yes

Scott: downhill spiral here we come

Stiles: what if she breaks up with me????

Scott: wait what

Stiles: maybe I’m moving too fast

she’d probably hate living with me man! What do I do? I leave my shit all around my room and barely do dishes and wear my Spider-Man tee

its been two years and she still hasn’t seen that disgusting shirt. Its become my only secret from her

Scott: what about the fact that you peed sitting down until you were fourteen?


Scott: calm down man, remember how she lives? Its spotless. She fucking loves cleaning. Maybe don’t wear the shirt every single night since it looks like Gordon Ramsay’s dish towel but ya'know

Stiles: you think she’d want to move in?

Scott: you said she came over after Harper and a 9 hour shift. That’s love my man


what made you want to move in with her?

like what was the realization????

Stiles: if you judge me I swear to god I’ll rip off your little dog testicles

Scott: wtf chill

Stiles: so we’re laying in bed watching tv right and I told her about the dick I drew on Harper’s whiteboard. And she doesn’t know about it and I realize that I kinda want to know everything about her and I want her to know everything about me. Like we can go a day without speaking because we both have a fuck ton of classes AND work and I don’t want that. I want to be able to come home to her and laugh with her every day and like. I dunno share my life with her I guess.

Scott: *wedding bells*

Stiles: eat ass and die McCall

Scott: ask her or I’ll ask her for you

now go to bed it’s almost 1:30

Stiles: ugh you’re no fun