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What do you think Ravus's reaction to Tumblr would be like?

I think we all know what Ravus’ reaction to Tumblr would be like:

  • “What in the name of the Astrals is a blog?”
  • “This post says I said that. I did not say that!”
  • *snorts* “Okay, I would definitely say that.”
  • “These children have no idea how to capitalize.”
  • Gayvus Nox Fleur-bae. Hm. Yes, clever.” *types a long threat in the creator’s ask box*
  • *clicks Keep Reading on a vague post* *opens pornographic fan art*
  • *clicks every Keep Reading he sees thereafter*
  • “Does the Chancellor know of this site? No? Oh, thank the Heavens.”
  • “Follow? Why would I want to follow anyone? You should all be following me.”
  • *finds any post hating on Noctis or Ardyn* *cackles*
  • *searches for more hate*
  • “Me, salty? Salty?! I have no idea what it means, but I do not like it.”
  • “These children have never seen proper punctuation before.”
  • “Why is Lunafreya a homosexual in this drawing?”
  • “Why am I a homosexual in this drawing? I am not a homosexual.”
  • *sees @ffxvthirstressIgnis Scientia Issue*
  • “I may have to rescind my last statement.”

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Here is a thing a wrote. Sorry if it’s bad because I didn’t proofread it. There are some sensitive topics that I can’t warn you about without *spoilers* so please read with care. Lemme know what you think.

It had been six months, eight days, and approximately four hours since you had first heard the song. Now, one hundred thirty one days later, you were hearing it again. You watched as he pranced around on the stage, singing the song that had haunted you since you first heard it. There were lots of songs on the album that vaguely hinted at your failed relationship with him, but with Kiwi, it was clear. While you definitely didn’t smoke and you hadn’t owned a cactus since you were twelve, the song was about you.

You felt a pang in your heart as he high-fived Camille. It was ridiculous. You knew the rumors about them were totally false, but it still hurt to see him so at-ease with countless women who would always be prettier and skinnier than you were. That’s why, when he got to the chorus, you threw your remote at the tv screen. You regretted that seconds later when you saw that you had shattered the screen. Whatever. It didn’t matter. It wasn’t like you wanted to watch the rest of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show anyway. You couldn’t take it anymore. Not after what happened with Harry.

Honestly, you didn’t quite know what happened. You had been so happy with Harry. The two of you were perfect for each other, but even perfection doesn’t last, apparently. Both of you hadn’t spoken in two months when you told him.

You knew you had to tell him eventually. He had a right to know. You figured it was better to tell him in person, but you were seriously reconsidering as you approached the door to his flat. You almost turned and ran back down the hall, but Harry opened the door before you could. His smile immediately faltered as he saw you frozen in the hallway.

“Hi Harry.”

“What’re you doing here?”

“I.. I just needed you to… Fuck… I’m pregnant Harry.”


“Look, I know it’s my fault we broke up and I can’t apologize enough. You know what I was going through… Whatever. I’m fine now and I don’t need your money. I don’t want your help. I just thought you should know.”

Without giving him an opportunity to respond, you turned and sprinted down the hall, hoping he wouldn’t come after you.

The painful memory of your breakup was only worsened by the song. The song that showed you how much you had hurt him. The whole album was just another reminder of how much you fucked up. You couldn’t fix what you had broken. You hadn’t talked to him and he hadn’t tried to call you, even after the baby would have been born. So he didn’t know. He didn’t know that he wasn’t a father.

Picking up the phone, you dialed the number you knew by heart. The number you hadn’t dialed in almost a year.

You prayed he wouldn’t pick up, but luck wasn’t on your side.

“-ello? Why are you calling me?”

“Um… Harry. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. I just… I just needed to work through some stuff.”

“Tell me what? About the baby? How is he? Or is it a she? Jesus, I thought I’d never know.”

“Harry… there is no baby.”

“What? Did you really fake a pregnancy? Did you think that would work? You’re the one who ended things.”

“No! God, Harry, of course not.”

“Well then what do you mean there’s no baby?”

“I lost it. I lost the baby.”


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so this might be the slowest realization of the century, BUT i just noticed that rachel lies to you during two truths and a lie. and i mean, like, not during the part where she’s supposed to be lying.

when she calls you out on your broken hand story, depending on how chloe chooses to ask ‘how the shit do you know this’, she gives two wildly different answers: 'i broke my wrist when i was ten’, versus 'last summer i performed a one-woman doctor who homage entitled 'weeping angel’’.

now my question is, why the fuck?? that seems like such a completely insignificant thing to lie about. and since i don’t think there’s any explanation with substantial backing by the story thus far, i’m just going to spew some baseless theories into the wind, here:

1. rachel is a compulsive liar. she casually lies about irrelevant shit all the time, doesn’t even think about it.
2. rachel broke her wrist under considerably less pleasant circumstances, that at the time she deemed fit to keep from chloe, still practically a stranger.
3. rachel never broke her wrist. she knows chloe broke hers skateboarding 6-7 years ago because she remembers it. rachel has been interested in chloe for much, much longer than any of us realize.
4. deck9 just wanted to put in some extra flavor text and i need to chill my ass asap

I feel the need to make this statement:

Ya’ll know I am a CAMREN BLOG; I do not promote nor am I for TYREN.

I received a lot of submission regarding TY dollar sign.

I won’t publish them for various reasons:

Number 1, Daz so old. I am not even bothered with Tyren nowadays. Why would I publish it on my page? That would only create unnecessary hate which would then lead for me to dislike my own page juz cause I see Ty’s fucking face on it. Catch mah drift?

Number 2, If that is what Lauren wants then let her be. If you are a deep thinker like me y’know she is like a kid to whom reverse psychology is needed. I already explained what I mean before. Juz search on my tags.

Number 3, this is my most important point: Why the heck do you all even follow him??! WHY?! frankly, I don’t even know he exists cause you know what? I DON’T FOLLOW HIM ANYWHERE. NADA. NONE. Honestly, Why would you even give him the power to irritate you?! WHY?! UNFOLLOW HIM!

Number 4, The more you give him attention, the more he is happy. The more he is talked about. Treat him as if he doesn’t exist, then, you hold the power, not him. He enjoys that you talk about him. Lauren will be tired of him. She will realize shit soon. But for now don’t even fucking give him any attention whatsoever. I didn’t even know him prior to Work From Home. Srsly, he is not an OG. I am more OG than him and I am Asian! For fucks sake. He, Is. Not. A. Threat. Repeat after me. He. Is. Not. A. Threat.

You know, there’s something that’s been bothering me about the whole deal with Monster bash, and that’s why did Star not look into the location she chose for the party?

I mean she could have, I don’t know, mentioned to her mom that she was throwing a party to strengthen the peace between Monsters and Mewmins and asked if this abandoned temple was a good idea because this literally meant the world to her. And before someone says something about her wanting to do this behind her mom’s back, let me remind you.

She had a petition signed by EVERY KINGDOME, her mom couldn’t stop it even if she wanted to. Maybe she could have found out a few things like … well …

Like how that temple was Meteora’a nursery? Or maybe she didn’t even have to mention that, just say to pick someplace else? It seems like a massive oversight for her, I mean what was she thinking when she picked out … wait,

She … didn’t … pick it out … wait a second, didn’t Rich give a whole speech about wanting to follow Star’s lead? He seems less likely to forget something like this, why would he-

Oh … you don’t think … I mean sure, Marco broke his leg but … he wouldn’t purposefully ruin Star’s party because of something like that, would he? His people are nice, they like being part of Mewni so why would-

… um … okay … why was it against pigeon law to learn to speak the Mewni tongue?

Pretend? Wait a second, you don’t think … I mean they did take that castle by force … and they are new … and rich … but … the pigeons aren’t evil … are they?

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Omg on vlive when jk starts talking about why he wasn’t nervous and he touches and looks at jimin.... I never even thought about it like that but now that people pointed out I’m like... it seem very suspicious and again with the “it’s because of army” but legit when I first watched this I was like “why are they so mean to him let the boy live I’m so confused what’d he do”... now it literally looks like he was about to say some gay shit again and then everyone was like boy no and then he got shy

jk literally uses the army excuse every time he says something a lil gay about jm. and i live for it. he really keeps saying army when we all know it’s him that’s feeling that way hahaha. 

Let’s talk about this review I got today for Experimentation. I doubt the person who felt the need to send this message to me is on tumblr, but I’ll never know because they posted as a guest. Which also means I can’t actively reply to it.

Now, I’m going to approach this kind of like a PSA or one of those videos we were made to watch in school about why you’re not supposed to walk on the railroad tracks. Only I’ll be explaining why you shouldn’t send messages like this to fanfic authors.

First though, let me just say that if you’re going to ask/demand things in your message, then please do so under a registered name so that the author can reply personally to you.

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Same anon here. Also, along those same lines... I'm perplexed why Dean would burn Cas' body, because "what's burned stays dead". After all the people - and angels - they've seen brought back to life some inexplicably way, wouldn't they want to hold out hope? I mean, I know the drunk demon said he couldn't come back, but please, why trust a demon, plus Cas has been mysteriously resurrected before - it could theoretically happen again - but not if they burn his body. So why do it?

DRAMA. Finality. If he didn’t really feel he was gone and dead he wouldn’t have had the abject the world is doomed I have nothing to live for, living but not alive feelings he did for 5 episodes that was so core to both his eventual moving forwards with Destiel but also his own character development.

I think you’re thinking too much like this is real life not fiction. Like… most of James Bond or die hard or pride and prejudice seems weird too if you apply real life logic you know? Remember they’re building drama and it works perfectly. I expected them to burn Cas. Because drama, finality, eventual character development etc.

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Hey... I know this is weird but. How do I get a boy to notice me without talking to him. I refuse to say hi or anything but I want him to notice me. You got any advice?

As a 20 year old who has hardly spoken to other people the entirety of my life, I can guarantee that literally no one will notice you if you don’t speak. I mean they might notice you, but usually when you don’t talk (and have a resting bitch face like me), no one approaches you ever. 

Why don’t you try saying hi??

RANT:Hate towards fictional characters...

With all the “character hate” and “problematic fave” shit that keeps popping up in the SU-fandom again and again, and with several characters, It got me thinking…

How? How and why do people get so angry? And I mean specifically people who state that they seriously “hate” a character. They’re pissed, they can’t stand them etc.

Cause you know what? That kind of thing almost never happens to me. The only reasons I might come close to “hating” a character is if they’re flat/boring, have an ugly design or have an annoying voice or something. I barely ever get pissed about things of what a character says or does. Mostly because they’re fictional and I view them as pieces that move the plot of a story along. If a story is well written, pretty much everything a character says or does, happens so that the plot can move on or so that the character can grow. Even if the actions of a character are unpleasant, if it’s good writing, I can appreciate it all, because I know it all happens for a reason: to tell an interesting, eventful and an emotionally challenging story. Sure I can feel bad like “aww that’s nasty” or “ugh that’s not nice” and “oh no” to something but I can simultaneously respect realistic and interesting conflicts and speculate what will happen next.

Some people don’t accept any bad features or weaknesses in any characters, meaning that no matter if the character is written to be a “good guy” or a villain, they will always judge them if they fuck up or act “mean”, While others seem to think that only villains can do bad stuff and they can love the villain characters because “that’s what they’re supposed to do!” but if the supposed good guy fucks up some way, they loose respect for them.

And I’ve never been able to understand this.

Sure there are stories out there with good guys who do no wrong and always know how to act and villains who are evil for the sake of being evil. But guess what? That’s boring and it doesn’t challenge the viewer.

A well written character is multidimensional. They have layers, they can learn and grow, they can change their views, they can be affected by things and experiences that they go through both negatively and positively, they can make mistakes! And that’s what makes them interesting, realistic and often even relatable! I love characters who are written like this! I don’t care if they’re a “good guy” or a villain. In real life, no one is 100% pure. No matter if the character is an alien or a talking animal or what have you, these stories are created by humans. And it’s in every human’s nature to sometimes act selfish, greedy, impulsive, inconsiderate or what ever flaw there is. No one is perfect. And that gets channeled into characters in fiction. And I find that beautiful.

So it goes over my head how some people can HATE a fictional character and sometimes even so much that they start to act spiteful towards others who like the character they hate(even though many people recognise the flaws in the characters they like). WHY? I could understand this kind of anger if it were a real existing person who did real bad things. Then the anger would be more justified because bad things really would’ve happened and sometimes people need to be called out for their bullshit. But when talking about a fictional character, it’s nothing more than a piece of a story.

Don’t loose your temper over a piece of a story. And if you don’t like that story then at least allow others to enjoy it!

(note: I do believe that it’s totally okay to react negatively to characters, to acknowledge bad things about characters and not agree on/support a character’s behaviour etc. You don’t have to like everything. But again, I still don’t see that to be a valid enough reason for hate)

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I don't outright hate the faction conflict, but thing is if Blizzard can even pull it off, even as a "both sides have a point". I mean war is dumb, but it happens and tbh WoW and nuance rarely go hand in hand? Yet I don't know why I'm slightly optimistic bout it. Maybe it's cus after making Sylv warchief -cause popularity- I don't think they aim to make her villainous, so I have this feeling they are gonna attempt to "justify" her attack on Teldrassil. But I don't see how they can pull it off.

They attempted to justify and redeem Grommash Hellscream at the end of WoD they will literally do anything and everything they please at this point.

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Wwnd if his girlfriend would try and lose weight for him? Considering not all of us have bodies like Ellie, Selena or Barb.

He’d be confused as fuck at first.  Probably assumes you’re working out.  But when you get weird about splitting a dessert and he finds out you’ve been emailing jarvis about nutrition he finally confronts you.  When you admit you’ve been trying to lose weight he asks why.

“Because I don’t look like them.”

“Like who?”

“Like the girls you’re used to dating.”

“But….I’m not dating them.  I’m dating you.  I don’t get it?”

I think he’d genuinely be confused why you don’t see yourself the way he does.  When you finally break down and explain he just holds you.

“Ya don’t have t’do any of that you know?  I mean, if you want to work out and be in shape or whatever, ok…..but not for me.  I love ya the way you are.  Just want you to be happy.”

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Jungkook is a whole liar .... first i know face i dont know name ik movie but i dont know movie name and now he means to tell me that jungkook wasnt nervous b4 stage was bc of .... army when he cleared grabbed jimin shoulders for like 3 feet when he said it ..... 🤔🤔🤔 and jhope face had me dead ... he was like really right infront of our salalds???? This is why they womt give us our vlive .... they will makeout infront of us ... sighh but since the amas is finish hopefully they free to do one

for reallll. my boy really can’t stop lying. he’s always using army as an excuse to be gay about jimin. and then he avoids questions like that. lmaoo, you ain’t slick jk!!! we see you !!!

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I have a question. Do you think jimin would be struggling with choosing a girl and having an ideal type? Like he would be really confused sometimes what he really likes in girls and what girl exactly he would go for. his venus and mars are in scorpio, which makes him intense and wanting a reserved and sexy girl, but i guess it is toned down by moon in gemini and sun in libra, which probably make him interested in outgoing and funny girl. PLeaSe HElp MEEE, why is so complex

Hey anon! Venus in Scorpio doesn’t necessarily mean one will want someone reserved and sexy, it strongly depends on the house it’s at. And Mars doesn’t talk about romance, nor one’s type (unless it was within 10 degrees of said Venus, but it isn’t). To know Jimin’s type you have to read his 5th, 7th and their rulers and Venus and Moon (plus its aspects). I haven’t had the time to do calculations on his birth time so I can’t tell you much but. Combining everything he has I’d say Jimin is a very visual guy (Scorpio ruling the planet of beauty while his mind works in a sign that also stands for beauty, Libra - and his Moon in Gemini working with said Mercury by rulership), gives huge importance to what is right or wrong because of Spica conjunct his Sun (so wouldn’t go for people that aren’t always working hard or that don’t respect rules, things like that) and also cares a looot about what other people think (above all I’d say he appreciates confidence, people that know what they stand for and that will make him proud of calling them his - especially because he’s a possessive little shit). Someone he’ll want to take care of (Sun and Mercury in Libra) but that’ll also be independent and clever (Moon in Gemini working with that Mercury, both in air signs). Briefly that’s all I can say for now, this is a whole lot of guessing though because no birth time. :( I will only be able to tell for sure when I get it.

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stop infantilizing your girlfriend. why does she even stay with you?

||: i mean, if infantilizing her is caring about her and reminding her to take care of herself and do things she enjoys…. 

you keep using that word and i really don’t think you know what it means.

so, i’m just gonna let @thcbloody‘s response speak for itself:
link here

get a hobby, get laid, i don’t give a fuck?
just stay out of my ask box and my really happy and healthy relationship.

hey guise, i wanted to let you all know im gonna be doing a fast for the end of this year and the beginning of next. and it’s super strict and super long because im going to be beseeching my God for quite an amount of strength for the New Year and just general favor

so this not only requires denying myself physical things, it requires intense prayer and constant prayer. that’s why im making this post. this is a powerful thing that i believe in wholeheartedly and i want to know if any of you at - ANY TIME - would like me to pray for you also, while i enter this period of sacrifice and of devotion. please tell me. i WANT to do this for you. i love you all, you mean so much to me, and i want you to be blessed in this life. so like this or message me or anything, and I will include you to my fullest capability in each petition i send to my Savior while i work to bring myself closer to Him.

“Remember when Shredder fought Splinter?
Some of Shredder’s experimental mutagen blood spilled in the sewers.
Well, not long after, a man roaming the sewers found the green, glowing ooze.
For some reason, and I do not care to know why, he touched it - and transformed into the first of these horrible monsters.
He captured more people from the streets, transforming a small army… all possessing random thoughts…  memories of the Shredder.
These clones built an underground shrine to Shredder, and that is when Tigerclaw - hunting for you turtles - found them.
He used their power, and their dedication, to build a new Foot Army.”

My question is… how’d Fishface know where those things came from?
I mean yeah, sure, Tigerclaw could’ve told him, but then how did Tigerclaw know their origin? Those things never talked other than their creepy chanting, right?

I don’t know why tf people say big mood. “Mood” occasionally is okay but saying “mood” or “big mood” after everything is so aggravating.

This is why I love @markiplier new video.

He made is seem like a thing he cared about what it means in a goofy manor. Which is understandable, this is Mark we are talking about here.

But the fact that he turned it into a “joke” is what intrigues me.

Now lookie here:

Does this looks like a “joke” to you? Perhaps a gaff to get people raising questions or theories (which I do admit, I will be coming up with some later~).

Mark knows what he is doing here. He wants us questioning everything. He loves the time and dedication we have to theorizing about his videos, especially as of late.

But for now, enjoy the screenshots. I do hope they serve someone purpose~

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But if ARE doing a q&a.... 1. Who's your fave side? (sorry but u gotta choose sorry) 2. Whats your favourite colour? 3. What's your favourite smell? 4. Can we get a name reveal? :o. 6. What's your favourite tv show? 7. Any other fandoms? 8. What timezone are u in? 9. Cats or dogs or both or neither? And 10. What's your shoe size?

I can do a Q&A!!! 

1. Aaah why would you make me choooose??? I guess if I absolutely had to pick just one (which is really mean)… probably Virgil. But picking one is splitting hairs. I love them all so much!! 

2. Favorite color: Blue

3. Favorite smell: coconut! 

4. Name reveal: I don’t understand the question…do you mean in the story? Thomas already knows everyone’s names in this timeline. 

5 Where’s number 5??? 

6. Favorite TV show: Um…probably Steven Universe? 

7. Any other fandoms? Not at the moment. 

8. What timezone? Central in the US

9. I like cats and dogs both but I prefer cats

10. 10! lol