i mean i know why they do

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I'm super mad. Just heard someone dismiss asexuality by saying "humans can't actually do this, as we are not single celled organisms." And I'm like.., that's not what it freaking means???? We're not saying that we can reproduce without sex! We are aware of how biology works. We're just saying we don't feel sexual attraction. Why is this so hard for them to understand???

“I know science!,” says the bigot as they willfully ignore science.

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hey rev what do you think of asexuals

Don’t know any personally but logically the idea makes sense to me so why wouldn’t it be a thing. I’m heterosexual meaning there is an entire group of people I have no sexual attraction to (men specifically) so why wouldn’t there be people who don’t have any sexual interest in a larger group (ie everyone).

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Hey! I'm so in love with your Tyler HCs. You're doing great! Could you do one about Tyler comforting you after a recent break up with a pretty crappy GF/BF that you dated to get your mind off of him?? Sorry if this doesn't make sense, if so, just ignore it! ☺️

I think I get what you mean but I’m sorry if I’m getting it wrong (also thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my hcs!)

- You didn’t even know why you were crying so much about this
- Your s/o wasn’t exactly very good to you
- They were so manipulative, most of the time you didn’t even know if they really loved you or not
- You only started dating them because you wanted to get over your crush on Tyler
- Because you knew it wasn’t meant to be a reality between you and him
- You were scared of messing up your friendship, scared of losing him
- But now you were crying because your s/o had left you for someone they were seeing on the side
- You felt stupid and unworthy and alone
- You heard a knock at the door and thought maybe it was your s/o to take you back.
- You wiped your tears before opening the door to see Tyler with a teddybear and your favorite candy. “Amy told me what happened.”
- You just started crying even more and let Tyler guide you to the couch. You curl up with the teddybear and Tyler sits next to you
- “You deserve better than them. Someone who cheats on you and then leaves you isn’t worth a single tear from you.” He soothes you, wiping away tears
- He spends the rest of the day holding you while you cry and trying to make you laugh and smile
- You worry that you’re bugging him with all your crying but he reminds you that he wouldn’t be there unless he wanted to be
- He tells you that you’re wonderful and deserve someone who will treat you like royalty
- Also some thinly veiled threats towards your ex s/o
- He helps you delete their number and block them on social media

- A few weeks later when you’ve had time to move on from your ex you confess to Tyler you only dated them to get over your crush on Tyler
- He kisses you and tells you that there’s no need to get over him if you just dated him to begin with

feel free to skip. i can’t put in a line break from the mobile app apparently.

i feel really bad when people ask me how i’m feeling as far as my stomach (which i do appreciate because very caring and kind to be concerned), and when i’m being honest and telling them it’s still not great, i feel like a buzz kill.

like my sister today was saying why don’t i get out of my head and just try to eat stuff… i know she didn’t mean that in a bad way, but it’s not in my head, you know? i have tried eating normally on days i’ve felt ok to start, and it ends up with me feeling sick. i tried having one cookie the other day, and i felt super gross. i felt pretty awful on sunday after eating a salad. a few times i’ve eaten literally the same things two days in a row, and from one day to the next i can feel decent or totally off. i feel like it’s annoying to people. i just want to be able to have a slice of pizza, or pick something, anything to eat without having to be so careful or stressing over how i’m going to feel.

i don’t drink alcohol or caffeine, i have pretty much totally avoided chocolate, i don’t eat anything spicy… i’m taking all the meds and following all of the doctors directions.

sorry for all of the venting lately. i am really trying to stay positive, and i know i have a lot of good things going on. this is just a safe place for me to express my frustration. you guys have been so wonderful and supportive, i can’t tell you how much it means.

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Hi Anne, may I ask you something I don't really understand? why does BTS have Japanese albums and Japanese songs? I mean, is it not possible to enter Japanese market with their Korean albums and promote that albums there as well? I'm curious because I really dont know how it works. and the same thing for the Taiwanese versions of their albums. why make a specific version for that country when it's exactly the same as their Korean one?

I actually am not sure about this either. it probably has more to do about the certain companies responsible for handling bangtan’s music matters in that country. Like it’s not bighit that produces it but their affiliated company in each country. Like in Japan, someone else manages bangtan’s music there so they produce japanese albums and songs.

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I love it when you leave personal or funny comments !! Makes you more real, know what I mean

YESS friend I fell you! That’s exactly why I do it 😉 glad you appreciate it x

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part of my job is packaging bakery items, this means about 75% of each shift I spend looking down. So, why do customers just walk up and start asking me a question (usually super quietly) while I'm obviously not looking at them and often don't even know they're there? Then when i do notice them they're mad bc I have to ask them to repeat the question because i didn't hear it at all or only heard part of it! Like is it that hard to say "excuse me" and get my attention before asking a question?

That’s why when I was in bakery I would bag the bread facing away or I had my body around the corner. When they would say I needed to pay attention I would just ring the bell a few times and ask what they needed.


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Yeah and those boundaries aren't so hard to have you know? Just don't fucking tag the girls on Camren things? Don't comment Camren in all their photos? Why is this so hard to some people? Lauren hates Camren because she can't have a friendship without crazy shippers screaming Camila on her pictures, privacy man, do those people know what that means? Just be happy for your idol's happiness and go read a good and fluffy fic, it's not so hard

So this is last one I’m gonna answer because the page has lost 5 followers already for some of y'all not liking what I have to say. As someone going into fame you think you know what it’s gonna be like but you really have no clue. You’ve basically signed over your privacy and forfeit the right to ever have any, with that also comes the obsessions and the illusions you will probably never shake. People live in a fantasy world and it’s sooooooo much sweeter than reality why give that up? With all the love in the world camren I love you as individuals and people and I hope you find happiness in all future endeavors and can forgive us for what we have put you through. Not all of us but as a grouped together fandom. I love you guys.

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johnny 26 + 69

Don’t send in anymore numbers please, thanks ^^

26. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”
69. “We need to talk.”

When your best friend had come up to you earlier telling you that “we need to talk", you had expected something much less unbelievable than what he was telling you.

“What do you mean it’s fake?”

“The diamond in your engagement ring is fake. I’m not joking.”

“Johnny, listen, I know you and he… You don’t have to keep trying to find ways to try and break us up. I love him-

“He doesn’t love you, though. Why can’t you understand that? He bought you a cheap ring, he’s cheated on you twice-

“Why are you always trying to break us up? What is your issue?!” You yell at Johnny.

“Because you deserve better than him!”

“What? Like you?”

“Yeah,” Johnny says. “Like me.”

  • eremikadefensesquad: We're talking about how Eren probably buys off-brand condoms.
  • annieleonhardt: Oh god of course he does. Why do u think Mikasa keeps getting knocked up? I mean that and when they don't use condoms he doesn't pull out in time anyway.
  • eremikadefensesquad: Magical condom defying schlong shots.
  • annieleonhardt: "I DON'T KNOW HOW IT KEEPS HAPPENING MIKASA MY DICK HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN" Mikasa, glaring, holding her fourth positive pregnancy test. "Okay."


  We decided to sit down and focus more on each other. Arturo is an interesting guy I think. “So why do you want to be a critic? I mean, really? It’s not the most prestigious occupation.”

  “It’s just something I enjoy! Food is something that I am passionate about! I’ve never been a good cook but this is something that connects me with that passion.” 

  “Fair enough, although maybe I could teach you how to cook. At least what I know.”

  “I’ll take you up on that offer one day!” 

Why do i always manage to find myself behind the most ridiculous people at Chipotle? This little girl wants a rice bowl BUT she won’t have the rice scooped out with the spoon, oh no, she’ll only accept it scooped from a little plastic side cup. I mean, i know I’m not a parent but do we have to honor a child’s every whim?

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i don't mean to sound rude but why do you like nick grimshaw?

here, here, here, here, and here

but mostly, i like him bcuz i’m an adult and i can like whatever i want ya know!! and like, it’s cool if ya’ll don’t like him but i’d like to think people are more than the sum of their mistakes based on a several year old YFIP post ppl reblog every time nick mentions harry. so please, if you (this is a general ‘you’, not specifically @ you anon) don’t like him either unfollow or leave…me alone….about it. please and thank you!!

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I thought i should tell you, since i dunno if you know this or not, but in the game, sans only closes his right eye(from his perspective) while winking on a genocide path, since he doesnt trust you.... i'm wondering about why he would wink like that in the comic.

I didn’t know that, or rather i didn’t pay attention to it. I just picked random eyesocket to do the winking.

To be honest i really don’t understand why people like me, like i’m…a bad..friend. I’m really pathetic and i do apperciate the people who support me and stuff but..
I’m going to be honest!
I don’t DESERVE any of the friends i have, you’re all amazing people but yet you like me, why? I mean…i’m not important i find other people EVEN people who don’t like me i care more about them than i care about myself

The anonymous is right i am worthless so…i just want to let the people who like me and support me know that i do appreciate it alot and i love you for that but, why? Why give pathetic old me any care and love? My mom made it pretty clear that i shouldn’t exist including the anonymous…
Sorry for being here, and being a waste of time

Harrie Tag

I was tagged by @cuddlemusclestyles and @harrysmeadow

At this point I don’t know who’s done this and who hasn’t so if you wanna do it I TAG YOU! 

Favorite Look:

Favorite Tweet:

I dunno something witty and amusing

Favorite Interview & Why:


Favorite Stage Moment:


Favorite Hair Style:

(satan take me I’m ready)

Favorite Family Member:

Oh that’s mean. No soz. 

Favorite Celebrity + Harry:

Can we choose Niall cause I mean?

No ok, JC then 

Favorite Tattoo:

Wait for it…

Favorite Quote:

Work hard play hard be kind

Favorite Instagram Post:

It was all yellow 

Favorite Music Video:

Favorite Another Man Picture:

Now answer:

Your Name: Isla

Your Age: 23

Where You Live: UK

Have you ever seen Harry live in concerts or met him? Any special moment? nO LIFE SUCKS DONT TALK TO ME

What’s your favorite thing about Harry? His kindness 

What is your favorite line/lyric of Harry’s on a 1D album?

I wanna write you a song
One as beautiful as you are sweet
With just a hint of pain
For the feeling that I get when you are gone

(This probs isn’t my favourite but I had it on when I was doing this and I was like actually yeah I like that) 

 What is the song that reminds you the most of Harry? 

I don’t think I have one. 

What is the movie that reminds you the most of Harry?

I’ve never thought about this

How long have you been a Harrie? For a few years but on here since Nov 2016

Where you were when the first Dunkirk trailer came out? Work I think

What do you expect for HS1? Good things, old school sound, lyrically on point

What are your tags for Harry on Tumblr? Don’t really use them but if I do it will be something to do with the way he’s looking or somehing like he’s on fireee

Who is your favorite Harry blog? As if I could choose

If Harry could read this now, what would you say?: Thanks for inspiring me to push harder and work harder and go for it. ALSO TEXT ME YEAH?