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•To Build A Home•
Chapter 2

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you Jughead! She’s my best friend. Do you want to braid each other’s hair while I spill all of her secrets?” The raven haired beauty pulled a deep lavender gown from the hanger and stared closely at the silky fabric.

“Hideous.” She mumbled “why Josie keeps putting these god awful creations in my boutique, I’ll never understand.”

Veronica Lodge Andrews, owner of La Rouge Boutique, the nicest clothing shop in all riverdale, also Archie Andrews wife and Jugheads (semi) friend.

“I mean seriously Jughead, what’s it to you?” She turned her body to face her incredibly dirty friend.
“it isn’t like you don’t have a surplus of women at your feet, personally I’d prefer it if you didn’t pursue Betty, I don’t think… I don’t think she’s in the right place for.. you.. right now.” Veronica tapped her mauve fingernails on a sales rack, an uncharacteristically nervous expression on her face.

Jughead glanced curiously at Ronnie
“I just want to take her out is all, I don’t know dinner maybe.” He rubbed a hand behind his neck, embarrassed at his persistence.

Veronica snorted
“Yeah just like you took Melody out to diner last month? Josie says she cursed you out for three solid days.”

Jughead shrugged lazily, Melody was an uptight drama queen with no concept of the real world, not to mention she literally begged him to sleep with her, of course she never mentioned that part.

“it’s different with Betty, she’s different. I don’t know there’s just something about her, I can’t help it I’m just… drawn to her.”

He thought about her fiery green eyes, the sadness buried deep but clearly visible if you looked hard enough, her silky blonde hair that smelt just like strawberries and cream, and the way she looked at him.. there was no judgement just… resolution. He knew the look she wore all too well, could nearly feel the weight she carried on her shoulders mixing with his.

Veronica went quiet for a moment, observing the change in her husbands best friends demeanor.

“Well, it’s up to you then, I want no part in this little .. fiddler on the roof matchmaking experience.” She rolled her eyes, taking in the way Jugheads shoulders slumped in defeat.
“But…” she continued “I’ve been meaning to check out the new movie at the drive in, its playing tonight, perhaps I can invite Betty, oh but that wouldn’t work, she’d simply feel like a third wheel with Archiekins and I.” Her perfectly sculpted brow quirked and Jughead grinned

“I’ll be there. I just have to sort something out with the Serpents and I’ll come right after.” He tried not to notice the way the pearl wearing princess crossed her arms and glared at the mention of his gang, with a kiss to his best friends girls cheek he headed outside, grinning ear to ear at the thought of finally getting the girl who had run through his dreams all night alone.

His joy didn’t last long however when he spotted his fathers old pickup truck in the parking lot, He was miserable without his bike, he felt as though he was missing a limb. The ride to The Snake Sack was quick and as soon as he stepped out he knew something was wrong.

“Sean? What happened here?” He questioned as the man all gathered outside, he peered over a few of the younger Serpents his fists clenching at what he saw.

A first year Serpent was laying bloody on the grass, his head propped up while the residential doctor of the group stitched him up.

“It’s Jason Blossom and his group of shits. Drug deal gone wrong, they brought knives to a fist fight.” Sean growled “he’s the worst of them but a few others are gonna have some pretty rough scars.”

Jugheads nostrils flared
“Cowards, so when are we doing this? When are we taking them down?” His words were rushed quickly, he was done being bullied by over inflamed assholes with inferiority complexes.

“Soon” the leader of the gang promised sending Jughead inside to fill out jurisdiction paperwork, Jughead was the smartest off all the Serpents and they relied on him to do all of the paperwork and handle legal matters, he never complained, it kept him out of the drug trade and that he was perfectly fine with.

Two hours had passed by the Time Jughead finished, he was supposed to meet Archie and Veronica at the drive in fifteen minutes ago, he definitely didn’t have time to shower and he prayed to God Betty liked the smell of Sweat and Concrete.

Backing into the first empty parking space he could find, Jughead hopped from his truck and set out on his search for the beautiful blonde mechanic he couldn’t seem to get off of his mind.

Fortunately for him he didn’t have to go very far, he found her bent over the snack counter a twizzler dangling from her lips as she held a large cup of soda, she turned almost as in slow motion, her long, honey hair moving with wind. Jughead took her in, tight blue jeans that semmed painted on her body, plain white converse and a loose, incredibly clean white Tshirt, her tanned arms were on display and the v neck she wore showed off her ample cleavage, when his eyes met hers he found she was already staring at him.

Understanding dawned in Betty’s eyes as he made his way over, Jughead only caught the end of her sentence.

“…..was wondering why you asked me on your date.” She spoke to the dark haired girl beside her, Veronica grinned wickedly

“It’ll be much more comfortable in his pick up truck! More leg room! Oh shoot the movies starting! Gotta go, see you after! Milkshakes at Pops? Okay perfect bye.” She tugged her husbands hand nearly making him spill his popcorn

“Hey!” Archie complained.

It was silent for a moment before Betty broke it.

“Well what are we waiting for? I don’t want to miss the beginning, this is my favorite movie. Which ones your truck.” She started heading in the right direction leaving Jughead staring in shock for a few seconds before he scrambled to catch up.

That was way too easy.

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"but I don't even have a grave... " "It's okay. I'll make one for you"

Happy Birthday messedupmoon!



“Where were you buried, Phantom?”

Danny nearly dropped the thermos that held the most recently captured ghost, Box Ghost on the sidewalk next to the Fenton Works “Wait, what?”

Jack Fenton, as per usual, missed the actual question. “Maddie wanted to know where you were buried,”

Danny clipped the thermos back on his belt to empty later “no, no, I mean,” Danny looked at his parents curiously “Why do you want to know?”

Maddie looked over to her husband “It was really Jack’s idea,”

Jack shrugged “It’s our anniversary!”

Danny blinked “ok… now I’m really confused.”

“Our anniversary since we made the truce! Since we, ya know, stopped… hunting you.”

Danny squirmed a bit at that “oh.”

Danny’s eyes widen as his mom, or Maddie got a bouquet of flowers out of no-where. “So, we got these for your grave.”

At a last-ditch effort to change the subject, Danny coughed “Um, yeah, well” He lowered the bouquet “I didn’t get you guys anything. So, it’s, um, only fair if I don’t get anything.” He drifted a few feet back “so… yeah.”

Maddie scoffed “you didn’t need to get us anything, it’s not like it was a part of the truce.”

“I- uh…” Danny took a deep breath “look, the truth is, I just… I just don’t have one, ok? I- those flowers… it was a really nice gesture, but I don’t even have a grave to put them with. Save your gifts for someone who was actually buried.”

Both parents were very silent. Danny, with nothing more to say, flew away as quick as possible.




“For a guy who took down millionaires, ghost of ancient yore and unspeakable horrors, you are one hell of a chicken.” Wes huffed.

Danny dragged his face across his hands and slumped down on Wes’s navy-blue bed “I knnnoooww

Wes then walked over and plopped next to Danny then leaned against him “So, why haven’t you told them yet?”

“Um, force of habit?”

Wes cut him a sharp look.

Danny sighed “I don’t know, I mean, sure. My parents aren’t trying to hunt me down for science. And that’s great! And I don’t want to tempt fate but…”

Wes was the one who finished the sentence “But you’re still terrified of them?”

Danny reached for Wes’s hand and squeezed. “… yes.”

“Danny, your parents hunted you down for sport and science, you don’t forget something like that too easily.”

Danny nodded “True. But I don’t see many options of morally telling them I’m dead and not feel guilty about it.”

Wes snorted “Danny, dude. They used to try to kill you. I think you’re ‘morally excused’ for lying to them to feel some sense of safety.”

Danny pause “good point.”

Wes hummed in agreement.

Suddenly Danny’s eyes widen as he jumped off the bed “Aw crap.”

Wes, because of the lack of support, fell on his side. “What? What!”

Danny quickly transformed into Phantom “I forgot to release the ghost box into the portal!”

Before Wes could respond Danny opened the window and jumped out.

Wes gave a small playful smile “freak’en, drama queen.”

Danny hovered up the window and gave him finger-guns “you know it.” Then shot off.

The town went off as a blur.

Within seconds, he was back at Fenton Works and eased through the bricks like butter. The familiar smell of singed ectoplasm invaded is nose as soon as he came into the house. He then drifted through the floors until he reached the basement.

As quickly as he could, he emptied the Thermos. Danny could swear that he heard a soft “beware!” before the toxic green vortex swallowed him.

“Hello, Phantom.”

Danny shot up another five feet until he realized who it was “ah, um, hello mo- Maddie. Didn’t uh, didn’t see you there…”

Maddie waved him over “C’mon. I got something to show you.”

Danny raised a brow “Ok… where?”

She began walking up the steps. “It’s in the middle of town square, nothing unfamiliar.”

Partly out of curiosity, partly out of amusement, Danny followed her.


Danny looked around “Is there something I’m supposed to be seeing here?“

Maddie pointed to the statue. “look around there.”

“Well, alright. I don’t see anything wrong with…” then, Danny spotted it.

The bouquet of flowers.

But that wasn’t just it. Next to it was stones painted with little pictures of him that looked like they were made with small unsteady hands. Along with it were a stack of letters and a larger stone with the word “PHANTOM” across it.

Danny suddenly began to blink faster and smeared his eyes. He also recognized that these weren’t his parents handwriting “Who…”

Somehow, Jack, despite his size, managed to appear out of nowhere. “That would be the kindergarteners work! Turns out, they were already working on this certain thing and could never find you. And heard about the no-grave-situation. So…” he gestured to it all “they did this!”

Maddie smiled “It was so cute too.” After they heard they said, ‘It’s okay. I’ll make one for you’ and that was that.”

No matter how hard Danny tried to smear his eyes, teardrops flowed down and followed the curves of his face. He wanted to say something, preferably thank you, but his throat felt like someone stuffed cotton in it.

Jack blinked “are you- are you crying? Ghosts do that?”

That sentence made the tear fall down harder and Danny’s vison blurred. For both Jack and Maddie, that was enough of an answer.

Both Jack and Maddie looked at each other unsure, Jack looked back to Danny “so… do you like it?”

Danny gave a warm laugh “I love it.”



Authors note: So, I saw that you were posting a lot of Danny X Wes ships so if that’s ok I decided to sprinkle some of that in. Also, I hope you like?

#47 The Interior Designer (Harry Styles)

Word Count: 2560

Summary: A girl with a cheating boyfriend and a new client. 

“And, you know I don’t know why she was so mean, I did everything on that list. It’s just me she picks on every time. Riley, she didn’t even finish-” I was cut between my upset rant, with my tears falling down my eyes.

“Look, Victoria, do we have to this right now?” He looked at me like I had spilt coffee over all his papers.

“What? My crying?” I asked, feeling so upset with what happened at work today.

“Yeah, this complaining! Why don’t you go and talk to Noah or something?” He said, going back to his computer.  

“Noah, is not my boyfriend you are, and I want to talk to you-” I said, wiping my tears.

“Victoria!” He yelled. “I have four people on call waiting to talk to me once I finish this document. I swear I have better things to do that hear you crib here. Please go do some work and leave me alone!”

I flinched as he yelled at me, and looked away from his face. Looking everywhere but him, embarrassed and slowly going numb, I picked up the coffee mugs in front of me and walked to the kitchen. “No wonder she gets shit at work,” I heard him mutter. I frowned at his words, filling water in the cups, feeling this was not needed.

“You know, I told you to leave him! He ticks all the ‘don’t touch this human” signs on my list!” Brittany explained sucking on her straw.

“Don’t touch this human?” I asked.

“Yeah! He has no time. He wakes up and looks at his phone. His phone is always ringing. He doesn’t listen to you, talk to you, be with you. He knows the important dates of his clients than you! These are all signs of running Victoria!”

“I don’t know what to do! He wasn’t always like this! And I have been with him forever. Like forever Brit, how can I just leave him?” I explained. “It’s his job, you know. He wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t! And you were talking about dates? I was reading online that couples who live together don’t really have to go on dates to keep their relationship alive!”

“Does he? Does he live with you?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Brittany…” my phone pinged. “Oh look,” I said reading the message, “He wants to take me out tonight!” She gulped her drink and came close to read the message.

“No, he is ordering you.” She said. “There is no ‘will you?’ ‘would you” or even –”

“But, it is something. It is an effort. I knew something good will happen,” I smiled to myself, and she smiled.

I dressed in a really nice black dress that accentuated my curves. Looking in the mirror, I smiled to myself. It was a long time since we went out and I wanted to make myself look the best for him. “Are you ready, Victoria?” I heard his voice call out from downstairs. I took a deep breath and walked down the stairs, making sure to make him see my legs, but his eyes stayed glued to his phone. “Let’s go.” He didn’t look at me even once, but I still tried to keep my hopes up. A dinner date was a good attempt and, I was going to give him that. “Sit in the car.”

I saw a bouquet in the back seat and frowned. If it was for me, shouldn’t he give it? I didn’t say anything as he started driving. He switched off the music in a minute of it playing, talking loudly to his clients on his Bluetooth. I sighed and looked outside. We pulled into a huge mansion, and I knew this was not a dinner date. “You bought me to a party?” I looked at him in shock and disappointment.

“Take the bouquet out,” He ordered still typing away on his phone, “and Vic, please. On your best behaviour today? This is an important party for me,” Best behaviour? What did he mean by that? When was I not on my best behaviour? I handed him the bouquet, and he kept the phone away, before fixing it and walking away leaving me behind to follow him.

Kisses, hi’s and hello’s took place as soon as we walked in. A lot of how have you been, I hope you’re well, come enjoy as people danced on the floor to soft music, and then, held glasses of wine or champagne talking to each other in small groups. I saw as different women came and kissed his cheek and he kissed their cheek back, asking them about their work. Did he know about mine? He introduced me once, and then left me to talk to more people. Feeling abandoned like a little child and trying not to pout, I walked towards the bar.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“Whisky please, a little water and ice, thank you.”

I sat there was a long time, sipping my glass with my back straight, phone on the side for it wasn’t very proper, trying to locate where my boyfriend was and failing. Sighing, I asked for another drink.

“Long night?” I heard a deep voice ask, as I looked up. I knew who he was. He was everywhere these days. His album has just released.

“It’s getting longer than how I expected it to be,” I said, taking another sip.

“Oh same, I came here with my manager and he is well managing. It’s not a lot of fun when you just have to show your face from faraway,” He said and I chuckled. “Are these parties always this boring with slow music and pretentious conversations?”

“Yes, always,” I said. He smiled and sat down next to me. “So, who are you here with?” he asked.

“That guy,” I said finally finding him.

“Mr Douchebag?” He said, and I frowned. “I didn’t see you as the type?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I said.

“No, I mean. Why are you here with him?” He asked again.

“I am his girlfriend,” I said, trying not to take offence.

“What? Since when?” He laughed.

“Since 5 years, what do you mean by all this?” I asked, trying to figure out what was happening.

“Woah. My god. I am sorry, I am Harry,” he said, pushing his hand forward.

“Victoria,” I said, shaking his hand. “Why did you call him a douche bag?”

“Umm, that is a story for another day. What do you do Victoria?” He said, trying to change the topic.

“How do you know him?” I asked, staring into his eyes.

“Umm, he has been to many of my parties,” he said. “Your drink is over, let’s get you another?” He asked the bartender to make my drink.

“He has?” I hadn’t heard of any of these parties. I had heard nothing. I thought he only worked all the time…like me.

“Yeah, known him for quite some time.Anyway, you didn’t answer my question…Victoria? Victoria?” He pulled me out of my thoughts.

“I’m an interior designer,” I told him.

“Oh, that’s nice! That’s great. I have awful taste in furniture though, I have never designed any of my houses. I sold my old one because it felt to impersonal and shifted again, and I am literally now living in an almost empty house cause I don’t know how to just make it personal, you know?” He explained.

“Yeah, but you need to get a designer and then spend time with them, so they know how you are and then, be absolutely involved in the process of buying and installing and designing to get that personal touch and favor,” I told him since, I faced cases like these on a daily basis.
I’m going to quit my firm though, start my own designing,” I said, thinking loudly now.

“Oh then, can I be your first customer?” He asked.

“You’re very nice,” I smiled.

“No really, I am serious. Please don’t let me search for people. I hate it. Please design my house?” He looked like he really meant it.

“Okay, so here, give me your phone?” I took it, “I’m putting my number in with my name and designation. Contact me when you are absolutely sober, and we’ll talk?”


Harry and I just talked for the evening, until it was time to leave. “I’ll call you, designer.” I looked back and smiled at this goofy look on his face. The ride back home was suffocating. I was suffocating. I knew I had to break up, but we had been together forever. And, relationships aren’t made in a day. You have to work on them and keep working on them.

He left in two days for a business trip. In these two days, we had said four sentences to each other. Harry and I, on the other hand, had met two times and he kept chatting with me for some reason. I didn’t mind it. I needed a friend. This week was quite hectic as I left my job, and signed my new papers for opening my own firm. Everything was ready since I was planning it for a long time, and Brittany threw a small party with my closest friends to celebrate it as well. My boyfriend knew nothing about it. Now, I didn’t even have anything to tell him.

“Just leave him, bro!” Mike said, whining, quite drunk now. “He is like this Airbnb person living in your house.”

“It is our house, you know.”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t live in it? Does he buy veggies and those wine glasses and those cheerios? No. He does not. He paid for half the price, and that is it. Kick him out!” He said, imitating the kick with his legs.

“Mikey, calm down, here have some water,” I said, bringing it to his face.

“Brit, Oscar…tell her that I AM RIGHT!” He yelled, and everyone cheered.

I met Harry for lunch, the next day, “So, where do I sign to go into this intense procedure with you?” He asked, taking a long sip on his coffee.

“Here,” I took the page out. “Are you sure you want me to do this? You haven’t seen all my work yet?”

“I have enough. And you designed Nick’s house, and I love it so, yeah…there we go,” He said signing it. “I’m free for the next two months before I get busy again. I’d like to do this! And! And! I am your first client! So, cheers to that!” he giggled, and we almost banged our coffee cups.

The long designing procedure started the next day. It was my first project with my company name, and it was a huge one. I wanted to give my best to it. I spent time in his house, working on each floor and then talking to him. I wanted to know him properly, his tastes, his dislikes to be able to come on a nice theme for his house. I could see Harry enjoyed it. I like to know that he enjoyed everything that was new to him. My boyfriend wasn’t back yet, and the only conversation I had with him was a guy who came from his office to collect a few files. It had been three weeks now, and I was almost done with the theme. We had set a budget, even though Harry was pretty lenient with it and we went looking for things on the list.

“I like this,” He said looking at a ceiling attached sofa chair. “I’d like to put to in the balcony,” he said.

“Near the trees, the opposite side, first floor? I guess, it’ll look nice there and a perfect spot to sit as well because of the sunlight?” I asked.

“Yes, perfect!” He nodded.

We looked around more, picking up a lot of things that we liked. He wanted to go room by room so, he could individually pay attention to it so, it took a longer process, but I didn’t mind it. I was absolutely enjoying my work with no politics being played like my previous workplace. I was at his house, setting up the master bedroom when my phone rang. It was Oscar, but he cut the call. He then sent a picture. It was my boyfriend…I sat down. He was on the beach with a girl, lying on the sand with him. I read his message.

Was here off work after a meeting. Saw him and wanted to go say hi, until I saw her. I’m sorry Ria. I had a chat with the girl as well, just to confirm when he left for a while. They have been seeing each other for quite some time. Five months…I’m sorry.

My legs failing to hold my weight, had me sitting on the bed, just looking at the pictures. “Hey, do you want to have lunch from this nice Italian place, I know?” Harry walked in. “What happened?” He asked, as my tears just fell. Five years for this guy. Two years before that and this is what it led to. Harry sat on his knees in front of me and took my phone from my hands. “I’m sorry Victoria…”

“Why did you call him a douchebag?” I asked.

“What? Umm…Victoria…it doesn’t matter now.”

“Just tell me, Harry!”

He closed his eyes, “He had a reputation. And, I saw it at work. He came to each of my parties with a different woman, and then Jeff knows him. He told me how he went on these holidays and Jeff once went with him –”

“You knew?” I stood up, looking at him with accusatory eyes. “You knew he was cheating on me?” He nodded, still on his knees. “And you didn’t tell me! In these three weeks, when I told you how sad my relationship was making me, you didn’t say anything?”

“Vic, I –”

“Don’t call me that! I hate that name!”

“Ria, I didn’t know what to say! I saw you at the party, and you were so beautiful. And your eyes were so innocent and full of love, and when you told me that it was for five years, I didn’t want to see your heart crushed.”

“It had been crushing for years, Harry! I thought you were my friend! I treated you like my friend! A friend tells!”

“I didn’t know what to say, Ria!”

“Say that Victoria, Wake up! He is cheating on you! He came to my parties with different women every time!” I yelled.

“Victoria, he is cheating on you. He came to my parties with different women every time,” Harry repeated. I could see the guilt in his eyes.

“I know that now, you – you –” I couldn’t even curse. I knew he was not to blame. But, my world was crushed now. “I have to leave. I am taking a break for a few days. Please don’t contact me.”

“Ria, I’m really sorry.” He said, coming forward and holding my hand, while I just looked at him with defeated eyes.

Request for PART 2?

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Hello! I absolutely love your blog 💜 I was thinking about MC having lots of tattoos and their SO seeing them for the first time (since MC always wears long sleeve sweaters and stuff) please??

Ooooooh I love tattoos
I don’t think you asked for Unknown but I have a cute idea for him so imma do it!
~Mod L

♡ Honestly he’s intimidated
♡ Like don’t get him wrong they look amazing
♡ But he knows they must’ve hurt and that already implies you’re probably stronger than him
♡ He takes his time to look them all over, and accidentally turns into a “What does this mean? Does this one mean anything? Why did you get this one?” Kinda person
♡ He’ll eventually slow down on the questions but is constantly fascinated by them
♡ He’s too nervous to get any himself but his favorite thing when you two are cuddling is to trace them with his eyes all around you
♡ He just really loves them 

♡ He finds you about 100x cooler after seeing them
♡ It’s so badass!
♡ Most of the people he used to hang with had tattoos, but as he was proudest of his flawless skin he never wanted any
♡ That kinda changed when he saw yours
♡ "MC!! Let’s get matching tattoos!!“
♡ "Zen-”
♡ "Lets go right now!“ 
♡ "Zen nO-”
♡ You did your best to talk him out of it but when you saw it wasn’t working you told Jaehee
♡ And when Jaehee found out oh boy
♡ Lets just say you and Jaehee make a really powerful team
♡ He eventually drops the idea for good but still loves everything on you

♡ She never seriously considered getting a tattoo
♡ She had zero money to waste growing up and now that she does she knows Jumin would be furious
♡ Not that she ever really wanted one
♡ So when she saw your tattoos despite being fairly moderate designs she saw it as bold
♡ And she kinda likes bold
♡ She loved listening to you explain your tattoos, from the one you got for your late mother to the one you got while drunk
♡ She never admitted this but before she saw you she was one of those who thought tattoos as “unprofessional”
♡ But all of your tattoos were not only gorgeous, but quite classy
♡ She surprised herself with how open she was to the thought of tattoos after that

♡ He never necessarily disliked your tattoos
♡ But initially he didn’t love them
♡ He had never understood the appeal of them, knowing that they were forever and seeing it from an employers point of view
♡ But one day he caught himself staring at one on your torso, even lightly tracing over it without fully realizing it
♡ You explained to him that your brother designed it, and your aunt was the artist who inked it on
♡ That made him curious enough to ask about the others
♡ The more he heard you talk, regardless of whether or not the story was serious or silly he saw them all differently
♡ It took some time, but he eventually truly loved your tattoos and couldn’t imagine you without them
♡ And he always swore if you wanted another he would pay for only the best artist in Korea
♡ Rumor has it a few months later a qualified man applied for an C&R management position, and almost didn’t get the job from a tattoo across his neck, & Jumin was the one who demanded his hiring 

♡ He saw parts of your tattoos in photos before, but you were rather modest about them and never took a full picture flaunting them off
♡ So he was excited to see them once you were finally together
♡ No matter what you showed he was overly excited about it
♡ He loved all of them
♡ Sometimes when you were sleeping he’d take pens and doodle on additions to them
♡ " You know MC, I have a tattoo too!“
♡ "What? No way…. What is it? Where is it?”
♡ "Its of a cross! And it’s on my bu-“
♡ "NevER MIND”
 ♡ "Lemme show you!“
♡ It was very poorly drawn with a permanent marker

♡ Before meeting you, he admired your tattoos during a background check
♡ He had gotten his out of loyalty, not necessarily because he wanted it
♡ So after Mint Eye he became more jealous of what you had since you seemed to love them all
♡ But one night you confessed there was one on your arm you didn’t like at all
♡ While you had a good idea for it, the tattoo artist was fairly new and didn’t fully understand what you wanted
♡ That’s when he told you he hated his Mint Eye tattoo
♡ That weekend with some help from Seven you found a shop that specializes in tattoo cover ups
♡ You planned an appointment and you both spent the entire time up to it making a design together
♡ Saeran’s ended up as a night sky, with yours being a bright, sunny day
♡ That was one of the most meaningful things someone has done for him, and it helped himself not only love you but love himself a bit more


Otto: It really means a lot to me that you invited me to this. 

Peony: Why wouldn’t I invite you? You’re the best friend I’ve got… you mean a lot to me, you know?

Otto: I do?

Peony: Yeah, you’re the first friend I ever made. We know everything about each other… it just feels like we’ve got something special, you know?

Otto: Yeah, I totally agree. 

hana x tsuki battle preparation

Masamune: …Shigezane, why are you here?
Shigezane: What do you mean why, our upcoming battle has 18 participants! Finally, it’s time for me to make an appearance aga-
Kojuro: Did you count properly?

Shigezane: Count? There are 1, 2… 18 people here, right? …ah, I forgot to count myself. So that makes 19. Eh…!?
Kojuro: Only you could forget to count yourself. You know who’s out, right?

Shigezane: …I’ve been waiting forever since that legendary battle… And I finally thought it was here! I can’t believe I’m not involved in it again… How can that be! Nobuyukiiiii!!

At that time, in Ueda castle…
Nobuyuki: Hmm? I thought I heard something… No, perhaps it was my imagination. It seems that Yukimura has left for a large war. I have to support him too.

I’m sorry Shige. But you would make the numbers uneven LOL 

Deciding teams tomorrow is going to be really hard BUT NOT GONNA LIE I’M KIND OF EXCITED. Maybe I’ll try to rank? But I feel like it’s going to be a bloodbath x_x

...that time Chloe drunk-calls Aubrey at 3am...

Chloe: I almost kissed Beca.

Aubrey: What?!

Chloe: I almost kissed Beca…she almost kissed me…

Aubrey: How-

Chloe: I don’t know, we were in the kitchen at the Treblemakers frat house and Fat Amy did something with spin the bottle and…I dunno…before I knew it Beca was up against me…I could smell her perfume Bree. She smelt so good. I just love her so muuuuuch!

Aubrey: *sighs* I know you do…

Chloe: And I could see it in her eyes Aubrey, she wanted to kiss me too, I know she did!

Aubrey: So why didn’t she then?

Chloe: Because of stupid Jesse..

Aubrey: You mean Jesse, Beca’s boyfriend Jesse?

Chloe: Yeah he pulled her away from me. I hate him.

Aubrey: You don’t hate him Chloe, he makes Beca happy.

Chloe: I could make Beca happy…

Aubrey: I know, I know…

This is part 2 for Monsta X. Check out part 1 for the BTS version. :)

Monsta X


When he notices it he would ask you why you are covering your mouth everytime you smile. After your explanation he would be quiet for a while and burst out something along the lines of:

Shownu: “I understand but I still dont get it. Your so pretty when you smile.”

He would probably try to make you believe him by reasoning that there are parts of him he doesnt like but doesnt hide because he knows that you do. 

what a cutie I love him


Minhyuk: “What do you mean you dont like you smile? But its so pretty!”

This sweet little puppy would be showering you in compliments from the day he heard your reasoning for hiding like that. He`d constantly remind you of how your laugh sounds like angels singing to him, or how your smile lights up a whole room. And he wouldnt stop untill you are super confident of yourself.


Would notice right away and try to make you smile or laugh trough various ways. Even going as far as doing aegyo to get you to smile. When you hide it then he would quickly snatch your hands down and tell you that you dont need to hide.

Y/n: *hides smile*

Kihyun: *takes your hands* “No no no, no hiding anymore. Your smile is beautiful just like you.”


Another confused bunny here. He would probably be a lot like shownu and not really understand how you could think about your smile like that. Especially since your smile and laugh are one of his favorite things about you. He would sit you down and just straight up tell you that you are wrong and that your smile is amazing.

I.M: “Y/n, I know we can all be insecure about things about us sometimes, but your laugh is litterally one of my favorite things about you! Please dont hide that.”


Did this boy even listen when you told him that you dont like him hearing you laugh? Nope. He was too busy getting lost in your eyes. He is a hopeless romantic so when he heard how you dont like a part of yourself he doesnt miss a beat to make you feel better about it asap. He would be the type to tickle you and purposly do lots of things so you have to smile. And then he`d hug you and tell you how gorgeous you are. 

Wonho: *gif*

Y/n: *smiles*

Wonho: *hugs you while sweetly whispering* “You are beautiful, every single part of you.”


Aegyo mood at 100% He is determend to make you smile as often as possible by being the cutest most squishiest thing in the entire universe. like seriously stop it jooheon You wont have any other choice but to laugh and smile. In addition everytime he gets to see you smile and hear your laugh he would be super excited making it hard to have any kind insecurities anymore.

Jooheon: *gif*

Y/n: *smiles*

Jooheon: *freaks out* “OMG y/n that was gorgeous. You are so pretty!”


Probably the most chill out of group. He would carefully listen to you explain why you hide it but at the end he would also tell you his own idea about your laugh and smile, which is that it`s his favorite sound. He wouldnt want to pressure you to anything but would often encourage you to show him a smile or a little laugh. Which would be the best part of his day no doubt.

Hyungwon: “Will you show me a little smile?”

Y/n: *smiles*

Hyungwon: *tries to stay calm but inside his mind it`s replaying for the rest of the day*

anyways,, there’s no “right or wrong” way to come out to someone??? if someone wants to make some grand deal outta it then okay thats their choice but there’s also no reason why someone cant come out over text??? like if someone wants to just make it not a big deal that’s their choice? “hey dad imma be visiting my gf soon” like ???? idk for some ppl it doesnt have to be like this make it or break it moment, not everything is a movie. 


Save me… part 4

You can read part 1part 2 and part 3.

Dean was sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand and a self-made sandwich. He took the first bit of the sandwich when his phone started to ring.

“Hello?” He said with his mouth full of food.

“Dean, where are you? Where is the girl?”

“Ohh hey, Sammy.” He says swallowing his food quickly. “Where at her house.”

He says taking another bite.

“What do you mean? She couldn’t move when I left,” Sam says quickly.

“Well, Cas healed her.”


“Yeah.” Dean took another bite, “Sam we will be there soon and then I will explain everything.” He said with his mouth full and ended the call.

After a few more bites Dean ended his sandwich. He sat still looking at the television but that didn’t last long. He wanted to know why Cas trusted her. He stands up from the couch and begins looking through the living room. Everything looked normal in here. a house with furniture, books and… Dean just realized there was not even a single photo on the wall or anywhere.

You walked downstairs with a bag on your shoulder. You saw Dean go through a few things in the living room. You leaned into the doorframe. You saw him go through the bookcase, a few drawers till he just stopped and looked at the walls.

You just smiled when he spotted you. Looking at him. 

“I…” You saw him trying to come up with an explanation.

“Don’t worry. Shall we go?”

“Yes.” We both walked to the back door and exited the house.

On our way to the car, we spotted Miss Marlene. She was looking at us from her window.

Dean looked at me. “Is she always like this?”

“She likes to watch the neighborhood.” You said trying not to sound too sarcastic. 

You reach the car and another car comes speeding up into the street and stops in front of Miss Marlene house. You entered the car but Dean just stands there watching.

Two men walked out of the car. You began to have this bad feeling. Dean got the men’s attention. The men were looking at him and gave him this devilish smile. 

You got out of the car and touched Dean’s arm. He looked towards you.

“What’s wrong?” He says

“Shouldn’t we go?”

He gives you a suspected look and nods his head. “Sure. get in”  He says. You waited for him to begin entering the car before you made your way back to your seat.

Dean speeds away and you took a look back. You saw both men in the middle of the street watching the car.

“You live in a weird neighborhood,” Dean says. “You know that right?” He says looking towards you.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”  You said to him.

He gives you a smile and looks back at the road.

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I love that part when Isak's standing at their table,where you can see their wall,both parts when he takes off his earphones and when he's just standing there looking at the camera,smiling. I don't know how to explain why I love it,but I do. I think that's my favorite part of all the movie. Like if you'd ask me to pick a part an print it in my brain,that would be it

that’s so nice! I feel like those parts makes the video so … artistic? if you know what i mean? it’s very beautiful!

Imagine Shade was still alive pt. 36

Mare:  Why is Farley glaring at us?

Shade: *sighs* She’s pissed at me.

Mare: Hehe .. I mean, you should reconcile with her, like apologize to her.

Shade: Why do you think it’s my fault?

Mare: Isn’t it?

Shade: *sighs*

Shade: Diana, I’m sorry.

Farley: *looking away*

Shade: Dee ..

Farley: …You needn’t apologize to me, you should apologize to Clara.

Shade: But she isn’t angry with me, you are.

Farley: *glares*

Farley: That … is the point? Of course she isn’t angry with you. She’s three years old and thinks, “if daddy said this, it has to be right,” no matter what BULLSHIT you told her!

Shade: But .. you didn’t correct me … ?

Farley: Because we have to present a united front? And I’m not here to correct your mistakes all the time.

Shade: You have this from which book? *tries very hard not to roll his eyes*

Farley: *grins* Not from a book. From your mom.

Shade: Ah. But - I didn’t mean -

Farley: *glares harder*

Shade: - okay, I confess, I was wrong, that was a bad joke, I’ll go to her right now *rushes off, fearing for his life*

Later on ~

Shade: *returns visibly exhausted, Farley in tow who’s smirking*

Mare: So, what did you say to Clara?

Shade: You curious girl! Well, I said Clara would become so pretty and cute to make it anywhere.

Mare: *chuckles* True.

Shade: Well, yeah -

Mare: *in a serious voice* But I hope you told her she’s more than pretty and cute. *winks at Farley*

@redqueenfandom @clarafarleybarrow What I promised earlier on.

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Hey, Donnie. :-) How does Mona Lisa like the city so far? Anything new? I do wish Sal Commander could stay on Earth too, that will be amazing.

I’m surprised that Sal Commander let her stay. I can see why he wouldn’t stay on Earth. He’s got a war to deal with. Placing Mona on Earth is a good battle strategy though. It means that the Salamandarians have a presence here on Earth. an Embassy of sorts.

Though we all know that’s not the real reason she’s here.

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Wtf. Why are people so up in arms about Wayward Sisters? Do they think it's going to kill SPN (I mean, if Bloodlines couldn't do that, Wayward Sisters ain't going to either)? Destroy the actresses' careers? Do they think it's going to cause women to go out and actually start slaughtering people they think are monsters?! WILL IT SOMEHOW CAUSE ALL OF THE VIEWERS TO DROP DEAD SPONTANEOUSLY?!!? ...but seriously. What on Earth can they possibly find to be mad about here o_O?

I don’t know. Remember that it’s only a few of them and they are nothing compared to the people that want it. They only care about j2 which…is limiting and kinda sad. And other shows can exist at the same time.

Do you know why I’m not upset by the lack of resolution to the Chriseva thing in William’s clip? Because I legitimately don’t care anymore. 

Julie is probably going to have some super special super sparkly conclusion to this thrilling mystery at the end that will leave us with our jaws on the floor gaping at how super sparkly super smart she is, but I have truly become apathetic to all of this. It doesn’t mean that I have stopped loving Chriseva, it just means that I just well and truly don’t care if they’re together at the end anymore and she has forever affected my opinion on Eva, the character I love most in this show and one of the characters I love and relate to the most of any show.

The worst feeling isn’t when you’re sad or angry at your ship being treated so disrespectfully by the creator and being dragged through the mud just for kicks. The worst feeling is when you’re not sad and your not angry and you just STOP. caring. I am the literal representation of  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ rn

We have NEVER demanded anything. Sure there are things we’d like to see, sure most of us have said that we would like to see Chris as a main in one season. Did we ever expect it to happen? No. Did we ever demand it of the creator or the actors or anyone involved in the show? Never.

We were happy shipping our ship with whatever we got.

What did we want in the end? Just a 2 second shot of Eva and Chris making googly eyes from across the room. Literally that’s it. If they’re together in the shot. That’s even better. If they kiss? Literally we would be the happiest fans Skam has ever seen.

It’s Julie who raised our hopes so high with that clip and that text and immediately in the next breath went ‘LOL JK’.

Also I’ve thought long and hard about the text between Eva and the mysterious person about her shirt; and I’m 99 percent sure it’s a 100 percent Jonas. There was the doubt because her name is listed as Eva Kviig Mohn, and we were thinking that Jonas must have saved her as Eva at least. Until I realized that this isn’t a phone/Whatsapp chat. It’s an FB chat and the name listed, unless he personally changed it ala Even, would be the name she has listed on her profile. And given the recent revelation, I’m convinced that it is Jonas.

You know what this means right?

Chris got only one clip and one text message on his day, while Jonas got a clip, one Instagram and three texts

But yes, it’s Chris and William that are taking focus away from Sana’s season.

It’s fine that you ship your ship and you only wants what’s best for it, but so do we and we deserve to have our ship treated with the same respect. Just because they’re not super special super sparkly like yours, it doesn’t mean they deserve any less.


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character: jackson

genre: angst

word count: 514

requested: yes

summary: #61 from the prompt w/ jackson; “Remember when I said I’d do anything for you? I still would. I always will. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit back and watch you destroy yourself: because I love you!”


“Why aren’t you eating?” You hear Jackson mutter in frustration from behind you. You hear him shuffle a couple of times before walking to the opposite side of the table. He sits down in front of you with a pile of food which makes your stomach growl in hunger.

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IUD's feel free to skip

Talking with the kid on the way home about birth control. She isn’t active, I’d be very surprised if she was anyhow, we have a very open relationship.

Anyway, I suggested that we take her in and get her an IUD because better safe than sorry. She was agreeable to that as I won’t have insurance if the short term disability does. It go through and I lose my job. She knew that’s why I was suggesting she do it know. Then I told her she needed to use condoms every single time, regardless of being on birth control. She agreed and said she didn’t want anything to do with STI’s.

Ummmm? STI? Apparently they have changed them from diseases to infection and only teach sex Ed from an abstinence only point. Fuck that. I mean, we have covered it. I’m pretty confident that she will continue to be open an honest with me. I know she won’t get into a car with drunk kids, she will call me. I mean, honestly, she would be in more trouble for not putting her dishes in the dishwasher than calling me to get out of a situation, no matter what it is. It’s not a free pass, if she is doing something she shouldn’t been we will reflect on decision making skill.

She is only 3 years from being an adult, I hope I give her the best skills. I’ve at least given her a starving comic career if all else fails.

The snark is strong with this one

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VMIN ANON whAT THE FUC U WANT ME dEAD IN A FUCKING DITCH "tae starts to feel like he's not worth shit" *clutches heart* HoW darE YOU USE MY OWN PERSONIFICATION OF TAE AGAINST ME JESUS SHIT And between his endless, unrequited love for RM and his fear of giving into Kook he turns to Tae, who opens his heart to him, because loving Tae is so easy. He feels free when they're together because they're both a fucking mess but somehow that makes them perfect together

vmin anon you just got debatably called out I mean I wouldn’t really call it calling out because everything gets solved in the end sort of and satisfies each other’s demands to some degree but makes me also really sad why you guys do this to us I’m serious I need to knoW

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Nelle didn't sexually assault sonny though, she drugged him and slept next to him. I mean, taking his clothes off is crossing a line, but she was literally crying and didn't want to do it and just laid next to him-so I don't really see that as sexual assault. I do totally get why you don't like them together though.

Maybe because Sonny is a man you might be quick to brush it off but what Nelle did to Sonny IS sexual assault. Drugging someone to the point where they are no longer aware of his or her own actions, and then undressing them to get them naked in bed knowing they aren’t in their right mind to give consent IS sexual assault.

The bad thing about not being able to wear my glasses when styling my hair is that i have no idea where i Went Wrong but i know i didn’t do something right because this was not what i intended lol

side note: something i never thought i’d have to actually say but please don’t reblog any of my selfies with no caption and no tag like? why? i mean i guess i don’t really mind if someone wants to reblog a pic or whatever (even though i’ve no idea why you’d want a low-quality pic of me by my shower on your blog), but at least give me context? because otherwise i’m gonna assume it’s a bot blog and block it. so fair warning and all that i guess. because spam blogs taking my pictures weirds me out