i mean i know it's probably legit


Truth is, I was glad you were there. You were a good mistress, probably a great one… you know what I mean. || I was happy you were around, too. With you around I had an out. You were my out, Mellie.

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I just found that there is a random ass /hole/ like a legit /hole/ on the cheekside of my second molar along the gumline and my mom threw words like root canal and cap and I'm freaking out more and I know you've had a root canal before, can you let me know if it's going to be super painful please Mom?

A root canal might not be necessary if it’s not too deep yet, so the best thing to do would be to call a dentist asap and get it evaluated. I mean, does it hurt? Cause if it’s not then the root likely isn’t damaged and they can probably do a regular filling.

I’ve had plenty of weird gumline holes and fractures from my fucked up genetics, and most of them were fixed without root canals or crowns. The only two root canals I have had were from botched infected fillings and while they were traumatic experiences for me, this is because I am a special snow flake resistant to nearly all types of anesthesia and pain medication, and also have extra nerves. For everyone else who isn’t a weird genetic mutant?—root canals are mostly fine, no worse than a deep filling. 

They get you numb, they go in, they do their thing and the tooth gets crowned six months or so down the line. It will be tender and sore for a while after it cause things will be bruised and raw, but for most people that heals up in about 2 weeks. Honestly the worst part for me aside form not being able to go numb was the sound of the teeth being scraped. I put my headphones in for that part.

If your dentist does sedation dentistry, that would be the way I go for it if I could. 

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what do you want from this storyline (short and long term), given the 'choices' presented to us atm)? and what do you absolutely do not want?

I mean, the stuff i absolutely don’t want isn’t actually going to happen - I wouldn’t want Robert to want to be with Rebecca/~fall in love~ with Rebecca/start some sort of DEMONIC LOVE TRIANGLE OF HORRIBLENESS

Like. That would be enough to legit make me leave, probably (at least until it came to its miserable, miserable end). Because jfc. Please no. I’m not a multishipper with robron ok I’m just not. I’m not about it. Especially not with a plot device.

But… we know it’s not going to happen. Like. That’s not where this story is going and we’ve literally been told that explicitly within and outside of the show. We know the whole point of this storyline was to ultimately tell a story about Aaron and Robert’s relationship. When they’re at the front and centre of things I feel the most engaged with the show, so… ridiculous as it may sound, I’m kind of low key all about whatever they’re doing there. Rebecca isn’t going after Robert again (#blessing), Robert’s about to come clean and the show is going to take his relationship with Aaron into a new place where… I guess they’re trying to recover? Or they’re working their way back to one another, who knows.

Which I guess sort of answers your question about what I want. I mean, I have a list as long as the goddamn solar system about the myriad of things I desperately want to see, from big and character developey to small and insignificant but fun. In terms of what we’re realistically going to get and what I want… I don’t know. I want the relationship between Aaron and Robert to stay at the forefront, whatever story they’re about to tell. I don’t care, I literally don’t. Break them up, keep them together, give them the baby, whatever -

(I mean, I would still prefer they didn’t give them the baby tbqh and I’m still of the opinion that they ultimately won’t, but even if it does happen I’m sort of very ~whatever~ about it at this point lmao)

(maybe that’s bc I don’t think it’s happening though)

- just ultimately tell a story about their relationship, with the goal of getting them back to a better place in the end. That’s what I want. That’s what’s interesting to me. Whatever they do around them is window dressing. Like. I don’t care, do ur worst, whatever.

(I mean preferably don’t do ur worst but if u must)

I just want to see Danny and Ryan have emo scenes together and I want to see them ultimately fix things, at least somewhat, however long that takes. That would be great.

Also I want Aaron to yell at Robert and I want Robert to at least mostly confess of his own volition. I do want those two things and will be sad if we don’t get them.

Ive heard that Jhonen is a legit nice person but I can’t help but feel a bit intimidated and self conscious. Probably due to his brutal honesty…which doesn’t make him a jerk but im a sensative person and like im so scared if i ever meet him to leave the wrong impression??? I don’t wanna be one of those people that cry or freak out on him cuz I know he thinks its annoying …but I know deep down that I will probably cry just because the guy means so much to me ya know. I don’t like worship the ground he walks on or anything..I just find inspiration in him and due to personal reasons hes very important to me. And ya know who wouldn’t want to meet the guy who created a cartoon you loved as a kid?i just…i don’t wanna be one of those people who are like screaming and crying. I want to be able to go up to him and talk to him as I would another everyday human being but thats hard…because my emotions don’t know how to calm down in certian situations. And I have anxiety.

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I don't know I think it could be a real back? There are some private family photos being leaked and I think if it was staged they would just post the Hendall ones?

i really doubt it. i mean, think about it, really. harry and louis’ families are hacked like multiple times per year. at this point, after going on six years of this, they’d have proper security in place over their pictures and their passwords. they would know better. it’s not hard to protect your stuff. and none of the pictures that have been leaked of harry are incriminating or anything like that. they’re harmless. one direction and their families have probably never been hacked, and it’s not a coincidence that it’s usually (i can’t remember if it’s happened to the others) harry and louis’ families that are the ones being hacked.

but, if you really do think it was a hack, then spreading those pictures is about doubly fucked up.

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Is that Jungkook who sings in the video bts twitter uploaded?

yup! ^_^

What do you mean when you say that today kookiemonster bangtan wouldn’t let us live?

namjoon posted on twitter a track he’s producing and it’s jungkook’s vocals. yesterday suga posted his original draft for goyup and then jimin posted a selca so it looked like they were working on something too hehe~

You said Namjoon is going to be in a singing competition?? 😱😱

yeah, there’s a show on KBS2, National Idol Singing Contest and Nams was chosen to be one of the contestants.

Do you know why jimin always wears that silver chain bracelet? X

I always get this ask and I have no idea sorry. I’d be surprised myself if I do know. (pls don’t send me an answer to this without a source thank you)

Hiii~ May I know if Jin and Yoongi are the only ones who has glasses prescription? Thanks~

I actually don’t think Yoongi has prescription glasses but maybe he does now?! Before it’s Jimin, Jin and Namjoon who legit needs glasses. ^_^

random question but do you know if BTS has a vocal trainer?

Not sure, but they probably do. Like Jimin and Jin, they weren’t singers when they got into BigHit

When its written ‘do not edit’ does this mean that we can’t use the pictures as tumblr icons?

If you crop them that’s considered editing so it’s not allowed.