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It appears Ed has deleted his Twitter. I'm bummed to see him go but it's probably best for him mentally. People are just gonna rag on him because he's very popular now and not underrated like in 2012 (not bashing, there's nothing wrong with no longer being underrated). I don't watch GoT so I don't understand why people hate his cameo so much. Can you explain, and what are your thoughts on all of this?

I know you sent this last night and Ed’s account is back now, but I’m still going to answer it because I have Things to say about Ed’s Game of Thrones cameo. 

The people who hated it hated it for two reasons. The first reason was simply on principle, because they think they’re standing up for something. This reason is fricking stupid, I don’t mind saying. Please quote me on that: it is fricking stupid. These people don’t like Ed because he’s popular. There will always be people like this. They are ridiculous. Can you imagine disliking anything simply because other people like it? The bizarre thing is these people like to say they dislike popular things because they “have taste” or can “decide for themselves what is good” but what they are actually doing is letting the taste of other people influence whether or not they like something without giving themselves a chance to exercise their own taste and choose for themselves in the first place. They convince themselves something is shitty because they’re not the one who discovered it first. The logic – where is it? If I ever make an ass of myself complaining on the internet about not liking something on principle because it got popular without my help, feel free to put me out of my misery because I never want to live a life full of that much stupid.

So. These people didn’t like Ed’s cameo because they unreasonably hate him for being popular and he was on their favorite show, thereby ruining it. You just have to ignore the fact that their favorite show is literally the most popular show in the world. Otherwise their already ridiculous argument breaks down even further in the telling.

The other reason some people didn’t like Ed’s cameo is because they didn’t understand the purpose of that scene within the episode. It is admittedly longish for a scene in which not a lot of action takes place, but that is the point of the scene. Yes, it’s just three minutes of small talk between a main character and some soldiers she meets along the road, but the scene works to humanize everyone in it. Arya has just brutally murdered several of her enemies and is on the way to murder another one (probably several) when she meets these soldiers, the men loyal to the very people she’s on her way to kill. There aren’t really that many of them and considering her skill, she could probably kill them pretty easily, especially given how vulnerable they are in this moment with their weapons in a pile off to one side and the fact that they don’t think of her as a threat. She’s eyeing their swords because she is obviously considering killing them. But then–! They’re unexpectedly nice to her. The soldiers of her enemies offer her food and wine and a place by their fire, and they’re friendly and polite to her, and they talk to her about their lives, about what they’d be doing if they were home where they want to be instead of off fighting someone else’s war. The scene is about Arya realizing that these guys are just people like her, that they have families and hobbies and hopes, and that it’s not their fault they happen to be on opposite sides of this fight. They show her that they aren’t soulless monsters the way you’d want to believe about your enemies and so she spares them, proving that she hasn’t become soulless either despite what she’s done, and they all share this quiet few minutes of peace and humanity in the middle of their otherwise bloody and brutal lives. 

The complaint from those who don’t get it: it’s boring. It’s three minutes of nothing happening because they just wanted to write an overrated popstar into the show. To this, I say: YOUR FACE IS BORING. And just because you don’t get it, you’re going to come online and act like it’s Ed Sheeran’s fault your mind isn’t analytical enough to understand the themes and nuances of your dragon show? Listen, this scene is brilliant. And touching. And sad and beautiful. It makes you question what it means to fight for something, what the point of it is, whether maybe there’s a better way – like sitting by the fire and singing a song together while drinking blackberry wine and being nice

The people who don’t understand this scene wouldn’t have understood it no matter who played Ed’s part, but I frankly think it was a perfect casting. A guy who is this famous, someone you might expect to hate but who actually has a reputation for being kind to people, playing the part of a soldier in the enemy’s army who is actually kind. Art imitating life! I love it.

Oh, and I guess the third kind of person who bashed Ed’s Game of Thrones appearance is just the usual trolls. 

Here’s the bottom line, though: there is no real, logical reason to hate Ed’s cameo. I’m not saying people aren’t allowed, obviously. If they don’t like him, for whatever bizarre reason they can come up with, then that’s their prerogative. But  the fact is he looked great, sounded great, did as good a job delivering his lines as any of the other people in the scene, and was all around a pleasure to watch – and certainly the opposite of a show ruiner. And this is coming from a huge Game of Thrones fan! There may be other people - both famous and unknown - who could have done as good a job as Ed did in that role, but there is no one who could have done it better

And did I mention how great he sounded? :D

Alllllrighty, all that being said, and to address the other part of your message, I’m not actually convinced the twitter thing had much (if anything) to do with people dissing Ed’s Game of Thrones appearance. In fact, I’ve seen a lot more positive and/or funny feedback about it than negative. I think a lot of people - and the media - are assuming the GoT cameo was related because the two things happened within a day of each other and so the hate has been blown largely out of proportion to be used as a reason. But unless Ed or Stuart or somebody releases some sort of statement about it saying that was the case, I don’t think it’s necessary or productive to link the two things together. I’m content that Ed’s cameo was perfect, and his twitter account is back. :) 

Not Again (Pt. 2) || Cheryl Blossom

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Requested : A lot of people (not really just like 4 or 5 people lmao) requested a part 2 for Not Again, so here it is! This is basically the thoughts of the reader while she’s having a a panic attack from realizing that she has a date with Cheryl

[A/N] : I didn’t proof read this, so if theres a mistake between the use of ‘I’ and ‘You’ please message me and I’ll fix it immediately.


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Your art and stories are amazing but one thing bothers me. Why do you always make it zelink? Can't you do midlink or malink? Zelda has no personality and you hardly see her in the games. There's no way she's be with Link because they don't interact a lot yet you see Midna all the time. she has a sassy personality and is always with Link. They love each other so much and he's heartbroken when she leaves. I'm just sick of seeing a good author waste her talent on a overhyped pairing.

I guess the easy answer is that I simply like Princess Zelda. I absolutely adore her in every game. She’s my favorite character, even above Link, and I love the idea of her and Link getting together, despite the little amount of interactions they may have. I like the idea that when all is said and done, he goes back to her because whether they remain just friends or grow more romantically involved, she means the world to him, and he to her.

As for the more complicated answer, I admit, I feel very little towards Malon. She’s a sweat girl who gives me a horse, and that’s it. When you actually consider it, Link has far less interactions with Malon than he does with Zelda. There’s a brief scene where you help Malon at the beginning by waking her father up, but after that I only ever went to the ranch three times while playing OoT. Whereas you see Zelda constantly throughout the game, whether as Sheik or herself. I guess it also depends on how often you purposefully go out of your way to visit them. Showing young Zelda the masks, for instance, and seeing her cute reactions was fun. While Malon will just repeat the same things over again.

Now for Midna, I really do like her a lot. She starts out as sort of an anti-hero and softens up close to midway through the game. There is a fondness there between her and Link and he may even love her, so I see the possibilities. Although it doesn’t change the fact that she leaves at the end of the game, and Link will never see her again. But that’s canon. I suppose some fanfics can write it differently, and I’m not opposed to them. They’re just not my cup of tea. His interactions with Zelda may be few and brief, but you can still see the instant connection between the two. They trust each other at once and even fight together at the end. Truthfully though, I see all three of them as only friends during the game.

But seriously, what do you mean Zelda has no personality!!!! That’s actually very irritating how you can just claim that, and to me it’s a very shallow take of her character.

In OoT she has as much personality as Malon! More even. As a child she’s bubbly and bright while at the same time jaded with the intelligence of someone far older. She is trapped in her role as princess and a youth. She’s unable to leave the castle on her own and she has to put up with a father who refuses to believe her because of her young age. But STILL she makes plans and is active, which shows she’s clever and unwilling to sit by while there’s a threat to her kingdom. This she does as a child! And when Ganondorf does take control and Link is put in his seven year sleep, does she sit back and wait uselessly like a damsel??? No! She trains to become a Sheikah, she manages to hide from Ganondorf, a powerful sorcerer, for seven whole years (although I attribute that mostly to Impa). I even bet she went out during those years to help the citizens and protect them from monsters. Then Link wakes up and she’s at once there to make sure he’s not confused and to guide him during his quest. Can you imagine the hurt she must have gone through seeing Link pull his sword on her when she first appeared to him as Sheik? How she had to hide her identity from him to keep her Triforce safe all the while probably aching to go to him and reveal that his childhood friend is right here. Her interactions with him as Sheik are brief, she recognizes that she has to distance herself from him to protect them both. She has an untold amount of patience and willpower, and willing to wait until Link is ready to face Ganondorf to reveal herself. She’s overjoyed when she finally does face Link as herself and when it is time to send Link back to his childhood she is agonized and apologizes for all the unfairness he’s experienced. If anything she is the most dynamic character in OoT. To say she has no personality shows a lack of insight.

Zelda in TP, however, is more difficult to read, but even with the few times you see her you get a feeling as to what she’s like. At first she comes off as reserved and quiet. That may be because of her upbringing and the responsibility put on her shoulders, or it might be because her people are in danger and her country has been taken over by a usurper, but you get the gist. What’s annoying is that you’re essentially saying that these kind of people don’t have personalities! Just because some people aren’t outspoken and bubbly doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings and emotions. TP Zelda is altruistic, putting the wellbeing of her country above her own freedom. When she dropped her sword she knew that she was risking the possibility of being executed by Zant. Lucky for everyone he only locked her up. Since then she’s had the death of her soldiers on her mind and is constantly worried about the fate of her people. Still she doesn’t lose hope. When Midna and Link arrive she blindly places her trust on them even though they are complete strangers and when it comes to Midna, it’s really questionable whether she should trust her or not. She later on gives her own life for Midna because she recognizes that Midna’s life is more valuable than hers and she’s sorrowful when she realizes who Midna is and what she’s been through. In the battle against Ganondorf she shows her complete respect to Link as not just a hero, but a man who fought long and hard to save her country even though he didn’t have to. She’s kind, humble and always caring about everyone else. It may not be an exciting personality, but nonetheless that’s who she is.

I won’t even bother describing Tetra, and SS Zelda’s personality is too cute for words.

I’m not trying to persuade you to change your preferences, nor am I implying I hate those pairings, but please respect that this is my preference. I don’t care that it’s overhyped, I don’t care if people hate the pairing. It’s what I enjoy, and unless you’re willing to pay me, I write and draw for myself first and foremost. I don’t understand why you read them anyways if you don’t enjoy the pairing. I’m sure there are a ton of great authors who write for Malink and Midlink. Just please don’t belittle the use of my writing just because you dislike Zelink.


so i bought this bad boy like a week ago and i thought i might take y'all through my experience of reading this and my favourite parts

strap yourself in for a disorganized ride where all your otps are canon as fuck, ashton ruins my heart, and everything is dumb and endearing

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Lightning in a Bottle (Keith/Lance)

Title: Lightning in a Bottle
Summary: Lance suddenly feels like he has a sunburn—his cheeks and the back of his neck are all prickly, and his heart is beating a little faster, but that’s only adrenaline or, like, maybe the early signs of heat stroke? / Back at Veradera Beach, Lance comes to some realizations.  Keith&Lance, oneshot.
A/N: I have no idea where this would logically fit into the canon timeline, but I wrote it anyways because I was really feeling those ~summer vibes~. So have some gratuitous beach fic without any explanations.  I mean, it has Lance family feelings and team bonding and Keith and Lance getting their asses handed to them in beach volleyball.  You know you want to read it! :P

Check it out on [FF.Net] [Ao3] or continue under the cut.

It’s going to be a good day.

Lance knows this because nothing bad ever comes from the scent of tostada in the morning, the sizzle and pop of bacon in a pan.

“Morning, mamá,” he greets, snatching up a mango from the bowl on their breakfast table. He digs around in the drawers for a knife until Gran swoops in, clucking her tongue.

“I’ll take care of this,” she chides, bony fingers making short work of the mango skin, unpeeling it in one smooth curl. “Go wake up your friends.”

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11x20 first reaction

GOD DAMMIT NO You can’t finish there!! I mean I know I said I don’t like the idea of Chuck as God and when he started talking about cat blogs I thought my worst fears had come true, but the way he was able to switch back in an instant to a really menacing figure really helped. Which is also to be honest it’s the first time I’ve felt fearful of a supernatural being in SPN in a long time, probably since we first saw Lucifer in season 5. So kudos to Rob for being able to pull that off, and kudos to Robbie for writing something completely over the top but pulling it back for the big emotional punch at the end. And man was that a punch!

A beautiful song sung beautifully by Rob that’s I’m still kinda speechless over. If we didn’t have a season 12 in the works I’d say it feels like they’re definitely gearing up for the ending, as in the actual series end. The way Chuck wrote the final pages almost feels as if an indirect message from the writers teasing us that they know how the story ends - though logically it’s doubtful that they’ve gotten that far yet.

And do excuse me for jumping every time the word ‘river’ is mentioned now but one of the first lyrics of ‘Fare Thee Well’ (which is too similar to Team Free Will but that’s by the by) is ‘I’d fly up the river to the one I love’ which not only returns to the idea of the river ending at the source, but also brings back the idea of love.

It appears to be love and home that is waiting at the finish line, just like for Jesse and Cesar in 11x19. 11x13 hammers the idea of home being where the heart is, and 11x12 tells us to follow our heart etc. It is love that is going to bring Cas back, and also love that is going to guide our boys, like the dove in the song, towards the finish line *sobs*. Maybe it will also be love that stops Amara from completing her ‘re-writes’, meaning the love of her brother rather than the false love she is trying to force upon Dean, but that’s just speculation. But you know what? God said he was lonely in the beginning, it’s possible that Amara felt just as lonely? Two polar opposite forces feeling totally isolated because they don’t understand one another. And now Amara is trying to get back to how things were in the beginning, only in place of God she wants Dean by her side (shout to all those who love the idea of divine!Dean). Someone who she believes can love her and can bring her peace.

“It’s all going away, forever. But not you Dean.”

On another note I get what people are saying about the info dump, I can’t remember everything that Chuck and Metatron talked about without re-watching the episode, and it did sometimes feel like a check list of previously unanswered questions (which is as good as it is bad, I guess). I.e. the amulet was switched off, God did keep bringing Castiel back etc.

Questions, when Dean shouted ‘stop this!’ was he addressing Amara or Chuck? Or a better question may be did the plea reach Amara or Chuck? Either way this is probably the first prayer that God has answered in a very long time.

And does this mean that Amara torturing Lucifer has had no effect on God? Since he hasn’t apparently done anything to save him. Or perhaps this is the reason why God calls upon Metatron to help him. I guess it would be interesting if God purposefully called Metatron in the hopes of getting the good kick up the backside he needed to get him back in the game, so to speak. He’s not only been hiding in the bar, he’s been hiding behind the ‘Chuck’ persona for such a long time and strangely enough, I wasn’t expecting this anyway, it’s Metatron who lays the truth bare and pulls God out from behind the mask.

Speaking of Metatron I’ve always had a soft spot for the little s***, but he nearly made me cry here. Yep, I’m gonna admit it. To finally see him display some of the characteristics of humanity he preaches to God about (he’s weak and he cheats and steals, but he hasn’t given up. He searches for food in a dumpster but then gives it away to a dog - no singing and dancing though thankfully xD). It’s a redemption arc, and he’s gaining a sort of forgiveness in feeling true remorse for his actions but at the same time he still has to continue his punishment, no fixes, no becoming an angel again… He himself admits that is probably a good idea.

I’ll probably think of more, and there’s loads more in this episode to talk about *carefully studies every poster in God’s bar* - I haven’t even mentioned Sam and Dean in all of this! but man I am really looking froward to see where we’re headed. All around I had my doubts but this turned out to be a great episode :) Go Robbie!

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Be honest: Do you think there's hope for Solavellan?

Ok, I’m putting this under a cut for the sake of spoilers (in case people reblog and forget to tag), but here are my thoughts about the future of Solavellan relating to Trespasser. Also covers some general thoughts about Solas’s plans from here on out:

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Back again with a guide! You would have never guessed it by the title of the in-game guide shot up here, wouldn’t you?
ANYWAY! Yep, let’s keep going from just where I left you this morning with the first part of the guide on how to deal with episode 2.

So, first things first, to trigger the fight against Lizard, you have to follow the main quests storyline and complete those missions. I think the last mission before there’s something related to Lizard is the one where you need to fight an Octobot, but I might be wrong…

ANYWAY, yeah, you have to upgrade your Web-Shooter first (and if you already have enough materials to craft the first injector, I suggest you do that as soon as you can). Once you do that, the fight should be triggered. 

This time tho, Lizard won’t be on the Quad like other villains in previous events! So don’t get scared if he’s not there. He’s being a drama queen on top of one of Oscorp Institute’s building!

If he’s not there once you trigger the battle, just restart your game and he should be there. So should a little icon near the one for the event menu. Tap on there or on Lizard and here we go.

SO, the in-game guide says pretty much everything you need, but let’s explain this once again. To fight against him you need to:

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so, like, the gangsey friendsgiving headcanons? yes lets do thisss. (i know i know thanksgiving was yesterday but vic is vERY bAd at getting things done so whatever we’re doing this now

  • i don’t know where to start tbh but i’m just gonna say this: ronan morally objects to eating turkey bc like its a bIRD and he’s a bird nERd. like he’d probs eat it any other day of the year but like..the fact that all these birds are being killed for this dUmb holiday…stubborn!ronan likes to make an appearance this time of year ok ok
  • also chainsaw stares them all down super judge-y like ‘UR EATING A BIRD??! RUDE.’ 
  • adam’s like ‘shut up ronan and carve the damn turkey’
  • ronan does it. of course. how could he not i mean. it’s aDAM. 
  • Gansey cooks the turkey. it turns out exactly how you’d imagine. 
  • THEY THROW FLOUR AT EACH OTHER (is there flour in pies?? i don’t know i don’t cook stuff. i’ve never baked in mY life) 
  • ok like now i’m thinking about alternate thankgivings like theres one where its just the core gangsey 
  • but then like also one with all the 300 fox way ladies and ronan’s fam and probs like helen
  • they probs have like 2 thanksgivings
  • for now lets just stick to the gangsey thanksgiving tho. so like gansey insists on cooking the bird. he’s gOT this. and blue’s like ‘babe r u sure u know what ur doing??’ and he’s like yES YES *flips thru furiously thru cook book* 
  • blue doesn’t offer help bc fuck if she knows how to cook a turkey! all she knows is yogurt and baking. 
  • ronan definitely knows how to cook a turkey. but. he’s Against It. so, he doesn’t offer any help either. 
  • while the turkey’s cooking, they all go out into the parking lot outside monmouth to play football. ronan, blue, and noah vs gansey and adam. But noah mostly just watches and cheers and passes the ball to ronan and blue. 
  • and ronan and blue are like So Competitive and determined to cRUSH their boyfriends. 
  • they lose track of time playing. the turkey is…well…
  • ‘noooo it’s ruined! oh god i’ve ruined thanksgiving’ 
  • ‘gansey chilll.’
  • ‘guys i’m so sorry…i can…fix this..maybe?’ 
  • ronan locks himself in his room and everyones like??? adam tries knocking but theres no answer and like they start to get super concerned but then!!!!!!!!!!
  • he emerges from his room with a perfectly cooked turkey 
  • ganseys like ‘oh my god ronan’ *ronan shrugs* ‘couldn’t let u losers not have ur bird’ 
  • and then he eats this one bc its tECHNICALLY not a real turkey. it’s a dream turkey so like. its fine. 
  • ok now i need a minute to talk about ADAM PARRISH on thanksgiving hold on im about to get SUper Emo. 
  • so like. this is kind of a bittersweet holiday for him bc like. it’s a Family holiday. (i guess all holidays are but like. he feels it more with thanksgiving) 
  • and like he’s never really had a proper thanksgiving?? like not the kind all his friends would have had growing up like with a million relatives super loud and chaos and hAPPy. no. his thanksgivings were just him and his parents. they ate in silence. his dad would get more wasted then usual. it would not end well. no one ever went around the table saying what they were thankful for. no one baked pies or laughed or played music. thanksgiving was always something he dREADED. 
  • BUT NOW!!! now he has this new family. this family he CHOSE. And they chose HIM. and he has ronan. and he finally feels. he feels thankful for something. for THEM. and they make it happy. they make it a good holiday. they manage to replace his sad horrible memories about this day. 
  • So when Ronan and Noah start blasting the murder squash song while they bake he doesn’t even groan. 
  • when they all dog-pile on top of each other after their football game he can’t help but grin So Wide. he’s surrounded by the best people in his life. 
  • and when they go around saying what they’re all thankful for, he just looks around at all of them and quietly says: “This.” 
  • and they all go ‘awwww’ and noah ruffles his hair and gansey smiles SO BIG SO SO BIG. and blue pretends to wipe tears and ronan just gently touches his hand under the table. 
  • this is getting so long im gonna need to make another post about thanksgiving 2 with the fox way ladies + lynch fam