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Ok embarrassing confession time. UT, US, UF, and SF skele-bros and others if you want and please. They're sitting on a couch watching whatever movie with their crush(hopefully soon S/O) and one scene happens the boy in the film slips on ice and falls while the other laughs the crush says accidentally aloud "that's like me but I fell for you"

* Me flirting t b h


He starts mad blushing but continues to try to act chill. Surely they didn’t mean it that way. What the hell would they ever see in him anyways? They probably meant it as a joke, yeah definitely. He gets really quiet, not even returning the pun as he overthinks then rethinks everything. He’s really distracted the next few times they hang out.


He strikes a dramatic pose, waiting for their response. It’s only if you look closely that you notice his hands are shaking and he’s sweating lightly.


It takes like 2 full seconds for the flirt to sink in. He blushes slow, getting redder and redder the more he thinks about it until his entire face is alight with crimson. He’s suddenly really stiff and if he had a heart it would be beating so fast. He starts sweating a lot. Did they just? But no, that can’t be it why would they? But what if-? He clears his throat with a flimsy ass excuse a curt, “u-uh i hav’ta go it’s um. suddenly, i just remembered… ya.” Blips back to his bedroom to probably regret existence.


He just stares at them for awhile, gearing up to blurt something out, until they get uncomfortable. When they finally look at him all “wtf dude” he goes “IF THAT IS YOUR WAY OF FLIRTING THEN YOU NEED TO TRY HARDER. FORTUNATELY FOR YOU, I ACCEPT BECAUSE I DO FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE AS WELL.”


His eyes go wide and he scrambles to pause the movie. He takes their hands in his. “MY FRIEND HUMAN, DID YOU MEAN WHAT YOU SAID?” 
Depending on their answer, he either pretends nothing happened or launches into a full confessional speech.


He replies, “Haha same.” Before registering what they even said. Then he does and his eyes widen but it’s too late. His crush turns to him, also wide-eyed and lightly blushing.
“Wait what?” They say.
“What?” He looks away.
“What.” They start to doubt.
“Um. Yeah.” He clarifies.
“Well, okay.” They cough.
“Um are we dating now?”


He ignores their comment, pretending he didn’t hear. Internally he is ACTUALLY SCREAMING but he doesn’t want this to be how his confession plays out. When he does confess, it will be grand and memorable, not on a couch watching a shitty movie. At least now he knows they probably return his feelings, that makes things much easier.


u M????????????
He does a double take at their expression to discern whether they’re serious or just joking. Pretending to be super chill, he forces his posture to relax and face the movie screening.
“That’s like me but I fell harder.” He responds, then immediately cringes. Goodbye dignity, rip, farewell, there it goes.

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Ay, totally with you. And also not? Like even if pewd did nothing wrong, even if the media were abusive, i still think that some people need to learns lessons! I guess pewd did with that joke? It wasn't mean to be harmful, it just got out of hand! I don't blame him tho. Nor anyone exept the medias. ( i mean if i said "death to all jews" in a video, meant to be funny, no one would care bc i'm not popular, but bc he is popular, he get hate for nothing. That sucks.) sorry for the bad english

no no your fine, and haha I completely agree! People definitely need to learn lessons, and BOY Pewdiepie sure did learn the hard way XD 

Imagine you got dumbed by your boyfriend and the moment he leaves it starts raining. It reminds you of these stupid romance books, where a breakup always ends with a rain shower. You get so angry that you start shouting into the sky for it to stop. Your best friend Remus finds you minutes later still shouting at the rain and he wants to lighten your mood.
“D'you wanna make out in the rain?”
“Are you joking Remus?”
“Yes of cause…i mean yeah…if you want it to be a joke…uhm no i mean…yes it was a joke”
You burst out in tears again: “that’s what he said to me…”
“That it was a joke…all of it was just a joke to him…”
You wanted to break down on the street, like you have seen it in so many movies before.
Yet your knees never reached the ground, instead you found yourself in Remus’ arms. “I would never take your relationship with me as a joke Y/N!” And with these words he leaned down and kissed you…

By Lisa and Selina

okay hi i’m usually the type of person that sits back and hits reblog on basically every supercorp related post i see but i’mma say something now

when people that stan katie mcgrath make jokes about katie mcgrath it’s because they love her and every stupid little thing she does only makes them love her more.

that’s it. that’s all there is to it. all these kashy mcgra, goth, anal, and whatnot (there’s a lot more “insulting” ones on twitter than on tumblr, trust me) jokes? they’re not meant to be harmful. they’re because we can’t believe the stupid things she does make us love her even more

i get it may come across as insulting to those that aren’t in the fandom, but it’s like…sometimes when you’re friends with each other you’re allowed to insult each other and call each other names, because you love each other

i mean…just saying. so please go find something else to whine about, shit that matters, like racism or some shit.

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I get ya. Could I ask for some fluffy hcs of Gyro with a small s/o who tends to get into trouble often?

  • First of all, don’t expect your height to go unnoticed by the Gyro Zeppeli! While he’s not doing it to be mean, he’s definitely going to poke fun at your height in small ways, such as leaning his elbow on your head, or lifting you up when you need to get on your horse. If he ends up going too far with his jokes, he’ll pull you into a hug and apologize… before complaining that he can’t kiss you if you’re down there!

  • Gyro loves to pick you up and hold you to his side through the hook in his arm. He also does the same to Johnny. Let’s just say the three of you end up getting a lot of stares any time you’re all in town.

  • Another thing he loves is cuddling with you, especially with being the big spoon. He’ll continuously curl up and squish you, until you find yourself in a similar situation as a Greek Gyro. That being said, he also likes it when he’s the little spoon, and he’ll often laugh over the fact that you barely even cover his entire back.

  • Now… when it comes to you getting into trouble, the other side of Gyro is what you’re more than likely going to deal with. Anytime he sees you about to make a simple, yet potentially painful mistake, he’ll make jokes to distract you before lifting you and getting you out of there, but in other situations, either you or the person you’re dealing with are not going to be as lucky.

  • If someone is giving you problems, Gyro won’t just get in between the two of you, but he’ll get right in the other person’s face. While he’ll be smiling and flashing his beautiful golden grills, his eyes will stare them down and show nothing but killing intent. “Does there seem to be a problem?”

  • Now, if it’s you doing something you know Gyro has told you not to do, such as go out at night during the SBR, he’ll sneak up behind you and drag you into his arms. He’ll ask you ‘ just where in the hell do you think you’re going?’ with his voice would be completely devoid of the joking tone that you were always used to. When you tried to explain to him what you were doing and apologizing to him for making him worry, he’ll immediately turn you around, lean down… and start tickling your sides.

     “That’s right! You woke me up, and you’ll need to apologize properly for it!” 

  • Even though it’s clear that he’s still upset, mostly out of fear of what could happen when you’re out of his site, some of his loose and joking tone would return as you complained and tried to escape from his tickle hold of pure evil.

uh if youre mixed w/ white i think its real ugly to come @ people saying shit about white people and trying to guilt them not saying mean shit abt crackers cos it hurts your feelings. Unless they are speaking specifically abt mixed people or about you personally i do not understand this notion of jumping down peoples throats as if when they talk about White People they’re ever talking about people mixed w/ white. Lol. If youre biracial that doesn’t mean anything bad you still are who you are and i get some insecurity but white people jokes. Aren’t about you. Calm down lmao

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youve had a bad blog since i followed you, i just thought you were a smart person. but all of this lper discourse has me thinking otherwise. the jokes were tasteless and inappropriate. clearly you did not actually do research/watch vids or THAT would be what youre upset about. get a grip. you cant just call everyone a racist and devalue that term. you people even called milo a nazi when hes jewish and gay. youre an adult, and i thought maybe you could think more rationally, but i guess not.

Hey friend. Hey bud. Hey friendo hey pal.

Listen. You wack as fuck.

First of all if you think I didn’t think the jokes being tasteless and inappropriate you a fuckin fool to begin with. I mean obviously if we’re at this point you wack as fuck anyways, lets try and give you the benefit of the doubt here. I’ve said this before over the past few days and no, nah, just because people are upset about something and you ain’t don’t mean they don’t know the deal. Trust me I know The Deal of whats going on, why it’s going on, and what was and wasn’t said.

YOU on the other hand missed the part where like… From the beginning, people were upset at the “joke” for being racist to begin with, even in context, and that regardless of intention you shouldn’t make jokes about genocide of a group that is currently being attacked on the whole super hard. All this is now is people going “Oh, well, I fucking told you so, but also now his friends are being garbage too lets just… point that out.”

You seem hard set on policing how upset people are and why on a subject that you, too, understand is shitty, and you want that anger aimed at a very certain thing, and nothing else, and it’s REALLY weird because this is a much bigger situation than some shithead said a bad thing and that’s it. This dude is followed by an actual fuck ton of people who believe ever word he says, and so do all his friends, and you’re actin like this is some kind of thing that should only be looked into as some idiot being an idiot and nothing more? These kinds of jokes normalize things, even in jest, even when referring to something ELSE.

and normalization of putting people in danger isn’t a good thing, especially when like… people were taking his words and praising them as actual hate speech. That tells you something is wrong. At this point, most people aren’t even mad at the dude anymore for what he did. Like sure peeps ARE still steamed about it, most people are just annoyed that shit keeps needing to get to this point, and more importantly that even when it does, it’s STILL protected as if it AIN’T wrong to pay these guys money to hold up a sign that says “Kill all the Jews” on it.


BUT more than that, right now, is that you have the fucking audacity to come into my fuckin house, try to make ME seem infantile, try to question MY adulthood, and sit in your goddamn ivory tower because YOU somehow unlocked the Right And Correct Way to be upset. Yet also be unable to see the reason people are upset, the slippery slope these kinds of jokes have made both in the past and currently both for the people involved and the people who blankly enjoy these jokes and repeat them and use it as a rallying call of what they think “free speech”.

You’re so goddamn caught up in wanting to tell everyone how to not be upset in the most passive aggressive, un-helpful in any way and in the end, completely ass-backwards way possible that you’ve somehow, in your “researched” missed out on Milo’s miles of hate speech and bigotry that mirrored, if not completely falls into, the hate speech and bigotry of the current American Alt-right movement, which are Most Definitely Nazis.

You come into MY fuckin inbox and try and pull this absolute shit, while, if this is the same person that’s said this same shit to me two nights ago, then good job going anon this time. Real cool and super brave of you. Secondly, if in 2017 you are still policing people’s fuckin emotions when someone does some racist shit, Regardless Of Intent, and are still spouting that fresh ineffectual non-sense of “Yeah he said something bad and stupid but dont???? Do a thing about it?? Don’t Talk About It And Be Upset Because That’s Stupid And You Are Going…… Too Far” and call ME childish, then you can eat out my ass because it’s clear you’ve been on that wack shit for far too long.

You dusty as fuck.

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I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, (Heck delete this if you want, this is just something I noticed) but Saihara's "eyelashes" aren't even attached to his eyes if you look closely enough, they're more like eyeliner. Also, I think Saihara's eyes are gray, and if he is their child, he should look eerily just like Naegi (unless he made his own changes, of course). Again, I'm sorry, but I wanted to get this off my chest.

Objection, sorry, but your rain is no more than a light drizzle  -

  1. Just because it looks like it doesn’t mean it is
  2. They’re not gray 
  3. Fujisaki? 

This first started as a complete joke but I will now defend it til my last BREATH

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Uhm why are your recent posts tagged as shingeki no kyojin? Is this a joke I don't get?

Nooooooh, I made a post about it, but I guess you (and lots of other people) didn’t see. I used the Archive Poster (a chrome browser extension) to mass-queue a couple things i wanted to bring back up from October and November.

I didn’t mean to tag these posts at all, since most of them already ARE in the tag. But the Archive Poster has an “edit tags” function, so you can tag a lot of posts simultaneously. 

However, the last time i used said extension, it was to queue tons of SNK posts for my main blog. I didn’t think the tag was still saved in the settings of the Archive Poster - and, frankly, I didn’t check, either.

I noticed after a while when the first posts I queued were posted, and I wanted to kick myself lmao. But tbh, I was too lazy to change the tag of +50 posts back.

That’s it. That’s the whole mystery. Myshka is a lazy bum.

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ok totally random question but i just need to know. do you think its normal (and maybe even okay) when friends bully each other? bc i see that all the time here on tumblr and it makes me really sad. so called 'friends' calling each other horrible names and saying its what best friends do and its all fun and games. and i'm just like? no? they dont? (i personally have been bullied my whole life by 'friends' and realized too late that they meant all these things but concealed them as jokes :/)

well that depends because sometimes it genuinely is a joke and the people involved in it have no problem with it and they have an agreement because they know it’s all play so that’s not a problem (good communication is key), but sometimes there are people who say mean things to others and call them “jokes” when the other person gets mad or upset in order to discredit their feelings and that’s when you should be worried, because if you’re not comfortable with it the other person should stop immediately

this definitely isn’t for everyone and it’s not a bad thing that you’re not comfortable with it! people shouldn’t force you to act like that if you don’t want to but there are people who genuinely don’t mind that kind of thing

i’ve been thinking way too much about. fucking. galra empire memes lately

as in memes popular within the galra empire becuase BOY does life get dull when you’re part of a sprawling civilisation that hasn’t been challenged in 10,000 years

i’ve only thought of a few

  • -points at a random object going by outside the ship- “is that voltron”
  • -something incredibly minor goes wrong- “fUCK YOU ALTEA!!!”
  • ‘which lion would you pilot’ quizzes because let’s face it everyone and their progenitors dream of flying one of those babies one day
  • quintessence puns
What I noticed about the signs

Aries: The most enthusiastic people I know. They will never lose their energy or optimism, even in the darkest of times.

Taurus: The most humorous people I know. They will make a joke out of everything, even if that means they won’t deal with the real situation.

Gemini: The most insecure people I know. Even though they’re always talking and doing so many interesting thing, deep down they doubt their every action.

Cancer: The most ambitious people I know. They need attention, they need to succeed and they will fight for that.

Leo: The most generous people I know. They will give up everything to help you, even if they don’t get anything in return.

Virgo: The most stubborn people I know. They won’t stop arguing with you, even if they know they’re wrong. They can’t stand being wrong.

Libra: The fairest people I know. They will treat you exactly the way you treat them. Also, they won’t forget about you and will remain good friends.

Scorpio: The most devoted people I know. If they’re into something, they’re so deep into it, you just can’t not notice.

Sagittarius: The most honest people I know. They will tell you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. Lies hurt them.

Capricorn: The strongest people I know. No matter what happened to them, they will always remain the same.

Aquarius: The most unpredictable people I know. They’re so weird, you never know what they will do or say.

Pisces: The kindest people I know. They will never say no to you or ignore you, even if they don’t like you.

i happened upon this picture of Melissa bts and it’s just…too much??? like. the tshirt?? cradling the tiny precious dog?! and look at her fucking arm. i mean i really have a soft spot for athletes lol but are you joking?? get this away from me.

I should have seen this coming

I mean… remember this?

When this art was first released I was just like omg that totally looks like a wedding lololol :)))

But after episode 9 this artwork feels more telling than ever

Like, no jokes, that’s a wedding photoshoot right there. They’ve seriously been hinting at this forever. They are getting married and no one can convince me otherwise

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Panic! at the Disco almost went by the name Pet Salamander. Those emos almost chose to go by Pet Salamander. Can you imagine how different things would sounds? “This is ‘I Write Sins not Tragedies,’ sung by Pet Salamander.” Ryan Ross why? Where did you get the idea for the name? What stood out about this name? All of the jokes about the exclamation point would just cease to exist. The emo trinity would have been Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Pet Salamander. The jokes about panicking at discos would stop and would turn into jokes about salamanders i just wann