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you must be so tired of these questions but I NEED to know so I have to ask, from one willabeth lover to another, are Will and Elizabeth together at the end of the movie? are they a couple at the end of it all? I'm too anxious to listen to the youtube video lol and I don't want to spoil the whole plot for myself you know but I have got to know where they stand at the end, even if it means knowing one of them is dead or whatever. Thank you and sorry to bother ya <3

Not a problem! I totally get what you mean because there were a couple of things I wish I hadn’t heard in the video, lol.

I’ll try and summarize everything I remember him saying about Will/Elizabeth/Henry because it all links together and I’m a very detailed, thorough person. I’ll bold their names though so you can skip through it if you want since this is probably gonna mention some other plot points. Under the cut, so it isn’t spoiled for anyone and everyone :)

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Seems FSM followers help you guys more than you help us these days, you've literally turned to exploiting the vulnerable for your own problems. I needed some help and validation and all I got was "submit it again" how is it that with all your different mods you still don't answer much? But it's ok because you have your own problems that you need money for which is the centric theme of the blog now...

That’s not a very nice assumption to make.

We all have our own troubles, and sometimes that stops us from answering questions.

I agree that some of us could be posting more but I know, at least, that I spend a lot of time answering questions.

This doesn’t just include actually typing out and sending an answer, but also includes researching, including fact checking, especially if my answer could be harmful, and learning about new issues for a follower in an emergency.

Not every question can be answered by every mod, and some questions can’t be answered by any mod. We get between 50-100 asks every day, and generally get 10 extra every time we post anything. Some of those asks can be overwhelming and triggering to certain mods, while other questions we have NO idea how to even begin to answer.

I don’t mean to exploit anyone, and I make sure that I’ve answered as much as I can before I even consider asking for help. The only reason I posted it recently was because a follower asked.

Though we might say to submit it again for extra visibility, if the question comes up again and we still don’t know how to answer, we can’t answer it.

Back to the part where I say we get 100 asks a day. If you are one mod looking at the asks, you will focus on the asks you immediately know how to answer. Then you move to the ones with a little research, and do a couple of them.

By the time that’s done, you’ve spent a couple solid hours working on asks and more are pouring in because we’re coming up in people’s dashboards. At this point we take a break, and hope other mods come on to pick out what they know, and repeat. Sometimes they don’t.

I’m sorry that I don’t know how to help you. I’m sorry that you feel ignored.
I’m sorry that I’m going through depression and hardly want to wake up in the morning yet spend so much time trying to help all of you. And yet when I ask for help, suddenly I am exploiting people.
I’m not a robot, anon. Please understand.

I would NOT have asked for help if I had not been quite active recently. I’m not that type of person. I don’t want to use or exploit anyone.

Life should be give and take, and I am so used to giving. When I ask politely to take, I am the bad person… Thanks.

-Solar the Sea Turtle