i mean i did pass but barely

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so i think we can ALL agree that the Middle Earth Les Amis nerds at one point decide to throw a marathon LOTR watching party (extended versions obviously). but it's a /costume party/. who dresses up as who? :D


  • Enjolras : Legolas, I mean come on, it barely requires him any effort to put together and he values his time greatly
  • Combeferre : Gandalf, he was born for this moment and keeps saying the “You shall not pass” line every chance he gets
  • Courfeyrac : Is Pippin in the flesh and doesn’t even try
  • Grantaire : Everybody was expecting him to come as Frodo because blue eyes and dark curly hair, they did the math quickly, but he came as Shelob the Spider cause “I too am hairy and have a sting to stick into cute boys”
  •  Joly : Makes the cutest Frodo the world has ever seen
  • Bossuet : Comes as an Eagle because the power of the pun was too strong
  • Jehan : Galadriel because they really like the idea of being “beautiful and terrible as the Morn“ (”Jehan, you cried this morning because you saw a baby bird” “STFU”)
  • Feuilly : Is Boromir’s most fierce defender and will fight you over him so Boromir it is
  • Bahorel : Makes a great yet overgrown Gimli
  • Eponine : Gives minus 5 fucks and comes as the Ring because she’s PRECIOUS. Also she spends half of her time whispering creepy stuff to be in character
  • Cosette : Comes as Eowyn because she’s a cinnamon roll who could kill you too
  • Marius : Loves Faramir and loves Cosette and considering Cosette planned on dressing as Eowyn, he jumped in the bandwagon. So Faramir it is
  • Musichetta : Makes a rad Aragorn if you ask me. And every time Enjolras gets up to go to the bathroom she’s like “AVOFUCKINGDAD LEGOLAS!

Confession:  So, Solas was asleep for a really long time, wakes up to a society he doesn’t understand and wants to change it back. Pretty much like Corypheus right? You know what I want to know? How the hell is Solas’ speech patterns so, normal?

Barely any elves know elven and I highly doubt he bothered to learn the universal Thedas language. Say he did, so much time has passed that it’s probably not even close to what he knew. Languages evolve over time due to slang, change in meaning or reinvention of the word. He’d been awake for only 2 years before the Inquisition, how does he speak so elegantly?

You can argue that he picked it up somewhere but even still he would have slip ups from time to time. (Imagine being the first person he spoke to tho, “The hell this crazy knife-ear going on about?”)

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Sarah, I'm completely stalking your blog and just watched your HP accent challenge (how did I miss that before?!) and I love your voice!! I mean, I barely passed French but it remains my favourite langue and I loved hearing you pronounce the characters names xD

Baaaabe you’re too sweet omg 🙈 Thank you! I feel like we need to talk more?? Why don’t we talk more?? (also loving the “favourite langue” that’s hella cute)

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my first thought when i saw karkat's shades was that he stole them from dave's huehue.. also sollux's top hell yea

eheh I’m not surprised B) (Sollux’s top summarizes his feelings about being at the beach pfft)

Anon:r u gonna do the alpha and beta kids on the beach (possible alpha trolls)? :3c

I have an alpha trolls beach pic but it was barely started and it’s like 2 years old so I doubt I’m picking it up again and I’ve been meaning to do an alpha kids one for so long oh man, for this year I’ll probably pass tho or it would be done by november or who knows when lmao

Anon:Are you ever gonna do some more colorful backgrounds like you did, with the Homestuck kids way back when?

ohh those from when I was practicing backgrounds? ;v; I’m not sure, maybe when/if I’m in the mood again!