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What Do You Mean a Dixon? Carl Grimes x reader

Carl x reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Hey could you do an imagine where the reader is daryls daughter and carl finds her outside the walls while he’s on a run. He ask her what’s her name and she says (y/n) Dixon and carl brought her to the Hiltop so she can see daryl

I’m sorry for everybody that requested a long time ago but I’m starting to have less homework in school so I’m going to try and write everyone's requests.



The gravel crunched under my dusty boots as I walked along the abandoned roads. I killed any of the undead hanging in my way and hid from any herds that might have been passing by me on the way. The trick to staying alive was staying smart, meaning don’t let emotions get the best of you. My mother died trying to take out a herd that my younger sister got lost in and they lost. I don’t know where my father is. He never came back from the hunt…

It was just me now learning by myself, scavenging by myself, and surviving all by myself. My skills in education are far lacking than what they should be at. I stopped learning in school when I was about 8 but kept learning with my mother during the apocalypse making my level at 8th grade instead of 10th, where I should be at right now. 

My mother thought that her medical skills and herbology came before anything more, fighting was second, and learning in education was last if we had the time. We were good for a couple of months but when the undead started coming together to become big herds we had to stay in front of them, which meant constant moving around. But when the inevitable came upon our camp one day there was no chance that we could’ve stopped what happened. 

Now it was just me walking to find a safe haven walking to find any sort of safe looking home that I could use as protection for at least just a little while. And that’s when it happened. I saw the tin glitter across the tops of the trees and bolted towards what might be my protection. There was a very slim chance that this was actually a place to stay, it was either that or it was a construction sight that had hundreds of the undead upon it.  

The sight of tall tin walls and the sound of human laughter and the barking of a dog was heard my heart lept with joy of my recent discovery. The only thing I could think to do was find an entrance and go into it. To my luck the entrance was just around the corner showing bars and a thin layer of camouflage fabric. It honestly looked like it was safe and it sure did sound like it too.

“Please let me in!” I yelled rattling the brown bars that kept me from the inside of the walls. Before I could even call out again the bars rattled and a kid with long brown hair with sheriff’s hat walked out to meet me. 

“Who are you and how did you find us?” He asked his deep voice sounding hostile. 

“I-I saw the tops of the walls above the trees and thought I’d see if I could find some people here.” I explained looking up at him seeing as I was only at his shoulders. 

“What’s your name?” He asked his voice sounding softer seeing as no one was behind me or waiting for me to walk in. 

“My name is Y/N Dixon.” I said and his eyes turned from hostile to curious. 

“What do you mean Dixon?” He asked moving his head back and forth in disbelief. “ You know what nevermind. You come with me. We’re letting her in guys. She’s a Dixon. Close the gates.” He said behind him as we walked inside. 

“What is this place?” I asked as my bag behind me rattled noisily.

“This is Alexandria. You will be told everything you need to know when you meet my father. He owns this place now. right along next to Glenn and Maggie and Daryl.” He explained glancing at me before turning away. The name was known in my m ind but I couldn’t put it to a face so it just drifted a while.

The sights around me where unbelieveably as I say people drinking lemonade on their porch sharing deep secrets about their past life. 

“Dad we have company. She’s a Dixon!” I heard him say as we walked up the porch and right into a house. The door was wide open and for a second it made me on edge but then I remembered that there were walls up and people on watch so the tension quickly fell from my shoulders. 

“Daryl. You have company.” A deep country voice said.

“What d’you nee-?” A gruff looking man stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me tears forming in his eyes. After a moment of recollection I put the name to the face and realized…




Sorry for the sucky ass ending but it’s early and I’m just trying to get these done. But also trying to not let you guys down. I love you guys and as soon as I finish these out I will open the requests again!

Scenery- Taeyong [1]

Suggested: Can you write some fluff of you having a study date in the park where you had art homework and you draw each other? with Winwin, Taeyong or Johnny? 

HI, Could you do dating scenario with Taeyong, not smut! Just a cutie dating one. Sorry for my bad English though. 

A/N: Hai friends. Here is the long awaited fluff. I really didn’t mean to turn this into a series but…here we are. I changed it around a bit but definitely put your suggestions to good use (I hope!) I know this took me forever to write lol. Sorry guys! hope you like it though <3

-Admin Ivy 

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Them Getting Jealous Over Another Boy: SF9



Must and will interrupt your conversation with the boiii and smile at him for the rest of your talk.


Observes you two with a dead-set frozen expression.


Becomes a confused child in a matter of seconds.


Initiates an aegyo fight in which he has 100% confidence.


100% done with everyone’s shit and just waits for a right moment to question you about the boiii.


“What the hell is even going on right now?” confused child pt.2


Trying to hide his annoyance at the boii~.


“Well hello there! Yeah, well, she has to go with me… Bye now.”


Would feel awkward after you asked him whether he was jealous of you talking with your classmate about the homework you had to do.

I could barely find any gifs for them… Sad.

I mean, I know they just debuted and all, but still.

That’s why I will have to reject Pentagon’s similar reaction- they practically have zero gifs. #Struggles.

Date Night with Wilson - Peter Parker (Spider Man) Imagine (ft. Deadpool)

REQUESTED: Nah, I just really wanted to write this because I watched TASM and TASM 2 today and Andrew Garfield is just fine af tbh. Also, Deadpool.

WARNINGS: Swearing (but other than that just cute af)

SUMMARY: Wade wants to go on a double date with Vanessa, but he needs the double date. Enter Peter Parker and you. 

NOTES: Hope you enjoy guys, this is coming off the back of a whole tonne of French homework. Meh.

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Magic Sentence Starters

“Remember to pay attention to where you’re aiming your wand. You don’t want to accidentally turn someone into a toad.”

“You really have magic? This is so cool!”

“Which do you think I should get as a pet, a dragon or a unicorn?”

“You forgot to add a few phoenix feathers to your potion.”

“I was so upset when I missed the bus this morning, but then I remembered I could teleport so it all turned out alright.”

“Just because you’re a wizard doesn’t mean you can get out of learning math. Math is just as important as the spells are.”

“I thought being a wizard was cool, until I figured out we hadn’t learned how to slow down time yet. What’s the point of having magic if I can’t wait until the last possible second to do my homework?”

“I still don’t understand why we have to keep non wizards from figuring out about magic.”

ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ (Intro)

(Part 1)

Member: Baekhyun

Genre: Series!Angst/Smut

Warnings: None (for now)

Plot: What happens when your crush gets your number by mistake.

“Did we have homework for English?"Was the text presented in the notification that had popped up at the top of my screen.

"Who is this?"The number who contacted me wasn’t saved in my phone so I assumed it wasn’t anyone I knew.

"What do you mean? Am I not one of your your contacts?"The sender must have been oblivious to as to who they were texting.

"Uh sorry no.”
“Who are you anyway?"I didn’t want to seem rude since there was a slim chance that it could actually be someone I know.

"Um this is Baekhyun.You know the boy from your English and your Science class.Why are you acting like this Lisa?"My facial expression had shown an extreme look of confusion until the mention those names made everything click.

Byun Baekhyun,the guy I had liked since freshmen year and Lisa Manoban, my best friend whose phone number was the exact same as mine except for the last digit.
This had only happened one other time except that person just happened Lisa’s mom.Luckily I hadn’t said anything rude…yet.

"You may want to check the number your texting again."I was ecstatic at this conversation which happened to be the first me and Baekhyun had shared together but a little disappointed because this conversation had been meant for someone else.

"Oh shit, wrong number."The conversation had ended too soon for my liking.But it would have been creepy for me as a stranger to him to attempt to keep the conversation going.

I closed the messaging application and got onto YouTube to binge watch videos when I should be doing my homework.But hey there’s always the morning to do it.I’m always on my phone anyway so it’s not like I was gonna get much sleep if I was planning to get up even earlier to do my homework.

"Sorry for asking this, but who are you ?"I didn’t think he would want to contact me again but I guess I was wrong.

“Dude I’m telling you she is so fucking cute.”
You heard a group of guys laughing at a lunch table near you. You don’t have alot of friends in this lunch wave so you were sorta by yourself.

It didn’t really bother you, you just catched up on homework so you wouldn’t have to do it later or draw. You usually watched how people interacted with eachother. You don’t mean to creep but you loved seeing how different responses could be depending on the person.

You snapped out of your thought process when you heard your name. You started paying attention to the two boys. One being your crush, Dylan and another who you assumed his friend.

“Yea dude. I find her really perfect.”
“I don’t know dude. Some people aren’t too fond of her.” The friend gave a small laugh and sorta nudged Dylan’s ribcage.
“Yea you say that like we are accepted into the Columbine hall of fame.”

You were now completely turned towards them. No longer being discreet. You were just sitting there shocked that Dylan might actually like you back.

Dylan finally noticed you looking his way and quickly withdrew himself. He turned his face away and grew red in the cheeks. You were about to turn around and forget the “Dylan might like me” thought when his friend got up and made his way too your table. You could see how physically stressed Dylan became.

“Y/n right?”
He stuck out his hand waiting for you shake it with you complied with.
He grabbed the chair next to you and sat down not wasting any time to get comfortable. He was alot more confident then Dylan.

“Sooo do you like anyone?”

You looked down at your hands. You were too afraid to say who you were into counting the fact Dylan was the guy’s friend.

“Because I know someone who is into you”

You looked back at him eyeing his face. Trying to see if he was holding in a smile or was lying. Something to see if he was just messing around. But his face was genuine. He signalled Dylan to come over and your heart nearly fell out when Dylan came over to the table sheeply.

“You know Dylan right?”

You nodded in response, nervous at the whole situation.

“Well he wants to ask you on a date but is scared you will reject. So will you go on a date with this guy and make him shut up about you”

He chuckled a bit as Dylan glared at him with his hand resting on the hand of his neck. All you could do was smile and blush like crazy.

“Sure. I would love too.”

Both boys looked at you stunned. Brooks finally chuckled and got up from his seat. He gestured Dylan to take his seat before walking off.

“I’ll let you guys take about your undying love”

He threw his hand on his forehead and made a dramatic exit. You giggled at this and started fidgeting with your hands now that you were alone with Dylan.

“Does…uh… 8 work for you…”

You looked up at him so see him smiling like a little kid who just received candy and couldn’t help but feel warm inside.

Go gather your things

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Jackson Whittmore x Reader

Request :  Hiya! Can you do a Reader x Jackson Whittmore where they get into an argument and he throws up his arms/steps forward or something and Reader flinches as if she thought he would hit her and it breaks his heart?

Warnings : none

     “ What’s the answer at this ?” your desk mate asked you at chemistry as he wasn’t so good at this subject but you could see him trying to understand it and you could see that he was interested in learning more not just wanting to get rid of homeworks faster so you helped him . You started to explain him how he should find the answer and he nodded as you explained to him those things .

     As you tried to explain him more the bell rung and you two flinched when you heard the loud annoying noise .

     “ Do you think we can meet up after classes so you can explain this things to me again ? I mean I’m not doing this because I want you in my bed or something like that and I don’t want to say that you are not beauty or anything else but I’m not into girls and I just need some help with this things , I promise to be there and not to be annoying or so and …” He was talking way to fast and you knew that he was nervous and scared so you decided not to let him worry abut this anymore .

     “ Hey , it’s okay . I’m going to help you . You seem very nice and I would want to have a fried like you .” Your voice shut him down and he hugged you as he was so happy about the fact that he finally made a friend and that he was going to get help at chemistry . You laughed and hugged him back before you saw Jackson looking at you two with a death glare . Your body went stiff and Roy pulled apart , he turned around to see Jackson walking to the both of you . He put a hand over your waist and pulled you in his strong body .

     “ How are you doing , babe ? Who’s your new friend ?” Jackson asked as he kissed your forehead .

     “ I’m fine . He’s Roy , my desk mate .” You affirmed and Jackson’s grip tightened around your waist .

     “ Hi ! “ Roy greeted in an anxious way . Jackson shrugged and pulled you to the door as he mumbled an “ Yes , whatever .” 

     Your day went by fast and you soon found yourself studying in the library with Roy . As you explained to him all those things you didn’t realized how fast time went by so when you finished it was already 8 PM .

     “ Fuck , fuck , fuck , fuck !” You mumbled as you saw how late it was , you was supposed to be at Jackson’s house two hours ago .

     “ Hey , what’s wrong ?” Roy asked concerned as he approached you .

     “ I was supposed to be at Jackson’s place two hours ago .” You divulged and Roy’s face went pale .

      “ I’m so sorry . I didn’t knew that you needed to be somewhere else . Just let me take you there , at the least I can do that for you after you helped me this much .” He suggested as he gathered both mine and his things .

     “ Yes , thank you , that will be great .” You affirmed and ran to the parking lot with Roy . He drove you to Jackson’s house and you kissed his cheek before you left .

     “ Where the hell have you been until now ?” Jackson started to yell in the moment when you entered in his house , you knew that there’s going to be a fight and you couldn’t stop it no matter what .

     “ I was busy Jackson , it just slipped out my mind that I need to be here by 6 .” you tried to explain yourself but Jackson was way to angry to hear what you wanted to say .

     “ You was busy ? It slipped out your mind ? What the hell are you talking about (Y/N) I can smell another guy on you so I think I know why did you forgot about our meeting .” Jackson affirmed furiously as he was standing in front of you angry and scared that he might lose you for another guy .

     “ It’s not what you think Jackson . I just helped Roy at chemistry  …”

     “ No shit ,(Y/N) . I think that I know at what type of chemistry you helped him . “ He yelled again as he interrupted you .

     “ Don’t you dare treat me this way ! I never cheated on you and I never will . I love you Jackson !” You affirmed but Jackson was so angry that he acted like he didn’t even heard that  .

     “ I can’t believe you !” He shouted as he took a step closer to you and threw one of his hands in the air . You stepped back in fear , your eyes wide , body trembling and fears painted all over your face .

     Jackson finally came to his senses , he took a step closer to you and saw how you backed away from him , scared of what he might do to you .

     “(Y/N) …” He whispered and you flinched . 

     In that very moment his heart broke . He wasn’t able to see you this scared so he ran upstairs and took a shower as he wished that he could relax after that . As the water was running down his body , Jackson started to think about how stupid he was as he didn’t listened to you and just thought that you did the worst thing that you could ever do , but he was hurt as he saw how scared you was , how you just wished that you could ran away and escape so he will won’t hurt you . He actually couldn’t believe that you thought that he will hurt you . He already dried his body and had a towel wrapped around his waist when you entered in the bathroom . He was leaning on the counter top his eyes a little bit red as a few tears escaped even if he tried to stay strong .

     “ Jackson …” You whispered as you slowly approached him and you placed a soft hand on his cheek . Jackson watched you in the eye . His face showing how hurt he was .

     “ Did you really though that I’m going to hurt you ? to hit on you ?” he asked suddenly and you looked him in the eye , you knew that it made no sense to lie so you looked at his pained expression trying not to cry as you knew that you was going to hurt her more .

     “ Yes .” you affirmed your face red as you felt ashamed .

     “ I … How could you ever think like that about me ?” he asked quietly but you didn’t knew the answer , he just looked so scary , so ready to kill someone .

     “ I’m sorry Jackson I was just terrified. I never expected for you to get this angry .” you divulged and Jackson looked at you .

     “ I think that it’s better to break up . I don’t want a girlfriend who thinks that I’m able to hurt her . Go gather your thongs , I’m driving you home when you’re done .” He demanded and you felt your heart break , you knew that his decision was final and you didn’t had a word in that but it worthed the try .

    “ Jackson , please don’t do this to us !” You pleaded but he didn’t looked at you this time .

     “ Go gather your things .” he said and you left the bathroom .

     After you took everything from his house , Jackson took you home . You waited for him to say something as he stopped in front of your porch but he didn’t even looked at you .

     He turned his face as he felt your gaze on him , you leaned in and pressed your lips to his , some tears escaping your eyes and mixing into you kiss . You pulled apart fast and took a stronger grip of you bag as you got out the car and run to your room collapsing into the bed and crying your eyes out until morning .

A new idea for Rob?

So when I’m both bored and drunk I like to send a random bizarre ask to some ask blogs. A month ago I sent one to some Robs asking “now, this is just for conversation, but if you were going to eat a human, where would you start?”

I’m surprised with the results because they were so… similar! They included

- Stating cyclopses stopped eating people centuries ago
- That cyclopses eating people was an outdated stereotype
- One was angrily offended
- Two actually thought about it!

I was so surprised with the results that I was thinking this could be a disturbingly fun idea, much like The Joy. I mean, if the show can pull off a zombie outbreak, they could pull off something like this.

Like, imagine if Gumball was doing homework for the history of Elmore and found out that in the past cyclopses ate people, and this terrified Gumball because his nemesis is a cyclops. This could lead to Gumball doing the usual great lengths to avoid and protect himself from Rob. Then, a confused Rob is told by, I dunno Darwin or Penny, about why Gumball is scared. This leads to Rob trying to find Gumball, which leads to a giant chase full of jokes and a few horror tropes. Then when Gumball exclaims his fear Rob gets offended and yells how he’s not a cannibal, and maybe that his favorite foods is like watermelon and broccoli and stuff. Then, to leave the story on a scare note, a relieved Gumball asks if Rob wasn’t going to eat him, but Rob quietly turns and walks away, leaving Gumball calling out to him while we see Rob has a little smirk on his face, leaving us wondering if he intentionally left Gumball with the question unanswered, or if Rob did think about it.

It’s an idea, sure. Maybe a good idea, maybe a fun idea, definitely a disturbing idea. And we have seen the show pull off scary and disturbing ideas like this. But I still have one question that bugs me, even after explaining all this: how do you get away with cannibalism in a kids show?

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What She Means: Do you think Sandy every tried to contact Soda after she left? Like damn hoes never get cold but how could you just leave this GREAT guy who just lost his parents and whose brother just got wrapped up in some murder charges?? Did Soda ever wait for the postman to see if Sandy finally answered one of his letters? Do you think he ever ran to answer the phone absolutely thrilled by the thought of hearing her voice again?
I Fell For You. (Literally)

Summary: Dan and Phil meet at a park when Phil falls out of a tree and lands on Dan

Warnings: None

Genre: fluff

***Dan’s POV***

After spending literally 2 hours sitting at my desk and doing homework, I decided I needed a break. I’ve been drowning in homework all week and I just need some peace and quiet. But where could I go? I mean I could go to the library, but I want to be outside and get some fresh air, so that’s out. Okay I can’t think of anything.

It took me 20 minutes, but I finally figured out where I want to go. It’s perfect, everything I need right now. So I put on my shoes and jacket, then put my phone and earbuds in my pocket, grabbed my bag, and headed out.

———————————–timeskip after 15 minutes of walking——————————————-

As I walked through the gate entrance of the park I instantly became more relaxed. The atmosphere of the park was calm and appealing. 

I walked further into the park and saw the small pond that was the home to a group of geese, around them were children and their parents, feeding them. There were leaves scattered on the ground from the changing of the seasons, summer to fall. I also noticed that there was an old lady sat on a park bench, feeding the birds surrounding her. She was always here when I came by. As I walked past her, I waved at her and smiled, yes I’m one of those guys who smiles at old women. It’s a nice thing to do.

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Creepypastas doing my homework?:
  • Jeff: What the fuck is this y=mx+b shit?
  • BEN drowned: *searches internet for answers* *smirks*
  • Laughing Jack: Okay so I can just hold a teen captive and they can do it for me..?
  • Eyeless Jack: What's homework?
  • Slenderman: Too cool for homework.
  • Smile Dog: *eats my homework*
  • Sally: I can do 5•5?
Homework Help

Request: hii can you do an imagine with hayes grier where y/n is in high school and she has physics homework and she doesnt understand and but shes afraid to ask hayes for help bc his friends are over ????

a/n; love love this idea, mostly because I haven’t written about Hayes in so long haha 

Word Count: 621

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

Wait, what does that even mean? I groaned, trying to figure out what this darn physics homework means. Hayes is downstairs with his friends, he knows I have a ton of homework to do even though I was coming over so he said he was gonna hang out with them until I was done. Which at this rate will be never. 

When he first told me his plan I was really happy because I would get to focus, but right now I wish he was up here so I could ask him for help, I mean I could just go downstairs and ask him, but that’s kind of embarrassing, isn’t it?

I sighed, marking the page I was on and shutting my book, I stood up, forcing myself to go ask Hayes for help. I trudged down the stairs, following the noise they’re making. 

I slowly walked in, Hayes looked over at me and smiled, “hey, babe.” He said, one by one all of his friends glanced at me, the only person in here that I really know aside from Hayes, is Nash. I walked over to Hayes, ignoring the glances from everyone. “I need help with my homework, please?” I whispered to him, he nodded, getting ready to open his mouth. Before I could say anything he had already started talking. 

“I’ll be back in a few, I gotta help Y/N with her homework.” He said casually, I could feel the color rising to my cheeks. I started walking off, Hayes followed me, noticing how quickly I was trying to leave the room. “Seriously man?” One of his friends asked, “shut up.” Hayes responded, I heard him coming up behind me in the hallway, I was almost to the stairs when he grabbed my hand. 

“Why’d you run off?” He asked, walking behind me up the stairs, his hand still holding mine, our fingers intertwined. “It’s embarrassing.” I mumbled, he laughed softly, making me feel even more embarrassed. I pulled my hand away, playing with my fingers as a nervous habit kind of thing. “Y/N, I didn’t mean anything by it, I was laughing because it’s cute.” He whined, coming into his room right behind me. 

I cracked a small smile, his voice breaking half way through his whining moment. He cleared his throat, this time I laughed because it was cute. “I know, it’s just embarrassing to ask for help on my homework, I mean seriously, I’m sixteen.” I explained to him, opening up my book. 

“So what?” He responded, sitting down next to me while I flipped through the pages. “I don’t know.” I chuckled under my breath, realizing how silly I must sound. 


I sighed in content, shutting my book, I finally finished all my homework. Hayes had stayed with me once I understood it, “the guys can wait, I want to stay with you.” He explained, before getting on his phone to pass time. 

I finally looked over at him, he was stretched out on his bed, sleeping with his phone on his chest. I shook my head, smiling at his sleeping figure. I placed my books down on the floor, slowly removing his phone from his hands and putting it on the nightstand. I laid my head down on his chest softly, curling myself up next to him. 

He stirred, waking up, but not long enough to remember the guys are still downstairs waiting for him. He pulled me as close as I could get to him before falling asleep again. I didn’t try and fight him on it, I was too tired to even care. 

But it’s safe to say when we woke up, there was more than one picture of us online.

INTJ at School #50

INTP: *sarcastically* Excited for the sports-recognition assembly after school, INTJ? I know I am.

INTJ: *with equal sarcasm* Yes! Absolutely. I’m totally willing to spend thirty-two minutes of my time I could use doing homework to clap until my hands sting. It’s worth it!

INTP: SAME! I mean, our football team NEVER gets the recognition they deserve. It’s a real shame. And don’t forget the soccer team!

INTJ: Yeah, I’m with you 100% on this! I–

*INTJ can’t take it any longer and bursts out laughing*

INTJ: *now composed* I love sarcasm.

INTP: *looks down at her computer* You know what? One day like 20 years from now you’re going to look back and remember this, and you’ll tell your kids about your crazy friend INTP–who was a total bitch–and you’re gonna laugh.


“I’m not wearing it,” Nick huffed, crossing his arms.

“Come on, Nicky,” you persisted, waving the flower crown you had just weaved in front of your best friend’s face.

You continued to attempt to persuade eight year old Nick to try on your flower crown, using any means you could think of. Bribery, pleading, black mail. You even offered to do his homework for him for the next month. But he continued to refuse.

“Fine then,” you grumbled, glaring at Nick. “I guess you’ve left me no other choice.”

You slowly looked up, widening your eyes in the process, giving of the ‘kicked puppy’ look. You smirked as you saw Nick’s resolve waver, before your friend finally sighed, bending his head down slightly.

“Yes!” you shouted triumphantly, placing the crown on top of Nick’s head, and standing back to admire your work.

Nick smiled, watching you as you grinned back at him. He was too young to understand what he was feeling now, but in a couple of years he would find out that the emotion, that tingling sensation he got whenever you hugged him, was love.

Draco Malfoy: Secret Affair


“hi! I’m in lurvee with your writing, and I was wondering if you could do a Draco one where he says something that makes you. really insecure and kind of shut down? thank you so much!!”

I’m in “Lurvee” with you ^.^ lol. Thanks for requesting XD it means the world, and guys please request I don’t care if you send me a million requests spam me, I <3 writing imagines for you all. 

But I’m going to be taking a short break later in the day to do homework, it’s due at 8:00 central time online. EW!!!! but whatever. 

ANYWAY!!!!!!!!! Enjoy:

Draco was very weary of his appearance, he was always nervous about what people thought about him, he wanted everyone to think he was tough and couldn’t be messed with. That’s probably why he didn’t want anyone to know he was secretly dating you.

At night you’d both sneak away from the dorms and explore the castle, you’ve probably made out in every room in the castle. You really loved your private rendezvous, but you really did wish you could do normal couple things. Like dating at hogsmeade, double dating with your friends, and holding hands in the halls. Draco pretended as if you didn’t exist.

You couldn’t really put your finger on why he was so worried about dating you. Was it the fact that you were in another house? or was it because you were a mud-blood. He told you he was stupid for being prejudice against people who weren’t pure-bloods like him, it was just him repeating his family. You forgave him for it, but it seemed to you that he was still worried about what people would think of his mud-blood girl friend.

You’ve been dating him in private for almost six months, all your friends wondered why you never said yes to a guy who would ask you out. But nobody knew about you and Draco, and you were getting a bit tired of it.

It was lunch time and you were sitting next to Ron, across from Harry and Hermoine, they were all talking about the Yule ball coming up. You didn’t say much you just watched the Slytherin table angrily, as you saw Pansy flirting profusely with Draco, and you weren’t sure if Draco was flirting back or not, but you knew he wasn’t opposed to it by the smile on his face.

“Y/N!” Hermoine shouted, “Hmm?” you ask snapping back into reality. “What are you starring at?” she asked, “Um… nothing, I was just thinking about something…” you lie. “Or someone?” Ron teases, you roll your eyes. “Are you waiting on someone to ask you to the ball?” Ron asks. “I don’t know…” you answer half paying attention, half thinking about Draco. 

“Who’s the lucky fellow?” he asks, “no one..” you lie a bit aggravated by Ron’s bombardment of questions. “Ron stop talking with your mouth full!” Hermoine snaps at him, and you smirk gracious that Hermoine butted in. 

After lunch you hurried to catch up with Draco, you wanted to know if you could go to the Yule ball together. Instead of waiting for your friends you ran after Draco. 

“Draco!” you yelled after him, he was all alone walking to class. He turned around sort of confused that you were calling him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, people were passing by you scurrying to get to class, and you both stood in the middle of the hall. “I really wanted to talk to you…” “can’t it wait?” he whispered angrily at you. “Well I wanted to know if..  um you wanted to take me to.. the yule ball… you know as your date..” you spoke nervously. 

The halls emptied and there was nobody in the hall except Draco and you. You were going to be late to class, but you didn’t care.

“Y/N… you know how I feel about keeping our relationship secret..” “Why?” you asked bluntly cutting him off. “You know how people talk, and if I were to go to the ball with someone like you people…” “Someone like me?” you asked hurt, “am I not as good as you, is it because I’m a mud-blood? and I’m not a pure blood like you?” 

Draco groans, “Y/N is this really the time to talk about this?” “well what is there to talk about, I’m not good enough to date you…” “Y/N you know that’s not what I mean..” “Then why won’t you take me to the ball!” you ask your face turning red and warm tears puddling in the corner of your eyes. 

“Why shouldn’t I say yes if someone is willing to go to the ball with me… I’m tired of hiding Draco.. if you love me, if you truly loved me you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with me..” “Y/N..” he .tries to answer but you keep going. “Do you know how it makes me feel to be beneath you.. and see other girls you think are better than me throwing themselves at you!” you shout.

“Y/N, what are you talking about!?” he furrows his eyebrows.

“Oh don’t act dumb, I see Pansy throwing herself at you all the time, and you do NOTHING!” finally your tears begin to stream down your face. “I’m not a pure-blood, I’m not a slytherin, all I know is I love you… and you make me feel terrible about myself…” he looks down at his feet speechlessly. “I just want to be enough, I don’t want to be your dirty little secret anymore!” 

“I’m late to class…” he seethes and turns his back on you. You scream at him impulsively and in a hurt state, “Draco I hate you!” you sob, and then turn around towards the north tower towards the Gryfindor common room.

You hear a voice yelling after you, you keep going if it’s Draco you don’t want to hear it. Once you’re in the safe proximity of the common room you huddle into a ball on the couch in front of the fire-place. 

“Y/N” you turn around to find Harry standing in the entrance of the room. You sniffle and wipe at your tears, “what are you doing here Harry?” “I came to see why you were late to class, and I heard you and Draco.”

“How much did you hear?” you ask. “Enough,” he answered sitting down on the couch next to you. 

“Harry I’m an idiot…” you cry, and he puts his arm around your shoulders you bury your face into his shoulder. “Why would I think such a brat would change to care for me?” “Y/N you’re not stupid, we can’t help who we fall in love with…” he comforts you. “Do we really have to go to class?” you sniff and laugh dryly at your attempt to lighten the mood.

“No..” you feel him smile, “I’ll stay here with you.” 


A/N Sorrrrry this ended so terribly for the couple! buttttttttt if you want a part 2 let me know, I didn’t want to make it so long… how do you guys feel about long Imagines? let me know do you prefer them in lengthy parts, or do you want me to type the whole thing in one post?

Doing last minute work

So you procastinated waaaay to much and you now have to do all your work in few hours. It’s okay. We’ve all being there. We all procastinate and probably will procastinate all our life. It’s part of human nature.

That doesn’t mean procastinating is okay. It causes unnecessary stress we could perfectly avoid by sticking to organisation plans. Procastination is not extra free time. It’s wasted time. Because let’s be honest, it’s not like we are writing Shakeaspere instead of doing calculus homework.

Anyways, we procastinated and forgot we had stuff to do. So now, what? How am I going to be able to do this? Don’t worry guys, I got you. This advices are from a master in procastination, aka me :)

  • Quick organisation. Take 10 minutes to organise and sort out everything you have to do. Start by the things that are due the next day and are harder to do. Don’t start an essay for next week if you have an assingment due tomorrow.
  • Be effective. Do what you are supposed to do. Don’t wonder arround trying to make your notes look pretty, or adding a beautiful cover page to your project. You don’t have the time. Stick to what you have to do and add the extra things when you have the time.
  • Take breaks. Not very long ones, but five ten minutes each half an hour is pretty reasonable. If you do all your work load without taking deep breaths in between, your study will not be as accurate as you wish it to be. But be careful, taking a break is an easy way to fall into procastination again.
  • And last, DO NOT PANIC. Panic is not going to help you. Take a deep breath and think about all the things you CAN do, not the things you won’t be able to do. Everything can be fixed, and you are going to make it through this school year with amazing grades and feeling super proud of yourself. WE CAN DO THIS GUYS.

anonymous asked:

-📜 Excue me? I think I may have this "troubles knowing what my body needs" I don't know how it's called... So like I go to the bathroom most of the time. Finished homework? Go to the bathroom! Stopped eating? Bathroom! Brushing teeth? Bathroom! And recently I started to think it was maybe cause I just don't know really when my body needs to go to the bathroom? I mean I used to go just little times. But I just felt it when it was urgent (same w pee) and something

-📜 similar with hunger. The thing is, i do sometimes feel a bit hungry. Could this be got feeling your body needs or something else? My friend thinks it’s just cause of being absorbed in my SI Help! 

Many autistics struggle to sense their body needs such as hunger and using the restroom. This is related to our sense of interoception which is the sense that allows us to feel what’s going on inside our bodies. Just like all of our senses, autistics can be hyper or hyposensitive to interoception. Many autistics are hyposensitive to interoception and as such are unable to feel their bodily needs until they are at extremes or not at all. Personally, I tend not to feel hunger or feel the need to use the restroom until it is desperate. I’ll go from not hungry to so hungry I need food RIGHT NOW in a matter of moments. Same thing with needing to use the restroom. 

Being absorbed in special interest can also result in not noticing body signals, but from what you’ve described it seems more likely that you are hyposensitive to interoception and have accommodated for this yourself by going to the bathroom frequently. 


You’ve Been Busy (Peter Parker x reader)

Requests: 1. I’ve been waiting for this! You’re amazing :) Please do one where you and Pete are really close and your dynamic changes after civil war because you were recruited by cap. Pete goes to tony for advice because he misses you. 

2. omg I don’t know if it’s really a request but I adore tom holland and I need more spidey in my life. Pleaaaase do some Peter angst. I’m begging.

Have you ever been to Germany?

The question seemed simple enough at the time; pretty straightforward, no hidden meaning that Peter could see, and Tony assured him that he would take care of the whole homework situation and any questions that Aunt May could throw at him.  A quick jaunt, throwing a few webs here and there, and maybe even help take Captain America to the ground.  It sounded almost fun.  

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Crush (Shutterbug)


I feel a little rush,
I think I’ve got a little crush on you,
I hope it’s not too much,
But babe when I’m with you, I hear it,
My heart singing.

A/N:  Here’s Alyanette for ML rare ship week! I absolutely adore them and the amount of times the show could get away at how gay they could get astounds me

Day: (1)

“Hey, Mari?”


“You know I love you, right?”

Alya saw the confusion crossed Marinette’s face as the girl glanced up from her Physics homework, slowly pulling out the tip of her pen from her lips that Alya felt her chest fluttered at the achingly innocent look her best friend donned. “Of course I do,” Marinette faced her fully, a giggle escaping her lips as she put the pen down. “You’re my best friend, Alya, and you mean so much to me.”

Best friend.

Alya had been living with that title for years, she’d thought that she would just accept it with open arms and push away the fact that what she felt was entirely different than what Marinette thought.

Marinette had always been blind in these type of things, which was a curse and a relief at the same time.

Alya wasn’t sure when she started having these feelings, but what she did know was that it hurt the moment the realisation sank in fully because there was a low chance to none that what she felt wasn’t going to be reciprocated at all.

But she could handle best friend, best friends were usually better, easier to handle.

She wasn’t sure how Marinette would react if she suggested they could be lovers.

But, you can’t force someone to love you after all.

And Alya was going to tolerate that title for as long as she lived because their friendship will be something she would cherish until the end of her days.

“Why the sudden question though?”

Alya pulled herself together and shrugged, focusing on her homework again as she started figuring out the mess. “Just making sure, who knows, maybe you have another best friend that I wouldn’t know off and you’re hiding whoever they are from me,” For safe measure, she looked up and shot her a wink, to which Marinette rolled her eyes and shoved Alya’s elbow off the coffee table, causing them to burst into giggles.

“You’re my best friend, no one can replace you,” Marinette swung an arm across Alya’s shoulders, and the bespectacled girl stomped on the urge to turn sideways so that she could feel Marinette’s lips brushing against her cheek. “Because no one can make me see sense as good as you can, I’d probably die without you.”

Alya knew she was being a tad dramatic, but it did feel good that she was needed, even if it wasn’t what her heart yearned for but she couldn’t be greedy. She had to be thankful for what she had because Marinette will always be this amazing girl that everyone likes, regardless of gender.

So, Alya just wrapped her arm around Marinette’s waist and squeezed them together, letting a snort loose. “You’re so cheesy,” Alya teased, poking Marinette’s side that the girl gave a yelp as she jerked away. “Sometimes I wonder how I stick by you even if you’re such a klutz and help you make ridiculous notions of getting Adrien to notice you.”

Ah, Adrien. The obstacle of her affections.

It was so hard to hate the dude when he was so nice to everyone and that he was so damn perfect in every way.

“Because you love me.” Marinette taunted, showing her tongue playfully as she danced away from Alya’s wiggling fingers to tickle her again.

Oh girl, you absolutely have no idea.