i mean i can't be weird for thinking that this is weird


That thing I think about a lot but never mention.

Questions I Have About Zootopia

(aka why we need a sequel)

  • Are platypus seen as really weird for laying eggs?
  • Are there hybrid animals like ligers, mules, and beefalo? Are these species discriminated against?

  • Are interspecies adoptions seen as weird? Would a zebra raising a donkey be socially acceptable?

  • What about marine mammals? Are there dolphins and whales in Zootopian society?

  • At one point a polar bear does the sign of the cross. Does this mean there is an animal Jesus? What is his species? Are there other religions?

  • Are there more animal cities around the globe? Have the animals mastered commercial flight?

  • Are their doctors called veterinarians?

  • Do they wear wool clothing? Are there herds of sheep making money by selling their wool? Is it weird if you wear a wool sweater while talking to a sheep?

  • Speaking of which, where do they get milk from?

  • How do they represent aliens in sci-fi movies? Do they resemble animals? 

  • And finally, birds and reptiles. Discuss.

eurovision predictions based on the songs known so far:

  • most likely to win: Georgia 
  • most likely sure to become a meme: Italy
  • most likely to be used in e/R playlists: Switzerland

a whole mess of things but first. weird thing : an eighty year old man told me yesterday that he found fifty shades of grey romantic which… ew. and then i had to explain to him that it was fanfiction which we skated over the fact that there was stories written based on other stories, but yeah… that was weird.

SECONDLY THERE ARE FLIGHTS FOR REASONABLE PRICES FOR ME TO GO TO EUROPE IN LIKE MAY AND JUNE AND I FINISH EXAMS SO EARLY OMG MAYBE I COULD GO SEE @gonnaeno or @mugs-munny and by reasonable prices i mean they were advertising $90 CAD but it turns out to mostly be like… $210 each way (plus like… $80 for baggage but like still that’s like $300 for each flight and aghdkjsdkjfhsdlkajhd sfjh PLEASE SOMEONE

  • Dean in season 5 about the Cage: That's the thing. It's not on me to let you do anything. You're a grown -- well, overgrown -- man. If this is what you want, I'll back your play. You're not a kid anymore, Sam, and I can't keep treating you like one. Maybe I got to grow up a little, too.
  • Dean in season 11 about the Cage: NOPE. *has not grown up even a little and may have in fact regressed*

Photo posted on twitter earlier of David Tennant filming on the set of Mad To Be Normal

Shamy ~

Gravity Falls: Road Side Attraction (S02E16)

Did anyone get the impression that this was bound to happen to these two ever since they saw this in Mabel’s Guide to Life (Color)?

Honestly I think she’d be a good match for him.

There wouldn’t be a problem with age difference since they’re both within range,

She’s a pretty clever girl who comes up with plans like Dipper,

And since she’s charmingly weird like Mabel, she can handle the strange and hair-raising adventures the Pines’ family get into (having already participated in many of them so far).

Like Tambry and Robbie, their personalities would have a good synergy that could develop over time, which would then help sooth the unrequited feelings Dipper had been holding for Wendy these last few weeks.

Though that’s not to say he can also be a good match with another person who’s shown equal probability of being a match.

And by that I mean Pacifica Norhtwest.

Likewise she is within the age range for Dipper, so things won’t be weird between them.

Although unlike Candy she’s kind of the opposite of Dipper; but that can be a really good thing.

Being a person who is logical and has difficulty in trusting people he doesn’t know that well, Pacifica would be able to help him become a little more open-minded of things; just as he would be good for her to open up to the “normal” world…for the most part. ^^;

She didn’t exactly give the best impression to him the first time they met, however in time he’d come to understand that she wasn’t what he thought she was, and in truth was a good person at heart.

And while her initial immersion into this mysterious world of fantasy and super natural wasn’t the best, she’s actually pretty adaptable to the situation; as was clearly shown in her team battle at the Putt Hutt with Mabel.

Personally I think Dipper could end up with just about anyone. Even Wendy.

I mean, come on guys, let’s face it. Age becomes less of an issue the older you get; and it won’t be long before Dipper catches up with Wendy a few years from now that even she’ll start to look in his direction. ;D

And who knows, maybe Alex and the gang might treat us to AUs in which we can see what becomes of Dipper should he end up with one of these three girls…or none at all and just become a badass guy like his Grunkles. >:D

But no matter what I just hope whoever he ends up with ((if they choose to be)) it’ll be someone who he can be truly happy with and grow stronger as a team.


Arsenio: Are you very sexual?

Carrie: No, I don’t think I am. I mean I’m too verbal. I like to keep it mental cos I always think when I’m in sex ‘how did I get here? this is so weird’. I mean it is weird.

Arsenio: You think it’s weird?

Carrie: Well, you could be walking down the street with someone and probably like 13 hours earlier your face was in their genitals or something. And now you’re acting like it never really happened or it happened and that was like ‘fine, thank you. how are you?’ (x)

So in Japan they do this thing where they let you touch pads before you buy them. Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because I’m pretty sure things feel different to your fingers than they do to your lady parts. Not to mention it’s just awkward turning the corner to see someone touching this.

Weird stuff from the S5 opening

I noticed a bunch of weird stuff while I was looking for stuff for bethgreenewarriorprincess’s post (here’s where I added some of these pictures in response to that post. the pictures aren’t visible on my page for some reason…).

Some of this may be useful for Team Delusional and some may not. Who knows!! Feel free to take any ideas you get from this and run with them :)

^^^ I think these are Beth’s diary pages burning from S4. There’s a weird texture over them. EDIT: I now realize that this is the polaroid picture that Glenn took of Maggie that she burned after they reunited.

^^^ You can see the texture better here because it focuses on it. It looks like old paint or cracked glass or something. Not sure.

^^^ Then there’s this. I’m pretty sure this was in Clear and Morgan? Not sure.

^^^ Then these next few images flash by. AND I MEAN FLASH. This was from one of the Governor episodes in S4. Then it was telling Brian Heriot not to go home. Now, though, the word “DON’T” is always vignetted out.

^^^ Again, the “DON’T” is cut off.

^^^ A blank line, a faded “B”, and “winter”. Weird.

^^^ A GIANT capital “B” and then “ria”. I kinda think these images are Beth-related. Also, they clearly suggest going back when originally it said not to. Does this foreshadow that they will change their mind and go back?

^^^ Then there are SO MANY different views of this disoriented road. Like the view warps and wiggles and fades in and out.

The road is seen from different angles throughout the opening but it’s always super distorted, creepy, and weird. Could it suggest someone who is disoriented and injured walking down it? Perhaps.

Immediately after we see that disoriented road for the first time, we see this:

^^^ Yup!! The tunnel with Emily Kinney and Chad Coleman’s names!!

Beth has been seen many times in tunnels and has been referred to as the light at the end of one on many occasions. Since this immediately follows the disoriented road, could they be related?

^^^ Next, we’ve got a clip of the barn!! Before we ever knew Team Family was going to be in one!! EDIT: I now realize this is a clip from S3 when they were hiding in Woodbury on their way to rescue Glenn and Maggie. Still could be foreshadowing using a barn as a safe place though.

^^^ A little later, there’s a quick flash of whatever the hell this is. EDIT: This seems to be Ricks bloody axe from S3 when he went ballistic in the tombs after Lori died. It could be foreshadowing a similar reaction for Daryl and the group after Beth’s death (hopefully not hallucinating though)

^^^ Then there’s a barricaded door, reminiscent of S1.

Then there’s a VERY quick flash of something we should all recognize from the 5B promo:

^^^ Coincidence? I think not!!!

^^^ Following that, there’s a clip of of what is clearly a view of more trees moving by, probably from a car window.

AND that’s all I noticed!!! There’s a lot more weird stuff in there if you wanna go look for yourselves. Thoughts?