i mean i can totally picture them like this back then

would someone in the literati fandom be totally up to writing a little vignette of when they went to the distillers concert and what happened afterwards.  cause you know we missed out on so much with that episode and you know they did more than just drop her back at home.

i mean really. i can just picture them staying close to each other at the concert, his arms around her waist, dipping low to rub her hips. caressing her neck with his lips and tongue during lulls in between songs. her singing along (terribly) but he finds it so awkwardly adorable and i just need it like air okay? okay.

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Hmm what do you think about that F.F pic, do you think Mattie and Carmilla had a thing way back when? and if so, do you think Carmilla's capable of straying?

If by straying you mean would she cheat on Laura then no, I can’t picture her doing that at all. She’s obviously completely head over heels for Laura, plus cheap manufactured angst like that doesn’t really seem the writers style.

As for Carmilla and Mattie having a thing, uh well. Maybe. Perhaps. I don’t know. I don’t actively ship them as such, rn I just like them as friends/sisters, but like I wouldn’t be massively opposed to the idea of them having hooked up over the centuries. Like, if there was fic, I’d totally read it. I mean they’re not blood related but it would probably still be weird (although not as weird as people shipping Carmilla/Will or Carmilla/Lilita or the weirdest one of Laura/Lilita, honestly some of y’all need jesus) since they call each other sister, but idk. Who knows what happened in Saigon. Ask me again once the episode with that line airs bc the way Mattie says that line will either tip me into shipping pseudo-incest or solidify them as just purely platonic lol.

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hey josie, do you have any cool character ideas for females between the ages of 25-30? thanks!

So this is… a vague question? I’ll still try to do my best to answer though.

There are lots of cool character ideas out there, but I’m going to assume you mean some one who’s life isn’t totally mundane? You can play some one who has the undeniable urge to shop lift or is stealing money from their boss. You could play some one who is a professional acrobat or stun double… a back up singer. Maybe some one who works at a bar like the one in Coyote Ugly.

Honestly, all characters are cool. There’s a million and one things you can do to make them your own. Find an underused FC with a unique look and fun with it, get inspired by a screen cap from one of their films or shows. One of my favorite things to do is look at pictures of cool apartments or houses and figure out what character would fill that space up.

Hope this helps some, if you have a more specific question I’d be glad to help you out more.