i mean how can two people even be like that and not be in love

Just a reminder that it’s completely fine to ship Otabek and Yurio.

Listen, there are thousands of ship between two characters that are friends in canon, and there’s nothing wrong about that.

There is nothing wrong about liking the idea of a romantic relationship the same way there is nothing wrong about liking the idea of a platonic one.

I have never seen this kind of discourse around straight ships. Actually, it’s pretty normal to ship two friends. It’s extremely common, and it doesn’t make platonic relationships any less meaningful.

I can’t believe people are actually saying we shouldn’t ship them because they’re friends since, to me, it makes the ship even more endearing.
The idea of them being friends for years and slowly falling in love is beautiful, and I’ll keep loving it no matter what other people say.

Otabek means a lot to Yurio to the point that he became part of his agape a day after they became friends. That’s how strong their chemistry is. Yurio laughed and blushed while talking with Otabek. He was given the attention he deserves, and even the recognition of his strength as a skater.

This is a beautiful ship.
Like it platonically or romantically. It doesn’t matter to me.
But don’t tell us we can’t ship it, because you have no right to do that.

And just because you want to interpret Kubo’s words whatever way you want, ignoring what the translator says, won’t make this ship sink.

If anything, I appreciate this ship more than ever, after her comment on how important their bond is. So much that they wanted to make more scenes for them.

I believe it’s safe to say that, if we get a second season (WHEN we get it), there’ll be a lot more Otabek/Yurio moments.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In the span of one ace attorney game Klavier's brother was convicted of two murders and his best friend/band mate was convicted of one as well. This all happened in the span of seven months. Not to mention discovering that his older brother essentially used him to take Phoenix's badge away. Kristoph likely got a death sentence. Daryan possibly as well. Klavier's band probably fell apart, effectively ending his music career. The game never explains how close Klavier was to his brother either. Klavier seems chill with all this but is it just an act? Is he actually slowly dying inside because two people he loved and trusted turned out to be criminals? Does he have like any other actual close friends? Is there anyone who can help him deal with how much loss and betrayal he had to face? Why does the game literally never even address this? Why do the protags just act like Klavier never had to deal with this shit? Not even a "Hey Klavier how are you holding up since your brother was convicted for two murders?" Jesus fucking christ.

I’ve been reading mixed opinions about Sonja and I just want to say something myself.
Some people say they can see where she came from when she said what she said to Isak. And I mean, I get that. I get that she’s been by Even’s side through good times and bad times and that she might love him still, in her own way. Personally, my issue with Sonja is that she was literally patronizing towards both Even’s mental health and sexuality and it made me uncomfortable. No one should speak like that, not matter how much you think you know about someone and not matter that you feel entitled to do so because you’ve been knowing this someone for years. Also notice she’s just a couple of years older than Isak - two years are nothing and everything at the same time, especially at that age and in that situation. She had control of the situation over Isak, she was in a position of power because she knew, because she can say ‘I would have told you so if you listened’, because she’s seen Even having episodes before. And maybe she just genuinely thinks what she said. And I mean, as I said I can get that, I can get that even though I disapprove (also you have a kid looking desperate and on the verge of crying in front you, at least I don’t know, lower your voice or something)
What I don’t approve of, is people pointing out that she deserves respect for sticking around. Sometimes certain people can do more harm than good and just because they “stick around” it doesn’t mean it’s good you know? She talked about Even in a really condescending way and I don’t like it. She sounded like his carer, and I don’t like it. Even doesn’t need her o Isak to be his carers, that’s literally what therapists are for. He needs a lover who loves him even when things get bad, who is willing to fight for him and let him know love can absolutely happens despite mental illness. That he is worth of an happy ending, that he doesn’t have to hide that part of him anymore. Even said multiple times Sonja was too controlling/condescending and I get that she was worried and all, but Even doesn’t like it and can you all stop thinking he was saying that just because of his mental illness? He clearly struggles with how much power she has over him. She was probably full of good intentions but still acted wrongly and it happens in real life all the time.

Why is it that people can make one billion drawings, animations, posts, and fics about how two male characters canon says are straight are madly in love and everyone is like “thats chill” and I make one post where I include someone who I’ve headcanoned as polyamorous and people send me bullshit??? WHY? Why is it so unacceptable for me to do it? Everyone is okay with destiel, johnlock, and stuff. Everyone’s even okay with ones that have even less proof like Daredevil and Foggy or Captain America and Falcon. But me implying that a character I love might have the same sexuality as me and it’s “isn’t that more fanon than canon I mean… bla bla bla.”

Leave other sexualities the fuck alone. If you can decide that Spiderman is bisexual and Cas is gay other groups can decide that Sherlock is asexual and Finn is polyamorous. Get off my dick.

And the two librarians ordered more drinks and talked about books while whistles blew and train after train left the station.  Crackle told Dopey that her husband didn’t like books and considered that mumbling should be good enough for trolls like it was in the old days, and the dwarf told her about his wife who even after the Koom Valley Accord still thought of trolls as a kind of animal, and they talked and talked and talked about the meaning of words and, indeed, the love of words.  And Marjorie recognized the syndrome and kept the hot coffee and sulphur flowing, with the occasional warm rock cake.

Of course, it wasn’t her business, she thought, it wasn’t up to her how other people led their lives, and she definitely didn’t eavesdrop, well, not much, but she couldn’t help hearing the dwarf say, ‘I’ve been offered a post as librarian at Brazeneck University and they’ve already told me I can bring my own assistant.’

And Marjorie was not surprised to find two empty cups and an empty table when she next looked: this sort of thing was bound to happen with the railway.  It expanded horizons, inside and out, people went looking to find themselves and what they found was somebody else.
—  Terry Pratchett, “Raising Steam”
(This is my new ship.)
fave elder price moments
  • in two by two when’s he like socializing and talking to everyone and patting people on the back. what an idiot. 
  • crossing his fingers and mouthing “orlando” i fuckign
  • he answered your prayer. huh.
  • bye mrs brown!!! bye baby
  • when he smiles rly uncomfortably and politely after elder cunningham’s like “all my friends end up leaving me but you can’t”
  • that blows god’s freAKINNN MIINNDD
  • his dorkyass white boy dance after he says “the plane was crowded and the bus was late” Why
  • holding a baby and looking overwhelmed. me too kev. me too.
  • his face when he realizes what hasa diga means i jisujsksksk 
  • you have to stop saying that it means something very bad!
  • his confusion as to how he started tap-dancing and why he has a pink vest on 
  • when he stops undoing his tie bc he hears mckinley tap-dancing out of the room fkfkfkkf
  • i’m beginning to feel…. i dont wanna say ripped off…
  • i would do anything for you. i’m your best friend” “….well alright
  • when he just peeks his head out from under the blanket and says “i am here for you too”
  • goodnight pal
  • elder cunningham stealing the blankets from elder price dkkskkskkd
  • so uh. why don’t you just let me do the talking and you can sort of…. support what i’m saying by going oh wow and stuff like that
  • well of course that didnt work those were christian missionaries 
  • his fistbump with joseph smith
  • to heck with rules
  • fuck you kevin price
  • who is that ?? mickey??
  • i left my mission companion im way worse then youuuubut did u fuck a corpse. im
  • his squeaky little yeeahh when the elders r like omg hes coming back. this Bitch
  • “that would take something incredible” “something increeeedible something increeeedible” THIS OVER-ACHIEVING LITTLE SHIT
  • a warlord who shoots people in the face whats so scary about that
  • sensually stroking the general’s thigh
  • he invented getting the book of mormon shoved up his ass
  • well well well if it isnt super mormon 
  • poor sweetie :(
  • well that doesnt really make any sense
  • his sad orlando reprise. my poor boy. honey. i love u. you’ll be okay i promise. 
  • iconic. being coffee-hungover in front of the mission president.
  • “that play was the most miraculous thing i’ve ever seen” YES BABY GET IT 
  • elder price defending elder cunningham from the general when will ur fave
  • i’d do anything for you, you’re my best friendi can’t believe elder price invented being an angel
  • in conclusion, i love elder price. especially when it’s nic rouleau as elder price. 

i lowkey stole this post i love originality 

Did anyone see Max’s new instagram story???? He was reading some lines that sounds like part of season 2 script????

His instagram is @ Uptomyknees1985 so you guys can go check if you want.

Anyway there are two stories so far and I tried to write them down - but sry my English is not that great so I might have written something wrong!!!!! Pls feel free to correct me if i’m wrong


“I thought this would be easy. I don’t get how are we supposed to weaponize these people. Dirk Gently is like dumb and we can’t even catch Bart. This guy is literally in a coma. These are the worst superheroes of all times!”


“Holy hell you’re him!”

“No, no. I’m not him. I mean, I’m A him but I’m not THE him. I’m not whichever him you mean.”

“You’re Todd! You’re Todd from the Mexican Funeral! When I was 16 I was in love with you!”



The first one seems to be Friedkin maybe, but I dunno. But wait… who’s in coma? who’s in love with Todd?

Zero Kiryuu

I’m not sure how to start this, ‘cause I never planned to do a blog post about him. Let me begin by saying that I’m a huge fan of Kaname and I’m on Yume’s side, nevertheless sometimes I don’t understand such a huge war between the two sides, and how some people are so narrow minded due to their fanaticisms. I mean, we all love the same manga, right? (Although it’s okay if we just fought for fun haha)

I know as a fact, that Yuuki loved Zero. I even cross my eyes when anyone tries to deny it. (And that doesn’t make me feel insecure about my OTP)

Even more, I can say a few good things about Zero. I wanna clarify that there are many stuff I don’t like about him, but this post doesn’t plan to continue the war, so I’ll just say the things I like. And I’m not just talking about how good looking he is (lol)

I like his ability to suffer in silence. The way he endured the pain for years, without wanting others to pity him… I’m talking about those four years he spent battling his vampirism, without even Yuuki noticing. That’s being strong.

  • “I didn’t understand anything. Zero suffered and suffered for four years. What were you thinking, all by yourself? He loathes vampires so much, he wants to kill them all. All this time, Zero wanted to kill himself too”

The way he tolerated seeing the girl he loved with his worst adversary, more than once. Or the times Yuuki talked to him about her feelings for Kaname, and (as far as I remember) he never complained. He would accept Yuuki’s feelings, even if they weren’t for him. Even if they were for someone he hates. I believe this moment serves as an example.

And my favourite aspect about him, is how he stays next to Yuuki when Kaname leaves her. He loves her so much that he waits decades to be with her. He loves her so much that he wants to be with her, even if she already has a daughter with Kaname. He loves her so much that he is good with Kaname’s daughter too. I really enjoyed their friendship during the begining, I think it has lots of funny moments. But, at this point, I also like the way he loves her.

There are more things that I like about Zero, but I think these are enough.

By last, this is my favourite Zeki moment… yes, I have one.

How to care for your Rey™

Ya know… people talk about Rey and how her even being around Kylo “diminishes her story” and I’m like… what? Excuse me? A woman can’t interact with a man in any meaningful way or else her story is null and void? Leia interacted with two men (sometimes romantically), one of them wasn’t exactly an angel by any means (Oh noes, she was only in the story to change Han into a respectable human being, FEMALE CHARACTER WASTED!!!11!), and sometimes she commanded whole fleets of rebel men, was her story null and void? Women can’t hold positions of power because they might get within two feet of a man? Men are bad for women and must be stopped? Women can’t fall in love along their heroine’s journey or else she is a horrible role model? (Oh noes, Leia got married and had a baby, she is a horrible woman, strong women don’t fall in love or have kids, love makes them weak!!!111!!)


Stop and think about this for a minute. Rey doesn’t want to be alone. She wants a family. She wants to be around people who love her. I’m sorry if you think her potentially falling in love is poisonous? Or that her falling for Kylo is bad in this context but falling for Finn is not? The hypocrisy is strong with you. Quit acting like women are these fragile creatures who can’t decide anything for themselves and every man they meet is going to derail their purpose in life. You are infantilizing women and it’s honestly embarrassing and extremely offensive. Yes, I’m honestly *offended* that you would say anything like this about Rey when she has already shown SEVERAL TIMES that she can hold her own against the villain and even BEST him at his own game. If anyone’s plans are going to be derailed, it’s Kylo’s. Perhaps these two characters will have “an interesting relationship going forward” and I think you should just wait and see how the story goes rather than just shit on either of them for having the gall to interact with each other.

I’m quite tired of Rey being victimized and I’m tired of Kylo being called “the fucker who will ruin Rey’s story” because OH MY GOD that’s not going to happen. Rey is the strongest willed character in this trilogy, she will triumph in the end because of her own strength and intelligence. She takes care of herself. She’s not a child. She’s been on her own for 15 years, she had to grow up fast. Stop overreacting and belly aching that her being around Kylo in Episode VIII is the worst thing in the universe. Their relationship is meaningful to her in some way, THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN ESTABLISHED.

So please, haters of the world, you really need to stop and examine your behavior. Hating male characters isn’t going to help the issue of pushing female agency to the side (RIP Padmé) instead let’s be EXCITED about a story like Rey’s where she is bringing the villain to his knees and perhaps making him rethink everything he knows. Her strength is what moves the story forward, her determination is encouragement and her stubbornness is a force to be reckoned with. That’s what I want to see, and I think you’re crazy if you don’t want to see that. Rey is imo the best thing that ever happened to Star Wars to be quite honest, and if she in any way motivates the last Skywalker to redeem himself? So that Leia can have her son back? So Kylo can be free of his canon abuser? So the First Order can be stopped forever? Bring it. I’m ready. I’m SO ready.

What she says: I’m fine. 

What she means: I’m still not over how they treated Pam in The Office finale. Jim gets to thank the doc crew for giving him the ability to watch himself become a husband and a father. Pam says that she didn’t watch the whole documentary because it was “too painful” and talks about how “I spent so many years being less happy than I could have been. Jim was 5 feet from my desk and it took me four years to get to him.” She even says she would like if other people would learn from her own mistakes in not finding happiness earlier. 

I’m sorry, (and I love Jim and Pam together as much as anyone, maybe more) but can we talk about what actually happened here??? 

Jim and Pam had a mutual crush while she was engaged. The end of Season 2 is the first time that Jim says “I love you” and he’s kind of a jerk when she says “I can’t.” Instead of giving her space to process what he’s said, Jim then kisses her without permission and the next (day? week?) leaves town to work at a different branch. He is the one who starts dating Karen and then says that Karen should move to Scranton with him so they can continue to date even though he knows that Pam called off the wedding.   

Pam makes a move in asking Jim out for coffee after he moves back. She backs off when she finds out he’s dating Karen (it’s called being respectful) Pam dates Roy again but breaks up with him for attacking Jim right in front of her. Jim is really rude when Pam says she was stupid for dating Roy again “Yeah we’ll see.” He had just been attacked, but come on.

After the coal walk Pam gives a speech and tells Jim she called off wedding because of him but doesn’t try to break up him and Karen. She is the one who took that big leap to confess her feelings and unlike Jim she doesn’t immediately transfer to a new branch when he stays with Karen. 

So Jim leaves Karen for Pam and they are together in about one year from when Jim first said “I love you.” That’s not being stupid for four years. That’s relationships being messy and hard. 

Pam and Jim have a really solid relationship from first dating, through an unexpected pregnancy, getting married, and another kid. It’s not until Jim keeps taking a new job a secret from Pam that they start to waiver. Even then she supports him, and they both continue to make big romantic gestures for each other.

They’re ok until Pam lies about having trouble at home to protect Jim and Jim plans for them to move to Philadelphia without telling Pam. They both get worse at communication and start feeling overwhelmed (Like the writers were so aware of this that as the relationship gets rocky, the opening sequence shortens to just a kiss between Jim and Pam to reassure us that they’re going to be okay).

The miscommunication culminates when the sound guy mentions that Pam has been crying and Jim feels threatened. Pam is the one who says “I want you to stay and I want to fight” when Jim is just going to go back to Philly on Valentines day. She is the one who took that step towards saving their relationship. They go to counciling and even though Pam is really “blocked up” emotionally, Jim is able to reach through to her. He gives up his dream job for Pam. When she gets worried that he’ll resent her down the road for it, he doesn’t blame her or say she’s crazy.  He finds a way to show her that she means more to him than everything else with some help from the doc crew and the letter from the teapot he gave her before they even started dating (but, may I add, changed his mind about giving it to her back then. Something that might have brought them together sooner than the “four years” Pam took).

I guess the writer’s differed in opinion though, because the one that wrote the finale included questions at the documentary panel that completely blamed Pam for her reactions. “We’d all love to know, Pam, what romantic thing did you do to pay Jim back for leaving Athlead?” and  “Everyone watching sees how much you love each other and how you’re soul mates. So, Pam, how could you doubt that when Jim moved to Philadelphia?”

Jim takes some of the blame and is supportive, but it just feels like the writers want to play up him being the “nice guy.” Later in the finale we find out that Pam got an offer to sell the house as a surprise for Jim so that they can all move to Austin and he can work his dream job after all. It’s a great romantic gesture, but she certainly didn’t “owe” Jim anything and we didn’t need to have her attacked in the panel to believe that she just might be ready to move now when she wasn’t before.

Which brings me back to the ending comments and Pam being so hard on herself for something that she and Jim took equal steps backwards and towards throughout their years together. They could have kept the lines at the end without all the bullcrap about wasting time and being unable to see love right in front of her.  

“…it would just…just make my heart soar if someone out there saw this and she said to herself ‘be strong, trust yourself, love yourself. Conquer your fears. Just go after what you want and act fast, because life just isn’t that long.’”

This is exactly what Pam Beesly actually did. Pam is an important character to me. So I take this line and reject the rest.

G’ys, I am just flooded with Cophine feels rn.  Like, I hope everyone watching this show takes a moment to consciously realize that Cosima would absolutely be dead already were it not for Delphine.  Also, these two would not fight the way they do if their love were not real or their situation were less stressful and dire.  But mostly, like, I know that if someone hasn’t been through traumatic experiences, they don’t know how much getting love, tenderness, and solidarity from someone during that time actually means.  

Like, Cosima has been having a fucked up experience on an epic scale.  Sometimes people are like, oh Cosima is so sheltered, like Sarah is fighting in the streets and Helena is even worse off.  But like, this person found out she was patented by a corporation, knows they are directly responsible for creating her illness by design, knows exactly how she’s going to die from that illness, knows how difficult and unlikely finding a cure will be, believes she can overcome that challenge, and she is coughing up blood and slowly suffocating more as time passes.  Like, that’s not external, fighting action drama.  That’s another kind of conflict and suffering.  But like, Cosima’s situation is fucking terrifying and overwhelming, and she is as brave as Sarah and the others.  

Imagine Cosima trying to orchestrate events from within the Dyad without Delphine telling her she has leverage and exerting her own along with it.  Imagine Cosima getting that experimental, invasive stem cell treatment without Delphine.  I know, like, the show is saying they’re soulmates and Delphine is tied to Cosima’s will to live and whatever, and that’s cool.  But, like, on a purely rational level, the freak, coincidental miracle of finding this one person with this unique love and solidarity with Cosima in this particular position at the Dyad actually gave Cosima a chance to live, find a cure, and change the game.  

What goes wrong in this relationship is all about conflicting strategies for dealing with power differences created by unequal positions within structures of power.  Delphine’s position in the Dyad gives her power over Cosima’s life and her willingness to use institutional power without transparency to minimize harm and maximize the chance of their success conflicts with Cosima’s ethics regarding autonomy.  It seems like betrayal and not solidarity to Cosima.  Delphine doesn’t get that.  And it’s so hard to watch when it blows up!  

Delphine felt deep remorse over her own choices only when Rachel outmaneuvered her strategically.  Rachel used Delphine’s predictable solidarity with the Ledas to make her an instrument to kidnap Kira, then she took all Delphine’s power to help Cosima away.  And Delphine’s response was to have a will to take on even more power when it was offered to her, enough to make a deeply intimate relationship with Cosima impossible.  I wish Delphine had spent like half a freaking hour talking to Cosima and stopped Cosima from blatantly lying when she said, “OK. I get it,” when clearly Cosima DID NOT get it and was infinitely freaking upset.  Then Cosima failed to use Delphine’s new position to their strategic advantage, until Sarah finally did.  Like, why was that not Cosima’s realization to work with Delphine, show runners?  

Going into s5, I am hoping this terrifying camp will be a place where these two are finally equal in power, so they can be badasses together against some nemeses.  Watching this show, I am saying, please just let these two both survive until they actually dismantle the entire power structure they’re entangled with now.  Because, obviously, they will be amazing with each other.  In this story, everyone might die every second.  They all have to defy crazy odds.  Let that end by the end!  And don’t make them self-sacrifice to bring it down!  

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ok but how would sasuke propose ?

im 100% sure ive talked about this before but i can’t find that post anymore so i’ll just do it again

They’ve been together for a few years, and Naruto is content with the way things are, but Sasuke feels like there is something missing. He wants more. He grew up with his idea of marriage being what his parents had. A union of love, shared between two people who chose eachother for who they were, and to him, marriage still feels like something special. To him, being married means making an eternal promise to your partner, that you’ll never leave them and that you’ll always be there for eachother, and that is something Sasuke really treasures. Especially when it comes to him and Naruto. It’s something he wants, but simultaneously also something that scares the absolute crap out of him. He’s already lost everything dear to him once, and even though it’s been years and the nightmares are few and far between nowadays, there’s still a small part of him that’s afraid something like that might happen again one day. The fear never really goes away, but even so, he still wants it. 

Naruto, however, has never really thought about marriage before. There was no one around him married when he was younger, so why would he? Sure, he knows what marriage is, and he’s seen married people happy together in the village, but he’s never given it any thought besides that (especially not in regards of his own love life) so he doesn’t really hold that much value to it. If you’re already with the person you love most in the world, then why would you need a piece of paper to prove it?? He just doesn’t really get it. 

So it starts with Sasuke carefully telling Naruto about his views on marriage, letting him know it’s something he’d ultimately want out of the relationship he has with the person he cares for the most, and slowly Naruto starts understanding what it means, at least to Sasuke, and he starts considering it for himself. With the way Sasuke is describing it, it really does sound like something beautiful, something just for them, something he would definitely want for him and Sasuke. 

It’s three weeks later, and they’ve talked about it a few more times in the meantime, and Sasuke feels like now is the time to ask. The more they talk about marriage, the more he feels like it’s starting to become something Naruto wants as well, and he feels like now would be the right time to take the chance. He has his old hitai-ate melted down into two rings,  one with the Uchiha clan symbol engraved into it for Naruto, and one with the Uzumaki clan symbol engraved into it for him. He asks Naruto to join him at the old pier they used hang out at as children, and that’s where he asks his question. He doesn’t go down on one knee like he’s sure his father did for his mother, but instead sits next to Naruto at the end of the pier, their fingers entangled on Naruto’s knee, and he carefully lets the rings slide down into Naruto’s lap. 

At first, Naruto doesn’t say anything. He just stares at the rings in his lap, and Sasuke feels his throat closing up. What if this was all a big misunderstanding? What if this really wasn’t something Naruto wanted after all and he’d said no? But then Naruto carefully untangles his fingers from Sasukes’ to pick them up for closer inspection. He sees their clan symbols engraved on the insides, and he thinks about everything Sasuke told him about his view on marriage, and suddenly he can’t stop the big smile from creeping up on his face anymore. He wants this, just as badly as Sasuke does. 

He grabs Sasuke by the hand, and janks him up to his feet. “Put mine on me! And let me put yours on you!” And they do, Sasuke still feeling a little shaky and weak in the knees from when time had seemed to crawl to a stop when he’d first slid the rings into Naruto’s lap and Naruto had only stared at them, but now they’re both looking at the rings on their fingers with wonder, and maybe a little bit of excitement, because this is really happening, they’re really getting married, and then suddenly Sasuke feels himself getting knocked back by a heavy ball of blond excitement, he feels his foot starting to slide off the edge of the pier and before he’s able to process what’s happening, they’re lying in the water together. 

‘You usuratonkachi’, is what he wants to say, but what comes out instead is one of the realest, most genuine laughs Naruto has ever heard from him, and Naruto can’t help but kiss him silly.


I hit 200 followers a week ago, but I waited until I was at a stable number. I’m honestly surprised a lot of people really like Lily and want to see all the crazy stuff she gets herself into. I’m blessed really so without dragging this on lets get this started.

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I keep thinking about what HoO would have been like if Piper had figured out her powers, or at least gotten better control over them, before heading to the wilderness school. Because imagine Piper, who hates her beauty because of how people see her for it- who hated the idea of toying with other peoples emotions, trying to suppress the ability to make other do what you want. A Piper that would have spent the first book barely speaking not because she’s afraid of forcing them to do things against their will.

A Piper that promises never to use her powers on Leo and Jason, even if she’s going to have to betray them to the giants because they’re the first two people really there for her. A Piper who is afraid to tell Jason how she feels because it will force him to feel the same way. A Piper who uses her powers to bring Jason back to life and feel so guilty and relieved because of it.

And imagine jasiper. Piper who doesn’t speak and uses body language and gestures and Jason ‘Raised By Wolves’ Grace who understands. Not just what but why. So they build themselves a language of touch and gesture and knowing each other so well that they never have to speak. So Piper never has to say the words ‘I love you’ to him, because he knows. He feels it in the way her hand lingers in his, how she curls herself into him, how her fingers play on his arm and chest and back. And how he says it back in the curl of his fingers on her hips, the way his nose presses into her neck and his breath dances on the fine hairs of her neck, and how his eyes never stray from her.

Imagine a Piper that realized how much absolute power she has, and decided to let it go

Most people working in customer service hate rude clients, but I personally love them because I have a very dry humour and I mean how can I resist being a smartass to people who like to be rude? My absolute pleasure.
I used to work at my father’s business, which is a private medical clinic. Some exams are covered by the gov, some are not. Prices can range from 100$ to 1300$ and even more (though when it’s more we usually split up the exams). I would work at night and on weekends, which meant I was alone at the front desk, two or three other employees in the back.
One night it was very slow so the two other employees were sat out in the front with me, and we talked as I did my chores. In walks a man, maybe in his thirties. You can just tell he is very despicable but I just smile brightly, welcome him and ask to see his doctor’s paper. I take a look and see it’s for an MRI, meaning ai have to fill a document with his information to have a tech approve it. It’s for his right knee so I confirm with him as I’m writing it down.
Him: could it be possible to add the left knee? Just to compare.
Me: i’m sorry we can’t, that’s illegal. You should ask your doctor and if he sees it to be pertinent he’ll prescribe the exam.
Him: okay but I forgot I can just pay for it!
Me: that’s an additional 650$, and I just told you it’s illegal.
Him: but you can just check it on the paper before you scan it into the computer.
Me: again, sir, I can’t do that because it’s illegal.
Him: I’ll do it then.
Me: but I know of your intention and I’ll just put a note in your file about it to make sure.
Him: come on , I won’t tell your mother!
Me (getting quite irritated): no but I certainly will tell my dad.
Him: what’s it to me?
Me: this is my father’s business. He owns it. Now I need your signature right here.

His face totally fell and the other two employees had to leave because they were laughing so bad.

Writing Prompt #73: Valentine's Day Prompts

That’s What They Said: 

  • “That might just be the least romantic thing you’ve ever said to me." 
  • "After that, you’re lucky I still love you.”
  • “Proposing on Valentine’s Day…how original.”
  • “What do you mean I’ve got to marry you to save my life?”
  • “I’m allergic to chocolate. And roses.”
  • “So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Party?”
  • “Why does that look like a love potion?”
  • “I don’t even know you, why should I say yes?”
  • “That better not be a pity rose. Pity chocolate I’ll take, but that’s it." 

Write This Story:

  • Write the worst possible way Valentine’s Day can go. 
  • It’s Valentine’s Day when two partner-less people band together and decide to have some fun after all. No romance allowed.
  • Write about an arranged marriage that actually turns out to be pretty happy after all. 
  • Write a romantic poem. Just for fun.
  • Your character has just found their long lost love…about three days before they’re supposed to be married. Fix this. Write a happy ending. Oh, and make sure the soon-to-be spouse gets a happy ending too. That doesn’t happen enough.
  • Write about the craziest, zaniest and wild story about how two people can get together and fall in love. 
  • Take a famous tragic story and make it a romance in honor of Valentine’s Day. 
  • Write about Valentine’s Day from the POV from St. Valentine himself. 
  • Write about an office that, instead of doing "Secret Santa”, they do “Secret Valentine”. Kind of like what we did in Kindergarten where it was everybody or nothing.

Genre. Character. Conflict:

Genre: Romance/mystery:
Character: A tired detective working a burglary case.
Conflict: With a string of thefts happening on Valentine’s Day of every year, Detective Miller isn’t getting any closer to finding the culprit, who always goes after diamond rings. He might catch a break when the-girl-next-door (literally, in this case) complains about her missing jewelry. Or not, seeing as she’s the one who did it all in the first place…

Genre: Horror/mystery.
Character: A ghost bound to earth
Conflict: Murdered on Valentine’s Day seemed to be enough to anchor poor Annabel to earth long enough to find her killer. Only…what’s her husband doing with another woman in the house? And why does she look exactly like her?

Genre: Young Adult
Character: A high school student
Conflict: Mysterious gifts and notes keep popping up wherever your character happens to be. No horror. Give them a nice ending for once.

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“The only way you can beat my crazy was by doing something crazy yourself. Thank you. I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I’m sorry it took so long for me to catch up. I just got stuck.” ~ The Silver Linings Playbook


The wedding hall was bustling with crowds of people, waiting for the bride to finally come in and start the wedding. The day was happy for many people, except for one in particular:

 You, the bride. 

You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror, wondering how you thought it was a great idea to marry someone you didn’t even love. You mean, you liked Federico, but you weren’t in love with him. 

He just wasn’t the man you had wanted.

The man you were in love with was your best friend, G. He was always by your side and he knew everything about you. It felt as if the two of you were soulmates, but G didn’t feel the same way it seemed. When you had confessed your feelings, he had completely closed himself off from you and had distanced himself.

Obviously, that meant the two of you weren’t meant to be together.

So, you had went to all the marriage proposals that had been sent to you that you had been putting off. You just wanted to forget about your love plunder and start fresh, in a new life, even if it hurt.

You jumped at the crash outside of your door. There was no time to react as the door flew open, slamming against the wall. You stood there in the middle of the room in your wedding dress, scared while trying to hold back your tears.

G didn’t hesitate, he crossed the room, and took you into his arms.

“The only way you can beat my crazy was by doing something crazy yourself. Thank you. I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I’m sorry it took so long for me to catch up. I just got stuck.”

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Curious about #28, your opinion on imprinting?

28. your opinion on imprinting?
in my opinion imprinting is pretty much true love. i don’t really see an imprint not ultimately wanting a romantic interest, i think the connect is definitely two sided. if it weren’t then i don’t think that person would be their perfect match or their soulmate. also, as far as the “losing their free will” thing goes i don’t think that their imprint would ever use that against them? i mean i can’t really see how they would be perfect for eachother if the imprintee would take advantage of the other person like that. i think that even if imprinting wasn’t a thing that their imprintee would still be their soulmate, that imprinting only makes them realize it so suddenly if that makes sense? i don’t see it as a bad thing and i like the idea of it but a lot of people don’t agree