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Tbh everyone says Dip should be a Ravenclaw but I think that's wrong. He's smart, sure, but he also doesn't care about having to get his hands dirty if he needs to. He'd def be a Slytherin.

@headful-of-feathers requested me awhile ago to make a post explaining why I feel Slytherin fits the best for Dip in terms of Hogwarts Houses. I was just gonna make a separate post about it, but this ask has given me an opening.

First, let’s start off by destroying the stigma surrounding all ‘smart’ characters belonging to Ravenclaw House. That’s not true; just look at Hermione Granger who was indeed at the top of her classes and valued intelligence but belonged to Gryffindor House. Being kind, smart, brave, or ambitious doesn’t mean you instantly belong to a House with those qualities respectively. That’s stereotypical, and the Sorting Hat judges much deeper than that.

So, I’m going much deeper than that.

(Big ol’ meta post under the cut)

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What is your favorite Harry Potter book and why?

Order of the Phoenix, always.

  1. It’s the book that transitions the series from mostly mild-mannered to very, very ominous. 
  2. It never feels slow to me (though I’ve heard the opposite from other people. Ahh well, different strokes, different folks).
  3. It introduces a side to Harry that startled a lot of readers but made me fall in love with him even more. I think Angry!Harry is very important and rounds him out as a character. Before he seemed sort of super human with how much he could bear before it got to him. I also think his anger was mostly justified so I don’t begrudge him his outbursts.
  4. I love what the DA did for secondary characters like Neville and Luna. Neville’s confidence grew during those lessons, and Luna didn’t feel so alone. As much as I love the Trio, it’s so nice to get to read about someone other than them sometimes, and OotP fills that need.
  5. We see the Wizarding World broaden in this book. Before, we knew places like the Ministry and St. Mungo’s existed, but OotP actually takes us there.
  6. The Order. The Order The Order The Order.
  7. Umbridge’s regime did a great job showing just how united staff and students could become when faced with something evil, which is pretty important.
  8. Snape’s Worst Memory. Any peek into that era I can get, I’ll happily take it and cherish it forever.
  9. The Battle of the Department of Mysteries, especially Dumbledore facing off with Voldemort. So rad.
  10. “By all means, continue destroying my possessions. I daresay I have too many.”
  12. It’s not just my favourite HP book, it’s my favourite book of all-time and the one I’ve reread the most. It also holds the special memory of being the first HP book I attended a book release for. 
  13. Yay Order of the Phoenix!