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You know who’s fucking amazing? @thatsthat24. Thomas Sanders. Such a beautiful, brilliant, talented, funny, kind and inspiring person! His videos are hilarious and mean so much to me, and his posts always make me smile. He’s managed to cheer me up so many times, and I know there are thousands of other people who feel the same and love this guy just as much as I do. The very idea of Thomas feeling sad is so upsetting, and I hope that things work out for him; he deserves to be happy! We all love you, Sanders. What a fantastic person. Xx

Hi everybody! I’ve gotten a couple of requests for this post, so I thought I’d finally put together my process for making a weekly spread!

Disclaimer: This is simply a system I find to be simple and doable for everyday life. By no means is this the only way or the best way to bullet journal! It’s just a way that I find to be realistic and aesthetically pleasing. 

Before we start: most of my layout is based on @studypunked’s and the moodboard I used was made for me by @sapphiccstudies! 

Supplies I used: Hardcover black Moleskine (grid paper); Green Mildliner; Pilot Hi-Tec-C 05 gel pen; Pony Brown stickers; Clear tape

Step 1: Decide on a color scheme! I always choose a monthly theme (for example, January’s was outer space and March’s was plants). Then, for each week I choose a subtheme! (ex. the first week of January was moon phases.) Then, I choose a Mildliner color that matches the theme. This week, I used a pink moodboard with green accents, so I used a green mildliner! 

Step 2: Weekly planning

I list the week number at the top of the page, and underneath that I put the dates within the week. (This has no purpose other than making me feel organized.) Then, below that I like to make a little monthly calendar (because it’s surprisingly often that I need to know what day of the week a certain date is!) Finally, below that I have a weekly schedule. This is where I write the dates of any tests, quizzes, projects, holidays, birthdays, etc! Generally, these are transferred from my monthly event calendar.

Step 3: Weekly tasks

This step makes my job pretty easy throughout the week! It’s as simple as listing the date and then making check boxes next to any tasks for the week. (This way, I don’t have to worry about much on days when I’m busy.)

Step 4: Finding images

Finally, the weekend rolls around and I’m ready to get into the fun stuff! Usually, here’s where I scour Google Images (I like to use the keywords ‘tumblr’ and ‘aesthetic’ along with my chosen color and theme) for pictures, but this week was easy for me thanks to a moodboard :)

Step 5: Drawings

After choosing my images (usually three, but it’s summer and I don’t have many tasks so I used six) I draw some stuff that goes with the theme in anywhere there will be empty space. Sometimes I also look for quotes and get a little prwctice with typography!

Step 6: Arrange and paste images

I play around with the layout of the images until I find the arrangement I like best, then use little loops of scotch tape to paste them down (usually straight but sometimes crooked if I’m feeling artsy)

Bonus Step: Add Stickers!

I only sometimes do this, but the gist of this is “put them wherever you want, but not too many because stickers are expensive.”

And Voilà! Here’s the finished product:

Here's to BTS.

Here’s to Rap Monster, who has dreamed of this moment since his debut. Who used to perform as an underground artist as a student and who led his group so well despite his young age, despite of his uncertainty and fear for the future. Who makes sure to always be there to talk to his members about their feelings and thoughts. Who gave up entering a good university for his passion for music and has spent nearly every night writing lyrics and making songs even till the early morning, even while waiting to go up on stage and even when they are on the plane flying to their next event. Who always writes such thoughtful tangents on loving ourselves, trusting our youth and our passion, forgiving ourselves, and appreciating everything that we have in this world. Who shows us every side to him even though he’s scared of the vulnerability. Who never forgets to thank those around him even if he does not know them personally. Who always thinks of us wherever he goes and who is always rooting for us in whatever we do. Truly without him, BTS would not be the BTS that they are today. And I really hope that he knows that; I hope that receiving this award was able to take all his stresses and heavy thoughts from his shoulders. And even more, I hope that he has learned to love himself- flaws and all- just as we love him. Thank you for always showering us with love and thoughtfulness even if we may not deserve it, thank you for never forgetting about us. I hope that you never doubt yourself and your pure heart. You are more than deserving of this award.

Here’s to Jin. Who has shown us that hardwork and self-confidence is everything. He was accepted into Konkuk university, which is a prestigious Seoul university, before entering Bighit. He got into the film department with absolutely NO special admissions. He studied hard with plans as to become an actor but when Bighit changed his career path, Jin practiced every single day to become the amazing performer that he is today. I think of how he called his vocal trainer at 4am to show her that he has improved and I get so proud. Here’s to the oldest member of the group. Who constantly showers his members and his fans with love. Who was the one that cooked for the members, borrowing food and tools from his own family when BTS could not afford to, who made sure that every member became comfortable in Seoul when they first arrived at BigHit. Who is unbelievably intelligent as well. Who is always there to make us laugh with his silly gags and jokes, who is always there to make us feel loved. You worked hard to improve, you worked hard to be where you are right now. You deserve this.

Here’s to Suga. Who learned what it meant to be an adult at such a young age. Who used to perform for audiences of two and not have enough money to even buy ramen. Who used to listen to people constantly tell him that he would ruin his family. Who came up to Bighit as a trainee to become a hip hop artist and still worked hard and did not falter when that goal changed; learning to dance and what it means to be an idol, studying and working part time, fighting with suicidal thoughts, depression, self-hatred, a broken shoulder, and more. Who spends countless of sleepless nights working on music and lyrics, even on the nights that they are on vacation or when they just come back from a performance. Who truly showed us that though the start may be humble, the end will be prosperous. Thank you for teaching us what it means to live with passion, thank you for always working hard even if you don’t need to. You may not believe it, but this award is real and you deserve it. You’ve achieved all of your goals now! You’ve worked hard to be where you are. Thank you for showing us that hardwork and determination will never, ever betray us.

Here’s to J-Hope. Who was a street dancer and came into Bighit planning to become a vocalist and dancer. Who, when everyone doubted his skills, practiced even harder to become the well-rounded artist that he is now. Who taught himself how to rap and how to write lyrics despite having little experience in that area and is now one of the main creators behind bts’s music. Who practices every night, working on his mixtape and working on his dance skills, because he loves to do so. Who shows us what it means to live with hope and who never fails to show us happiness even in the most difficult of times. I hope you know that we are aware of how thoughtful you are, I hope you know that our love for you is eternal, and I hope you know that you too are more than deserving for this reward. And I just hope that you know that your existence to us gives us strength, that you do not always have to put yourself behind a happy facade and force yourself to hide your true emotions. We know the wide range of thoughts that you have running in your head and we absolutely care for and love all of them.

Here’s to Jimin. Who was a diligent student that studied dance so passionately. Who spends nearly every night in the practice room because he thinks “who am I to be resting right now?” I think of how you cried when people doubted your skills and I hope you know that those people are completely wrong. Your voice is something that touches our hearts and moves us and your skill in dance never fails to amaze us. You belong on stage. Here’s to Jimin. Who also showers his members with such adoration and affection, who is always there to comfort them in the darkest of times. Thank you for showing us what it means to be a good friend and brother. Thank you for showing us what it means to be kind. I hope you know that we love you just the way you are and that it’s okay to rest and to make mistakes. Please don’t ever doubt yourself.

Here’s to Taehyung. Who had to get the help of the Bighit staff to convince his family to let him begin training. Who wanted to be a farmer so that he could help his grandmother in Daegu. Who has been so strong throughout this difficult and painful year. Who still performed passionately for us even when he lost one of the most important woman in his life. Who put up a joyful front for so long even though he was actually in so much pain. Who constantly shows us new sides to his personality. Who constantly works hard in all that he does. Thank you for never failing to put a smile on our faces even when you were going through such a low point and thank you for teaching us what it means to be a filial child. Thank you for loving bangtan just as much as we do and thank you for always being so kind and bright. You share so much with us even when we aren’t deserving of it, Your stage presence and skill never fails to amaze me as well. We will remember your grandmother and we will always thank her for her blessings. You are more than deserving of this award. We know how wide the spectrum of your thoughts are and we know how intelligent you are- no matter what type of expression you might have on your face, your existence is always one that we will love.

Here’s to Jungkook. Who started training at such a young age, who was so shy and insecure about himself. Who left his family in Busan to come up to Seoul when he was just 14 years old. Who sacrificed the chance of making so many important memories for his dream, who sacrificed his youth for us. You gave up so many childhood memories- school romances, field days, school friends- to be on stage. Thank you. I think of how you cry when you think of the hardships that his members are going through and I thank you for trusting your brothers and your future, you deserve all the love in this world but please realize that you, also, have been through so many difficult times and have dealt with hardships. It’s okay to not be strong all the time. Thank you for showing us your growth and your endurance and passion. Thank you for showering us with love in so many ways  (whether it be through your detailed song covers or your concert ments), thank you for becoming the person that you are today. Please know that even when your thoughts are cluttered and messy, we are always here to support you and love you. You are more than deserving of this award, thank you for sharing your youth with us.

Lastly, here’s to BTS. This whole entire post of mine is incredibly cheesy but they really do mean a lot to me. Not only do they brighten my every day with their humor and antics but they each have taught me so many things and they constantly inspire me in all that they do. They have taught me to dream, to be diligent, to be loving, to be humble, and to trust my future. More importantly, they have taught me what it means to be young. So here’s to BTS and their first daesang. You deserve it more than anybody in this world and you each are deserving of all the love in this universe. Thank you for showing us that we never are alone and thank you for understanding us and showing us what it means to achieve your dreams and to live with passion. We hear your voice.

Here’s to the first of many more :)

Muse || Peter Parker

Prompt - Y/N is an artist who tends to find inspiration in others, as in she draws other people, and she draws Peter the most. He sees one of her drawings of him and asks her about it. FLUFFY!

Warning - none. 

A/N: haven’t written anything in awhile and this might be a little short. Besides, I was getting bored. I am also in the midst of writing some smutty sin, so you can look forward to that. 

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Originally posted by gryffinclaw-in-wilde-times

She was a creative person, incredibly above average when it came to expressing her imagination. Her art was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, those who saw it wondered how a girl of such a young age could possibly make something so realistic. She had a talent for capturing the person’s essence in every drawing, or portrait to be more specific.

She drew everyone, whether they noticed it or not. 

But there was one person who she absolutely loved to draw.

That person was Peter Parker. 

The boy in the layered sweaters and graphic t-shirts. 

She adored that boy’s physique because to her drawing him came like second nature. In her drawings, his fluffy brown hair would be perfectly styled, his clothes exactly the way he had them; disheveled. 

But there had been one day when he had been late to school. He walked into their shared class, his hair tousled, his clothes in disarray. He had ran his hand through his wild morning hair in an attempt to tame it, and at that moment Y/N had already pulled out her sketchbook to draw his rugged appearance that captivated her so much. 

She watched him for the duration of the class period to get his features perfect. Nobody noticed her watching him, it was a normal sight to see her staring at someone. Everyone knew that she was an artist and that she drew anyone that captured her eye, some people took it as a compliment, others didn’t. 

She loved that drawing, she was proud of it. 

Everyday she drew someone new, and among those new drawings was always an even better drawing of Peter. 

In the beginning, when she first started drawing him she barely knew his name, she was just intrigued by his noticeable Star Wars t-shirt. But then as time went on, she became more infatuated with the young genius. 

She tried talking to him but the moment she caught a glimpse of those chocolate brown eyes, her face would become warm and her eyes were immediately back on her sketchbook. He was her muse. 

She found comfort in sketching his cheekbones, his jawline, his nose, his beautiful hair. It enraptured her. 

She was in her last class of the day, off to the side in the last row of desks. Peter sat directly to her left.

She had already finished her classwork so she pulled out her almost completed sketchbook and opened it to an empty page, her pencils were already laid out waiting for her to use them. 

She didn’t really mind if he noticed her drawing him, maybe he’d want to talk to her about it and then she’d actually be able to talk to him without being a shy idiot about it. 

She began with the outline of his face. She had done these steps so many times that she could probably do them in her sleep. 

She continued to sketch him, but she was so engrossed in her drawing that she didn’t notice Peter’s eyes flickering to her paper. He recognized the face as his own and his eyebrows furrowed together. 

She’s drawing me. She’s actually drawing me,’ he thought. 

A ghostly grin etches its way onto his face as he watches her, the pencil running over the paper, her index finger smudging the graphite for the appropriate shading, her bottom lip in between her teeth in concentration. 

He noticed that she didn’t even need to glance at him to complete her drawing. Unknown to him, but she had his face permanently etched into her brain. 

The bell rang signaling that it was finally time for the poor students to go home. Y/N packed up her stuff but carried her sketchbook in her arms. 

As the students began to excitedly file out of the room, Peter followed behind Y/N to try and talk to her. 

Y/N liked to take her time when she left school because she didn’t really like being in a crowded subway surrounded by tons of people, downside to living in New York. She walked slowly as she let her beat-up converse hit the newly polished school floors. 

Peter tapped her shoulder making her turn around. When she saw that familiar face looking down at her with a gentle grin, her heart fluttered. 

“Hey,” she said trying to make it seem like she wasn’t dying to run her fingers through his fluffy hair. 

“Uh hi, I’m-uh, I’m Peter,” he managed to say, she smiled at his nervousness. 

“Yeah, I know. You’re in most of my classes, you’re not invisible,” she clutches her sketchbook tightly in her arms. 

He’s talking to me. He’s actually talking to me,’ she thought.

He blushed cherry red, “I um, I noticed you drawing me during class and I-” she wanted to let him finish but she had to ask. 

“I didn’t make you uncomfortable, did I?” She asked, he shook his head vigorously.

“No! No, you didn’t make me uncomfortable. I just know that you draw everyone and I was curious as to why you were drawing me,” he explains.

“Because you’re beautiful,” she blurts out without processing the words as they left her mouth. 

Peter’s grin then turns into a full blown smile, cheeks blazing red. 

Y/N knew that she should feel embarrassed about what she had just said to the object of her artistic affection, but she wasn’t embarrassed. 

“You think I’m…beautiful?” He couldn’t stop smiling, his cheeks were hurting from how hard he was smiling but he couldn’t help it. 

A gorgeous and talented girl had just called him beautiful.

“Yeah. You’re my muse, my inspiration,” she wished she would just stop talking, but she had already started so there was no point in stopping.

“I know it’s a bit awkward but I-I draw you all the time, I find your features…fascinating,” she tells him, he chuckles. 

“Well maybe we could hang out sometime and you can draw me as much as you’d like,” he offers awkwardly sliding his hands into his pockets, she hides her absolute joy by looking down at her sneakers as her cheeks turn a bright red. 

“Um yeah, yeah I’d like that,” she accepts.


They leave the school together and he walks her home only for her to insist that he stay so she could take him up on his offer of making another portrait of him. He accepted, but this time it wasn’t a drawing…it was a painting. 

He flipped through the pages of her sketchbook as she prepared the materials that she needed for the painting. 

“Don’t you ever get tired of drawing me? I mean, I’m nothing special.”

She laughs, “Not at all, like I said…you’re my muse.”



A/N: I hope this was satisfying enough. I’ll probably be posting another fic this week because I’m having lots of inspiration. <3 

Right so I’ve made posts about this before but I just wanted to say something, speaking as someone who has never had credit stolen and has really only seen a couple friends experience that as well. My point being, I’m not just coming from some emotional self righteous place. I’m coming from a place of being a human being who believes in the common sense that if somebody created something, they should get credit for it. A fact which is apparently lost on or ignored by many people.

Let’s get some things straight:

  • Tagging or captioning something “not mine” does not make it okay to post without credit.
  • Saying “thanks but that’s not mine” when people compliment your post does not mean you’re giving credit.
  • People who create original content deserve to be credited. Some posters may have spent hours creating something, only to watch it be posted by someone who didn’t put in any of that effort, and gain recognition and likes and what have you without crediting the person who made it exist in the first place.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a photograph or a drawing (those seem to be the most common). Give credit to the creator.
  • It takes. So. Little. Time. To credit. Ideas in descending order according to length and effort:
    • Reposted from ____
    • Originally from ____
    • Posted by ____
    • Credit to ____
    • From _____ (that’s literally four letters, plus a link or username. I think you can handle that)
  • If you can’t find the original post via reverse Google search, at least link back to the source URL. It’s simply the decent thing to do.
  • Who really enjoys stupid, stressful arguments over credit? The offenders get defensive and mad, the posters get hurt and even angrier, and it all could be prevented by the simple act of crediting.
  • Like seriously. If for no other reason, just credit the damn person to avoid clogging people’s dashes with angry posts, wasting everyone’s time in blocking you, and getting into fights with internet people you’ll never see in real life.
  • Isn’t plagiarism bad? I mean the school system, internet, and life failed you drastically if you’ve never heard of plagiarism. People get suspended, failed, and expelled for it. So clearly that’s not cool.
  • As a final note, it would be very nice of you to even consider ASKING permission *gasp* before reposting. What a NOVEL idea! Let’s look at some options, shall we?
    • I wish I could *insert skill here* like you. Maybe you could give me some pointers? In the meantime would it be okay if I reposted this for inspiration/reference?
    • Hi! I really love this post and I was wondering if I could repost it to my *insert social media here*
    • Hey! Do you mind if I repost this? (oh DAMN look at that, that one took me less than 30 seconds to type. Holy shit the miracles of giving credit)

Long story short, JUST GIVE CREDIT. I cannot wrap my mind around why people find this such an insurmountable burden. Usually you got the photo directly from the source anyway, so you know where it came from. And it takes less than 5 minutes to do a reverse Google image search; if you can’t find ANY information, either consider not posting it and asking permission to repost something else, or at least put down the URL to indicate that this is not original content.


P.S. Give credit. Please.


I don’t usually get invested in AUs with its own story, but Echotale was quite the exception, I’ve been meaning to post these little fanarts for it. If you see this, thank you still, @yoralim for the very artful, and wonderful read!! It holds a special place of inspiration for me.

The last one is G bringing​ some forget-me-nots to his new home, as I thought it would be appropriate for their name, and that they resemble echo flowers. ;D;

Echotale is by Yoralim

Gaster!Sans is originally by Borurou

Tongue Tied || Peter Parker x Reader

I was supposed to write a drabble for Tsukishima for my DeviantArt page, but lost the muse to do so. here, have another peter parker x reader that no one asked for (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m writing this in celebration of finally reaching 400 followers!!! ;w; this means so much to me ahhhh and I’m super excited!!

so to celebrate, I’m writing this story, which was inspired by ranma ½ where the doctor character loses his shit whenever the girl he’s in love with is close to him.

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

warnings: none, just a really clumsy Peter Parker.

word count: 3,300+

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. Reblogs are fine!


Little did Peter know, just about everyone in his class was out to get him.

Now, it came as no surprise that Peter Parker wasn’t too poised even on his best days, but his clumsiness seemed to enhance by a tenfold whenever she was around.

[Full Name], a girl who seemed to blend in with just about any clique because of how kind and easy she was to talk to. The girl was not too popular nor much of a loner, she was just there.

But her presence was enough to turn Peter into a bumbling and tongue tied idiot. Many of the students who attended Midtown High could not find (or see) a reason why this Parker kid was so smitten with [Name]. All they knew was that watching Peter trying to communicate with the girl was hilarious.

Because of how his brain seemed to turn to mush around her, everyone who shared a class with both Peter and [Name] had conspired together to force the two of them together for the remainder of the year. They had no idea of the consequences, and was honestly just looking for a good laugh.

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Ok, so I did a campaign using 4th edition with homebrew world, and the Warlord wanted to use commanding strike on the Fighter to attack their own warlock.

Human Warlord OOC: “I’m not wasting my nat20! Why can’t you just let us have fun?”
Me the DM: “It’s a command, not mind control.”
Werewolf Fighter OOC: “I don’t even want to hit him.”
Human Warlord OOC standing up and starts pacing: “Look. I play D&D, because it is supposed to be fun!”
Dwarf Warlord OOC: *begins to play inspirational music on his phone*
Me the DM: “Oh my god…”
Human Warlord OOC: “And that means that if we all want this role to go through, it should. Everyone wants it but you [My name].”
Dwarf Warlock OOC: “Yeah!”
Werewolf Fighter OOC: “What–”
Human Warlord OOC: “Everyone but you!”
Me the DM: “Fine! Alright, alright! The attack goes through. Ray Lish (the dwarf warlock) takes 11 damage.”
Dwarf Warlock OOC: “What!? Fuck off, I’m dead!”
The rest of us just laugh and I honestly couldn’t handle the amount of dumb going on.

@a-throneoffeelsnessian literally anything just give me nessian PLEASE but if you insist on a prompt: “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I notice.” // send me a ship and a prompt and i’ll write a one shot!

Nesta was curled up in an armchair in the living room of the town house, completely immersed in her novel when they all came back. She could smell the alcohol before they entered the room, before they entered the house. Gods, they must’ve all been drunk off their asses. They had been out long enough. As soon as they entered the front door, she could hear every clumsy step they made, and every loud noise they made as they crashed into…well, everything. Furniture, walls, cupboards…it seemed they fell or stumbled into everything in the entire house before the got to the living room where she sat. She rolled her eyes in contempt and tried to continue focusing on her book. It seemed the Cauldron had different plans for her, for as soon as she made it through one sentence, the entire group crashed into the room.

“Nesta!” Elain drunkenly called out. Nesta looked up, steely eyed but startled. She didn’t think she’d ever seen Elain this drunk before. Come to think of it, she didn’t think she had ever seen Elain drunk. It seemed she had more love to give when she was intoxicated, as she was clinging to Azriel, but her hands was interlocked with Lucien’s. Lucien seemed to be equally as drunk on liquor as he was on Elain and he didn’t seem to care or even notice Elain’s split affection.

“Hello,” Nesta sighed, closing her book. No point in trying to read when they would just be clamoring all over her trying to find a seat.

“Nessie!” She heard a large yell from the back of the group. “Nesta, Nes, Nesssaaaa,” Cassian’s drunken mumble dissolved into giggles. Suddenly, he came to the front of the pack, seeming to be pushed by Rhys. Nesta rolled her eyes. Again. 

“Hello, you big brute.” He somewhat fell, somewhat kneeled in front of her and placed his hands on her knees. Nesta registered the rest of the Circle talking between them, filtering in behind Cassian and beginning to plop down, some in chairs, some on the flood, Feyre into Rhysand’s lap. But she couldn’t draw her focus from Cassian’s fingers on her skin.

“I am not a brute,” he stated, definitively.

“Then what are you? A graceful dancer?” Nesta taunted.

“Now that you mention it,” he heaved himself up. “Yes.” He did a clumsy twirl around her armchair which resulted in the entire room erupting into loud, raucous laughter. Nesta could sense her headache fast approaching. Cassian ended his little show by somewhat leaping onto the arm of her chair but he teetered and fell, his head landing in her lap.

“Hello again.” He grinned up at her. She huffed out an annoyed sigh, but she could tell her mask of frustration didn’t meet her eyes 

His attention was drawn away from her by a joke Mor made, something about Feyre and Rhys needing a bucket of cold water thrown on them, but Nesta’s eyes stayed pinned to his head in her lap. She almost felt herself smile at the way his eyes crinkled up when he laughed, how his grin brought out these almost-dimples in his cheeks. He was now talking amongst the group about the bars they had gone to, cracking on Lucien about his dancing, and grilling Mor about who she had snuck off to the bathroom with. His speech wasn’t quite slurred, but it came out different, the words’ edges rounded and soft instead of hard. He spoke as if each thought simply rolled out of him, not requiring any analysis. Nesta’s eyes lingered on his mouth as he spoke each syllable, not even hearing what he was saying but just enjoying the sound of his voice. 

She turned away, and picked up her book. She could attempt to focus and she really wanted to get through the chapter she was on. She began reading, and the conversation faded away into background music and, though she would never admit it, she enjoyed the white noise.

Nesta was a few more pages into her book when she felt teeth nip the back of her hand. She flipped the book closed and glared down angrily at the drunken mess of hair still in her lap 

She flicked his nose. “Why.”

“I wanted your attention,” Cassian responded, pouting and looking like a sad puppy. She heaved an annoyed breath.  “I felt you looking at me, you know.” His eyes bored into hers and she tried to quell the flush rising in her cheeks. “Other times, too,” he continued, relishing her embarrassment. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I notice.” He was bold when he was drunk.

She opened her book again. “I don’t know what you mean.” She could feel his grin. Then, she felt a small kiss over the tender area where he bit her.

“Sorry about the bite.”

Nesta couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her features. And she couldn’t stop her eyes as they wandered back to her stupid bat. She let them linger there, just for a little while more.

ok this was low key inspired by a headcanon post i saw about the crew coming back drunk but idk where it is??? or who wrote it??? so i’m so sorry but that was my inspo!!!

How Many Tennis Balls?

Drabble request by @deanssweetheart23: Hi! So glad you’re taking drabble request again! So how about one with either “You’re so freaking adorable” or “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” (choose whichever inspires you) with Dean and fluff? <3 Good luck with everything that’s going on in your life! (I get it cause finals are killing me as well) Thank you for the amazing things you post <3

Word Count: 804

Version en Español:¿Cuántas Pelotas de Tenis?

“What does this question even mean?” you muttered, staring at your computer screen in bafflement.

Dean looked up from his own computer screen from across the room. He was lounging on the bed while you sat at the desk, trying to focus on your preparation. “What question is it?”

“How many tennis balls can you fit into a limousine?” You’d practiced for dozens of job interviews and that question was never one that came up in an actual interview, or any of your practices. “I feel like that’s not a normal interview question.”

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does christian go from playing an emotional, temperamental, psychotic, mean man who broke up with his boyfriend over a chess game to immediately playing a lunatic quirky character inspired by bugs bunny?

i mean obviously they are completely different characters and christian was probably slightly relieved to not be crying every night (that must be so emotionally taxing i cant even imagine???) but like holy S H I T he’s so diverse and does his talent know no bounds??  

– and yet he’s maybe the most humble human being and he loves and gives so readily and easily and he’s such a darling to all the kids he works with.  

and i know he’s not conventionally like a zac efron “type” or whatever but he’s so under-appreciated and im sorry i’ll shut up now but i just felt the need to gush about this man


Toby Stephens really deserves every single award for his portrayal of James McGraw/Flint. The range of emotion he can express with such minimal expressions blows my mind. (via @amuseoffyre‘s post <3)

‘Spring Day’ Draco Malfoy x Reader

Rating: Fluff
warning: one swear word (i cant help it okay?)
requested?: nope.

a/n: so first of all i just want to say, yes the title was inspired by a BTS song because i fucking STANNNN, Thank you so so so much for 200 followers it means a lot and encourages me to keep writing however i’m on hiatus at the moment the only reason im posting is because it’s MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! 200 FOLLOWERS BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER !111!!11!!!. As of 13:34 GMT I will officially be 15!.

The fresh spring grass brushed against the palm of hand. His fingers reached over and intertwined with mine, I let out a small happy sigh. I couldn’t be happier in this moment with Draco Malfoy. He diverted me over to a large tree in the middle of the field and sat me down, I leant over to rest my head on his lap, the sun shone brightly upon us creating strange shadows on the grass and surrounding earth. “I remember doing this when we were younger” his deep voice carefully slipped its way into my daydream. I laughed peacefully, remember my childhood with Draco every year with him was as if my innocence fell away piece by piece. However this is our final year at Hogwarts together and trying to make the most of being together while we still have each other is the best decision I’ve ever made.
The blonde haired boy in front of me gripped at my wrist and dragged me through a long meadow besides our school, a small slither of his jelled back hair slipped forward to his eyes as he took both my hands and spun me around to face me. The snow crunched beneath our feet as we locked our fingers, Draco turned to me once more with flushed cheeks he lightly smiled pressing a barely noticeable dimple into his cheek. leaning over, I pressed my lips to his dimple and quickly pulled away my cheeks a deeper red than his now…
“Thinking about times like that makes me wish that we had actually run away like we said we would, we never would have been in this mess. And I know its my fault I dragged you into this” Draco ran his thumb over the death eater mark on my forearm.
“Draco you know this isn’t you fault, I got myself into this, you only did it to protect me, and you were forced to do this please don’t blame yourself” I turned around to face him again and press a kiss to his lips. I looked back up at him to find him smiling back down at me. looking off into the distance, the turret’s of the Hogwarts tower glimmered in the lowering sun, and I realised that all these years I’ve been so lucky to have Draco constantly by my side, helping me through thick and thin even if we weren’t exactly on good terms, I don’t think I could be happier with anyone one else besides Draco.
“y/n you know how much I love you right?”
“you remind me constantly Draco” I smiled at him and rolled my eyes
“well then… I guess when I’m not around to tell you that, maybe this will remind you” he smiled back, grinned actually, and presented a small box to me, he carefully dug his nails into the opening of the box and revealed a small gold band with multiple emeralds glimmering on top of it. “ this is a promise ring, and I promise that as soon as we get out of here we will get married, If you accept me of course” he chuckled nervously
“How could I deny you. I love you so fucking much Draco Malfoy” the whole Slytherin dinning table burst out into applause.
I fiddled with the ring on my finger and smiled delicately as I felt Draco’s warm lips press softly against my neck,
“you know…” he mumbled quietly “I Always Keep My Promises”


Hey guys I told you guys why i have been away for a while. (Short version: my bf and I broke up and I have trouble with school).

I want to thank you all for you support in the last few weeks. It really means a lot to me to know you guys have my back and there are always people who I can count on.
There is one special person I want to thank. He was there for me when i needed him the most. He held me in his arms and told me everything was going to be allright, an he ment all of it. He means so much to me and he inspires me so much that I really wanted to show my gratitude by posting these photo’s of us.

nothingrolly  asked:

Hi! Excuse me to bother you but I've seen a lot of Phara posts lately on your blog about racism? And unfortunately my poor brain has trouble keeping up since I don't speak english XDDDDD! What i mean to say is, what is this all about? :O

It’s mainly how people treat her in the Pharah/Mercy pairing. Like. A lot of content makes it all about Mercy. For example, I see headcanons about how “Mercy inspired Pharah to get the bisexual haircut!” when Pharah has had that haircut her whole life before Mercy wore it down for the insurrection event.

There’s also some fanart with racist implications that I loathe where Pharah is being made into Mercy’s servant or pet like this one:

And I like Pharmercy! That’s the whole thing and I’m sure some people consider me an anti when I’m really not against the pairing, I’m just against the racist depictions of Mercy and Pharah together.

Hi! My name’s Alessia, welcome to my studyblr!

About me:

  • I’m Italian
  • I’m 17 years old
  • My birth date is 09/09/1999
  • My lucky number is 9 (duh hahaha)
  • I attend a high school specializing in modern languages
  • I’m a senior, which means I have my final exam this year ㅠᆺㅠ
  • I can speak Italian, English, French and some Japanese, German and Spanish
  • I love pastel colors
  • Coca-Cola addicted

My Targets for 2017-2018:

  • Pass my University entry test
  • Get a high grade at my final exam
  • Learn hand-lettering
  • Study all N4 and N3 kanjis
  • Read at least 4 books
  • Save €700+

My interests:

  • Anime and manga
  • K-pop
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Aesthetic blogs
  • Game of Thrones
  • Aurora Aksnes

My favourite blogs:

@emmastudies @studyquill @studylustre @stvdybuddies @studywithinspo @peachi-study @getshitdonetbh @thepinkstudyblr

Kylo Ren is a mess, but he’s a competent mess. Powerful, witty, and intuitive. The majority of Ren’s failures stem from a lack of faith in himself.

  • He senses something in Finn, but doesn’t act on it.
  • He clearly senses that Rey is a powerful force-user, but instead of trusting himself to handle the situation he runs to Snoke.
  • He knows - the Ben part of him, at least - that killing Han Solo isn’t right (I’m being torn apart), but follows through anyways because Snoke commanded it.
  • And as a result, he finds himself weakened. Subjugating grief into anger, already wounded, he impulsively chases after Rey and Finn.
  • When Luke’s lightsaber doesn’t come to him, you can see Ren lose faith in himself. It’s plain on his face. Later, when Rey starts to meet him stroke-for-stroke, he grows even more uncertain. Rey - who remains focused and furious - gains the upper hand, and kicks his ass.

(let me know if I’m missing any examples or counterexamples)

And ever Ren’s mirror, Hux’s failures are a result of him trusting himself (or at least, the institution and ideals that he identifies with) too much - placing too much faith in the stormtrooper program, in his weapon’s shields.

mamorukagami  asked:

Hi, marcia, (can i call you marcia?) I saw your post about your old art compilation. Is that really you who draw that? I mean, from 2011, You really improve so much...! I'm bad at drawing. I cant even make a perfect circle, triangle, square, or a perfect single line! I want to be better at it, and your post really inspired me, thank you. :)

I’m really happy it inspired you to go forward!

However, I can’t help but notice one funky thing about your attitude and mindset. What you saw in that progress post are just stages. Completely taken out of context. They show nothing about how much work I put in these, how hard I studied or how many hours I spent on putting it all together. What you see is the final product. Only, at all times, it’s just the final product

Let’s say that I draw something every 5 days. That means that between each of those stages there are at least 70 drawings that you’re not seeing! Isn’t that a lot?

Besides…. my dude….. 2011 was 6 years ago!! 6 entire years!!! It’d have been really strange if nothing had changed since then!!

So don’t stress my dude, you’ve got all the time in the world to improve :D!! Go forward!! Never stop drawing!!!!!

And on a less serious note:

Have you ever tried these things? I’ve heard they’re great for drawing geometric figures 

owl city songs are so hopelessly intertwined with my memories that I can’t hear them without getting flashbacks

first heard this song on the school news broadcast in high school math class and my jaw dropped open. I had never heard anything like it. I frantically asked my classmates who it was and they laughed at me for not knowing.

my favorite memory of the song came some weeks later, when I shared it with my dad while we were washing dishes after christmas dinner. Sometimes the happiest memories are the simplest ones.

Hot Air Balloon
brought back memories of better times, all my childhood friends, and the adventures we’d had. I was a nostalgic 10th grader.

The Real World 
helped me get through the last tough weeks of high school, battling depression and loneliness as I faced losing the few friends I had and my Dad going back to Afghanistan. 

Alligator Sky 
was the song I sang while I packed my bags and drive off to college, dreaming of all the amazing adventures that lay ahead.

Vanilla Twilight 
made me cry that first week of college when I was missing home.

To The Sky 
blasted from car speakers while my new college friends and I drove around town late at night goofing off and talking until morning. 

is the song that will always take me back to driving to the lake during the summer, the kayak strapped to the roof and my dog in the passenger seat with her ears flapping in the wind. It’s one of my most perfect and vivid memories.

Plant Life 
is what I sang while I did a lonely waltz under the stars in Japan one halloween night after the pressure of a school party drove me away. 

I’m Coming After You (& the rest of Midsummer Station)
had me silently jamming out on my lonely 2 hour train ride to school for a month while I was once again homesick. That was the year I missed the Owl City concert in Sydney by less than 12 hours (I was stuck in Cairns). 

When Can I See You Again? 
was the song for a long distance relationship that was doomed to fail, but was wonderful while it lasted. 

Paper Tigers
is the only really painful memory, but still an important one. This song, more than anything else, helped me come to terms with my parents’ (almost)divorce that year. I still hear it echoing in my head when I think about feeling sorry for myself, and I remember how much worse things could have been.

Up All Night
came out right after I’d graduated and was living on a friend’s couch, trying to start a new job and survive on easy mac. I’d done the impossible–I’d graduated from a christian college and I was still single! My other friends all moved away. 

Shine Your Way (Adam Young remix)
was the start of some better times for my family and my job. 

Adam Young Scores (the monthly soundtracks)
are just really great to listen to at work, let’s be honest. They helped me get through another year of 8 to 5 desk work and keep dreaming. 

Back Home 
is on my new playlist for leaving that job and the city skyline behind and moving south to be closer to family again. Just for a little while. 

You see what I mean? I can’t believe how many of Adam’s songs have affected my life or been such a memorable part of it. I wish I could thank him. It’s amazing, thinking about how much he’s helped me without ever knowing how far-reaching and important his music has been to a person he’ll never meet.