i mean hellz yeah

N: N wouldn’t outright confess to you. Yeah, he likes you and all, but he would still respect the fact that you have a boyfriend. However, he might hint at it in subtle ways hoping you get the message, but if you don’t, he might stop altogether depending on how much he likes you. But the fact that he’s contemplating confessing to you means you literally have him wrapped around your finger. You go girl. “So, how are you and the boyfriend these days? Yeah, that’s nice or whatever, but I’m still single. I mean, there is this girl though…” Well. That wasn’t subtle.

Leo: Hellz yeah! Directly too! Leo only speaks with kids, animals, and when his heart, body, and mind are trying to steal another man’s woman. Joking. So, he would tell you, and you would react however you so chose, but he won’t expect you to return those feelings. The boy is bold, but not naïve. It was worth the shot. “I like you.” Bruh, Leo only says those three words when he means it. Pick up yo dropped jaw and dropped panties before you go running to break up with your boyfriend.

Ken: Ken wouldn’t confess to you. That would hurt him because he knows you wouldn’t return his feelings. And it would hurt him even more trying to see you deal with the fact that he likes you. He would much rather be a close friend of yours, then a rejected confession loser. So, Ken would most likely keep his feelings to himself…bottled up…for all eternity. *Queue eternity* “I look sad? Ha. Yeah. Because you won’t share the popcorn! *steals popcorn and his salty tear travels down his cheek into the buttery, salty popcorn*” Ken is always at the short end of the stick!

Ravi: He’s always conflicted this one. He won’t tell you…at first. He’d keep it to himself in hopes that the feelings he has for you will die down. So, he would continue to do normal friend stuff with you, but after a while you would know that something is up with him. Ravi would be unconsciously smiling too hard in your face and being overly friendly. At that point, he would just let it slip that he likes you. “*Cheesing so hard he could give Kong a run for his money* So, what do you want to do today? You should invite your boyfriend, so we can all be friends. He’s cool guy, but I like you more….wait what?” I’m so confused. 

HongBin: HongBin won’t confess to you. That was pretty obvious. However, it will be even more obvious that he likes you once he starts avoiding you like the plague. Why? Because he doesn’t want to accidentally slip up and let you know that he likes you; that would cause extreme awkwardness between you, him, and even your boyfriend. “*you call him because you haven’t seen him in two weeks* Oh, hey. No, I’ve been busy. Very, very busy….with what? Oh, trying to not let you know that I like you…that I didn’t like your hair. I mean-BYE DAMMIT!” That would be some shit if your boyfriend was just as handsome as HongBin.

Hyuk: Hyuk would either man up and tell you that he likes you, ignoring the fact that you are off the market, or man up just to keep his feelings for you to himself. It could honestly go either way. However, if he didn’t tell you, then he would most likely stop hanging out with you because his feelings would cause a problem and he wouldn’t want to act different around you. Hyuk will have to do some serious thinking. “*Enter Manhyuk from stage left* To bae or not to bae. That is the question.” Welp. There you go.

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