i mean he's wearing a tshirt underneath

Inojin's Outfit
  • Ino: Now that Inojin will be a genin soon, we should get him some new clothes!
  • Sai: Why can't he just wear one of our old hand-me-downs?
  • Ino: Sai this is a special occasion. Our son graduated from the Academy! We can't just give him our old clothes!
  • Sai: But it's cheaper.
  • Ino: *sighs* Fine. But we both know he won't wear mine. He says the purple will clash with his hair. I gave him that hair! Ugh.
  • Sai: He could always wear my old Root garb.
  • Ino: We are not dressing my child like a baby prostitute.
  • Sai:
  • Ino:
  • Sai:
  • Ino: Fine, but he's wearing a Tshirt underneath it.
Radio Tidbits 2014.12.26, Part 1

In the studio today are Tsumabuki Satoshi, Kame, and Katsuji Ryo from the movie Vancouver no Asahi. Tsumabuki is the host.

Tsuma: What did you guys think about our teamwork?
Kame: It was really enjoyable. I’m happy that it’s in theaters now and lots of people are watching it, but there will be fewer and fewer opportunities for all of us to gather together. Thinking of that makes me feel lonely
Tsuma: Well that’s only if Kamenashi-kun will limit promotions for Joker Game and join us
Kame: LOL
Tsuma: Even when you’re promoting Joker Game you should slip in, *cough* VancouverNoAsahi *cough* If you would do that…
Kame: Ok I understand
Tsuma: See, just now I gave Joker Game some publicity
Kame: Thank you
Tsuma: But I’m going to cut that part out
All: LOL
Kame: Please don’t cut it out

- - - - - -

Tsuma: Kame was always pitching balls ne? How many did you throw per day?
Kame: There were days I threw more than 100
Tsuma: We would never say this on TV, but this person (Kame) drank pain medicine
Kame: Yeah I did

- - - - - -

Fanmail: Because I’m in calligraphy club (used to writing on the floor), I can only concentrate on studying if I do it sitting on the floor
Tsuma: Sounds painful for the neck
Kame: But even though I wasn’t in calligraphy club or anything, I was also team study-on-the-floor as a kid. Or I guess you could say I didn’t have my own desk (at home). I would sit on the floor in seiza position [Translator’s note: that kneeling-sitting position]
Tsuma: Why’s that? Were you able to concentrate better this way?
Kame: I have no idea, now that I think back on it. And I wasn’t even that into studying
Tsuma: In that case you’d have to use a pad or something under your paper
Kame: Yeah I’d use a notebook or something to cushion it
Tsuma & Katsu: That is definitely bad for your body

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