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Based on a brainstorming/yelling session with @mixedbird​ the other night: SUMMER OF MUTUAL PINING CONTENT. Or: 5 hilariously transparent excuses to touch each other, +1 they didn’t try to excuse.


Yuuri Katsuki wakes up much the same as he wakes up every morning lately: on his feet, in motion, with firm hands on his shoulders and the vague knowledge that he’s been upright and moving for at least the past few minutes.

“Mmm,” he offers in token protest.

“Yes, yes,” laughs Victor, steering him around a corner.

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hey i saw u reblog the alex x reader au today and if you want to id love to see a sequel to that maybe w scott finding out or like a secret relationship or scott finding out about the secret relationship ;;)))) thanks in advance!!! ps i love ur writing and you you are a goddess among us

Alex Summers + best friend’s older brother au [refer to this drabble]

A/N: okay so like if i’m being realistic with myself the odds of me ever actually writing this out properly: slim to fucking none because this has been sitting in my inbox for months BUT I can provide you with the full out headcanons of how it all came to be in the first place. so. (hey @kurtwxgners@mvximoff@rax-writes@paperclipmac have some alex stuff) (sidenote: karley we should revisit this au sometime bc its a good one [eyes emoji])

nsfwish? almost? idk there’s like? heavy making out at the end? idk?

  • You’ve been best friends with Scott since forever because your parents were friends so it just kind of happened
  • As a result of this, you’ve also been around Alex since forever because you were always at the Summers house
  • You’ve also had a lowkey crush on Alex since you started to think boys maybe weren’t so gross after all
  • It stayed pretty lowkey, till the summer before junior year, but you didn’t make a thing about it because 1) you figured it would make shit weird and 2) you figured out that Alex was planning to go abroad for his senior year so why would you intentionally bring it up when he’s about to leave
  • Alex found an exchange to go on and did his senior year abroad and you went through junior year being Scott’s best friend like nothing had changed because nothing really had changed and not seeing Alex for the year made your crush kind of hibernate
  • Then during the summer after he finished high school and the one right before your senior year, he found a work placement and worked the entire summer, earning money, and you see him like once or twice but mostly he’s living with a new friend Sean a town over
  • You don’t really see him again till he’s home on his first break from college and damn he looks so much better than you remember him looking and your crush is definitely back in full fucking force
  • You don’t know it, but the first time he sees you when he’s back, he’s actually breathless, because you’re older, and more confident and so, so beautiful and he’s pretty sure he must’ve been fucking blind or something, because there’s no way you weren’t gorgeous before if you’re this goddamn stunning now
  • Do you spend a lot more time at Scott’s house now that Alex is back than you would otherwise? Maybe. You’re pretty sure Scott doesn’t notice anything unusual though, and if he does, he definitely doesn’t know why
  • You drove over to the Summer’s house one Friday night to go over some SAT stuff, and a torrential fucking rainstorm comes while you’re there
  • Your mum calls you and tells you that she really doesn’t want you driving in weather as bad as this, and she can come and pick you up, or you can stay there if it’s alright with the Summers’
  • Of course you’d rather stay there, because then you won’t need to come back to pick up the car later, so you tell her not to worry, you’ll stay over
  • Scott just nods when you tell him you’re staying over and just reminds you where the extra sheets and pillows are for the couch before tossing you an old shirt and a pair of sweatpants for you to sleep in
  • You give up on trying to go directly to sleep at about 1am so you go to the kitchen to get a glass of water or something and immediately regret your decision because Alex is in the kitchen in a thin, faded, fraying flannel shirt and sweat pants slung dangerously low on his hips, and his longish hair is yanked back in a messy bun and you feel like a fucking idiot because he looks like he’s just about to go to bed and just looking at him like this makes your knees weak
  • He sees you in one of his old shirts (it used to be his, then it got passed on to Scott, who never wore it, so he basically still thinks of it as his shirt) and some sweats and no makeup and you’re not at all put together or tidy, but he’s positive you’ve never looked better, because if he doesn’t think too hard you look like you just climbed out of his bed and the idea is more than a little dizzying
  • “oh, shit, hey Alex. I-thought the kitchen was-” “empty? I mean it is the middle of the night, that’d be the reasonable assumption.” “Yeah. Well.” “Well.”
  • Neither of you is really sure how you managed to get through the interaction unscathed, but by the end of it, you’re both sitting on the couch watching shitty national geographic re runs and laughing at Alex’s shittier jokes, and each time one of you gets up or leans forwards, or really shifts at all, you both gravitate almost unconsciously towards the other
  • You’re not quite sure just how it happened, but you’re tucked neatly under his arm, leaning into his side, and you’re tipping your head back, laughing at another one of his ridiculous puns, and suddenly he’s kissing you, almost hesitantly, and his lips are soft and warm and you want more, but just as quickly as the kiss began, it’s over
  • “Shit, I’m so sorry-that was-I shouldn’t’ve-” he stammers, and you’ve never seen him look so startled or unsure in your life, but you don’t want him to apologise, you want him to kiss you again, so you reach out to grab the front of his shirt and yank his lips back to yours
  • Alex doesn’t need any more encouragement than that, the arm round your shoulders tightening to pull you in closer to him, his mouth pressing against yours with more force than previously
  • One of your arms comes up to wrap around his neck as you shift closer still, and he pulls away again, breathing hard
  • “Are you sure you-I mean you’re Scott’s best friend-we probably shouldn’t-” he tries again, but you’ve never heard anyone sound less convincing in your life, so you just tilt your head to kiss along the sharp line of his jaw and the tempting column of his throat, feeling immensely satisfied when you feel the hitch in his breath as your lips brush softly over his pulse
  • “I’ll stop if you want me to,” You murmur, punctuating each word with a press of your mouth and he lets out a low, strained chuckle
  • “That’s not fighting fair and you know it, beautiful,” he breathes, and the term of endearment makes your head spin, even as you wind your arms around his neck
  • “Good,” you whisper back before pulling him in to kiss him again, one of your hands sliding into his hair, pushing the hair tie out and tangling in it as it falls out of the bun he had yanked it back into
  • You’re in his lap now, his arms tightly around you, hands gripping your hips, keeping you so close you can feel his heart thudding in his chest, and the kiss is hot and insistent and it makes you a little giddy because yeah, you’ve kissed people before but it’s never felt like this and as his tongue slides against yours, you let out an involuntary gasp, your hand reflexively tugging back on his hair and Alex actually moans into your mouth
  • “Fuck, babygirl, give a guy some warning,” he groans, low and shuddering and muffled by your skin, and you can feel him starting to get a hard on, and knowing he wants you is gratifying and scary and thrilling, and as he bites down lightly on you lower lip, you tentatively reach a hand down to palm him through his sweats
  • The moan he lets out is electrifying, needy and wanting and this is starting to lead into uncharted territory for you but you’ve never wanted anyone more than you want him
  • But then he pulls away from you a little and you freeze up in panic and hurt and confusion, because you’re pretty sure you weren’t misreading the signals, but you don’t say anything you just look away, rubbing uncomfortably at your temples and doing your best not to tear up, because you already feel stupid and you really don’t want to make more of a fool of yourself than you already have
  • Suddenly, one of Alex’s hands is reaching out, cupping your cheek and gently forcing you to look at him. He leans in and kisses you softly, his thumb brushing soothingly across your cheekbone as he draws back, a small, reassuring smile on his lips
  • “I’m sorry, beautiful, I didn’t mean-” he starts, voice gentle. “It’s not that I don’t want to. I do, god I really do. But I-I like you. Have for a while. I want to do this right. I don’t want to screw up,” he explains, and he sounds almost nervous, like he’s not sure whether this is something you want and he looks so uncertain, so uncharacteristically vulnerable that you kiss him again, moving in to tuck yourself against his side once more, and you can feel the tension go out of his body as he kisses you back gently, his arm going around you again.
Benedict Cumberbatch interview from “The Life” - November 2017

                     B E N E D I C T   C U M B E R B A T C H  

A perfect gentlemen of 41 years old. It’s the sophisticated actor of “Current War”, the film about the life of Thomas Edison, inventor of electric light. “I love this visionary character who has changed the world, but is full of contradictions like myself”. “I dream with my wife and my two children”. “My year in a Tibetan monastery, to have a clear mind”. “Who knows how to love? King Kong”.

                                By Giovanna Grassi – Translation by Lucrezia

He is British to the core, Benedict Cumberbatch. Gelid with freezing ice eyes or charming and simple gentleman born in London 41 years ago. Through his big blue eyes you can perceive a restless soul, devoted to adventure, looking for what the future holds us. in short, a visionary. We meet him in Toronto where he presented his next movie, “The Current War”, in which he plays the character of a great forerunner, Thomas Edison inventor of electric light.

“Yes” - he tells to The Life – “a true genius, Ediosn, capable of imagining and making things, that transform humanity and make it better, into reality. Edison illuminated the world, our own dark moments and even the joyful ones and hope. He is a character I loved. Even for his uncertainties, for ethical and moral issues, for the difficult comparison with George Westinghouse, the inventor of pneumatic brakes and his antagonist as a pioneer of electricity.”  He explains “There are lights and shadows in Edison’s personality and acting with the great Michel Shannon (in G. Whestinghouse’s clothes and brains) has been a great experience. Because even the rivalry between individuals endowed with ingenuity and passion for their world visions can forge a character and enhance creativity through victories and defeats.” “In thecharacters I choose, I always search their worldview, the sense of entrepreneurship aimed at improving society and, above all, their spiritual ability to combine imagination and visionary with society. The world today lives in a dangerous confusion, but there are characters from the past that help us to find a positive view of the world.”

Cumberbatch, here at the International Festival of Toronto, in the past has released “The Fifth State” as Julian Assange and then “The Imitation Game” where he was the mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing and, still, in “12 Years a Slave” he had characterized with extreme properties the landowner William Ford capable of empathy and understanding towards slaves. Literate and charming, Cumberbatch, who has won many awards for his Sherlock Holmes and others for the Marvel Comics character, Dr. Strange (Benedict defines him as "The Lord of Mystic Arts”), always offers stimuli and surprises in interviews. Because he is a visionary, perfectionist in the details of his acting career, but also a dreamer and a researcher. Just remember that he spent, after completing his studies at the University of Manchester, a sabbatical year in a Tibetan monastery. He tells “I taught English and in the main time I studied myself and the adaptation to the world, prefiggling myself to never miss a precise integrity in the profession of acting that I wanted to do and in what it would be my future. Yes, studying every role that I accept, gives me a vital lymph, it widens my mind. When I was preparing to become William Ford in “12 Years Slave,” I discovered that he was one of the first to get a land concession in Louisiana and that he was also a preacher, believing that his slaves would be “the sons of God” even if, then, he had to deal with the system, with racism denying equality, with his own weaknesses. On the other hand, it is precisely the duality of our nature suspended between good and evil, which often teaches us the humility and the substance, with all its fractures and contradictions, of humanity.

About Edison, “are geniuses like him, brave, with many enemies, the true visionaries.” The actor prefers the Italian-cut suits.

Soon we will see him in “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Thor: Ragnarok”, but Benedict is also very active in theater (the Anglo-Saxons critic has defined his interpretation of the Shakespearean Hamlet as “one of the best and most ardent of the last twenty years”), he’s ending the “Patrick Melrose” series as the protagonist and also as co-producer for TV, from the novels by Edward St Aubyn, popular in Britain and the United States. Cumberbatch is considered an extraordinary actor. He brought his Hamlet at the National Theater in London to celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. And there’s even a film that has been released around the world.

Benedict explains “That film is part of my vision of a fertire pas de deux between theater and cinema. The idea I had with Hamlet proposes to resume theatrical performances in the original language with subtitles. Bringing the theater, thanks to cinema, to a global audience for me means translating and shifting the transience of a representation in continuity. But beyond these cultural and professional commitments, I also have a playful vision of life, work, and my happy private with my wife, Sophie Hunter, who is very active as a director in avant-garde theater.” “We got married on the island of Wight and we have two wonderful children, Christopher and Hal. The latter has not yet a year, but I see the future of my children full of promises. Because I’m an optimist despite what happens in a world that I can only define with the adjective “messy”. A world that has seen me, like so many other Englishmen, defeated in the battle to keep Great Britain in the EU.” Thoughtful, he tells “I wonder what will happen to so many people who have believed the potential force of the union of Europe. I also believe in it as an actor and producer and I would like to recall that without European collaboration, films such as “The Imitation Game”, “Slumdog Millionaire” and many other films would not have been realized. What can we do against the disorder of today’s world? I can not answer, but I can say that, individually, we must choose to do our part with honesty and dedication.”

Go ahead in the confusion is not always easy. Did you also think of that playing Edison set in 1879, but shot today when it seems impossible to imagine our life reality without electric light?

Of course I have thought of the many contradictions of society and humans. Also because “The Current War” is based on the rivalry between two genious inventors and researchers and tells about the wounded pride. Because there is suspance in the true story, because only one of the two protagonists was destined to win. In the script there are revenges, verbal aggressions, and fighting for money as well. The world goes on, but the essence of human nature and that one of the global or partial society remain partly mysterious. I still consider myself as a European actor attracted by the study of physics and magic. Perhaps this means being visionary in an era that has put consumerism at the base of our passage in the world. I mean that you have to be versatile in the contemporary world and never rigid or unbridled consumers. – He laughs - That’s why I want to play serious movies, biographies focused to the present or past reality, but then I enjoy wearing my Strange cloak and a Zoolander, an androgynous model called All. Or give voice to the Negromancer in “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”.

Don’t you ever consider a certain falsehood in the actor’s work?

Never and especially are when I try to give life to the thoughts and inquiries to my Sherlock Holmes with the opposing and complicit character of Professor Moriarty. We need, I repeat, defeats and enemies to move on. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle taught it in his books.

You have played mostly positive characters, but also some bad and dangerous criminals.

I have no doubt. It’s King Kong, who knows how to fall in love and break chains. Without feelings you don’t live, you don’t dream, you are lost and our journey must always have movements. I am a privileged because being actors also means moving around always in different minds and places and situations.

You’ve starred with Meryl Streep in “The Secrets of Orange County”, you brought John Le Carrè’s novel “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” on screen with your friend Gary Oldman, you were directed by Steven Spielberg in “War Horse” … Is there a movie that you remember in a particular way?

I love movies taken from books that have given me something and I want to remember “Atonement” from Ian McEwan’s book, an author I always read and who I prefer. I wasn’t the major character, they were actors and actresses who I admire, such as James McAvoy, Saoirse Ronan, Keira Knightley and the great Vanessa Regrave. I still feel this film set in 1935 because it was seen, like the novel, by Briony’s eyes, a thirteen-year-old girl during her pre-adolescence. Briony had a fervent imagination, I think it is a great quality of youth that we must never lose, and the film conjugated life and death, peace and war, fear and hope. This is the film that I choose, among many of the most successful and popular one, and, at the right time and age, I will show to my children.

Today you are considered unanimously one of the best and most charismatic theater and film performer. You were also named “Commander of the Order of the British Empire” by Queen Elizabeth 2 of UK for “your work and your philanthropic commitments”. Do you happen to wonder what you would have done if you dind’t do the actor?

I have always been a fan of the Arsenal team. There is harmony, rhythm, healthy competition, agility of mind and body in a football game and I am entertained, as if I were still and always a kid, thinking that I would have liked to become a football player. There is harmony, rhythm, healthy competition, agility of mind and body in a football game and I am entertained, as if I were still and always a kid, thinking that I would have liked to become a football player.

What’s left of the year passed in the Tibetan monastery?

The ability to regenerate body and mind with every possible nuance of consciousness, as a single individual and as part of the community. Later I became so many different characters on the screen and I also brought something to them of that year passed travelling in the mind. The world needs the streght of visionaries and to go beyond moments. Even Edison did it and for this I loved “The Current War”. Edison has been able to project his projects in the future, perhaps it has been the clairvoyant Steve Jobs of his historical period.

It rarely happens that an actor thanks any journalist for his work during an interview. Cumberbatch, icy eyes and a few white threads in his hair, does it before moving on to another of his film as a real, and we use the word that he often said in the interview, “Story Maker”.

                                            To see scans click here: The Life – November 2017

coffee (part two) - t.h.

part two of the series @tomsh0lland and I are working on!!

1.2ish k words // part one!! // emily’s materlist // my masterlist

a series au in which tom returns to his life as a university student after taking a year out to film spider-man.

When you get to the pub, Tom opens the door for you like the perfect gentlemen and bows as if you’re royalty when you step inside, which makes you giggle and blush. It’s a little crowded and you notice Tom’s eyes flash slightly with the amount of people in here, but the attention is nothing that he isn’t used to, so he points over to the corner.

“There’s a table free there, what d’ya want?”

He leans against the edge of the table as you slide into your seat.

“I’ll have a cider please,” you smile and he raises a questioning eyebrow with a smirk. Of all the drinks that he expected you to ask for, a cider was definitely not in the top five. 

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A/N: Whoa, you guys must’ve love Vernon, huh??? Thank you so much for your likes and support! ^^ Couldn’t help but agree he’s pretty boyfriend material (Cheol should watch out). Here’s another installment of the boyfriend series starring Jun! I hope you guys will give him as much love as you did Vernon bc Jun is a national treasure. Enjoy!

  • I like to think of him as a guy who finds the chase really thrilling?
  • loves the idea of having to conquer someone’s heart
  • but would definitely treasure you once you said “yes”
  • awkward first date but would be be shameless on the second one
  • starts showing his dorky side by the third date
  • him shyly playing the piano in front of you
  • “stop looking at me like that!”
  • would get excited if you ask him to teach you how to play
  • would definitely try harder when you’re around
  • sends you random selcas 
  • 1638292010 of them
  • “which one do you think is better?”
  • “jun, they’re all the same.”
  • “no, they’re not!”
  • loves messing with you in public but v v soft for u in private
  • midnight calls when he’s away
  • soft-spoken “I miss you..” and yearning smiles
  • you guys are the “no, you hang up first” couple
  • also, he’ll come up with the most ridiculous nicknames istg
  • “hey, my hunniebunnie.”
  • “my sweet, sweet snuggle nugget.”
  • you: “are u ok mate?”
  • Minghao tries to avoid you guys at all cost when he starts acting up in front of him
  • the type to hit you up at the worst moments just to tell you to like his post on Instagram lmao 
  • spams you just for the heck of it
  • “I’m going to block you.”
  • “I know your password.”
  • steals your food just to annoy you
  • “I swear, Wen Junhui, if you dare to even glance at my fries one more time, I will not hesitate to stab you with this fork.”
  • treats you like a princess
  • he’s totally the type to spoil you
  • like, he’ll randomly buy you the necklace you’ve been eyeing or one day you’ll find a new box of shoes with a post it note saying “I thought you’d like these ;)”
  • bc he’s not the type to just treat you on anniversaries or special days like Valentine’s
  • bc he thinks that’s how you should be treated everyday aww
  • and he may be a greaseball, but if you take the initiative to make the first move on him he’d be done for
  • “why are you looking at me like that?”
  • “why? you don’t like it, hui?”
  • ffffff he’s done for if you start acting up
  • loses his cool façade and is super dorky when you’re around
  • secretly loves it when you’re being a little clingy and get jealous and act mad at him
  • “wen junhui! I’m angry! why are you laughing!!”
  • “it’s just..you’re cute.”
  • uGH.”
  • gets super shy if you compliment him but at the same time has no shame?
  • “you look really hot today.”
  • “m-me? hah ofc I’m wen junhui, what do you expect.”
  • shameless, I tell you
  • his phone home screen would be a picture of you, even if his lockscreen isn’t 
  • bc he doesn’t want the others to see that pretty picture of you 
  • although he gets jealous, jun is never one to get possessive of you
  • if someone comes up to him and tell him how pretty you looked, he’d be just “yeah, of course they are.”
  • bc he knows his s/o is someone incredibly talented and attractive and it’s only natural for people to flock around you
  • so he takes great pride that he’s able to call himself your boyfriend
  • knows you only look at him and you, too, know he only looks at you and there’s a strong mutual trust established
  • whines if you don’t laugh at his pun lol
  • prolly has a second acc on Instagram bc he got receipts to pull out all the time
  • putting up ur ugly pics with captions like “what an ugly thing. but they’re my ugly thing.”
  • likes to stare at you while doing things
  • like you’d be reading and he’ll suddenly start giggling yes wen junhui giggles, like have u seen him
  • “is there something on my face?”
  • “no, you just make me really happy.”
  • and then you’ll start giggling too bc oH MY GOD WHY IS YOUR BOYFRIEND SO CHEESY
  • you two are a mess smh
  • also imagine going on a trip with jun to china so he could introduce you to him family
  • his younger brother wants to marry you
  • “you’re so pretty. would you marry me?”
  • I mean, you can’t get mad at him, Jun, he learned from the best
  • him pulling out his wushu moves to look cool in front of you
  • puts things out of your reach just to tease you
  • “if you want it, you have to kiss me first.”
  • honestly, he’ll go great lengths to get some smooch from you
  • acts like he’s dying if he doesn’t get it
  • “I feel weak.. I need.. I need your love~”
  • “Nice try, ass****, you’re still washing the dishes tonight.”
  • getting along with minghao fairly easily bc it’s always a roast fest with him 25/8
  • but also secretly learning how to speak chinese from Minghao so you can surprise Jun if you don’t speak the language
  • him almost crying when you talked to him in chinese once you get the hang of it
  • proceeds to pick you up in Chinese lol
  • “okay, I don’t know what you just said but sure.”
  • I like to think Jun is the kind of man who thinks a lot about his future with you??? just bc
  • plans his whole life ahead with you by his side but never really telling you bc he’s shy
  • but also bc he’s scared that he’ll lose you
  • dating Jun isn’t just dating a greaseball ok
  • Jun is so much more than the persona he made himself to be on camera
  • because under all the winks and suaveness is a caring guy who I think is brimming with love and care he’s dying to share with someone and honestly if you caught yourself a Wen Junhui, Prince Of China, you better never let go

midniter  asked:

Hi you're one of my fav blogs (I wish I could talk to you in Spanish but I'm from Brazil and unfortunately we only learn English at school). Anyway, I'm here bc I need help with a playlist and you're the first person I could think of. I want some Latino songs about LatAm, but idk much of other countries' music, so I thought maybe you/your followers could help? I want songs that talk about being Latine, how usa imperialism sucks, etc. I can send u what I already have so u can see what I mean! Thx

Don’t worry! I have brazilian friends and we mix english, spanish and portuguese lkjfg. Yeah, send me what you got! i can give you some songs right now, putting some parts that i love:

  • Latinoamerica by Calle 13 (Puerto Rico, Colombia, Perú, Brasil): i feel like you already have this in your list, because is our anthem at this point. It’s a song about latinoamérica and what they did here (the video has subtitles) / I work hard but with pride. Here we share, what’s mine is yours. This nation doesn’t drown with the waves. And if it collapses I rebuild it. I don’t even blink when I look at you, so you’ll remember my last name. Operation Condor invading my nest, I forgive but never forget!”
  • Memoria by León Gieco (Argentina): a song in memory of the dictatorships of Operación Condór (they had the help of US) + in memory of the terrorist attacks here (in the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association building) (the video has subtitles) / Two thousand would eat for a year
    with what a military minute costs. How many would stop being slaves
    for the price of a bomb thrown to the sea? /  Memory aims until it kills
    the people who try to silence it and don’t let it fly free like the wind.

  • Frijolero by Motolov (México) / video with english subtitles: a big fuck you to US from México in 2009, even before Trump. I love this song / “Now why don’t you look down to where your feet is planted. That U.S soil that makes you take shit for granted. If not for Santa Ana, just to let you know that where your feet are planted would be México”
  • El mojado by Ricardo Arjona / lyrics in english (Guatemala): song for inmigrants. “He said goodbye with a grimace disguised as a smile and he asked God -crucified on a shelf- to protect his people, and he crossed the border as he could /  Wet.back, wet of so much crying, knowing that in some place a kiss awaits him on hold since the day he left”
  • Multi_viral by Calle 13 (Puerto Rico): song of protest / The one who controls, the one who dictates, wants to get you sick to sell you drugs. / A piece of news not well told is an assault with a weapon / Our ideas are free and they are awake because we think with the doors wide open. What is not seen, we are seeing. We are born without knowing how to talk, ut we will die talking out loud.
  • Canción con todos by Mercedes Sosa / lyrics in english (Argentina): a song for latinoamericanes / All the voices, all. All the hands, all. All the blood can be song in the wind. Sing with me, sing…american brother, set free your hope with a cry in your voice. 
  • Rubén Rada (Uruguay): this list is looking to sad/dark, so let’s bring some latinidad with this amazing afrolatine artist. here: cha cha, muchacha / muriendo de plena / candombe para Gardel 
  • Gringo maligno by Todos Tus Muertos (Argentina):  Regan, Clinton Bush, Regan, everyone is the same / evil gringo, sent by Satan ccupying and blocking, imposing your plan.
  • La patria madrina by Lila Downs and Juanes (México and Colombia): protest song agaisnt capitalism, agaisnt the violent kidnapping and killing of 43 students of Ayotzinapa, agaisnt the destruction of the earth / Everybody wants a share of the oil, you see? and to burn Mother Earth with urgency to make more cars, to make more money, as if you could buy happiness. 
  • Por si acaso no regreso by Celia Cruz (Cuba): a song dedicated to Cuba, her homeland /  Home, do not suffer. Heart, do not break. Because badness can’t last 100 years nor could any body and I never wanted to abandon you. I’ve taken you with every step and my heart will remain for eternity as a flower on your lap just in case……just in case I don’t return / In the case I don’t return, if I don’t return, remember: I loved her with my life. In the case I don’t return, I will die from pain…I’m already dying.
  • Los americanos by Piero (Argentina) / lyrics in english: with an ironic/sarcastic tone, he makes fun of gringxs. Every part of this song is gold. / They are born elderly and gradually become kids, throughout the lifetime of “los americanos”. And they are born convinced that there is nobody in the world more important than “los americanos” /  Napoleon for them was an Italian gentleman who organized everything without “los americanos”. And they are more than sure that he wouldn’t have lost Waterloo with the help of “los americanos”.  If they know anything about history, it’s not from reading it but from seeing it in the “cine americano” /  If there’s something to be admired, wherever they go, it’s the grand elegance of “los americanos”. wearing native dress, they mix in with the people, and nobody realizes that they are “americanos”.
  • “Murciélago” by  Porter: about the colonization of natives /  The elders saw them. They do not come in peace, we hear screams. There have three ships, they bring Cristo. 
  • La Gozadera by Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony (Cuba and Puerto Rico): a really cool song about latinidad. /  If you are Latino, take out your flag!
  • Guerra by Calle 13: anti-war song. they talk about US, wars and refugees. just. please watch this video. it has english subtitles./  I am your defeat, your two broken legs. The nail in your foot which pierced through the boot. I am the strategy in any battle. Today you either win or lose, I am the sorrows of your joys. The war by night and the war by day.
  • Pégate by Ricky Martin: let’s end this in a happy song, 100% latine with my father Ricky /  I come with good stuff for my people, I bring love, I bring this remedy which cheers up the hearts of the entire world. For the pain, for the heartaches. There’s nothing better than the rhythm of my drums / And let rivers of goodness flow to all the people of the world. Because we can’t forget that pure love liberates and lies are poison. As my mother used to say: dancing you can solve anything.

I’m tagging some of the latines that i know, if they want to add any song, please do it! @dasakuryo @the-mighty-microwave @targannington @alteanwitch @koganer @voltronless @bitcherovas @ceibos @duskianfae @im-not-a-real-hero @trashsenal @dixonette1013 @latinxlance @cherry-cokes @lancesazul @freckledai @pamelas​ @elbiotipo guys u are like a bunch of people lkfjg i’m sorry if i forgot anyone!!! a lot of people and a bad memory, not a good mix. 

alright, alright…I guess I’ll share my completely unsolicitied voltron/a:tla headcanons ((please feel free to add on to this if you want I would love it so much))

it’s long and detailed so I’ll spare your dash (I say to my four followers) and put it under the cut

BUT!!!! if you skip to the end there’s ember island stuff and I know u wanna see that so

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anonymous asked:

How about a fluffy post-FBaWtFT fix-it with Theseus taking Percival on a long vacation around the world after his rescue? ^^ especially if Newt tags along to find more fantastic beasts!

It happens the night Percival runs.

We’re in New York, it’s still Winter - a couple of weeks after the Auror Team and Tina Goldstein - shaking hands, bleached lips, heart slowly imploding in her chest as she barks orders - managed to find Director Percival Graves. Alive, said the Healer they brought with them, even if his strong-jawed, weathered face had gone paler and paler as he approached the poor thing of broken skin and bloodied clothes on the prison’s floor, alive. Then Theseus Scamander ran forward, dropping on his knees and sobbing broken apologies to the poor thing, alarm charms were shot in the dark, and Auror Goldstein retaired herself to a bent in the maze of undergroud corridors and threw her guts up.

For seven days, Percival hovers between life and death, IVs desperately pumping blood in his exhausted system, magic knitting back together bones and tissues - friends and colleagues and family coming to say stay please or I’m sorry or at least goodbye. Theseus does all three, repeatedly. Newt drops by too, bones aching for open air and cramped foul-smelling ship cabins and lands and creatures still uncharted but unable to leave Tina’s pain - his brother’s pain. He’s not sure what he’s exactly supposed to do, but that’s hardly a problem - Newt has a longlife experience in being awkwardly useless. So he keeps coming around, and peering in the private room to check on Theseus’ sunken, unshaven face and the sleeping man he’s never really met, and bringing food and water, and somehow he finds himself listening to Thes’ stories of his time in the Army and his time with Percival. They’re good stories, and when he’s telling them, his brother’s eyes do not look quite as haunted as usual. For Newt, it’s more than enough.

Percival waking up results in a rather anticlimatic event, actually. Rather mundane. He simply opens his eyes, in the wee hours of morning when Theseus drags himself to the MACUSA restrooms to wash his face, stretches a shaking arm to ring the bell beside his table, and quietly answers the Healer’s questions. Yes, he knows his name. Yes, he knows where he is. No, he does not remember how he got here. No, he doesn’t want her to call anyone. Yes - he’s thirsty.

“There’s something else I can do for you, Director?” the Healer asks, putting down the glass of water she’s just pressed to Graves’ lips and that his shaking fingers haven’t even tried to hold. “Some soup? Ice chips?”

Percival draws a breath - it’s painful. Everything is painful, everything is shattering, his skin his bones his teeth, and his heart, his heart is pounding hard enough to burst through his chest, as if it’s trying to get free from this failing body, as if Grindelwald was still hovering over him grinning and laughing and-

“I wanna go home,” Percival says. “I wanna go home, now.”

The Healer squirms uneasily on her spot. “Mister Graves, you’re not yet recovered enough-”

They won’t let him - oh no, no, that’s not good not good not good. He’s suddenly breathing through concrete. His heart redoubles its efforts to crack his ribs. The room’s walls seem to breath around him, in and out, closing in, inch by inch. “I can fucking see it by myself, thanks,” he rasps out, “but I want to go home. And real clothes. And shoes.” A shuddering breath. “And my wand.”

“Mister Graves…”

“I’m alive, am I not?” Percival swings his feet off the side of the bed, trying to push himself up. It’s a blinding, burning mistake, his right leg screaming and his left elbow exploding in a tiny supernova of needles and bright spots flickering before his eyes. “Then there’ no need to fret like that - if I was to kick the bucket, I’d do it before.” He shudders, the last time he tried to get up - the last time he broke his arm as punishment - flashing in his mind, and forces himself to think that word, repeat it over and over again - I’m alive I’m alive I’m alive.

Am I not?

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Ride ‘Em Cowboy

Merlin x Reader

Words: 1,498

Warnings: None ! Just Merlin being a drunk idiot !

Tags: @spookyscaryscully

A/N: Hi everyone! This was just a random thing that popped into my head after seeing this videoAlso, this is an AU where nobody died because nope I’m still not over it.

As always, all feedback is loved and appreciated (and I will huggle you forever)! Please feel free to drop me random messages or asks - they’re super welcome and I’d love to chat with all of you!

Without further ado, enjoy! \ ( ^ U ^ ) /

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The moment you heard the words “mechanical bull” pass Agent Tequila’s lips, you knew the night would end in disaster.

It was supposed to be a simple socialization between the Kingsmen and Statesmen - a night out to strengthen the bond between the two agencies, and for everyone to get to know each other better. A bar had been the most obvious choice for a venue, and Statesman had quickly reserved one of its largest establishments for the gathering.

The night had started out smoothly enough, with you, Roxy and Ginger Ale nursing your respective drinks and watching the men in amusement. Apparently, Agent Whiskey had thought it was a good idea to challenge your boyfriend, Merlin, to a drink-off, declaring that, “There’s no way you Scots can hold your drink better than us Southe'ners!”

The moment you heard that the pride of Scotland itself was on the line, you knew the Statesman was going down. The quartermaster didn’t even blink as he knocked back one shot after the other - his glass promptly refilled by Harry as Eggsy cheered him on. Unsurprisingly, the contest ended with Jack piss-drunk on the floor, and the Scotsman winning one for his motherland.

It appeared, however, that Agent Tequila, wasn’t one to be outdone. After picking his friend up from the floor, he promptly led you all to the corner of the bar, and you could swear that your jaw all but dropped.

Standing there, in the center of a large, padded, ring, was a mechanical bull. What it was even doing here was beyond you.

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Check out those new JFK leaks hmmmm MLK was a commie.



Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. was a communist puppet, which is deeply disturbing when you couple it with other threads.

I’m not talking about obvious stuff- I’ll let you discern for yourself the meaning of the fact that MLK’s handler, Stanley Levison, was Jewish.

Or the fact that MLK was a sex deviant, as Julian Assange tweeted about earlier today:

No, when I say “other threads” I mean stuff like this, where blacks were being trained openly by Soviet agents in Cuba to cause unrest and subversion in American society.

Also check out this guy detailing how the Rothschilds and hard left have completely infiltrated and taken over the Black Lives Matter movement:

But how does the above video connect to today from the 1960s? How does BLM directly connect back to the Civil Rights Movement? Let me explain.

The hard leftist internationalists used the Civil Rights movement- arguably they started the Civil Rights Movement- as a ploy to take down traditional white American society, training operatives to subvert American culture.

King’s handlers were prepared to use Soviet-trained negro provocateurs to cause terror if the “peaceful” civil rights movement failed, and used King to reach out to them to form an alliance

Add onto this other documented evidence of the Soviets trying to use negroes to tear apart the United States through internal strife, and bankrolling their journals and movements.

Then relate this back to the fact that the American Communist Party deliberately infiltrated the Democratic Party and transformed it into the colossus of hard Leninist leftism we see today.

Also consider what Q anon had to say about the Democrats and their voting base- note that even if Q anon is a LARPer, this isn’t to be discounted, as the assessment of the Democrat voting base requiring blacks to be on their side for them to win anything is still accurate.

Finally, add in the fact that communism never actually died, and the Soviet Union essentially faked its own death in 1991, and they just switched their method of operations- I’ll get into that in just a moment.

Golitsyn accurately predicted that the Soviets would essentially fake the death of communism- and we can trust him, because of the 148 falsifiable predictions Golitsyn put forth in his 1984 work, by 1993, 139, or 94% of them were proven correct.

What he got wrong was this: he thought that the “death” of the Soviet Union meant that within a few years Russia would quietly rebuild her military and then surge back and invade the West militarily, with guns and aircraft and tanks. But that didn’t happen. Their real goal was much more sinister.

To many, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 meant the end of communism and the collapse of the USSR as an international global terror. However, in reality, as Loudon contends, the fall of the wall only brought about the perception of the fall of communism as a threat to the West. “The collapse of the Soviet Union has actually advanced the communist cause around the world,” Loudon states in the film, to which New York City radio personality and Marxist-Leninist expert “Jimmy from Brooklyn,” whom Loudon interviews in the film, replies, “Collapse is part of their attack.”

Overnight, once-hardcore Marxist-Len­inists became “progressives” and “democratic socialists,” essentially communists with a softer face but still secretly aspiring toward their same old ambitious and deadly goals.

The idea of an outright militant workers’ revolution was replaced with gradual infiltration and internal subversion as the primary strategy to advance Marxism-Leninism. Communists began to use the very Western democratic institutions that they previously sought to destroy as their main instrument to carry out and implement their desired changes. This new enemy would come not from Moscow but from within, penetrating the highest levels of the U.S. government, both in the White House and the Congress.

(My only contention with Loudon’s assessment is that he asserts this infiltration of two-faced progressives/communists began only after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I believe it began earlier, with the “cultural revolution” of the 1960s and perhaps even as early as the Progressive Era in the early 1900s. Of course, both of those could have been prototypes for the “real deal” later on.)

Without any major communist nations left, the threat posed by communism would seem to be neutralized, and Westerners would essentially tune out of any mention of it still being a threat. It disarms us intellectually. The communists, of course, would continue funding the subversive movements they had begun, empowering blacks and other minorities to overtake the traditional cultures, just not from the seat of power in Moscow anymore. 

They already had control of the American intelligence agencies, banks, education, and media to make it happen. All they needed was to overtake our political parties, and with two generations of American students already having been subjected constantly to their propaganda, it was trivial to get these crypto-communists elected.

You have to add Bezmenov into this for Golitsyn to really make sense. Yuri Bezmenov and the operations he detailed are the final pieces of the puzzle. For those who don’t know, Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB defector who tried to warn the West about KGB operations to subvert western societies culturally, to prepare us for the eventual communist takeover (he also asserts that this began in the 1960s, not after the fall of the USSR)


Thus we come back around to today. Communists have taken over the Democratic Party and, thanks to the commies’ efforts during the Civil Rights movement and their educational disinformation about the Dems having supported the Civil Rights movement all along, now have an impregnable voter base. Of course, western civilization still stands, and so the leftist Dems must now manufacture new crises to finish what they started. Hence, BLM and all the fake outrage surrounding the shootings of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray and Trayvon Martin and a host of other criminals, all designed to gain more and more concessions and to weaken what is left of white America even further.

Conclusion: The far left used the Civil Rights movement as one prong of their subversion process to take down white America. The fall of the Soviet Union was one of their tactics. They didn’t halt their efforts to destroy our nations even the slightest bit, but rather filtered out of the former USSR into western societies directly to continue their subversion unopposed. The successful communist infiltration of the Democratic Party secured them a huge, permanent black voting base. Blacks are still just pawns in their game against western civilization, this time via BLM, and they have been since the 1960s.

Tinfoil? Absolutely. But the available evidence suggests that the theory I propose or something similar to it is in fact what happened.

tl;dr Blacks are pawns of the Dems, who are actually crypto-communists. McCarthy was right all along.

A rough discourse on Northern Ireland Politics, the DUP, and the effect on the 2017 GE.

Okay, so I’m a citizen of Northern Ireland and have been for my entire life. I’m gonna start off by saying that I fall more on the nationalist side (typically associated with Catholics, but not always, and fans of the Republic of Ireland) and that the DUP are Unionist (fans of the union NI has with Britain) with a capital U. It could be argued (and I would argue this) that the DUP can be considered to be loyalist, which is an extreme version of Unionism, often associated with terrorist groups such as the UVF and UDA. It also can’t be ignored that there is a type of extreme Nationalism called Republicanism, and terrorist groups like the IRA are connected to this (and in particular, the political party Sinn Féin). Northern Irish politics is not divided into right/left wing, but instead nationalist/unionist.

So moving on, the DUP have had the largest vote in Northern Ireland for quite a long time, but the way the system works means that we have a forced coaltion, so the two biggest parties from opposite sides of the community sit in government together (that’s the DUP and Sinn Féin.) We had an early election called earlier in the year, and the DUP actually lost quite a few votes but are still the biggest party. However, our government isn’t currently functioning because the parties refuse to cooperate (although all the Members of the Legislative Assembly or MLAs are still getting paid on tax-payer money which sucks).

As well as having our own assembly, the parties in NI also put forward candidates for the General Election, as most major British parties don’t run here. This means that we as a nation have less influence over the UK political system as we only have 18 (or 19, I can’t remember) seats. However, we’re used to it so we just deal with it. This election, the DUP won 10 seats while Sinn Féin won the rest, meaning that the other 3 major parties in NI didn’t get any. The SDLP (moderate nationalist), UUP (moderate unionist) and Alliance (middle-ground), are 3 parties which are actually not extremist and are pretty cool. So, because Sinn Féin don’t take their Parliament seats due to the whole anti-British thing, the only party we have representing us is the DUP. And a lot of people aren’t happy about that (I don’t really want an extreme party representing me, ya feel?)

Okay, so now we’ve gotten to this morning, the results are in, the parliament is hung, and the liberal, more Labour-oriented voters are a mixture of happy and sad. So we didn’t win, but neither did the Tories, and the SNP, the Green Party and the Lib Dems aren’t going to form a coaltion with them, so who is? How will Theresa May possibly form a government now? Everything is okay, we’re pretty happy, and then the news comes in. The DUP are willing to go into coaltion with the Tories. Most of the responses were just, ‘who are the DUP?’, so I’m gonna try and break that down a little bit from what I can remember from studying NI politics last year and also just from living in this country.

The basic beliefs of the party tend to be focused on Christianity, which, as a Christian, I wouldn’t usually have a problem with, except, they’re kinda doing Christianity wrong. The old leader of the DUP, Rev. Ian Paisley, created this church called the Free Presbyterian (or Free-Ps) and it’s like, super traditional. Think, headcoverings for the women, don’t like music with instruments, mandatory prayer days, everything that the modern Church tends to avoid now-a-days. On top of this, the DUP are very anti-LGBT, they constantly block bills put forward to achieve equal marriage in Northern Ireland, and the old Health Minister didn’t allow gay people to donate blood in case it was like un-safe or something? Idk he was (is) an idiot. So there’s that, and then there’s the abortion issue. I personally don’t like the idea of abortion used as a contraceptive, but you’re really not allowed to get one at all here. The guy who does the like death certificates actually writes that it was an abortion on it, which is kinda rude. So yeah, even for a lot of health reasons, and in cases of rape, you can’t get an abortion, and that’s the DUP’s fault. 

Peter Robinson, the old first Minister, wanted to cut welfare. The DUP have always wanted Brexit (the only NI party that did). When Belfast City Hall started only flying the union flag on the same days as the rest of the UK rather than every day, the DUP threw a shit-show and their supported started burning out cars and buildings and protesting for literally over a year. The RHI scandal that happened cost tax-payers millions of pounds to support unsustainable heating, and they didn’t even know they were paying for it. Many DUP ministers don’t believe in global warming. I could go on, but there’s so much to cover in this post. Look some stuff up, it’s everywhere.

So where does that leave us? Looking forward to the future, where it seems inevitable that the Tories and DUP will be in a coaltion, it’s hard to see how this can be of benefit to the future of the UK. I’m sorry that we as a country have inflicted our terrible politics on you, and I can only hope that the DUP will not have a negative effect on LGBT people, women, and the poor; the 3 groups of people that the DUP hate the most. 

Dynamic | pt. ii

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Scenario: Superhero AU
Pairing: Chen/Reader
Word Count: 3009
Rating: T (warning for language)

Summary: You’re the leading superhero of the city, and you’ve fought Dynamo for years. It’s the way it should be - good vs. evil, hero vs. villain. But what happens when a bigger evil threatens everything?

<< previous part x next part >>

The alarm blares, startling you out of your sleep. Then your phone alarm rings, too, and it’s halfway across the room, so you have to get out of bed and turn it off. You’re completely groggy, your eyelids sticking together like paper. You’re about to lie down for five more minutes – it was a Saturday, wasn’t it - when you remember what it is and groan.


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Idea: Perhaps R is a metahuman (mutant) rather than an alien, so the other fighters underestimate/mock/have it out for her. This would set her apart. R willingly joined the club to hone her powers bc she was ostracized for having them and maybe hurt others by accident in the past. She thinks she deserves (self loathing?) or accepts the pain of the ring until she can handle her powers, even though the treatment of some of the fighters is inhumane. I love Lena, but idk who 2 pair her with? Up 2 u.

Originally posted by meafterdeath

The DEO is a fucking joke.

They act like they have the best interest for humans and extra-terrestrials but it’s all a facade.  Running around with their big guns and their ‘executive orders’ and then pretending that they’re saving everyone…it’s realistic at least.  But, once the press conference ends, they just run their tests and turn you out onto the street without a care in the world.

Cadmus have abducted you from the drunk tank down at the National City jailhouse on the eve of your 19th birthday and it had been almost two years since anyone had seen you.  That meant you didn’t have a job, an apartment, a phone, or a bank account.  With nothing but the clothes you were in, you slept under a bridge that night and began roaming the city the next morning.

Roulette had found you that evening.  Knowing her now, it didn’t surprise you that she was able to find the Cadmus list so quickly.  

At the time, she was enthralling and the way she dressed and carried herself left no doubt in your mind that she would be able to get you money.  You had followed the woman with the elaborate tattoos into her limousine and were surprised to see a green, scaly-skinned creature in a suit already there. Little did you know, he would be the first thing to kick your ass in the cage.


“Roulette, I can’t do this.  I’ve seen Zumak fight; he’ll kill me.”

“I know.”

“Then don’t match me with him!”

“Look,” the woman slammed a finely manicured hand against the row of metal lockers that lined the cement wall nearest her and glared at you in annoyance, “you and I have both seen what Zumak can do, but none of the imbeciles out there have.  You’re their favorite pick and that means they’re all going to put money on you.  My guys are betting on Zumak, who will win.  Do you get it yet?”

“Yeah, I get it; I get my ass kicked and you get your money no matter what,” you sighed.  You had known for a while that this wasn’t a fair business, but Jesus Christ.

“Good girl,” Roulette offered a half smile and made her way towards the door.  She paused beside you for a moment and pinched your cheek mockingly.  “Be sure to put on a good show tonight.  I have some guests coming.”


“What the hell is she doing in there?”

Roulette tore her eyes away from the carnage that was about to ensue and arched an eyebrow at her former schoolmate.

“You know Y/N?”

“No,” Lena sputtered for a moment and went to stand up from her seat, “I recognize her from the victims of my mother’s experimentation.  You can’t just use them-”

“Lena, sit,” Roulette yanked her back into her seat just as the door on the opposite side of the cage opened.  A small young man in a hoodie and sweatpants walked out and Lena felt herself relax.  If you had somehow been enhanced from whatever Cadmus had done to you, you could surely take this-

Lena’s train of thought came to an abrupt stop as the man morphed into a mountain of a beast and his cheap clothes were quickly reduced to strips of fabric on the floor.  With black skin and claws longer than the average human hand it was evident that whatever this was came from outer space and not from her mother’s lab.


Shit,” you breathed out.  Every muscle in your genetically altered body was tense and you stepped to the side carefully.  It felt like you had been thrown into a lions’ den.

The crowd of gamblers outside the cage boo’ed as Zumak swept a huge claw at you.  Though you managed to avoid it, you could still feel the air from the movement.  You knew they were only booing because they were afraid of losing their money; not you losing your life.

“Settle down big guy,” you coaxed and put your hands out in front of you in an attempt to get him to step back.  Did this thing even speak English?

The roar that soon came out of its mouth definitely was not English.  Before you could duck out of the way, Zumak grabbed you in both of his gnarled hands and hurled you across the cage.  You slammed against the metal with a loud clang and dropped down to the floor in a heap.

Get up!  Get the hell up!”

Someone in the crowd barked the order and you scrambled to your feet as quickly as you could.  In an attempt to play offense, you charged the alien and punched with your right hand as hard as you could.  What would have normally sent an opponent flying back did absolutely nothing other than crack two of your knuckles.

God, that would take at least a day to heal.

Your attack’s only response was apparently pissed Zumak off because before you knew it, you were flying through the air again and then hitting the ground.  Your rolled a few times from the force of the toss and didn’t even have time to get up before a set of claws sliced open the flesh on your back.  

Okay,” you slammed your hand onto the floor of the ring, desperate to escape before things could get worse.  This had to be what it was like to be in a gladiatorial show against bears.

Your attempt to tap out apparently help no merit in this club.  You struggled frantically as blood seemed through your shirt while the wounds on your back began sealing themselves up.  In a few minutes, there would be nothing but raw pink flesh in stripes down your back, but for the time being it still hurt like hell.

“Motherfucker, you already won!” 

Zumak didn’t seem to care as he swung you over his head by your legs and bashed you against the ground once, twice, three times.  

Your ears began to ring after the second time your skull smashed against the floor and you allowed your body to go limp after that.  It seemed easier that way.

Pretext, Past, Posterity

I don’t think the question of what really actually truly happened in Ferguson - at any stage - is really even all that important, the whole thing was just a pretext anyway.

- = - = -

Benghazi. I swear this loops back in in three paragraphs in a productive way, stick with me. The official Republican complaint about Benghazi - what even was it? Something about not sending backup, or a coverup? Whatever.

But fundamentally it’s a pretext. I mean some people sincerely, unkshakeably care about the pretext. But the actual issue is about the Arab Spring, the actual issue is “Who Lost The Maghreb?”. With the implied answer “the Democrats, by doing that dumb Carter thing where you only support foreign allies who are nice and polite and democratic and don’t repress and torture and massacre their citizens, and then when the ones you abandon fall and the people who replace them - the people who had been being repressed and tortured and massacred - come to power and start doing shit that you hate, that is completely incompatible with the things you most emphatically and sincerely want, go ‘Oh shit, right, that’s why we were supporting that guy in the first place’”.

But the awkward thing, the reason they run with this pretext instead of saying it explicitly (like they did with the original “Who Lost China”), is that going Carter in the Ummah didn’t start with Obama, this started with Bush the Younger and the neoconservatives, and a lot of it that happened under Obama’s watch was under the influence of holdovers from the Bush era - Robert Gates and all that. And in any case unlike Carter, Obama had a second term in which to reverse course himself, and now the military is back running Egypt and Mubarak was just released scot-free.

- = - = -

Ferguson, Mike Brown, all that’s a pretext. And a lot of people sincerely, unkshakeably care about the pretext, but the actual issue is that even as the civil rights movement of the 1950s-70s has been institutionalized as a sacred part of our national history, the actual gains made - “let’s flip the national switch away from repressing black people, and towards helping them” - have been allowed to gradually erode. Because white people found that completely incompatible with the things they most emphatically and sincerely wanted, and remembered why they had the switch on repress in the first place.

And the awkward thing, that makes this difficult to address head-on, is that it was “First Black President” Bill Clinton that blessed the erosion. The Democrats had, since LBJ, been the party of “let’s keep the switch in the helping position”. And between LBJ and Clinton, 1968 to 1992, 8 whole terms, the Democrats only won one term as President. Carter. With the whole Vietnam, Watergate, Nixon tailwind at his back.

And Clinton got elected, and more significantly got re-elected! By taking the Democrats’ hand off the switch. Federal funding for 100,000 more cops. Welfare reform. (Subtextually, federal funding for how many fewer black babies?) School uniforms, which was rinkydink but was the idea was “yes, we are willing to walk back ‘60s-style freedoms in order to further discipline urban black kids - you know, the gangbangers, the crack babies, the superpredators.”

Sister Souljah - I used to wonder what that was even about, I’m no rap genius but I at least recognize big names and I’ve never even heard of her in any other context. Does anyone cite Sister Souljah as a musical influence? But I’ve come to realize that was the point - deliberately picking a fight with someone who didn’t actually matter (and thus bore no cost) - just to make a point, a branding point.

“The Democratic Party: Once Again Willing To Tell Uppity Blacks To Stuff It”

“First Black President” Bill Clinton took the Democrats’ hand off the switch and at least let other hands pull it back to “repress”. And under actual first black President Barack Obama, of the Democratic Party, who owes two elections to being black, and at least one to black votes entirely, putting it back hasn’t even been on the agenda.

And I can see how you’d get upset.


“What we really need is for everyone - black, white, whatever - to respect each other.”

Okay, that’s correct, and that’s impossible, because here’s the thing. When people say they want “respect”, what they mean is they want other people to acknowledge their own conception of the world, where they’re the protagonist, and their story is the main plotline, and everyone else is, I guess, NPCs? Or at least, at least for those other people to not explicitly challenge that conception, to allow them to maintain that fiction to themselves.

Which doesn’t necessarily set you at odds, a good share of NPCs are allies, or questgivers, or shopkeepers, or background characters, and most people prefer the paragon path, and in the normal course of things you get along fine.

But only as long as there’s nothing important at stake that can only be resolved by conflict. If that NPC is the only source for a good drop, and you’re sure they’re not going to be critical to any of your future quests…

“He was murdered for jaywalking!” Even accepting that framing, here’s the thing. Physically being in the street is important. The inciting incident of the Hamburg Massacre, back during Reconstruction, was white guys angry about black guys standing in the road blocking traffic.

Because two objects can’t occupy the same space at the same time. The fundamental example of something that can only be resolved by conflict.

You know, if you look in the right parts of the web, where white people complain about black people in complete, properly spelled, passive-aggressive sentences, one of the most commonly recurring stories is black guys walking, or having a conversation, in the middle of the road, and they can see I’m waiting, and they don’t get out of the way, don’t even make an effort to let me through.

(There’s a tumblr post with half a million notes on it. Right here.

i know i give white people a lot of shit but u guys are really nice. like when the light turns green and there’s a white pedestrian that’s almost across the street u guys always do that jog thing. i know it’s kind of insignificant but i appreciate it white people. u and ur half jog thing.


The flip side of that story of course is “what the fuck this is a public road and I’m as much the public as you are so why the hell would you think it’s my duty to stop using it how I want so you can use it how you want, Mr. King Shit of the World?”

(“Mr. King Shit of the World” is the hostile way of saying “protagonist”.)

And you know how much you fucking hate it, how much of a personal affront you take it when NPC pathfinding is so fucked up that they block a door and you can’t get through? (Alternately, when collision detection is set up so that random NPCs can force you out of the way, maybe knock you out of a dialogue tree or screw up a quest?)

Gives you the unshakeable sense that this world was not properly designed for you, for the purpose of furthering your plotline.

And if these issues came up in the last update, you’d want a patch to revert them. You’d go on the devs’ forums and bitch forever, it’s like the devs don’t even care about the players, and you’d threaten to never support anything they did again, take your money and give it to some other devs, and devs, WHERE’S THE FUCKING PATCH.

And the patch, of course, is white supremacy. (It also buffs your class so you’re not grinding for fucking ever just to spend your loot on repairs and potions, and reduces your random encounter rate in safe zones.)

“But this isn’t a game, this is REAL LIFE!”

If you ever end a sentence with “REAL LIFE” in all caps you are being an idiot, I guarantee it. Yeah, the fact that the stakes of this game are real, that’s gonna make you more willing to let things slide? That’s not how people work. Not enough of them to hold a coalition together.

- = - = -

The activists are worked up! There’s a new civil rights movement coming! We! Will! Fight!

The veneration of the civil rights movement of the 1950s-60s, that makes people think that’s the only and inevitable way this can play out. Let’s set aside the way those gains eroded with time (same as the movement of the 1860s-70s, as Reconstruction gave way to Redemption). You know what I’m reminded of? The civil rights movement of the 1910s-20s.

You didn’t hear about that one? The founding of the NAACP, Garveyism, W.E.B. DuBois, black troops returning from European service in WWI, sharecroppers moving north to work the factories, pumped up to reclaim the promise of Reconstruction. Meanwhile, a countrywide surge in leftist radicalism, and new wave of immigrants asserting their claim on America. You don’t hear about it, because it didn’t win. The Palmer Raids, the First Red Scare, the Red Summer of 1919, the Tulsa Riot, the founding of the Second KKK.

Well, let them try, it won’t matter because trends suggest the, aah, “Coalition of the Ascendant” will gain overwhelming dominance in the intermediate future, right? Yeah, white Americans noticed that back then, too. That’s why they cut off immigration and started pushing eugenics.

Not convinced things’ll turn out like that this time around, but they could. Learn your history, kids, it keeps you from looking the fool.

- = - = -

I grew up in the Huxtable ‘80s and the End of History ‘90s, I kind of expected the two classic nations of America to merge, black into white, just as the white ethnics had the generations before.

Who knows what we’d call the amalgam, maybe still “white” just to play up the ridiculousness of it all, maybe some hyphenated neologism to bridge the gap, like we played up “Anglo-Saxon” to meld the English and German populations that originally formed the white American nation, or coined “Judeo-Christian” later on.

But I’m less and less certain of that. You look at the people saying interesting things about race these days, they’re pushing other possibilities, each with their three-letter acronyms. The left-racebloggers pushing “PoC”, “Persons of Color”, the idea that there’ll be white on one side and on the other this black-hispanic-asian-amerindian coalitional nation. The right-racebloggers “NAM”, “Non-Asian Minorities”, suggesting a white/asian against black/brown split.

And then there’s always the possibility that things’ll go the classic American route, where there’s black on one side and everybody else eventually joins “white”, earns a spot specifically defining themselves against “black”. Given a choice between the two, it’s an awfully appealing option.

- = - = -

Race is the fundamental tragedy of American history. A tragedy being where everyone’s understandably, sympathetically human, even (especially) in their failings and shortcomings and trespasses, and the inevitable consequence is suffering.

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idk if this is a good prompt but itd be awrsome if you could write a briam roommates au

ur…. an Icon. thank u my anonymous friend.  read this on ao3!!

send me prompts pls, any kind of prompts

“Nervous pacing isn’t going to help you, Liam.”

Liam spins to face Mason, who’s sitting on the bed, and glares. “You don’t get to talk, traitor,” he says. He’s half-kidding. Only half.

Predictably, Mason rolls his eyes. “Me moving in with my boyfriend is not betraying you. It’s me, moving in with my boyfriend to move further in a relationship. We have been over this, right? I wasn’t dreaming or something?”

They have been over it. A lot. But Liam is whiny. He flops down on the bed and sticks his head onto Mason’s lap. “But why do you need romance when you have friendship?” he asks innocently. Mason just stares at him. “Okay, fine. But what if my roommate is evil?”

“Your roommate will not be evil,” Mason says surely. “Corey’s foster brother knows his adopted mom.”

For a moment, Liam just blinks. Then he says, “Those were too many connections.”

Mason rolls his eyes again and shoves his head off of his thigh. Liam laughs. “Shut up. Look, I’ll tell you what. If you want, I can be here when he shows up to move in.”

Liam thinks about it. All of his life, he and Mason have been together - they grew up together, they went to school together, they went to college together. And now everything is moving in different ways. Mason is moving in with his boyfriend, they’re majoring in different things. Maybe it’s time he started growing up too.

“Nah, I’m good,” he says. Even if he’s not.

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Oikage/Sakukage for the shipping thing you recently reblog.

omg im in tears ;_; faves ;_;


Who’s more dominant: Kageyama

Who’s the cuddler: Both act shy about it but they end up completely entangled every time >///<

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Kageyama is the big spoon even during kitaichi years just imagine smolberry grabbing that cute tsundere senpai with that focused frownshfjasf im gonna die lol bye

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: DO I NEED TO SAY IT :’D They set/spike for each other all the time, when it’s Kageyama’s turn to be the spiker Oikawa sometimes jokes that he wishes Kageyama were an ace so they could be the ultimate power couple a perfect duo at all times ;_; 

Who uses all the hot water: Oikawa =_= he likes to sing in shower too, for 40 minutes, kageyama has no idea how anyone can take that long

Most trivial thing they fight over: Kageyama accidentally revealing certain facts while Oikawa was Trying To Look Cool To Others and Kageyama not getting when others flirt with him so he doesn’t evade it very efficiently and Oikawa is the jealous type, so in their “fights” mostly Kageyama being oblivious is the culprit

Who does most of the cleaning: Both share

What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Oikawa. He gets addicted to series fairly easily while Kageyama is like “Ok but… they’re not.. real?” while Oikawa cries over Doctor and Rose You have no heart, Tobio-chan! I married a monster!”

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Oikawa again, Kageyama notices things like that after they are repaired (Oikawa facepalms at his selective attention)

Who leaves their stuff around: Oikawa but it’s only because he has just too many stuff, he buys a lot of things and he’s a hoarder whereas Kageyama likes throwing everything out (sometimes he accidentally throws Oikawa’s unnecessary shit out lol)

Who remembers to buy the milk: Kageyamasdhjfdj

Who remembers anniversaries:  Both do ;_;

Who cooks normally: I don’t think neither are particularly good at it (kageyama is a disaster) but Oikawa likes the notion of being able to cook delicacies so he tries sometimes

How often do they fight: they bicker moderately but in a cute way which usually ends with them going at it on the couch then cuddling otherwise they don’t fight much

What do they do when they’re away from each other: They’re rarely apart since they’re in the same team too (oikawa is the captain and kageyama is the official setter in the national team) but they have the tendency to call each other fairly lot

Nicknames for each other: lol they revert to “tobio-chan” and “oikawa-san” to joke around sometimes

Who is more likely to pay for dinner: hmm equal, can’t decide

Who steals the covers at night: oikawa gets cold ok =_= also tobio-chan has no sense of temperature ;_; it’s not his fault ;_;

What would they get each other for gifts: kageyama would have a hard time with this but in the end he would come up with something so sentimental oikawa would cry and kageyama would be baffled (like finding the replica of something oikawa lost years ago and he mentioned like maybe once), oikawa always brags about his ability to pick the best gifts for everyone, he would take notice of kageyama’s needs and wants and find the most expensive and extra thing he can of that category and kageyama would be like ‘wasn’t there a more logical option’ appreciate him better u pragmatical dummy

Who kissed who first: Kageyama kissed him 

Who made the first move: Oikawa made it too obvious, Kageyama went for it (kissed him outright lmao)

Who remembers things: Oikawa is that ‘will remember unnecessary details about everything and angst about them for the next 20 years’ type but they both remember the important ones, especially Kageyama surprises Oikawa all the time with how much attention he’s paid him even before they got together 

Who started the relationship: Well, first move was a success? :’D Although it shocked Oikawa a bit

Who cusses more: Kageyama

What would they do if the other one was hurt: D: dont do this to me goddamn ask meme D: they would try to keep calm for the others’ sake but ;_; im gonna ignore lol im so sickly sweet with the OTP and it’s hard for me to handle bad things about them -__- which is funny bc normally im nasty and dramatic

Who is the dirty talker: Oikawa, but a only bit. He wants Kageyama to participate (more) but he doesn’t talk much during sex which infuriates Oikawa sometimes :’D

A head canon: i have so many about them omgsajfhsd Oikawa likes and fears paranormal things and gets clingy when he watches scary movies so Kageyama always offers to watch one and Oikawa can’t resist the temptation and Kageyama loves it (♡‿♡✿)


Who’s more dominant: they are more or less balanced for the most part, especially from outside but sakusa is way more intense than kageyama in a lot of ways, i see him as the type that would want to have all the information and control the situation so he’s sort of “the shadow boss” (but not in a mean way)

Who’s the cuddler: sakusa, but acts casual about it

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Sakusa is dead set on being the big spoon 

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: again.. do i need to say :’D also they are the ultimate power duo of ‘Genius Setter/Super Ace’ fite me >)

Who uses all the hot water: Sakusa may or may not have a cleaning ritual that requires him to start over if he skips one step accidentally I actually really don’t want one of my faves to have ocd or ocpd but err ..canon hints at him being pretty neurotic in any case

Most trivial thing they fight over: when one misremembers something about a game bazillion years ago. Sakusa is stealthily the jealous type but it usually doesn’t turn into actual fighting, more like him trying to feel kageyama out about it, who continues to be oblivious about most interactions

Who does most of the cleaning: Sakusahdsajfshdjg (he also gets reaaally pissy if Kageyama’s ‘help’ isn’t up to his standards)

What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: They basically don’t watch tv other than matches

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: They freeze to death Sakusa

Who leaves their stuff around: Kageyama does it on “regular” levels but Sakusa being neurotic makes him a sloth in comparison

Who remembers to buy the milk: Kageyama would never forget that but Sakusa never forgets anything sooo

Who remembers anniversaries: Both do

Who cooks normally: Again, Kageyama is a disaster but Sakusa is only marginally better so they eat outside or take-out (one of them is fussy about where they eat, guess which :’D)

How often do they fight: An actual fight? Rare. But they challenge each other on court A LOOOOT. Otherwise their “disputes” are mostly Sakusa trying to feel him out regarding things he feels paranoid about and if he doesn’t get good answers he reacts quite easily whereas Kageyama is mostly oblivious to the root of the issue and they end up bickering like that circling the actual nonproblem

What do they do when they’re away from each other: Both are in the national team so they’re rarely apart but they act fairly independent. Mostly bc Sakusa doesn’t like showing too much emotion and Kageyama already has the emotional depth of a teaspoon

Nicknames for each other: they aren’t the type for that lol just regular first name usage applies

Who is more likely to pay for dinner: both

Who steals the covers at night: neither get cold much lol they often throw the covers off the bed

What would they get each other for gifts: practical stuff mostly

Who kissed who first: sakusa did and kageyama actually hadn’t thought about him like that before and had no idea about sakusa liking him. also: they were actually living together at that time bc kageyama had transferred to itachiyama and a certain someone was just too helpful for his own good (HAHA. yes. my not-so-secret desire.)

Who made the first move: sakusa as stated above bc im very into the notion of directly kissing people rather than confessing to them with words like a decent human beingsahfjsdhfd

Who remembers things: Sakusa, who also holds grudges. Pretty violently. And forever.

Who started the relationship: Kageyama had to think about it for a while after the “incident” but they ended up together soon enough

Who cusses more: can’t decide, both do, just not overly much

What would they do if the other one was hurt: >_< im putting a stop to this question -__-

Who is the dirty talker: neither talk too much actually but Sakusa, significantly more than Kageyama bc pretty much everyone talks more than Kageyama in bed LOL 

A head canon: After the nationals, Kageyama was offered a transfer to Itachiyama and he accepted after an angsty process (angst in karasuno’s part ofc lol get rekt) in which, Sakusa meddled in favour of it a lot obviously, then he so very kindly (!) offered him to move in with him (lol) then things escalated (≖‿≖)