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hey i saw u reblog the alex x reader au today and if you want to id love to see a sequel to that maybe w scott finding out or like a secret relationship or scott finding out about the secret relationship ;;)))) thanks in advance!!! ps i love ur writing and you you are a goddess among us

Alex Summers + best friend’s older brother au [refer to this drabble]

A/N: okay so like if i’m being realistic with myself the odds of me ever actually writing this out properly: slim to fucking none because this has been sitting in my inbox for months BUT I can provide you with the full out headcanons of how it all came to be in the first place. so. (hey @kurtwxgners@mvximoff@rax-writes@paperclipmac have some alex stuff) (sidenote: karley we should revisit this au sometime bc its a good one [eyes emoji])

nsfwish? almost? idk there’s like? heavy making out at the end? idk?

  • You’ve been best friends with Scott since forever because your parents were friends so it just kind of happened
  • As a result of this, you’ve also been around Alex since forever because you were always at the Summers house
  • You’ve also had a lowkey crush on Alex since you started to think boys maybe weren’t so gross after all
  • It stayed pretty lowkey, till the summer before junior year, but you didn’t make a thing about it because 1) you figured it would make shit weird and 2) you figured out that Alex was planning to go abroad for his senior year so why would you intentionally bring it up when he’s about to leave
  • Alex found an exchange to go on and did his senior year abroad and you went through junior year being Scott’s best friend like nothing had changed because nothing really had changed and not seeing Alex for the year made your crush kind of hibernate
  • Then during the summer after he finished high school and the one right before your senior year, he found a work placement and worked the entire summer, earning money, and you see him like once or twice but mostly he’s living with a new friend Sean a town over
  • You don’t really see him again till he’s home on his first break from college and damn he looks so much better than you remember him looking and your crush is definitely back in full fucking force
  • You don’t know it, but the first time he sees you when he’s back, he’s actually breathless, because you’re older, and more confident and so, so beautiful and he’s pretty sure he must’ve been fucking blind or something, because there’s no way you weren’t gorgeous before if you’re this goddamn stunning now
  • Do you spend a lot more time at Scott’s house now that Alex is back than you would otherwise? Maybe. You’re pretty sure Scott doesn’t notice anything unusual though, and if he does, he definitely doesn’t know why
  • You drove over to the Summer’s house one Friday night to go over some SAT stuff, and a torrential fucking rainstorm comes while you’re there
  • Your mum calls you and tells you that she really doesn’t want you driving in weather as bad as this, and she can come and pick you up, or you can stay there if it’s alright with the Summers’
  • Of course you’d rather stay there, because then you won’t need to come back to pick up the car later, so you tell her not to worry, you’ll stay over
  • Scott just nods when you tell him you’re staying over and just reminds you where the extra sheets and pillows are for the couch before tossing you an old shirt and a pair of sweatpants for you to sleep in
  • You give up on trying to go directly to sleep at about 1am so you go to the kitchen to get a glass of water or something and immediately regret your decision because Alex is in the kitchen in a thin, faded, fraying flannel shirt and sweat pants slung dangerously low on his hips, and his longish hair is yanked back in a messy bun and you feel like a fucking idiot because he looks like he’s just about to go to bed and just looking at him like this makes your knees weak
  • He sees you in one of his old shirts (it used to be his, then it got passed on to Scott, who never wore it, so he basically still thinks of it as his shirt) and some sweats and no makeup and you’re not at all put together or tidy, but he’s positive you’ve never looked better, because if he doesn’t think too hard you look like you just climbed out of his bed and the idea is more than a little dizzying
  • “oh, shit, hey Alex. I-thought the kitchen was-” “empty? I mean it is the middle of the night, that’d be the reasonable assumption.” “Yeah. Well.” “Well.”
  • Neither of you is really sure how you managed to get through the interaction unscathed, but by the end of it, you’re both sitting on the couch watching shitty national geographic re runs and laughing at Alex’s shittier jokes, and each time one of you gets up or leans forwards, or really shifts at all, you both gravitate almost unconsciously towards the other
  • You’re not quite sure just how it happened, but you’re tucked neatly under his arm, leaning into his side, and you’re tipping your head back, laughing at another one of his ridiculous puns, and suddenly he’s kissing you, almost hesitantly, and his lips are soft and warm and you want more, but just as quickly as the kiss began, it’s over
  • “Shit, I’m so sorry-that was-I shouldn’t’ve-” he stammers, and you’ve never seen him look so startled or unsure in your life, but you don’t want him to apologise, you want him to kiss you again, so you reach out to grab the front of his shirt and yank his lips back to yours
  • Alex doesn’t need any more encouragement than that, the arm round your shoulders tightening to pull you in closer to him, his mouth pressing against yours with more force than previously
  • One of your arms comes up to wrap around his neck as you shift closer still, and he pulls away again, breathing hard
  • “Are you sure you-I mean you’re Scott’s best friend-we probably shouldn’t-” he tries again, but you’ve never heard anyone sound less convincing in your life, so you just tilt your head to kiss along the sharp line of his jaw and the tempting column of his throat, feeling immensely satisfied when you feel the hitch in his breath as your lips brush softly over his pulse
  • “I’ll stop if you want me to,” You murmur, punctuating each word with a press of your mouth and he lets out a low, strained chuckle
  • “That’s not fighting fair and you know it, beautiful,” he breathes, and the term of endearment makes your head spin, even as you wind your arms around his neck
  • “Good,” you whisper back before pulling him in to kiss him again, one of your hands sliding into his hair, pushing the hair tie out and tangling in it as it falls out of the bun he had yanked it back into
  • You’re in his lap now, his arms tightly around you, hands gripping your hips, keeping you so close you can feel his heart thudding in his chest, and the kiss is hot and insistent and it makes you a little giddy because yeah, you’ve kissed people before but it’s never felt like this and as his tongue slides against yours, you let out an involuntary gasp, your hand reflexively tugging back on his hair and Alex actually moans into your mouth
  • “Fuck, babygirl, give a guy some warning,” he groans, low and shuddering and muffled by your skin, and you can feel him starting to get a hard on, and knowing he wants you is gratifying and scary and thrilling, and as he bites down lightly on you lower lip, you tentatively reach a hand down to palm him through his sweats
  • The moan he lets out is electrifying, needy and wanting and this is starting to lead into uncharted territory for you but you’ve never wanted anyone more than you want him
  • But then he pulls away from you a little and you freeze up in panic and hurt and confusion, because you’re pretty sure you weren’t misreading the signals, but you don’t say anything you just look away, rubbing uncomfortably at your temples and doing your best not to tear up, because you already feel stupid and you really don’t want to make more of a fool of yourself than you already have
  • Suddenly, one of Alex’s hands is reaching out, cupping your cheek and gently forcing you to look at him. He leans in and kisses you softly, his thumb brushing soothingly across your cheekbone as he draws back, a small, reassuring smile on his lips
  • “I’m sorry, beautiful, I didn’t mean-” he starts, voice gentle. “It’s not that I don’t want to. I do, god I really do. But I-I like you. Have for a while. I want to do this right. I don’t want to screw up,” he explains, and he sounds almost nervous, like he’s not sure whether this is something you want and he looks so uncertain, so uncharacteristically vulnerable that you kiss him again, moving in to tuck yourself against his side once more, and you can feel the tension go out of his body as he kisses you back gently, his arm going around you again.

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How about a fluffy post-FBaWtFT fix-it with Theseus taking Percival on a long vacation around the world after his rescue? ^^ especially if Newt tags along to find more fantastic beasts!

It happens the night Percival runs.

We’re in New York, it’s still Winter - a couple of weeks after the Auror Team and Tina Goldstein - shaking hands, bleached lips, heart slowly imploding in her chest as she barks orders - managed to find Director Percival Graves. Alive, said the Healer they brought with them, even if his strong-jawed, weathered face had gone paler and paler as he approached the poor thing of broken skin and bloodied clothes on the prison’s floor, alive. Then Theseus Scamander ran forward, dropping on his knees and sobbing broken apologies to the poor thing, alarm charms were shot in the dark, and Auror Goldstein retaired herself to a bent in the maze of undergroud corridors and threw her guts up.

For seven days, Percival hovers between life and death, IVs desperately pumping blood in his exhausted system, magic knitting back together bones and tissues - friends and colleagues and family coming to say stay please or I’m sorry or at least goodbye. Theseus does all three, repeatedly. Newt drops by too, bones aching for open air and cramped foul-smelling ship cabins and lands and creatures still uncharted but unable to leave Tina’s pain - his brother’s pain. He’s not sure what he’s exactly supposed to do, but that’s hardly a problem - Newt has a longlife experience in being awkwardly useless. So he keeps coming around, and peering in the private room to check on Theseus’ sunken, unshaven face and the sleeping man he’s never really met, and bringing food and water, and somehow he finds himself listening to Thes’ stories of his time in the Army and his time with Percival. They’re good stories, and when he’s telling them, his brother’s eyes do not look quite as haunted as usual. For Newt, it’s more than enough.

Percival waking up results in a rather anticlimatic event, actually. Rather mundane. He simply opens his eyes, in the wee hours of morning when Theseus drags himself to the MACUSA restrooms to wash his face, stretches a shaking arm to ring the bell beside his table, and quietly answers the Healer’s questions. Yes, he knows his name. Yes, he knows where he is. No, he does not remember how he got here. No, he doesn’t want her to call anyone. Yes - he’s thirsty.

“There’s something else I can do for you, Director?” the Healer asks, putting down the glass of water she’s just pressed to Graves’ lips and that his shaking fingers haven’t even tried to hold. “Some soup? Ice chips?”

Percival draws a breath - it’s painful. Everything is painful, everything is shattering, his skin his bones his teeth, and his heart, his heart is pounding hard enough to burst through his chest, as if it’s trying to get free from this failing body, as if Grindelwald was still hovering over him grinning and laughing and-

“I wanna go home,” Percival says. “I wanna go home, now.”

The Healer squirms uneasily on her spot. “Mister Graves, you’re not yet recovered enough-”

They won’t let him - oh no, no, that’s not good not good not good. He’s suddenly breathing through concrete. His heart redoubles its efforts to crack his ribs. The room’s walls seem to breath around him, in and out, closing in, inch by inch. “I can fucking see it by myself, thanks,” he rasps out, “but I want to go home. And real clothes. And shoes.” A shuddering breath. “And my wand.”

“Mister Graves…”

“I’m alive, am I not?” Percival swings his feet off the side of the bed, trying to push himself up. It’s a blinding, burning mistake, his right leg screaming and his left elbow exploding in a tiny supernova of needles and bright spots flickering before his eyes. “Then there’ no need to fret like that - if I was to kick the bucket, I’d do it before.” He shudders, the last time he tried to get up - the last time he broke his arm as punishment - flashing in his mind, and forces himself to think that word, repeat it over and over again - I’m alive I’m alive I’m alive.

Am I not?

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alright, alright…I guess I’ll share my completely unsolicitied voltron/a:tla headcanons ((please feel free to add on to this if you want I would love it so much))

it’s long and detailed so I’ll spare your dash (I say to my four followers) and put it under the cut

BUT!!!! if you skip to the end there’s ember island stuff and I know u wanna see that so

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A rough discourse on Northern Ireland Politics, the DUP, and the effect on the 2017 GE.

Okay, so I’m a citizen of Northern Ireland and have been for my entire life. I’m gonna start off by saying that I fall more on the nationalist side (typically associated with Catholics, but not always, and fans of the Republic of Ireland) and that the DUP are Unionist (fans of the union NI has with Britain) with a capital U. It could be argued (and I would argue this) that the DUP can be considered to be loyalist, which is an extreme version of Unionism, often associated with terrorist groups such as the UVF and UDA. It also can’t be ignored that there is a type of extreme Nationalism called Republicanism, and terrorist groups like the IRA are connected to this (and in particular, the political party Sinn Féin). Northern Irish politics is not divided into right/left wing, but instead nationalist/unionist.

So moving on, the DUP have had the largest vote in Northern Ireland for quite a long time, but the way the system works means that we have a forced coaltion, so the two biggest parties from opposite sides of the community sit in government together (that’s the DUP and Sinn Féin.) We had an early election called earlier in the year, and the DUP actually lost quite a few votes but are still the biggest party. However, our government isn’t currently functioning because the parties refuse to cooperate (although all the Members of the Legislative Assembly or MLAs are still getting paid on tax-payer money which sucks).

As well as having our own assembly, the parties in NI also put forward candidates for the General Election, as most major British parties don’t run here. This means that we as a nation have less influence over the UK political system as we only have 18 (or 19, I can’t remember) seats. However, we’re used to it so we just deal with it. This election, the DUP won 10 seats while Sinn Féin won the rest, meaning that the other 3 major parties in NI didn’t get any. The SDLP (moderate nationalist), UUP (moderate unionist) and Alliance (middle-ground), are 3 parties which are actually not extremist and are pretty cool. So, because Sinn Féin don’t take their Parliament seats due to the whole anti-British thing, the only party we have representing us is the DUP. And a lot of people aren’t happy about that (I don’t really want an extreme party representing me, ya feel?)

Okay, so now we’ve gotten to this morning, the results are in, the parliament is hung, and the liberal, more Labour-oriented voters are a mixture of happy and sad. So we didn’t win, but neither did the Tories, and the SNP, the Green Party and the Lib Dems aren’t going to form a coaltion with them, so who is? How will Theresa May possibly form a government now? Everything is okay, we’re pretty happy, and then the news comes in. The DUP are willing to go into coaltion with the Tories. Most of the responses were just, ‘who are the DUP?’, so I’m gonna try and break that down a little bit from what I can remember from studying NI politics last year and also just from living in this country.

The basic beliefs of the party tend to be focused on Christianity, which, as a Christian, I wouldn’t usually have a problem with, except, they’re kinda doing Christianity wrong. The old leader of the DUP, Rev. Ian Paisley, created this church called the Free Presbyterian (or Free-Ps) and it’s like, super traditional. Think, headcoverings for the women, don’t like music with instruments, mandatory prayer days, everything that the modern Church tends to avoid now-a-days. On top of this, the DUP are very anti-LGBT, they constantly block bills put forward to achieve equal marriage in Northern Ireland, and the old Health Minister didn’t allow gay people to donate blood in case it was like un-safe or something? Idk he was (is) an idiot. So there’s that, and then there’s the abortion issue. I personally don’t like the idea of abortion used as a contraceptive, but you’re really not allowed to get one at all here. The guy who does the like death certificates actually writes that it was an abortion on it, which is kinda rude. So yeah, even for a lot of health reasons, and in cases of rape, you can’t get an abortion, and that’s the DUP’s fault. 

Peter Robinson, the old first Minister, wanted to cut welfare. The DUP have always wanted Brexit (the only NI party that did). When Belfast City Hall started only flying the union flag on the same days as the rest of the UK rather than every day, the DUP threw a shit-show and their supported started burning out cars and buildings and protesting for literally over a year. The RHI scandal that happened cost tax-payers millions of pounds to support unsustainable heating, and they didn’t even know they were paying for it. Many DUP ministers don’t believe in global warming. I could go on, but there’s so much to cover in this post. Look some stuff up, it’s everywhere.

So where does that leave us? Looking forward to the future, where it seems inevitable that the Tories and DUP will be in a coaltion, it’s hard to see how this can be of benefit to the future of the UK. I’m sorry that we as a country have inflicted our terrible politics on you, and I can only hope that the DUP will not have a negative effect on LGBT people, women, and the poor; the 3 groups of people that the DUP hate the most. 

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Idea: Perhaps R is a metahuman (mutant) rather than an alien, so the other fighters underestimate/mock/have it out for her. This would set her apart. R willingly joined the club to hone her powers bc she was ostracized for having them and maybe hurt others by accident in the past. She thinks she deserves (self loathing?) or accepts the pain of the ring until she can handle her powers, even though the treatment of some of the fighters is inhumane. I love Lena, but idk who 2 pair her with? Up 2 u.

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The DEO is a fucking joke.

They act like they have the best interest for humans and extra-terrestrials but it’s all a facade.  Running around with their big guns and their ‘executive orders’ and then pretending that they’re saving everyone…it’s realistic at least.  But, once the press conference ends, they just run their tests and turn you out onto the street without a care in the world.

Cadmus have abducted you from the drunk tank down at the National City jailhouse on the eve of your 19th birthday and it had been almost two years since anyone had seen you.  That meant you didn’t have a job, an apartment, a phone, or a bank account.  With nothing but the clothes you were in, you slept under a bridge that night and began roaming the city the next morning.

Roulette had found you that evening.  Knowing her now, it didn’t surprise you that she was able to find the Cadmus list so quickly.  

At the time, she was enthralling and the way she dressed and carried herself left no doubt in your mind that she would be able to get you money.  You had followed the woman with the elaborate tattoos into her limousine and were surprised to see a green, scaly-skinned creature in a suit already there. Little did you know, he would be the first thing to kick your ass in the cage.


“Roulette, I can’t do this.  I’ve seen Zumak fight; he’ll kill me.”

“I know.”

“Then don’t match me with him!”

“Look,” the woman slammed a finely manicured hand against the row of metal lockers that lined the cement wall nearest her and glared at you in annoyance, “you and I have both seen what Zumak can do, but none of the imbeciles out there have.  You’re their favorite pick and that means they’re all going to put money on you.  My guys are betting on Zumak, who will win.  Do you get it yet?”

“Yeah, I get it; I get my ass kicked and you get your money no matter what,” you sighed.  You had known for a while that this wasn’t a fair business, but Jesus Christ.

“Good girl,” Roulette offered a half smile and made her way towards the door.  She paused beside you for a moment and pinched your cheek mockingly.  “Be sure to put on a good show tonight.  I have some guests coming.”


“What the hell is she doing in there?”

Roulette tore her eyes away from the carnage that was about to ensue and arched an eyebrow at her former schoolmate.

“You know Y/N?”

“No,” Lena sputtered for a moment and went to stand up from her seat, “I recognize her from the victims of my mother’s experimentation.  You can’t just use them-”

“Lena, sit,” Roulette yanked her back into her seat just as the door on the opposite side of the cage opened.  A small young man in a hoodie and sweatpants walked out and Lena felt herself relax.  If you had somehow been enhanced from whatever Cadmus had done to you, you could surely take this-

Lena’s train of thought came to an abrupt stop as the man morphed into a mountain of a beast and his cheap clothes were quickly reduced to strips of fabric on the floor.  With black skin and claws longer than the average human hand it was evident that whatever this was came from outer space and not from her mother’s lab.


Shit,” you breathed out.  Every muscle in your genetically altered body was tense and you stepped to the side carefully.  It felt like you had been thrown into a lions’ den.

The crowd of gamblers outside the cage boo’ed as Zumak swept a huge claw at you.  Though you managed to avoid it, you could still feel the air from the movement.  You knew they were only booing because they were afraid of losing their money; not you losing your life.

“Settle down big guy,” you coaxed and put your hands out in front of you in an attempt to get him to step back.  Did this thing even speak English?

The roar that soon came out of its mouth definitely was not English.  Before you could duck out of the way, Zumak grabbed you in both of his gnarled hands and hurled you across the cage.  You slammed against the metal with a loud clang and dropped down to the floor in a heap.

Get up!  Get the hell up!”

Someone in the crowd barked the order and you scrambled to your feet as quickly as you could.  In an attempt to play offense, you charged the alien and punched with your right hand as hard as you could.  What would have normally sent an opponent flying back did absolutely nothing other than crack two of your knuckles.

God, that would take at least a day to heal.

Your attack’s only response was apparently pissed Zumak off because before you knew it, you were flying through the air again and then hitting the ground.  Your rolled a few times from the force of the toss and didn’t even have time to get up before a set of claws sliced open the flesh on your back.  

Okay,” you slammed your hand onto the floor of the ring, desperate to escape before things could get worse.  This had to be what it was like to be in a gladiatorial show against bears.

Your attempt to tap out apparently help no merit in this club.  You struggled frantically as blood seemed through your shirt while the wounds on your back began sealing themselves up.  In a few minutes, there would be nothing but raw pink flesh in stripes down your back, but for the time being it still hurt like hell.

“Motherfucker, you already won!” 

Zumak didn’t seem to care as he swung you over his head by your legs and bashed you against the ground once, twice, three times.  

Your ears began to ring after the second time your skull smashed against the floor and you allowed your body to go limp after that.  It seemed easier that way.

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Oikage/Sakukage for the shipping thing you recently reblog.

omg im in tears ;_; faves ;_;


Who’s more dominant: Kageyama

Who’s the cuddler: Both act shy about it but they end up completely entangled every time >///<

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Kageyama is the big spoon even during kitaichi years just imagine smolberry grabbing that cute tsundere senpai with that focused frownshfjasf im gonna die lol bye

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: DO I NEED TO SAY IT :’D They set/spike for each other all the time, when it’s Kageyama’s turn to be the spiker Oikawa sometimes jokes that he wishes Kageyama were an ace so they could be the ultimate power couple a perfect duo at all times ;_; 

Who uses all the hot water: Oikawa =_= he likes to sing in shower too, for 40 minutes, kageyama has no idea how anyone can take that long

Most trivial thing they fight over: Kageyama accidentally revealing certain facts while Oikawa was Trying To Look Cool To Others and Kageyama not getting when others flirt with him so he doesn’t evade it very efficiently and Oikawa is the jealous type, so in their “fights” mostly Kageyama being oblivious is the culprit

Who does most of the cleaning: Both share

What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Oikawa. He gets addicted to series fairly easily while Kageyama is like “Ok but… they’re not.. real?” while Oikawa cries over Doctor and Rose You have no heart, Tobio-chan! I married a monster!”

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Oikawa again, Kageyama notices things like that after they are repaired (Oikawa facepalms at his selective attention)

Who leaves their stuff around: Oikawa but it’s only because he has just too many stuff, he buys a lot of things and he’s a hoarder whereas Kageyama likes throwing everything out (sometimes he accidentally throws Oikawa’s unnecessary shit out lol)

Who remembers to buy the milk: Kageyamasdhjfdj

Who remembers anniversaries:  Both do ;_;

Who cooks normally: I don’t think neither are particularly good at it (kageyama is a disaster) but Oikawa likes the notion of being able to cook delicacies so he tries sometimes

How often do they fight: they bicker moderately but in a cute way which usually ends with them going at it on the couch then cuddling otherwise they don’t fight much

What do they do when they’re away from each other: They’re rarely apart since they’re in the same team too (oikawa is the captain and kageyama is the official setter in the national team) but they have the tendency to call each other fairly lot

Nicknames for each other: lol they revert to “tobio-chan” and “oikawa-san” to joke around sometimes

Who is more likely to pay for dinner: hmm equal, can’t decide

Who steals the covers at night: oikawa gets cold ok =_= also tobio-chan has no sense of temperature ;_; it’s not his fault ;_;

What would they get each other for gifts: kageyama would have a hard time with this but in the end he would come up with something so sentimental oikawa would cry and kageyama would be baffled (like finding the replica of something oikawa lost years ago and he mentioned like maybe once), oikawa always brags about his ability to pick the best gifts for everyone, he would take notice of kageyama’s needs and wants and find the most expensive and extra thing he can of that category and kageyama would be like ‘wasn’t there a more logical option’ appreciate him better u pragmatical dummy

Who kissed who first: Kageyama kissed him 

Who made the first move: Oikawa made it too obvious, Kageyama went for it (kissed him outright lmao)

Who remembers things: Oikawa is that ‘will remember unnecessary details about everything and angst about them for the next 20 years’ type but they both remember the important ones, especially Kageyama surprises Oikawa all the time with how much attention he’s paid him even before they got together 

Who started the relationship: Well, first move was a success? :’D Although it shocked Oikawa a bit

Who cusses more: Kageyama

What would they do if the other one was hurt: D: dont do this to me goddamn ask meme D: they would try to keep calm for the others’ sake but ;_; im gonna ignore lol im so sickly sweet with the OTP and it’s hard for me to handle bad things about them -__- which is funny bc normally im nasty and dramatic

Who is the dirty talker: Oikawa, but a only bit. He wants Kageyama to participate (more) but he doesn’t talk much during sex which infuriates Oikawa sometimes :’D

A head canon: i have so many about them omgsajfhsd Oikawa likes and fears paranormal things and gets clingy when he watches scary movies so Kageyama always offers to watch one and Oikawa can’t resist the temptation and Kageyama loves it (♡‿♡✿)


Who’s more dominant: they are more or less balanced for the most part, especially from outside but sakusa is way more intense than kageyama in a lot of ways, i see him as the type that would want to have all the information and control the situation so he’s sort of “the shadow boss” (but not in a mean way)

Who’s the cuddler: sakusa, but acts casual about it

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Sakusa is dead set on being the big spoon 

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: again.. do i need to say :’D also they are the ultimate power duo of ‘Genius Setter/Super Ace’ fite me >)

Who uses all the hot water: Sakusa may or may not have a cleaning ritual that requires him to start over if he skips one step accidentally I actually really don’t want one of my faves to have ocd or ocpd but err ..canon hints at him being pretty neurotic in any case

Most trivial thing they fight over: when one misremembers something about a game bazillion years ago. Sakusa is stealthily the jealous type but it usually doesn’t turn into actual fighting, more like him trying to feel kageyama out about it, who continues to be oblivious about most interactions

Who does most of the cleaning: Sakusahdsajfshdjg (he also gets reaaally pissy if Kageyama’s ‘help’ isn’t up to his standards)

What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: They basically don’t watch tv other than matches

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: They freeze to death Sakusa

Who leaves their stuff around: Kageyama does it on “regular” levels but Sakusa being neurotic makes him a sloth in comparison

Who remembers to buy the milk: Kageyama would never forget that but Sakusa never forgets anything sooo

Who remembers anniversaries: Both do

Who cooks normally: Again, Kageyama is a disaster but Sakusa is only marginally better so they eat outside or take-out (one of them is fussy about where they eat, guess which :’D)

How often do they fight: An actual fight? Rare. But they challenge each other on court A LOOOOT. Otherwise their “disputes” are mostly Sakusa trying to feel him out regarding things he feels paranoid about and if he doesn’t get good answers he reacts quite easily whereas Kageyama is mostly oblivious to the root of the issue and they end up bickering like that circling the actual nonproblem

What do they do when they’re away from each other: Both are in the national team so they’re rarely apart but they act fairly independent. Mostly bc Sakusa doesn’t like showing too much emotion and Kageyama already has the emotional depth of a teaspoon

Nicknames for each other: they aren’t the type for that lol just regular first name usage applies

Who is more likely to pay for dinner: both

Who steals the covers at night: neither get cold much lol they often throw the covers off the bed

What would they get each other for gifts: practical stuff mostly

Who kissed who first: sakusa did and kageyama actually hadn’t thought about him like that before and had no idea about sakusa liking him. also: they were actually living together at that time bc kageyama had transferred to itachiyama and a certain someone was just too helpful for his own good (HAHA. yes. my not-so-secret desire.)

Who made the first move: sakusa as stated above bc im very into the notion of directly kissing people rather than confessing to them with words like a decent human beingsahfjsdhfd

Who remembers things: Sakusa, who also holds grudges. Pretty violently. And forever.

Who started the relationship: Kageyama had to think about it for a while after the “incident” but they ended up together soon enough

Who cusses more: can’t decide, both do, just not overly much

What would they do if the other one was hurt: >_< im putting a stop to this question -__-

Who is the dirty talker: neither talk too much actually but Sakusa, significantly more than Kageyama bc pretty much everyone talks more than Kageyama in bed LOL 

A head canon: After the nationals, Kageyama was offered a transfer to Itachiyama and he accepted after an angsty process (angst in karasuno’s part ofc lol get rekt) in which, Sakusa meddled in favour of it a lot obviously, then he so very kindly (!) offered him to move in with him (lol) then things escalated (≖‿≖)


Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 502
Warnings: None    
Written for Wayward-Mirage’s Mark Pellegrino Day
Request: ( @thegreatficmaster) can i request? im gonna request? can i plz have a mark p x male reader one. umm maybe some sort of argument and a bit of angst but ending in cute adorable fluff. if u dont want to write a male reader i get it so i wont mind if u change it to female. thank u if u do write this request. if not just wanna say love ur stuff. the halloween attraction. urgh so good
Authors Note: I ended up doing a gender neutral reader.  I combined this request about an argument with an idea I’ve had for a long time about Mark trying to argue a point with someone while his cat, Cody, sits on his shoulder. Below the cut is the picture inspiration.

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hey does anyone else just stand in the shower and think about stuff in avatar because sit the fuck down and listen to m e

everyone remembers these little tidbits right?

“Please, Father, I only had the Fire Nation’s best interests at heart! I’m sorry I spoke out of turn!”


“You, my father, who banished me just for talking out of turn.” 

Zuko seems to pretty firmly believe Ozai banished him for speaking out of turn during the war meeting which is like. Entirely not why he did that? I mean, if he was that concerned with his kids talking out of turn in a war meeting Azula’s ass would’ve been out of there in a second. During the War Meeting to decide what to do during Sozin’s comet, Azula blatantly speaks out of turn.

“Hmm…Prince Zuko, you’ve been among the Earth Kingdom commoners. Do you think that adding more troops will stop these rebellions?” 
“The people of the Earth Kingdom are proud and strong.They can endure anything, as long as they have hope.”
“Yes, you’re right. We need to destroy their hope.”
“Well, that’s not exactly what I–”
I think you should take their precious hope, and the rest of their land, and burn it all to the ground.” 

He didn’t ask her opinion. He purposefully asked for Zuko’s thoughts, and he was literally in the middle of a dialogue with him when Azula interjected. And he just rolls with it. Hell, he steals her idea, and claims it was his big idea (dude u literally stole an idea from your 14 year old daughter A+) which is the exact opposite of how he took Zuko’s interjection, even though he might have agreed with it. Possibly even taken the idea. It’s shown in the comics that Ozai is fiercely protective over Fire Nation citizens and soldiers, opposing Fire Lord Azulon’s plans to displace an entire Fire Nation colony in the Earth Kingdom and reinstating the colony as soon as he took the throne. The idea that he, also, disagreed with the General’s plan to sacrifice a squadron of rookie soldiers, isn’t that far fetched. In the second War Meeting, General Shinu says the troops are spread too thin, indicating they probably don’t have many to spare. Not enough to kill off an entire squadron. Zuko literally didn’t give Ozai any time to respond, so he could’ve given Ozai the chance to get rid of him over something they didn’t even disagree on

Honestly, the idea that he banished Zuko for “speaking out of turn” is just a stand in for “needed an excuse to get him the fuck out of the there.” Zuko probably could’ve spilled the tea and Ozai would’ve challenged him to an Agni Kai over it. Idk i always found it interesting that he seems to really believe that’s why he was banished when he literally sees Azula do the exact same thing. 

i wanna caption more screencaps

I Look Forward To It( Leornard Snart x Reader)

Request: Do u still accept request? Can u do a leonard snart/rookiepolice!reader fic? Where reader try to stop robbery n met captain cold. Snart ended up flirting with her before getting away. Reader is so confused n after that they keep bumping into each?

Words: 2172

A/n: Sorry it took me so long to write! It was like a lot originally but I decided to cut it down a bit. I was going to post it early this morning but my computer kept turning off(weird) but here it is. I have more requests and I will continue doing them! Happy Reading!

y/l/n- your last name

Originally posted by dailycaptaincold

“We have a 211 in progress in Jedd National Bank, all units available please respond.” The voice came from the small police radio and your partner, Jim, started the car immediately. 211? That is an armed robbery…your first armed robbery!

“This is unit 32, we are about 3 minutes away and headed that way.” He turned on the siren and made some pretty sharp turns as you headed straight to the bank.

“Are you ready? Back up should be here any minute now.” Your partner turned to you with a kind smile, sensing you were a little nervous since this was one of your first times out in the field.

“Yes.” You replied bravely. He parked the car and opened the door, stepping out into the cold air. You reach for your gun, preparing yourself for whatever may come. You walked towards the back door so you could get in unnoticed while your partner walked in a few feet behind you.

“I’ll check the second floor and you check this floor.” Jim says as he quietly runs up the stairs. You hear some muffled moans and followed the noise. You look around and see a woman sitting down in a chair behind a desk with her hands tied up behind her back and tape covering her mouth. Next to her was a man with a blue parka. He was bent over looking at a computer and holding a bag that looked heavy.

“We have guest upstairs, I don’t want us to be tailed and Mick, don’t-”

“Don’t hurt him.” says a man with an annoyed tone as he steps out of the shadows. When he walks away, he murmurs something about a stupid deal and the Flash, but you push that to the back of your mind. You notice the guy in the parka walk back into a room, leaving the woman alone. You wait a few seconds before stepping out to free the girl.

When she sees you her eyes go wide and she seems to relax at knowing there was help. You put your gun back into the holster, you get down behind her and pull out your pocket knife to cut through the rope.

“It’s okay, keep quiet or he will hear us.”

“Too late.” You feel a gun to your back and freeze. Before you raise up your hands and stand up you leave the knife in her hands so she can finish cutting the rope and set herself free. “Did you really think we saw your friend come in but not you?”

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i wanna add some additional evidence+commentary, but first i wanna say im so tired when people use stahl to bash silas because he isnt like him. they’re different characters, and stahl is part of the cain/abel archetype at that so its not even a fair comparison (a better one would be stahl/kaze as abels). just because they’re nice guy cavaliers doesnt mean they have to be the same.


“seems to have no loyalty towards his nation”
Since we’re on Silas in Birthright, why not point to Birthright!Silas?

BR CH7 (Post-battle):

Avatar: Then you will join us?

Silas: Yes. Perhaps together we can bring peace to the world someday

BR CH12 (Turn where Xander comes in):

Silas: Please understand, milord! Lord/Lady Avatar’s actions are justified! King Garon’s dark ambition is the sole cause of this war. Unless we stop him, both kingdoms with continue to suffer.

BR CH22 (Pre-battle):

Silas: (In response to Ryoma’s offer to give food to Nohr after the war) That’s much appreciated, milord. You are an inspiration! I am prepared to give up my own life to fight for you. Because truly, fighting for you is as good as fighting for Nohr!

The good of Nohr is far and away from an afterthought. The reason why Silas fights on the Hoshidan side is not only because of his loyalty to the Avatar, but because he believes that it is the best way to bring an end to the war. By bringing down King Garon, who started the war in the first place by giving the Avatar the Ganglari, Silas believes that his country will be better off. 

“young enough that the Avatar plain forgot about him… made no friends/considered other life goals”
Silas/Avatar A Support:

Silas: I can see why they tried to take your mind off of me. I guess they just did too good a job…

The Avatar was essentially brainwashed into forgetting about Silas because they always cried about his banishment. They really were friends.

I agree w/Mod Charlotte that there’s nothing stating that Silas never made friends in the years between his banishment and return. In his B support with Ryoma, he said that he did terribly with strangers and the Avatar had to get him to open up. He outright states that he would not be the same person he is today if it weren’t for the Avatar. His bond quote after a level up if you marry him:

Silas: You mean so much to me. You taught me how to be a friend, how to enjoy life. But most of all, you taught me how to love.

JPN!Silas: Thank you. I’m really glad to have you here. You taught me friendship and love. These dear feelings… if it weren’t for you… I’m sure I would never have known them.

Combined with his A support with Kaze on Silas’ views of debts owed:

Silas: (After Kaze apologizes for his actions) I’m not mad. I know what you’re trying to do, and I appreciate it. I hate feeling like I owe people too. I’d give anything to square a debt—even my life. So I kind of know where you’re coming from on this.

Silas believes that he owes a LOT to the Avatar: not only is he a better person because of them, they saved his life after getting in trouble for bringing them outside the castle. 
Another thing that people forget is that Silas did not know that the Avatar forgot about him until his join chapter, AFTER he became a knight. It’s not a matter of “I’m a stalker,” it’s a matter of “Hey friend! You changed my life for the better and and I believe that you’re worth fighting for! Wait… you don’t remember me?”

The other criticisms in the post I’ll blame on bad writing. Even though I do like Silas’ supports with Elise (at least C-A), I will agree that it was not a good idea to have the C-A be about Silas’ lack of a sister and their trying to create a sibling bond with each other. Ideally that chain would have stopped at the A support, but the child mechanics dictate that Silas must be able to marry every non-Corrinsexual bacherlorette, which is why it goes onto the S for both of them. Regarding the A support with Camilla, even though I don’t mind Silas’ wish to have siblings (since, as an only child myself, it’s a wish that I’m very familar with), I agree that it wasn’t the best decision considering that it was right before the S support, so people would take it the wrong way. Personally I’d rewrite that support line, considering it’s already extremely similar to Arthur’s Camilla support, but I digress.

There are a lot of things that the writers could have done better. The fact that the Avatar forgets about him is Silas’ biggest problem, because without being established as the childhood friend first it DOES come off as Silas lying. The Avatar doesn’t know him, and the player doesn’t know him either, and no one in the game corroborates Silas’ claims, so it’s all one big misunderstanding. If the amnesia was played for drama, so that there was some sort of angst/tragedy in Silas’ friendship with the Avatar… holy shit did they mess that one up. Personally, I think it would have been more tragic if the Avatar DID remember Silas and still had to fight him. The writers really didn’t think the whole amnesia thing through, and I’ll agree with OP on that.

Regarding Silas’ responsibilities as the heir to his parents’ titles, that’s another thing that the writers didn’t consider. His family is stated to be rich in his Peri S support (“I come from a prosperous house with many servants”) so there is something for Silas to inherit. I’ll give this one to the writers, since the topic of Silas’ family and the question of inheritance (interesting though it may be) isn’t exactly essential to the story. They clearly do care about each other since they are stated to keep in touch in his S support with Kagero (“I’ve been writing to them about you… From what they’ve written, they’re very excited to meet you. Excited enough, in fact, that they sent me this ring to show their support.”), so make of that what you will.

And if you’re in want of good Silas supports, I recommend his Avatar, Jakob, Kaze, Azura, Hinoka, Oboro, Ryoma, Selena, Beruka, Charlotte, Mozu, and Sophie supports, since they are both enjoyable to read and give some insight into Silas’ character. I’ll end this rant with this:

“he’s like the antithesis to the duty-bound FE knight trope”

Silas/Oboro A Support

Oboro: I wanted to ask you something. You know those bandits we cleared out a while ago? I noticed they were Nohrian, and they were preying on Hoshidan families.

Silas: What about it?

Oboro: Why did you save the Hoshidans? Were you trying to prove your loyalty, now that you’re not with Nohr anymore?

Silas: I’d have done the same if it were Hoshidan bandits attacking Nohrian peasants.

Oboro: So, what’s the deal?

Silas: It’s a knight’s duty to protect the innocent. Now, some might say protecting innocents from an enemy nation is going too far… But in my book, that’s the mark of a true knight.

At the End of the Day

Word Count: 2285

Requested by Anonymous - 

“Can u do an imagine/ one shot whichever where Dean and the reader get in a fight and Dean goes to a bar where the tender talks sense into him and he goes back to the reader where they make up”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary:  After a particularly nasty argument, Dean seeks solace at the bar in town.  It takes an ever-wise bartender for him to realize that his feelings for you are greater than the dispute, and you’re in no rush to gloss over your relationship with him, either.

“What’s got you down?”

Dean looked up from his glass of whiskey, brows furrowed as he stared up at the bartender.  “What?”

“Oh, don’t play that.  I’ve seen enough guys comin’ in here to avoid whatever’s grabbin’ at ‘em to know the look, and they’ve all ordered one drink that somehow lasts ‘em an hour.  What is it?  Finances?  Family?  Missus at home?”

On any other day, Dean would have told the bartender to buzz off and mind his own business.  It wasn’t his concern why Dean wanted to get a drink near midnight, nor was it why he was there, nor why he had been staring at a nearly empty glass of whiskey for over half an hour, but the thought of confiding in someone he wasn’t necessarily close with, someone who couldn’t judge him for his decisions, was oddly appealing.

So Dean scoffed, “I pissed off the only woman that stuck around long enough to piss off.”  

He’ll admit that leaving to go drink rather than resolve the argument with you wasn’t his best move, and that when he returned to the bunker, the two of you would just pick back up where he left (knowing his temper, at least), but he had to leave.  The idea of fighting with you terrified him, and while it certainly wasn’t the first dispute you had gotten into with him, it was definitely the worst one yet.

“But in my defense, she said some things that she knew she shouldn’t have stuck her nose into.”

The bartender nodded in understanding, and flipped the rag he was using to wipe down the bar over his shoulder.  “Yeah, I know that one.  Been married for twenty-three years and been arguing for twenty-five.  This girl—you love her?”

Dean shrugged.

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done with part 2! it took me quite long and i really worked hard on it so i hope you like it! enjoy the 2nd and last part of this!

R: In the Bundesliga, you’re like a physical „Gladiator”…

Ł: *laughing* Who told you something like this?

R: Nobody told me this, I can see that, I can see how well you’re prepared! But I’ve heard this was your nickname in the youth teams? But that’s not because you were…

Ł: Hercules! *laughing* Yes this was the first time I went with the national team I guess, I was 16 or 17, I was so skinny, I got this nickname from our manager, Hercules…

R: Hercules, right! Because I tried to find out about it, I’ve heard about the Gladiator…

Ł: They were kind of making fun of me with this *laughing*

R: Yeah I figured…

Ł: But I accepted it, I was all “Just wait and see!”

R: I can imagine you couldn’t really lift 120kg back then, could you?

Ł: Not really, back then no.

R: And now those preparations, I’m not even talking about the running or endurance but more of this ‘body shaping’ thing kind of became your interest, you can’t deny it.

Ł: Yeah, you know I think it all started when I got that first hip injury in Berlin, I was 21 then, I wasn’t really well-built then so to say and when I got this injury I spent a lot of time trying to make up for the things I couldn’t do the years before and since then I admit I like going to the gym.

R: Yeah I’ve heard that if somebody couldn’t find Piszczek and Drobny in Hertha that meant they’re definitely at the gym.

Ł: *laughing* True, we were there with Jaro quite often, we even stayed there after the training. It was actually him who kind of got me into this, he told me: “Come on, look at yourself! You’re so skinny we have to make a man out of you!” and you know…. It was fun, I always got on well with Jaro, we’re still in touch and this gym thing is definitely thanks to him as well.

R: So he made you a man?

Ł: Yeah he always laughs that… There is this one story but maybe it would be better if I didn’t share it *laughing*

R: Or maybe?

Ł: No, he always says that he taught me to eat, like they say in Czech, „vidickou a nůžem” (with a fork and a knife), that I ate with my hands before. *laughing* And wherever we went, he always said “This is Łukasz I taught him how to eat with a fork and a knife cause he ate with his hands before”

R: So not only body-building but also manners!

Ł: It was always fun with Jaro, really.

R: The people who used to play in Hertha with use always said that on the one hand you were shy, because that’s kind of the kind of person you are, we’ve heard that you’d rather do than talk, so interviews with you aren’t really anything easy …

Ł: *laughing* Okay so we’re done here!

R: But on the other hand, you and Drobny were joking around a lot, like they say still waters run deep

Ł: We felt really good when there were no cameras around, we were playing jokes on people in the changing rooms, like I said I really enjoyed my time in Hertha, especially when I was changing clubs, there’s this story how I just signed a contract here in BVB and was coming back with a train to Berlin with Bartek, my manager, and we were both sitting in this train upset and I was just thinking to myself “What have I done…”. But this was all because I felt really good in Berlin, in Hertha, in the city but as you can see it all happened for a reason and turned out to be positive.

R: I heard that olive oil was poured into water quite often… Do I have good information?

Ł: Well… This was more Jaro’s thing… Often when we had dessert and somebody went to get ice cream, he had to win in ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and once somebody lost to him he had to give away his dessert. Jaro often did it this way, that he let somebody win with him, agreed to make the dessert but then put some sauce on it that definitely did not match the dessert and made it taste bad and had a lot of fun doing this. But this was back when we were younger, I was 21 then and I’ve grown out of it.

R: Jokes aren’t on your mind now…

Ł: Exactly.

R: Now you’re a father, a husband in your family so no place for that. Coming back to the physical stuff, you said you started out with the gym but things like crossfit or bodybuilding were also there, cause it’s of course usually like this when you start with gym you change the exercises with time.

Ł: Yes, crossfit has been around on the Internet for a while now and I also watch some videos, and I am in some way interested in this, but now I think in this time when I’m still an active player, you gotta be careful with this and can’t overdo it, so maybe once I’m done with professional football I could go somewhere in that direction but we’ll see what happens

R: You can notice that when you’re at the gym things like muscle up aren’t really hard for you.

Ł: I gotta tell you it was quite hard at first and I couldn’t really get it right but once you understand how it works, you definitely need strength for this but also a proper technique…

R: Yes, that once you have the strength it’s good but if you don’t have this timing at the same time then it’s…

Ł: Right, it took me 6 months but I managed to figure it out. Now when we’re with the team and some guys try it and it’s not really going too well but you can learn everything.

R: You can learn everything, so you said after you finish your career then something in that direction, but you mean more for yourself or in what way do you think about this crossfit thing, just out of curiosity.

Ł: We’ll see, I will definitely do it for myself, to feel good and I don’t think that I would sit at home doing nothing after I finished my career so I guess something like going for a run or going to the gym and doing crossfit is something that is interesting for me and I will be doing something in that direction.

R: Speaking of this Gladiator and Hercules things you were in the youth teams, is it true that during -the U-19 championships when you were the top scorer you were this physically weak that in one situation you got scared of the goalkeeper and that’s why you scored this famous goal with your back?

Ł: *laughing* Who told you this… I don’t know if it was because I was weak but there was some long pass I saw the goalkeeper coming out halfway through I just stopped, the goalkeeper didn’t really catch the ball well, it fell on my back and fell into the net and that was one of the funniest or weirdest goals I scored on the youth teams, but it also helped me become this top scorer so… doesn’t matter how, what matters is that it was in, right?

R: Exactly, generally at that time you didn’t have many problems scoring goals, I know cause I have friends from Śląsk and one of my good friends Rafał told me how he was a junior in GKS Katowice and Gwarek came with Piszczek, Piszczu put on a 6, and he said he’s injured cause it had no sense at all to play in a game when you scored an unbelievable amount of goals.

Ł: When I was a junior and played in Gwarek I managed to score I think 50 goals in one season and… I really seemed like I’d become quite a good striker! *laughing*

R: And what went wrong?

Ł: See, the change for senior football and maybe also because my body was the way it was, I remember my debut in Bundesliga, in Hertha, we were playing a game in Frankfurt, I was playing on Kyriakos, I don’t know if you know him, he’s the one that looks like a real Gladiator and I was a bit thin back then and he kind of crashed me in that game and that was I think the beginning of an end of a striker Łukasz Piszczek and that’s when the coach noticed that it would be better if I played in the midfield or later in the defence.

R: Did you become a bit… German? No no don’t worry it’s not meant in a bad way, you’re Polish and playing for the Polish National Team but in terms of mentality. Because let’s be honest the German and Polish mentalities are two totally different things and you can’t really compare them.

Ł: I mean not really. I like how things are done here, like I said, training, or involvement in training, or when something needs to be this way it needs to be this way, when it’s about the team this is something I really like cause that’s where I like to have order. Maybe it doesn’t really look how it should look from my side at home, but I’m trying to make it better.

R: You should be resting at home, a professional player is relaxing at home.

Ł: I have my flaws and I know that, but…

R: So there’s still some Slavic fantasy left in you?

Ł: Exactly that’s what I would call it.

R: Good. That is very positive. Coming back to the topics, maybe not the crossfit ones but kind of related to those, of course training at the gym or bodybuilding comes with a certain diet, but I know that you are absolutely a fan of potatoes.

Ł: *laughing* Good information. But I think this is something everybody knows.

R:  No, I have to tell you I had no idea. How does that work do you only eat potatoes?

Ł: No no, maybe before but… You know I come from a Silesian family, we had potatoes for dinner almost every day but I liked it, I like it a lot and I’m not afraid to admit that. Whenever there’s a chance for me to have it when we’re with the team then it’s usually something that ends up on my plate. I know I have to change my menu a bit but whenever I can then it’s just like you said.

R: Potato salad?

Ł: No no maybe not.

R: Okay this maybe not but just normal, healthy Polish potatoes. I’m just wondering why you were so thin if you were eating so much of potatoes.

Ł: *laughing* But I had strength to run!

R: That’s right, I heard when you were in Zagłębie Lubin you were kind of a physical phenomenon, the people who worked there have never seen a footballer who’d have this good results in both endurance and speed tests, you probably heard that you’re this phenomenon cause I think it has always been one of your strong sides in the Bundesliga as well.

Ł: I guess every player in the Bundesliga is like this…

R: From all over the world, the people who are like a physical phenomenon just came together and play against each other!

Ł: I heard about this, professor Chmura did those tests when we were working in Zagłębie with him and he informed me about his discovery if I can call it like this…

Ł: I accepted that and didn’t really pay much attention to this, I just did my thing and if somebody could make the best out of it then I was happy about it cause it only helped me improving and the fact that I was aware of this helped me so I manage to function in a league like Bundesliga.

R: And now just for the end cause I think everything has already been said, I wanted to ask you about what is now and about this current season, cause it has already been special for you and it even turned out that Piszczek can play on an amazing level and it’s not a big deal. You have this one trait of character that you’re very patient and even when you were coming back after an injury in youth teams and your doctor told you you have to wait a bit more, you’re not ready to play yet, you understood and just waited. Your other friends from Silesia, maybe not from Gwarek, but like Dawid Plizga, with great potential, they were different and that’s why they eventually lost and you were like this since you were a child…

Ł: I mean… I’m definitely not patient in my private life *laughing* That’s something my close family knows best…

R: Are you an edgy person?

Ł: Maybe not but I like having everything right here and right now so…

R: Just like you want it?

Ł: Yeah… Well maybe not that it has to be the way I say, but I can’t wait for some things that are supposed to happen in some time but when it comes to health and football, I’ve learned that, especially after that first serious hip injury I had in Berlin, you have to sort everything out before coming back to playing, I know that this time after an injury, it’s not like even after 6 months you’re back to the level you’ve been on before, I knew that after the Champions League final when I had the surgery, that it will be a hard time for me, people got used to me playing on the highest level, but I needed time to recover and I think that this period now, starting from the national team game against Scotland and Ireland, I think this is the level I was on before my surgery. I just hope I will stay healthy now and stay on this level as long as possible.

R: Are you patient with kids?

Ł: I think yes, I think my daughter taught me some patience and I’m rather patient with her, I’m trying not to get mad and I could say this is some kind of an exception in my private life, because she cannot make me lose my cool, there were some situations that she could have, but….

R: But is she taking advantage of it that she knows she can’t make you mad, or maybe she doesn’t know it yet that she can and it’s just your weakness?

Ł: No, I mean that I can be patient with her but I can also make her understand that what dad says is important.

R: So it’s good your family is growing.

Ł: Exactly.

R: Congratulations from all of us and thank you very much meeting us in Dortmund, it wasn’t that bad, you did talk a lot! Cause I once thought of preparing 1000 questions in case Łukasz Piszczek only says ‘yes, no or I don’t know’.

Ł: You know it’s also up to the person on the other side, if they know how to do an interview properly then I can be really talkative.

R: But you know we could make it like this is it would seem like…

Ł: Yes.

R: Thank you very much.


R: We even have this picture you know….

Ł: *laughing* Oh I remember that one I was out shopping with my mom then and she said “Come, let’s take a picture with a football!” and it stayed in our home archive till this day.

Hello, hello! AAAH I couldn’t hold back so I finally went ahead and bought his gorgeous prince! Let’s just jump right in because I am so darn excited to talk about his route! 

This review is for the absolutely gorgeous prince, Yakov Chernenkov’s Main Route! This route contains much fangirling and minimal spoilers, but I promise they won’t ruin the route! Thank you so so much for reading! ヽ(・ω・ゞ) 


GUY: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Marry me)
MC: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
PLOT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
FEELS: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


DAMN YOU VOLTAGE, when I think I found my one true love you just throw another one at me. I thought that my love for Wilfred and the other princes could never be pushed away by someone else, but oh my goodness, I love Yakov. I love him. I am actually IN LOVE WITH HIM. 

I thought his grandkid Ivan’s route was fantastic, but nope, sorry Ivan, your grandpa beat you to the punch. I really thought that Yakov would have a similar personality to Ivan but they’re actually very different. And it is that exact difference that I just adored. 

Ivan is a pretty cool and awesome guy. Just like his granddad he excels at war strategy and being a commander in leading forces and all that jazz. They both are passionate about their country and love their people. But Ivan literally puts his country ahead of himself and nothing else can come between that. 

Yakov is a little more different in the way that despite him wanting the best for his country and being just as passionate, he knows that when he wants something, he can’t let go of it. 

I JUST. OH GOD. It was so good. SO GOOD. ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯) 

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20 and buckysteve ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (but if u rly dont want to eruri is a-ok too <3)

20. things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear (I would’ve preferred angst for this prompt but I’m not familiar enough with MCU to do that…)

“So, how’s Bucky in bed?”

Steve spits out his water, spraying the rack of dumbbells.

“Nat, that’s not—something you just ask someone—! And how did you know?” he adds in a whisper.

“I didn’t,” she says with a grin, calmly capping her own water bottle—black, with a tiny cartoonified version of her on it. “But I do now.”

Steve shrinks in on himself, blush creeping down to his chest. Unfortunately, he’s wearing a low-cut tank, and Nat’s eyes seem to be dipping down—he regrets agreeing to work out with Nat after dinner for the week. He glances around hastily, double-checking that there’s nobody else in the gym with them—luckily, it’s not a popular time. “That’s a private matter,” he manages to say with a level tone.

“Rogers, I’ve kissed you before. We’ve seen each other naked plenty of times”—Steve’s blush deepens—“I’d hardly say this is crossing the line,” she says dryly, but her eyes are twinkling with mirth.

He’s got a few options. One, keep stalling until someone else comes into the gym and exacerbates the problem. Two, answer her questions as simply as he can, and bore her with the mundaneness of their sex life. (Three, jump out the glass window; they’re only what, seven storeys up?)

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ps: I have a prompt for u I think you'll like!! The first time Andrew accepts it's always yes unless it's a no and doesn't need to ask. Neil may or may not tear up because of this level of trust

okay anon, funny story: i wrote this in the car for three straight hours because i was coming home from a family thing and I COULDN’T STOP TYPING it’s unbelievable

this is also posted on ao3 so give it some love over there!!!

under the cut!!!! read it y’all, i’m kinda proud of this

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So…..about last night.

I guess I should tell you guys that I was contacted on Thursday by Taylor Nation through Taylor’s tumblr and……….I freaked out a little bit. Okay, more than a little bit. Way more than a little bit. We all knew about the secret session she’d done prior and I was thinking to myself that maybe this is what they were referring to in the message. I only say that because all they wanted to know was my full name, age, where I lived, etc, etc. It could only mean one thing.

Flash forward an hour after I email them what they wanted. The phone finally rings with a 615 area code. It was Taylor Nation, and long story short, I was invited to a “top secret event,” meaning I couldn’t say a word to ANYONE ABOUT IT. So up until Sunday night was literally awful because I COULDN’T say anything to you guys!!! AND I SO DESPERATELY WANTED TO!!!!!! 

My parents were down with it from the get go and I couldn’t be more thankful for that because they’re the whole reason I was able to get to Nashville. It wasn’t even a thought to NOT let me go because they knew how important this experience was going to be for me. So, on Sunday morning, we all woke up at 5 am and left the house for Nashville at 6, and ended up at the hotel at 1:30 pm. 

3:30 rolls around and we arrive at the meeting destination. The line was considerably long and I was kind of bummed that I didn’t see any familiar faces, but I didn’t let that get me down because I knew what was about to happen. We were escorted onto the bus after showing our IDs and we actually ended up being the loudest bus. So loud that the camera man that had been standing around at the meeting place decided to ride along with us.

In about ten minutes, we arrived at Andrea and Scott’s home. It was beautiful. We were directed to the back patio where we were told to help ourselves to the food and drinks (literally I went ham the sushi was fuckin FIRE shout out to whoever made that) and that we would be getting things started shortly. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After standing around in the backyard, we were finally let into their home. It was gorgeous. It had these tall black walls with white accents all over and it looked very Autumn-y (Taylor said they did that on purpose lol). The living room floor was covered with pillows and we all sat down and waited for the next thing to happen.

The next thing that happened was something that I will never, ever, ever forget. Taylor walked into the room and I absolutely lose it. She looked gorgeous (literally I wasn’t surprised) and even more beautiful in person and honestly she is so cute I’m starting to lose my good puncuation and sentence formation BUT HONESTLY JESUS CHRSIT I WANTED TO DO A SOMERSAULT THROUGH THE CROWD AND JUST…………..HUG HER……..

But I couldn’t. Yet. Because the first thing we did was listen to the first half of the album. Just by listening to the first half I already knew that 1989 is going to be her best album. There isn’t a doubt in my mind about it. But…I want to keep the songs a surprise, so I’m not going to really talk much about.

It’s finally time for “intermission” aka a break where Taylor passes out cookies, we use the bathroom, talk to her parents, etc etc. During this intermission I got to do all of these things. Except use to bathroom. I was too excited to use the bathroom. I got to speak with Andrea and she is so kind and warm hearted, I understand why people adore her so much now. I asked her if I could hug her and she said yes ofhbghh!!!!!!!!!! Then we had a conversation about how much Taylor appreciates all of the things we do for her and that we were hand picked (I lost it because I didn’t KNOW R I P) and how special this is for HER. Andrea Swift is the love of my life tbh

THEN. FINALLY. NO BIG DEAL. TAYLOR STARTED TALKING TO THE PEOPLE AROUND ME. I WAS LITERALLY CONVULSING NEXT TO HER AND MY SISTER WAS LIKE KYLEE. STAY. COOL. REMAIN. CLAM. AND I WAS JUST…………..?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!.1.1.1!?!?!.,11MNUHGIGUK But I did. I kept my cool (surprisingly) and I had a conversation with THE Taylor Swift about how Olivia looked like a baby polar bear. She made direct eye contact and gave me her full attention despite being crowded around 54678900756658 other people. She gave me a hug and after that, passed out some more cookies and then we finished listening to the second half of the album.

Then we all were taken outside and seperated into groups according to the number we had on our wristband. I was group 4. FOUR. F O U R. 1. 2. 3. 4!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not going to talk much about what happened between then and me meeting Taylor because nothing really happened besides a lot of heavy breathing and mental preperation.

When my group got taken into the house, Scott stopped and talked to us for a good ten minutes about how much Taylor loves what she does. He talked about how she’ll wake up in the middle of the night and tell him about ideas for songs that she has. He told us how on a day off Taylor’s just like “Hey, dad. I want to go to the hospital today. Let’s go.” He also talked about when she toured with Brad Paisley, that she would stay out until 1 or 2 am just signing things for fans because she wanted to get to absolutely everyone. We also spoke about how the media portrays her and how hard that is for him sometimes. But he reminded us that Taylor knows who she is and there’s no use in getting upset over it because of that. He was radiating pride and you could tell how much love he has for Taylor.

Finally, it was my time to meet Taylor. I’m so happy I remember all of this so I can share it with you guys. 

I approached Taylor but didn’t have time to even get one word in because she grabbed my hands and looked at me and said, “You are so beautiful. You are so pretty, oh my God. You are SO pretty.” I just shook my head and told her to not say that because I’d start crying, I tried to tell her that SHE was beautiful but she wouldn’t let me (R I P ME SHE’S AN ANGEL) because she went on to tell me that I remind her of an actress, that I cannot remember the name of for the LIFE of me and it makes me so angry. 

Then I clarified that I was the particle girl from the video. I had to explain a bit and her eyes lit up, still holding my hands from earlier, and said, “Oh my God! I am so excited to be meeting you right now! I love your creativity.” I told her how I had school the next day and how hard I was trying and how I had just gotten out of the shower, but she just told me how much she loved the video. It was……so…………I just………….

She wouldn’t let go of my hands. She told me I smelled good. (R I P ME AGAIN FOR LIKE THE EIGHTH TIME!!!!!) 

We talked a bit about tumblr and I said, “I don’t even know if you see what I post.” and she was like “You are /so/ hilarious, like, you are /so/ funny! I love your dark sense of humor. I love what you reblog!” and I felt like fainting because….you guys know how much I love making you guys laugh…I spend so much time on here because you guys GET me and let me say these weird things and LAUGH and you tell me I’m funny and I love making you guys laugh. It makes me so happy. And for Taylor to tell me that was one of the most important things that has ever happened to me.

I then told her I had to get the ~serious~ stuff out of the way. I told her and I guess you guys should know, too. 

First, I had to tell her about the night before the Speak Now show. I was making my big, elaborate poster (that I ended up not bringing because the arena said I couldn’t bring it in. I told Taylor that she said “That’s so lame! It’s like not letting you in because you’re too awesome.)

Anyway, I told her about how I struggled a lot with self harm at that time because of a lot of things. School. Family. Etc, etc. I told her that when I was making my poster, I was so invested in what I was doing that I kind of thought to myself, "Why do I get sad about things when this is what my life is? Taylor Swift, a literal ball of sunshine. Why do I get sad and hurt myself when the person I look up to is so happy?" 

I told Taylor that I stared at the picture of her I had put on the poster and said to myself, "You know what. I am going to stop. I am going to stop for her.” I told her that I haven’t done it since.

Her whole demeanor changed and suddenly she became really concerned. It was so reassuring to see her like that while looking at me. It’s unexplainable. 

I also told her something else.

I sometimes make these long, annoying, sad posts about my mom because a long time ago, way back in 2012, she left us for about seven months. It was just me, my two sisters, and my dad. My dad barely got us by and just had enough money to put food onto the table. My sisters and I had to reconstruct our entire lives because our mom wasn’t there to do the things she normally did. Sometimes I would get left alone a lot because I was the youngest and my sisters were at school or work and my dad was out trying to get every ounce of money he could to raise us three growing girls. In those times, it got very dark. I don’t mean that literally, but it was just a dark time. I would sit alone on the couch crying, asking the fucking wind why my mom wasn’t here. I didn’t know why.

During all of those months, I turned to Taylor a lot. I told her everything above (in tears, gripping onto her hands), but I also told her that I didn’t want to say she was like a mother figure for me, but she definitely filled the void that my mom had created when she left. Taylor was there to tell me it was okay, Taylor was there when I woke up for school, Taylor was there to tell me to do all of the things that I didn’t want to do just because I felt like I was too weak and I felt like there was no point. She showed me that there was purpose. Of course, I don’t mean that she was there LITERALLY because. Obviously. Hello. But her and her music guided me through a lot. And I had to thank her for that, so I did.

She held onto my hands and said, “I am so, so proud of you. Everything that you specifically have gone through and what you and your family has gone through, I am so proud. That was all you guys. It wasn’t me. That was you.” I managed to hold back my tears but I thanked her about a gazillion times because at that moment I knew that Taylor Swift was proud of me. Taylor Swift is proud of me. 13 year old me was sobbing in a corner about that somewhere.

My sister Ashlee was walked over and Taylor explained to us how important it was that we stuck together when my mom left. Ashlee said, “This is so important to me, seeing her get to meet you, because this girl right here is my best friend, my baby. And you make her so happy. I’ve never seen her this happy. Thank you.”

We took our pictures and I got to go first. I said, “The duck face and the peace sign are kind of my thing.” She said, “Oh, like this.” And threw up the deuces and did a duck face (R I P ME!!!!!!!!“ I was like yes!!! and she said, "Okay, let’s do this!” So we did. It was amazing. Rip. Me. Forever. I am dead. In the grave. Then Ashlee came over and we took a group shot. Rip. Me. Again. Dead. 

I hugged her one last time and told her I love her to the moon and back and she told me that she loves me too. I didn’t want to let go tbh my whole life was in my arms honestly I walked away in tears, holding my sister’s hand.

That day will never leave my mind. Those moments will never leave my mind. I will never, ever forget what Taylor did for me yesterday and I am so thankful that she thought I was worthy enough to come spend five hours with her and a bunch of other fans. I will never comprehend that. I will never, ever understand.

I want to end this with reminding you all that I was the girl who had accepted the fact that I was never going to meet Taylor. I had decided that it wasn’t meant to be and I was just going to have to get over that. I’d spend nights crying in my room because I was so sad. I’d make posts about it that went on for HOURS about how I would never get to thank Taylor for all that she’s done for me.

But last night, I got to do all of those things. Nothing went unsaid and I am so happy I told her everything I wanted to. 

Thank you again, taylorswift, for absolutely everything. I miss you already.

Finally saw CACW

And I’m so ready to give my unpopular opinion. This going to be long and kinda all over the place. I just need to rant. 😩😩😩 sorry for all the run ons and extra commas in advance.


I honestly was disappointed in the story line. It started off super strong but as it continued and players kept being added and more information came out, it just fell apart. Like why even go through the whole crying in Wanda’s bedroom about being held responsible for their crimes and then when like 113 nations give them a solution they’re just like “um no thanks”. Especially Wanda, right?! I mean, isn’t that kinda why she hated Tony. Tony never meant to make a bomb that would kill her parents, but he did and she felt like he should be held accountable for it (see age of ultron). Now she blows up a building of innocent people and she gets a pep talk about how accidents happen and she’s never punished (expect for mild house arrest). Like she’s been in the people of Lagos’ position literally a movie ago and to be fair they aren’t even asking for her to be killed in return, just that some control is given to the people, since they people are the ones being killed. And that leads me into Steve right. I just want to start out by saying that I REALLY liked Bucky in this movie. He was very realistic through out the movie. He stated that he was innocent in the recent bombing fiasco, but he never denies that he has killed and he should be held responsible on some level. Of course he runs from authorities, but almost felt like it was natural (a kinda fight or flight kinda thing). But Steve seems to want to completely gloss over the whole thing. Like even after he watches a video of Bucky killing the the Starks and the several confession Bucky has made, Steve is still all about Letting Bucky go Scotch Free. And I’m sorry, if some one killed my parents, a guilty conscience wouldn’t be enough to help ME sleep at night. I will give the writers that they definitely got Steve’s stubbornness down. It’s crazy, it’s like no matter how many people try to reason with cap he just doesn’t respond. But the ONE TIME Natasha tries to reason with Tony, at the End of the movie after she’s essentially betrays him( Tony), she gets mad at him and tells him to “check his ego”. GURL, Steve needed an ego check through out the entire movie but it was all just “Steve being stubborn Steve”. I get it, her and Steve are close so she can just watch him from afar and know that he’s fighting a greater evil, but nobody else could. Everyone on Tony’s side was kept completely out the loop. Heck I felt like I was out the loop because, from my perspective, it looked like Steve was just screwing everyone over to protect Bucky 😊.
There’s also the fact that all the avengers willing break the law that is designed to make the rest of the population feel safe. And they literally throw a fit about being Locked up, but they were totally cool with the idea when cap was giving his pre-fight pep talk. Especially Clint, like aren’t you retired??? But it doesn’t really matter because Steve sets them all free. This might be what I didn’t like most about the movie. In the original comic arch, the people win in the end. Cap’s side is able to understand why the people are scared and that they really want this. Imagine your a citizen and in the past four years attacks on your city have risen drastically and while the heroes help. They are typically the cause and the citizens are just collateral damage. This civil war was like a f u to the private citizen. This whole war only led to the death of innocent civilians and the freedom of the people that cause it. And if I start talking about how Rhodney is the only one who got hurt in this movie, I will literally lose my mind, like why Rhodney????????!!!!!!!!! Was his injury just further proof that “see Tony is the villain that’s why his best friend almost died”?????!!! (Because that’s what it felt like)

Of course not all was bad. Black panther and Spider-Man were absolutely amazing in this movie. Like Peter was the perfect little cinnamon bun and I love the relationship between him and Tony (I love parent acting Tony). I honestly need to write a WHOLE paper on why black panther snatched my edges and gave me life. And I literally screamed seeing teenage Tony interacting with his family, even if is was fake. Really everyone’s interactions were so lovely, even during the fights. Sorry for the long rant but I hate this arch anyway, but I feel like this movie kinda dropped the ball in some aspects. But I’m still trash, so I’ll probably go watch it again.