i mean he's my spirit animal but


everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.

First Day of School (Yoongi)

I wanna take a second to say another thank you for 4k bc you deserve so many thank yous and hugs and if I could give each of you a hug and say thank you, I would and I will, as always, be doing something to celebrate!! Onto the post, it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, one half of Sope, my highkey spirit animal who is looking so cute and niCe I mean he always does but the recent gayo episode oh boY that was a look i wanna see repeated, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D (also Jin graduated so congradulations to him!! I’m really happy the boys surprised him bc ik he must have been disappointed he couldn’t attend the ceremony this is why I love BTS they’re such a family)

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Yoongi post, he has one daughter, there is also a version where he has a younger son (there are a couple years between them) I’ll be using the second one so this may get kinda long
  • The bby Mins s o fucking cute like have you ever seen bby pictures of Yoongi he was such an adorable bby they’d have those same chubby cheeks and the gummy smiles and they’re s o tiny
  • They’re some of the tiniest bbys in the bunch tbh, the only ones that are shorter than them are Tae’s youngest son and the Jeon twins (but spoiler alert, once puberty happens those two shoot right on up the height chart and leave the others looking tiny)
  • But they’re also on the younger side of the group so they still have some time to catch up
  • Bby girl doesn’t really get what’s going on with the whole school thing, she knows what the idea of it is and she’s excited for it, it sounds cool she gets to learn all the things and be with her friends but she hasn’t realized that she’s not gonna be able to take Yoongi with her
  • This entire time, she’s been assuming he’ll come with her bc he never leaves her side they wake up together, play together, eat together then cuddle, fall asleep and repeat the process
  • So when he tells her that she has to go in solo, she’s just like nah never mind let’s just stay home and play and it takes him a l on g time to convince her that it’ll be okay and there are tears when she sees that he’s being serious about it and his heart breaks bc Yoongi is all tough and badass on stage but the second he hears that teeny tiny whimper and sees her eyes get all watery, he has to do e v e rything he possibly can to stop it immediately
  • Even when she was just a newborn and crying was her main way of communication, he would be s o fucking quick about solving whatever was wrong, you didn’t even have time to sit up and realize what was happening before Yoongi had her in his arms, he can n o t handle tears
  • He has to give her a really really long hug and promise that it won’t be that bad once she’s there and that he’ll pick her up and get her ice cream and give her a sticker and he’s getting so close to tearing up himself bc every single sob is just making his heart o w but thankfully she calms down after a few minutes
  • After a long talk about it, she starts getting a bit more excited about it bc yoon starts telling her all of the stories from his own experience and he gets you to tell yours
  • Bby boy’s reaction to school is the complete opposite, he’s w a y more excited than she was bc he’s been able to see her going to school and she makes it sound fun so he’s being hyped up by both her and all of the other bbys so he’s ready to gO
  • He is pretty sad that he can’t hang out with Yoongi all day bc bby boy is just as attached to him as bby girl is and he does tear up a bit the day before school and he goes to Yoongi’s office (he uses the spare room in the house as an office area) and silently climbs into his lap and hugs him really tightly
  • Yoongi gets him to cheer up a bit by letting him press some of the “shiny buttons” and feeding him some chocolate but he doesn’t let him go the rest of the night, you go into yoon’s office at midnight looking for him and you just see the two of them curled up on the couch together so you leave them be
  • Typical mornings with the Mins are cuddly, there’s so much cuddling going on, bbys are cuddling each other, you’re cuddling yoon he’s cuddling you and them everyone’s just warm and happy and sleepy
  • They let yoon sleep in a bit but at the same time, they’re two energetic toddlers who are getting hungry so they start jumping all over the bed and giving the two of you “kiss attacks” to wake you up completely and if all else fails, they’re gonna scream so it’s better to just wake up asap
  • Yoongi has to carry them downstairs and on the couch and get a cartoon playing before they can get back up if either of you want to be able to do anything that morning bc those two are playful af and if you let them, they’ll keep you playing with them all morning
  • You and Yoongi make breakfast together, some days you make it, some days he makes it but most of the time, it’s a team effort bc the quicker it’s done the better
  • They always end up joining you two in the kitchen though, they’re hugging your legs or wanting to see what you’re doing and you end up carrying one of them while yoon carries the other and they get to snack on some apples while they wait so their tummies aren’t totally empty bc bby boy gets really pouty when he’s hungry he just walks around with a permanent pout on his face until he gets fed
  • But on both of their first days, they cling onto Yoongi the entire morning, they don’t wake him up, they don’t let him put them down on the couch, they don’t let him do anything if he isn’t carrying them while he does it
  • He doesn’t mind at all tbh bc he’s gonna miss them so much, even if it just for a few hours bc those are his bbys, they’re his mini mes, his muses he’s never had to spend so long away from them unless it was for work and even then, he had them on face time the entire time he was gone so he could just look over and see their beautiful faces
  • Bby girl starts getting more excited when Yoongi starts going through her clothes with her bc it starts kicking in that she’s gonna go to school and see her best friends
  • Her first day outfit is super cute, it’s picked by her of course, it’s some bby jeans aka one of my favorite things to ever exist bc they’re so tiny, a shirt with a flower on it and a coat over it and one of the Mins infamous scarves with tiny bby boots
  • Her hair is put into a ponytail at her request and Yoongi knows that it’s gonna last about an hour but whatever she wants, she gets that’s rule number one in his book
  • Bby boy’s outfit is also super cute bc he’s super cute, he’s got the bby jeans as well but his are blue (her’s were gray) and he’s got a t-shirt with a lil mustache on it and then of course the bby coat and some sneakers that match Yoongi’s and the scarf bc Yoongi is that one dad that bundles his bbys up when the weather gets the tiniest bit cold
  • His hair is forever messy so Yoongi does try to tame it a bit by pushing it back and at least getting it out of his face
  • Bby girl’s got a Tom and Jerry lunchbox and a Peppa Pig backpack bc her faves, bby boy’s got a Clifford backpack with a matching Tom and Jerry lunchbox bc that’s one of the only shows that can keep their attention in the morning so they’ve grown up with it
  • Yoongi is drea din g the goodbye the entire car ride but both of the bbys seem to forget about it until they actually have to do it
  • He gives them such tight hugs and no one wants to let go first so they just sit in the middle of the hallway hugging and you have to just smile bc before bby girl was born, he told you that it was gonna be you that cried on their first day and that he would buy you some chocolate afterwards to make you feel better
  • But they were both s o attached to him and he was their best friend and cuddle buddy and they always ran to him whenever they were hurt or feeling ill and they’re just his entire world but now they gotta grow up and makes friends and further develop their own personalities
  • But the logical side doesn’t make it any easier to let them go of course so he can sit there and explain it to himself all he wants but there are still tears gathering up in his eyes while he’s fixing their bags and telling him he’ll see them soon and to have lots of fun and that they can tell him everything once he picks them up
  • He’s so proud of them but also he’s a bit sad bc his munchkins but then they both give him a kiss on the cheek and say ily before running off into their class with their friends
  • Seeing them hugging their “cousins” (all of the bbys call each other cousins) and giggling and knowing they won’t be alone makes him smile and he finally feels ready to leave
  • “Let’s go get some chocolates”

Last night I heard my mom telling my dad, “I have two children, stop being the third”.

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Do you have a Hobi bitch face appreciation post?

I don’t, but I’m about to make one now: 

Although Hoseok has always made me smile with his own amazing smile, he also makes me laugh with this unique bitchface 

(gifs and images don’t belong to me)

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look at him

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I mean talk about total sass

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Hobi’s my spirit animal tbh

I mean

The kid’s just covered in sass

Just look at him

It’s as if he’s in a constant state of judgement and bitchface

always disgusted with everyone’s shit

never puts up with it

horrified by life itself

and hating everything

(he gets it from Yoongi)


I can’t count how much I said ‘fuck’ throughout that episode. That fucking ending had me in tears and that cliffhanger ughhh I’m so emo!!! Why is this show doing this to me??? My heart ahhh ;-;

1. I really love their friends though. The subplots are amazing in support of the main story. The supporting characters are very significant and memorable just like the leads, that’s why you can tell they really took their time refining the script, everything fits perfectly.

2. Ma Rin is still awesome and embarrassingly stupid and shameless lmao, but So Joon’s falling for her, he laughs at everything she does now. I mean who wouldn’t love her? She’s everyone’s spirit animal. And now it’s her time to get to know So Joon and be someone he can confide in; they did undergo the same trauma. He’ll finally have someone that truly understands the guilt, pain and the sadness that he tries so hard to hide. At the same time, she’ll be able to confide in him too since no one really gets the burden she carries after the accident.

3. So Joon and his deepest pain - My heart broke too much whenever he thinks of the accident. That dialogue w/ his friend’s dad where he said, “I don’t have peace with it. It’s not something I can make peace with just because I want to. I won’t have peace even when I die. I don’t even want it.” I’m starting to think that the reason he’s desperate to live (although anyone would normally be as desperate as him) is bc he’s guilty that his parents had to die that way and he had to live when they are ‘more deserving’ than him, they were gone when he wasn’t even able to be a good son. Now he can’t just let the life he still has be taken away just like that, it’s all he has. It’s all that’s left of him.

3. So Joon and his future self - I love how he started fantasizing about a family when he never even thought about marriage before lol. It’s such an unfamiliar thought to him, and he must’ve been so desperate to change his fate if in the tiniest bit he thought ‘maybe this could work’. AND how cool was it that they even showed the future So Joon’s perspective??? Wow I’m so shook??? No one expected that bc if the future is no longer a mystery that the story can’t touch, if we know something about the future, then the plot is opened to more possibilities since cliches were crossed out the moment we knew about the future SJ’s thoughts/voice. Also fuck I cried yall the way present SJ was talking to future SJ - he wasn’t completely mad, there was a subtle sadness in his tone. He was afraid that it would really be the end, it was like a final pointless plead to his future self even if they both knew nothing will change. This whole present-future self thing is a great metaphor for the struggle within a person’s inner self. And when future him asked him if he could try to make things work with her AHHHH TT_TT and the way he cried??? He knew it was his final moment and that was the last thing he said oh my god I’m so done I’m so hurt

4. The cinematography is wonderful once again, the camera work is just mindblowing. The score is amazing again as well. It’s so unique and it creates the greatest atmospheres per scene. This drama has, hands down, the best cinematography and scoring in all kdramas, it’s a hundred levels above anything else. And now I’m ready for ep 4, I’m ready to cry my heart out, I need it rn ;-;

Me browsing tumblr like...

*sees a post where Jungkook is being a bunny* awwww 🐰 I definitely have a special place in my heart for Kookie.

*sees Jin being adorable and remembers how he got me into BTS* Jin’s definitely special to me.

*sees Hobi being cheerful/unexpectedly wise/dancing* he’s so attractive he slays me the most.

*sees Yoongi and identifies with his personality* you are my spirit animal Yoongi, you mean a lot to me.

*Post about Namjoon being intellectual/adorkable* Joonie you’re my type and definitely the one for me at the very least we’d be bffs.

*post about Jimin being extra or giggle or his eye smile* ah Park Jimin how are you allowed to go from 0-100 like that? Get you a man who can do both. You affect me the most.

*post about Taehyung being a cutie or alien* hehehe typical Tae your so adorable ❤❤ ilu

“So who’s your bias?”

WELL it’s obviously-

I made two new Night Terror OC’s based off birds that I recently encountered!

On the left we have Lauren who is a Western Blue Jay. She helps out characters in her training arena master moves, combos, etc. She loves to encourage her students and is very outgoing despite being slightly vain and aggressive around possible Eastern Blue Jay characters.

-How I chose her spirit animal: I spotted a flash of blue fly right outside my window and was stunned how beautiful and vibrant that blue jay was.

And on the right we have Wallace “Winchester” the Pileated Woodpecker prankster. As mentioned he’s very mischievous and loves to mess around with other dreamcasters but when he’s not pranking other birbs, you’ll find him flying around taking notes as professional journalist- meaning he’ll take key notes on phobias and report them to higher ups (such as Jasper)

-How I chose his: I was walking over to my mom’s to get a lift to work when I hear a caterwaul of a “HAHAHAHAHA” fly over head , startling me. I was able to gaze at the form to recognize it was Woodpecker. I often see common yellow-shafted flickers but seeing his kind is specialty cuz that’s probably the third one I’ve seen in my life.

Night Terror (and mention of Jasper) belong to Rebornica

I HATE that I never see Ed Sheeran Appreciation Posts..He’s a Gem.

^^Like what in the hell does that even mean?

^^then you’ve got Ed and Harry’s wonderful friendship..which always results in crazy shit happening. 

I love how he works his audience..and just blurts out whatever he’s thinking

^^I will gladly do this. I already have a Panda onesie ready!

^^ He has absolutely not restraint and I love it.

^^^ If you haven’t seen this cover go and do it right FUCKING NOW!!

^^Dont even get me started on this, its probably my most watch music video.


Season two’s episode finale must be one of the most romantic scenes ever…and I mean it in a very poetic, dramatic sort of way.
It left me with so many mixed feelings….
I mean Hannibal’s been a manipulative bastard but you can clearly see the moment when he suddenly can’t function alone, when he needs will by his side.
It’s True…Hannibal’s been changed by Will as much as how much Will’s been changed by Hannibal…if not more.
Which leaves me in a dilemma…do I feel sad for Hannibal or Will?
Both of them have betrayed each other and all…
God they’re just so friggin dysfunctional and that’s why they’re perfect…
One broken, bitter, dark relationship and seriously one of the most romantic…