i mean he's my spirit animal but

Bambam: *loses Yugyeom in a crowd*
Bambam: don’t worry hyungs I got this
Bambam: *screams* EEASSYY~
Yugyeom: *bobs his head above the crowd*
Yugyeom: EEASSYYY!!~
Bambam: found him

Healing the Kenku

I’ve been GMing a relatively new group and it was the first session of our new Tabaxi ranger who just joined the group.They were in an encounter with a necromancer and his small skeleton brigade and after our Kenku tried to go directly for the Necro, he got fatally wounded.

Tabaxi Ranger: Kenkus are chicken persons right ?

GM: They look like Birds, yes.

Tabaxi Ranger: I want to roll for animal healing.

Druid: Animal Healing?

GM: Do you mean Medicine?

Tabaxi Ranger: No I mean Animal Healing. (he points to Animal handling)

The whole table starts laughing, the druid is wheezing and starts to explain what animal handling is.

At least he killed the Necromancer right after that with a backflip over the Skeletons and for which he rolled a 20 and asked to jump super high with it and a following one for which I had him take 1d6 fall damage and gave double the damage to the Necro on which he landed. 

At first I wasn’t sure about this character. Something seemed shifty…

Apparently Gon didn’t think so. 

I mean, I would have the same reaction, but we’ve come to expect this from our straightforward to a fault protagonist. 

Yeah, that’s KIllua’s job.

Again, KIllua’s job. I’m warming up to this guy; this scene is too funny not to.

Because you’re not Gon! Listen to the chameleon man, he’s giving some pretty good advice.

Spoken like a true paranoid; I’ve found a kindred spirit.

Someone’s finally calling out the protagonist.

I think I’m starting to really like Meleoron…..

This is so accurate it kills. It’s official, Meleoron is my spirit animal.

Last night I heard my mom telling my dad, “I have two children, stop being the third”.

Goddammit i said i wasn’t going to do another drunk rewatch

But in fairness i am just lightly tipsy and in even more fairness was already watching TEH and i couldnt handle it silently.

- i love John’s Sherlock cosplay coat. He looks like such a little nerd.

- Wait mycrofts office was always this terrible EMP dungeon

- Mad ppassive aggressive mrs. Hudson is my spirit animal

- I love how when Sherlick says “and what about john watson?” Anthea looks at mycroft like “please i cant with this high school shit right now”

- Mrs. H’s first thought to “moving on” was that John would leave the country before finding someone new. Just saying.

- Also john agreed to “So soon, after sherlock?” So like he wasnt defining it platonically either there were ya mate.

- Oooookkay, i know its a real street, but the fact that their date was on “Mary le bone” Road is a bit too hashtag straight sex wink wink nudge nudge for comfort.

- Sherrlick calling mycroft blood like “blahd” is my spirit animal.

- This whole restaurant scene is so silver screen 1955 and i am Here. For. It.

- “Sorry that took so long,” is a thing that secret agents say when they are using the bathroom as an excuse after they hacked into something.

- Call me a liar but him worrying that john will be “indiscreet” is like the gayest Victorianest thing sherlock could say.

- Forgett the letter, we still dont know what mary’s “Secret Tattoo” is.

- Reblog if you want a Dad Hug from Lestrade and a Daddy Headslam from John.

- I hereby declare Lestrade’s new name is Goldfish.

- The main question of this episode is Why did john only suspect the patient after he tried to sell him pornos? Seriously he gets this look on his face that’s like “oh no, sherlock, you ain’t pulling that porno trick on me again,”?

- I love Molly in this episode. She is so cheeky.

- The suicide chips shop with the sex shelves was off of Mary Le Bone rd too. Gawd. Wait he also offered molly chips? Oh nooooooo, molly…

- This is where molly and sherlock had their closure. That whole shit in s4 was beyond unnecessary

- “Saint James the Less” is just another way of saying “Jim’s number 2” isn’t it, mary. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

- My subtitles say that Mary shouted “Get up, John” when they ran at the fire. Lady, hes ina fire. He thought of that.

- Fuck you in particular, elephant pattern on Moran’s throw pillows

- John’s Down to Business danger walk is my spirit animal

- “What are you doing?”


- Its kinda weird that this episode and v for vendetta and the rdj sherlock movie all have this same parliament explosion plot. Except maybe it was ACD and im being ignorant. Damn i really need to read acd.

- Im not a drunk but i did just notice i have a cut on my finger

- Moran types 051113. Do3ss that mean something. Playse moftiss, may oy ‘ave some'ore.

- Sherlock faking his mind palace so he can make an o face is my spirit animal.

- John interrupts sherlocks fake speech with “yeah i know” as soon as he mentions mary. Hes trying to keep him from saying something “indiscreet.” You’re dying, you pathetic

- Sherlock’s face when john forgives him. It isn’t fake. He didn’t think he would. I can’t

- Codename Lazarus was about the fake death. If i remember my stifled fundamentalist christian upbringing correctly wasn’t the whole point of the lazarus story the fact that they had to convince lazarus’ sisters Mary and Martha that he was truly risen from the dead? Oh my god did 5hey name Mrs. HudsoN MARTHA so they could make that one vague bible joke? I hate everything?

- Nobody who wrote three different fake resurrection scenes could write The Final Problem and be serious about it. Stay Anderson, my friends. Stay Anderson.

- Someday i want to feel as free as Anderson, gigglig and getting tangled up in yarn and newsprint.

- Sherrlock and John relievedly pretending they are laughint tears because sherlock tricked john and not becsuse they had A Moment is my spiriblahaha animablalala

- John giggling over mollys version of porn parody sherlock is…everything.

- Im sorry how could anyone not read the end of the episode where Cam realizes Sherlock’s weak spot as John as not complete and utter evidence of…like this whole epusode is so sexually tense i cannot…likr every ingle confrontational scene isnot like haha they are friends but in an almist gay way but no homo haha, like the entire plot HINGES on the tension of him coming back and then Ends by Foreshadowing a Wedding as if it is the literal apocalypse.


Before I start this, I just wanna say a huge huge thank you for 4,200 followers!!! That’s so crazy to think about, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it but thank you all so much for all the support and love, it means a lot to me!! Onto the post, it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, another member of the hyung line, my highkey spirit animal whose English is so fucking adorable like it’s a bit more rare to hear him speak it but when he does, it’s so cute, his accent is 10/10 I love accents so much and he always tries his best and I love him for that, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This post is written in the college AU, it just helps set the scene a bit but there are two versions of college!yoon, photographer!Yoongi (here) and music major!Yoongi that was featured in a scenario I did ages ago (here)
  • Visuals are up first bc I love me some visuals 
  • There are so many looks to choose from oh my lord, it’s so hard to choose for him bc he looks so good in all of them but I gotta go with Run era!Yoon
  • The outfits, the hair, the entire overall vibe was just so nice, the performances were great, the song is iconic, Run was just a really really good era for everyone involved
  • Player!Yoongi also does the black hair of course bc yoon with black hair is just so amazing, he looks breathtaking with the black hair, he does the pink hair, he does the orange, the blonde, all the good shit
  • Yoongi’s style just screams boyfriend, he’s always in such comfy looking clothes and when he wears his scarves !!!!!!!
  • He most often wears jeans but the top does change, typically it’s just a casual t-shirt but sometimes he goes for a button up and he loves a good jacket I wanna see him in a cardigan tbh has he ever worn one I can’t remember if he has, tag mE IF HE HAS
  • There are a couple of outfits that fit this AU so well like when he wore these leather pants and a white t-shirt and a black blazer and the snapback and glasses and bag and he looked so good, it’s a bit more of a date outfit bc I can’t imagine that wearing leather pants around a campus when you have classes and have to walk all around campus is the most comfortable thing in the world
  • The second outfit is more of an everyday type of look and it’s every single time he’s ever worn flannel bc that is such an underappreciated look, I want it to be a comeback look bc that’s so nice to think about, I love flannel!Yoongi so much I can’t choose just one look for it
  • Snapback!Yoongi makes frequent appearances, if it’s not a snapback, it’s a beanie bc either one of those is a good deal
  • Okay so here’s the thing about Yoongi, he’s not emotionless, he’s got a soft heart and a really sweet, caring side to him so I don’t think he would lead anyone on about the relationship
  • He’s a really blunt person in general so he would just be straight up with them and say hey this is all casual, I’m probably not gonna call back after a couple of dates, etc.
  • He doesn’t sleep with a whole lot of people tbh, I know that for some people that’s one of the qualities of a player but to me, he seems like he needs to be in love to be able to share that part of him with someone bc I think he takes a while to open up to people and fully trust them
  • If he ever does, he would have to know them really well, it wouldn’t be a first date type of thing, it would be someone he was close friends with, it doesn’t really happen with him
  • He does do make outs though, that’s pretty common
  • He kinda attracts people without meaning to, he has that bad boy vibe and a lot of people are into that edgy look where it’s like ooh I’m dating a bad boy
  • So nearly all of his dates approach him first but he does like flirting with them and spending time with them bc it helps clear his mind and he also likes having different “models” to take pictures of
  • He’s such a gentleman to his dates and he makes them laugh a lot bc he’s a really funny person with his dry humor and the sarcasm and the -_- face he makes, plus his comedic timing is !!!
  • He would arrange the cutest lil dates ever, they’re always really personal and private
  • He does a lot of park dates, picnics, ice cream, if his date is another photographer or willing to be his model, he’ll take pictures of them
  • By the end of the date, they’re heart eyes bc he can be really really kind and thoughtful
  • He’s never really had a serious relationship but he has been called boyfriend a few times, it doesn’t last long though bc he’s really busy and he never wanted anything serious with them to begin with
  • The “breaking up” part is of course never fun but he knows that if he doesn’t do it, they’ll think he’s got feelings he doesn’t and like I said earlier, he’s not the type to lead people on
  • Most, if not all, of his dates know that he’s not gonna be sticking around for long so it’s not a huge shocker when he does it
  • You two are roommates 
  • He can get really stressed bc he’s juggling photography, which already takes up so much of his time (he’s not complaining, he loves it) but then he’s also doing music on the side and working at this local cafe to help pay rent and he’s also got the general classes he has to take so he can get stressed sometimes and you of course, have your stressed days as well
  • The relationship happens pretty naturally, one night, you two had been up late studying for finals and started to argue out of stress and when you went to leave, he kissed you
  • The two of you hadn’t really spoken much for the rest of the finals week bc now you were trying to reason it all bc there so many things it could’ve meant, it could’ve been pure stress, he could’ve just wanted to get some of those pent up feelings out, he could’ve been trying to confess
  • You both get so busy with finals and rarely see each other but then after that week, you two have to face each other and deal with the situation bc you know that Yoongi has other people he’s seeing and you’d started flirting with someone as well
  • He’s not sure if he’s ready to confess bc there’s a chance you won’t like him back and he already feels like he’s ruining the friendship by making you feel awkward with the kiss so he’s worried that if he does confess and you don’t return the feelings, he’ll have blown it and would lose you so he just blames it on stress
  • It takes a while for the two of you to confess bc both of you feel like you’re walking on thin ice at this point bc of the kiss thing, you didn’t exactly pull away from the kiss so he feels like there should be something there but it’s all too risky
  • It’s not until the term starts up again and you see Yoongi going on more dates and this one time, one of his dates come to pick him up and you see them together and that’s what gets you to snap
  • When he comes home that night and you see them kiss goodnight, it’s too much so you have Yoongi come sit with you to talk again
  • This time, you let him know all about how you actually feel about him and you’re kinda rambling a bit bc you’re a bit nervous to see his reaction so you just keep talking and he just starts to smile and it’s this really soft smile and then he kisses you again
  • “I love you too”
  • “What about the others?”
  • “I’d rather be your boyfriend, if you’ll have me”
  • “Of course I will”

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could we have some relationship/fluff headcanons for gregory violet please?😀

Ah yes, my spirit animal, finally~

Also, I thought that maybe I could write some more headcanons in my requests, I don’t know how it’ll came out but let’s try! I’m such an Aries I can’t even run my blog without changing the rules every month lol.

Wow, I still have so many ideas even though I wrote so much already, I’ll just leave them for the next time, I suppose.

Gregory Violet:

  • Gregory will always consider you as his muse, not in a way where he would want you to be real inspiration for any of his drawings but in a meaning of bringing some sense to his life. It has nothing to do with art itself, really, but you can expect him to quietly watch you in some casual situations as if you were another kind of human and looking for some stimulants this way. Do not be surprised when he will end up creating a bridge or a fly on the paper later then, it’s all the matter of associations which can be hard to understand for the others. What is important, however, you can be sure that no matter what he draws, it never means anything offending.
  • You can try to ask him what inspired him to do this certain drawing but he probably won’t answer you - not in a way you could understand his way of thinking. He is truly secretive and withdrawn even when around you and sometimes he will feel bad about it, wishing that you could communicate in a more open manner so it will be very important for him to show your understanding. Even though he probably won’t show it on the outside, he will be really happy to have you - especially if you will respect his attitude and not push him too much. After getting to trust you, he will eventually try to explain why there is a fly on his drawing and what does it have in common with the way your hair move on the wind.
  • His favourites activities to participate in with you will be certainly watching movies, visiting libraries or art galleries, anywhere where silence is rather required. Even if such places will interest you, he will be completely distracted from them by your presence so you may catch him staying somewhere and blankly staring at the wall, completely not concerned about the freaking Mona Lisa at his right. He will often drown in thoughts and since relationship with you will be something new for him, this will be something to mostly occupy his mind.
  • Gregory demans a lot of distance and you have to be able to give him that. Do not be angry when he will want to spend an evening alone, do not blame him for not wanting to be around you all the time or not wanting to go out, I can assure you that it has nothing to do with an eventual lack of interest, he will just need to have time only for himself to contemplate a little and enjoy the silence without concerning whether you are getting bored or not.
  • He has a lot of self-consciousness and although he won’t ask you for that, some reassuring is always nice for him. As much as he may not be quite responsive toward it, he will never push you away when you will cuddle to him or show him any kind of physical contact; honestly, you can start braiding his hair and he won’t complain - he may even compliment it in the end. When it comes to different ways of spending time with you, he will gladly (but not visibly gladly) agree to go out wherever you want to, only if it won’t be any kind of party. Things that interest you will also interest him and he will always take mental notes about what you like and not - even if he will probably forget about them later.
  • Gregory is insomniac and suffers from chronical nightmares so you should be ready to wake up and help him get over it in the middle of the night. Your presence will be a blessing for him and you won’t ever see him as vulnerable and full of regret as when he will be clutching to your pyjamas for his dear life. Those will be the only moments when you will see him crying.
  • Everyday, he will be actually pleasure to be around: not too absorbing, not too loud but always having something interesting to say (even though he probably won’t say it) and - surprisingly - he can be quite funny. He will like to see you smile or laugh at some of his eccentric behaviours, it won’t offend him in the slighest and if he will realize that some of them are particularly enjoyable for you, he may repeat them more often. He likes the others to give him space but he is also pretty distant himself, aware that sometimes he could be considered as simply weird and this fact doesn’t bother him. You will be able to see it clearly if anyone will ever try to be mean to him, he just won’t give a single fuck and walk away or continue whatever he was doing, leaving the opponent totally confused.
Spooky Day 5

So these are really short and trashy also I was thinking about maybe doing a few BMC headcanons even though this is a DEH blog if that’s what people would want? Idk lemme know

Watching The Nightmare Before Christmas With Jared Kleinman

- a total dork
- has the entire movie memorized 
- especially the songs
- so when the movie starts and you’re all cuddled up under some blankets together
- everything is nice for about two minutes 
- and then Jared just jumps up and shouts “THIS IS HALLOWEEN” on beat
- it’s adorable
- you knew right then and there this would not be a cuddling date though
- Jared commented on all the characters with you to make you left
- “Jack Skellington is my spirit animal”
- “I’d totally fuck Sally”  “Jared!”  “I mean no offense but look at that body.”
- “Whoa I’d totally fuck Jack too”  “Kleinman I swear…”  “This one could be a three-way!”
- he’s so lame
- anyways continuing on
- he gets soooo involved in the story
- like you ask him if he wants some popcorn and he yells at you because you cut off a few seconds of dialogue and it was “Important to the plot”
- sings along to all the songs passionately
- sometimes mouths along to the words
- you record part of it without his knowledge
- sometimes he scares the heck out of you by randomly screaming at the movie
- “Come on that was so obvious!”
- you know he already knew it was going to happen by you don’t say anything
- it’s hard to cuddle up to Jared because he will jump up with no warning
- so you just kind of watch him from a safe distance
- the rest of the movie progresses the same
- when the credits start Jared turns to you and has this really dorky smile
- “Be the Sally to my Jack?” 
- if you’re a male/non-binary you say “I’m not even a girl” and Jared says “I’m not a skeleton come on you ruined the moment”
- either way you end up cuddling finally and watching the credits in a dazed happiness
- it was really nice
- you fell asleep there
- you’re down to watch it anytime after that


everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.


Song Fiction

Characters: Spencer Reid x Reader

A/N: Tom Petty. The great and late Tom Petty has passed away late last night. So honor of his memory, I have decide to post a song fic based off of on of his songs. Tom Petty was/still is my spirit animal along with John Lennon. I grew up on his music.

A/N: I chose his song, Wildflowers because A) I love wildflowers, B) When I hear this song and really listen to the lyrics, I get the vibe of growing up wild and free and not having a care in the world, kind of like Wildflowers. They grow up wild and free and not caring about the world around them.


Spencer gets a call from his best friend (the reader). After finding her fiancé with another girl, she calls up Spencer crying and needing someone to talk to.

Song: Wildflowers - Tom Petty

Master List

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
Sail away, kill off the hours
You belong somewhere you feel free

Running into her apartment, she slams her shut as she slides down the door. Tears poured down her face as she cried. The diamond glistening on her ring finger. She picks at it and throws it across the room. Burying her face in her knees, she carries on crying. It felt like the worst night of her life.

Her and her fiancé planned a night at his apartment to have dinner and watch a movie. She had brought over freshly baked brownies and coffee. What better way to spend a winter’s night than fresh brownies and coffee? Arriving at his apartment she walked in with the key he had given her and made her way to the kitchen.

“Joel!” She calls. “I brought coffee and brownies to have during the movie!” Hearing no response she places the platter and cup holder on the kitchen counter and heads towards the hallway. She stops at the entrance of the hallway upon seeing his jeans in a ball on the hard wood floor. Picking up his jeans she furrows her eyebrows in confusion. Walking down the hallway to his bedroom, she hears something she wishes she never had heard. She instantly regrets ever coming here. Opening the door she peers her head in to see Joel in bed with another girl. “You sick song of bitch!” She snaps chucking the pair of jeans at Joel. He springs out of bed holding the sheets to his lower half. His eyes wide in surprise.

“I thought I told you to call when you were on your way?”

“Oh I’m sorry, if I had known you wanted to finish cheating on me than I never would have come.” She quickly runs from the bedroom and back towards the front door of the apartment.

“(Y/N)!” He yells as he grabs the jeans and slips them on. “(Y/N)!” He chases after her and grabs her arm before she’s fully out of the apartment. “Please.. Don’t leave..”

“Why? So you can have a threesome? No thanks, I’m good.” She says pulling her hand away.

“Please, (Y/N)! We’re getting married in a week!”

“And you think that I’ll just forgive you because we’re getting married in a week?!” She scoffs shaking her head. “Maybe she should be the one you marry in a week, not me. Because we are not getting married anymore.” She finally leaves throwing the door shut behind her. The sound echoing in the hallway as she stormed off to the elevator.

Run away, find you a lover
Go away somewhere all bright and new
I have seen no other
Who compares with you

The lyrics filled his car as he drove down the freeway. Spencer was on his way home when Wildflowers began to play. He wasn’t a big fan of Tom Petty but he only listened to this song because if it was her favorite song. Whenever he heard the song he thought her. Not just because it was her favorite song, but it reminded him of how free she strived to be and the wild things she did and still does to this day.

Just like the lyrics she had run away. Not from the world or her family, but from him. She ran from him when he admitted his feelings to her. He remembered her exact words that she spoke to him.

“Spencer, I love you too.. But this just isn’t what I want right now.”

Although he remembered her saying that exactly three years ago, four months, three weeks, two days, fourteen hours, twenty minutes, and three seconds ago. It’s Spencer. He remembers this stuff whether he chooses to or not. It made him angry when he saw her post on Facebook about moving away to Port Angeles, Washington just a few months after that. She posted on just three weeks later that she was in a relationship. It did tear his heart in two.

According to him, and his team, he’s never seen anyone that could compare to you. As much as he loved you, he only wanted the best for you.

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
You belong with your love on your arm
You belong somewhere you feel free

She couldn’t help but listen to her favorite song. Although some lyrics made her want to burn Joel’s photos, it also reminded her of Spencer. She stared at her phone. Spencer’s contact ready for the touch of her finger. An instant call to him.. But was she ready for that? What if he hated her when she rejected him? What if he hated her for leaving? Or getting engaged to someone she’d only know for a year? What if he didn’t even answer at all?

Wiping the fresh tears from her cheeks, she picks her cell phone up. She presses her thumb on the phone button, instantly calling him. It rang for a few seconds before he answered. Wildflowers playing in the background before it was clicked off.

“Hello?” He speaks.

“Sp-Spencer?” She whimpers.

“(Y/N)?” He questions. “Everything okay?”

“No..” Her voice cracks and she sniffles. “You were right, Spencer…”

“Right? About what?”

“I should have listened to you…”

“About what, (Y/N)?” He asks.

“Joel… Getting engaged so soon.. You were right..”

“What did he do?”

“I found him having sex with some girl in his apartment… Gosh, I was so stupid to think he actually loved me..”

“You weren’t stupid, (Y/N)..” Spencer says. “Where are you?”

“At my apartment.. Why?”

“I’m coming over.”

“What?” She say. “But I thought you hated me?”

“Hate you?” Spencer said, his voice cracking at its high pitch. “Why would I hate you?”

“Because I broke your heart..” She sniffles. “And moved away for some guy, getting engaged after a year, and never talking to you as often…”

“No, No..” Spencer says. “I don’t ever want to hear you say that again. I never hated you. Sure I was hurt, but it’s not something I would hate you for. Look, I can be at your apartment in about twenty minutes with traffic. Hop in the shower and just relax yourself, okay? I’ll bring some takeout too.”

“Really?” She sniffles again before wiping her nose on the sleeve of her sweater.

“Yes, of course. I just want you to feel better. Now go. I’ll be there soon.”

Run away, go find a lover
Run away, let your heart be your guide
You deserve the deepest of cover
You belong in that home by and by

Yet again she played Wildflowers while in the shower. This time she’d run away. Run away from Joel, run away from the mistake she almost made. Run away and start fresh. But she decided to run away to some place new, but to run away to Spencer. Find her lover in him. After all, he did still love her. She was letting her heart be the guid this time, not her mind. Her heart pleads for Spencer so she’s goes with her gut.

She won’t ever listen to her mind again, unless the choice seems good enough to make.

Spencer had arrived at her apartment sooner than he had planned. Stepping into the apartment he set the bags on the kitchen counter as he pulled off his converse. He could hear the shower running so he decided to set the food out on the coffee table in the living room. Picking up the bags again, he heads for the living room when he steps on something sharp. Wincing and lifting his foot up, he loos down at what he stepped on. Her engagement ring lay on the hard wood floor. Picking it up the ring he examined it between his index and his thumb.

Joel spent so much money just to throw it all away. He thinks to himself as he stuffs the ring in his pocket and heads for the living room.

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong somewhere close to me
Far away from your trouble and worry
You belong somewhere you feel free
You belong somewhere you feel free

Hearing the shower turn off, he quickly gets her food set out on a plate and pours a her a small bit of wine in a glass. “Spencer, I’ll be out in just a few minutes!” She calls from the hallway as she scurries off to her room.

“How’d you know I was here?” He calls back.

“I could smell the Chinese food!” She says giggling before closing her bedroom door.

After changing into clean clothes and meeting Spencer in the living room, she flops down on the couch and picks up her food from the table. Before she could put a spoonful of fried rice in her mouth, her engagement ring was placed in front of her face. She slowly lowered the spoon as she turned her head to look at Spencer.

“You found my ring?” She says in a whisper.

“I actually stepped on it..” He says.

“Why do you have it? I have to give it back to Joel.”

“Too late, it’s mine now.” He says before grabbing your hand.

“Spencer..” She whispers again.

“I know that it’s been a while.. But I feel like we can give it another try… We don’t even have to date!”

“Spencer.. I can’t..”

“Yes you can!” He exclaims. “We’ll go down to the courthouse whenever you’re ready and we can get married. We can have JJ and Will as our witnesses.” She sighs before Spencer grabs her hand again. “You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere close to me. Far away from your trouble and worry. You belong somewhere you feel free. You belong somewhere you feel free.”

“Spencer, you just sang a Tom Petty song.” She giggles.

“Because I know it’s your favorite song and the only Tom Petty song that I know.” He says chuckling. “But the lyrics.. They have a special meaning behind them. And these just spoke the truth.”

“Gosh, Spencer… I don’t know what to say.”

“Say yes.” He says in a hopeful voice. “Be my wildflower.”

A smile spreads across her face. Setting the plate down on the coffee table she leans back and places her hands on Spencer’s face before kissing him. “Of course I’ll be your wildflower.”


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name your top 20 friends on tumblr :)

oh god this is mean and hard but

1) @phalangine : this girl right fuckin here is like my spirit animal, we basically send each other ridiculous memes to see who can out gross one another, also she’s just an awesome human being in general with an amazing sense of humor, go follow!!!

2) @jim-kirk i text this kid like, every frickin day, ben is hysterical and a great gif maker, 10/10 recommend you follow ben and he too, great sense of humor.

3) @idriselbas: LARA!!!!! i dont think a day goes by where i don’t text them. like lara is fucking hysterical, has an A+ choice in men, and like, is just a good person to talk too, follow them right now!!!!

4) @samerulesapply: my mcavoy guru, like, seriously, i got all my knowledge about james through them, and like, her sense of humor is wicked amazing, posts amazing things about james, and is just a great mcavoy fan to follow if you want a normal stan to follow, 10000/10 recommend. 

5) @xavviers: dis binch right here is amazing mkaaaaay, like, i text her ALL DA TIME!!!! also, we low-key met james mcavoy together and like, that was hella dope, also she’s wicked smart in terms of history, and her fan fics (From the little amount i’ve read) are hella great, follow her she’s just dope as hell.

6) @panslabyrinth: i’ve only been following vilu for a short period of time, but i think i found my soulmate in her, like, we are film hoes who have extremely similar tastes, and she’s super nice and makes like THE BEST gifs, her coloring is on fucking point, FOLLOW!!!!

7) @aliciavikander: MEERA IS THE QUEEN OF PRETTY FUCKING GIF SETS!!! like, seriously, i want to someday be as good as meera when it comes to coloring and choosing scenes to make gif sets out of, plus, she fucking loves james and just has an amazing blog and is a total sweetheart, go follow now!!!

8) @greysummers: MY CHILD ™ !!! Saey is adorable, way too funny, like girl, become a stand up comedian pls. like she may be young but her sense of humor is fuckin on point, also, just a great human.

9) @undomiel: BIA IS THE SWEETEST!!! like, i fucking love bia!!!!! her pastel gifs might be the only ones you’ll ever see me reblog because, a)i subject her to my screaming about how much i love james and b) they are very pretty!, if you like aesthetics go follow

10) @alcmaeonids: syd, what an amazing human!!!, like her cherik gif sets crush my soul and i live for it, super unique blogger who is definitely worth a follow, also a total sweetheart!!!

11) @silverjohn: HEND!!!!! if we aren’t screaming over black sails, its probably screaming over just life in general, if you love anything related to black sails, or want a sweet new friend, check hend out, you won’t be disappointed.

12) @eggogorgon: blake!!!!, i just recently started talking to them and like, wowee what a great blog/blogger, gifs are on point, and like, stranger things fans, NEED TO FOLLOW THIS BLOG! JUST DO IT!!!

13) @alfonso-herrera: vinny underneath all the layers of sarcasm and bitterness, is an awesome person, and a really just overall great blogger, i really enjoy talking to him and his taste in men is like A++

14) @mcavoys: me and marcelo are url twins essentially, which in turn means he runs an amazing blog, his up to date photo sets of celebs and red carpet events makes me feel like i’m there in the moment, plus he is just a great gif maker as well!!! worth checking out!

15) @delzinrowe: STEFF IS AWESOME OK!!, like, she’s so sweet and so kind and is always checking up on me, which is rare to find in a tumblr user, she’s one of the first friends i made when i came back to tumblr after a hiatus, and she’s just super cool, go follow her right now!

16) @dundermifflinscranton: if you really want a nice blogger and a good friend look no further than kristian, he’s not only the BEST OFFICE BLOG ON TUMBLR, but an amazing friend, also he’s australian meaning he’s cool as hell and that deserves a follow on its own.

17) @rachelmcadamses: robin is super sweet, also her movie score gifts are to die for???? like, flawless for real. i love how much effort she puts into her gifs and how just generally nice she is, its rare to see someone so genuine on this hell site, go follow!

18) @stexvebucky: I LOVE SCREAMING ABOUT JAMES WITH YOU!!!!, like, isabella is so sweet, and so nice, and she loves all the same things as me for the most part!!!, and just a great friendly blogger!!!, go follow!!

19) @l-p-r-o-c-k: rocio is a total sweetheart, like, legit sweetheart, i love her and her blog is amazing, she’s a great mcavoy fanblog if you are in need of following one! the best!!!

20) @miliebobbybrown: yo, me and this girl just started talking recently but i love her blog, like tatjana runs an awesome blog especially about stranger things and films, and is super nice so like…..go follow? do it now!!!

(if i left anyone out I’m sorry but yeah this is the list off the top of my head!!!)


October 1, 2017


by Neuzz

“I started to use the concept of the mask first for its aesthetic … In the case of the masks that are made in Mexico in particular, they serve as an instrument of interaction and spiritual communication between the animal-man and the forces of nature … When a character appears wearing a mask in my drawings or illustrations, it means that it is a phantom spirit.” – Neuzz, from Wynwood Walls

Born in Mexico City and of Mixtec-Zapotec descent, Migues Mejia, aka Neuzz, has always honored the cultural heritage and traditions of his parents and grandparents, but at the same time says he has been influenced by his interaction with graffiti and skateboarding culture. This piece was painted in 2015 at St Emanuel and Leeland Streets in Houston, for the HUE Festival. The 2017 festival that was originally scheduled for October has been postponed due to the tragic devastation caused across the city by Hurricane Harvey.  @neuzz  @huemuralfest  

Kaminari Edition

Could I request Bakugou, Mina, Kirishima and Kaminari when their s/o asks politely if they could kiss?? like their relationship is still kinda new but they have been wanted to for awhile??

I absolutely love Denki his character is the epitome of me lol he’s my spirit animal and my son I will never stop making fun of him, he’s such a doofus

– Ryan

Bakugou Katsuki || Ashido Mina || Kirishima Eijiro || Kaminari Denki

“Wh-what?” He was thrown off guard with your question. “I’m– you–?” His face joins yours in a mad blush, but you break the eye contact. “I-I mean, I know we haven’t been together for all that long, but I think we’re familiar enough with each other, enough to.. you know..” You dig your foot into the ground, before gathering the courage to look back at him.

It doesn’t take long for you to understand his fluster is mostly because he was just as embarrassed as you were about the situation. For a flirt, Kaminari certainly couldn’t handle the true heat. You fight the smile, as you watch him go through a rollercoaster of emotions.

He overcomes whatever internal struggle it was he was having, and he marches right up to you. You blink, confused by his determination. “Denki?” You ask, looking between his hands as he reaches out, taking your face in a firm hold. He doesn’t answer, but he leans forward in an awkward kiss.

It’s harsh, and your teeth hit his own from his inexperienced force, but you can sense the earnest emotion in his gesture. You smile in the kiss, thinking to yourself what a dork you got before you cheerily kiss him back. Though you lead the kiss a bit, it doesn’t take Kaminari long to become accustomed to the rhythm.

When you pull away, you can see the static roll over him, and you giggle. “Careful, Denki, I don’t need you to fry your brain any more than you already have.” You joke, and he whines in response.

“C’mon, [y/n]-chan, lemme have my moment.” He says, scratching the back of his head. You smile tenderly at him, reaching out for his hand, and he happily returns it. “That was really nice, you know, though I think you need more practice.” You tease him again, and he give you the flash of a look you haven’t seen before.

“Wanna practice some more now?”

Saw this on the Good Duck Panels Twitter.


Let’s take a round …
Angry ducks play?
Sorry kids! No entertainment electronics in bed! Otherwise you could not fall asleep.

On another note, does this mean Donald is a night showerer? He must be my spirit animal. XD

NOTE: I used Google Translate and I am aware that it’s inaccurate. I know the first line actually translates to “please.” I have fixed it.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur.

This is a phanfic based on a prompt I got sent here: (I have never written anything like this before so this is new haaaaa)

Title: Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur

Genre: Fluffy AU/Domestic

Description: Dan Howell has a special ability in which when feeling anxious/scared he can morph into his spirit animal…which just happens to be a cat. Cue him feeling terrified during a thunderstorm and Phil making him feel better. This is pure fluffy goodness with an AU twist!

Word Count: 1691

P.S. If you haven’t ever watched the Big Bang Theory, the ending might confuse you. 

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