i mean he's big boss


Kol x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: smut, sex, violence

Capturing Kol was surprisingly easy, muddling through the plan you devised was all it took. He seemed to fall into your plan and may as well have tangled himself into it.

Torturing Kol was a little more difficult. He teased, joked and flirted as you continued to fail in finding something to make him actually suffer. By the time, you’d found something new he’d begun to heal.

“You know Darling, you’re pretty cute.” He hummed as you threw your latest attempted weapon away from you with a loud clatter.

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Big Boss’ descent into villainy has already been established by the time of Ground Zeroes, he’s recruited child soldiers, built nuclear weapons and is intent on creating an army nation.

It’s covered up by the fact that Peace Walker’s tone was that of humor and childishness at times – but don’t forget that building a nuclear weapon was MANDATORY to progress the game.

Remember how Big Boss reflects on The Boss during Strangelove’s torture of him, he screams she betrayed him and has a warped misunderstanding of the events of Operation Snake Eater – and when confronted with the truth, dismisses it as The Boss abandoning him and her role as a soldier.

By the time of Ground Zeroes, Big Boss and Outer Heaven are literally planning to hide their nuclear weapons from a nuclear inspection team.

Also in Peace Walker you have to remember, MSF claimed to not be tied to any one nation – because they themselves were already becoming a nation of soldiers.

They had their own currency, their own rules, their own creeds – and profited by deploying soldiers to battlefields all over the world.

Huey while being a sociopath had some correct points about Big Boss/MSF/Diamond Dogs – and was correct to call him out despite his own hypocritical nature.

“ The entire world wants Big Boss dead! “ – I mean of course. He kickstarted guns for hire on a worldwide scale and helped overthrow countries, governments and stole/developed nuclear resources in his ridiculous dream to give soldiers a place in the world – a world full of war.