i mean he looks like the killer

listen I love this early TFA concept art of young Kylo Ren (then just referred to as the Jedi Killer) 


he is literally dressed like an emo

The shot in the golden globe trailer where Olaf is wearing what I’m assuming is Violet’s dress for the play and twirling around in it is genuinely and profoundly upsetting to me…like they’re playing it for laughs in that trailer, sure, but really stop and think about it for a second. really look at it, closely, on its own.

Even with no context, without any consideration of the show’s plot, this gif is upsetting. the dim lighting. the drunken awkwardness of the twirl. his blank expression. the fact that he looks like he’s wearing pyjamas underneath the dress. this entire sequence of recorded images feels cursed. if it were worse quality it would look like something from fucking Memory Hole.

then you take into account the context of the series and the accompanying voice over and it gets even worse. I mean holy shit. A bridal dress of my own design??? what the fuck, Count Olaf?? What the actual fuck?? apparently not content with just marrying an underage girl, he had to make everything 1000 times creepier by getting a dress made specifically for said underage girl. how far ahead did he plan this?? how did he know what size to make it?? was he secretly looking at the tags on her clothes while she was sleeping or is he just really good at guessing the measurements of teenage girls?? I don’t want to answer these questions. and he can’t even stop there!! he’s got the fucking dress, he could just leave it the fuck alone but nO…he’s gotta put the thing on and pretend he’s a ballerina just for shits I guess??

I mean…This is some Ed Gein level bullshit. regardless of how much they play up the goofy side of Olaf, regardless of whether or not this scene will be played for laughs in the show, this is the most Serial Killer thing olaf has ever done.

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How about 2x10? *btw's I'm literally just watching deckerstar vid's rn cuz I've got nothin' better to do* 😂

Rewatching this episode, I just love how the normally confident Lucifer suddenly becomes adorably uncertain about his relationship with Chloe and what she means to him. Watching the devil pretend he’s not falling in love is just so amusing. I mean, just look at his face while tries to convince Linda that standing Chloe up isn’t a big deal, and then his face while having to listen to Chloe be so disappointed in him:

Even his Mum knows he likes Chloe:

“You need to see that this Chloe you so adore isn’t worthy of you.”
“I admit I enjoy working with her, but adore, that’s a bit much.

Literally two seconds later:

Hahaha, nice try, Luci!

And let’s talk about Chloe. It’s clear she’s hyper-focused on getting justice for her father’s killer, and she’s extremely nervous about the whole thing. Penelope mentions “playing a role” when Lucifer tries to comfort her in the courtroom, and my hypothesis is Penelope is trying to be strong for her daughter.

Chloe admits to Dan that she’s “really freaking out about this”. Her normal impersonal cop facade is completely broken on the stand because it’s not just any victim she’s trying to get justice for. It’s her dad. Her father who supported her and brought her Hawaiian bread sandwiches after her acting classes and was always there for her. But she gives up justice for her father in order to not call Lucifer a liar on the stand.

There’s this gorgeous slice of a moment where Chloe realized what she’s done. She’s thrown the chances of having her father’s murderer brought to justice, and she’s crushed. Lucifer also struggles with the magnitude of what just happened:

Then you see them lock eyes and Chloe’s message is clear: “This was for you.”

Honestly, that brief moment killed me more than the dinner scene. That realization from Lucifer that Chloe was willing to give up something this big for him. I just die of Deckerstar feels!


Kookie was the only one who didn’t fall. So what if he had a silent killer ( fart) and well everyone behind him smelled it and went down. I mean look at the Gif. It looks like they were hit it with it pretty damn hard And Jungkook looks surprised like ’ Shit is that really me?!’

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Reasons why Mac from Always Sunny is actually Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Both are obviously gay but don’t really express it
  • Both are alcoholics
  • Both love god and thinks science is a bitch sometimes
  • Both got fat in a short amount of time (and still looked pretty good doing it)
  • When jeff wore his yellow contacts when searching for dudes he probably looked like the nightman (because laughs are easy… Jeff was going for GASPS)
  • remember that episode called “Mac is a serial killer” where they found the guy WITH HEADS IN HIS FRIDGE!!. i mean dennis might also be one but mac got that episode early on

I keep telling myself not to impose Anakin onto Wyatt (Matt Lanter’s character on Timeless) but then they make him a soldier struggling with the morality of what he’s doing, with right and wrong and the dehumanization of war and being a killer, who is driven to save his wife from death by any means necessary (asking Rufus to steal the Time machine with him so they can eliminate his wife’s killer before he is even born) and I’m like…. that’s Anakin. Sounds like TCW Anakin. Looks like TCW Anakin. That’s my boy.

To the meaning of life, what’s my purpose?
Maybe this earth is, ain’t a good place to be
How far is Heaven? Let’s see
Is it in the clouds like they said it would be?
I wonder when I die will he give me receipts?
I wonder will the eyes of the Lord look at me?
Look at me, look at me, I’m a loser, I’m a winner
I’m good, I’m bad, I’m a Christian, I’m a sinner
I’m humble, I’m loud, I’m righteous, I’m a killer
What I’m doing, I’m saying that I’m human
—  Kendrick Lamar

like honestly Atem is the guy who’s 100% fine to wear fake gold/gemstones and knockoff brands all over with 0 shame because “it’s about how you work it, not where you bought it”, but the trade off of that “I don’t care so long as it looks good” mentality is that if that pair of killer boots in the display window is the very last in his size and he has the money then he’s going in and spending $120 on boots like “okay but I needed these”

see also: “okay but these designer jeans looked really nice” and “Yugi I don’t think you understand… the cashmere scarves were on sale. CASHMERE!”

so honestly, could he be perfectly happy on a normal salary? absolutely. but it’s just really fate doing him a solid that Kaiba’s got the kind of resources necessary for those times when Atem gasps loudly at his phone like “RIHANNA PUT OUT WHAT?” and needs to go to the mall urgently


“Dude, you should tell Y/N that you like her.” Audrey told Noah.

The two best friends were in the study room, and you were sitting two tables behind them, but they hadn’t seen you. You were surprised when you heard your name, you didn’t think Noah liked you back. You remained silent, waiting for his answer.

I know. But she probably doesn’t even like me. I mean, who likes nerds with an undying love and passion for serial killers ?” He laughed. “She probably thinks I’m a freak.”

You put your books in your backpack and got up, a huge smile on your face. Audrey was about to answer when you stopped at their table, facing them.

“Actually, I love serial killers.” 

They looked at you with wide eyes and you winked at Noah before walking out of the study room, your smile still on your face.

What she says: I’m fine
What she means: Can literally some people stop judging V3 for what separates it from the past two main title games? Maybe you should actually look at the game as a whole itself and realize what the fuck sneaky ass Kodaka was trying to tell us. Because I dunno, maybe this guy is a huge fuckin troll who can keep us on our toes whenever he dishes out a new mutual killing game. Please understand that he had a great idea of not exactly wanting to do the same song and dance with us as we had previously done, but had twisted alot of our expectations. I mean look how many people were crushed when they realized pretty much their entire killer/vic/survivor predictions were??? But the people who are still around are around because V3 was a well executed game to say the least. If it was indeed a terrible game you’d not see us doing so much for it- like shit boi, look at all the meta the Japanese translators are covering for us so we well understand this game.  So fuckin give V3 a goddamn chance.

Peter Maximoff - Serial Killer

I had just joined Charles Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters- being a pyrotechnic meant no other high school wanted to enroll me. Hank was showing me around, when a silvery-blue blur passed by.

A minute later, a cute boy passed by us. He wore a black leather jacket, and had grey hair, but it didn’t make him look very old.

Around 15 minutes later, I had had it. “Hank, how come we saw the same guy three times in the past seven minutes, and always walking toward us?”

“That’s Peter, the serial carpet-killer speedster who haunts our institute. Is he bothering you?”

“No, he’s kinda cute.”

“Aha, he probably likes you. He never spends so much time looking at any one person.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he’s sort of a loner… Being a speedster means that his personality is much larger than life, and not a lot of people can tolerate him, much less date him or anything.”

“Well, we’ll see about that… I bet I can take him on.”

The next time I saw the blur, I flipped my hair and winked suggestively. Hank laughed as the blur collided with an oak table, and I heard a boyish voice grunt and swear.

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Which do you prefer better? (And maybe why) - Pastel!Phil and Punk!Dan - Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil ~🌌

while i understand everyone’s obsession with punk!phil and pastel!dan, i personally prefer pastel!phil and punk!dan. 

i mean, imagine phil wearing oversized pastel sweaters, with his nails painted and a flower crown?? maybe the tips of his hair dyed a bright color??? plus, consider this: flower shop!phil? and him being soft and lovable like he is in real life? plus phil in feminine clothing amirite

and dan wears black anyways and has his ears pierced,, i like to imagine he’d embrace the punk style and let’s be honest here he’d look killer in a leather jacket

also punk!dan is kinda like how he is now: kinda intimidating and sasses most people but adores and is very protective of philly. 

so just imagine a punk!dan getting jealous over his little flower boy

also i just really like jealous!dan

anyway! that’s why, i guess. i don’t mind punk!phil and pastel!dan though. it’s cute. haha.


**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: jimin x reader
word count: 1.1k
prompt: june writing challenge day eight
a/n: jimin + kids = my death = cries

“What if they hate me?” Jimin questions, looking over at you with drawn brows. You shrug at his questions, knowing that no matter what you said he would have an answer to you. “I mean, I haven’t got to make just your parents like me, but the rest of your family and friends too.”

You sigh, turning to Jimin with a tired look. “I already told you, they can’t hate you. How could anyone hate you? You’ve got nothing to be worried about, unless you’re like… A serial killer and you never bothered to tell me.”

“What if they don’t like that I’m an idol, or something?” He asks, the frown still evident in his face. He leans back against the seat he was sat in and sighs heavily.

You were both on a train back to your parents’ home for a family (plus spouses and significant others of said family) dinner, since no one in your family had seen each other in a while. Jimin had never met your parents before, but you had told them so many stories about him that you were sure they must have felt like they had met him.

“Stop worrying about it, if they hate you then they hate you, I can’t do anything about their feelings but at the end of the day, I, you know, the girl you’re actually dating, still likes you,” you assure Jimin. He only pouts back at you, letting his head fall onto your shoulder with a soft thud. “Come on, Jimin. Why does it matter so much that they have to love you like you’re their own son or something?”

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Hey guys...

I don’t if anyone has noticed but Matthew Dadario is a killer for Percy Jackson

I mean the hair, the eyes, the vaguely pissed off look of his neutral face

the smile or more specifically that winning melt your heart goofy kind of smile

the I might kill you or is my face normally like this when people call my attention? face

Not to mention he is 6′2′’


Pros: look at him

Cons: He’s the brother of Alex Daddario (the one who played Annabeth in the movies)

Another Pro: the movies sucked and we shouldn’t be considering them lol

I think what is important in reading Killing Stalking is not to sympathise with sangwoo. He is an abuser and a serial killer. It is true that it is fictitious however if you don’t think there are abusers out there just like him, charming, good looking and absolutely fucked up. You’re wrong. Reading this doesn’t mean you’re okay with what’s happening. A lot of readers such as myself wants to know where the story will take you. It’s interesting and exhilarating but not in a way that we condone violence. In a way where we think ‘how is yoonbum going to escape?’ 'What will become of him?’ Just like other stories as well. We are intrigued to the point where we need to know what happens to him after all the abuse, what will he choose to do?

Would I consider this yaoi? No. Mostly bc when I read yaoi, I’m hoping for love, romance and most especially; a happy ending for the pair. In this case, I absolutely don’t want them to end up together.

Because yaoi is centred around love and romance. This particular story isn’t about romance. It’s about yoonbum’s psychological warfare in his abusive environment, it’s about the horrific things done to yoonbum and sangwoo’s other victims and it’s also about how sangwoo’s story will develop now that he is developing attachment towards yoonbum and how that would affect yoonbum.

I have to admit though, the sexy times in the manhwa gets me in anticipation but I don’t separate the fact that sangwoo is a crazy and abusive motherfucker even if he is fine as hell. It always reminds me in those times that serial killers can be very depraved inwardly without a lick of evidence on the outside. In other words, don’t always trust what you perceive about someone no matter how dazzlingly perfect they may seem. And that’s interesting.

I’ll say it one more time, do not ever sympathise with sangwoo, do not sympathise with an abuser. This goes for what you consume and in real life. Because that’s how the abuser catches you in their trap.

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Making laurel the murderer of wes would be very shocking. And two scenes that make me think about it, one of them is the one in ep 11, in which Nate is going to interrogate Frank and Frank tells him that it's not all about annalise (about being surrendered as wes killer, to save annalise ) And at 12 pm when laurel will interrogate Frank in prison and ask what the last words of the wes, he has a nervous look, maybe he knows that laurel has killed wes and is trying to "protect" her. I'm very sad.

Stop guys haha. I mean, look, obviously with Pete anything is possible but I personally am not entertaining this possibility. Only 2 weeks to go, let’s just wait & see. 

Also I would just like to point out that the explosion doesn’t fit with this theory. The person on reddit saying maybe Frank blew up the house and left Laurel in the basement hoping she’d be ok lmao like…what?? That doesn’t make any sense. Plus Laurel seemed completely calm & maybe just slightly irritated when she got to Annalise’s house. The only way I’d in any way entertain the idea of her being ‘the killer’ is if it was a complete accident. But aside from amnesia I don’t see how she could be acting the way she is if it was her. Why would she act like she wants to figure out who it was if she knew it was her? 

Family <3

Look at those sweet kids fighting each other.

Not a word is said.

Glancing at their little brother at the exact same time.

And he gets their meaning.

And they move in sync.

And they win.

With Tim reaching the top and Jason covering him (despite him being the killer one) and Damian trusting them both.

They don’t even need to talk.

I. Love. This. Give. Me. More.

And for once, it doesn’t even seem forced like when Tim and Jason bumped fists. They were all raised by Batman, they all do what needs to be done, they trust each other, they have each other’s back, even if they don’t like each other.

They’re family :)

(We Are Robin #007)

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your paparazzi video i cant stop laughing i got my friend into skam and she keeps messaging me saying she thinks even looks like a psycho killer lol :(((

Awww, I’m glad I could make someone laugh with my shitty ideas lol. 

Tell your friend he just looks really INTENSE WITH HIS LOVE FOR ISAK OK

Suicide Squad Review!

It’s an honest and subjective review, there may be minor minor spoilers, but almost harmless so be aware

It was good! I mean we’ve finally got a suicide squad film! Here are my thoughts:

- HARLEY FUCKING QUINN KILLED IT!! I mean, she’s like the best thing that happened in Suicide Squad!
- Joker, oh my J, Jared Leto’s smile, laugh and everything was perfect. BUT I feel like DC portrayed him as a romantist TOO MUCH. Like, it looked like he couldn’t live without her, which in comics, Joker CAN and EXIST without harley, whereas he needs Batman in his life. I think too much of J♡H romance killed little bit of Joker’s ruthlessness. He’s still mad af tho
- Deadshot’s characterisation was great, especially with his daughter and some of the moments. He was one of the most realistic person in the squad along with some others. But I think he had too much drama and lacked action later in the film
- Rick Flag was cute, loved seeing him interact and later connect with every members of the squad. He’s like the damsel in distress. And FLAGSHOT EVERYBODY. SHIP IT
- Captain Boomerang was adorable. Like, he was the comic relief of the film. However, I hoped more of the boomerang- throwing actions.
- Enchantress was very mysterious but her wiggly dance was quite funny. I though she was part of the squad, but well, she was actually the villain
- EL DIABLO WAS THE FUCKING SCENE STEALER EVERYBODY!! He’s like the character with most character development, and possibly the strongest and coolest member in the squad! Such a cute cinnamon roll
- Killer Croc had very few scenes, and was not that impactful honestly. I hope he appears in the next Batman film with bigger body
- Katana sort of.. I don’t know, killed the mood…? She was very dramatic
- Slipknot.. Well before the movie released, people joked a lot about him and it actually became true.. you know

Overall movie
- I feel like a lot of the characters lacked characterisation. I think DC should have introduced these villains in other hero movies before the Squad so the audiences are actually familiar of them. Introducing and telling the background story took like the half of the film. It just feels like DC is rushing too much that they are releasing big major events without cinematic development
- The first- middles part of the movie was exhilarating but the last part was quite messy and dragged on (except for diablo)
- Almost half of the scenes in the trailer didn’t show up in the movie. I’m quite pissed about this. A lot of them lacked some real actions the final part of the movie
- I loved the humor and watching the movie in the villain’s perspective!
- Ok, it has some flaws, but rotten tomatoes, seriously?
- As a dc fan, it’s 7.5/10, as a movie fan, 6.5/10