i mean have you seen me try to draw

“Leave the battlefield
Yet its horrors never heal
Coming home from war
Pieces don’t fit anymore”

Hint: No, he really isn’t fine. 

My sorry attempt at trying to illustrate little Jack’s PTSD. Which I believe he has. I mean, he fought in a war against machines slaughtering men, women, children, even babies, slaughtering every human being in their sight, and he’s probably seen his fair share of bodies. This has been inspired by the above mentioned song (Confusion by Metallica, which is an amazing song if you ask me!) as well as some recent RP I’ve had with amazing people. 

The football jersey he’s wearing? Guess he wasn’t the Quarterback or Running Back after all, but rather offense line according to the number he was given. But the 76 pun was just too good to pass up. It was also the only goddamn piece of clothing in his old room that still fit him. All his other shirts were simply a lot too small. Guess that’s what you get for joining the SEP.

Also the Bloomington High School does actually have a football team called Purple Raiders. I didn’t pick the colors for their jerseys. They did.

Special guest: His mom, who’s a super sweet and loving person, I bet.


soo i saw what happened and decided to respond to that, sorry i came a little late

i also have a bonus:

yep its me hugging wade and trying to comfort him, i wanted to do this and so i decided to draw this.

just so you know, whenever she goes to a different universe or dimension, she will be like this cause shes a spirit and she cant be seen for shes a ayumu meaning no one will see her unless its necessary, she can only be seen unless she wants to, for this she didn’t want to be seen by the crowd and everyone else…

i’m so sorry wade….

lets all give him some love for the poor boy


  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm glad you came<p/><b>What she means:</b> I respected that you had no desire to be here, but I needed you. I love you and I'm grateful that you've come. Simply because your presence will drive me. I will be able to draw strength from you. Thank you.<p/><b>What she says:</b> me too<p/><b>What she means:</b> I'm so terrified you will die here today because even though I haven't seen your skills, I've seen his and I can't imagine a world where you win this fight. But there was no way, if you were to die here today, that i could let you go without being here to support you. I have such deep, conflicting feelings for you and I'm trying my best to fight them, but I care. I do. I truly hope this isn't goodbye. We both know that this isn't JUST about my people.<p/></p>

Awkward Art Offer!

Okay, a fair amount of people seemed interested in having me draw their lovely Inquisitors! :D So, this is how it is going to work.

What I am willing to do: For the sake of my own sanity, I am going to stick with drawing busts, (as seen on the left) because they are pretty simple for me to do somewhat quickly. And then I will do flat colors (as modeled by littleblue-eyedbird‘s lovely Sulenera Lavellan)  I am willing do try for something more complicated as part of an exchange, but that is by no means required.

How to get a drawing: Make a post with reference pics of the Inquisitor you want me to draw (or a VERY detailed written description). Write me a blurb about your character’s personality/what expression you want them to have and let me know if there is something different about them that doesn’t show up in pics (ex: Aili has curlier hair than the game options). Tag me in your post. I will then reblog your lovely inky and add them to the queue. <3 (this is mostly so I don’t have to go slogging through a million blogs and I’m lazy)

You do not have to follow me. (though it would be nice :D )

You are not required to like/reblog this post. But…it would be nice to spread the love, yes?