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idk how you can outright point out the sexual refs in Colors and seriously believe that you somehow turned the song platonic Theres nothing you can do to a line like "i only felt religion when i lied with you" to make it platonic. How can you turn a songs meaning around when the writer themselves has said its romantic anyways? I get interpretation, but when you use a clearly romantic song for a familial relationship... u can say it's platonic all u want but it doesnt change the songs meaning

lol omg ok so have you even seen the comic my guy

i didnt say i made the song platonic, the point i was trying to make was that even with those lyrics i managed to make the comic platonic. the song is what it is i cant change shit about it. the reason why i chose it in the first place was that there was still enough for me to work with that those lines weren’t an issue or distraction to the story i was telling with the comic. im not gonna choose some mushy kissykissy love song to draw to, im not stupid.

anyway, you asked how i could possibly change the meaning?? easy, use the picture. its a lyric comic, i cant tell my story with the words alone, the words by themselves tell their own story, thats what songs do. to tell my story i need to have my pictures morph the song to my liking. i’ll tell you what i did with those lines and my thinking behind them oh, curious little anon.

so! the first “issue” verse:

  • You were a vision in the morning when the light came through– for this line i drew stan during his first tour, trying to show that by pretending to be ford/ the owner of the shack, stan finally found something he was good at, a “light”
  • I know I’ve only felt religion when i’ve lied with you– the line you mentioned, congrats! i drew a background of the welcome signs to the shack. with the combination of the shack and the lyric i was trying to imply that stan only found happiness by lying to everyone. see? that wasnt so hard.
  • You said you’ll never be forgiven till your boys are too– tried to show stans effort of trying to get ford back, drew a stack of books to imply his studying, there’s also his newspaper clipping of his “death” as well as a faded picture of the stans as kids (plus a stanbuck and mystery mug). i used this picture-lyric combo to imply stan being completely unable to forgive himself until he found a way to fix what he’d done i.e. get ford back
  • And I’m still waking every morning but it’s not with you– hammer in stans effort, time skip to old stan passed out over the lab desk, implying the 30 years stans gone with no success. literally he wakes up every morning and its another day that ford isnt back.

and finally the second “issue” verse:

  • You were red, and you liked me because I was blue– start of a flash back sequence, stan and ford as kids. they were complete opposites but thats what they liked about each other, two halves of the same whole.
  • But you touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky– i drew the boat, the single most important object to their childhood that changed the course of their whole lives. it became stan and fords shared interest and dream throughout their childhood.
  • Then you decided purple just wasn’t for you– drew a lone stan after being kicked out. ford wanted to go to school, stan still wanted to leave on the boat. at the end of it all stan still had that dream, fords dream had changed, and their now separate desires drove them away from each other.

and thats how you change the meanings.
some lines are easier than others, but just because these verses on their own tell a vastly different story that doesnt mean i cant use their words to help tell minethats how you draw a lyric comic. and thus, i made halseys romantic song tell my platonic story. ta da~

oh and heres the comic, since this ask clearly tells me you’ve yet to see it. ignore the misuse of the word “seems” instead of “seams”, i fucked up and its too late

Reverie, Part 7

Pairing: Post-Azkaban Sirius x Reader

Warnings: Language, See Author’s Note

A/N: This chapter deals with the traumas of Sirius’ life, and some of it briefly depicts abuse. If you don’t wish to read this, please feel free to message me and I will give you pertinent information to continue with the next part.

“Why do you live here all alone, Y/N?”

“I can afford to and I don’t like roommates.”

“You never really talk to anyone unless you work at Hogwarts.”

“How would you know?” you asked petulantly.

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“I was thinking how the world is going, you know? Cause I don’t really have a side. I don’t give a fuck about it honestly. I hate both sides. Like I’m not bitter. I’m not bitter.I’m just like fuck you both. Because I like to watch it all burn, you know? You know you don’t have to agree, if you don’t feel it. But sometimes I’d like to see a little bridge fight. You know what I mean? You haven’t lived till you’ve seen a beautiful bridge fight. And you have to pick a side.”

“And I think to myself like. I look at my wrists. And I don’t see any numbers.”

”And I think to myself.”

”Fuck being a domesticated animal.“

(Welp that’s that. https://youtu.be/k669lYfBZ1g )

horoscopes 11-17

aries: time flies when youre having fun. time flies when you arent having fun, too. your life is flashing before your eyes, slipping through your fingers too fast to hold onto. better make the most of it!

taurus: inside every block of marble, there is a statue waiting to be freed. in other news, your drawing is terrible. erase that this instant.

gemini: flannel is NOT your color. maybe try a nice plaid? stripes are always nice.

cancer: have you ever seen a sunset? oh, fuck, youre blind? sorry, that was really insensitive of me. i’ll be on my way now.

leo: dont text him back, leo. he doesnt deserve you. leo, i SEE you reaching for your phone. who taught you those gestures, they are very rude! child, cease that at once!

virgo: are you really still a virgin? i mean, i know its your sign, but, seriously? how old even are you?

libra: follow the light at the end of the tunnel. not that one, thats the headlights of the freight train barreling towards you with no sign of stopping. follow the other light; the headlights of the freight train thats barreling towards you with no sign of stopping, only slightly slower.

scorpio: you would benefit from an open mind. want your mind opened for free? cool! okay, just stand still, and ignore the axe whistling towards your head.

sagittarius: mountain dew and doritos.

capricorn: expect a job promotion in your future! you will be leaving your job as “meat locker assistant” and entering the job of “CEO of Google”. good luck!

aquarius: live action roleplaying is overrated. we ALL know you enjoy the intellectual hobby of dungeons and dragons, aquarius. dont act so high and mighty, its still roleplaying.

pisces: your past does not define you. buzzfeed quizzes about which citrus fruit you are is what defines you.

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Congrats of 2.2k followers! We love you~ Sterek Prompt: One of them has a cat thief that goes out and comes home with random articles of clothing that belong to the other, and it leads to true love or maybe smut (or both). Go hard.

anonymous said: congrats to so many followers. I’m into kid fic right now, so I would love to read something with dad!Derek who’s all like surprise! I have children to stiles. maybe stiles is struggling with that ? I’m looking forward to all the fic you write. <3

[Thank you! I decided to mix both prompts, I hope you like it!]


“You’re going to get me in so much trouble.” Stiles sighs, glaring as Fluffer trots into the room carrying yet another stolen shirt.

He tried to do something about this, but Fluffer is an old cat. His owner left him in Scott’s care before moving out of town and Stiles just can’t say no to his best friend. Now, three years later, here he is, taking care of a cat with a dumb name and dumb habits.

At least the cat is cute.

“Hey, what –” Fluffer averts Stiles’ hand, jumping on top of the couch and then making his escape by running towards Stiles’ bedroom, “fine. We’re doing this your way.” Stiles glares, sneaks after Fluffer just to find him behind the wardrobe, white tail wagging happily. “A-ha!” Fluffer jumps with Stiles’ sudden outburst and hisses when Stiles steps closer. “Keep your paws where I can see them!” The cat only throws him an unimpressed look, one Stiles became very familiar with, and turns around, jumping out the window calmly. “Yeah, go! But you’re not getting tuna tonight!”

This is what his life became, cop by day and frustrated cat owner by night. He’s definitely living the dream.

“Okay, buddy. Let’s see what you’re hiding here.”

What he’s not hiding here should be the question. The blue shirt he got this afternoon is just the newest acquisition, as Stiles moves the wardrobe he finds that his cat is not picky. Pens, books, a moldy cookie. He’s got everything from clothing to toys and even a fucking cell phone.

Stiles’ cat is a thief.

What the hell.

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Have you considered drawing adult adrien with long hair?

yeah, but i have seen a lot of people drawing him that way. I have nothing against older!chat with long hair (shishitsunari’s chat is my favorite one tho) but i prefer the short hair and i wanted to do something different. 


soo i saw what happened and decided to respond to that, sorry i came a little late

i also have a bonus:

yep its me hugging wade and trying to comfort him, i wanted to do this and so i decided to draw this.

just so you know, whenever she goes to a different universe or dimension, she will be like this cause shes a spirit and she cant be seen for shes a ayumu meaning no one will see her unless its necessary, she can only be seen unless she wants to, for this she didn’t want to be seen by the crowd and everyone else…

i’m so sorry wade….

lets all give him some love for the poor boy


The Pick-Up

So I was thinking more about how awful Kanan was at flirting in A New Dawn and then this ficlet happened.


“Hex Aydren,” Sabine says, and at her words the holoprojector brings up the bust of a tattooed human woman. Half her hair falls in a perfectly styled wave across her face. The other half has been burned off, leaving dramatic scarring over her scalp and around her cybernetic implants. She’s not pretty but she is striking: even in the holo there’s a fierce, challenging glint in her upswept eyes. “Slicer for the Red Star Ring. Of all the passkey holders, she’d be the easiest to get alone. She’s notorious for choosing a new lover every night.”

“So it’s a seduction,” Hera says. “Or at least the start of one. Does she have a type?”

“Her tastes are very broad,” Sabine says. “All genders, all species. But she’s bored and jaded. We need to send someone who can catch her interest.”

“I’ll do it,” says Kanan.

No,” Hera says immediately. Kanan turns his head, eyebrow raising.

“I can do it,” Ezra offers. “I can totally do it.”

“I’ll do it,” Hera says.

“You hate that kind of thing,” Kanan objects.

“I’ll sweep her off her feet,” Ezra says. “I’ve got great lines, listen.” He cocks a hand on his hip and deepens his voice. “Excuse me ma’am, but are you a stealth jammer? Because whenever I look at you everyone else just disappears.” Zeb huffs and Chopper grundles. Sabine rolls her eyes.

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Hi ania! I love your art and I'm still learning about drawing so I was wondering if you can make a tutorial about backgrounds?

oh my gosh i don’t know why you’d ask me honestly, anon. I mean have you seen my art? it’s all white or one color backgrounds, I’m sorry but my skill in backgrounds are just 

im still trying to get better at characters and anatomy right now. I’ve been planning to start studying and practice backgrounds a little later this year actually. so far, I’ve got nothing for you except these:

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm glad you came<p/><b>What she means:</b> I respected that you had no desire to be here, but I needed you. I love you and I'm grateful that you've come. Simply because your presence will drive me. I will be able to draw strength from you. Thank you.<p/><b>What she says:</b> me too<p/><b>What she means:</b> I'm so terrified you will die here today because even though I haven't seen your skills, I've seen his and I can't imagine a world where you win this fight. But there was no way, if you were to die here today, that i could let you go without being here to support you. I have such deep, conflicting feelings for you and I'm trying my best to fight them, but I care. I do. I truly hope this isn't goodbye. We both know that this isn't JUST about my people.<p/></p>

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Exo reaction of them discovering that the girl they like has a lot of tattoos. Thank you!!!

No problem cutie!! ^_^

Xiumin: Woooh…Look at all her cool tattoos.

Luhan: *Laughs because he didn’t expect the cute little girl he liked to be all tatted up*

Kris: Ahhhh I see you have a tattoo of me, how flattering.

You: Umm. That’s a dragon

Kris: Exactly

Suho: *Thinks about how painful all those tats would be* OwWwWwW

(arms arms arms amrs suho)

Lay: *so interested. Asks you a million questions about every single one of their meanings*

Baekhyun: *Draws squiggles on you with pen*Look! I gave you a new one, your welcome


Chen: Just because you have tattoos doesn’t mean you’re manlier than me.

(I sense some Luhan here hehe)

 Chanyeol: Oh my god!!! I’ve never seen those before!!

D.O: Those are kinda….

Kai: Look!! We’re matching!! … I mean mine aren’t real but….

Tao: She can try…….. but shes still not as cool as me

Sehun: You have tattoos…. I have rainbow hair. Together we’re unstoppable.

Thank you for the request!!! Hope you liked it!! I LOVE YOU ALL ^O^

You can only correct or heal what you are ready to acknowledge, accept and release.

I want you to know that whoever broke you, whatever cruel person who couldn’t gently put your heart back together, is just a coward.

Having my heart broken was the best thing that happened to me. I lost myself.

I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares. You have to have this indescribable passion in your gut. It’s crying and punching, trying to be heard and seen but constantly being told, “You’re not good enough” and “It’ll never happen.” I want to add meaning. I look in New York crowds, and it scares me. I hate seeing the monotony of people walking back and forth and the facial expressions of people looking so dismayed.

In the grand scheme of things, I thought I didn’t add a lot to this world, that I was just another face to be seen: a girl with curly hair and big blue eyes. I draw a line, connecting all the people I’ve met to me.

The line is very long; it intertwines and adds name after name.

Would someone really miss me if I weren’t here? Would lives be affected? Stories changed? Would my mom be able to wake up morning, after morning? Would the kid I sat next to in my lecture notice? Would my dad drink his pain away? Would the boy I loved regret telling me I’m nothing when I’m no longer here?

I have this thirst. I want to change my story, and I want people to feel at home when they look at me. I used to think I wanted to find a boy who would whisk me away to a castle on a white horse, and we’d live happily ever after. But when I did find that boy, he tore up my heart, threw it in the air like confetti and puffed out his chest because he thought he was a man for pressing “end” on a phone call. I knew that would be a part of my history, but not my whole story.

No longer did I want to be the girl who found love, but who gave it. I want people to know my name and associate it with herself and her accomplishments, who had someone say “because of you I didn’t give up”. My history will be a human who brings back faith and hope to a world who celebrates anger, lies, and sadness. This isn’t a piece of bashing love this is me about being a life. I’m healthy, ability to make movements, move mountains and I’m going to stand hears and write you about heartbreak? Yeah, it broke, but I fixed it. It just means that bigger things are meant for me.

I can’t thank him enough for leaving me behind because I was ready to give him everything.

It just means bigger things are meant for me. My scar is nothing to be seen, and I’m going to mark this world with the love he didn’t want. I’m going to give it to the moon, the stars, and the universe. He will never fully realize what it was like to feel my broken spirit. I won’t say broken heart anymore because it’s too cliché, and it was more than that. But even though he will never know what it was like to put myself back together every day, he will also never know the woman I have become.

There are moments that stick with you and shape who you become. I have this life, and I have the opportunity to make history.

Write your own story.

Everything comes full circle. I am who I am because of the experiences I go through. So, yes, my spirit was broken for a little, but I’m not going to waste another breath giving that boy more credit than he deserves.

We will change this world. Some may sit, laugh and grin, but I know my broken spirit is only part of my history. My story will be one for the books. For anyone doubting themselves, the pain we endure will be worth creating the story you are meant to write. Be grand, be fearless, and be your own author of your very own book. You will find the most indescribable love, and that coward, who broke you will be nothing but a transition paragraph to the novel you are going to be writing.

—  Demetra Demi

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yo dude recent-ish follower here...I believe in you. u draw that dragon bow master dick. U have fun doing it. Go fuckin wild

yo I mean I’ve been scouring Tumblr’s dark side for ~two hours here trying to look for a reference image because nothing I had saved already was satisfactory and after all the horrible things I’ve seen today, there’s no way in hell I’m not going through with this 

… that is, if I ever do find a reference image.

Your faith empowers me. I shall keep digging.

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Why do you dismiss the main cast/characters. Do you not like the way the show is written and only focus on Lexa because you like the actress? I don't understand, she is such a minor part of the show (only appearing in 8 /19 episodes) its clear you don't watch the show for the writing or the story but to completely ignore all but 1 of the main characters is kind of disrespectful to the actors who put so much work in to them only to be brushed aside.(I know you are not the only person to do this)

Ok let me make a few things clear here. I’ll try not to sound like an ass but I won’t kiss anyone’s ass either.

1. “Why do you dismiss the main cast/characters. ”

You clearly have not seen all of my drawings since you have deduced that I only draw Lexa. If you maybe scroll down just a little an anon had asked if I had plans to draw Octavia and the answer was that I have a group piece of the characters planned out. By main characters did you mean Octavia or Raven? Coz I’ve drawn them. Or maybe you meant Bellamy. (Btw, It was real brave of you to message me as an anon as well.)

2.  Do you not like the way the show is written and only focus on Lexa because you like the actress?

I love how the show is written, that’s why I’m still here drawing for the show who is not even paying me to do it. The fans/patrons make that happen.  My job pays me to do shit I like but I’m not fiercely in love with, now tell me why on my personal hours, I should NOT draw the characters I’m passionate about? How dare me. And yes I focus mainly on Lexa because I love ADC. I’m a fan just like you, I’m passionate about it but I would not go through great lengths and whine about it on another person’s blog with an anon. I DO something about it in a productive way. You do know it’s called “FANART” for a reason right?

3. I don’t understand, she is such a minor part of the show (only appearing in 8 /19 episodes) its clear you don’t watch the show for the writing or the story but to completely ignore all but 1 of the main characters is kind of disrespectful to the actors who put so much work in to them only to be brushed aside.

Yes, she has a little to none part in the show I agree. But wow look at the impact she made! She got me to draw like crazy! She got a lot of fans squeal over her. And she’s coming back. So one might I wonder why, if no one really cares about her and she’s such a minority. Are you also saying that the actors playing minor roles don’t deserve the same attention you’re giving your favorite main actors? I can see how you’re so unbiased, just talking about the show in general and not just singling out your hate for Lexa right?

I DRAW not for the show but for myself mostly. Not for the actors, not for the writers. I ALSO put a lot of hardwork into my art. And appreciate that people like it. Should I think that you’re being disrespectful of me because I’m putting a lot of hardwork on my art and you’re giving me this? Do I expect everyone to patronize my art and say that all others who don’t are disrespectful? 

Also the second season had 16 episodes. not 19 so idk which show you’re watching.

(I know you are not the only person to do this)

Yes, the last time I checked people can fangirl/boy whatever they want without being told what to do or not to do. Just like fan writers won’t write any other ship but their own, and just like you, likely having specific characters from the show in your blog, and I doubt it contains anything involving Lexa other than hating on her. But hey I won’t judge. Fangirl how you will.


Let me ask you something. If I do not draw any of these characters at all would the actors that you say I’m completely ignoring and disrespecting even notice that I’m NOT DRAWING their character? I’m also a fan just like you. Just like any other insignificant person in this fandom. I doubt anyone would even notice. If you’re insinuating that they would then you think so highly of me and I’m flattered.

What is clear to me though anon, is that you’re here because I haven’t drawn YOUR favorite character. You could have just asked. Bellarke and Linctavia shippers usually do and I always say that once I get all the stuff I haven’t finished yet I will draw one for them.  

Lastly, I’m not even gonna try to understand your reason behind this, but I’m glad you asked because this will be the only and the last time I would entertain anons like this. Everything else will be ignored, deleted and blocked. I respect everyone in this fandom. No matter who you love and who you ship. I suggest you do the same.

Dance with Me ~ Carl Imagine

Your POV
“Carl c’mon!” I shouted to him.
We were out on a run, when a horde of walkers came out from nowhere. Forcing us to seek shelter in an old house. And, as usual, Carl was trying to save the day.
“Shooting the walkers only draws more, dumbass.” I told him.
He rolled his eyes, finally climbing through the window.
“You nearly got us both killed.” I slammed the window shut.
“Shut up.”
“No I won’t shut-” The walkers banging on the window interrupted me.
“Whatever. Let’s just go to another room. You’re drawing the walkers now.” He smirked.
This was our ‘friendship’. One minute, we’re yelling at each other and the next, we joked like nothing happened.
We walked through the house, making sure it was clear, before settling on a room I assumed was a lounge.
“Wanna do something fun?” Carl suddenly asked beaming.
“Like what?” I replied skeptically.
“Dance with me.”
“What?” I laughed.
“Dance with me.”
“It wasn’t a question.”
“I don’t even remember how to dance.” I lied.
“I’ll lead.”
“There’s no music.”
Instead of responding, he wound up a record player that was sitting on the table. The soft music filled the room.
“Any other excuses?” Carl smirked, holding out his hand.
I groaned, lacing his fingers with mine.
Together we danced, completely forgetting about the rotting world around us. Making it up as he went, Carl danced me all around the room. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a great time.
“That was…so much…fun!” I gasped in between laughs.
When the music had ended, we both collapsed on the sofa.
“We should take it back with us.” Carl proposed.
“What would Rick say when we leave for food, and come back with a record player?” I giggled.
“Who cares.” He said, a wide smile still plastered on his face.
“How would we get it back?”
“I don’t know, but we would.” He insisted.
“You know we can’t.” I frowned, facing reality.
“Why’s that?” He argued.
“Because we don’t get to enjoy music anymore! We don’t get to enjoy music, or love, or even safety!” I raised my voice. “You know if we take it back, people will get distracted and they’ll make mistakes. If you haven’t already seen, we don’t have time for mistakes anymore Carl.”
“Why do you always have to be such a bitch? I try to have some fun and you never let me!” Carl exploded. “The world may not be what it used to be, but that doesn’t mean we get to just forget about the past!”
“Carl you need to grow up! You can’t even take shelter in a house without drawing all the attention to yourself!” I retorted, recalling the close call.
“I wasn’t trying to draw attention to me!”
“Then what were you trying to do!”
“I was trying to protect you!” He yelled, letting out a breath.
Silence had now set in the lounge.
“Why?” I whispered.
“Why? Did you really ask me why?” Carl gave me a look, as if to say ‘are you kidding me?’
“I thought you hated me.” I confessed quietly.
“Why would you think that?” He asked, stepping closer to me.
“Because you always make fun of me, and you yell at me, and you-“
Carl lent in and pressed his lips to mine, silencing me.
“You talk too much.” He told me when he pulled away, but I was still dumbfounded.
“Mhmm” I mumbled.
“And for the record, I don’t hate you. In fact, I like you a lot more than I should.” He whispered, still standing less than 2 inches from me.
“Then why are you always such an ass?” I joked.
“Well, I like to have your attention, and I like to-“
“Just kiss me again.” I interrupted him.
There we were, 2 hormonal teenagers, kissing in an abandoned house, in the middle of an apocalypse. How many people can say they’ve done that?

A/N: Sorry if this is really short. I hope you like it, I’ve had a bunch of requests for another Carl imagine. I’ve also gotten requests for another Rick imagine, so I’ll be working on that on next. I’m really sorry its taken so long to post. The holidays are always stressful for me. Anyways, keep requesting and feedback is appreciated. Kisses ~A

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Hello! I have an idea for a story that I really like and am pretty proud of since I have the whole plot planned out and I usually only know the start and get stuck around the middle haha. Anyway, I'm not a writer and I suck at writing, which makes me sad since I always come up with cool ideas but then I'm unable to actually write them. I'm feeling frustrated since I want to write this but I hate how it comes out. Do you have any tips on keeping motivated? Should I even write this story...? :(

YES! Write your story! 

What I’m hearing is that you love your idea and had a fun time working with it– but lack the skill to bring it to fruition in writing. That is exasperating, and I don’t blame you for being frustrated at all. Here’s the thing, though. When it comes to working your skills up to match your vision and expectations, the only way out is through. You don’t want to write because the result is substandard, but you’re not going to get any better at writing if you won’t write. 

The good news is that you are getting more skilled already if you thought up a whole plot when usually you get bogged down part of the way through. That’s great! That’s progress! Working on skills is a series of baby steps that eventually gets you up over mountains. Honestly, your expectations and vision are always going to be a moving target. Remember when you learned how to swim, and the person teaching you would hold out their arms and say ‘swim to me’ and then when you got close, they’d step further away, just out of reach? You’re never going to completely catch up to what you want to be able to make, but you’ll get to be a better and better swimmer writer in the process. Plus, let me tell you– first drafts are always ugly. That doesn’t mean that you failed. 

The world is full of people who won’t sing or dance or draw or write because they’re no good at it. This is a damn shame, because all of those things are absolutely delightful and fun. The reason why we don’t want to do things that we are bad at is because we feel ashamed to fail. Well, let me tell you, you can’t work magic if you’re embarrassed. 

I think we need to think about the way that babies and little kids learn. They are, perfectly honestly, shit at everything they do. Have you seen toddlers try to walk? It’s so bad. They topple over and smash into walls and just plain lose control of their tiny feet. But do people give them shit over it? No! That would be awful, because they are only just learning how to do it. Nobody lords being able to walk over toddlers because they’ve been walking for 26 or 37 or 45 years, it’s obvious that they’d be better at it. Toddlers don’t care about failing wildly, because they a) do not really understand the concept of failure yet b) are vocally and enthusiastically encouraged by the people around them to keep trying. Toddlers are having a fantastic time learning to walk. 

When kids hit a certain age, we stop celebrating their every vague step towards doing something right. We start having Expectations. This is usually when learning stops being fun. The feeling of chagrin that comes from being bad at something as an adult is honestly the number one obstacle we face when we’re trying to learn how to do things. Anyone who learned or practiced a skill as an adult had to face a horrible, humiliating period where they were tripping over their own feet, but persevered and tolerated feeling stupid and just being bad at the thing until they leveled up enough to not feel completely, gut-wrenchingly stupid doing the thing anymore. 

Let’s go back to doing things like kids. Write because you like it, and don’t worry about being terrible– who cares? How long have you been writing for, anyway? Five years? Five years starting from 0 is a little kid! A kindergartener! They can’t even write all the words they know yet! Cut your baby writing skills some slack and have fun. Writing is even a skill that you can practice in absolute privacy, where the only person judging you for tripping up will be yourself. Nobody has to see you stumble or flail or fall down on your butt. If you find yourself getting angry about your stumbling, be kind to yourself. You are a writing baby. You wouldn’t yell at an actual baby for being unskilled, and you shouldn’t punish yourself for learning either. 

Write! Your! Story!
Because you like writing! You like your idea! Who CARES if the product is no good yet? 

Do your thing, buddy. 
(Here is me talking about motivation in general, in case you get worn out along the way.)

chervolaenne  asked:

Hey! sorry to bother you but I wonder if this happened to you: This year I've been working and studying the double compared to last year. However my work looks halfassed and stupid, to the point that I dont feel like sharing it anymore. I think I did better last year regarding personal work, but still I'm supposed to know more. It doesnt makes any sense to me. Is this normal? Any suggestions? Thank you, have a nice day! (Also sorry for using a non main account, I'm like hella shy...) :)


Yeah I feel you :D, So far all the drawing I did in 2014 sucks (mainly because of hardware problem).

Knowing more doesn’t mean you’ll do better. Lately I accidently click on a video tutorial about light and shadow theory, it was really great. But since I’ve seen it, I try  to apply this logic and was block everytime, because I try to be too logic. When I didn’t have this knowledge I just let flow the stroke and let my eyes judge if it’s ok or not, if it’s fit the feeling. It took me few days to forget that tutorial and it’s ok now :).

It might depends on your logic, but for me too much knowledge just kill my drawing. What’s the most important with drawing is the reaction with the eyes and you don’t need any knowledge, training the eyes is more important than knowledge for me.

Since I discovered this I was like : “Oh my… this mean I can draw everything !”

anonymous asked:

So, I don't mean to offend you or anything, and I know you posted the whole "I draw how I want thing", but this is just my opinion. I think you're art is very repetitive and dull. Have you ever thought about trying something different? You're a very talented artist, but to me it feels as if you're doing the same thing over and over again. Your thoughts?

if you’ve seen the “I draw how I want” thing, you also probably saw the “I draw /what/ I want” thing, which means if I’m drawing what I’m drawing is because that’s what I like doing?

so no, whatever you mean by something different is probably not something I’m interested in doing

Rant/pep talk. If you dont agree just ignore this. Dont take me srsly either lol

Just few words of encouragement for you aspiring/amateur/hobby artists. If you dont call yourself an artist and consider yourself more of a “person who draws/writes” thats fine too but remember that being an artist is not only a job title, or something you do pretty often. You just are okay. Everybody can be an artist!!! Kindergarteners are artists!! YOUR PLANT IS ART

Anyways where i was going with this. Ah right. This is just coming from the heart ok and I’m gonna be blunt about it. If you think that the notes on your art posts reflect how good you are THATS BULLSHIT. And i will admit it ok but i feel salty about some posts of mine which didnt take much effort gaining more popularity than the ones i spent lit DAYS. (I feel salty about other ppl too lol I’m human let me be) so I’m like WTF Tumblr ppl? so anyways one of the reasons why i think (personal opinion coming from personal experience dont hate me for this) its bc of how a fandom works. A lot of fanart get more popular than original work so lets face it. Its more of a crowd interested in the same topic than individuals looking for original stories. And its also one of the reasons why i stayed as a fanartist or created original stories but with ALREADY existing characters. Ya i need to make friends somehow lmao

Many drawings will get to 10k+ and it’s sometimes due (but absolutely NOT the only reason) to it being cute and simple, a relatable comic, A POPULAR SHIP, a trending style, or a good ass headcanon that will break many hearts. BUT they face cons too like having their art reposted shit ton of times or badly edited and resized in a horrible way or just ppl hating on them bc they dont agree. I feel for you. And its not like they intended to be that way ok MY POINT is to talk about how a fandom behaves and not shit on artists OK I LOVE ARTISTS THEY ARE ALL COOL BUT I FEEL INTIMIDATED. Ok bye

(Not like I’m saying they dont deserve all that bc there are actually ppl w super cool stuff and styles that deserve so much more and they EARNED it. every single one of heir followers and note. They worked their ass off, studied, practiced everyday, been doing it for years, etc.. I started drawing since i was a kid and just practiced hard a lot so i get to defend myself lol)

And some people (me included) think that a drawing reaching over 1k notes is a milestone. I mean it is!!!! My shit got seen by prob over 500 ppl in the whole world holy shit!!! My mom would never believe this!! but dont get hung on trying to reach a notes count quota!!! Because many reasons THAT YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER play a role on how your posts are being reached. Either someone is followed by a popular blog and their stuff gets spread like wildfire, it’s /aesthetic/ and trendy so they are a hot topic, it’s released p fast after some ep aired (ie drawing what happened in the ep that just broadcasted 10 min) its like fresh bread just out of the oven and still warm. The amount of hashtags used since they contribute to how searchable your stuff is. And then the elephant in the room. THE FANDOM ITSELF. Yes I’m talking about gay sports anime. And others ahem.

AGAIN I’m not blaming the artists themselves, you are all cool keep doing your thing. Its their choice what they decide to draw for. If you suspect some of us decided to draw a fandom just to be popular or be noticed or wtv LET US BE. ITS OUR LIFE. If we are not hurting or offending you then you really dont have anything to complain about. Ahem I’m getting myself dragged off topic. Try to not be sleep deprived my children this is what happens.

BUT YOOOUUUUUUU. If you are discouraged bc of notes, popularity, or the type of ppl following you (if its p*rn blogs then I’m rly concerned) STOP!!! AND LOOK AT ME!! WELL JUST KEEP READING!!! YOU ARE VALUABLE. EVERYTHING YOU PRODUCE IS AMAZING BC BEING ABLE TO CREATE SOMETHING FROM YOUR IMAGINATION IS LIKE TOTALLY AMAZING. DO NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED YOUR ENTHUSIASM OR ABILITY TO DO SOMETHING!!!! When I’m a rotten old tomato i will be HELLA PROUD of all the shit i drew in my blossoming years. Like “look at all the sad and horrible drawings i did kids. YES ALL BY ME. Nobody believed this headcanon but i went and did it!!!”

Nobody or nothing should stop you from creating art!!!! GO WILD MY FRIEND. Go do what your heart desires do not let NUMBERS decide if you are worthy of exposure or friends or tags we are all big nerds at the end. DRAW WRITE CREATE WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD. IF YOU DONT THINK YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH well let me tell you you will always be your harshest judge. You are the only who knew what went through the process and what mistakes happened. And nobody is perfect tbh not everybody can be beyonce. And THAT IS FINE. I go to sleep knowing I’m not her but i still get up and do my thing!!!

It’s a pill hard to swallow sometimes for some of us. That we want to know where we lie, how popular can we be, how many ppl can we attract, why are we not like others. It’s ALL FINE BUDDY. I sometimes cant ignore it and worry about it too. But then i show my friends the smallest of my crappy doodles from middle school AND THEY ALL THINK ITS AMAZING. Well not all. Again we are all not beyonce. So whatever the internet says irl could be a diff story. But how did that compliment happened?? (i like praise and attention ok i said it it helps my self steem dont judge) BECAUSE YOU CREATED SOMETHING

Ok this is my pep talk to you all. Be proud of what you create. Share it w others if you want. Just start. That’s the biggest hurdle sometimes. Taking the initiative. Sometimes we just need a small push so I’m writing this to push you. Imagine what you could create some years later if you just dont give a shit and improve w every creation you make??? AMAZING RIGHT MY MOM WOULD BE PROUD she will judge tho she calls all my drawings pikachu