i mean gotenks

Fusion journalling - easiest way to reliably communicate. It’s a third Super Serious technique development, a third Gotenks making crude jokes about their love lives and the last third… well…

(based on the wonderful “Drunk Steve” note doing the rounds)

anonymous asked:

I think one of the best parts of a next-gen DB series would be the eyecatches. Imagine Mai and Trunks taking a cute selfie when they're interrupted by Pilaf and Shun? Uub looking shy and being group-hugged by Marron, Pan and Bra? Mai, Trunks, Goten and Marron looking all cool and ready to go out when suddenly Pan and Bra break through the wall while sparring, followed shortly by a guilty-looking Uub?

Even worse than Gotenks must be Bran. I mean, Gotenks is drunkenly mischievous… but Bran… I imagine when she fuses her first act is to challenge “EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET?!!?! NO!!! THE UNIVERSE!!!! THE MULTIVERSE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” to a fight.

You know what? I haven’t even thought about eye catches for a DB-NG series and oh my gosh those ideas are stellar! Ahaha Pilaf and Shu photobombing selfies would be great (”Can’t we get one couple’s photo–” “NO we are a team”)! Uub probably blushing in every photo he’s in (though with the Papayaman helmet no one’s the wiser for press photos). And I can’t imagine Marron’s going to be pleased, covered head to toe in plaster dust, neither Mai as she’s actually made an effort for a change. You’d think Trunks would be mad, but he’s got a wardrobe of suits to pick from - it’s Goten who’s most upset as it’s his only suit jacket…

RE Bran: Yeaaah! Gotenks is a cat pushing over a vase - harmless spontaneity (Goten) coupled with ‘great’ ideas (Trunks) creating a being with poor impulse control and a force of accidental destruction - but ultimately he can calm down. Bran… Bran’s way is the only way and she will fight you if she senses dissent - do you want to rumble, pal? I will put you down. This is the plan - do not argue I can take you all on right now I don’t care FIGHT ME, PEASANTS :slams table: